Nov 15, 2015

Fullmetal Plagiarist – UPDATED

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Update: Spiritually Bypassing Citations (see below)
Update: How Many Cheneys on the Cooks Source Scale is This? (see below)
Update: Addicted to Plagiarism (see below)
Update: Plagiarizing Hay House (see below)

In this recent post on Teal Bosworth Scott Swan, I wrote about what I'm calling her "originality gap." I cited a number of examples of recycled material – numerous blog posts which rely on word for word lifts from her own previous articles. As stated, this is called self-plagiarism. I also touched on her propensity for relaying ideas, words, and images that strongly resemble work from other sources. I have noted a number of these parallels in the noncasts.

For instance, in the noncast entitled "The Bottomless Rabbit Hole," I referenced a rather striking similarity between her painting called Alchemy and art from the series Fullmetal Alchemist. Imagine my surprise at seeing that image, once again, heading her recent blog post.

 photo fullmetalfear_zpsy40cqlms.jpg

The image in question is called the "circle of transmutation." It is the unique construction of Fullmetal Alchemist. It is, therefore, proprietary material.

 photo transmutationcirclesearch.png

This is not, I should point out, a blog post about the symbolism in Fullmetal Alchemist or its, perhaps, broader implications. It's not an exploration of how either the manga or the anime series convey the principles of Alchemy. That's something I might enjoy reading. I love analyses of how mythology is expressed in popular culture, which is why I write so much on the topic. But, no, this new post is about how unhappy and afraid teal is and how this is somehow reflected in the principles of Western Alchemy.

More to the point, there is almost no original material in the post. Instead, it draws from a number of previously published works of hers: an article and video on feeling like the universe is against you, a video, and a poem about Alchemy.

Worse, much of this recycled material is also plagiarized from Wikipedia. The following block quote is the text on Alchemy as it appears in this recent blog post and in the previously published text from which it is taken. I have highlighted in green any phrases, words, and partial words, that are direct lifts from the Wikipedia entries on the same topics. (Some words are in different tenses, have been changed from verbs to gerunds, and so on.) I have highlighted text in rose that I have deemed to be paraphrases of those Wikipedia entries. It's not just the highlighted material that is plagiarized, however. To plagiarize content does not simply mean ripping text word for word or paraphrasing it. Any content that conveys "information that is not common knowledge or self-evident," from an un-cited source, is considered plagiarism.

... The Great Work of Alchemy is often described as a series of four stages, which are represented by colors…

Nigredo, a blackening or melanosis. [sic]  It is putrefaction or decomposition. Ingredients had to be cleansed and cooked extensively.  Internally, this represents a kind of spiritual death ["dark night of the soul"] and the confronting of one’s shadow aspect.

Albedo,a whitening or leucosis. [sic] The washing away of impurities.  The physical subject (such as an ingredient) is to be purified and divided into two opposing principles.  Internally, this represents regaining the original purity and receptivity of the soul.  Washing away the ashes to find the soul.

Cirtinitas, a yellowing or xanthosis. [sic] This refers to transmutation.  The actual turning of a subject (such as an ingredient) into its highest state such as silver into gold.  Internally this represents awakening. Becoming a manifestation of the soul.  Becoming a walking embodiment of the soul, rather than a muted reflection of it ["dawning of the 'solar light' inherent in one's being, and that the reflective 'lunar or soul light' was no longer necessary"].** It is a process of turning.

Rubedo,a reddening, purpling, or iosis. [sic]  Rubedo refers to the end state ["culmination"]Alchemical success.  The achievement of the perfected state.  The final state of perfection of a subject (such as an ingredient).  It can be interpreted as achieving enlightened consciousness and the total fusion of spirit and matter. ["wholeness"]  This stage is often represented by the symbol of the phoenix.

**If you doubt my analysis of the paraphrased section, see her stanza on Citrinitas:

We can see now
That the moon’s light ["lunar or soul light"]
Is not sun light, ["solar light"]
It is just a reflection.
We are just a reflection of what we really are.
When we decide to turn from moonlight to sunlight

To begin with, each of the sentence fragments with which she begins her definitions of the "stages," is a word for word lift from this Wikipedia post on the Magnum Opus – Great Work – of Alchemy. The little numbers in brackets, in the Wikipedia posts correspond to footnotes, because Wikipedia, for all its faults, cites its sources.

... It originally had four stages:[1][2]
  • nigredo, a blackening or melanosis
  • albedo, a whitening or leucosis
  • citrinitas, a yellowing or xanthosis
  • rubedo, a reddening, purpling, or iosis

Here is the source text for the definition of Nigredo. 

In alchemy, nigredo, or blackness, means putrefaction or decomposition. The alchemists believed that as a first step in the pathway to the philosopher's stone all alchemical ingredients had to be cleansed and cooked extensively to a uniform black matter.[1]

In analytical psychology, the term became a metaphor 'for the dark night of the soul, when an individual confronts the shadow within'.[2]

Here is the source text for the definition of Albedo.

In alchemy, albedo is one of the four major stages of the magnum opus; along with nigredo, citrinitas and rubedo. It is a Latinicized term meaning "whiteness". Following the chaos or massa confusa of the nigredo stage, the alchemist undertakes a purification in albedo, which is literally referred to as ablutio – the washing away of impurities. In this process, the subject is divided into two opposing principles to be later coagulated to form a unity of opposites or coincidentia oppositorum during rubedo.[1]

Titus Burckhardt interprets the albedo as the end of the lesser work, corresponding to a spiritualization of the body. The goal of this portion of the process is to regain the original purity and receptivity of the soul.[2] Psychologist Carl Jung equated the albedo with unconscious contrasexual soul images; the anima in men and animus in women. It is a phase where insight into shadow projections are realized, and inflated ego and unneeded conceptualizations are removed from the psyche.

Here is the source text for the definition of Citrinitas.

Citrinitas, sometimes referred to as xanthosis,[1] is a term given by alchemists to "yellowness." It was one of the four major stages of the alchemical magnum opus, and literally referred to "transmutation of silver into gold" or "yellowing of the lunar consciousness."[citation needed] In alchemical philosophy, citrinitas stood for the dawning of the "solar light" inherent in one's being, and that the reflective "lunar or soul light" was no longer necessary. The other three alchemical stages were nigredo (blackness), albedo (whiteness), and rubedo (redness).

Psychologist Carl Jung is credited with interpreting the pseudo-scientific alchemical process as analogous to modern-day psychoanalysis. In the Jungian archetypal schema, nigredo is the Shadow; albedo refers to the anima and animus (contrasexual soul images); citrinitas is the wise old man (or woman) archetype; and rubedo is the Self archetype which has achieved wholeness.

Finally, this is the source text for the definition of Rubedo.

Rubedo is a Latin word meaning "redness" that was adopted by alchemists to define the fourth and final major stage in their magnum opus. Both gold, and the philosopher's stone were associated with the color red, as rubedo signalled alchemical success, and the end of the great work.[1] Rubedo is also known by the Greek word, Iosis.

. . .

The symbols used in alchemical writing and art to represent this red stage can include blood, a phoenix, a rose, a crowned king, or a figure wearing red clothes. Countless sources mention a reddening process; the seventeenth dictum of the 12th century Turba Philosophorum is one example:
O Turba of Philosophers and disciples, now hast thou spoken about making into white, but it yet remains to treat concerning the reddening! Know, all ye seekers after this Art, that unless ye whiten, ye cannot make red, because the two natures are nothing other than red and white. Whiten, therefore, the red, and redden the white! [3]
. . .

In the framework of psychological development (especially with followers of Jungian psychology), these four alchemical steps are viewed as analogous to the process of attaining individuation. In an archetypal schema, rubedo would represent the Self archetype, and would be the culmination of the four stages, the merging of ego and Self.[4]

The Self manifests itself in "wholeness," a point in which a person discovers their true nature.

What is arguably more troubling than teal's obvious plagiarism of Wikipedia as a source on Alchemy, is that Wikipedia's material is more informative and better developed. It also offers references to source material, for further study.

Aside from the blatant ethical violation that is plagiarism, not providing references disempowers readers. This is and always has been my larger problem with teal. By not citing her sources, she positions herself as the cosmic answer lady. She closes the loop. When you refer the reader to other sources, you offer them the opportunity to read and evaluate those sources and expand their own learning. But, teal has a lot of her followers convinced that she is an authority on Alchemy and other spiritual disciplines, as if she never needed to read any of it. This encourages dependency. Anything you'd ever want to know about anything at all: just "Ask Teal."

No thanks. I can read Wikipedia for myself.

This post has 20 paragraphs and 1 poem of 4 stanzas, so we'll call that 24 paragraphs. Out of that, roughly 7 1/2 paragraphs were not directly traceable to older material, some of which was directly traceable to Wikipedia. Some of that new text is transitions in and out of the previously published material. In other words, a little over a quarter of this post is actually new.

So, what do we learn in those seven paragraphs? That teal is afraid, therefore everyone is afraid. That she went for a run in a sports bra and shorts and has the photographic evidence to prove it. That she's a victim who is being "scapegoated" and has been since childhood. That, for some strange reason, being a homewrecker has earned her some hostility and that this is mystifying to her. Basically, this post boils down to self-pity, self-plagiarism, and some plagiarized Wikipedia stuff about Alchemy.

I know I'm looking forward to teal's "energy diagnosis" of Paris. My husband suspects the "dominant negative vibration" will be something like "booming." My "energy diagnosis" of the smattering of new material in this post, though, is fear and victimhood. If I were a law of attraction person, I'd say it's not surprising that she was "a match" to multiple coordinated terrorist attacks. Her explanation of the timing is a little different, though.

 photo tealparisbeacon.png

 photo tealtribetoureiffel_zpsqs0bw9j4.png

Yes, she and her tribe are there to be beacons of light in this difficult time. It's funny how the mass murder by that poor, unfairly maligned boy Elliott Rodger was the reason she didn't move to Santa Barbara, but terrorist attacks in Paris are the reason she did go there. Well, either way, now that she's coordinating these "high frequency" sit-ins, I look forward to hearing about her taking the tribe into Syria.

In the meanwhile, if I want to hear about depression and Alchemy, I'll just watch Strindberg and Helium.

Update: Spiritually Bypassing Citations (12/19/15)

A comment from blairgilbert on this post tipped me to another instance of blatant plagiarism in teal's body of work. She noted word for word pilfering, in the Ask Teal video called "Spiritual Bypassing," from a Collective-Evolution post on the topic, written by Vanessa Petronelli.

The first thing I notice, in looking at Petronelli's article, is that she properly attributes the term "spiritual bypassing" to psychologist John Welwood. Surprising no one, teal does not.

I took a look at the article version of teal's spiritual bypassing video and strongly suspected that still more of it was plagiarized from sources in addition to the Collective-Evolution article. My husband and I did a bit more digging. We found that there were phrases and even entire blocks of text that could be traced to other sources. Some is paraphrased. Some is lifted verbatim.

As I did above, I will attempt to illustrate this using green highlights for identical words and phrases and rose for obvious paraphrasing. I am doing this by hand, so I'm sure I'm missing a lot. I shudder to think what would happen if these documents were compared using plagiarism detection software.

In her comment, blairgilbert identified two glaring examples of plagiarism from the Collective-Evolution article in the video.

Starting at the 13:25 mark, she states nearly word for word the author's third tip to avoid spiritual bypassing (near the end of the article).

And beginning at 15:00, it's glaringly obvious that she just re-phrased the author's ideas presented in tip number 1.

To do this analysis, I used the article version, which has roughly identical text to the video, and pulled out the grafs that correspond to the 13:25 and 15:00 marks. I also found another graf that strongly resembles tip number 2 from the CE article.

Text from teal's article:

In order to avoid the trap of spiritual bypassing, we need to apply what we learn to our life. Spiritual and Self help information is relatively abstract. Attending workshops, talks, reading books, going to yoga and meditation classes, etc. are good tools. However, tools are of no use if they aren’t used. Take action by applying what you are learning from these modalities consistently. Integrate them into your life daily.  If these ideas remain abstract and merely intellectualized, they aren’t going to help you to create long lasting and permanent change.

Similar text from CE article:

Here are some other Tips to Avoid Spiritual Bypassing:

1) Spiritual and Self-Developmental information is abstract. Attending seminars, workshops, reading books, going to yoga and meditation classes, etc. are fantastic tools, however, the most important thing you need to ask yourself is if you are taking action and applying what you are learning from these modalities consistently, by integrating it into your life daily. If it remains abstract and is simply intellectualized it really isn’t going to help you to create long lasting and permanent change.

Text from teal's article:

If we are to avoid the trap of bypassing, we need to let go of the idea that something must be terribly, “wrong,” or dysfunctional about us if we have problems of negative beliefs or negative feelings or negative thoughts. Everyone has personal, “struggles,” to work through. I mean EVERYONE. When we judge our problems or feelings or negative-ness as wrong, we suddenly have a motive for spiritual bypassing. We make where we are “not ok”. We want to be good and right but we can only achieve that goodness or rightness by being inauthentic. We put on a false façade because of it.

Similar text from CE article:

2) Many people believe that something must be terribly, “wrong,” or dysfunctional in their lives to see a Life Coach, Therapist, Counselor or Healer. This is absolutely FALSE. Everyone has personal,  “stuff,” to work through. When you see a professional you move into a vulnerable state of expression and opening; something you cannot always do alone or with friends or family members. These professionals are objective and are invested in only seeing you thrive and grow beyond your limitations and boundaries in a safe setting. They can offer you a different perspective as to what is going on inside of you. They will also hold you accountable to be sure that you are doing the work and making progress in between sessions that create a lasting impact on your life.

Text from teal's article:

In order to avoid the trap of spiritual bypassing, we need to be brave enough to admit to how we feel, what we want and don’t want, what we like and don’t like. We need to be willing to risk admitting to where we are and who we are, even if we think that where we are and who we are isn’t good or ok. If we want to avoid the pitfall of spiritual bypassing, we must express and allow our emotions, wounds, traumas and pain to surface healthily and with compassion.

Similar text from CE article:

3)Express and allow your emotions, wounds, traumas and pain to surface healthily and with love. Let go of the fear, judgment and suppressing of emotions. We often turn to things outside of ourselves to cope with our internal pain and suffering. Examples include addictions to food, drink, drugs, shopping, sex, work, focusing on others and diverting attention away from yourself etc.  Make peace with being uncomfortable. If you are numbing yourself inside out this energy lingers and creates a breeding ground for other issues to arise and manifest. Get down to the root of your problems as they will not go away on their own.

That is some, but probably not all, of the direct lifting from the Collective-Evolution article. What she did not take from that article was the clear reference to the psychologist who originated the term "spiritual bypassing," John Welwood. This did not stop Welwood's ideas from showing up in teal's article, word for word.

The similarity between teal's text and this interview with John Welwood entitled Human Nature, Buddha Nature: On Spiritual Bypassing, Relationship and the Dharma is hard to miss.

Text from teal's article:

Spiritual bypassing also leads to a one-sided form of spirituality where one aspect of life is elevated at the expense of its opposite. For example, objective truth (being valued more) is used to invalidate subjective truth. Non-physical is valued over form, 5d is valued and 3d is devalued. Transcendence is valued over physical embodiment, and detachment is valued over feeling. This behavior of valuing one side of polarity over the other gives rise to extremely damaging experiences. For example, one might, try to practice emotional detachment from others by suppressing one’s need for love and becoming independently self loving, but this only drives the need to be loved by others underground, so that it often becomes unconsciously acted out in covert and manipulative ways instead.

Similar text from Welwood's interview:

Trying to move beyond our psychological and emotional issues by sidestepping them is dangerous. It sets up a debilitating split between the buddha and the human within us. And it leads to a conceptual, one-sided kind of spirituality where one pole of life is elevated at the expense of its opposite: Absolute truth is favored over relative truth, the impersonal over the personal, emptiness over form, transcendence over embodiment, and detachment over feeling. One might, for example, try to practice nonattachment by dismissing one’s need for love, but this only drives the need underground, so that it often becomes unconsciously acted out in covert and possibly harmful ways instead.

Text from teal's article:

Being a good spiritual person can become a substitute identity that covers up and defends against an underlying deficient identity. The spiritual idea we have of ourselves is used to whitewash over the truth of our true concept of ourselves, which is that we feel badly about ourselves. We feel that we are not good enough. We feel that we are innately Bad. Then, although we may be practicing diligently, our spiritual practice can be used in the service of denial and defense. And when spiritual practice is used to bypass our real-life human issues, our spirituality becomes compartmentalized.

Similar text from Welwood's interview:

Being a good spiritual practitioner can become what I call a compensatory identity that covers up and defends against an underlying deficient identity, where we feel badly about ourselves, not good enough, or basically lacking. Then, although we may be practicing diligently, our spiritual practice can be used in the service of denial and defense. And when spiritual practice is used to bypass our real-life human issues, it becomes compartmentalized in a separate zone of our life, and remains unintegrated with our overall functioning.

We also found a quote from Robert Agustus Masters on Facebook, which appears nearly word for word in teal's article. I ran down the quote and found this article, in which Agustus also clearly references John Welwood as the man who identified the problem of spiritual bypassing. Of course, teal references neither Masters, nor Welwood.

Text from teal's article:

Some examples of spiritual bypassing include anger-phobia, exaggerated detachment, emotional numbing and repression, blind or overly tolerant compassion, weak or too porous boundaries, using cognitive reasoning to escape emotional feelings. Debilitating judgment about one's negativity or shadow side, devaluation of the personal relative to the spiritual, avoidance of physical day to day life, delusions of having arrived at a higher level of being and my personal least favorite, overemphasis of and attachment to the positive to the degree that there is a high level of resistance to anything negative.

Similar text Robert Agustus Masters:

Spiritual bypassing is a very persistent shadow of spirituality, manifesting in many forms, often without being acknowledged as such. Aspects of spiritual bypassing include exaggerated detachment, emotional numbing and repression, overemphasis on the positive, anger-phobia, blind or overly tolerant compassion, weak or too porous boundaries, lopsided development (cognitive intelligence often being far ahead of emotional and moral intelligence), debilitating judgment about one's negativity or shadow side, devaluation of the personal relative to the spiritual, and delusions of having arrived at a higher level of being.

Looking at this sea of green, it's hard to argue that teal did not plagiarize from all three of these articles. Worse, she has not only failed to cite her sources, she has failed to cite THE source of the term with which she's entitled her article and Ask Teal video. It's blatant theft of Welwood's intellectual property. Yes, "spiritual bypassing" is a concept that is currently proliferating throughout new agedom. I'm glad of it. It's a welcome relief from the willful denial espoused by The Secret and other LOA material. I'm sure many people who refer to the concept don't know its origins. But, I don't see how teal could possibly have missed this important piece of information, when she so obviously read and borrowed extensively from works in which he is clearly named.

Once again, teal has positioned herself as the cosmic answer lady, spouting information she "just knows." And, once again, these ideas have very human sources that are only a google search away.

Update: How Many Cheneys on the Cooks Source Scale is This? (2/11/16)

 photo cheneysoncookssource_wheaton_zpscve6nec6.png

*Heavy Sigh*

Is it that she can't learn or she won't learn?

In my previous update, I demonstrated, with careful highlighting, teal's word-for-word lifts on the issue of spiritual bypassing. Despite quoting him extensively, she never even referenced the psychologist who coined the term "spiritual bypassing," John Welwood. Now, she's self-plagiarized the article in which she plagiarized Welwood and others who have written on the topic. If you were holding out hope that she's avoided carrying over those blatantly lifted phrasings and ideas, or finally acknowledged her sources, you will be disappointed.

It's even more distressing when you consider that this post is clean and grammatically coherent enough to indicate that it was copy-edited. Her copy editor really doesn't know that this is blatant, obvious plagiarism?! There are some other very interesting slips, like this one:

So for the time being, I have been silent about it for the sake of evading even more conflict.

Most of us avoid unpleasantness. She evades it.  To evade almost always involves some form of trickery and deception – very telling use of language, I think.

Examples of teal's plagiarism and self-plagiarism are too numerous to count and document. It would be a full-time job. She rarely writes a post that isn't made up of something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue – a knack that may serve her as she prepares for her fourth wedding, but does not befit a published author.

She can't, for instance, resist lifting facts from Wikipedia, without citation, as in her recent post on Sydney, Australia.

Between 1788 and 1868 over one hundred and sixty thousand convicts were transported here to various penile colonies by the British government.  One could say that for a time, Great Britain’s policy for preventing prison overcrowding and dealing with their criminals was to ship them to Australia.  Due to the continent’s isolation in the middle of the sea, it was considered to be an ideal place to banish them to.  They say only 20 percent of the population here are the decedents of convicts.  But that figure surprises me given the social style of the average Australian.  In my opinion, the convict era did shape the national character of this area immensely.

Here is Wikipedia's version:

Between 1788 and 1868, approximately 162,000 convicts were transported to the various Australian penal colonies by the British government.[1]

The British government began transporting criminals to overseas colonies in the 17th century. When transportation to the American colonies declined with the move towards American independence in the 1770s, an alternative site was needed to avoid further overcrowding of British prisons and hulks. In 1770, James Cook charted and claimed possession of the east coast of Australia for Britain. Due to the continent's isolation, it was considered ideal for a penal colony, and in 1787 the First Fleet of eleven convict ships set sail for Botany Bay, arriving on 20 January 1788 to found Sydney, the first European settlement in Australia. Other penal colonies were later established in Van Diemen's Land (Tasmania), Queensland and Western Australia. Penal transportation to Australia peaked in the 1830s and dropped off significantly in the following decade. The last convict ship arrived in Western Australia on 10 January 1868.

Many of the convicts were transported for petty crimes; others were political prisoners. More serious crimes, such as rape and murder, were not transportable offences. After their prison terms were served most stayed in Australia and joined the other settlers, with some rising to prominent positions in Australian society. Approximately 20% of modern Australians are descended from transported convicts. Once deemed the "convict stain", it is now considered by many Australians to be a cause for celebration to have a convict in one's lineage. The extent to which the convict era has shaped Australia's national character has been studied by many writers and historians.[2]

Whether she's misspelled penal as penile to try to throw people off, or because she doesn't know the difference between a penis and a prison, is anybody's guess. Equally confusing is her misspelling of descendants as decedents, aka., dead people. Some of this reads like a high schooler's attempt to camouflage plagiarism, with obvious weasel phrases like "one could say" and "in my opinion." Really? "One could say" that it was Great Britain's policy to use Australia as a penal colony? Sure, in the same sense that "one could say" the earth orbits the sun. It's not an opinion! It's an undisputed fact!!!

While in New Zealand, she penned one of her bizarre energy diagnoses. Auckland, it seems, suffers from "inertia," but it also has the virtue of "repose," which is kind of like inertia but calmer. But, teal has the prescription for their stuck underwaterness. She's self-plagiarized the bulk of a her previous article "Feeling Lost and Ten Steps to Becoming Found." One assumes she doesn't think those poor, inert Kiwis can find the original article... or the blog post she also self-plagiarized it into only last November. The post is also interesting for this subconscious reveal:

I went after areas of avoidance and blind spots within the participants like a predator during this workshop. [emphasis added]

Since her return from those lands down under, she's been venting up a storm on her blog. Her most recent post is all about her uterus and contains helpful gynecology graphics, so we know what that is. I'll paraphrase and save readers the trouble:

Ale is off to California to fight for custody of his children. I feel abandoned. Ale should put a baby in me and forget about those OTHER children that he had with that bitch wife who says mean things about me just because I stole her husband.

That's the gist and my summary has the added benefit of not containing plagiarized material from the Mayo Clinic's website. It seems that teal suffers from endometriosis, a painful condition to be sure. This she attributes to her alienation from her own womb. In yet another case of shadow projection, she manages to blame this on Planned Parenthood.

They tried to frighten the girls off of sex by traumatizing us about pregnancy and birth.

Because they should, what, encourage teen pregnancy???

She describes endometriosis thusly:

With endometriosis, the tissue that normally lines the inside of the uterus begins to grow outside the uterusDisplaced endometrial tissue continues to act as it normally would. It thickens, breaks down and bleeds with each menstrual cycle. Because this displaced tissue and blood has no way to exit your body, it becomes trapped. When endometriosis involves the ovaries, cysts called endometriomas may form. Surrounding tissue becomes irritated, eventually developing scar tissue and adhesions, which is abnormal tissue that binds organs together, sometimes resulting in a frozen pelvis.  It is infamous for the pain it causes, especially during menstruation and also for the fact that it causes infertility.

The thing is, the Mayo Clinic describes it in strikingly similar terms:

Endometriosis (en-doe-me-tree-O-sis) is an often painful disorder in which tissue that normally lines the inside of your uterus — the endometrium — grows outside your uterus (endometrial implant). Endometriosis most commonly involves your ovaries, bowel or the tissue lining your pelvis. Rarely, endometrial tissue may spread beyond your pelvic region.

In endometriosis, displaced endometrial tissue continues to act as it normally would — it thickens, breaks down and bleeds with each menstrual cycle. Because this displaced tissue has no way to exit your body, it becomes trapped. When endometriosis involves the ovaries, cysts called endometriomas may form. Surrounding tissue can become irritated, eventually developing scar tissue and adhesions abnormal tissue that binds organs together.

Endometriosis can cause painsometimes severeespecially during your period. Fertility problems also may develop. Fortunately, effective treatments are available.

So, as you can see, her post on endometriosis is hemorrhaging the green highlights of word-for-word plagiarism.

It's actually kind of incredible how much recycled verbiage teal can generate out of a handful of unattributed sources. For instance, from one paper, which can be found on the website for SOAS University of London, she has produced a number of posts. The article "Stress Management Practical Strategies" is a word document, but can be read here, as well.

Material from that page can be found word for word in teal's article on stress. For some reason her list of 10 items are all number 1, so it makes for strange reading. By the time she's recycled it into blog posts here and here, she's corrected that problem, but other than that, it's changed little. Entire blocks of text have made their way from that source document to teal's posts, with few changes.

Writes teal:

How you think has a profound effect on your emotional and physical well-being. Each time you think a negative thought about yourself or your life, your body reacts as if it were in the throes of a tension-filled situation. If you think positive thoughts about yourself and your life, your body will react by releasing chemicals that make you feel good. Work to eliminate words such as "always," "never," "should," and "must" from your vocabulary. These definitive statements are very conducive to thoughts which are self-defeating and create stress.

From the SOAS article:

How you think can have a profound effect on your emotional and physical wellbeing. Each time you think a negative thought about yourself, your body reacts as if it were in the throes of a tension-filled situation. If you see good things about yourself, you are more likely to feel good; the reverse is also true. Eliminate words such as "always," "never," "should," and "must." These are significant marks of self-defeating thoughts.

Here's a helpful subsection from teal on unhealthy ways of relieving stress, which is offered in all three of those posts:

Do you practice coping strategies which temporarily reduce stress but cause more damage in the long run? Such as:
  • Smoking
  • Drinking
  • Overeating or under eating
  • Trying to avoid stressors by spending hours in front of the TV or computer
  • Withdrawing from friends, family, and activities
  • Using pills or drugs to relax
  • Escaping by sleeping too much
  • Procrastinating
  • Filling up every minute of the day with things to do so as to avoid facing problems Or
  • Taking out your stress on others (lashing out, angry outbursts, physical violence)

Here's what it says in the article from SOAS:

These coping strategies may temporarily reduce stress, but they cause more damage in the long run:
  • Smoking
  • Drinking too much
  • Overeating or undereating
  • Zoning out for hours in front of the TV or computer
  • Withdrawing from friends, family, and activities
  • Using prescription pills or drugs to relax
  • Sleeping too much
  • Procrastinating
  • Filling up every minute of the day to avoid facing problems
  • Taking out your stress on others (lashing out, angry outbursts, physical violence)

Most of teal's recommendations on stress relief come from that page. She's just jumbled up the order and priority a bit. And, her list of healthy relaxation strategies also bears a striking resemblance to the SOAS article.

1. Make time for fun and relaxation by finding healthy ways to relax and recharge, and give yourself permission to do so.

. . .

  • Call a good friend
  • Spend time outside
  • Take a bath
  • Sweat out tension with a good workout
  • Write in a journal
  • Savor a warm cup of tea
  • Make yourself one of your comfort foods
  • Spend time with a pet (pets have been shown to dramatically reduce stress)
  • Get a massage
  • Play a game
  • Read a book
  • Drive to a place with an amazing view
  • Listen to music
  • Watch a comedy movie
  • Connect with others. Spend time with positive people who enhance your life. A strong support system will buffer you from the negative effects of stress.

Here's the SOAS list:

Stress management strategy 5: Make time for relaxation

Beyond a take-charge approach and a positive attitude, you can reduce stress in your life by nurturing yourself. If you regularly make time for fun and relaxation, you’ll be in a better place to handle life’s stressors when they inevitably come.

Healthy ways to relax and recharge

  • Go for a walk.
  • Spend time in nature/hug a tree.
  • Call a good friend.
  • Sweat out tension with a good workout.
  • Write in your journal.
  • Take a long bath.
  • Light scented candles.
  • Practice Yoga/meditate
  • Savour a hot drink.
  • Play with a pet.
  • Work in your garden.
  • Get a massage.
  • Curl up with a good book.
  • Listen to music and dance.
  • Watch a comedy.

I'm not really sure why teal left yoga off her version of that list, because she loves to write about yoga... and to steal text from actual authorities on the topic. For instance, she recently wrote about a yoga retreat at Sagrada Wellness.

Yoga practice will stimulate conscious and unconscious responses in every individual. Your body’s responses to yoga, whether those responses are sensations, emotions, moods, or images, are the first sign that something important is going on within us. Yoga meets the psyche and emotional center in the place where we feel reactive to the yoga. Every muscle has its own associated psychological/emotional function.  A health practitioner, like myself is concerned with the responsiveness of a muscle.  And a muscle’s responsiveness in yoga is mostly related to its state of elasticity.  If the psychological/emotional function associated with a specific muscle was abandoned early or was not learned at all, the muscle will be under-responsive. A person will usually have a lack of aliveness and sensory awareness in this area of the body. Psychologically there may be a sense of numbness or of something missing or of not knowing how to do something. In yoga, when we stress the under-responsive muscle by using it strongly, the psychological history related to this muscle will be triggered.

What's funny about that is how similar it sounds to this article by Joel Isaacs, PhD (see also here).

Interestingly, the somatic psychotherapy my colleagues and I now practice, called Bodynamics, deals every day with the particular psychological content held in each muscle. So we have a perspective important for the yoga community, while not at all being experts in the field of yoga. We know (as does every yoga teacher) that a yoga practice will stimulate conscious and unconscious responses in every individual. Our body’s responses to the stretching and stressing of yoga, whether sensations, emotions, moods, or even images, are the first sign that something or importance is going on for us. This is the place where yoga meets the psyche, where mind and body can begin to integrate.

. . .

In a similar way to this example of the triceps and setting limits, every muscle has its own associated psychological function. Each one retains an imprint of the response to its related behavior. So our history is stored in our body and in our brain, and it can be accessed through the body. (In fact, the attitudes stored in the muscles can be measured manually by palpation, and a map made from which our history can be “read”.) In our daily life the historical responses may be stimulated when the muscle is either stretched or stressed (used strongly). In Bodynamics, we talk about a muscle’s responsiveness, which is related to its elasticity. If the psychological function expressed by the muscle has been given up early or was not learned, the muscle will be under-responsive. A person will usually have a lack of liveliness and sensory awareness in this area. Psychologically there may be a sense in related situations of something missing, of not knowing how to do something. In this case, when we stress the muscle by using it strongly, the psychological history is likely to be stimulated.

It goes on. Here is some more of teal's text:

If the disruption occurred later in the developmental period when a muscle was being imprinted, it will be over-responsive instead of under responsive.  A person will usually have a sense that they lack flexibility, hold back, or respond in a rigid way relative to these muscle groups. For an over-responsive muscle, the trauma associated with this muscle will be triggered when it is stretched. Conversely, either stressing an over-responsive muscle or stretching an under-responsive one will tend to suppress the psychological and emotional content associated with that muscle.

In my opinion, the psychological and emotional content contained in the muscles will not change simply by stretching or strengthening the muscle. You must first work-through the particular psychological/emotional issue.  But that being said, working from both the direction of body and mind is ideal.  Working through a psychological/emotional issue frees the associated muscle from having to “hold” that trauma. This leads to more freedom of movement and more flexibility on a mental, physical and emotional level.

And this is from Doctor Isaacs's article:

On the other hand, if the disruption occurred later in the developmental period when that muscle was being imprinted, it will be over-responsive. A person will usually sense some energy in these muscles, and psychologically they may have a sense that in related situations they lack flexibility, hold back, or feel compelled to respond in a rigid way. For an over-responsive muscle, the history will be stimulated when it is stretched. Conversely, stressing an over-responsive muscle (or stretching an under-responsive one) will tend to suppress the psychological content.

For better or worse, the psychological attitudes contained in the muscles will not generally be changed simply by stretching, or toning, or strengthening them. You must first work-through the particular psychological issue and make some changes in your behavior. Working through a psychological issue frees the associated muscle from having to “hold” psychological history. This leads to more freedom of movement and more psychological flexibility. Then, the muscles responsiveness will change towards neutral, and a corresponding body and psychological resource can be developed. When a resource is established in our body we tend to act spontaneously in our best interest, rather than having to think through each situation. At a secondary level, other nearby muscles that had been recruited to compensate also become freer, and those abilities are somewhat more accessible.

The best tweak in her entire post is where she changed Isaacs's "for better or worse" to "in my opinion." It's not her opinion. It's his.

I'll stop there, not because the rest of her piece is original, but because it's exhausting and overwhelming keeping up with the scope of her intellectual theft. I feel pretty comfortable, at this point, saying that teal is a serial plagiarist and that she's treating the internet like a smorgasbord of ideas to claim as her own.

What original concepts does she bring to the mix? Predation, evasion, and dog whistles to a following so devoted they'd give their lives.

They come to me now from all corners of the globe.  And I can genuinely say that I have officially gone from a person who had absolutely no one; a person who was drowning in the kind of isolation that sucks breath from your lungs, to a person who has people that are so close to me that they will live and die by my side.

Update: Addicted to Plagiarism (2/24/16)

It's been a strange couple of weeks on planet teal. She's been taking a lot heat for both her professional and all too public private life. And, predictably, she's gone straight for the pity play. She is being "slandered," "attacked," and "scapegoated," says she. She is responsible for none of it, only a "match" to it, because she's always been slandered, attacked, and scapegoated. It's a funny interpretation of the "law of attraction" that somehow always reduces to teal = victim.

The "slander" comes in the form of (clutch the pearls!) an accusation of plagiarism. Ma Nithya Swarupapriyananda, whose further comments can be found on this page, posted a video about teal's "Completion Process" and its curious resemblance to teachings by her guru, Nithyananda. But, for all teal's complaints about this accusation, she has yet to directly address the charge in any of her dog whistles blog posts.

She's far more upset, she says, by the ongoing tumult in her romantic life. Hot on the heels of her pained admission that Ale has lost almost all custody rights, due to his relationship with her "dangerous cult leader" self, she has announced the date of their pending nuptials. But, this is where things got really strange.

An observant reader noticed that the tags for her wedding announcement blog post included the word "funeral," which appears nowhere in the text. In fact the url for the post is, despite its title being "The Purity of Union." This clever reader found the original post in google cache and found that it's been through a title change and the loss of about half of its content. The deleted content, as it turns out, is a lot of self-plagiarized drivel. It originally appeared here and here. It's already been recycled into an older blog post here. I've read it. Leave it to teal to turn the lovely idea of a fire ceremony for fantasies about one's past into something morbid.

So, did teal think better of the simply horrible idea of attaching all that death imagery to her pending nuptials? Four Weddings and a Funeral was a cute movie, but this is, in fact, her fourth marriage. Talking about corpses, coffins, and funeral pyres might not read as her putting her best foot forward. Or, is it possible, I wondered, that she's begun to realize that plagiarism of either herself or other, unwitting writers isn't exactly putting her best foot forward, either. Could she actually be starting to understand this?


The very next day an even stranger blog post appeared and it is as unoriginal as it is bad. How ironic, considering that it purports to be a kind of grand confession. She's announced to all and sundry that she's a sex and love addict, to which all and sundry replied, this is news how?

So, what prompted this bout of "honesty?" I appears that critics of her plagiarism and Ale's wife's attorneys aren't the only people giving her flak. I first became aware of the latest teal drama when a friend of mine noticed that her Facebook friend list was down by over 300, um, friends. Facebook only allows 5,000 friends and teal is always around that maximum, only bestowing her coveted friendship on the most worthy, when there's the occasional opening. She doesn't pick them herself. She has people for that. They choose the appropriate energetic matches from her many waiting followers. And so I expect they did the other day, only this time the openings were in the hundreds.


What caused this sudden purge? Another friend informed me that all hell broke loose on her the Facebook post of this picture and wedding announcement.

 photo tealalewhitedress_zpsevqdgsgd.png

Most of the negative comments were cleaned up, along with her friend list, but they missed a few.

 photo whygetmarriedagain.png

 photo whataboutsarbdeep_zpslr5sidgf.png

 photo keepinthename_zpsk6hpptdm.png

In the post, teal vents about negative comments she's been getting about her pending nuptials.

I have been avoiding the comments underneath my posts about this upcoming wedding to Ale because of how cruel some people have been with their judgments about my love life and about marriage in general. Because of my willingness to be authentic about my personal life, as opposed to hide it like every other spiritual teacher, people cease to view me as a ‘teacher’ and begin to see me like an immature little sister who they have to advise...

She talks a good game about how she's come down off the "pedestal" by talking endlessly about her private life, but she hates when it actually interferes with her role as an authority figure.

The post reeks of damage control. And like all teal damage control, it includes both appeals to pity and a lot of attention on her body and sexuality. It's hard to take her sex addict "sobriety," seriously, when she starts the post off with a graphic, erotic poem and sexy, pouty photo of her younger self.

She doesn't explain how she's actually dealing with her addiction, except that she's already dismissed Sex and Love Addicts Anonymous.

I have to stay in check with the amount of influence I have in other people’s lives. For this reason, I regularly see various therapists. But I also found myself attending Love Addicts Anonymous last year. To be honest, I hated it. This is going to really invalidate people who believe in the AA approach to addiction recovery. But in my opinion, not only is the Love Addicts Anonymous curriculum completely wrong about how to accomplish recovery, it is a recipe for self hate. They do not teach attendees how to approach the inner void and loneliness. They simply prescribe forcing yourself to be single and attend the groups. From there, the solution they give you is to essentially pray for help from a higher power. Don’t even get me started on the AA curriculum. I shall save that for another day.

So, she's staying in check with her influence on other people, but thinks stating her opinion actually invalidates – renders invalid – not only Twelve Step programs, but the people who use them.  Somehow, she went to these meetings and failed understand the program completely. It's a ridiculously shallow interpretation. I'm not surprised she thinks it's a "recipe for self hate," though. These are the steps.

The Twelve Steps of S.L.A.A.

  1. We admitted we were powerless over sex and love addiction - that our lives had become unmanageable.
  2. Came to believe that a Power greater than ourselves could restore us to sanity.
  3. Made a decision to turn our will and our lives over to the care of God as we understood God.
  4. Made a searching and fearless moral inventory of ourselves.
  5. Admitted to God, to ourselves and to another human being the exact nature of our wrongs.
  6. Were entirely ready to have God remove all these defects of character.
  7. Humbly asked God to remove our shortcomings.
  8. Made a list of all persons we had harmed, and became willing to make amends to them all.
  9. Made direct amends to such people wherever possible, except when to do so would injure them or others.
  10. Continued to take personal inventory and when we were wrong promptly admitted it.
  11. Sought through prayer and meditation to improve our conscious contact with a Power greater than ourselves, praying only for knowledge of God's will for us and the power to carry that out.
  12. Having had a spiritual awakening as the result of these
  13. steps, we tried to carry this message to sex and love addicts and to practice these principles in all areas of our lives.

I expect steps 4, 5, 8, 9, 10 would be particularly challenging for teal, because they're all about taking personal responsibility. They won't allow you to just keep blaming your parents, Mormon Satanists, or anyone else. It's more like shadow work than anything teal teaches, because what she teaches is just more shadow projection.

Her rejection of SLAA, though, did not cause her to reject the text from a rehab that works with the Twelve Step model.

Love addiction can be associated with any of the following patterns:
  • Difficulty sustaining relationships after the initial excitement wears off
  • Constantly searching for a newer, better relationship
  • Feeling unhappy or worthless when alone but scared or dissatisfied when in a relationship
  • Repeatedly attracting troubled or emotionally unavailable partners
  • Confusing sex and romance for real love
  • Escaping feelings of loneliness or unhappiness through sex or relationships
  • Having multiple affairs
  • Serial dating
  • Having anonymous or unprotected sex
  • Falling “in love” with strangers
  • Trading sex for love, affection, money or power
  • Using any means necessary to attract or hold onto a love interest
  • Inability to set appropriate boundaries
  • Withdrawing from friends, family, career or interests to focus on a romantic relationship

. . .

  • Unsuccessfully trying to stay single for a certain period of time
  • Inability to stop seeing or dating a specific person even with the knowledge that it is destructive

. . .

  • Overlooking a partner’s faults to perpetuate the fantasy

In her post, teal has simply changed the bullet points to sentence fragments, tweaked a few words and riffed a bit with some doggerel in the middle of the graf.

Attachment addiction (love addiction) tends to show up in the following patterns: Difficulty sustaining relationships after the initial obsessive phase wanesConstantly searching for a better relationshipFeeling worthless and suicidal when alone but terrified and dissatisfied when in a relationship. Repeatedly attracting troubled, avoidant or emotionally unavailable partnersConfusing sex and romance for real conscious and committed loveInvolvement with a fantasy of who someone could be, rather than involvement with the reality of who someone actually is, which leads to perpetual relationships with incompatible partners.  Premature commitment usually in the form of impulsive decisions to increase the level of bonding such as moving in together, getting married and having children.  The inability to take a relationship slowly because of the intensity of bonding, immediacy of bonding, depth of intimacy and desperate fear of abandonment.  Serial dating or serial monogamy.  Potential affairsAnonymous and unsafe sexUsing sex, affection and sensual charm as a currency exchange for protection, power or money.  The inability to set healthy and appropriate boundariesWithdrawing from all other relationships when focused on ‘the one’ primary attachment relationship (partner) in their life.  And the inability to be single.

She does refer to a viral Huffington Post article on addiction, and deserves some credit for doing so. But, it doesn't excuse her, once again, plagiarizing swaths of text from an un-named source. Nor does it excuse the self-plagiarism of this article, which also appears in this very long post.

I strongly suspect that we've only touched the surface of teal's pattern of theft. Rumors about her "Completion Process" have been swirling for a while, and Nithyananda is not the only possible source that has been suggested. Unless I miss my guess, this is another of these horrible Frankenstein's monsters she creates, stitching together random bits of material from better thinkers.

Not only is teal bereft of original ideas, she's a horrible, horrible writer. She needs to plagiarize, because left to her own devices, she comes up with nonsensical verbiage like this.

The world that is internal to the relationship is raw yet pristine in its paragon.

How are raw and pristine opposites? And, what, in the name of all that is holy, does she think "paragon" means? Just wrong, wrong, wrong.

Paragon applies to someone who is a model of perfection in some quality or trait. We link paragon with other words that follow it, such as "paragon of virtue" or "paragon of patience."

A paragon means someone or something that is the very best. The English noun paragon comes from the Italian word paragone, which is a touchstone, a black stone that is used to tell the quality of gold. You rub the gold on the touchstone and you can find out how good the gold is. You are hoping that it is the paragon of "goldness."

She's just a horrible writer, who uses the thesaurus like an oracle, and drops big words she barely understands into weird contexts and tortured syntax. What she does to the English language should be illegal. What she does with other people's ideas already is.

Update: Plagiarizing Hay House (9/8/17)

In what may be her most brazen theft of intellectual property yet, teal plagiarized a facebook post from her own publisher. The plagiarized text is an obituary of Louise Hay, posted on the day of her passing. Once again, it's almost word for word. I don't know what bothers me more, that she's lifted entire paragraphs, or her weak attempts to obscure the fact that she's lifted entire paragraphs. And what's worse, after starting out with what looks like one of her classic attempts to tweak enough words and phrases to throw readers off the trail, it's like she just got bored and gave up. She stopped even trying to modify the text. She's removed things like the quote from Reid Tracy, and paraphrased the content in her introduction. She's wedged in some self-referential bits. But entire swathes of text are unchanged.

The good folks at Question Teal have already done the hard work of highlighting word for word replication, so I'm just going to post their image.

Click Image to Expand

She posted this text in two places that I'm aware of, on her personal Facebook page and on the Spiritual Catalyst page, which I think even people without Facebook membership can view. But just in case, I'm posting screenshots of the entire post. As you can see, there is no credit given to the Hay House page from which the text was taken.

Question Teal also points out that she got lots of praise for  her "heartfelt" words, despite the fact that they were neither heartfelt nor hers.

Click Image to Expand

Her own thoughts were not so much heartfelt as critical, distancing, uncompassionate, and self-referential.

The video is here, but it appears to be cut off. Who knows what she's said about Hay behind the paywall? (Because now you have to pay to hear her bitch. She's a spiritual teacher, you know.) Listen to that, or read the text above, and it becomes all the more clear why she plagiarizes so much. Left to her own devices, she doesn't make a lick of sense. Who in the hell was depending on Louise Hay, at this point? She was 90 years old! She was retired. I would hope that Hay had been able to depend on other people, in her final years. And need I point out that there is absolutely nothing ironic about Hay House and teal being born in the same year? Aren't published authors supposed to know the meaning of common words and concepts?

So on the day of Louise Hay's passing, teal insulted her life's work and stole material from the publishing house she founded. She's really taken disrespect to a new level.

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  1. Yup. A lot of astrologers have commented on the Neptune influence in her chart. I'm not an astrologer, but it seems to be one of her central challenges. I know Neptune can create a lot of self-deception.

    The reason I raise the point is that this narcissistic construction comes up over and over in her work. She says she believes in oneness, but she doesn't really understand the concept. She thinks that she is speaking from "source perspective," and can't seem to grasp that we are ALL speaking from source perspective all the time, because we ARE source. She thinks she's reflecting the whole but doesn't understand that we ALL are. It's a warped, narcissistic reading of the oneness she claims to be teaching. And, it conveniently gives her all the power, and makes her right and everyone who disagrees with her wrong, because "source perspective." She uses "source perspective" to win arguments. She just doesn't get it.

  2. The last person I knew with this placement claimed he could stop bullets..

    You reminded me of one of her noncasts where Sarbdeep confronted her with that, pointed out her always assuming to be right because "source perspective".

    The saddest part is she must believe in all those delusions, and when (and if) she comes down to earth (maybe a Saturn transit to her Sun), how that's gonna go. Ok I checked and it's on it's way. Let's say 2017+ will be interesting for teal.

    1. He said that? I don't remember that. I remember in the teacast about privacy, which got ugly, she said something like, "But, I'm speaking from source perspective," to win the argument. I was like, whoa. I can't believe she just did that. Is that the one you're talking about. I should probably watch it again to refresh my memory.

    2. He did confront her about her winning with "source perspective" but it wasn't blown out, he was trying to be rational about it. I did see the one you mentioned and remember the tension, but I'm not sure which one this was!

  3. I want to thank Teal personally, if you are reading this page, or one of your slaves: ie, Blake, your right hand man--(side fuck when your boyfriends cant tolerate you) Gracielle, your human footstool (whom you've made fun of behind her back about her weight and god knows what else.


  4. This is the best analogy ever. I was satanically abused. I want nothing but to forget it. And Teal's teachings only helped--the plagarized ones, not self-plagiarized. LaVaughn and everyone is so spot on it is scary. Does Teal realize how many more haters she'd have on this website if it was as easy to navigate as Teal Tribe?

  5. This is the best analogy ever. I was satanically abused. I want nothing but to forget it. And Teal's teachings only helped--the plagarized ones, not self-plagiarized. LaVaughn and everyone is so spot on it is scary. Does Teal realize how many more haters she'd have on this website if it was as easy to navigate as Teal Tribe?

  6. Well, teal's got more haters now, and she has no one to blame but herself. If you haven't read her latest blog post, oh my god...

    So, teal acts like the mean gurl that she is, tries to exclude someone from the cool-kids table, and when it backfires, she's the victim and can't understand why it's all gotten so middle school. Here's a quote:

    "But over and over again, because the people around me refused to make her feel rejected, I could not prevent the intrusions."

    Yeah, can't imagine why that didn't work out.

    This is one of her must unintentionally self-damning posts ever. And, the irony is that it's clearly meant to be damage control. Shit went down. There will be consequences. She's trying to get out ahead of it. But, she's not helping her case. Not at all.

  7. Interesting how she made it a point to (randomly?) call out Cameron (again). What the hell did she have to do with her middle school reality TV drama post?
    I hope Cameron stays safe. Teal has some really crazy and unstable followers. I hope no one tries to hurt any of the "haters" that Teal loves to call out.
    As I read her extremely poorly written latest blog, I couldn't help but think of those trash TV shows from the 90s like Richard Bey, Ricki Lake, and Jerry Springer. It was a total "he said / she said" and I had trouble following the story.
    What did the other girl do that was so wrong? It seems like Teal had another (or multiple other) meltdowns and no one knew what to do with her anymore. She pleaded to others to "reject" this other girl and I'm guessing people's reaction is that "Teal is a loose cannon" or "Teal is crazy".
    Again, she calls everyone out as a "hater". I imagine that this story told from the other girl's point of view would be vastly different. What I really think happened was that this other girl stole her boyfriend's attention away from Teal and Teal got jealous. Maybe Teal even went as far as propositioning the "male partner" and he rejected her so she blamed the other girl.
    Oy vey... how could anyone take Teal seriously as a "Spiritual Teacher" after this blog?
    It's just middle school / trailer park trash drama. I'm waiting for chairs to be thrown and fights to break out on someone's talk show.
    Self-damning post, indeed! Yikes!
    I wonder what the zombies on TealTribe have to say about this?

    1. It's horrible. Notice that Cameron is the only person she's identified by name. One theory is that Cameron's name is a kind shorthand, a buzzword among tealers, so branding someone as a Cameron is like the scarlet letter. She wants to marginalize this woman. She wants her shunned. She tried to get her peeps to shun her. She failed. The joke is she probably is like Cameron, in that she probably raised uncomfortable questions or challenged teal in some way. She doesn't want people around her she can't control, and this gal may just be uncontrollable. That's her crime. She's probably a perfectly lovely woman.

      But, as best as I can piece it together, teal wanted this woman to take the hint and stay away from her inner circle. Her peeps were too nice to her, weren't comfortable ostracizing her, and so teal didn't win this particular game of "mental chess." She didn't move her pawns properly. Meanwhile, there's another situation in that her friend in the Czech Republic, who sets up her events there, and is probably the man Sarbdeep referred to in his post with the new girlfriend. The girlfriend thinks teal has been flirting with this man, probably because she has been, and sees her as threat to her new relationship. She did not take teal's side in this dispute and also thought her other blog post slagging the woman she did an event with was "self righteous and disrespectful." Right again, girlfriend of teal's friend. I like this woman. She has good instincts. The couple in question is most likely the Nova Zem guy and his girlfriend, who recently interviewed teal and Ale while they sat on their ridiculously ostentatious bed. I thought the girlfriend looked uncomfortable. The dynamics were weird and the whole thing felt very strained.

      So, teal is somehow mystified that this is like some middle school drama. Stop acting like a Heather, and you won't have middle school drama on your hands.

    2. What Teal doesn't get is that when you have conflicts with everyone around you or when everyone around you is a "hater", the problem isn't them... it's YOU.

  8. Idk if I am mistaken but didnt Teal and Sarb have a conversation about 'boundaries' and Teal expected him to be totally open, since 'we are all one' and there are no boundaries???

    " But people who disregard boundaries have one main strategy for trying to get to me. They use the people I am closest with to gain access to me."

    "she had developed connections and relationships to several of my ‘container friends’ in Europe."

    "because I am who I am (as a spiritual teacher) most people expect me to be lovingly inclusive towards everyone all the time, no matter what they do to me"

    This is directly contradictory to that argument in my opinion.

    Plus "façade of spiritual exaltedness"

    So 'others are fake I am authentic', yet when this perception is reversed back on her the person doing so is cast in the framework of 'hater'.
    Plus the more she emphasises on 'hater' vibe, the more they show up, right? She is training her mind to look for them, to look for threats to her authority and control. Plus more than anyone else, I believe she forces people to choose, by emphasising her 'feelings' too much, testing people's loyalty towards her. She does not think of a boundary violation when she imparts advice to couples like 'she does to couples everywhere'. But when she is questioned or someone behaves in a way she doesnt like, they are 'violating boundaries'.
    What a bundle of contradictions... I imagine its really toxic to have such a person in one's life.
    I do wonder if it was Nova Zem & his girlfriend/wife.

  9. New blog is up where our hero(ine) continues to wrap herself up in a world of drama.

  10. If Ale's wife doesn't want Teal talk about her or her kids then how fucking hard is that to do? What an idiot. Has a higher prospective but can't she why slander is wrong.

  11. Regarding her latest "SUPER" authentic blog:

    "This custody case is not a custody case. It is an authenticity case." Making it all about HER and "her mission." The universe put her in this situation for her expansion. That's all that ever seems to matter to her--her expansion. *eyeroll*

    And how she slandered Ale's ex: "This court case has not been a case about the kids for a long time now. The custody aspect of the case is the façade. The wellbeing of the kids is just the excuse people are using to back up their case against the freedom of self-expression. They want to make it so that I cannot talk about them publicly in any way (even if I do not ever use their name)."

    How can she not understand that wanting to protect the children's privacy is FOR their well-being? Protecting their right to choose is FOR their well-being. Keeping them away from her/her creepy blogs is FOR their well-being. They're fighting to keep their lives off her and Ale's blogs for their own sake, not for sake of taking away her/Ale's freedom of expression. Why does she make everything about her? >_< Why is it so important that she has free reign to talk about them anyway? She hardly even mentions her own son.

    I can't see this ending well. Like the courts are really gonna rule in her favor? 'Oh yeah, Teal. Let's just strip the kids and Alina of their right to privacy and the right to choose. Your authenticity and being able to blog about them is more important.'

    They'll probably laugh in her face is more like it.

    1. You're spot on. Everyone teal comes in contact with is about teal. She co-opts everyone's life as her "reflection." No one has any right to autonomy, but her, and don't you dare fuck with her civil right to violate your right to be "secure in your person."

      "Authenticity Movement" = No one in teal's sphere – whether by choice or painful circumstance – is entitled to privacy.

  12. I'm waiting for a court ordering her to stop slandering Ale's ex wife and her family, Teal refusing to do so, a judge finding her in contempt of the court, and throwing Teal in jail with a couple of stiff fines. It will just spiral downward from there.

  13. It is only a matter of time before Ale will realize what he is putting his family through and it will be too late to do anything, then.
    I wouldn't be surprised if Ale and Teal don't even make it to the altar in 2 months.

  14. "Being their stepmother, they will be a part of my life potentially for the rest of my life. I am aware of the impact this has on their life. I need to retain the right to stand up on stage and talk about my experiences with my step kids."
    This such a passive aggressive dig at Ale's ex and her family.
    No, she will definitely not wind up the step mom for life... maybe for a year or so. If Ale is wise and stops thinking with his little head (literally), then he will realize what he put his family through and hopefully not walk down the altar.
    But, he made his bed and now he has to lay in it.

  15. Remember when Teal went on stage in Prague or Chech Republic or whatever and in her blog the "fight" with the woman who only "thought she was her friend" caused her to think "this is going to cause me to be unable to perform." Excuse me? The leader of the authenticity movement has to PERFORM? Why the hell.... Isn't a performance for actors, circus people, etc? Hmhmhm. I just have to shake my head.
    Oh and yes, she is screaming all hell Mary about not getting to write about Ale's children when in all these years, of all the topics she chooses to write about, her son is at the bottom of the list usually, unless she wants to tell people how to parent. She makes absolutely no sense.

    1. Yup. I noticed that. She said "perform." Freudian slip much?

      Speaking of performances, she did this interview when she was there, and it may be one of the craziest yet.

    2. I listened to the first few minutes of the
      interview. The introduction AGAIN starts from herstory of Satanic abuse from 6 to 19 years old.

      The ONLY reason Teal is given an audience and "respect" is because of the story of how she daily struggles to overcome this tragedy."Her trauma" serves the world.

      But it is apparently a lie. There is sound evidence that what she claims could not have occurred. The time line is off. The supporting evidence is not surfacing.

      Teal is a performer of a script she created. She is a poster child for fame and fortune gained through modeling suffering and redemption. There is also the glam aspect of how to look sexy while explaining the Universe.

      If people have actually experienced this kind of MALIGNANT self serving kind of person, and lived through its horror, Teal will trigger hatred. The hatred is for all the ways that shameless liars can manipulate and destroy.

      I lived with a malignant narcissist who based "her entitlement" on a platform of deceit and the way she manipulated us was through FAUX suffering.

      If Teal was really was just an actress (good bad indifferent), there would be no problem.

    3. You're so right, Maggie. Anyone whose been burned by some b cluster nightmare is going to be trigged by teal, some feeling drawn to her – repetition compulsion.

      If you can stand to watch the rest of the video, it's a goldmine of crazy. I've only seen bits and pieces, but, um, wow. The abuse story has some new embellishments, or at least, new to me. She also, get this, blames her "hate groups" for ruining the very cold case against her "abuser." It's all because of the interview. The case is ruined now because now the criminals know they're under suspicion. Because, yes, it's the "haters" fault for making this all public knowledge. I mean, can she even hear herself? She's the one who's given this man's name out to many people privately. And she's the one who made all of it public. She wrote it in her fucking book. It's on her website in her bio. She's done interview after interview talking about this. But, it's that article, that interview with Doc, that killed the case. Okay, sure. That makes fucking sense.

      Oh, and wait 'til you hear what she says about her sex life. Christ on a crutch.

    4. "Men want to fuck me." And every other chick that looks half descent or if they're just horny. And dude cried during sex? Weak.

    5. Also the letters she sent to Doc prove a lot of this story is just fiction. She is trying to create an aversion amongst her admirers so they dont even mistakenly venture into the realm of her critics and the evidence piling about her past.
      I watched some part of that interview, pretty crazy.

    6. Cheese, There's nothing wrong with men crying during sex. If I believed her and both of these people didn't make my skin crawl, I'd actually think that was kind of touching. But, what really bothered me about that whole thing was the passive insult against every other man she'd been with, and since we know who so many of them are, it's even worse. I don't buy it. She's slagging some very fine men who had the misfortune to fall in love with her. And, yeah, I'm always a little amazed at women who are that ego identified with the fact that men want to fuck them. As Bill Mahar once said, if a woman just wants to get laid, she might have to do her hair. It's that easy, if all you're looking for is sex.

      She said so many things in that interview that don't even pass the laugh test. Just ridiculous.

    7. You're right. Crying is okay. But damn she really thinks her looks are ground breaking.

    8. This comment has been removed by the author.

    9. Yeh, hopefully Blake was able to enjoy a tender community ribbing over his previously lacking lovemaking skills.

    10. Yes, Cheese nothing wrong with crying during sex. In fact, the next time I have sex, I hope I cry.


      I am kidding. Thanks for the laughs guys, I needed them. As for the interview, a new brand of bat shit crazy. I'm not quite so sure I've seen this particular one before.

      I have to review it again. But, it was so painful if I cry anymore I won't be able to enjoy it while I have sex.

    11. Also, crying during offense to anyone, just not my thing. Just too much crying overall following Teal.

  16. I find going though her videos and blogs tedious and even painful at times, so I generally skimp through the melodrama to get the heart of what's being discussed. Though I would rather not bother with the fantastical world of teal of many names, I contribute here for the benefit of those seeking reassurance about their feelings and thoughts in regards to this woman and what she does, and to serve as reference for the future, when someone who's been seriously hurt by her "work" finally decides to take legal action (re: families of suicide victims, because blanketing the very serious issue with supposed "source perspective" isn't going to fly for very long), and people start searching for more information about the truth behind what she's been doing, shared and analysed as it was happening.

    So I will try to keep my comments objective and relevant to the issues raised, though there is so much to say about the sleaziness of her character on so many levels it's baffling she even has an audience, and makes me seriously believe they're only there for sheer entertainment. Can I say the Donald Trump of spirituality?

    It's true that if she were offering this entertainment as an actress, there's nothing the audience can demand from her besides the work, and she wouldn't have to be held accountable for everything she is and does. I noticed she's looking more and more frustrated and impatient with her adience and "work" in her later videos and such. But she wants to believe and make others believe that she's extraordinary, for their spiritual devotion, so she will have to just suck it up. If people expect her to actually have those abilities she claims to have, have actually lived her physically impossible narrative, have the answers to their problems (though not applicable to her as is evident), be authentic and present for them as a spiritual source, she'll have to somehow deliver because that's the hole she dug herself into. I got a youtube recommendation of a video of hers entitled "How to be Happy" or something like that, because as we all know, happiness is her bread and butter! There are less compromised ways to fame and fortune but I guess she figured the bikini and nude modelling wasn't really going anywhere, so became bold.

    So to stay on topic, from as far as I could go with that Czech interview ~ 30 mins, where to start?! What I found most preposterous in that time frame was the bit about being a mother. Building a group of brainwashed slaves to raise her child and call her pleasure-seeking, irresponsible behaviour towards him a "blossoming of self" just shows from where she will pull ideas out of to try and justify just about anything. If we were to raise a common agreement amongst mothers of all species throughout the history of the living, one thing stands true for most: mothers will sacrifice for their children and want to be with them. She even made it clear that she's not going out to do a job so she can earn a living for him. She's leaving him behind and just going around doing whatever because it's "who she is and what she wants". I'm sure she can be the world for her son while he's young and needing her most, then go and "change the world" after. Unless she's worried about presenting faded looks to the world.

    The attitude speaks volumes of the person, given it's her only son we're talking about.

    I also noticed someone comment on the video calling her a fraud, with various links to evidence including the vegas nudy page with her pictures in it. I read her profile and fly fishing stood out. I thought she was vegan since birth? Guess it's just another lie by teal of many names (and faces, and stories...).

  17. "Can I say the Donald Trump of spirituality?"

    Holy shit, yes you can. That is accurate and hilarious.

    1. Speaking of Trump/teal, how much does this sound like the "free lance" reporter Jason Freedman fiasco.

    2. Wow! Hahahaha!! Amazing, these people!!

      Speaking of lies... when she recently "overshared" about her sex life in Prague, she said she was the kind of girl men liked to fuck as opposed to "make love to"), cs they all want to dominate her. Well, and in the interview with Gabriel Kundalini in 2013, when covering this exact subject she explained plainly to him that it was HER who is so secure in her sexuality or whatever, that she likes/prefers domineering men and, unfortunately, she has ...umm "a castrating effect" on most males she encounters and they become too meek for her sexual tastes. hey there Blake;)

      PS. How many women, I wonder,would rather be "f*****" by someone like Sarbdeep than "made love to" by someone like Gecko, esp with that annoying habit of always being in your face,so you cant even pretend/fantasize about someone else,unless you keep your eyes shut lol. ewwww

    3. I think it's this interview

    4. Yep, listen at 8 min mark.

    5. Overshare indeed. And I think I threw up in my mouth a little. On the list of things I never wanted anywhere in my brain: anything to do with teal's sex life. But, here we are.

      But, good catch, Elena. She's saying exactly the opposite of what she said in that Czech video. Exactly 180 degrees the opposite. And, I feel so bad for these guys, men she's kept dangling forever, men she's thrown away like used kleenex... oh THEY'RE the problem. THEY'RE the ones who can't experience loving intimacy. Okay. Sure.

      That whole segment was just ghastly. I mean... we're seriously supposed to believe that it wasn't until she had an unsatisfying sexual experience in her adulthood that she felt used? Really? Raped, sodomized, forced into necrophilia... never felt used? Throughout any of that? Even as a child? Oh, no. She just, as a child, immediately came to the conclusion that her body and sexuality were her value. It's like she's, once again, plagiarized the experience of a real sex abuse survivor, and only understood bits and bobs of it, and is presenting it as her own, in this totally distorted fashion. Yes, sex abuse survivors often come to believe that their body is their value, but that doesn't mean they don't experience a sense of violation, that they don't know full well that they've been exploited, that they don't feel tremendous shame. Those who go on to be promiscuous don't just love and enjoy non-intimate sex. Well, none of the sex abuse survivors I know, anyway. Sorry, huh-uh. She has no idea what she's talking about and it, once again, gives the lie.

  18. Yes, yes, you can. She was all for Donald long before he ran..Donald is very keen to what he does and says, not so much about the toes he steps on. So...this is what I think of Teal (very nicely I might add I should go on a rant-rave.)
    And by the way lauerviolette you don't have to be so thoughtful when you're talking about Teal. She will raise holy hell until MAYB one day she gets woken up, by the pain she inflicts upon her son perhaps....
    So. I think Teal is a bay soul. Maybe she has connections to Source because she's a new soul and usually a lot of new souls are coming evolved, with more of the veil torn down by those before her. Problem is, she hasn't lived many lives--Sai Baba I don't think so. She thinks because she good intentions her manipulation so can be excused because I'm sure there was SOME form of abuse. But the problem is she has no experience to back it up, no past lives in the least for one because she doesn't believe in karma. One can't experience it until one has lived it.
    And...the Sai Baba thing--sure he looks like her if she was a man, so "she's him--in another life." But she says this "source stream" aka her consciousness. Well, soon she'll be saying we're all each others source streams and it's a hive mind therefore no individual consciousnesses if she can get enough people to swallow the koolaid.
    I swallowed it, but I barfed it up and it said to me, that big Koolaid Aid guy..."Teal's a cup of KoolAid. Imitation at that. She hasn't tasted real Koolaid Aid."

    Aka, nothing about her makes sense.
    And to La Vaughn, I believe it was, correct me if I'm wrong....she's right--anyone who's been burnt by these cluster b type personalities will see Teal and register hatred.

  19. Also: I thinker he barfed up the KoolAid as well.

  20. If you google Sarb Swan on images it's the first one you get;)

  21. If you haven't seen the second Sin City, check it out. Someone's posted the whole thing. Watch the Eva Green character. Tell me that's not teal.

  22. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Yes, she gives the modeling industry a bad name. Let not forget all the spiritual teachers, authors, telemark skiers and poor fly fisherman out there.

  23. I don't think she's being innocent. I'm positive she is fully aware of her ulterior motives and deceit, but somehow has convinced herself it's ok to do it. That last interview was painful to watch, couldn't get past 30 mins, her entire demeanour was snooty, immature and egotistical. She just wanted to be there and get praised for being her, hair, makeup and dress. Not have to actually do anything, tell stories and what have you. Every time I'm made aware of her interactions with others I'm reminded of "Doc" saying she claimed to be the reincarnation of Cleopatra and that everyone must serve her. That's exactly the way she carries herself. She's just proving him right every time.

    I try to be respectful for the sake of the readers and people waking up to her truth. I don't hold any personal hatred towards teal or anything like that. She just bores me as a person, but it is an interesting case study in how far a narcissist can go around fooling and humiliating people publicly, with such preposterous and easy to disprove claims. And being there to witness the inevitable outcome once people realize they've been duped.

    I think she's a lesson for a lot of people, a cautionary tale in progress. There is good to be attained from this situation for sure, but I don't take lightly those who have taken their lives through her coaxing, or are stuck in negative cycles hoping she will help them. This is serious and deliberate harm being spread and there's where my sense of justice comes alive.

    I would normally not care for people being rotten, there are plenty of those around, but pointing out why she's rotten, here particularly, is to help others (lurking or just finding this discussion) connect the dots and help themselves away from her games.

    Dusty, she certainly was not a professional model, skier, healer or basically anything. Her story is a collection of aggrandized events which could be seen better as past failures, and the latest venture for glory is the "spiritual catalyst" product. New age and spirituality are a platform ripe for deceit, so she's had better success here. The catch 20 is that the more eyes she has on her, the more question are also directed at her.

  24. I could not watch that last interview past a few minutes but I checked out the man who was to her right...

    He is apparently fairly well respected and a playwright. I suspect like everyone else who thinks Teals hot, he's a dog.

    What surprises me a little is that Teal is getting respect from Hay House and that circuit. From gatherings she instagrams her shmooshing with the rest of the celebrated authors).

    This disappoints me because it actually makes me look at the whole genre and wonder where ANY accountability is to be found. I am answering myself: probably No where. They all may be fraudish? The very platform now looks like it's unstable.

    Should we just lump all these spiritual "coaches" together?
    Are all self help gurus perhaps bottom feeders. Are they cat fish scavenging for the sunken ones who have hit bottom in their search for help.

    My disillusionment with the purveyors of "wise crack" is the slippery slope IMO. It could lead to throwing out all faith in "higher consciousness" at work OR it could make me stronger in the faith that despite appearances, this realm of the world is just a 3D manifested form of a larger consciousness realm. It is one of light and dark and so if Teal takes a bit of knowledge and makes it "wrong", that does not mean we should stop searching. Just because people like Teal are frauds does not mean the (beyond the concrete material world)"woowoo" that we deeply know is real (and which form beliefs opening us up to the frauds like HER) is a lie. But it is a wild world and we better beware.

    1. Maggie, I worked in book publishing. Publishers buy what they think will sell, even if it's crap. I don't even want to tell you how much crap I had to read and promote. The new thing in publishing is that they want authors with a big web presence and guaranteed sales. It's just a fact and not a pretty one. Doesn't mean that there aren't still good authors getting published, but Sturgeon's Law has ALWAYS applied. Most of it is crap.

    2. Thank you. I hope so. (Good Authors.) Theres still hope, not a blind mass of following sheeple who will buy like zombies-disturbed zombies if you will, thanks to Teal. Thank you again. La Vaughn you restored my confidence in humanity a bit more (tho it's still shattered) I thank you endlessly for that.

    3. LV, you make sense about the reality that someone with a web presence and gaurenteed sales is the winner. That whole trajectory of youtube videos, seminars, exposure and all the drama is a back bone for the publisher's product.
      Placed in that context, controversy is nothing but publicity.
      Thanks, actually that helps.....

    4. Yup. This is how it works now, Maggie. They're basically outsourcing promotion to their authors. It was always true, to some extent, that authors had do some of their own marketing, but now it's a requirement. It saves the publishing house money and they get good sales without lifting a finger if they don't want to. That much is new, made possible by the digital economy. But, that much of it is shite is not. It's always been about the name and the potential sales.

      Far more authors than you suspect, are not really authors. They have ghostwriters. And, yes, this is true in the "new age" and "self-help" arenas, too. We had one author. I won't name names. Not new age, btw. This would not be a name you've heard of most likely, but he was a very big deal within a certain field of interest. A very big deal. We published his book. His publicist was, and is, a good friend of mine. So, one day, the editor comes downstairs and explains to the publicist all the things he wants him to go over with him to prep for his interviews, a list of talking points, material from the book. My friend was confused. Wouldn't he know all this? Didn't he write this book? The editor says, Oh, I don't think he's even read it.

      Being a published author doesn't mean what people think it means.

  25. I'm sorry. I said she has good intentions so she thinks it's ok. What I meant is, she has good intentions towards herself.

  26. Ok. I'm not proud of this but here it is. One look at ONE of Teal's pathologies. (How are we to know if there are more?) I don't know. But this does give some insight into the world if psychology. Only thing I'm not advocating is acceptance, maybe just more how to 'manipulate, through it as these individuals will destroy. Now in this I'm talking about her narcissism which is a trait we can ALL clearly see she has.
    I'm not saying get steamrolled. By far. But--it may save some of you some peace of mind, in some way.

    So here is a good article on childhood wounds and why she may be trapped in people "fulfilling her needs." And the whole spirituality centering around cold hood wounds. When it goes far beyond that scope but she's not able to move past it. Not that it's excusable or anything like that--by far.

    Well maybe an interesting read:




    Let's face it, Teal is so obsessed with herself and probably horny about herself that she could even work in the porn industry if it would bring more money than the spiritual online game world. I can guarantee you that she never ever experienced love sex, all is mechanic and about the power over the men's desire. The way how she describes her sex drive, obsessions bladibla…. tells it all. This woman was never loved by sharing great intimacy but is trying to teach the world about a good sex life. No , it is teaching the world how to perform like a porn star with the mind set of a porn star. All she knows is getting high on guys who desire her. Then the desire diminishes and she moves on to a fresh guy. She is not enjoying sex, she enjoys the power of the guy, the teaser's knife, and uses the projection of the horny men on her to feel good about herself (a la: at least I am good in bed) It is a very unhealed sexuality she is preaching and all her talks about feminine and male energy is empty….esoteric blabla, and it serves her to play with the minds of men followers and women as well.

    I find the followers fascinating. They believe so much in the persona/ character Mary Teal Bosworth has created, that they access their own energy power, inner healing device etc and surely have some enigma like experiences… until they realize one day that it was all a play and then all shit will break loose. And even the positive powerful experiences they made because they believed so much in the fairytale of Mary Teal Bosworths creation, they will reject it all in one go. That is the sad part. But nobody can prevent them from making this experience cause each of us has to understand that no other person can EVAAA answer the questions of life. Nope thats up to yourself. And until then you will enjoy and suffer greatly under the hands of so called authorities who are actually just a silly thought acting up, like a hick up :D

    And until people have questions and trust characters of authorities (which they invented themselves), a woman called Mary Teal Bosworth can take the piss out of them (and money).

    And whenever the days rises when the evidence against her overweights the invention of her stories, she will go one of two ways: No1) she will explain that she made all up to teach people that nb else knows actually what life is and to empower people by realizing that sb like the spiritual catalyst character doesn't exist cause you have to give meaning to life and invent your own answers or No2) she says f@£$%^ you all, I'll do porn and make even more money than as a spiritual catalyst.

    Why do i have the feeling that I just invented her emergency exit speech on day X?!

  28. Anyhow - Mary. Nice try to fool the world. Make sure you don't sign Ale's prenup cause this is out of alignment with source isn't it. Somehow I doubt that he is even considering it. The drama is transition to comedy for me. It is absolutely ridiculous that this person can sit in front of a "spiritual seeker audience" and talk with a straight face about how hot she is. And all she is doing is this

    Spell bounded out there - time to wake up and answer your own questions. There is nobody out there to do this for you. WAKE UP.

    Guys I truly enjoy the sharp and well written comments here. Keep up the good work and provide evidence and clear thoughts about the mumbling of an injured woman who will probably not shut up any time soon. My time is over here. People who come here will be carried on wings out of their misery and confusions. Others will stay spell bounded and run in circles. Sometimes they will experience their own magic, sometimes they will feel the positive effects of one or two copied methods from other brilliant healers, "repeated" urgh invented by Teal…

    Hopefully you will all free yourself from this confused and dangerous world of a girl called Mary Teal who wanted desperately to be famous to feel ok with herself and valued - AT ANY COST.

    ( I wish she would have become an actress - that would have been the perfect job for a skill set without betraying the world)

  29. Teal I wish you, that you will find healing and peace from your inner torture to BECOME FAMOUS in order to xxx. There are many people out there, greatly gifted, talented just as you are as well, sharing the same nightmare of desperate desires to become famous to silence xxx. I can see how tormented you are by your own ideas, thoughts and desires and I truly wish you well. I hate to see how you play with other people's hearts, minds and attention and they have to learn as well so that they find healthy ways to rest in themselves like a tree.

    Power will come to you, great "armies" you will gather around you, as brainwashed as the armies of todays countries. Your decisions will have great impacts on many lives, your corrupted phantasies will break up many relationships and will send people downwards. Because you repeat so many teachings you will also inspire people and hopefully they quickly move on and carry this essence with them.

    But you, most tortured one of all, find healing. And i wish that you will meet one day a man who is balanced, strong and sensitive, who can handle your mind games and heal you with his love for you because your core is as beautiful as anybody else's. May you find a man who overcame the horn dog existence a long time ago and lives a healthy, passionate and loving sexuality and will teach you how to open up to the wonderful world of love combined with sex and not stupid horn dog porn stuff.

    He does exist, I can tell you that it is not Ale. Even a blind person can see that this horn frog mirrors you in all aspect which have fallen ill in you.

    Go on, trick the people in order to seek fame and money. You will be "super" rich, right now you are just baby rich (I know) and there will come the point when the emptiness of money and power will become to present to you, that you will have a choice. Choose wisely girl. You out of all of them have to learn the most. Until then, become even more clever, cunning, manipulative and ill intended …. it has to run itself out.

    Be good to yourself and then you will stop torturing others.
    I am looking forward to this day.
    I don't mind either way.
    But I hold great wishes for you and those who are stuck in your world.

  30. And to the many Tealers who sneak around this blog, wether to protect and warn their queen or to find the ground under their feet after the free fall of realized fraudulent activities of a damaged soul called Teal S. :

    Just remember this one little example in order to get your head straight:

    If a murderer is honest aka authentic aka open and admits to the jury that indeed he killed the person because he had such a bad childhood and is so angry and couldn't control himself and etc….. should the jury release him out of prison because he was such an honest, authentic and open murderer and make him the inspiring leader of an honest, authentic murderer-movement?

    Think about it cause you will find the same logic in many many blogs of a very hurt, lonely and hungry woman called Teal S. And if your answer is "yes" , I can confirm that you are successfully spell bounded by her. Please come back to senses because you are part of the great suffering of a woman called Teal S, a person without intact conscience.

    Think about those things ( : for your own sake but I do understand that you are walking the perfect path for you. Keep sane in the meanwhile ( ;

  31. Rikitikitavi, once again, you've nailed it, nailed a lot of things, actually. And, if you delete these comments, I'm coming after you. Just so you know. ;-)

  32. LaVaughn, it appears you were right regarding the identity of the girl at the center of Teal's middle school rant blog. On Sarb Swan's page, I found this comment by "LU Cink" made in response to "Michele Zina"'s post on 5/14 at 6:58 AM:

    "LU Cink Michele Zina Dear Michel, the blog was mainly about me (my boyfriend and other friend reported me the content), but I had not read it because consider it after the last happenings that were already painful enough that reading it I m going to re-feed an anger and pain. I have decided to try my very best to stop it, at least inside me. I was led on Sarbdeep page and found your words. I would like to thank you, I m glad there are ppl able to see that there could be also an other side of the version. My sincere thanks one more time, Have a good day smile emoticon Lucie"

    It appears that you were right that she is the girl in the video

    1. For some reason, of all the recent ways that Teal has acted out her (whatever it is) and made herself the victim and felt compelled to broadcast her (whatever) as some cosmic truth,the abuse of the girl she blogged about just makes my heart sink. It makes my heart sink in sadness at mean girls. It also pretty much validates what happened to Cameron. No one may be in Teal's presence who looks like a possible threat.

      What I grok is the girl's crime was wanting to be a part of the community around Teal.

      Community's Teal's entourage.

      The person Teal rejected had enough charm and congeniality to indeed reach the inner circle. Apparently she was liked well enough that Teal's guard dogs were loath to ban her.

      It seemed to me that Teal was acting on outrage at the rebellion of her minions. They did not follow orders. Then Teal obsessed to the point of a ranting email.

      The compulsion to repeat keeps me looking at Teal. Maybe I will have to create a new 12 step program Tealaholics Anonymous hehe....NOT.

  33. and this is how simple but efficient Mary Teal's power game works: sexual control of minds. That's it. Poor Lucie had to feel it. Anybody with a tiny bit of intuitive insight could see Teal cringe when Novazen, which balls are still owned by Mary Teal, complimented his lover Lucie for being the perfect woman. Although Teal tried to cover her shock about loosing control about this man's attention with a big horse smile and a confirming head shake, inside of hers all hell broke loose. Lucie had never a chance to be part of the committee cause she isn't a lesbian and was clear enough to see the extend of subtile and ballsy flirt activity of Mary Teal.

    It is not a crime to sleep at your boyfriends place whilst Teal is in the country hahaha. And Mary Teal must have been so frustrated and infuriated for having to deal with this female shield wrapped around her core man slave in europe.

    I am not sure if Lucie will ever come across this page and comment but Lucie: I don't need to know the details but understand that there was NEVER a chance of an harmonic group action whilst you are in a love relationship with a core pillar man of Mary Teal. You were too powerful in this position, unreachable by Teal cause your sexual desires wouldn't be directed towards Mary Teal. So she had to come up with a plan to get rid of you. this is how Mary Teal's mind currently works. If she can't fuck you, if she can't turn you into a dripping, desiring fan, you need to be removed.

    Stick to Sarb how will now force Mary Teal to come clean with his next blog posts which he will publish at the right time. I can see what he is doing. Very good. The character Mary Teal invented will be battled very soon by his worlds and knowledge, she has no idea what is ahead of her. But she could have known that a liar's legs are very short and the liar will be caught eventually.

    Lucie , keep your head high, be patient with your man who loved Teal and was hooked on her sexual manipulation since day one. Use your female wisdom, which you have plenty (saw it in the interview) to make things right between you and your man. you have to understand that your lover is a very crucial money maker for Mary Teal. So she will do ANYTHING to make sure that this relationship will stay strong and will spell bound him at any chance. Is just how her mind works. Her method is very primitive but the most effective one of all. Only women will understand. And make sure that her mind fucks doesnt enter through your backdoor, she has her ways. To sleep at your boyfriends place has nothing to do with trying to stalk a famous person. It is the other way around. A person who feels the right to inter fear with a relationship and to consider to be able to dictate when and when not the girl friend can be present hahahahaha.

    Have a trip with your lover and spend great time together. Don't try to change his mind about Teal. Just make him understand what you felt and how you are currently feeling and HOPE for proper judgement by himself. If he is not 100% spell bound there is a chance that all will work out. If he can not hear you, I am sorry dear but I have to tell you that Teal is holding his balls right now in Utha although he lives in Prague. He had at least 6 years of brain washing. Be wise woman, relax and good luck.

    A wonderful example how Mary Teal works. LV I better delete the delete button so :D

  34. Omg. I just lost a whole thing I wrote about Teal. Honestly lets just sum it up. I hate her. She has not been through the abuse she claims. I know it with with every fact, like she didn't report the abuse till she was publishing her book, etc. there are so many fakes and phones out there....I had so much taken from me, intellectual properties, etc, that I know a phony when I see one. She makes me sick. Problem is, even though she has child hood wounds ITS NOT AN EXCUSE TO LIE AND GET FAME. You are as bad as the old model you claim to be breaking down. You suck. You are a phony, no real man wants to fuck you, they realize what you are, aka a SUCCUBUS.

    I just don't how to tell everyone how much she sucks. As a survivor of horrendous abuse I can tell you she has not been through it. She has NO RIGHT to claim to lead ANYONE out of hell. If you doubt what I'm saying lest not forget her FIRST client committed suicide.
    What does that tell you?
    I just don't know. I hope she gets long, drawn out legal battles in court, at the very least. Best case, a bunk mate in prison she thinks is above.

  35. Her latest blog.... she was describing herself and she's not even aware of it omg.

    Anyone else get the feeling that her incredible SRA story is being brought up against her in court? I think she knows it's not gonna end well at all (for her), and with all of her LOA/authenticity mumbo jumbo, how is she gonna explain the undesired outcome to her followers? It's almost as if she was "priming" them to still be on her side the day she blogs about losing in court and why. Like, 'They used my abuse story against me. Since I have no evidence, they portrayed me as an unstable, pathological liar unfit to be around Ale's children. And even though I have absolutely no proof that I was abused and tortured for 13 years and witnessed children being murdered (etc.), it all totally happened, so don't go believing the "consensus" that my abuser is a decent man.' *eyeroll*

    I really don't get it. Wasn't she on FOX/ABC news with her story? You'd think that the other victims would come forward after that. Also, she stated that she witnessed five children being murdered, so... why didn't she lead the authorities to those sites? Surely there'd still be traces of blood/DNA?

    1. I think she's aware of it. This post was a masterpiece of gaslighting and manipulation. She's redefining, inverting reality. It's just a giant mindfuck, because she's got a rebellion on her hands.

  36. Yep, she s so widespread, this is true. Thank you to for this post, for she hurts my heart every time age makes false claims....because I know it's not true! She's a liar!
    She's so publicly known someone should have came forward, one has, no one will.

    Too bad Teal.

    Too bad.

  37. Teal is an actress, she convinces people for a living.

  38. Her latest youtube video is pretty much just saying "there is nothing I can do about this court case, and there is a higher reason that this is happening. 'source' wants it to happen to me"

    Every single ask teal episode she made had only one intention: to make herself look better.

  39. The latest youtube video is far more than just that. She is not trying to fascinate, seduce, shock or draw attention to herself in any other way. Instead she is clearly very frustrated and pist off and wants to let the world know how she feels. I did not watch her Ask Teal video in quite a while and the change in the general vibe she gives off is palpable.
    She is not trying to fascinate (in her own twisted way), now she is looking for the way to punish someone (or everyone) for all "negative things" that are happening to her. If this would be the first Teal video you see, you would probably conclude after 5 minutes of watching that this person seriously disturbed person is having a rant.I think she is about to implode any time soon.

    1. I haven't watched it but I'm not surprised. She's been on a train to career death and it's ironic that the very means of funding her plans are the ones causing her to be dissected in a court of law, which could very well be the cause of her demise, when her lies are proven as such to the world. Let's not forget Mr. Swan who is at the ready with his new blog. Her game of chess is coming to a close. I guess she picked the wrong millionaire to try and marry (or the only one that wanted to) lol..

  40. Pluto I agree. She has been unraveling this way a lot recently, and its only getting worse as more people catch on and she loses control of her reputation and following. In that video she came across as angry and antagonistic, still ever the victim, of course.

  41. Emily posted a link to a good article.

    I feel compassion for Teal because she does present me with information about my own experience.

    It could be that she seems much like my own family mothers (back to my grandmothers)who were narcissistic and borderline in character. I have traits too of what happens when "attachment" is disordered.

    Apparently about 50% of children in the developed world may have attachment issues? I say it is because there is a whole culture of narcissm at play which encourages the dis-ease.

    FYI here are some bits that describe symptoms. The extreme is revealed by Teal IMO

    " “At the core of the unattached is a deep-seated rage, far beyond normal anger. This rage is suppressed in their psyche. Now we all have some degree of rage, but the rage of psychopaths is that born of unfulfilled needs as infants. Incomprehensible pain is forever locked in their souls, because of the abandonment they felt as infants.” (Magid & McKelvey 1988)"

    From (

    Attachment Disorder Symptoms

    Superficially engaging & charming
    Lack of eye contact on parents’ terms
    Indiscriminately affectionate with strangers
    Not affectionate on parents’ terms (not ‘cuddly’)
    Destructive to self, others and material things (‘accident prone’)
    Cruelty to animals
    Lying about the obvious (‘crazy’ lying)
    No impulse controls (frequently acts hyperactive)
    Learning Lags
    Lack of cause-and-effect thinking
    Lack of conscience
    Abnormal eating patterns
    Poor peer relationships
    Preoccupation with fire
    Preoccupation with blood & gore
    Persistent nonsense questions & chatter
    Inappropriately demanding & clingy
    Abnormal speech patterns
    Triangulation of adults
    False allegations of abuse
    Presumptive entitlement issues
    Parents appear hostile and angry

    Any of the following conditions occurring to a child during the first 36 months of life puts them at risk:

    Unwanted pregnancy
    Pre-birth exposure to trauma, drugs or alcohol
    Abuse (physical, emotional, sexual)
    Neglect (not answering the baby’s cries for help)
    Separation from primary caregiver (i.e. illness or death of mother, or severe illness or hospitalization of the baby, or adoption)
    On-going pain such as colic, hernia or many ear infections
    Changing day cares or using providers who don’t do bonding
    Moms with chronic depression
    Several moves or placements (foster care, failed adoptions)
    Caring for baby on a timed schedule or other self-centered parenting."

    I have/had many of these symptoms and conditions myself. The main way I have overcome them is by the grace of feeling in touch with "something" that is like a loving and comforting presence. I can depend on it as I relax into trusting "it". I found an article that is about creating this "presence" through imaginations.

    My saving grace has been that I am developing a sense of trust in a "larger" and whole-ly trust worthy sense of being loved and cared about by "something" real and sustaining and perhaps this is "my inner being" or "god/dess" or "source"? I dunno. But apparently it is possible to "imagine" oneself in a new state and be that.....

    To me THIS is only what one can do for oneself by addressing oneself and using the imagination for one's welfare? I expect that Teal is not yet able to go there...but maybe she will someday?

  42. The article I found was about "security priming". I gleaned form it that I have been doing this myself, literally creating the feeling of security.......

    I imagine being loved and supported and in the arms of the most caring energy. I imagine my relationships are easy and satisfying. I imagine that I am able to give that love I feel. I do not dwell on past bad experience. It works for me because I see it in my life.

    "people with security-supporting
    mental representations of attachment experiences tend
    to feel generally safe and protected without having to
    activate defensive strategies. In fact, defensive selfenhancement
    indicates that a person doesn’t have an
    adequate sense of security and has to struggle for
    a sense of self-worth while harboring doubts about
    being competent and lovable (Mikulincer & Shaver,

  43. The only thing authentic about teal is her authentic meanness, haha.

    This quote of her really says it all: ‘ Because of my willingness to be authentic about my personal life, as opposed to hide it like every other spiritual teacher, people cease to view me as a ‘teacher’ and begin to see me like an immature little sister who they have to advise…’

    First of all, there is really no need to expose everything about your private life in public, ESPECIALLY when that involves other real people who did not choose to be in the public eye and from whom we can’t hear (or are then forced to tell) their side of the story. All it creates is judgement from the audience and usually in teal’s favor because they view her as ‘angelic’ and she uses their biased feedback to get people on her side and thereby manipulate and hurt those other people whom she knows irl.

    Yet she has the audacity to say that she is the victim of slander when she is criticized for her dubious behavior. But it’s ok for teal to slander people close to her all in the name of authenticity!

    What she does is also a form of spiritual bypassing to not having to deal with your own issues in a healthy manner, but looking instead for emotional validation from a blindsided audience who can’t or won’t view her in an objective manner, because of their own spiritual bypassing to refuse to stand in their own power and instead believe the lie they are ‘lovingly being guided to the truth and the light’, but really just feeding her manipulative ways.

    As she uses her subjective spin on the dynamics of her relationships mixed with some universal truths to make it look like it’s not really JUST her personal perspective and projection onto the situation, but really the objective truth because hey, isn’t she uniquely gifted with something that could be compared to the ‘all-seeing eye’ considering she was born with ’all her filters being blown off’, meaning she just sees everything from source perspective.

    And this supposed universal truth is used against the personal truths of these people in her life who are basically voiceless and forcefully and unwillingly introduced to her biased fanbase. But it’s teal, no less who’s going to teach and advice others not to fall into the trap of spiritual bypassing. I would say, if you can’t practice what you preach, who are you to call yourself a teacher? But oh, I can already hear the cognitive dissonance of her followers, justifying it with ‘she’s not perfect as she says herself’. Then why the difference in treatment and why do the social rules that apply to others, don’t apply to her?

  44. BTW I’ve always noticed her authoritative way of speaking. She’ll rarely say ‘I believe..’ or ‘I think..’ no, she speaks in a manner as if she is the authority on any subject she touches on and therefore creates this illusion of her teachings or whatever comes out of her mouth not being questionable. And since so many people are naive and too lazy to think for themselves, they love to believe someone who states things with so much confidence that an uncritical listener will gladly swallow whatever she says as gospel truth. For example her self-proclaimed intention to be authentic at all times. I don’t see her followers questioning her on that when she really just uses the word to justify her manipulation of others.

    And with all that plagiarism she does, she should finally look up the word ‘authenticity’ to know what it really means.

    The only way it would be appropriate to talk about personal issues in the public eye, is if it were an issue she experienced in the past and have been able to transform it and use this as an example for others to show them how they could transform similar issues. And this, without mentioning the names of the people involved or making it obvious who you are talking about in order to respect their privacy, especially if you did not ask their permission.

    But her quest for authenticity does kind of give away her awareness of not being authentic in the first place. She knows that she is not truly above others or perfect (enlightened) for that matter, but still hasn’t been able to deter from being emotionally manipulative to make her appear and feel above others, because of course that part of her that seems to dominate her personality loves the power trip, but it is in conflict with what she knows deep down to be the truth. Her uncritical followers are also responsible in submitting themselves to her and feeding her narcissism, all in the name of love, spiritual growth and authenticity. Ouch, the irony!

    After all, when you are truly genuine and real, you wouldn’t feel the need to use that word all the time in reference to yourself and as a reminder to others, because it would be self-evident.

    Look at Gigi Young, who also talks about spiritual subjects on Youtube. She really comes across as genuine and authentic in a natural way without constantly having to use that word to describe herself. It are her listeners who tell her that because they can feel it. Gigi also pointed out that spiritual teachers in this day and age are both the teacher and the student and vice versa, because we’re moving away from that old paradigm that creates power imbalance where one is always the teacher and the others their students. Apparently Teal hasn’t been able to adopt or practice this very basic and essential spiritual lesson and neither have her blind followers.

    The last part of what she wrote illustrates this very well how how she truly thinks of her ‘students’ who naively believe she loves them:

    “..people cease to view me as a ‘teacher’ and begin to see me like an immature little sister who they have to advise…’

    It’s so telling of her arrogance! She thinks the world should accept her as their teacher, but can’t stand it when the roles are reversed. When that happens, she feels treated like a LITTLE, immature sister. Well, for all the tealers out there who may read this, this is how she thinks of YOU being in the position of her student: LITTLE. It basically reveals the way she experiences the power dynamics in her relationship with her followers. They are little and she is grandiose and powerful, like her newly adopted name ‘Swan’ you know: ‘exalted’ and ‘supreme’. Yeah, power dynamics are real and new agers should know this as they believe in energy and energy chords where lots of energy can be sucked from others. I do see more of them waking up but it will be interesting to see how this saga unrolls in the future.

    1. Thank you Layla for so eloquently expressing so much truth, basically how we're all feeling and what we're all thinking in this situation, amongst so many other things. The truth is that teal is such a bag of OMFG that leaves one speechless in outrage and the first reaction is usually "how could anyone else not see that?!" So when people take the time to take those moments apart and dissect them, like La Vaughn has done so well in all of her articles, it helps the rest of us still in a ball of outrage and disbelief, to ground our thoughts and not feel like we're the only ones noticing these things. Hopefully it helps anyone still following her to wake up from her spell, and anyone considering her as a teacher to know better in advance.

    2. Hi lueurviolette,

      I know right! It can be a real pain having to deal with tealer's cognitive dissonance , but I have seen someone on youtube refer to this page saying they use to be a fan but this blog helped to open their eyes, so yes we should continue to expose this covert shit.

    3. It's a relief that people are getting a second opinion on this!

  45. Does anybody know whether her permanent live-in groupies or to use the term that she so "respectfully" uses: "container-friends" have any serious romantic relationship currently or during any time since they decided to live in servitude of her?

    I'm thinking especially about Graciela and Blake. Aren't they always single, despite meeting so many different people?

    I guess if you live for somebody else, you won't be able to shine yourself and thus attract someone who's all for you.
    And lets be honest, if you're of the larger size and not as pretty as your 'angelic guru', then how are you going to make yourself appear attractive for a potential love mate? It has a rather opposite effect, I'm afraid. Especially if you happily use yourself as a crutch for your master to step on in case she's in need of one and have that photographed and published for all to see. I think that's bad marketing for yourself if you like most people wish to find a love mate. Surely Teal must be aware that the same scenario pictured with her as Graciela's crutch would be really bad marketing for her "more important career", you know.

    Of course, mentally healthy people would see the red flags and not be interested to be with someone who basically lives for someone else, so in that sense it also reduces their chances to find someone for THEM. Despite all the superficial "healings" they go through with their guru, they will never be healed of their co-dependancy of course, unless they start to think critically and make life decisions in their own benefit.

    From what I read about her ex-husband Mark, I'd worry if he chose to be with Teal's best girlfriend only to avoid her scorn and wrath. He's after all in a difficult situation forever linked to her via their child.

    I have to give props to Sarbdeep who broke free and setting the record straight about her. I hope he ditched his 'friend' Stewart Pearce (that 'sound guy' they did an interview with) too, because I thought with his infatuation of Teal was on a subtle energetic level, being pretty nasty towards Sarb. That's what happens when Teal is viewed as 'the angel' and gets these blind followers to side along in her covert manipulative intentions against people such as her husband whom she supposed to treat the nicest.

    I'm not sure how long it will take for her soon-to-be husband to see through it all, but when he will it 's going to be even worse having to realize what he now believes to be 'the best manifestation of his life', could turn out to be his worse: becoming obsessed with a woman who never loved him in the first place and who helped to cause him to lose custody over his kids. :/

  46. She makes a painting from period blood and people like it? Fucking dumb sick followers.

    1. That is an understatement. How kind of you to elevate them to that level. Why, must be having a generous, loving moment.

  47. Her new "period painting."

    FFS. She really sees everything in extremes, doesn't she? Part of her personality disorder, I'm assuming. If you don't talk about your menstrual cycle with everyone, you're ashamed of it. If you blog about your "yoni," and paint a picture with your menstrual blood and share it with the entire world, it's the ultimate expression of the divine feminine. *eyeroll*

    1. I saw it. It's ghastly. And, not because it's menstrala. There is some beautiful menstrual painting being done. This is just a mess. It looks like some horrible Lovecraftian demon with blood drop eyes bearing down on you in your worst nightmare. I hate all her art. This just takes it to a whole 'notha level. It's so horrible.

      And then there's this from her new blog post about the whole thing.

      "Today, we are experiencing a new wave of feminism… A wave of feminism that is not a rebellion against men."

      Yes, teal is going to reinvent feminism, just like she's reinventing every other world system, because nobody else was doing it right. That she completely misunderstands the feminism that came before her, notwithstanding. She's going to buy some countries and remake the social order and do it all just right. It'll be called Tealstan and everything will be fine as long as you never disagree with her or point out that every idea she's ever had was just pilfered and completely misconstrued by her.

    2. My comment didn't go through. I hate all of her art too. You know, this painting is a big "fuck you" to her haters, to Sarb, to Ale's ex wife. If the spotlight wasn't on her personality disorder and all of her "slip ups" I'm sure she'd just tell everyone to go kill themselves.

      I just think this is another blip up in her screwed up mind. What I mean: to me, it's a stage away from her painting after taking a dump and smearing it around and calling it "poopala."

      I'm sorry...but this is what I think: if she could make a painting

    3. "Today, we are experiencing a new wave of feminism… A wave of feminism that is not a rebellion against men."

      Oh yeah, those new faces of "feminism". So "inspiring"!

    4. And speaking of Donald Trump, just read this article which starts with such paragraph:

      "Two things typically happen when Donald Trump speaks in public: Either he lies, or it becomes clear to everyone that he literally has no idea what he is talking about. Yet he seems to possess the ability to spread ignorance without facing consequences."

      Worth reading in full:

  48. I have wondered what kind of life her slaves lead as well. I know Blake is beyond the point of return, as for Graciela, who knows. And any others? Who knows.. Just watching the news about Amber Heard and Johnny Depp reminded me of teal and Ale. What he's in for, except without the kids.

    And that "painting", well she's surely sinking lower and lower each day.

    1. Just check out Graciela's fb page: mainly pics of her and Teal or her and another tealer. Her whole life revolves around Teal, obviously. I really am annoyed by these tealers, because in their blind worship they enable a lot of evil shit.

      And Oh. My . Lord. What I just stumbled upon! Ale Gicqueau's new blog. Have you read it already?

      It was posted a couple of days after Sarb posted his blog about Teal. I bet she ordered her new slaveboy to post one in return to depict her as the victim once again and pushed him to be 'open with his feelings to the world' according to her warped definition of 'authenticity' that has apparently become her life goal and where every person who enters her life is forced to follow up on.

      Remember those 'teatime with teal' (not 'and with Sarbdeep', even though he was always in it) video's?
      She, from the get go wanted Sarb to expose all his inner feelings with the world, because it was why she came here on earth for : 'authenticity'.

      Anyways, any of you who will read Ale's blogpost surely will hear the alarm bells ringing in your ears 100x fold!
      He starts off revealing some of the psychological issues that were created in him when his parents got divorced as a little boy and how his dad apparently remarried a cold hearted woman who didn't wanted his kids which obviously left scars in him.

      I think we can all see how he is repeating the pattern..Yet he claims(or rather Teal instilled in him) that his now ex-wife was the same 'narcissistic, borderline woman' he married as the one his dad remarried when he was a little boy. However, when looking at the pattern of his dad, it's only logical to conclude that by divorcing the biological mother of his children and remarrying a woman with obvious narcissistic traits (and some also say she applies for borderline personality disorder), it is his new soon-to-be-wife Teal that is the same type of woman his dad remarried.

      The biggest red flag in his blog post to me was where he tries to justify choosing Teal over his kids!

      He starts with questioning "Should children always be the priority?" Uhm yeah, they should. I bet any other parent would say that.
      Apparently his ex-wife has been able to demand a court order where their kids can not come in contact with Teal and I understand her concern for that.


  49. CONT. my previous comment on Ale's new blog:

    Here's some more red flags:

    "My children need to understand that it is conditional love to demand to connect with me only if Teal is not in the picture."

    Whaaaat .The. Fuck!!! If I were his kids and read the above quote, that would feel like a dagger in my heart! This is so sick! And I'm pretty sure his new narcissistic fiancé made him believe this utter nonsense.

    FYI Ale, if you ever read this. It is you who needs to show unconditional love to your kids, not to Teal and neither do your children need to be trained to show unconditional love to your narcissistic new wife.

    Remember when your dad told you to pick flowers for his new wife in the hopes that this would bring you all closer together? You as a little boy, however felt disposed when she immediately threw your flowers away in the garbage. Now you're repeating the same pattern by forcing your kids to go on vacation on condition that Teal can come with you, so you could all become closer together.

    In this situation, the vacation trips are the flowers that your dad saw as a symbol to get you closer with the new wife. Considering Teal just throws away the vacation trip between the kids and their dad when she can not come along, now your kids will feel disposable because you just replaced them with a new woman.

    Even the therapists can't convince you as they righteously say that you should go on vacation with your kids alone without Teal if you want to see them.

    And just think about how Teal, if she truly were this spiritually enlightened person with 'just a few flaws like everybody else', could easily have put an end to your relationship considering she obviously was never into you in the first place. However, she thinks your kids deserve to suffer because she comes first even when she has no love interest in you as evidenced in the following quote of your blog post:

    "Because of her(Teal's) complex PTSD, Teal also suffers separation anxiety and my trips to California for business and to visit kids already brings her a lot of torment."

    Oh yeah, nevermind your own kids' separation anxiety that were caused by Teal in the first place! Teal comes first of course, that’s a no-brainer!

    "Taking separate vacation time away from her with the children would put even more stress on the relationship that is my lifesaver today. "

    More evidence of this man's mental illness.

    As for the rest, just like Teal, he's now relying on the blind and biased support of Teal's fanbase instead of talking about this stuff in privacy as he should, with his therapists, close family and friends.

    Now I don't know his ex-wife so we can't judge on her, but the fact is by getting on with Teal he definitely did not resolve the pattern he has been repeating from his parents' divorce.

    And oh the irony of this one:

    "Internet content includes some pitfalls too as it is always possible to find a perspective on the Internet to justify your own anger, vindictive impulses and your self-righteousness justification for fighting a good war. "

    He ends his public 'cry for help' post by directing a message to his ex:

    "We can continue to manipulate our world to make ourselves look like the good guy and the other the bad guy but for which purpose? "

    And this after he labeled her a narcissist with BPD on top of it! Yeah Ale, for which purpose did you make her look like the bad guy and yourself like the good guy? Think long and hard about that one please. And do it at least a few miles away from the brainwashing manipulation tactics of your new guru/lover, so you can start to see what's really going on.

    I hope the court is going to straighten both of them out and finally put an end to this train wreck, omg!

    1. I know. I read it. It's horrible. Those poor, poor kids. His lack of self-awareness is staggering.

    2. Yep. It's almost painful to watch really.

  50. Sorry the correct link to the blog post I quoted from in my comment above is this one:

    The other link is from his more recent blog post:

    In this post, he starts off talking about his kids again, but quickly the focus is back on Teal which makes up for the majority of the rest of his blog post. Explaining to the world how Teal as an 'extrasensory' is really the biggest sufferer in this long reality new age soap series, lol.

    He also wrote that "Graciela (who is the most attuned to Teal) had a feeling that something may be wrong.."

    This is just an euphemistic way to say she really is Teal's most obedient slave (with Blake and Ale shortly following I guess)

    Hmm well since he was hoping to make his post entertaining, I guess he succeeded at least on that note, lol! Not so much on giving an objective perspective on how 'life with the spiritual catalyst' is.

    1. "Attuned" is code for "codependent." A well-trained codependent will scrutinize your every gesture and facial expression to figure out what you need or want. It's okay, though. Joy for Graciela is rubbing teal's feet and standing in for the odd bit of furniture.

      Did you see this interview?

      The pretty blond gal is one of the two women teal tried to humiliate in her recent, middle school mean girl blog post. Poor thing, she's just so "jealous" of teal's friendship with her boyfriend. And why would she be nervous? Just because, as Sarbdeep shared in his Black Swan post, teal has been shining the poor guy on forever with dreams of their past lives together?

    2. '"Attuned" is code for "codependent."

      Thanks for pointing that out. I just googled these 2 words... Not having read much about codependency, it seems quite common to use the word '(overtly/intensely) attuned to someone else's needs' to describe a codependent's behavior. So in that sense, I guess he euphemistically wrote (or Teal instructed him to phrase it that way) : '*the most* attuned to her needs' instead of what would be more accurate : '*overtly* attuned to her needs' as that has a more pejorative connotation, but would describe Graciela's unhealthy attunement with Teal's needs more accurately.

      Considering Teal has read up on narcissism and codependency (I've seen her interview with Ross Rosenberg), I'm pretty sure she came up with that phrase herself to describe Graciela's behavior, how creepy! Another example of her spiritual bypassing?

      And yes, I have seen the interview and read the comment of the blonde gf too. I did notice that she and her bf are still fb friends with Teal. I hope they don't keep on being hooked into her BS though, we'll see..

    3. Yes, she is pretty, isn't she? Much prettier than Teal in fact. I can see why Teal wanted to get rid of her. No one can outshine Teal. Not only is it not allowed, in Teals eyes, it is just not possible...that was really mean. How horrible to be so self absorbed, you are constantly looking for "Cameron's," to think the whole world is out to get you, only when it might have been at some point, now it is merely a self filling prophecy.

    4. To be clear, this is not the gal that teal wanted people make "feel rejected." This is the girlfriend of her Prague coordinator, who is ever so threatened by teal. Hard to keep up with all her reindeer games, I know.

  51. I can understand the drive behind the need for her projection of "I am so holy." Not to say it is to be excused. I mean I get why she does it. But it's not okay.
    I hate narcissists. Actually, I think they're some of the most damaging people on the earth. Here's why: it's abuse that's cleverly disguised in such a way that before the host knows it has a parasite, it's often almost too late. The psychopaths, the borderlines really you can see that shit coming, or at least when it hits, identify it. Narcissism is like a virus, hiding from the system detection mechanisms. It needs to be rooted out...we need to find the Anti-Teal. Hahahahaha, she is so stupid. Anti-Tealers. No, I am anti-abuse. Like that that pill alcoholics take so they don't drink. I help people not relapse to Teal.

    Should I post pictures of Sarb barfing at his "Kamba" cleanse, aka Anti-para-tealsistic.

    I sorry guys...I just can't stop hating her.

    I mean, in a good way though. It feels good.

  52. I meant anti-Teal parasitic. This is what it feels like when it's gone.

  53. Just as I suspected, Sarbdeep will most likely never release that ever so instructive info about Teal's borrowed 'process' since he's too busy milking a following (thanks to his former Spiritual Catalyst relationship) which has landed him a monthly column in some Swiss publication. The more people wait for him to reveal stuff about Teal, the longer he keeps them hanging on. I really believe he started to spill the beans on her for his own personal gain. If she's a narcissist, then what sort of male would you expect her to attract .... He may seem like the good guy compared to Ale, but I do not feel that he's totally sincere or honest.

    1. Yeah he seems full crap at this point. It takes four months to write an article.

  54. Hi Fatal45 & Cheese, I can see why you think that Sarbs has some self gaining motive but you couldn't be more wrong. Your unpatience is getting in your way of judgement. I know the next step and it is not to please the inpatient readers but to prick a big fat teal elephant ballon right in its ass at the right time. Unfortunatly it is not there to entertain you on a weekly base. Don't underestimate Sarbdeep Swan. He came back to his senses. Thanks f*cking god. :D

    1. Personally I do not feel impatience towards Sarbdeep and I am certainly not seeking personal entertainment on a 'weekly' basis. I formalise my own opinion on fact and if not all the facts are available since the protagonist has decided to act according to some hidden agenda (which he does not which to disclose), then I can only judge him by his actions and words. If he says he's going to be writing regular blog posts then, when he doesn't, it is only natural to question his intentions. If he wants to sting Teal in the 'ass' as you say, then why does he need a public to do so? He could do that privately.
      He has mentioned that he didn't really want to be in the public eye when he was with Teal, but now, through popular demand, he does.
      She maybe 'screwed up' but I do not see him as a total victim in this. He has played his part, he claims to have known various key people and judging by his friend, Stewart Pierce's behaviour both in encouraging Teal in her 'bs' (what with arch angels and enormous streams of light surrounding her) and again in making Sarbdeep appear the weak victim, I cannot see how anyone with any integrity or self understanding could unwillingly play to that so innocently and naively.
      I can forsee a situation where from the depths of having been a 'Teal victim' Sarbdeep will shine as the new voice to follow, leading the disillusioned, the victims down another path to false enlightenment. Those who get 'hooked' will say that Sarbdeep is not like Teal (and on the surface he does look so different), but my vibes tell me that they are both singing to the same master.
      Narcissim has many faces and one is pointing to and painting a dark picture of others to deflect attention from oneself...the black swan, ghecco...I got her a 100 000 $ deal. What about starting with 'I'm Sarbdeep and I made some mistakes....'

    2. I mainly do agree with most of your points, share the same opinion. I doubt that Sarb wants and can "lead" those who are looking for their answers from other people with authority glare. Sarb is just doing his thing and writes about some personal experiences.

      Stewart had to back up Teal cause he saw so much power and awesomeness around her… he would go against his own skills, rejecting her wouldn't he. :D I was very interested in Stewart. It changed. He is just another business man who sells Angel thoughts.

      I am not here to protect Sarbdeep. I just think that he is waiting for the right time to pull the curtain with a loud bang from some Tealer's eyes. And he better does it publicly cause he carries the knowledge and if not exposed, he is just another men who she once fucked and still controls although she already has another guy. Look at all the guys, Mark, Blake,Fallon, Blake, Sarbdeep, Blake, Gecko… they are all avoider of conflict. They dont want war. A good base tfor a laaarrggee integrated family :D

      Sarbdeep seems to be the only one who found his balls again. I encourage him to get out with all the stuff he witnessed. No he is no victim but I don't see him portraying himself like it. Did he not say that he screwed up somewhere?! It doesn't matter. yes he promised more blogs and we all thought that it will rain truth over the next 3 month and we still endure the heat period :D

      Sarb is not a leader, he shines in a group dynamic and he knows that. who the fuck needs a leader anyway - those who still seek will fall flat on their faces again. I just know that he will not disappear into the big shadows Teal is casting. He will put it out there and move on.

    3. @Fatal45 I may be mistaken, but I think you're confusing his friend for someone else. Stewart Pearce is the man they did the sound healing/angel podcast with, while the late Stuart Wilde is the good friend he often refers to (even referred to him in that podcast, if I remember correctly). I'm friends with Sarbdeep on Facebook...he's not friends with Stewart Pearce on there, so I can't imagine he's friends with him in 'real life.'

      "What about starting with 'I'm Sarbdeep and I made some mistakes....'"

      Well... he did state this in his blog:

      "I have ‘shadows’ too of course, I’ve never claimed to be perfect, and they have assumed that because I prefer privacy as opposed to an untruthful and misleading ‘openness’ that I would not respond or ever speak publicly, so in the future I will write frankly about my shadows and shortcomings and will explain why they were created in the hope that it can it can inspire and help others, and also to save Black Swan the trouble of ‘exposing’ me."

      Of course I can't speak for Sarbdeep, but I really don't think he's interested in becoming any sort of leader. He hardly has a following, has never promoted his blog, he only mentions his Facebook page to allow for discussion as his blog isn't yet set up to receive comments. The monthly column in the Swiss publication isn't exactly a lucrative business deal... I don't really see it as him "milking" anything as he hasn't really gained much since coming forward, to be honest.

      No, I really feel like he just wants to put the truth out there. I don't even get the impression that he's trying to dissuade people from following Teal, he's only putting the truth out there and letting people think/decide for themselves.

    4. This comment has been removed by the author.

    5. Do you know Sarbdeep personally since you said that you knew (as though you were certain) of his next step and not to understimate him?
      I reckon Stewart Pearce would have gained in credibility if he'd said that there was darkness around Teal. As it stands, given that she is not what she claims she is, he too does not appear to be what he claims he is now, which kind of cofirms to me that the role of 'those' that wish to put themselves on a pedestal via their 'special inside' knowledge is to show us the down side and pitfalls of the 'old' way of teaching and learning. From that p of v even Teal is a useful tool.

    6. Blairgilbert, I was referring to the Stewart Pearce in the podcast with the pink shirt whom Sarbdeep referred to as a friend who had helped him dearly ... The only saying definitely has some meaning if you believe in the law of attraction: show me your friends and I'll tell you who you are...

    7. I noticed some time ago that Stewart Pearce and Sarbdeep were no longer FB friends. My assumption, and it is entirely that unless and until Sarbdeep chooses to make any of this public, is that teal won Stewart Pearce in the divorce, so to speak. I felt and feel sad about that. She only met Pearce through Sarbdeep who considered him a good friend and something of a father figure, I think. I thought that tea thing was very troubling. I wasn't sure if Pearce was blowing smoke up teal's ass or Sarbdeep's. By which I mean, was he trying to put Sarb's mind at rest that he had done the right thing by marrying teal. Sarbdeep certainly looked relieved at getting his seal of approval. Or was Pearce making a calculated business decision to hitch his wagon to the teal train because he thought it would be good for his own business. Either way, it did not endear Stewart Pearce to my heart. Again, these are assumptions on my part, and if they are later clarified by someone credible, which is to say Sarbdeep, I will reconsider thoe assumptions.

    8. I remember watching that video and being reminded of the Emperor's New Clothes tale. In this case, two people wearing the invisible gowns and talking about how beautiful they were. The man seemed nice, but I sensed a fragile ego that teal was strengthening and this is especially confirmed to me by simply knowing what kind of person teal is. If that man cannot see through it with all of his gifts, even when his friendship with Sarbdeep is on the line, then I've not much faith in said gifts, or man..

    9. Sarbdeep does reply to facebook messages.I dont think , having chatted with him, that he is 'witholding' in any way. He intends to write as and when appropriate for him. I do get the impression he is a very deep thinker, and very measured. His words are deliberate. So he wont just spout articles one after another. From his recent posts on his page I feel he wants to deflect that kind of expectation. He seemed pretty reluctant to be a 'mud-slinger'. He has clear motivations, that is representing other side of the equation, authentically.But he is definitely going to write articles in the future. This comment

      "The public abuse of myself and others forced a response and the first blog was designed to 'set the record straight'. Future blogs will give more insight into who and what she actually is, and she will for the first time, actually be authentic and transparent."

      On his page shows he intends to finally expose it. I just think he prefers to do it on his terms.

      Stewart Pearce is no longer on his 'good list'.

    10. @Fatal45 Ah, I see! My mistake, my memory fails me totally. Lol. I found the original video with Sarbdeep in it, and he did introduce Stewart as "a very good friend" and went on to talk about his healing session with him, etc. Apologies!

    11. I remember the noncast by LaVaughn addressing that episode with Stewart, we had some fun discussion in the comments afterwards, about clothes too among other things lol.

      Btw, LaVaughn, I think you used to have a search button on your site, but now I don't see it. I was trying to find some articles I read previously which I was reminded of while reading Riane Eisler's "The Chalise and the Blade". I thought I would find them under Goddess Mythology, but no such luck.The search words I'd use: "Starbucks Melusine", ancient Goddess worship and serpents, snake symbolism, etc.

    12. Lol this photo you included, rikitiki

      Why didn't she pull her otherwise not so short or tight skirt up even higher?! hehe

      And while teal always tells how all other women feel threatened when around her, in this pic it's her facial expression that seems to me so strained and forced and a little mean... well, maybe it's just me:)) while the other girl looks totally at ease...

    13. From "The Lost Tooth":

      "I’m always the Mom who has no idea what the hell is going on at parent teacher conferences. The other moms take it as their perfect opportunity to passive aggressively shame me for it. I can see their hateful envy of the life I lead spliced with the judgment that living the life I live is selfish. They revel in their sense of ‘goodness’ in comparison to me. Sacrificing for their children’s sake is the closest they can come to loving themselves now that their skin has given way to stretch marks and they have lost their identity outside of the role they serve for their children and their husbands are ignoring them. I feel sad every time I have to be around other moms. It is a mutually tormenting experience. I can feel the pressure put on women to be all things to all people. I can feel the way we are forced to compete with one another like prized commodities. I can feel it in the way that we hate each other. Perhaps I get an exceptionally high dose of hatred from other women because of the threat my presence poses to their self-concept. But for the most part, women do hate each other. And having a relationship with each other is as delicate as walking barefoot on broken glass. It takes almost nothing for us to turn on each other."

      Wow! I don't even know where to begin...So all the other moms except for teal let themselves go compared to her and all the husbands out there lost interest in their wives...That she herself is divorced from her child's father is beside the point.
      And funny how she decided to write about her son right after it was actually brought up here- her desire to write about Ale's children in her blog while barely mentioning her own son. A justification post soon followed. So it's because she is sooo famous: "I seldom write publicly about my son. I have no pictures of his face or of us spending time together on any of my public accounts. Even though it is one of the aspects of my life that people want me to speak about the most. Like most famous people (especially people who are famous for their controversial opinions) I am not the only one who receives threats directed at me." Lol
      Next to the much abused word "authenticity", "fame" and "famous" are her most favourite ones when describing herself. How many times did she use these words in just that one article? Or forget the whole article, in just a few short sentences?!!

      "But I feel like I am being punished because I am famous. They are justifying it because they are not familiar with fame. They are justifying it because I am a controversial famous figure. But all famous people experience threat to the children around them."
      "In my position, I am now consulted by several VERY famous people. I was talking to a couple of them and in the middle of a conversation about my son they collectively agreed, “The worst choice you could make is to hide your child from the public eye. This makes them even more alluring bait. The stars that choose to do that always end up regretting it the most. Their children are effectively hunted. Everyone is the most curious about what is kept secret.” They encouraged me to expose my children intentionally. They told me to give the public the picture of my children that I want them to see. If your fame grows, the time will come that you literally cannot hide the people around you, including your child. It is no longer a choice you get to make. It is made for you. It is done whether you like it or not. It is the price of fame."

    14. What can I say...Truly authentic people behave very differently from teal, and so do some really famous people. Just an example, a different take on fame by someone who actually is:

    15. Hi, Elena. My bad. I guess the search button disappeared when I updated the template. I've now added one. It's right above the tag cloud.

      Melusine was discussed in a couple of posts on this blog.

      Coraline and the Blue Pearl

      Television and the Quest for Immortality

      And for the Starbucks post, you'd have to look on my personal blog, because it's an older post.

      Slutbucks, Serpent Towers, and the Myth of Melusine

    16. On the blog... I know... I just... can't...

      You know, her blogging is become a window into madness. Her self-delusion and grandiosity are breathtaking. If she calls herself famous one more time, I really think someone should call the men in white coats. I've never heard the like, not even from really famous celebrities. She's obsessed with fame and has blown a small degree of notoriety so far out of proportion it's astounding.

      And, her underlying contempt for women was on full display in that tooth blog. Full display. Yes, women everywhere are just jelly. But, think about what she actually wrote. She didn't say PTA meetings. She said parent teacher conferences. Those are when parents talk to their child's teacher about their performance in the classroom. It sounds like she has no idea what's going on with her kid, what problems he may be having, what he needs to support his learning and education. That's not about being a nontraditional mother, who doesn't fit in with other moms. That's about parenting on a very fundamental level.

    17. "She didn't say PTA meetings. She said parent teacher conferences."

      That is a great point, I missed that before. Parent teacher conferences arent even a thing you need to know whats going on. You literally just go in at the appointed time, shake hands, and then the teacher updates you on your kid and what they are working on, and then you respond with your questions/concern/thanks/whatever. The whole process is generally less than 30 minutes. Maybe she means because she tries to make "her people" graciella or blake, schedule shit like this because of her "fame". I have this visual of teal going to pick him up (not that SHE ever would, im sure Mark is the one who does the majority of that sort of thing), wearing sunglasses with 2 or 3 defeated looking community members, and her walking in long strides with her nose in the air, doing that sex-eating mean mug of hers at all the dads, who are obviously now 'ignoring their wives' because of her mere(ie, ridiculous) presence. Im sure their IS gossip, but I am also sure its 99% more laughing and WTF-ing than hating or jealousy or lamenting over stretch marks because thats all that matters to other moms, too, right? She is a sad spectacle, that much is sure.

    18. So true about her blogging. I'm catching up with teal's newer posts... It seems to me, now that she has stopped ripping out so much stuff from other sources for a time being since more and more of her plagiarizing has come to light, and is relying on her own writing, deriving material from her life and experiences, her personality disorder has really ceased a chance to shine thru.

    19. Oh, yes. We've noticed a sharp decline in even her self-plagiarism. She still does that on occasion, but it's been better obscured. So, we're all being treated to the only thing original that she has to say, and it's an endless pity party. Just one litany after another about how she's right and anyone who disagrees with her just doesn't understand reality properly. They're all trying oppress her, by trying to set reasonable boundaries, by trying protect their own privacy and that of two children who've had their lives damaged enough by her self-absorption. Oh, but her boundaries! I mean, how dare her entourage not adequately protect her from people she doesn't really like? How dare they not make that poor woman "feel rejected?" Pity poor teal, because the world is just not revolving around her needs and wants. That's the sum of her original ideas, that the world isn't bowing to every whim, so she needs to change it. And, it's really hard. She's so brave.

    20. I missed it, too, Openeyes. Lots to take in in that blog post. But, yeah, she said parent teacher conferences, so it doesn't make a whole lot of sense. Or, does it? And, isn't that a horrible thought? I know words aren't her thing and professional writer is an odd choice for her, but, in all seriousness, if she doesn't know the difference between a parent teacher conference and a parents meeting, like PTA or something, why the hell doesn't she?

      And, that whole post is just her absolving herself of parental responsibility. When children lose teeth, they're becoming adults? Seriously? Age 8 is the transition into adulthood now? Seriously?! Well, sure, if you don't want to still have to be parenting and protecting them, I guess.

    21. @ Elena Zh

      RE the instagram pic with the blonde girl:

      I too noticed her jealous vibes on that picture! Check this pic also which was probably taken right after posing with the blonde girl.

      I feel like she gives off strong vibes and in these pics it’s quite negative.

      BTW I have seen this blonde girl in a picture with Blake snuggling up to each other both on her (fb profile pic) and in one of his fb pics where he even calls her a 'Beautiful Soul' , so maybe they have a little romance going on or at least potentially and Teal obviously can’t stand it. Even though she was so "nice" to tell him publicly to go journal about the fact he could never be with her (Teal) and needs to get over his 10 year old illusion thinking it's still going to happen.

      Then this group pic,

      the body language is probably not a coincidence in this one either: Teal is standing in between Blake and the blonde girl (Becc Town) with her body leaning towards Blake and away from Bec lol. Too bad the blonde girl doesn’t have a clue..yet.

      And wow! One of the tags next to that instagram pic where she poses with Becc is #goddess
      I bet that wasn’t in reference to the blonde girl though ..

    22. oops, I meant "seize this chance" not "cease" in my above comment. Sorry LV, words are not my thing either, esp these days, when for various reasons my English language skills are not improving to say the least. But then I've never claimed to be " a brilliant writer" with a growing fame and a huge following reading my posts. But really... I should stop catching up on teal's latest, it's not doing any good for my mental well-being or my English. "The Consensus" post was just too ghastly. And then I read the introduction to her last one about Sedona. Oh those laughable literary attempts! How much I didn't miss them.

      " The minute you open the door, the heat antagonizes you. It picks on you like a mean older sibling that throws you to the floor and sits on top of you motionless while you writhe around underneath it. The heat is so heavy it is crushing. It literally preys on your energy. I have been consistently exhausted on this trip because of it."

      Nice try! And this is one mean sibling, who is reduced to an inanimate motionless body with pronoun "it" in the end, but maybe she was trying to be gender neutral. Or maybe she was referring to heat. Anyways. Brrr. Probably I'm still recovering from the gas station bathroom scene in her previous post.

      Oh yes, her boundaries and her entourage not fulfilling their duties diligently in Europe! And how she scolded this guy, the one with a girlfriend, "who was put in the position of managing some of my time in Europe". How dare he not to drop everything, not to value their friendship as high as she does, and not solely focus on his assigned "job ", which is such a privilege after all! She implies it again and again in that rant. "When fame is a part of your life, you have people pulling at you every second of the day. It starts to feel like people try to take every single cell from you." She really can't see that it is her who is into taking and sucking people dry.

      "I expressed to him how terrified I am that it would be just like every other situation like this in my life where a woman feels so threatened by me that they eventually make their partner choose between me and them. I expressed my fear that I will end up having to learn that the friendship meant much more to me that it ever did to him." At least twice she blamed him for a "sick feeling in her stomach". Such an obvious example of an emotional blackmailing, in my opinion. And she kept on repeating herself in this post, using almost identical sentences.Shows how frustrating for teal to find herself "on the loosing end of such equation".

    23. FWIW, Elena, I think you write beautifully and express very complex, nuanced ideas with grace. I love to read your comments. By the way, I finally got a few minutes to read that HuffPo article on the "feminist" video director of "Blurred Lines." Jesus.

      Her: "I directed the girls to look into the camera, this is very intentional and they do it most of the time; they are in the power position. I don’t think the video is sexist."

      Him: "What a pleasure it is to degrade a woman. I’ve never gotten to do that before."

      What's wrong with this picture?!

    24. Thank you for this, LaVaughn, means a lot for me. But seriously, it's the lack of usage that's not forgiving since my move to this place. Spoken English too...I noticed it when I went back to Canada for a visit three months ago...Oh, and this thing about being pregnant (am about to deliver like any day now), really does a number on my brain function, well, all the functions, to be honest, just so wiped these days. Maybe I am not the person to criticize teal after all...cs having someone to do my laundry and other household duties feels like a splendid idea lol!

    25. You're pregnant?! Did you say this and I totally miss it? OH MY GOD!!!! Oh, those last few weeks are hell. But, at the end you get a baby, so it's all worth it. Blessings to you!!! Oh joy!!!!

    26. Yep, and that's the first time I mention:-) Thank you!!!! It's a girl and we are very excited to finally meet her soon. Hopefully not on teal's bd tho...cs...yeah...I don't mind to wait a bit till its 20th...

  55. Hell, I'd want want SOME sort of compensation after living with Teal.

    How can we judge him for that?

  56. What that poor man has been through...I can only imagine. He is probably undergoing PTSD therapy to be able to talk about the horror of it all.

  57. Also tell me what Swiss publication it is. I will support him any day over Hay House. I will not buy any of their books ever again, in fact I may start blogging about this matter. How can they go forward to publish her crap after she's been proven a liar, a nacissist and a thief. I do not respect them anymore because they're obviously just concerned about the numbers...I mean if they already gave her an advance I can see why they'd have to publish it but if they work with her in the future it's all about, to me, them being very unethical.

  58. Oh cool, thank you, LV! I really liked those, and fun Coraline post is teal related, btw, for those who are interested. Can't believe it's been almost a year!

    Yep, fame obsessed she is. I also remembered smith else that struck me, when couple of months ago the live stream link to her LA workshop was posted here in the comments.

    During Part1 at around 53 min she is talking to this girl ( in her patronizing tone), who aspires to become a singer. So teal says that people want such careers only in order to become famous. It's not about creating/sharing with the world smith beautiful, doing work you love etc, the goal is to become a celebrity. Cs you know, in order to feel significant, says teal, one needs attention and limelight. That's her measure of self worth- adulation by a faceless crowd. If you are just a mother who is interested in petty things like your child's school life, well, you are a pitiful nobody. That was a good observation about parenting, LaVaughn. She also says that America is still so influenced by Christianity, that being famous is considered bad. Really? With all the reality shows, talent competitions, entertainment news, Instagram/YouTube stars, I think getting your 15 mins is pretty encouraged in US.

    1. I don't remember her saying that our Christian majority country is against fame. That's risible. Here, where we have elevated movie stars to the status of royalty? Seriously? I do remember her saying that her "love language” is imperiled by Christianity, because gifts equal love for her. I remember because I fell out laughing. Here? In the US? Where Christmas shopping is counted upon to bail out retailers every year and put them into the black? Where Fox News hosts bewail the "war on Christmas" that would dare to decouple rampant consumerism and Christianity and see it as religious persecution? I mean what the fuck is she talking about? It's not as if we’re all Jehovah’s Witnesses, ffs. She just has delusions of persecution at every turn. Everything she wants to do in life is a major struggle against Christians, Mormons, convention, basic social mores and customs. Poor white girl. She’s just so oppressed. And, now with all the “hate groups” lining up against her. It’s teal and her “fans” against the world. Only her “authenticity movement” can save us all from, you know, manners and decency.

      In the LA thing, just so I’m clear – and no, I don’t want to watch it, because I just ate – was she saying that it’s a good thing or a bad thing that the arts are all about fame? I’ve seen her criticize people for pursuing “significance” before. There’s just no good way to interpret that. Either she’s condemning all artists for wanting to be successful or she’s a total hypocrite because she, as a “spiritual teacher” is more fame hungry all the teenage, garage bands in America combined.

    2. "Delusions of persecution at every turn", you can say it again, LaVaughn. There is an older post I was reminded of, called "Midway to the Heart", another "poor me, pity me" recital about her trip to a "Swiss Days" festival. But instead of things Swiss, poor teal had to deal with Mormons, moms, pregnant women wearing white T-shirts and their ignoring husbands again and Mexican tacos. The horrors of it all!
      "Most people have an idea in their head about what to expect before they arrive at their destination and this mental idea so rarely matches the actuality. I had imagined little booths with all kinds of Swiss themed trinkets. I imagined little wooden gnomes and booths selling perfectly smooth, rich chocolates. I imagined traditional Swiss foods like spiced nuts, novelty cheeses, burli, pastetli and Zurich Geschnetzelte. Alas, my vision was the opposite of what I found. We parked the car in a cow field; complete with piles of cow manure so numerous you had to carefully watch your step. I actually found that endearing. We walked along the main street and wove our way in and out of an array of booths. But instead of anything of cultural significance, the only thing being sold was local crafts. There were giant murals and pictures of the Mormon temple, scrap booking materials, CTR jewelry, hand made baby clothes and wooden plaques that read things like “family is forever” and “the fear of the lord is the beginning of knowledge”. There were stands selling coke products and scones topped with Mexican taco toppings." OMG!!! That is already more than enough to throw teal's delicate psyche into a fit. But this is not the end of her ordeal:

      "Two minutes into the trip, we stopped dead in our tracks in the middle of a vast wave of conservative, rural, religious people, who were staring at us as if we were infidels. There I was, paralyzed in a vile ocean of judgmental, pious women and pastel colored, potpourri smelling Mormon Handicrafts… My own personal hell."
      And there is a picture inserted next to this paragraph, so terrifying!! Lol
      It continues:

      And what might I have selected for attire today? A bohemian style midriff top, exposing every one of my “blasphemous” black tattoos and “ostentatious” stiletto high heels. I had forgotten how bad the looks used to be. I swear, if there was an Olympic medal awarded for scowling with disgust, the women of rural Utah would win every single time. Let’s just say that as I stood there, 2014 disappeared. I was 4 years old again. This overwhelming wave of feeling condemned came through my whole body. It turned my cheeks red. We decided to leave. The walk back to the car seemed to take forever as we passed by cookie cutter family after cookie cutter family. The women (believing whole heartedly in modesty) wearing white T-shirts under spaghetti strap blouses, most of them either pregnant or with an infant in tow.
      As they would pass me, their conversation would stop and they would get this look on their face like they were passing by a sewage tank. They would mutter to one another and even point. The men would adopt a blank expression as if to give the impression that they were going to ignore me, only to look out the corner of their eyes once we were parallel to one another. I tried, despite my body’s urge to collapse inward, to stand completely erect and look straight ahead. On an energetic level, it felt like I was walking chest first into cannon fire. My company could not believe the extreme reaction that people had to me."

      There is dressing for self-expression or whatever and then there is plain old stupidity. Must've been hilarious to watch teal jumping around in her high stilettos over cow manure covered grass field. Ridiculous spectacle indeed.
      There is also blaming her parents again, instructions on a heart connection process, touching on boundary issues and a letter to her heart in the end.

    3. Nah, you don't want to watch that LA thing, food or no food. I don't want go back either just to make sure I understood correctly, but from what I gather from my memory, in this one she's not saying it's a bad thing.

    4. "But instead of anything of cultural significance, the only thing being sold was local crafts. "...........uuummmmm, local crafts WOULD BE the culture there. The people are the culture. Its not an independent thing, a novelty detached from everything she knows.

      So their culture wasnt what teal wanted, how horrible. It didnt live up to the stereotype she had hoped to reinforce, what an affront to her inherent rightness. How hard that must have been. And why does wearing revealing clothing and stilettos remind her of being 4 again? Oh, right, because victim of everything. She wants the attention, but then denounces it as if going to a small family festival dressed like an escort wouldnt cause her to stand out. I have a lot of friends who dress in ways that stand out. People look at them all the time. You know what they dont do? whine about it. They dress how they want and they let people look. Because they are who they are and its fine. They dont make it into some brave mary bullshit.

  59. I believe that wearing whatever we want to wear, etc. is an expression of self-love/acceptance/celebration, but come on. One switch of her legs and you know she flashed the audience. What a strange/inappropriate choice of dress (shirt?) to wear *on stage*?

    1. Yeah, that's the little Sharon Stone number she wore in Idaho on Your Side interview, right?

  60. blairgilbert maybe she is just signaling that her period is over now, and everyone is safe from her menstrala optical assaults.

  61. If you are looking for some funny entertainment, please visit the new

    and have a good laugh. :D

  62. THE manifestation of cockiness. There is a way of saying...

  63. and if you are one of the MEMBERS who just proudly signed up to be part of big data collection scam, please look twice at your profile at

    You give away a bit much don't you. They know where you live and any activity or like will be recorded and publicly available. I am surprised that it didn't list the bullet point for your "sexual preferences" and "your story of trauma" and "why your parents are baaad".

    perfectly transparent and authentic for the "leader of authenticity" of which you never heard a true fact out of her mouth. Please reconsider. You are taking part in a massive data collection campaign. The "Tribe" is seen by Teal as a platform of Morons (her thoughts) who will give her money. The tribe is also a great product which she can sell later on in her "career", either data or the whole thing. She is using a very clever strategy to create a bigger market for her without any promotional costs. A single person is easier to be woken up than a group of people who constantly confirm each other how awesome Teal is.

    Man, why can you not see what is happening? Your excitement of being part of something bigger, like a group … is getting in your way of clear thinking.



    Wake up.

    1. I love this part:

      "We do not advise putting your house/apartment number on the map."

      YA THINK?!

      Because, get this:

      "We take no responsibility for your security once you disclose your location on the map."

      This is INSANELY insecure. You'd have to be crazy.

    2. they must have added both statements. there were not visible when i scanned the map and private households of the Teales.


  64. when i looked up the new design and logo of her page, what i was first thinking of was that one poster from the movie "black swan" the resemblance is truly remarkable. she has an interesting kind of humor :)

    when i googled for it this icon came along as well: (font type)

  65. Her "Logo" is a stock graphic. I saw it somewhere before. Will find it again. Just minor changes done to it. The font is just a regular font. I think one of her "teal please give me attention" - followers offered the design and website hosting. It doesn't look good the page, rather messy, "let the universe decide" animation will drive the Tealers nuts and make them high :D …. Very dark, messy feeling. Tarotcards coming soon, then the leggings with symmetrical square and circle paintings with a lot of lines and copied old symbols.

    ahhhh she is a marketing machine isn't she :D

    just waiting for this historical event.



    The website has one purpose and one purpose only. To collect data of the people who follow her, therefore her huggers and money givers. Being a graphic designer myself, the design, overall look and feel is messy, overloaded, chaotic, dark and random looking. Surprised about that. The logo looks like as if the swan got his tail cut off, is unbalanced and aggressive. And if you invert the logo, it would more truthful. ( ;

  66. Just spotted another recent example of plagiarism on her social media:

    A supposed Teal Swan Quote : "Never let the voice of others, drown your inner voice out."

    Hmmm where have we heard that one before...?

    Oh yeah, of course somebody else already came up with it, namely Steve Jobs:

    “Don’t let the noise of others’ opinions drown out your own inner voice."

    [Stanford University commencement speech, 2005]”

    ― Steve Jobs

    1. Hey Layla, mhhh nope, you forgot that she transmitted the thought to jobs at 2005 because she and Jobs are both Arcturians and connected- double, triple soul forks. In fact he was born in Europe just 2 weeks after he died. Teal can confirm this. :D

    2. Haha ok, well maybe we can ask her if she can channel him to confirm if that is correct, because as Tealers we are critical thinkers aren't we? Just like Teal taught us, we gotta ask from the one and only source perspective, ya know ;-)

  67. so this i had in my mind. She literally (or who ever followed her instruction) put a bit of the star wars symbol in it as well to play with the unconscious mind and stuck them both together

    1. Rikitiki, Elena and LV...all very articulate, insightful, smart, very wise women....

      I am still hung up on the original story that over and over people invoke...Teal's amazing capacity to remain the brilliant, beautiful starlet savior AFTER what that child endured!

      This above all still infuriates me and personally I want her to face the mob on her lies. I don't want her stoned but yes, I do wish her to be unable to continue to claim this impossible story is true.

      Has anyone noted the Instagram shot of Teal's writing? It is exactly the same style as Cameron's post of the letter from Doc to Teal?

    2. It's hard to tell whether her sex abuse story is real, but I tend to believe it (not sure how much of it is true). I even believe her claim of having been an Indian guru in her pastlife, just because I think she has to have her big ego and expectation of everyone adoring her experienced somewhere before, so it kind of explains some of her behavior to me.

    3. "I even believe her claim of having been an Indian guru in her pastlife, just because I think she has to have her big ego and expectation of everyone adoring her experienced somewhere before, so it kind of explains some of her behavior to me."

      Hey Layla, your logic is very questionable in this case. :D I am sorry but your "proof" to have been an Indian guru in the past life therefore she has a big fat stinky egocentric, non-emphatic current state of self perception is a bit funky ?! No?! To explain the deep desire to be famous, rich and powerful with memories of an old life as a powerful leader of a large group of people doesn't do it for me. There is just one or two MAJOR important screws loose in her mind of thoughts and that's why she is looking for those empty desires and follows up with cruel actions to get there. I don't doubt that something happened to her which hurt her core and messed up her mind. I just don't think that her many stories are truth. One for sure and it resulted in a very fragile, unstable, greedy and hungry state of mind in her.

      What hurts me is that she is so talented, full with beauty and skills, and she uses them to hurt so many people, to live a life of disrespecting people. Her Skill set could have been used by her in amazing ways. But I guess she is just too screwed up by now to ever manage to use them to shine pure beauty and not prostituted red light whilst selling drugs to the hungry.

    4. Well there will never be actual proof of that of course :) but I do believe in reincarnation and I can believe this could be true, not saying I 100% believe it.

      Besides, even if she was an Indian guru in a pastlife, that doesn't mean I believe she deserved her title back then or that she was truly enlightened. There are many of these Indian guru's who are just like her, narcissists who make their followers believe they are 'enlightened' and 'pure' to feed their ego. I think it could be a continuation of her fucked up personality that may have older roots than this lifetime. I don't believe you're just born as a narc (unless you consider pastlives), because without the experience of having co-dependants feeding this mental illness, a person wouldn't be able to develop a NPD, they would simply be forced to deal with their anxiety instead of covering it up with their supply.

      If it only requires 'being fucked up' to become like this, having lots of confidence in expecting masses of people to adore you at a young age, I have to wonder where that confidence comes from. Other people in her situation may become narcs too, but not necessarily turn into a spiritual leader with that huge amount of narcissistic supply.

      The thing is that people like her won't stop unless they will be stopped or at least when their followers will stop enable her BS. It seems like the type of fans she has are people who will disapprove of overt narcissistic behavior more often seen in traditional religious circles, but then aren't so keen in noticing the more subtle style of a covert narc as she is.

      Idk, once her divorce with Ale will be announced, I wonder how many undiscerning followers will remain blind enough to keep kissing her feet and continue with the excuse that 'she's a work in progress'?

  68. I am big into graphology. I took and still take a lot of notes whenever Teal's handwriting turned up cause your handwriting is as if you would stand nacked in front of me, the mind is wide open. :D

    Teal's handwriting is inconsistent which tells you that she is playing different characters. It looks like as if she took different fonts and combines them all together - a font or letter collector she is. If she likes the writing of a T of sb else, she will integrate it in her overall look. It looks very odd cause some letters just don't work together but most people will not notice it cause they are so overloaded by the first impression of a kind of chaotic AND romantic, creative handwriting that their senses will not go into detail - just like a Tealer who listens to Teal ha.

    She sometimes writes a "d" this way, in another line she writes the "d" that way. Just like her explanations for her behavior. However it suits her, whatever fits the current mood.

    She is very passionate which is shown by her extreme g f p etc. She loves a bit of ego ha because her capital letters are always extremely large.

    Now her signature is a nut case. Teal Swan which you can see an all the practionioneers certificates… is crossed 3 times, looks aggressive and messy and VERY IMPORTANT cause it is so fucking biiiig. :D It is the signature of a nut case. No harmony, war… I could go on and i don't understand why Teal didn't design her signature in a more romantic, dominant way…as she is designing her self from the get go.

    she is very exact and detailed, and will not easily let go if something caught her attention. She likes her dots placed correctly.

    Her Letter to doc shows more harmony in her self perception, a kind of flow and a softness which we are desperately looking for lately (last 5 years). It is in her though, also a wonderful artist and creative thinker and expresser. I was always aware of it - just so unfortunate that she uses her skill set to screw over people…. Obvioulsy she has added facets to her invented persona, just like letter designs of another person. Therefore her writing Style changed. I would bet that Teal has minimum 10 different handwritings and uses them accordingly to mood and situation. The Tealers only see her wa wa woooom poetry about Yoni, Sex and Torture.

    ah Teal.

    1. Interesting analysis!

      I just checked her signature. Indeed, you can't think small about yourself and at the same time write your name with such aggression. That T though..almost looks like she would stab you with it :s

  69. Have you all noticed this other ‘spiritual teacher’ (Rose Rosetree) who did an aura reading of Teal Swan she published a while ago on her blog? I think she embarrassed herself though as a supposed ‘skilled empath’ by being rather way off about Teal, if I may say so.

    Some quotes I lifted from the reading on her blog that are quite ironic:

    "Aura Reading Databank at the Throat Chakra for Verbal Integrity (for Teal Swan)

    80 feet. At the time of this photo, Teal Swan is just buzzing with charisma and charm. In her case, this supports integrity."

    Verbal integrity, really??

    2. Aura Reading Databank at the Solar Plexus Chakra for Power Integrity
    4 feet.
    "Teal Swan struggles a bit with the gap between what she knows and belives versus following through in everyday actions. It’s a poignant and very human problem, common as well..."

    ‘Struggles just a little bit’ you know, lol

    “No malice or sneakiness is present. “

    Only if you’re blind you would say such a thing

    “4. Aura Reading Databank at the Heart Chakra for Emotional Giving
    80 miles. Really a sweet one, this Teal Swan! She loves people. She loves her message.
    Oh how sweet! Correction, Rose: Teal loves people loving HER.

    “..In her role as a World Server, Teal Swan is a big and authentic giver.”

    Ahahaha, she must be reading her EGO who loves to *believe* and make others believe she’s such a “big and AUTHENTIC giver”, lol. And did she really just gave her this angelic title written in capitals of 'World Server' ? smdh

    “Aura Reading Databank at the Root Chakra for Making Contact with Objective Reality
    .. Real life, rather than the ideals in which Teal Swan believes so fervently? This is an ongoing discontinuity.
    I wouldn’t call it a struggle, because — as is often the case when everyday reality conflicts with an idealist’s vision — scant attention is paid to the part that doesn’t fit with what’s cherished…”

    Hm, a rather euphemistic interpretation of her not so consciously aware method of spiritual bypassing to resolve this struggle. And yes I would call it a struggle. Just say it like it is, Rose.

    “7. Aura Reading Databank at the Third Eye Chakra for Living with Honor ..”>> whatever that is supposed to mean?

    “..Seems to me, her connection to Spiritual Source is secondary at this phase in her personal development..”

    If that’s the case, then why present herself as a spiritual teacher who sees everything from source perspective? But oh well, to Rose, lover of all covert behavior that has to pass for ‘morally superior’ it’s still a sign of Teal’s ‘lovely sweetness’, I guess.

    Luckily, not all her ‘blog-buddies’ are as naive about Teal, the self-proclaimed ‘exalted one’ as can be read in the comments section below her blog post.

    It’s ironic that Rosetree was consulted to see whether Teal Swan specifically suffers from ‘spiritual addiction’ (a term Rose Rosetree coined herself, meaning  ‘living with an over-emphasis on spirituality or energy or religion or psychological self-analysis.
    The person suffering from spiritual addiction, intensifies existing habits or workarounds that have been undertaken for psychological healing or spiritual growth.)
    or not which seemed to have made her instantly get hooked into Teal’s image of herself that she projects to the outer world, instead of doing an objective observational reading of her actual energy. It’s obvious the way Rose described Teal in that reading is the way Teal wants you to see her, not as she really is. So I guess neither of these ‘spiritual teachers’ are enlightened as they claim. Yes, Rose Rosetree also claims to be enlightened, together with folks like Bill Gates, Obama and Clinton LOL. Ok, perhaps her definition of ‘enlightenment’ isn’t exactly the same as some others may have. She describes it as follows: ‘Enlightened means that a human nervous system has become strong enough, STUFF-free enough, to be permanently crystal clear.’

    to be CONT.

    1. CONT.

      Apparently not crystal clear enough to read an obvious narcissist such as Teal Swan accurately, or is Rosetree not that enlightened after all - even according to her own definition? She even has a specific blog post saying that ‘skilled empaths’ (such as herself) do not need to worry about narcissists. Hm I guess, we won’t have to do any session with her or buy one of her books to become a *skilled* empath then, because it surely hasn’t helped herself either to spot a narcissist whilst doing a ’skilled aura reading’..

      But oh well, luckily the girl who requested Teal’s aura reading didn’t have to squander the $150 (Rose’s price for her sessions)as this one was a freebie for Rose’s blog-readers. Rosetree even admitted in less obvious ways in another blog post that she was wrong about Teal , but then tried to blame it on the girl for giving her ‘an older picture’ of Swan (as if her aura wasn’t already dubious back then) which supposedly skewed her reading.

      This girl who asked for Teal Swan’s aura reading claims she was for some time part of the Teal Swan Facebook Group.

      She writes on one of Rose Rosetree’s blog posts

      “What did I observe there?
      It gave me a strange feeling. I could see how the other members of her Facebook Group were spiritually addicted, that they could not live in objective reality at all.”

      Rosetree responded with:

      “Big thanks to you, ISABELLE, for this teaching tale about your own emergence from spiritual addiction. Discernment is different from judging — an important distinction for all New Age Consumers.

      I also thank you, ISABELLE, is that you sent the photo you did as the basis for my aura reading of Teal Swan, who bills herself as “a spiritual catalyst.” That photograph isn’t recent, I suspect. Why?

      Since the time of that photograph, she has shifted into extreme spiritual addiction. This opinion doesn’t come from reading her aura in more photographs but from work done with clients, removing cords of attachment that some of my clients have had to Teal Swan. “

      It doesn’t surprise me at all that Teal would have cords of attachment with many people that feed her with plenty of energy, but just like a reader of Rosetree’s blog rightfully remarks, you would expect her to have noticed this from the get-go:

      “Oh interesting – perhaps the Teal Swan reading is due for an update then? Not a big surprise if it wasn’t a recent photo due to her activity. But you’d think perceptive people would get a hint that somethings not quite right.”

      Me thinks it’s rather the commentators on her blog who helped her see through the aura that Teal is merely projecting about herself. Otherwise miss Rose would probably never have noticed these cords in the first place, just like she was completely blind to the lesser ‘sweet’ and ‘authentic’ chakra databanks in Teal’s aura.

      Oh, I also had to laugh at her patronizing ‘teaching lesson’ towards the girl who asked her to do Teal’s aura reading in such covert manner about ’Discernment is different from judging’. Yes, well I didn’t really see discernment in her reading of Teal, neither in the one she did about Nithyananda which seemed to me, to come very much from a place of judgement.

      Well, I would say that doing aura readings in any way , shape or form will never be an exact science, because the reader can never be completely objective, but you can only attempt to be as objective as possible. I guess Rose Rosetree hasn’t learned that spiritual lesson yet, because by slapping labels onto herself such as ‘skilled empath’ and ‘enlightened’ doesn’t necessarily make her infallible in accurately reading others. Neither should she patronize others to refrain from reading people because she deems them ‘unskilled empaths’. We do not need another Teal Swan who claims authority over every spiritual subject, ok :/

    2. My other teaching lesson for Rose Rosetree (yeah sometimes it ’s good to switch the roles of teacher vs student huh) is that if you truly want to become a skilled empath and aura reader, as in learning to read someone as accurately and objective as possible, you’re gonna have to become a lover of truth, not a lover of covert manipulative behavior as Teal Swan and yourself tend to display in the name of ‘spirituality'.

    3. I wasn't aware of Michael Bernard Beckwith until a picture of him and Teal turned up. I just run over to his website quickly and read the first quote which fades in and out.

      "When you believe more in what you don't see than in what you do see, then what you do see, you won't see and what you don't see, you will see." by Michael Bernard Beckwith

      Well no wonder they are hugging. :D

      Funny enough, this quote is so screwed up but makes fully sense how Tealers work. Considering that the quote is a funky mindfuck, the Tealers seem to have lost the ability of grounding and proper discernment. thats why they can accept that a prostitute with no extrasensory skills can turn into a galactic warrior princess dripping with wisdom although there is no proof present. Even if you open up to her material and think about it, you will end up with non sense. So you can be a Tealer, transparent Tealtriber or Tealclient when you have the ability to

      "...believe more in what you don't see than in what you do see, then what you do see, you won't see and what you don't see, you will see = Teal The spiritual catalyst" ( by Michael Bernard Beckwith )

      I slowly come to the conclusion that any nonsense sentence can make totally sense but it needs YOU to make sense out of it. That's why we have so many nonsense teachers banking in. The Rosetree saw a clear pond with a beautiful Swan cause she got an old picture??? :D Aura reading doesn't freeze in time. Bullcrap. If you take an old photo, the skilled reader can see through time… and would be able to pick up the old and new state. I am sure Teal wasn't screwed up in younger years. But there is just nooooo wayyyy that you wouldn't pick up on her current aura state overlapping the image. The reader will always connect with all age states of a person but can concentrate on a single one if needed. She either was blinded by Teal's projection of success in the spiritual field, or she is ignorant towards the all including reading of an aura picture, or she is just playing like Teal. Who knows, I don't care.

      I consider anybody as mentally unstable and confused who praises Teal and follows her advice although being fully aware of her many blogs which expose her so precisely. BUT if sb managed to tap into your own confusion and encourages you constantly to see proof for that what isn't, and rich absence of that what actually is, … I guess this person managed to overwrite your emergency software and now has full access to you and can f*ck with you in any way - which we just witness by observing about 400 Tealers putting their private address on a publicly available world map without THINKING ABOUT THE CONCEQUENCES. I bet they don't even see the tiny little warning Teal put there so nobody can drag her to court. the encouragement to put your private details on this map, the tips & tricks to start to run a teal-centred community is highly criminal. But they don't see it, they just see the pure intention of their leader to unit them.

      Each Tealer needs a liver flush. Urgently.

    4. I’ve seen this Michael Beckwith before. I believe he was in the movie ‘the Secret’. Never liked his big ego either, so I guess that’s another trait they share.

      Hmpf yeah that ‘funky mindfuck’ as you so eloquently summarized it, really seems like the common denominator of all fanatic tealers, huh. Trying to make sense of nonsense basically just because you want it so badly.

      The Rosetree saw a clear pond with a beautiful Swan cause she got an old picture??? :D
      LOL, perfect poetry!

      Yeah this Rose Rosetree can really annoy the fuck out of me, because of her holier-than-thou attitude thinking she’s the super skilled empath/aura reader while I have seen her a bit too often being way off the mark in her readings of celebs. But hey, who am I to give my opinion as an ‘unskilled’ empath huh?

      I believe she was blinded by Teal's projection and ignorant towards the all including reading of an aura picture as you say and that’s why she needs to stop thinking she’s an authority herself in the field and stop lecturing others on how to do it right and how her method of 'cutting cords' is the only one that works. No matter how wise and enlightened she thinks she is, I find her to be quite childish for that matter.

      BTW the photo of Teal she used to do her ‘skilled’ reading was this one

      Teal always had that one on her blog and I don’t believe the pic is that old. It also makes me uncomfortable to look at it. I think she has some pics where she genuinely smiles, but not in this one. It’s really a pic to lure you in where she uses her charm to make you believe she’s ‘oh so wise and beautiful’ and I’m not falling for it. You don’t even need to be psychic to notice it.

      Looking at each eye separately, there’s like a wall there which does not show openness at all and there is this sharpness and meanness to it. I don’t like to drag in reptilian theories, but her eyes here do remind me of a reptilian with that cold, icy stare.

      Re Teal her insistence on forcing people to ‘open up’ about everything, I read someone saying that Teal’s workshops are not her cup of tea because she feels like a fly on the wall in the private room of someone’s personal therapy session. Yeah, I can imagine, just like watching Shadow House was. :-s
      BTW I noticed that all the youtube video's about Shadow House are set to private and can't be watched anymore. Perhaps she gotten too much criticism on those?

      In the comment section under that video with Sarb about openness vs privacy, some people defended her saying she's about ‘emotional openness’ which has nothing to do with things such as sharing your social security nr with the world, but it doesn’t seem to be the case as she’s already started to make people reveal their home address on her site.
      Besides, her idea of emotional openness is dubious in and of itself, thinking she has the right to force others to be open about their deepest secrets with the world.

      To me it comes across as if she uses this ‘openness’ or ‘authenticity’ as a sort of insurance for herself. When a person is being emotionally exposed to the world, it makes them even more dependent of Teal, because she is the safety anchor here. Since it goes against human instinct to make yourself vulnerable like that, you need people you can rely on and trust to protect you from the evils in this world, so Teal with her fake empathy provides this source of illusionary safety (so long you agree with everything she says and keep adoring her) and it ensures her that they will remain in her teal tribe, because escaping means you have to live the rest of your life, knowing you have exposed / embarrassed yourself to the world. Her revengeful blog posts and die hard tealers are also a threat to any one who’d think of escaping, because you’ll get them all against you.

    5. Lol I just stumbled upon another blog post from Rosetree regarding Teal Swan.

      She posted a 'guest post' publishing a very different reading on Teal from one of her blog-readers than the one she gave initially. I guess she kind of realized the necessity for discernment after discovering cords with her clients to Teal Swan, but still tried to shove her own inaccurate reading on 'the older pic'.

      I think this reader did a much better job than hers btw:

      ".., I saw a massively bright, beautiful-looking realm of energy, HUUUUUGE, coming out of her upper body.

      It was astral but high-vibe in astral terms and looked heavenly.

      That energy would subconsciously trick a lot of energetically illiterate people, they would think Teal was really evolved and connected.

      However, I also saw and registered quite a few things that seriously gave me the heebie-jeebies. I felt my aura begin to shrink back from her and I saw awful little bits and bobs begin to make their way toward me from her fields, so I got away and did what I knew how to do energetically to protect myself.

      Note: I have not been trained to do any Rosetree readings of auras. I just see things for some reason, always have. Since studying with her, I have learned about energy hygiene and Technique Time. I can turn it ON and OFF now.

      I don’t know how to be frank without sounding mean, but I wouldn’t go near Teal’s work with a 50-foot stick. Teal sure is a beautiful being but something has gone askew for now."

      Instead of Rosetree admitting she didn't read Teal accurately, she agrees instead with one of her own die-hard fans who apparently doesn't dare to dispute Rose's teachings or aura readings of other people :

      February 7, 2015 at 5:20 pm
      No disrespect to Jem, but Jem is reading this from a stage two energetic literacy viewpoint as noted by Rose. When Jem becomes more skilled, Jem will then move on to stage 3, I would assume and have a different view of this person.

      Having worked with Rose for quite a few years, I respectfully disagree with anyone’s aura shrinking away and also bits coming at anyone from another person’s “field” as Jem phrased it.

      Also, for myself, I would never term anything astral as “heavenly.”

      Rose Rosetree
      February 7, 2015 at 7:50 pm
      ELAINE, I think your feedback is excellent, and respectfully delivered.

      Ordinarily I would not elevate to guest post status an article that contains a reading done with Stage Two Energetic Literacy.

      However, I have had occasion to facilitate cutting cords of attachment between clients and Teal Swan. We were dealing with the virus I call “Advanced spiritual addiction.”

      Seems to me, Teal Swan’s aura has changed since the time of the photograph I read in the earlier blog post, changed in the direction of advanced spiritual addiction. So I didn’t seek or use a more current photograph.

      In this context, I found the overall message of JEM’s guest post to be helpful. Of course, it is up to each of you to run this article — and every other choice of significance that you make in life — by your spiritual self-authority.

      Typical behavior of miss Rosetree to think she's showing respect for somebody else's perception, reading skills by acting all politically correct but at the same time adopting this patronizing attitude by insisting they aren't at her level of 'Energetic Literacy' (a method to read others that she teaches) yet to do an accurate enough reading, omg!

      I guess it's too embarrassing for her to admit that someone who didn't even follow through with all her teachings did a better job than her. She rather not realize that she is the one who subconsciously was tricked by Teal's projection, making her the 'energetically illiterate' one, lol.

      Also, for Rose Rosetree being politically correct is equated with 'respect', I think it's rather hypocrisy and gives way too much room for a form of patronizing disrespect which is merely delivered in a sauce of political correctness, ugh!

    6. I looked at the two posts and found them very hard to follow, but I think I have the gist. This Rose woman misread teal's aura and blamed it on a photo. The only one who gets what's going on is Jem and her voice is being negated because she hasn't hit all the wickets in Rose's curriculum. Do I have that right? The thing about needing to cut cords sure is interesting, though.

    7. Yes you got that right. Sorry if the posts are confusing, I see I have posted like 4 long ones referring to Rose and her flawed reading of Teal, lol.

      Yeah, just imagine how many cords Teal has to every one of her follower, sucking their energy. Some might call us 'haters', but I feel the need to constantly resist her, if not she has this pull towards her to suck you in as illustrated by 'JEM's reading of Teal.

    8. I looked at the blog posts themselves and still found it all confusing. Strange layout, cryptic asides, not always clear who's saying what, because they're guest posts, but have interjections. Just very strange reading, and I would think the fact that she's had to cut all those cords from teal would be a bigger tip-off wouldn't you? But, her prism is her own and I think this whole spiritual addiction thing is a strange idea, coming from a spiritual teacher of a kind. Maybe I need to read more of her blog to get a handle on what she's saying. Then again, not so sure I want to.


    Yes this young man was selected by her majesty to attend the royal wedding this summer, but there's a catch. He doesn't have the scratch, so he'd like spend other people's money to play adoring fan of a "spiritual teacher" because, yeah, spiritual teachers have fans. Why not.

    I feel ill.

    1. I remember "Hanussen" (not sure if i spell his name right who was focusing on old people to send him all his money for crap. My granny send him her fortune and was excited when she received a cheap made in Taiwan ring with a plastic crystal as a thank you. She was so addicted that she would have gifted her house which she worked so hard for all of her life. We could pull her out at a certain point by begging the postman not to put letters in her letterbox which had written "Your Hannusen". He followed our plead and granny thought that Hannusen had forgotten her. She was devastated. After 2 month of "drug withdrawal" she came back to her senses and we explained to her why we did what we did. She couldn't believe herself that she spend all her money and lived a crappy life because of it, no food nothing. Her mental state recovered and Hannussen letters came flying in again. This time she tore them into bits and threw them in the bin with a feeling of great relief. Thanks F*cking god. I hope this young man has some people around him who will help him on the same journey.

      Wanting to be special, being acknowledged by the authority of our choice…. is a sweet little torture and can wreck the life of anyone on this planet if you aren't mindful and alert. Teal's most successful weapon: her stamp "you are special to me". Tealers go mad about this. poor lads. it is all they are craving for. ):

  71. "I’ve never had or seen $2000 in my life. That’s actually more money than my dad’s annual salary. So even if we all start saving up, it just won’t be enough. And that’s the minimum amount of money the embassy expects you to have if you are staying in America for a week or less."

    Money well wasted. At its best, this would be an incredibly valuable lesson for him when he snaps out of it, at its worst, this would continue to ruin his future and that of his family. Already ditching school.

    In response to the dialogue above about the aura and such, it's been mentioned before and is exceedingly evident that teal is sporting a massive load of lower astral entities in her energy field. No one displaying her behaviour, especially the sexual addiction, is sporting a healthy energy field.

    Weak energy fields are easily corded by people like these, which leads to submission and being easily manipulated.

  72. This is what KILLS me! She recently did this interview with Ralph Smart, who seems like a well-meaning chap. And, it was all about how she's being unfairly judged by all her "hate groups." And, she doesn't think spiritual teachers should be judged by their bad acts. No, as Ralph points out, Krishnamurti said it's about the water, not the vessel. Or, as teal puts it, if some guru "down in India" is diddling children, goodness, do you throw out the teaching, just because he's diddling children?! No, the water isn't poisoned, only the vessel is.

    So is she the vessel or the water, because she's acting like she's the water. She's a bloody Eucharist, you know.

    She wants to be venerated like an illumed being, she wants fans, she wants fame, for what she's doing, but when she does anything wrong, she wants to be the meaningless vessel again. People should venerate her and worship her, because she's changing their lives and changing the world, but don't you dare criticize her. That's not fair. Her life may be public, but as a subject of discussion and debate, it's off limits. Water or vessel? Make up your fucking mind, teal.

    And If you really want to lose your lunch, look at the message from the royal couple, throwing the peasant a whole 50 bucks.

    "Good luck in realizing your dream!"

    That's right, it should be a DREAM for the little people to bask in her presence, but not to wonder at how fucked up it is that she's on her fourth marriage and wants to trash talk the ex-wife and talk the children's business, because she's merely a flawed vessel. Good. God.

    1. Changing the rules of the game to suit the purpose at any time is very typical narcissistic behaviour. The obsession with adoration and inability to handle the slightest criticism, getting others to submit and do their bidding are other basic narcissistic traits. She's not the first cluster B self proclaimed leader who ruins people's lives that I'm dealing with.

      But they all fall in their own mess sooner or later. Especially in the information age, where nearly everyone has a public medium to express themselves. These people's agendas have shorter lifespans now.

      Layla you just have to see her for what she really is. What is so sad to me is that these people use the very things that makes us empathic, compassionate humans against us. They will send out all the signals that indicate honesty, trust and reliability, when in fact they are conniving liars with a selfish agenda and just want to use people to fulfill it. We have proof of what they have done, we see it at every moment they open their mouths and take an action, but the way they DELIVER their message is what's sending out the chords, their actions are despicable and anyone can see it.

      I don't personally care for teal because there are plenty of mentally ill people in the world. What I care for are the people she's abusing and using. I only get updates related to her from this feed as I can't be bothered anymore to read her blog or watch her videos since I know exactly what she's about and it bores me. I think it's important to put into clear, rational words the reality of the situation she's creating at every moment for the benefit of those people. Someday they will be looking for confirmation about their feelings and suspicions, and here they will certainly find it. One voice soon becomes many and that's how we rid the world of users and abusers.

    2. How generous of them, $50...and it looks weird how it says "Ale and Teal Swan", not Ale Gicqueau and Teal Swan or simply Ale and Teal. As if they are both Swans.

      That Ralph Smart video had a strange feel to me from what I remember. For one, the way they were sitting. He was talking to her without actually facing her, just staring intently into the camera. And then looking funny like one of those bobble head toy when she was doing talking. As for her talking, how many times has she complained that her "haters" are much louder than fans?? I've just watched a few random ones recently and she keeps saying this complete exaggerated nonsense. I think she complained about the same to her LA audience.

    3. Doesn't that make you wonder who wrote that? I mean would Ale leave out his own last name? It's like the whole Tea Time with Teal, as opposed to, say, Tea Time with the Swans, or Tea Time with Sarb and Teal. She seems determined to reduce all her men to sidekicks. How emasculating.

    4. Latalely I am wondering who is behind Teals, the youtube culture of 'guidance".

      People who are in conspiratuality mind sets discuss the archons, the "reptillian' 4th dimensional overlords...all about how there is a purposeful systematic mental "CULTure" that is using narcissists with nice wordual power. The aim is to disappoint us so much in ourselves that we agree to hate s to decimate real spirithumans, being on earth, being a part of the world of other humans.

      I recall Sarbs used to be Madonna's personal assistant. This is not about him but obviously
      he was drawn to the nascent "catylyst" because
      he sensed she was part of his belief in a power personal growth trajectory. That means IMO that he is insecure and searching and open to being a tool?

      This desperate neediness is what gets us all tangled on every level. We are the tools of the mind control operations when we have not developed strong resistant "spiritual container"

      The sad part of life these days is that we are generally cracked up in our container by trauma. That is why I said probably Teal did encounter an overwhelm. Now she is a tool.

      Like the trivializing of spiritual principles, if one only has a shallow grasp of reality and the know how to"wholey"operate from spiritual power, only shallow results are obtained. Then we mix up our disppointment with "the truth". The truth may be always true but must be used. It can only be used by us and cracked as we are, it is such a leaky application.

      My optimism is telling me that all this that this seemingly "wrong" does not really matter in the "big picture" of the ONE's evolution. The expression of individuals makes up the One. Life (and human evolution) has purpose beyond the mundane IMO.

      I like to think that life is a learning lab so not to be seen as real except for the experience. The experience might be really yucky until I leave the conditions I participate in and practice.

      Is it really impossible to change? NO! I think we either keep acting in the same way or take in fresh information.

      There is a container that we are always creating according to a pattern. We must take in new information to seal the cracks.
      People DO recover from all kinds of trauma. It is absolutley true that those who recover tapped in to a transcendent perspective of some kind.

    5. "Doesn't that make you wonder who wrote that? I mean would Ale leave out his own last name?"
      Or maybe she still cannot spell it, who knows...:-)

    6. Yeah, it is hard to spell. He should just call himself Gecko. It's so much simpler.

  73. TEAL YOU ARE BORING. Yes, she has become predictAble and stupider all the time. Like LaVaughn, I can no longer stand to watch podcasts or videos. They are just that horrible.
    I've evolved beyond her, needing to suck everyone dry of their energy. The first time I chopped off a huge clump of a cord attached to her this was years ago: she wrote in her blog that next day about never cutting cords"you want them to dissolve on their own, through a process of time." That she was laying on her kitchen floor in a heap, with energetic blood everywhere or something like that. I'd say it's a process BEYOND cutting cords, but that's pretty controversial, what I've done to get people manipulated by dark entities to leave me alone.
    Btw, this earth is FULL of dark entities. Anyone who leaves you feeling drained, unhappy, less than, confused, foggy, sick, etc is draining you, in some way. Yes, she does cord people. I am clairvoyant and other things. Yes when she was younger she wasn't near the mess she is now.....

  74. Teal is sick. Have you all ever heard of the false light parigdigm? Well, she operates under that. If I had slaves like she does, I'd write all about what she is doing wrong...and how to fix it.
    First off, she shouldn't be about fame. That is an old model, like the ancient aliens set up Avatars to worship. She is being fed by these false light Angels/archangels and she is feeding off of everyone's pain and misery, keeping them stuck.

    You are so gullible it patethetic. Shouldn't you have learned from you mother and her exes?

    Chchch....oh well.....have your five minutes of fame.

  75. Blake I'm sorry you are An idiot, typo error, but you but do eat one too while while you're not taking it up the ass (because Teal admitted you're bisexual)
    And I are teals go to guy between hopeful possibilities/partners

  76. It's seems so hateful of a post but it's really not....Teal is leading people astray and I'll be damned if I let her. Actually, I think I will blog I my spare time. She is entrenched I. The darkness, but it's a layer of light compared to what most people are used to, so the don't see the difference. Well. Since following Teal I had disastrous deaths in my life and for those "creating their own reality" out of already the same circumstances as her, that,s not good news. Shouldnt we, at least....since she admits she doesn't follow her own advice, at least be elevated platforms...above her, after following her for all these years?

    Teal I hate you. I hope your dead client Leslie haunts you until your career is you destroyed her.

  77. Of course with her dim witted psychic abilities she'd be hard pressed to known she was being haunted--we'd have to tell her.

  78. New age hack Teal Swan claims society should accept and embrace suicide!

    Very good video looking at Teal's Spiel in regards to suicide.

  79. Very good thoughts by Pana about the consequences of getting hooked on Teal Mary Bosworth and her many names.

    "Why Teal Swan Is A Dangerous Cult (With Guest Pana)"

    1. by 2 people who once joined the Teal circus and woke up at some point.

    2. I cant lie, I am so thrilled these videos are popping up all over the place. She needs to be stopped.

    3. openeyes: I agree. I think this guy did such a great job and he is hilarious and spot on and serious at the same time. Great that her madness gets pointed out.

      I hope he does more of her videos.

    4. He will, he has stated time and time again that he is just getting started with her. I think he is hilarious too. He is loud and angry, but I like it. People SHOULD be angry. and he is entertaining enough to watch whether or not you are invested. I have a feeling his input is going to rock the boat in a big way. You can see on his channel that he is relentless...and did I say LOUD. haha. Its much needed, if nothing else he will help light more fire under the asses of people on the fence, or people just getting into spirituality and searching youtube. This is my hope, anyway.

  80. This guy is hilarious. Never heard of Christina Martine but his comments are brilliant. :D

    1. The video, that you posted.. wow he is really upset at her.
      He's right.. she's not stupid. She's just dangerous. A real psycho.

    2. You think he's upset--he's just the only one making videos, and he's not done. I am just as upset at her....she is WORSE than a regular psychopath.
      I hate more than just about anyone. I hope she rots in hell after she commits suicide.

  81. I am sorry but I have to post another video of Omni Eros. I can't stop rolling on the ground. He is so SPOT ON. And although he is screaming into the camera, there is a great deal of compassion shining through him. Very touching.

    reatharian Master Yogi Zen pretends to live in a cave and not eat (MK6.4)

  82. She does need to be stopped. She is horrendous. She is...awful. I hate her and applause to Omni Eros, I hope h continues...because he's doing a good thing. So...they took down Teal Tribe, a lot of the content is gone that could eradicate her evilness. I guess it just had to stop.
    I think it's awful how she "looks down" upon any kind of drugs, whether it be prescription or otherwise, but tells people to "go kill themselves." She is a sad, sick joke.
    I am glad for the anti-Teal videos. She is sick...she doesn't need drugs because she is a sick, spiritual vampire, why load up on illegal drugs when you can victimize everyone in sight, and say you don't have a probleM ? I hate her so much..because of the people she takes advantage of.... Why else would they destroy Teal Tribe and the videos and content of how horrible she is? You now have to go to another website...and it doesn't have the abilities of the old post things, videos and such to post how horrible she is.

    I hope she rots in Hell. TEAL, THE NON-ABUSiSSe ABUSER....she is turning everyone off from spirituality and it's a crying shame,
    Blake GO AND GROW SOME BALLS AND PUT AND END TO THIS SHIT, YOU CO-Dependent, lyingmotherfuckER

    1. They took down Teal Tribe? You mean for good? It hasn't just gone down for the millionth time?

    2. Yes, they took it down and moved it to her site www.tealblack swan or something with all her ads, videos PTSD practitioners, completion process practitioners....all that....a lot of the content is turned into "archives" that don't have the damaging videos about how horrid she can't navigate it near as well as the old one. A lot of the old people on teal tribe said, no thanks...I liked how this website was different. Now it's just the same, etc.

      I think she is horrible and Ale deserves her. Anyone who would do that to his kids deserves that horrendous bitch.

  83. Spirituality used to be fun..a hobby of mine. But she has ruined it, the only way I might turn towards another teacher is if they called her shit out, about what a fraud and how horrible she is, then I might respect a teacher enough to "follow them."
    I can't stand anything "spiritual" now. She has ruined it. Thanks, Teal.


    "Celebrating the most wonderful woman. What did I do to deserve such blessing ? 🙏 #tealswan"

    Yeah, what a blessing it must be having a partner that fakes episodes in order to prevent you from visiting your kids. She's the best thing that could've ever happened to him y'all, what, with prolonging the court case and making it more difficult/complicated/painful in general for everyone involved **including two innocent children** all in the name of her authenticity movement. What the hell is it gonna take for this idiot to wake up?! I would say losing his kids forever, which is one of the greatest pains of all, but according to Teal's blog, being "authentic" is more important to him:

    "They are prepared to take his kids away from him permanently for it. And that would be motive enough to silence many people. But there is a problem, both Ale and I have the same primary value in life and that is doing what feels right to do. People, who have this value, are willing to take a lot of risk and face a lot of consequences for the sake of doing what is right."

    I also would LIKE to say that I give their marriage 6 months to a year, tops. But he's so far up her ass (pardon my language), that I think he'd stay with her forever if he could. 0_o No, but really. It won't end well. Their relationship isn't sustainable as it's not built on love and a strong connection. Rather, it's built on obsession on his part, and egoic needs on her part.

    I can't wait to see the day that Teal is shut down. She's toxic. The "spirituality" she sells is toxic. Her blog is toxic. With her "I speak for Source"/society is fucked up authoritative bullshit, she's essentially programming her followers to model their own life after hers = scary. :/

  85. Crystal Warrior VERY IMPORTANT EXPLANATION of Teal….ye know ye need to understand this.

  86. Some good thoughts
    Teal Swan Fraud Exposed: She's not so bad!

  87. At least a little bit of honesty on Teal's side cause everybody who thinks Teal is happy, is mesmerised by the cascade of fancy posing instagram images and is missing the big picture cause everybody who aims at what Teal aims at will never find the sweet feeling of inner rest and the "absence of wishes" ( ; Of course she can't leave it and has to include a little Mindf*uck (MF) a la: "I can feel people looking at them, wondering why their lives are so mediocre in comparison." Oh Teal.

    "I look through my own Instagram feed. I pretend I am someone else. My life is epic. My life looks like a dream. I hang out with the best people. I go to places around the world that most people will never see. I get everything a girl could ever want. I seem lucky. In every picture, I look happy. And I think about how inaccurate people’s impressions of me really are based on these photographs. I can feel people looking at them, wondering why their lives are so mediocre in comparison. I can feel them wondering where they have gone wrong."

    When Teal's image turned up I was thinking: "Why is Teal playing dead now please? Is it to hurt the Teal fans who cannot imagine a life without her anymore by playing with their minds? Or are the seizures back which Sarbdeep Swan miraculously healed her from?"

    Either way: Teal realised that her happy instagram feed is too happy in presentation to carry her pitched suffering story along the way. So we need a bit of drama again. However: the black hole in her heart is real. There is this constant torture of never being happy with what she has, never feeling ease, never getting enough, the presence of abstinence of x, y and z. Of course she will explain that this is a good thing and the sign of an ever expanding soul :D eat Tealers, eat it.

    1. Yeah, it's so sad the way we all just look with disdain at our second-rate lives, compared to teal's fabulous-looking one.

      Is it me or could she possibly be becoming MORE vain? Everyone's just so jealous of her magnificent tealness. All those poor moms at her son's school are jelly, too, because they have stretch marks, so their husbands don't want to touch them. They all want to touch teal, though, just to see if she's real... or just a really convincing mannequin.

      But, please, let's not forget her ham-fisted attempt at appearing humble. Her life's not that great. She's jealous of other people. Really. She is.

      "Sometimes when I see pictures of people having new babies or getting married or belonging with the people in their lives etc. I feel like something is wrong with me. I feel the same way about them that they feel about me when I look at their photo albums or Instagram or Facebook feeds."

      Ummm... she's getting married in less than a month. She has a child. She's surrounded by adoring people in her "intentional community." Wonder how this makes Ale feel. Probably like there's no making this woman happy. And, he's probably right.


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