Nov 15, 2015

Fullmetal Plagiarist – UPDATED

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Update: Spiritually Bypassing Citations (see below)
Update: How Many Cheneys on the Cooks Source Scale is This? (see below)
Update: Addicted to Plagiarism (see below)
Update: Plagiarizing Hay House (see below)

In this recent post on Teal Bosworth Scott Swan, I wrote about what I'm calling her "originality gap." I cited a number of examples of recycled material – numerous blog posts which rely on word for word lifts from her own previous articles. As stated, this is called self-plagiarism. I also touched on her propensity for relaying ideas, words, and images that strongly resemble work from other sources. I have noted a number of these parallels in the noncasts.

For instance, in the noncast entitled "The Bottomless Rabbit Hole," I referenced a rather striking similarity between her painting called Alchemy and art from the series Fullmetal Alchemist. Imagine my surprise at seeing that image, once again, heading her recent blog post.

 photo fullmetalfear_zpsy40cqlms.jpg

The image in question is called the "circle of transmutation." It is the unique construction of Fullmetal Alchemist. It is, therefore, proprietary material.

 photo transmutationcirclesearch.png

This is not, I should point out, a blog post about the symbolism in Fullmetal Alchemist or its, perhaps, broader implications. It's not an exploration of how either the manga or the anime series convey the principles of Alchemy. That's something I might enjoy reading. I love analyses of how mythology is expressed in popular culture, which is why I write so much on the topic. But, no, this new post is about how unhappy and afraid teal is and how this is somehow reflected in the principles of Western Alchemy.

More to the point, there is almost no original material in the post. Instead, it draws from a number of previously published works of hers: an article and video on feeling like the universe is against you, a video, and a poem about Alchemy.

Worse, much of this recycled material is also plagiarized from Wikipedia. The following block quote is the text on Alchemy as it appears in this recent blog post and in the previously published text from which it is taken. I have highlighted in green any phrases, words, and partial words, that are direct lifts from the Wikipedia entries on the same topics. (Some words are in different tenses, have been changed from verbs to gerunds, and so on.) I have highlighted text in rose that I have deemed to be paraphrases of those Wikipedia entries. It's not just the highlighted material that is plagiarized, however. To plagiarize content does not simply mean ripping text word for word or paraphrasing it. Any content that conveys "information that is not common knowledge or self-evident," from an un-cited source, is considered plagiarism.

... The Great Work of Alchemy is often described as a series of four stages, which are represented by colors…

Nigredo, a blackening or melanosis. [sic]  It is putrefaction or decomposition. Ingredients had to be cleansed and cooked extensively.  Internally, this represents a kind of spiritual death ["dark night of the soul"] and the confronting of one’s shadow aspect.

Albedo,a whitening or leucosis. [sic] The washing away of impurities.  The physical subject (such as an ingredient) is to be purified and divided into two opposing principles.  Internally, this represents regaining the original purity and receptivity of the soul.  Washing away the ashes to find the soul.

Cirtinitas, a yellowing or xanthosis. [sic] This refers to transmutation.  The actual turning of a subject (such as an ingredient) into its highest state such as silver into gold.  Internally this represents awakening. Becoming a manifestation of the soul.  Becoming a walking embodiment of the soul, rather than a muted reflection of it ["dawning of the 'solar light' inherent in one's being, and that the reflective 'lunar or soul light' was no longer necessary"].** It is a process of turning.

Rubedo,a reddening, purpling, or iosis. [sic]  Rubedo refers to the end state ["culmination"]Alchemical success.  The achievement of the perfected state.  The final state of perfection of a subject (such as an ingredient).  It can be interpreted as achieving enlightened consciousness and the total fusion of spirit and matter. ["wholeness"]  This stage is often represented by the symbol of the phoenix.

**If you doubt my analysis of the paraphrased section, see her stanza on Citrinitas:

We can see now
That the moon’s light ["lunar or soul light"]
Is not sun light, ["solar light"]
It is just a reflection.
We are just a reflection of what we really are.
When we decide to turn from moonlight to sunlight

To begin with, each of the sentence fragments with which she begins her definitions of the "stages," is a word for word lift from this Wikipedia post on the Magnum Opus – Great Work – of Alchemy. The little numbers in brackets, in the Wikipedia posts correspond to footnotes, because Wikipedia, for all its faults, cites its sources.

... It originally had four stages:[1][2]
  • nigredo, a blackening or melanosis
  • albedo, a whitening or leucosis
  • citrinitas, a yellowing or xanthosis
  • rubedo, a reddening, purpling, or iosis

Here is the source text for the definition of Nigredo. 

In alchemy, nigredo, or blackness, means putrefaction or decomposition. The alchemists believed that as a first step in the pathway to the philosopher's stone all alchemical ingredients had to be cleansed and cooked extensively to a uniform black matter.[1]

In analytical psychology, the term became a metaphor 'for the dark night of the soul, when an individual confronts the shadow within'.[2]

Here is the source text for the definition of Albedo.

In alchemy, albedo is one of the four major stages of the magnum opus; along with nigredo, citrinitas and rubedo. It is a Latinicized term meaning "whiteness". Following the chaos or massa confusa of the nigredo stage, the alchemist undertakes a purification in albedo, which is literally referred to as ablutio – the washing away of impurities. In this process, the subject is divided into two opposing principles to be later coagulated to form a unity of opposites or coincidentia oppositorum during rubedo.[1]

Titus Burckhardt interprets the albedo as the end of the lesser work, corresponding to a spiritualization of the body. The goal of this portion of the process is to regain the original purity and receptivity of the soul.[2] Psychologist Carl Jung equated the albedo with unconscious contrasexual soul images; the anima in men and animus in women. It is a phase where insight into shadow projections are realized, and inflated ego and unneeded conceptualizations are removed from the psyche.

Here is the source text for the definition of Citrinitas.

Citrinitas, sometimes referred to as xanthosis,[1] is a term given by alchemists to "yellowness." It was one of the four major stages of the alchemical magnum opus, and literally referred to "transmutation of silver into gold" or "yellowing of the lunar consciousness."[citation needed] In alchemical philosophy, citrinitas stood for the dawning of the "solar light" inherent in one's being, and that the reflective "lunar or soul light" was no longer necessary. The other three alchemical stages were nigredo (blackness), albedo (whiteness), and rubedo (redness).

Psychologist Carl Jung is credited with interpreting the pseudo-scientific alchemical process as analogous to modern-day psychoanalysis. In the Jungian archetypal schema, nigredo is the Shadow; albedo refers to the anima and animus (contrasexual soul images); citrinitas is the wise old man (or woman) archetype; and rubedo is the Self archetype which has achieved wholeness.

Finally, this is the source text for the definition of Rubedo.

Rubedo is a Latin word meaning "redness" that was adopted by alchemists to define the fourth and final major stage in their magnum opus. Both gold, and the philosopher's stone were associated with the color red, as rubedo signalled alchemical success, and the end of the great work.[1] Rubedo is also known by the Greek word, Iosis.

. . .

The symbols used in alchemical writing and art to represent this red stage can include blood, a phoenix, a rose, a crowned king, or a figure wearing red clothes. Countless sources mention a reddening process; the seventeenth dictum of the 12th century Turba Philosophorum is one example:
O Turba of Philosophers and disciples, now hast thou spoken about making into white, but it yet remains to treat concerning the reddening! Know, all ye seekers after this Art, that unless ye whiten, ye cannot make red, because the two natures are nothing other than red and white. Whiten, therefore, the red, and redden the white! [3]
. . .

In the framework of psychological development (especially with followers of Jungian psychology), these four alchemical steps are viewed as analogous to the process of attaining individuation. In an archetypal schema, rubedo would represent the Self archetype, and would be the culmination of the four stages, the merging of ego and Self.[4]

The Self manifests itself in "wholeness," a point in which a person discovers their true nature.

What is arguably more troubling than teal's obvious plagiarism of Wikipedia as a source on Alchemy, is that Wikipedia's material is more informative and better developed. It also offers references to source material, for further study.

Aside from the blatant ethical violation that is plagiarism, not providing references disempowers readers. This is and always has been my larger problem with teal. By not citing her sources, she positions herself as the cosmic answer lady. She closes the loop. When you refer the reader to other sources, you offer them the opportunity to read and evaluate those sources and expand their own learning. But, teal has a lot of her followers convinced that she is an authority on Alchemy and other spiritual disciplines, as if she never needed to read any of it. This encourages dependency. Anything you'd ever want to know about anything at all: just "Ask Teal."

No thanks. I can read Wikipedia for myself.

This post has 20 paragraphs and 1 poem of 4 stanzas, so we'll call that 24 paragraphs. Out of that, roughly 7 1/2 paragraphs were not directly traceable to older material, some of which was directly traceable to Wikipedia. Some of that new text is transitions in and out of the previously published material. In other words, a little over a quarter of this post is actually new.

So, what do we learn in those seven paragraphs? That teal is afraid, therefore everyone is afraid. That she went for a run in a sports bra and shorts and has the photographic evidence to prove it. That she's a victim who is being "scapegoated" and has been since childhood. That, for some strange reason, being a homewrecker has earned her some hostility and that this is mystifying to her. Basically, this post boils down to self-pity, self-plagiarism, and some plagiarized Wikipedia stuff about Alchemy.

I know I'm looking forward to teal's "energy diagnosis" of Paris. My husband suspects the "dominant negative vibration" will be something like "booming." My "energy diagnosis" of the smattering of new material in this post, though, is fear and victimhood. If I were a law of attraction person, I'd say it's not surprising that she was "a match" to multiple coordinated terrorist attacks. Her explanation of the timing is a little different, though.

 photo tealparisbeacon.png

 photo tealtribetoureiffel_zpsqs0bw9j4.png

Yes, she and her tribe are there to be beacons of light in this difficult time. It's funny how the mass murder by that poor, unfairly maligned boy Elliott Rodger was the reason she didn't move to Santa Barbara, but terrorist attacks in Paris are the reason she did go there. Well, either way, now that she's coordinating these "high frequency" sit-ins, I look forward to hearing about her taking the tribe into Syria.

In the meanwhile, if I want to hear about depression and Alchemy, I'll just watch Strindberg and Helium.

Update: Spiritually Bypassing Citations (12/19/15)

A comment from blairgilbert on this post tipped me to another instance of blatant plagiarism in teal's body of work. She noted word for word pilfering, in the Ask Teal video called "Spiritual Bypassing," from a Collective-Evolution post on the topic, written by Vanessa Petronelli.

The first thing I notice, in looking at Petronelli's article, is that she properly attributes the term "spiritual bypassing" to psychologist John Welwood. Surprising no one, teal does not.

I took a look at the article version of teal's spiritual bypassing video and strongly suspected that still more of it was plagiarized from sources in addition to the Collective-Evolution article. My husband and I did a bit more digging. We found that there were phrases and even entire blocks of text that could be traced to other sources. Some is paraphrased. Some is lifted verbatim.

As I did above, I will attempt to illustrate this using green highlights for identical words and phrases and rose for obvious paraphrasing. I am doing this by hand, so I'm sure I'm missing a lot. I shudder to think what would happen if these documents were compared using plagiarism detection software.

In her comment, blairgilbert identified two glaring examples of plagiarism from the Collective-Evolution article in the video.

Starting at the 13:25 mark, she states nearly word for word the author's third tip to avoid spiritual bypassing (near the end of the article).

And beginning at 15:00, it's glaringly obvious that she just re-phrased the author's ideas presented in tip number 1.

To do this analysis, I used the article version, which has roughly identical text to the video, and pulled out the grafs that correspond to the 13:25 and 15:00 marks. I also found another graf that strongly resembles tip number 2 from the CE article.

Text from teal's article:

In order to avoid the trap of spiritual bypassing, we need to apply what we learn to our life. Spiritual and Self help information is relatively abstract. Attending workshops, talks, reading books, going to yoga and meditation classes, etc. are good tools. However, tools are of no use if they aren’t used. Take action by applying what you are learning from these modalities consistently. Integrate them into your life daily.  If these ideas remain abstract and merely intellectualized, they aren’t going to help you to create long lasting and permanent change.

Similar text from CE article:

Here are some other Tips to Avoid Spiritual Bypassing:

1) Spiritual and Self-Developmental information is abstract. Attending seminars, workshops, reading books, going to yoga and meditation classes, etc. are fantastic tools, however, the most important thing you need to ask yourself is if you are taking action and applying what you are learning from these modalities consistently, by integrating it into your life daily. If it remains abstract and is simply intellectualized it really isn’t going to help you to create long lasting and permanent change.

Text from teal's article:

If we are to avoid the trap of bypassing, we need to let go of the idea that something must be terribly, “wrong,” or dysfunctional about us if we have problems of negative beliefs or negative feelings or negative thoughts. Everyone has personal, “struggles,” to work through. I mean EVERYONE. When we judge our problems or feelings or negative-ness as wrong, we suddenly have a motive for spiritual bypassing. We make where we are “not ok”. We want to be good and right but we can only achieve that goodness or rightness by being inauthentic. We put on a false façade because of it.

Similar text from CE article:

2) Many people believe that something must be terribly, “wrong,” or dysfunctional in their lives to see a Life Coach, Therapist, Counselor or Healer. This is absolutely FALSE. Everyone has personal,  “stuff,” to work through. When you see a professional you move into a vulnerable state of expression and opening; something you cannot always do alone or with friends or family members. These professionals are objective and are invested in only seeing you thrive and grow beyond your limitations and boundaries in a safe setting. They can offer you a different perspective as to what is going on inside of you. They will also hold you accountable to be sure that you are doing the work and making progress in between sessions that create a lasting impact on your life.

Text from teal's article:

In order to avoid the trap of spiritual bypassing, we need to be brave enough to admit to how we feel, what we want and don’t want, what we like and don’t like. We need to be willing to risk admitting to where we are and who we are, even if we think that where we are and who we are isn’t good or ok. If we want to avoid the pitfall of spiritual bypassing, we must express and allow our emotions, wounds, traumas and pain to surface healthily and with compassion.

Similar text from CE article:

3)Express and allow your emotions, wounds, traumas and pain to surface healthily and with love. Let go of the fear, judgment and suppressing of emotions. We often turn to things outside of ourselves to cope with our internal pain and suffering. Examples include addictions to food, drink, drugs, shopping, sex, work, focusing on others and diverting attention away from yourself etc.  Make peace with being uncomfortable. If you are numbing yourself inside out this energy lingers and creates a breeding ground for other issues to arise and manifest. Get down to the root of your problems as they will not go away on their own.

That is some, but probably not all, of the direct lifting from the Collective-Evolution article. What she did not take from that article was the clear reference to the psychologist who originated the term "spiritual bypassing," John Welwood. This did not stop Welwood's ideas from showing up in teal's article, word for word.

The similarity between teal's text and this interview with John Welwood entitled Human Nature, Buddha Nature: On Spiritual Bypassing, Relationship and the Dharma is hard to miss.

Text from teal's article:

Spiritual bypassing also leads to a one-sided form of spirituality where one aspect of life is elevated at the expense of its opposite. For example, objective truth (being valued more) is used to invalidate subjective truth. Non-physical is valued over form, 5d is valued and 3d is devalued. Transcendence is valued over physical embodiment, and detachment is valued over feeling. This behavior of valuing one side of polarity over the other gives rise to extremely damaging experiences. For example, one might, try to practice emotional detachment from others by suppressing one’s need for love and becoming independently self loving, but this only drives the need to be loved by others underground, so that it often becomes unconsciously acted out in covert and manipulative ways instead.

Similar text from Welwood's interview:

Trying to move beyond our psychological and emotional issues by sidestepping them is dangerous. It sets up a debilitating split between the buddha and the human within us. And it leads to a conceptual, one-sided kind of spirituality where one pole of life is elevated at the expense of its opposite: Absolute truth is favored over relative truth, the impersonal over the personal, emptiness over form, transcendence over embodiment, and detachment over feeling. One might, for example, try to practice nonattachment by dismissing one’s need for love, but this only drives the need underground, so that it often becomes unconsciously acted out in covert and possibly harmful ways instead.

Text from teal's article:

Being a good spiritual person can become a substitute identity that covers up and defends against an underlying deficient identity. The spiritual idea we have of ourselves is used to whitewash over the truth of our true concept of ourselves, which is that we feel badly about ourselves. We feel that we are not good enough. We feel that we are innately Bad. Then, although we may be practicing diligently, our spiritual practice can be used in the service of denial and defense. And when spiritual practice is used to bypass our real-life human issues, our spirituality becomes compartmentalized.

Similar text from Welwood's interview:

Being a good spiritual practitioner can become what I call a compensatory identity that covers up and defends against an underlying deficient identity, where we feel badly about ourselves, not good enough, or basically lacking. Then, although we may be practicing diligently, our spiritual practice can be used in the service of denial and defense. And when spiritual practice is used to bypass our real-life human issues, it becomes compartmentalized in a separate zone of our life, and remains unintegrated with our overall functioning.

We also found a quote from Robert Agustus Masters on Facebook, which appears nearly word for word in teal's article. I ran down the quote and found this article, in which Agustus also clearly references John Welwood as the man who identified the problem of spiritual bypassing. Of course, teal references neither Masters, nor Welwood.

Text from teal's article:

Some examples of spiritual bypassing include anger-phobia, exaggerated detachment, emotional numbing and repression, blind or overly tolerant compassion, weak or too porous boundaries, using cognitive reasoning to escape emotional feelings. Debilitating judgment about one's negativity or shadow side, devaluation of the personal relative to the spiritual, avoidance of physical day to day life, delusions of having arrived at a higher level of being and my personal least favorite, overemphasis of and attachment to the positive to the degree that there is a high level of resistance to anything negative.

Similar text Robert Agustus Masters:

Spiritual bypassing is a very persistent shadow of spirituality, manifesting in many forms, often without being acknowledged as such. Aspects of spiritual bypassing include exaggerated detachment, emotional numbing and repression, overemphasis on the positive, anger-phobia, blind or overly tolerant compassion, weak or too porous boundaries, lopsided development (cognitive intelligence often being far ahead of emotional and moral intelligence), debilitating judgment about one's negativity or shadow side, devaluation of the personal relative to the spiritual, and delusions of having arrived at a higher level of being.

Looking at this sea of green, it's hard to argue that teal did not plagiarize from all three of these articles. Worse, she has not only failed to cite her sources, she has failed to cite THE source of the term with which she's entitled her article and Ask Teal video. It's blatant theft of Welwood's intellectual property. Yes, "spiritual bypassing" is a concept that is currently proliferating throughout new agedom. I'm glad of it. It's a welcome relief from the willful denial espoused by The Secret and other LOA material. I'm sure many people who refer to the concept don't know its origins. But, I don't see how teal could possibly have missed this important piece of information, when she so obviously read and borrowed extensively from works in which he is clearly named.

Once again, teal has positioned herself as the cosmic answer lady, spouting information she "just knows." And, once again, these ideas have very human sources that are only a google search away.

Update: How Many Cheneys on the Cooks Source Scale is This? (2/11/16)

 photo cheneysoncookssource_wheaton_zpscve6nec6.png

*Heavy Sigh*

Is it that she can't learn or she won't learn?

In my previous update, I demonstrated, with careful highlighting, teal's word-for-word lifts on the issue of spiritual bypassing. Despite quoting him extensively, she never even referenced the psychologist who coined the term "spiritual bypassing," John Welwood. Now, she's self-plagiarized the article in which she plagiarized Welwood and others who have written on the topic. If you were holding out hope that she's avoided carrying over those blatantly lifted phrasings and ideas, or finally acknowledged her sources, you will be disappointed.

It's even more distressing when you consider that this post is clean and grammatically coherent enough to indicate that it was copy-edited. Her copy editor really doesn't know that this is blatant, obvious plagiarism?! There are some other very interesting slips, like this one:

So for the time being, I have been silent about it for the sake of evading even more conflict.

Most of us avoid unpleasantness. She evades it.  To evade almost always involves some form of trickery and deception – very telling use of language, I think.

Examples of teal's plagiarism and self-plagiarism are too numerous to count and document. It would be a full-time job. She rarely writes a post that isn't made up of something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue – a knack that may serve her as she prepares for her fourth wedding, but does not befit a published author.

She can't, for instance, resist lifting facts from Wikipedia, without citation, as in her recent post on Sydney, Australia.

Between 1788 and 1868 over one hundred and sixty thousand convicts were transported here to various penile colonies by the British government.  One could say that for a time, Great Britain’s policy for preventing prison overcrowding and dealing with their criminals was to ship them to Australia.  Due to the continent’s isolation in the middle of the sea, it was considered to be an ideal place to banish them to.  They say only 20 percent of the population here are the decedents of convicts.  But that figure surprises me given the social style of the average Australian.  In my opinion, the convict era did shape the national character of this area immensely.

Here is Wikipedia's version:

Between 1788 and 1868, approximately 162,000 convicts were transported to the various Australian penal colonies by the British government.[1]

The British government began transporting criminals to overseas colonies in the 17th century. When transportation to the American colonies declined with the move towards American independence in the 1770s, an alternative site was needed to avoid further overcrowding of British prisons and hulks. In 1770, James Cook charted and claimed possession of the east coast of Australia for Britain. Due to the continent's isolation, it was considered ideal for a penal colony, and in 1787 the First Fleet of eleven convict ships set sail for Botany Bay, arriving on 20 January 1788 to found Sydney, the first European settlement in Australia. Other penal colonies were later established in Van Diemen's Land (Tasmania), Queensland and Western Australia. Penal transportation to Australia peaked in the 1830s and dropped off significantly in the following decade. The last convict ship arrived in Western Australia on 10 January 1868.

Many of the convicts were transported for petty crimes; others were political prisoners. More serious crimes, such as rape and murder, were not transportable offences. After their prison terms were served most stayed in Australia and joined the other settlers, with some rising to prominent positions in Australian society. Approximately 20% of modern Australians are descended from transported convicts. Once deemed the "convict stain", it is now considered by many Australians to be a cause for celebration to have a convict in one's lineage. The extent to which the convict era has shaped Australia's national character has been studied by many writers and historians.[2]

Whether she's misspelled penal as penile to try to throw people off, or because she doesn't know the difference between a penis and a prison, is anybody's guess. Equally confusing is her misspelling of descendants as decedents, aka., dead people. Some of this reads like a high schooler's attempt to camouflage plagiarism, with obvious weasel phrases like "one could say" and "in my opinion." Really? "One could say" that it was Great Britain's policy to use Australia as a penal colony? Sure, in the same sense that "one could say" the earth orbits the sun. It's not an opinion! It's an undisputed fact!!!

While in New Zealand, she penned one of her bizarre energy diagnoses. Auckland, it seems, suffers from "inertia," but it also has the virtue of "repose," which is kind of like inertia but calmer. But, teal has the prescription for their stuck underwaterness. She's self-plagiarized the bulk of a her previous article "Feeling Lost and Ten Steps to Becoming Found." One assumes she doesn't think those poor, inert Kiwis can find the original article... or the blog post she also self-plagiarized it into only last November. The post is also interesting for this subconscious reveal:

I went after areas of avoidance and blind spots within the participants like a predator during this workshop. [emphasis added]

Since her return from those lands down under, she's been venting up a storm on her blog. Her most recent post is all about her uterus and contains helpful gynecology graphics, so we know what that is. I'll paraphrase and save readers the trouble:

Ale is off to California to fight for custody of his children. I feel abandoned. Ale should put a baby in me and forget about those OTHER children that he had with that bitch wife who says mean things about me just because I stole her husband.

That's the gist and my summary has the added benefit of not containing plagiarized material from the Mayo Clinic's website. It seems that teal suffers from endometriosis, a painful condition to be sure. This she attributes to her alienation from her own womb. In yet another case of shadow projection, she manages to blame this on Planned Parenthood.

They tried to frighten the girls off of sex by traumatizing us about pregnancy and birth.

Because they should, what, encourage teen pregnancy???

She describes endometriosis thusly:

With endometriosis, the tissue that normally lines the inside of the uterus begins to grow outside the uterusDisplaced endometrial tissue continues to act as it normally would. It thickens, breaks down and bleeds with each menstrual cycle. Because this displaced tissue and blood has no way to exit your body, it becomes trapped. When endometriosis involves the ovaries, cysts called endometriomas may form. Surrounding tissue becomes irritated, eventually developing scar tissue and adhesions, which is abnormal tissue that binds organs together, sometimes resulting in a frozen pelvis.  It is infamous for the pain it causes, especially during menstruation and also for the fact that it causes infertility.

The thing is, the Mayo Clinic describes it in strikingly similar terms:

Endometriosis (en-doe-me-tree-O-sis) is an often painful disorder in which tissue that normally lines the inside of your uterus — the endometrium — grows outside your uterus (endometrial implant). Endometriosis most commonly involves your ovaries, bowel or the tissue lining your pelvis. Rarely, endometrial tissue may spread beyond your pelvic region.

In endometriosis, displaced endometrial tissue continues to act as it normally would — it thickens, breaks down and bleeds with each menstrual cycle. Because this displaced tissue has no way to exit your body, it becomes trapped. When endometriosis involves the ovaries, cysts called endometriomas may form. Surrounding tissue can become irritated, eventually developing scar tissue and adhesions abnormal tissue that binds organs together.

Endometriosis can cause painsometimes severeespecially during your period. Fertility problems also may develop. Fortunately, effective treatments are available.

So, as you can see, her post on endometriosis is hemorrhaging the green highlights of word-for-word plagiarism.

It's actually kind of incredible how much recycled verbiage teal can generate out of a handful of unattributed sources. For instance, from one paper, which can be found on the website for SOAS University of London, she has produced a number of posts. The article "Stress Management Practical Strategies" is a word document, but can be read here, as well.

Material from that page can be found word for word in teal's article on stress. For some reason her list of 10 items are all number 1, so it makes for strange reading. By the time she's recycled it into blog posts here and here, she's corrected that problem, but other than that, it's changed little. Entire blocks of text have made their way from that source document to teal's posts, with few changes.

Writes teal:

How you think has a profound effect on your emotional and physical well-being. Each time you think a negative thought about yourself or your life, your body reacts as if it were in the throes of a tension-filled situation. If you think positive thoughts about yourself and your life, your body will react by releasing chemicals that make you feel good. Work to eliminate words such as "always," "never," "should," and "must" from your vocabulary. These definitive statements are very conducive to thoughts which are self-defeating and create stress.

From the SOAS article:

How you think can have a profound effect on your emotional and physical wellbeing. Each time you think a negative thought about yourself, your body reacts as if it were in the throes of a tension-filled situation. If you see good things about yourself, you are more likely to feel good; the reverse is also true. Eliminate words such as "always," "never," "should," and "must." These are significant marks of self-defeating thoughts.

Here's a helpful subsection from teal on unhealthy ways of relieving stress, which is offered in all three of those posts:

Do you practice coping strategies which temporarily reduce stress but cause more damage in the long run? Such as:
  • Smoking
  • Drinking
  • Overeating or under eating
  • Trying to avoid stressors by spending hours in front of the TV or computer
  • Withdrawing from friends, family, and activities
  • Using pills or drugs to relax
  • Escaping by sleeping too much
  • Procrastinating
  • Filling up every minute of the day with things to do so as to avoid facing problems Or
  • Taking out your stress on others (lashing out, angry outbursts, physical violence)

Here's what it says in the article from SOAS:

These coping strategies may temporarily reduce stress, but they cause more damage in the long run:
  • Smoking
  • Drinking too much
  • Overeating or undereating
  • Zoning out for hours in front of the TV or computer
  • Withdrawing from friends, family, and activities
  • Using prescription pills or drugs to relax
  • Sleeping too much
  • Procrastinating
  • Filling up every minute of the day to avoid facing problems
  • Taking out your stress on others (lashing out, angry outbursts, physical violence)

Most of teal's recommendations on stress relief come from that page. She's just jumbled up the order and priority a bit. And, her list of healthy relaxation strategies also bears a striking resemblance to the SOAS article.

1. Make time for fun and relaxation by finding healthy ways to relax and recharge, and give yourself permission to do so.

. . .

  • Call a good friend
  • Spend time outside
  • Take a bath
  • Sweat out tension with a good workout
  • Write in a journal
  • Savor a warm cup of tea
  • Make yourself one of your comfort foods
  • Spend time with a pet (pets have been shown to dramatically reduce stress)
  • Get a massage
  • Play a game
  • Read a book
  • Drive to a place with an amazing view
  • Listen to music
  • Watch a comedy movie
  • Connect with others. Spend time with positive people who enhance your life. A strong support system will buffer you from the negative effects of stress.

Here's the SOAS list:

Stress management strategy 5: Make time for relaxation

Beyond a take-charge approach and a positive attitude, you can reduce stress in your life by nurturing yourself. If you regularly make time for fun and relaxation, you’ll be in a better place to handle life’s stressors when they inevitably come.

Healthy ways to relax and recharge

  • Go for a walk.
  • Spend time in nature/hug a tree.
  • Call a good friend.
  • Sweat out tension with a good workout.
  • Write in your journal.
  • Take a long bath.
  • Light scented candles.
  • Practice Yoga/meditate
  • Savour a hot drink.
  • Play with a pet.
  • Work in your garden.
  • Get a massage.
  • Curl up with a good book.
  • Listen to music and dance.
  • Watch a comedy.

I'm not really sure why teal left yoga off her version of that list, because she loves to write about yoga... and to steal text from actual authorities on the topic. For instance, she recently wrote about a yoga retreat at Sagrada Wellness.

Yoga practice will stimulate conscious and unconscious responses in every individual. Your body’s responses to yoga, whether those responses are sensations, emotions, moods, or images, are the first sign that something important is going on within us. Yoga meets the psyche and emotional center in the place where we feel reactive to the yoga. Every muscle has its own associated psychological/emotional function.  A health practitioner, like myself is concerned with the responsiveness of a muscle.  And a muscle’s responsiveness in yoga is mostly related to its state of elasticity.  If the psychological/emotional function associated with a specific muscle was abandoned early or was not learned at all, the muscle will be under-responsive. A person will usually have a lack of aliveness and sensory awareness in this area of the body. Psychologically there may be a sense of numbness or of something missing or of not knowing how to do something. In yoga, when we stress the under-responsive muscle by using it strongly, the psychological history related to this muscle will be triggered.

What's funny about that is how similar it sounds to this article by Joel Isaacs, PhD (see also here).

Interestingly, the somatic psychotherapy my colleagues and I now practice, called Bodynamics, deals every day with the particular psychological content held in each muscle. So we have a perspective important for the yoga community, while not at all being experts in the field of yoga. We know (as does every yoga teacher) that a yoga practice will stimulate conscious and unconscious responses in every individual. Our body’s responses to the stretching and stressing of yoga, whether sensations, emotions, moods, or even images, are the first sign that something or importance is going on for us. This is the place where yoga meets the psyche, where mind and body can begin to integrate.

. . .

In a similar way to this example of the triceps and setting limits, every muscle has its own associated psychological function. Each one retains an imprint of the response to its related behavior. So our history is stored in our body and in our brain, and it can be accessed through the body. (In fact, the attitudes stored in the muscles can be measured manually by palpation, and a map made from which our history can be “read”.) In our daily life the historical responses may be stimulated when the muscle is either stretched or stressed (used strongly). In Bodynamics, we talk about a muscle’s responsiveness, which is related to its elasticity. If the psychological function expressed by the muscle has been given up early or was not learned, the muscle will be under-responsive. A person will usually have a lack of liveliness and sensory awareness in this area. Psychologically there may be a sense in related situations of something missing, of not knowing how to do something. In this case, when we stress the muscle by using it strongly, the psychological history is likely to be stimulated.

It goes on. Here is some more of teal's text:

If the disruption occurred later in the developmental period when a muscle was being imprinted, it will be over-responsive instead of under responsive.  A person will usually have a sense that they lack flexibility, hold back, or respond in a rigid way relative to these muscle groups. For an over-responsive muscle, the trauma associated with this muscle will be triggered when it is stretched. Conversely, either stressing an over-responsive muscle or stretching an under-responsive one will tend to suppress the psychological and emotional content associated with that muscle.

In my opinion, the psychological and emotional content contained in the muscles will not change simply by stretching or strengthening the muscle. You must first work-through the particular psychological/emotional issue.  But that being said, working from both the direction of body and mind is ideal.  Working through a psychological/emotional issue frees the associated muscle from having to “hold” that trauma. This leads to more freedom of movement and more flexibility on a mental, physical and emotional level.

And this is from Doctor Isaacs's article:

On the other hand, if the disruption occurred later in the developmental period when that muscle was being imprinted, it will be over-responsive. A person will usually sense some energy in these muscles, and psychologically they may have a sense that in related situations they lack flexibility, hold back, or feel compelled to respond in a rigid way. For an over-responsive muscle, the history will be stimulated when it is stretched. Conversely, stressing an over-responsive muscle (or stretching an under-responsive one) will tend to suppress the psychological content.

For better or worse, the psychological attitudes contained in the muscles will not generally be changed simply by stretching, or toning, or strengthening them. You must first work-through the particular psychological issue and make some changes in your behavior. Working through a psychological issue frees the associated muscle from having to “hold” psychological history. This leads to more freedom of movement and more psychological flexibility. Then, the muscles responsiveness will change towards neutral, and a corresponding body and psychological resource can be developed. When a resource is established in our body we tend to act spontaneously in our best interest, rather than having to think through each situation. At a secondary level, other nearby muscles that had been recruited to compensate also become freer, and those abilities are somewhat more accessible.

The best tweak in her entire post is where she changed Isaacs's "for better or worse" to "in my opinion." It's not her opinion. It's his.

I'll stop there, not because the rest of her piece is original, but because it's exhausting and overwhelming keeping up with the scope of her intellectual theft. I feel pretty comfortable, at this point, saying that teal is a serial plagiarist and that she's treating the internet like a smorgasbord of ideas to claim as her own.

What original concepts does she bring to the mix? Predation, evasion, and dog whistles to a following so devoted they'd give their lives.

They come to me now from all corners of the globe.  And I can genuinely say that I have officially gone from a person who had absolutely no one; a person who was drowning in the kind of isolation that sucks breath from your lungs, to a person who has people that are so close to me that they will live and die by my side.

Update: Addicted to Plagiarism (2/24/16)

It's been a strange couple of weeks on planet teal. She's been taking a lot heat for both her professional and all too public private life. And, predictably, she's gone straight for the pity play. She is being "slandered," "attacked," and "scapegoated," says she. She is responsible for none of it, only a "match" to it, because she's always been slandered, attacked, and scapegoated. It's a funny interpretation of the "law of attraction" that somehow always reduces to teal = victim.

The "slander" comes in the form of (clutch the pearls!) an accusation of plagiarism. Ma Nithya Swarupapriyananda, whose further comments can be found on this page, posted a video about teal's "Completion Process" and its curious resemblance to teachings by her guru, Nithyananda. But, for all teal's complaints about this accusation, she has yet to directly address the charge in any of her dog whistles blog posts.

She's far more upset, she says, by the ongoing tumult in her romantic life. Hot on the heels of her pained admission that Ale has lost almost all custody rights, due to his relationship with her "dangerous cult leader" self, she has announced the date of their pending nuptials. But, this is where things got really strange.

An observant reader noticed that the tags for her wedding announcement blog post included the word "funeral," which appears nowhere in the text. In fact the url for the post is, despite its title being "The Purity of Union." This clever reader found the original post in google cache and found that it's been through a title change and the loss of about half of its content. The deleted content, as it turns out, is a lot of self-plagiarized drivel. It originally appeared here and here. It's already been recycled into an older blog post here. I've read it. Leave it to teal to turn the lovely idea of a fire ceremony for fantasies about one's past into something morbid.

So, did teal think better of the simply horrible idea of attaching all that death imagery to her pending nuptials? Four Weddings and a Funeral was a cute movie, but this is, in fact, her fourth marriage. Talking about corpses, coffins, and funeral pyres might not read as her putting her best foot forward. Or, is it possible, I wondered, that she's begun to realize that plagiarism of either herself or other, unwitting writers isn't exactly putting her best foot forward, either. Could she actually be starting to understand this?


The very next day an even stranger blog post appeared and it is as unoriginal as it is bad. How ironic, considering that it purports to be a kind of grand confession. She's announced to all and sundry that she's a sex and love addict, to which all and sundry replied, this is news how?

So, what prompted this bout of "honesty?" I appears that critics of her plagiarism and Ale's wife's attorneys aren't the only people giving her flak. I first became aware of the latest teal drama when a friend of mine noticed that her Facebook friend list was down by over 300, um, friends. Facebook only allows 5,000 friends and teal is always around that maximum, only bestowing her coveted friendship on the most worthy, when there's the occasional opening. She doesn't pick them herself. She has people for that. They choose the appropriate energetic matches from her many waiting followers. And so I expect they did the other day, only this time the openings were in the hundreds.


What caused this sudden purge? Another friend informed me that all hell broke loose on her the Facebook post of this picture and wedding announcement.

 photo tealalewhitedress_zpsevqdgsgd.png

Most of the negative comments were cleaned up, along with her friend list, but they missed a few.

 photo whygetmarriedagain.png

 photo whataboutsarbdeep_zpslr5sidgf.png

 photo keepinthename_zpsk6hpptdm.png

In the post, teal vents about negative comments she's been getting about her pending nuptials.

I have been avoiding the comments underneath my posts about this upcoming wedding to Ale because of how cruel some people have been with their judgments about my love life and about marriage in general. Because of my willingness to be authentic about my personal life, as opposed to hide it like every other spiritual teacher, people cease to view me as a ‘teacher’ and begin to see me like an immature little sister who they have to advise...

She talks a good game about how she's come down off the "pedestal" by talking endlessly about her private life, but she hates when it actually interferes with her role as an authority figure.

The post reeks of damage control. And like all teal damage control, it includes both appeals to pity and a lot of attention on her body and sexuality. It's hard to take her sex addict "sobriety," seriously, when she starts the post off with a graphic, erotic poem and sexy, pouty photo of her younger self.

She doesn't explain how she's actually dealing with her addiction, except that she's already dismissed Sex and Love Addicts Anonymous.

I have to stay in check with the amount of influence I have in other people’s lives. For this reason, I regularly see various therapists. But I also found myself attending Love Addicts Anonymous last year. To be honest, I hated it. This is going to really invalidate people who believe in the AA approach to addiction recovery. But in my opinion, not only is the Love Addicts Anonymous curriculum completely wrong about how to accomplish recovery, it is a recipe for self hate. They do not teach attendees how to approach the inner void and loneliness. They simply prescribe forcing yourself to be single and attend the groups. From there, the solution they give you is to essentially pray for help from a higher power. Don’t even get me started on the AA curriculum. I shall save that for another day.

So, she's staying in check with her influence on other people, but thinks stating her opinion actually invalidates – renders invalid – not only Twelve Step programs, but the people who use them.  Somehow, she went to these meetings and failed understand the program completely. It's a ridiculously shallow interpretation. I'm not surprised she thinks it's a "recipe for self hate," though. These are the steps.

The Twelve Steps of S.L.A.A.

  1. We admitted we were powerless over sex and love addiction - that our lives had become unmanageable.
  2. Came to believe that a Power greater than ourselves could restore us to sanity.
  3. Made a decision to turn our will and our lives over to the care of God as we understood God.
  4. Made a searching and fearless moral inventory of ourselves.
  5. Admitted to God, to ourselves and to another human being the exact nature of our wrongs.
  6. Were entirely ready to have God remove all these defects of character.
  7. Humbly asked God to remove our shortcomings.
  8. Made a list of all persons we had harmed, and became willing to make amends to them all.
  9. Made direct amends to such people wherever possible, except when to do so would injure them or others.
  10. Continued to take personal inventory and when we were wrong promptly admitted it.
  11. Sought through prayer and meditation to improve our conscious contact with a Power greater than ourselves, praying only for knowledge of God's will for us and the power to carry that out.
  12. Having had a spiritual awakening as the result of these
  13. steps, we tried to carry this message to sex and love addicts and to practice these principles in all areas of our lives.

I expect steps 4, 5, 8, 9, 10 would be particularly challenging for teal, because they're all about taking personal responsibility. They won't allow you to just keep blaming your parents, Mormon Satanists, or anyone else. It's more like shadow work than anything teal teaches, because what she teaches is just more shadow projection.

Her rejection of SLAA, though, did not cause her to reject the text from a rehab that works with the Twelve Step model.

Love addiction can be associated with any of the following patterns:
  • Difficulty sustaining relationships after the initial excitement wears off
  • Constantly searching for a newer, better relationship
  • Feeling unhappy or worthless when alone but scared or dissatisfied when in a relationship
  • Repeatedly attracting troubled or emotionally unavailable partners
  • Confusing sex and romance for real love
  • Escaping feelings of loneliness or unhappiness through sex or relationships
  • Having multiple affairs
  • Serial dating
  • Having anonymous or unprotected sex
  • Falling “in love” with strangers
  • Trading sex for love, affection, money or power
  • Using any means necessary to attract or hold onto a love interest
  • Inability to set appropriate boundaries
  • Withdrawing from friends, family, career or interests to focus on a romantic relationship

. . .

  • Unsuccessfully trying to stay single for a certain period of time
  • Inability to stop seeing or dating a specific person even with the knowledge that it is destructive

. . .

  • Overlooking a partner’s faults to perpetuate the fantasy

In her post, teal has simply changed the bullet points to sentence fragments, tweaked a few words and riffed a bit with some doggerel in the middle of the graf.

Attachment addiction (love addiction) tends to show up in the following patterns: Difficulty sustaining relationships after the initial obsessive phase wanesConstantly searching for a better relationshipFeeling worthless and suicidal when alone but terrified and dissatisfied when in a relationship. Repeatedly attracting troubled, avoidant or emotionally unavailable partnersConfusing sex and romance for real conscious and committed loveInvolvement with a fantasy of who someone could be, rather than involvement with the reality of who someone actually is, which leads to perpetual relationships with incompatible partners.  Premature commitment usually in the form of impulsive decisions to increase the level of bonding such as moving in together, getting married and having children.  The inability to take a relationship slowly because of the intensity of bonding, immediacy of bonding, depth of intimacy and desperate fear of abandonment.  Serial dating or serial monogamy.  Potential affairsAnonymous and unsafe sexUsing sex, affection and sensual charm as a currency exchange for protection, power or money.  The inability to set healthy and appropriate boundariesWithdrawing from all other relationships when focused on ‘the one’ primary attachment relationship (partner) in their life.  And the inability to be single.

She does refer to a viral Huffington Post article on addiction, and deserves some credit for doing so. But, it doesn't excuse her, once again, plagiarizing swaths of text from an un-named source. Nor does it excuse the self-plagiarism of this article, which also appears in this very long post.

I strongly suspect that we've only touched the surface of teal's pattern of theft. Rumors about her "Completion Process" have been swirling for a while, and Nithyananda is not the only possible source that has been suggested. Unless I miss my guess, this is another of these horrible Frankenstein's monsters she creates, stitching together random bits of material from better thinkers.

Not only is teal bereft of original ideas, she's a horrible, horrible writer. She needs to plagiarize, because left to her own devices, she comes up with nonsensical verbiage like this.

The world that is internal to the relationship is raw yet pristine in its paragon.

How are raw and pristine opposites? And, what, in the name of all that is holy, does she think "paragon" means? Just wrong, wrong, wrong.

Paragon applies to someone who is a model of perfection in some quality or trait. We link paragon with other words that follow it, such as "paragon of virtue" or "paragon of patience."

A paragon means someone or something that is the very best. The English noun paragon comes from the Italian word paragone, which is a touchstone, a black stone that is used to tell the quality of gold. You rub the gold on the touchstone and you can find out how good the gold is. You are hoping that it is the paragon of "goldness."

She's just a horrible writer, who uses the thesaurus like an oracle, and drops big words she barely understands into weird contexts and tortured syntax. What she does to the English language should be illegal. What she does with other people's ideas already is.

Update: Plagiarizing Hay House (9/8/17)

In what may be her most brazen theft of intellectual property yet, teal plagiarized a facebook post from her own publisher. The plagiarized text is an obituary of Louise Hay, posted on the day of her passing. Once again, it's almost word for word. I don't know what bothers me more, that she's lifted entire paragraphs, or her weak attempts to obscure the fact that she's lifted entire paragraphs. And what's worse, after starting out with what looks like one of her classic attempts to tweak enough words and phrases to throw readers off the trail, it's like she just got bored and gave up. She stopped even trying to modify the text. She's removed things like the quote from Reid Tracy, and paraphrased the content in her introduction. She's wedged in some self-referential bits. But entire swathes of text are unchanged.

The good folks at Question Teal have already done the hard work of highlighting word for word replication, so I'm just going to post their image.

Click Image to Expand

She posted this text in two places that I'm aware of, on her personal Facebook page and on the Spiritual Catalyst page, which I think even people without Facebook membership can view. But just in case, I'm posting screenshots of the entire post. As you can see, there is no credit given to the Hay House page from which the text was taken.

Question Teal also points out that she got lots of praise for  her "heartfelt" words, despite the fact that they were neither heartfelt nor hers.

Click Image to Expand

Her own thoughts were not so much heartfelt as critical, distancing, uncompassionate, and self-referential.

The video is here, but it appears to be cut off. Who knows what she's said about Hay behind the paywall? (Because now you have to pay to hear her bitch. She's a spiritual teacher, you know.) Listen to that, or read the text above, and it becomes all the more clear why she plagiarizes so much. Left to her own devices, she doesn't make a lick of sense. Who in the hell was depending on Louise Hay, at this point? She was 90 years old! She was retired. I would hope that Hay had been able to depend on other people, in her final years. And need I point out that there is absolutely nothing ironic about Hay House and teal being born in the same year? Aren't published authors supposed to know the meaning of common words and concepts?

So on the day of Louise Hay's passing, teal insulted her life's work and stole material from the publishing house she founded. She's really taken disrespect to a new level.

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  1. 'I love this: "Sarb's perspective about what happened to split us up and mine could not be further from different."

    So, they're exactly the same?'

    So funny that through a grammatical error she's inadvertently admitting the truth. ROFL. The truth will always reveal itself. :)

  2. Wow. Per a comment on Sarb's Facebook page (Sarb Swan), has been SHUT DOWN? At the very least, it's inaccessible and has been for the last couple of days (not sure if this is just temporary or permanent).

    I don't know how "official" that forum was, if Teal engaged much on it, or if there were many members, but.. could this be the beginning of the end? I reckon her followers have decreased since Sarb's blog post. That'll only continue as he continues to share more..

  3. Hot off the virtual presses, teal scolds uppity negroes for causing racism. Get to the back of the bus, Black Lives Matter!

  4. The crazy train continues. I'm told this screenshot is from a few months ago. It's funny how the "collective conscious" sounds exactly like the paranoid, Islamaphobic conspiracy theories of the woo world. Think she's been astral traveling around the googleverse again?

    Maybe this explains why that fellow was so resistant to her message to the UN. This fellow: "he told me that I just manipulate and confuse people to prove my points and refuse to even answer the questions people ask..."

    Noticed that, did he?

    1. Doing some catching up.Read the entry with "that fellow". He sure did, eh:-)
      Also her energy diagnosis of Vienna...Ah, such nonsense.

    2. And oh wow, that "honesty moment". LOL!
      Says Teal:
      "I am aware that as a public figure I cease to be perceived as a person and am instead perceived as an object in the world. But I have to laugh (or cry) when people come to this Teal Tribe Forum and post Anti-Teal material here...only to become triggered and yell "censorship" when it is taken down.That is like running into your neighbor's house and spray painting messages about how shitty they are all over their own house and then calling it censorship when they wash the paint off the walls."

      Well, her allegorical examples are just so rarely applicable to the situations at hand. This one is a miss for sure. Similarly, it was also laughable, as previously pointed out by LaVaughn, when Teal was calling out for compassion by suggesting her audience to insert their names in Sarb's text instead of Black Swan and see how it made them feel. I think my imagination skills are ok...but I wouldn't be able to stretch them thus far! She assumes everyone would behave like her... or Elliot Roger for that matter, given the circumstances, and can relate to her shenanigans.
      And back to this one...Teal Tribe is not like her private house or am I getting this wrong? If you are a member, a triber, a tealer, then you are a part of it, non? That's why it's called Teal Tribe Forum and not Teal's Forum (guess, no difference for her). As a Triber, you aren't supposed to be "a neighbor", but a member, an active one, with the right to express your opinions or concerns on the platform created specifically with you and your interests in mind. Isn't that so? How can commenting in the appropriate comment section be compared to vandalizing and damaging private property?? No, just no. The more appropriate scenario of how people are treated with regards to their concerns and questions as opposed to the endless praise, would be if you are welcome to come to your neighbors' house only if you have a gift basket in hands, but would immediately encounter a slammed door in your face if you are to came over to warn them that they parked their car illegally or blocked others' driveway...or that it's not ok to sell supposedly organic homegrown apples in your front yard when you actually picked them from someone else's orchard thinking (or rather not thinking) that no one would notice.

    3. The whole this is like so-and-so's house thing is a real button-pusher for me. She didn't make that one up. I've seen it over and over again in web communities. They're usually fiefdoms and the more thin-skinned the site owner, the worse it is. I have no patience for it. I'm a free-speech person and web community is not your fucking house. It's a forum for discussion. Or do you generally invite thousands of people you don't know into your private home. It's absurd.

      It's particularly audacious given how teal talks to other people, like say, in Shadow House. She can be vicious whenever she wants because shadows. She can dish it out, but man, can she not ever take it.

  5. "he told me that I just manipulate and confuse people to prove my points and refuse to even answer the questions people ask..."

    You know, its hilarious to me how she includes little snippets like that expecting that people will disagree because it is CLEARLY so WRONG. hahahahahahha. wow, she is just coming undone. And sarb isnt even doing anything. He is just holding the loose thread quietly while she spins around frantically unraveling herself. Maybe he wont even need to do another blog with the rate at which she exposes her insanity.

    1. I recognized your 'Openeyes' handle in the comments on that Gabriel Kundalini Morris Kayo guy's blog.. has he responded to Sarb's blog post yet? I imagine he hasn't. Lol. He tried to discredit Cameron's work for so long, saying that "There wouldn't be much of a controversy surrounding Teal Swan if it wasn't for Cameron Clark. Cameron is, to the best of my knowledge, the only person who has actually met Teal and spent significant time with her, who is now publicly speaking critically of her." It seemed that he didn't want to actually *listen* to anything she had to say, and just kind of dismissed it all as, 'well, a lot of people are around/live with Teal, and Cameron's been the only one to come forward with negative things to say about her, so she must be wrong/lying.' Wonder what excuse he's gonna come up with regarding what Sarb has to say? *rolling my eyes* Wish these people would wake up already!

    2. It was never true that Cameron was the ONLY person who had been close to teal and then spoken critically of her. Never true. And now, it's even less true.

      And, he can't say he doesn't know, because the links have been posted to his blog and he's acknowledged them. How embarrassing.

    3. It's really embarrassing. I imagine that's why he's silent on the whole thing--he's too embarrassed and probably feels incredibly dumb to have believed so much in Teal.

    4. He doesn't have the guts to come out and say it. Not even the guts to admit the truth to himself.

    5. Nope no response. Oh well, he can sink with that ship if he chooses.

    6. Unfortunatly Gab. Kunda. can't make any sound cause Teal is still squeezing his balls since the day they met and had a lovely walk up the mountain together...she told him some pumb pumb and bomb bomb, pastlife, master of Kundabunda... and got a loyal soldier. Gab. Kunda will also doubt Sarbdeep Swan because with the confession of being wrong he would also loose all the glorifying titles she gave him.... not to forget that he wouldn't be able to handle the back lash of the Tealers against him. He appears like a lovely little flower who just wants to travel the world.

    7. "Just wants to travel the world" or maybe keep on escaping facing all sorts of things?...

      I went to check Gabriel's blog for the first time yesterday and he states in one of his comments below that very very long post that once he is fully convinced that Teal was lying about everything, he would remove the videos he made with her from his channel and completely disassociate from her. So I proceeded to youtube- it's still there. As for excuse, he can say that Sarb is not a reliable source, being a bitter ex-husband taking revenge, exaggerating things, blah blah...
      But...I have a question. If Gabriel should feel embarassed, what about Sarbdeep the knight? After all he had been defending Teal, and not in the most gentle manner to quite a few people, until the VERY end. He was also "doing his job",riki,and as he stated himself in his blog, he enjoyed working with her. Yeah, I can see him being in his element, organizing events, bringing people together, polishing her for "the world stage", convincing himself he is helping the great cause...but while having some serious doubts already. Hmmmm. I remember the screenshots LaVaughn posted, with "Ban+Delete=Problem Solved" gem or calling anyone who raised even the slightest questions in polite ways "haters" and "trolls". And LV here got dedicated a funny line as well as threats also, which I assume she just laughed at it, but what about all those people who were involved members in teal tribe community and with no consideration were thrown out? some really took it close to heart, I recall. Some really were hurt deeply and those few comments I've seen from screenshots by Sarbs really reeked of aggression, rage even. I suppose that was the result of his internal conflict brewing and all his tension stored beneath, which he mentions in the blog. But still... not an excuse. And while lackey Blake's lame damage control replies just made me laugh, it was almost painful to see someone like Sarbdeep transform over time into a zombie warrior.
      Rikitiki, swans can be aggressive and territorial sometimes :-)

      "It was never true that Cameron was the ONLY person who had been close to teal and then spoken critically of her."
      Yes, LaVaughn, I also think of Elizabeth, that lady who came to volunteer in Teal's organization and encoutered such mess...I enjoyed her wise comments on Teal's blog and your site.

    8. Hi Elena ( :
      That is very surprising Elena, can you post a link to his blog/comment?

      Sarbdeep lost his mind whilst with -Teal, no question. And he was very aggressive at the end until he got out and came back to his senses. I feel like the real Sarbdeep is there again. She certainly set him against her "resistance" and he believed it until he didn't. Seeing his choices now, I have no problem of letting go of this surprise and shock about his moments of aggression.

    9. Hi!!:-)
      Here is the blog. Still searching for the abovementioned comment, they are just sooo long, I skimmed them. But I scrolled down a bit further than yesterday now and also came across this one, dated Feb 29. "If there is blatant plagiarism then that is a major problem and I would not support that at all. Can you provide a link to an article showing that there has been clear plagiarism?"

    10. Oh,sorry, it's actually in the blog post itself:
      "And I will also state categorically that if it should be shown beyond a shadow of a doubt by this forthcoming document, or through other information that comes to light in the future, that Cameron's claims are indeed correct: that Teal has fabricated her entire life's story and is lying about everything; then I will remove all of my Youtube interviews with Teal and completely disassociate from her. Of course, I don't want to be involved in helping to support and promote that sort of deception in any way."

    11. WOW. It is nice to see that people come slowly back to sense. Sarbdeep's honesty and LaVaughn's long breath and dedication to detail combined with a long breath have finally great impact.

      Teal calls the surfacing truth and backlash as "resistance" and "haters". I have a feeling that this kind of word and mind games will be short lived from now on. I considered Morris as one of her hardcore supporters for whatever reasons. If he is starting to wake up, a lot of Teal fans will follow cause you cannot longer ignore the presence of proof that T is playing a game whilst
      struming with her eyes. I found her very insecure in the latest Ralph Smart video. A lot of empty phrases and cold faced smiles. She doesn't care about Ralph but appreciates the access to his fans. Ralph is just very loving and not bothered at all. Teal is working hard on him. It helps not to look into her eyes ;D

    12. HEy Elena, seems like GabKunda got cold feet and took the whole thing down. Good that you posted it here. He obviously changed his mind and is reading this blog. What timing.

    13. I was a bit too fast. The link was broken. HEre is the right link.

      I read the article now and they way how it was embedded doesn't mean a thing. He is obviously believing Teal and not Cameron and Teal gave him some good numbers for youtube, he cut it in a lot of pieces in order to get more numbers. A business man he is too. I take it back. The quote of him doesn't mean a thing. He is still teal struck and Sarbdeep and Cameron are bitter liars. face palm.

  6. Teals Swan's latest comment :I have been noticing a lot of emotional reactivity....instead of reacting, go inside to that vulnerable spot" is basically what she said. She asked Sarb to go onstage with her and do shadow work! The gall of that woman! Him, in the middle of her and her followers, like prey for vultures. I notice she always distracts, saying in whatever way she can "it's your problem" let's bring up all of your inadequacies so I don't have to look at what's happened! Why doesn't she address her LIES?
    Go to the vulnerable spot within you, if there is one, and make up for or defend yourself against the attack of LIES! (Or calmly address them since people are so upset and you care about people so much, being an Acturian after all)

    1. I have a screenshot. It's horrible. It's manipulative. And, for good measure, it's got walking fish.

      And, to be clear, SHE did not as Sarbdeep to do public "shadow work." It was her COO, which is to say, Blake. Can you imagine? Having your ex-wife's ex-boyfriend and guy friday come and ask you to bare your soul onstage?

    2. LOL! Of course she wouldnt do it herself, she is the worst kind of coward!


    What is with these cringeworthy posed as f*ck photos he/she always shares? I mean, really. It's almost as if they're trying to convince everyone how "in love" they are with each other (perhaps because they're not convinced themselves?) with all the eyes closed-foreheads touching-legs/hands/arms intertwined cheesy poses they always do. So fake and unnatural. :/

    1. Teal would call it "branding". She is doing her job. Ale is currently a nut job. So both are doing their jobs ( ;

    2. "Ale is currently a nut job. So both are doing their jobs"

      hahaha! Thats a great way to put it. Seems like every man she dates goes through a serious "nut job" (teal be busting their balls and making them say and do nonsensical shit). He can wake up like her exhusband did. But for fucks sake, he, as far as I know, is the ONLY one to wake up and regain control of his own mind. The rest are just cycled and cycled. She probably feels clever, using men that way. How long until she realizes they are all hovering around for the sex she pays them to keep quiet and play along ? That she wasnt the user but the used and everyone knew she was an insufferable harpy the entire time? How many can she juggle to keep up the charade?

    3. Fallon (or whatever his real name was) also wrote an article about his experience living in a cult-like environment, in which he had shared how Teal tried, somewhat successfully, implant false memories of child abuse he'd suffered unto him, responsible for his mental illness. Or something like that, it was long time ago, hope I remember correctly. He also left some comments on LaVaughn's first article on Teal, and shared his contact details, welcoming further communication...was it you, rikitikitavi, who wrote to him? His article was taken down from what I heard, maybe it was the result of those emails Teal exchanged with him, reminding of their sex life, which Sarbdeep speaks of.

    4. Teal had to zap him with compliments in regards to his sexual skills to get him under control again. That is what she does. Sex in any shape or form, performing it or implanting phantasies in followers by posting images on beds or in front of rumpled bed (she stopped that cause it became to obvious though) or giving false compliments to partners and ex partners and reactivating their phantasies. It seems like her strongest tool after observing Teal for so long. She got taught well and has a lot of experience - she probably was a prostitute at some stage...they are professionals when it comes to reading and manipulating men - it is their job. I can tell that no man ever satisfied her. My guess would be that a relationship with a woman would be more satisfying to her cause she has no respect for men and has to castrate them after a while- i dont know why that is though.

      I also talked to Fallon before he got caught again by sex. He was pretty clear that she is a fraud and all is made up, regretful for starting the community in her house but still had a very soft spot for her by saying that he doesnt want to hurt her, still loves her. Then he changed his mind again cause Missy was working on him. (;

      Openeyes, Teal is very good in gathering information about people, profiling them by observing them. She did this all her life and it is a basic skill in order to be able to manipulate them successfully - and she is skillful in that regard. you can see in the Ralph Smart video how she constantly checks on him, tries to read him. She has no problem giving 10 men at the same time the feeling of having a higher purpose, being the best in bed and to anchor false titles and past life ideas in their head. It is a sport of hers as you know. She loves that kind of shit, she gets high on that kind of stuff.

      Looking forward to Sarbdeep's insights. I think it is true that the life of Teal is darker and stranger than we ever considered.

  8. Is Teal selling her body again to further her career and does she allow her recent client Gicqueau to post images of this on instagram nowadays?

    Teal please stop prostituting your body and stop abusing the concept of marriage to get internet pages, swanish brand names and dirty sugar daddy money from a guy how licenses software to the big criminals - your original enemies. Did you forget?

    oh I forgot: that's just what you do to have a career. "You are taking care of yourself, providing to yourself" ( ; to use your own words. I bet you can write a screwed blog and sell your fans prostitution as a honorable act of compassion and they will all applaud you cause you have your ways to fuck with people's minds (and bodies) for one and only one purpose:

    to not feel so horrible and empty.

    You create fake worlds, fake missions, fake personalities, fake relationships, fake compassion to get adoration and power to get away from this scary place.

    I understand.

    But what you do will bite you in your ass one day. Betrayal is horrible and you are betraying so many people.

    Stop. Come clean. Become a fiction author. You will be very successful and not betraying people because you are not a liar by declaring that this is fiction. And something else: give Sarbdeep his name back. You are no Swan at all.


    She had to run to this guys fans to get support.

    Looks like someone just paid for an hour with her. We can see she doesn't like Ale. Can't even look at him.

    1. Ralph is Angel. Maybe he can heal her with his gentle love. He was working on her, she didn't even notice it whilst being busy pleading her case to his audience.
      Ralph keep shining. You are the true expression of authenticity.

    2. The comments under Ralph's YT video are just so inappropriate. Hardly anyone commented on the actual content/"message" of the video (probably because Teal just talked out of her ass and didn't say anything profound or worthwhile), but there sure were a ton of people saying the most shallow, pointless garbage:

      -That Ralph should "hit it"
      -That they should start something together
      -That she wants the D
      -That he's "diving deep into that pussy"
      -Even people just asking if they were a couple

      Like, WTF? She and Ralph attract the strangest most dense people. 0_o

      Also, if I were Ralph, I wouldn't be so quick to use the psychologist angle to try and sell his message. He associates himself with TEAL, narcissist/sociopath/pathological liar, after all..

  10. I'm not so sure Sarbdeep is really genuine and sincere....he doesn't acknowledge photo sources and I have trouble respecting anyone who asks and needs you to 'like' their articles. Seems like he too needs attention for whatever reason

    1. Hi Fatal45: The images he is using are royalty free images, you pay once a fee and can do with it whatever you like. Rights-managed images usually require creditation and are limited by a certain period of time and a specific usage agreed upon it etc. I don't really understand your point how it makes him look not sincere? I also think that he has to play the social media game in order to spread his articles. A common practice is to encourage people to "press like" so that all their friends are exposed to the article as well. I was not aware that he asked for likes but don't see a problem with it if he did. I think Sarbdeep is as genuine and sincere as it gets to this day.

    2. Thank you for the precision concerning the images. My point was regarding plagiarism and the insincerety that transpires from those, like Teal, who do not feel that it's important to acknowledge sources. But, if as you say, Sarbdeep's pictures are free of rights, then that's cool.
      If you read the end of his 'black swan' article, he asks 'you' to like it, not to share it with your friends (which would enable the info to better circulate). For me, the whole concept of 'likes' is for ego stimulating rather than info spreading.
      It's also been a couple of weeks since he published the first article, and I'm surprised he hasn't printed another ( not necessarily about Teal) given that he wants to create a platform for exchanging. I would not pick this point up, if he hadn't said that he'd be publishing one once a week. I'll have to wait and see before being able to really analyse and understand his intentions and the true depth of his sincerity.

    3. @Fatal45, he didn't ask people to 'like' his article. He told people to 'Like' (in other words, "follow") his Facebook page if they wanted to stay connected and receive updates of new blog posts, etc. He's just starting out, so I don't expect him to be on a strict posting schedule. And, to be fair, it does say on his site that his page will be developed over the coming weeks. He also said that he'll be posting *around* once a week, when appropriate.


    Let's see how Black Swan and Monkey are working the masses.

    jump to 23 min ...

  12. Strap in. What we have here is a nice little story about a man who attempted suicide and was helped along to his death by higher dimensional Mantis beings, because it was the right thing to do. See? The Mantis people know that teal is right about suicide as a reset button! So, shut up and stop criticizing her for it.

    1. I don't care if Teal plagiarized this story or its a work of a cynical fantasy duping people into becoming uncritical thinkers in a never ending cycle of worship and consumption.

      It makes me feel good and that's all I care about. It comforts me we have Teal as our intermediary to go up to the higher dimensions to see things from up there and come back down to tell us all about those lovable Mantis Beings sorting things out up there for us. This man's suicide is a meaningful reminder for me of how much I like artichokes. Now I am going to write a list of all the things I like. While all you people who are haters and anti-teal pick apart this truly inspiring post.

    2. Here here. And excuse me while I further lose sight of reason because I'm reading about "fingertips dipping into velvety (artichoke) flesh", and being under the covers in a full body embrace.
      Forget that she's a pathological liar who wouldn't use her powers for good if she had any...oh no. All I care about is whether I'll ever be in teals "full body embrace."

      Ughhhhh so much cringe

    3. Teal holds the answers!This one was particularly full of sludge. Here are some of the things that stood out the most to me. I think the reference to spiders and entrapment is interesting considering other recent conversations elsewhere...

      “But I do not need to explore them. I already know that some of them lead to life and some of them lead to death”.

      See, she already KNOWS every outcome of every choice (and its so simple, one of two things. Life or death, what each of them contains is irrelevant because teal says so), and its so blasé to even consider the ramifications.

      “ Those of us who spend time in between dimensions lovingly refer to them as “The Doctors””.

      Who is she talking about here? Isn’t teal the only one with source perspective, or is this her nod to the way she plagiarizes and now has to at least acknowledge that this story has a root or two in someone elses story or work? Instead of giving credit or reference to who or what the doctors are, or who else claims to have seen or contacted them, she has simply lumped herself in the group or groups from where the idea originated.

      “The best way to relate to them is to observe a spider. When you pierce the web of a spider, they go to work weaving it back together again…”

      Aaaand back to spiders, teal being a sort of black widow herself is fixated on them, always spinning and respinning her web of lies when someone pokes a hole through it. And here she is making poetic her shitty half baked bullshit…as she attempts to weave over that pesky hole in her web about suicide being an answer to our problems.

      “…And this man’s beliefs had created a pattern in his energy field that worked like a veil of entrapment…” (a follower of hers, was he? Perhaps he meditated on her paintings)

      “Of course, in his waking life, he was never conscious enough to be able to articulate what the problem was. He developed a desire for intimacy and unconditional love and yet continued to try to get it from the people who could only show him conditional love… Love that was conditional upon his success. Women only seemed to show interest in him when he appeared to be successful. Invitations would only be extended from colleagues when they saw they stood to gain by his status. His finances always went through a pattern of high and low. But no matter if they were high or low, he always felt the same emptiness.”

      Of course, you guys. Of course everything teal is about to splat out on to her page is the utmost truth. I hate how she used that so much, because obviously to "get it", you have to agree in the first place. It really just seems like she is making up a story to tell her own story here. She is talking about herself and her own skewed perception of how important the “success” of her “career” is to her and her endless failed relationships. Platonic and romantic alike. She is dismissing it as financial or fame based, because that is what everything boils down to for herself. She is dismissing the validity of emotions and human experience because it only ties back into those two things. Material fulfillment, outside validation of a self-perception.

    4. “I was thinking about my own life”
      (Already noticed that you were, dear. Of course you were just thinking about your own life. You spelled that out quite clearly by accident, as per usual).

      “I was thinking about the velvety feel of sticking my fingertips inside the sensual whirls of a half open rose I was thinking about running my hands across the sovereign neck muscles and silky fur of a horse. I was thinking about being bathed in the thermal glory of stage lighting with an audience of people lending their focus my way…”

      So there ya have it. Suicide is sexy. It is as sensual as teal’s transparent plays at sexuality, as sensual as a starved horse that had to removed from her care to survive, as sensual as all the attention she receives for peddling this sickness to others.

      “I was thinking about my own ‘eulogy’ of sorts… I have the understanding…”
      No, no you don’t. what you have is delusions and an obvious obsession with self and a need to romanticize horrible things so you can justify your fucked up “perspective”. She is hinting a lot about the end of life lately. I had a feeling she might do something very dramatic in light if everyone realizing what she is (and I just need to add that the only light she references fondly, as though it is not just an illusion of some sort, is the "thermal glory" of STAGE lighting. She is sooo obvious it is legitimately gross), maybe she will kill herself and she is just setting the stage so that her followers can follow her in to the 6th dimension or wherever spider universe she claims she will end up in.

      “It seems that human life is made up of both the best and the worst.”

      And this is her insightful conclusion. Lol. A simplistic platitude, hardly a revelation. Life is good and bad, people are good and bad, life is a big fucking grey area. Welcome to it, you internally polarized nut case.

      Sorry if the first half of my comment was double posted somewhere, I was having some troubles with it. Feel free to delete the extra one (I cant find it, it may have just disappeared)

    5. I can't see Teal ending her teaching/career/life any time soon because for an insincere fantasist cyberspace/the internet is the perfect space in which to spin out a constantly shifting lie. Because in that space none of what she writes ever has to meet a physical solid reality. Any proof that can be shown to show she is talking shit she can just re-brand as "a mirror appearance in consciousness" or "a lesson in evolution and growth" or "a former self" to those who want to believe and want to worship enough. (and want to remain in headspace/cyberspace)

      All she has to do is train a core number of people in online worship and double think (and paypal) and keep talking and misdirecting and she will always have enough support.


    6. You are right. She can still gleen concern and pity by hinting around at death, dying, and suicide and somehow relaying it all back to her own life and recent dramas. Pressuring support out of people who actually need support. Its maddening.

    7. Oh my god, Openeyes. This is brilliant.

      "'I was thinking about the velvety feel of sticking my fingertips inside the sensual whirls of a half open rose I was thinking about running my hands across the sovereign neck muscles and silky fur of a horse. I was thinking about being bathed in the thermal glory of stage lighting with an audience of people lending their focus my way…'

      So there ya have it. Suicide is sexy. It is as sensual as teal’s transparent plays at sexuality, as sensual as a starved horse that had to removed from her care to survive, as sensual as all the attention she receives for peddling this sickness to others. "

      It was the strangest locus shift in that post, how she jumped from dead guy to all this sensual imagery. And it opens with sensual observations about blood as art (in one of the most artless phrasings ever).

      She's romanticizing death again. Death is beautiful. Death is sensual. Death is freedom from self-created constraint, it's liberation. It's like this horrible siren song, once again.

      Oh my god....

    8. "It was the strangest locus shift in that post, how she jumped from dead guy to all this sensual imagery. And it opens with sensual observations about blood as art (in one of the most artless phrasings ever)."

      I noticed that too and thought "hrrmmmm I so wonder where this is going...", and sure enough it was some bad highschool poetry about death/suicide/and how it all comes back to tealtealteal. Why mention the horse she nearly neglected to death in such a sensual way, or sex, or masturbation (I know just what "fingers inside" the sensual whirls of a half open flower was meant to generate. And for what it is worth, the word is WHORLS. Flowers have whorls. Teal has whirls, constantly whirling around spraying this shit everywhere). And again, the mantis beings....they also consume their mates. She has placed them right up there with spiders, and explains how they tore away at his energy. Teal pretends this didnt resonate at first, until she realized it was for his own sad, little good. And then starts talking about full body embraces and lovers and sex. NO THANKS. It is a warning in plain sight. She is icky and insane. And so obviously obvious at this point.

  13. "It seems that human life is made up of both the best and the worst."

    Sure all the haters are going to say that this is an utterly trite and facile statement that points to the ultimate vapidness of Teal's insights and message. That her teaching is in the end insipid and panders to the lowest common denominators on every level. That the cumulative effect is little better than someone ripping out a dozen pages out of a dozen random self help books, shuffling them up, stapling them together and tossing them out each week, whilst taking no responsibility for the outcome.

    But those people won't get it because Teal is communicating on a deeper level they can't understand. They are low vibration frequency and are just jealous of Teal because they are not as pretty or successful. I feel sorry for them. Teal is just a mirror for them reflecting their own shortcomings.

    1. Yes yes yes, a thousand times. Its built in to the way she speaks. "Those of us who...", "Of course, (insert anything here)", "I have the understanding", "I already know...". "life or death" (black or white, either or, everything is "simple" in that the answers are reduced to two things, and teal knows which is the right thing. And the right thing just depends on what suits her in the moment, and so the "right" thing was just death. Nothing in between, no context or opportunity or experience, no elaboration. Just "here are the two choices, and this is the right choice")

      She is just full of shit, setting herself up as an authority on things she herself doesnt have a basic grasp on, or things she just straight made up to justify some other horrid thing she said or did. The only way for teal to succeed at this is to keep people in the dark and out of the light. There is only so much "thermal glory" to go around, after all.

    2. Brilliant comments above! I would've probably laughed more if it wasn't also "sad, so sad, it's a sad sad situation. And it's getting more and more absurd."

  14. It's ridiculous. I have been reading these comments for HOURS now and it just doesn't stop. No offense to anyone who writes a few critical comments here after reading the interesting blog. But some of you guys are so hopelessly addicted to writing bad words about Teal it's getting awkward now.

    LaVaughn, for years you are sitting here in your hatred or in your envy or whatever it is that is driving you, swallowing your seasick pills before every blogpost you read from Teal so that you can tell us once again how fake and stupid this woman is. Day after day after day! From time to time we learn from you that you are the so much more classy woman than Teal or you ridicule her so you can feel better again.

    All has been said! You brought some good arguments. They are widely available for everyone to read. Now get over the fact that there will always be people who love Teal and like what she does. Tell us when there is something genuinely NEW that we can learn about Teal. Everything else is just unneccessary hate speech.

    1. Please, please educate yourself on what the term "hate speech" means.

      This is teal's false premise, which is being accepted far too uncritically. Criticism is not "hate" or "hate speech." She is not a protected class, quite the contrary.

    2. Yes LaVaughn stop your painstaking and thoughtful analysis and keeping track of how a corrupt teacher year after year sows divisiveness and unreality into their followers. Stop using logic and rational arguments time after time to counter the ongoing stupidity and sheer emptiness of careerist spirituality, or providing an ongoing resource for people to check backwards through the timeline, chart the tropes and rhetoric as they were repeatedly deployed to dupe and mis-direct. Stop returning to previous statements made and lies told with recent testimonies and new information that comes to light. Stop providing a space for people to vent their frustration and come to a clearer understanding and picture of whats going on. Stop shining a light into ignorance, darkness and obscurification. Stop writing about other teachers and teachings as well, which gives a broader perspective on specific corrupt patterns and trends. Stop creating via a thoroughgoing critique the seeds for a better path that can be taken.

      Stop restating the point to keep it on people's radar and to not abandon the ground of clear thinking and rational debate.

      Yes people have died who were following Teal. Yes she brings up suicide a lot but do you have to keep flagging that up. Because I've decided what you're doing is unnecessary. It's all been said. Just stop writing until you can say something new. Because old stuff can't possibly have any relevance to a new reader of the blog.

    3. Not necessarily so. I find this blog quite therapeutic, as I had my life turned upside down by narcissists, psychopaths, etc. while Teal is collectively draining everyone she comes into contact with while thinking she is nothing but a gift to the world, there are those who see past the manipulation and it's quite refreshing, invigorating. Teal has a purpose or so she says. What if La Vaughn's purpose is to offer support and understanding to those whose lives have been destroyed by people like her? Her first client did kill herself after all....that is a serious matter if we have reports of people who've been close to her saying she said to go kill yourself, etc. She's becoming famous by an abuse story she can't back up, and hundreds of other lies. Who is she to counsel people at this point, or rather, make money off of people who've really been abused? What good does that do them, if she can't teach people out of abuse like hers to be successful or productive with their lives? She is betraying a lot of people and not making good karma for herself. Over the years she just gets worse and worse. I haven't learned anything from her videos that I didn't already know for a very long time. She is not a true spiritual teacher but a narcissist and these people, believe me, have no right to be a spiritual guide.

    4. Hi Lonelywolf, welcome over here and you are right. It is pretty addictive to feel the desire to point out day by day the mind games of Teal. I feel that this blog and active comment section has 3 jobs. 1. recovery centre of ex tealers, 2. constantly updated and always referencing to the new ventures of teal whilst pointing out the mind games, to be accessible to the public 3. like a river not a pond who stops one day and disappears in the www.

      Teal is over saturating the world with her content, private life, ideas and phantasies and gives plenty of reasons to speak the mind of sb who is not under her spell. Because all she says and does only make sense whilst spell-bound. If not, it is ridiculous what she says and does.

      Now that she is working on getting her own reality,

      I find this a much better fit for her. She can lie and play whatever she wants without betraying people…cause it is a reality show and they all of constructed storylines isn't it. I welcome "Keeping up with Teal". She is perfect for this kind of entertainment but dangerous when it comes to her spiritual fraud brand, built upon lies, twisted and confused and manipulative as she is. I am glad that LaVaughn has such long breath and clarity of mind to offer a constant antidote for the spell bounding fairytale creature called Black Swan ( ;

      When a dog is baking at the cat - is that hate speech? I still struggle to understand the point where you are coming from by calling it hate speech. Can you explain?

    5. A reality show? Oh my god. It never ends. Lmao. Are they going to film when Ale gets OCD and starts losing his mind when Teal cheats on him with Blake or that one guy that lost all the weight that's always in her Instagram or Fallon or Ralph Smart...or.....

  15. Her reply was not to plagiarism but only Sarb's blog? Defense is an act of war? F-ing bullshit! It's called standing in your own truth or authenticity. She is teaching people that bullshit and lies are what today's world means by authentic. Do we need to go to a spiritual seminar for hundreds of dollars to figure this out? Jesus. Wow. She is really a master manipulator. Well there are people's lives that have been destroyed by people like her, who want to twist and manipulate the truth. Does she think she is exalted or isn't going to attract haters just because she gives out copied half truths?
    Well Hitler had his good traits too, as she might I guess in the Gand scheme of things she is still a victim and that makes everything ok. Her bullshit and lies might be fine for another profession but to take advantage of mentally distraught or I'll people, well she's still feeding the old model, the same machine. Fine already but don't call yourself a Eucharist. Or whatever else.

  16. Michael James has canceled his planned event with teal. Turns out she didn't WANT to do public shadow work, you know, on her OWN shadows. Screenshot here. Facebook post here.

    1. And here, we have Michael James's reply to teal's new blog post on her FB page.

    2. I skimmed through the post and then this:

      "The other part of me has temporarily succumb to a disheartening feeling that if someone like myself (with all the awareness and tools I have at my disposal) can’t resolve a conflict with someone in my own life, there is no hope whatsoever for other people on this earth. It has made war on our planet seem unavoidable."


      When she started writing her blog and showing her life in public I realized how I'd been wasting my time! My life is nowhere near as fucked up as hers. My standards, values and ethics would make me an ascended master by comparison to that succubus, and in fact most of the people I call friends as well, saints, all saints and archangels by comparison. It's not sickening that she's so deluded about herself, that happens with lots of people, it's sickening that others look up to someone like this in the name of spirituality. That they can seemingly not see how obviously messed up she and her message are.

      I will give her audience some credit and assume spirituality has nothing to do with their interest, but just this masturbatory self exposure she subjects them to. Voyeurism, drama, self pity and sexuality behind a façade of crystals and incense.

      The Arcturians called, they want nothing to do with Black Swan.

  17. UPDATE EVERYONE: The next Ask Teal espisode will be: WHY PLAGARISM IS OK.

    ....sort of like the narcissist video only way worse

    1. that will have to wait a little bit longer. Currently she is on a mission to renew her image with children. Phase 1 is active: bring back Little Winter into the public eye; show family pics with ex hubby and baby in the arm cause she can be trusted around children; talk about plans of publishing material how to deal with & teach kids and how to divorce but keep the children happy.

      I think I remember clearly that she took his boy out of her authentic authenticity blog and social media on purpose. Now he is serving her to help the brand image. She is so calculating

      Although it is a cute pic, the intentions are ugly.

      I can't find the blog right now with the family pic. It's somewhere there.

  18. Teal Swan Responds To Anti-Tealers by Talk Straight - I agree with most of his views on this although he got the number of her marriages wrong ( ;

    he is refering to these videos


    Reply to Teal Swan - Polyamory: Why you should not listen to Teal Swan for (relationship) advice

    1. That Talk Str8 guy is an absolute buffoon. I don't know if he's incapable of thinking critically, or if he's just too lazy to do proper research, but the guy is always making mistakes and giving out misinformation. He stated that Teal has lost over 30,000 subscribers on her YouTube channel due to all of these revelations coming out about her. NO. She hasn't lost any! In fact, she continues to *gain* subscribers. Sure, it's at an extremely slow pace (good for that), but the number is growing. Where this moron got the idea that she's lost over 30,000 subs recently is beyond me. Here's her social blade page with the statistics/numbers:

    2. Actually, now that I'm thinking about it... in the 'Reply to Teal Swan - Polyamory' video, the woman said something like, 'I *think* Teal has 300,000+ subscribers, so she has many people listening to her.' That Talk Str8 moron probably took that as a fact and subtracted her current number of subs (270,000+) = 30,000. Which, fine, he made a mistake...but he tried to make a POINT out of that mistake, basically saying that people are waking up, if you will, and unsubscribing/unfollowing--when that's just not the case.

  19. What a strange thing to post indeed.

    1. The funny thing about it is, that Teal either forgot the old way of her story and told Ale an upgraded version or they both are getting so confused that neither knows. Teal mentioned in at least 3-4 radio interviews around 2012-12 that she met Blake in a club and he took her into the safety of his home and was hiding her there. Teal never mentioned that she broke into his place through a window. What is it now. Club or broken window? ( ; ... ah well.

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. I just now noticed the posts about Teal having plans for a reality show. This is about as much as a perfect fit for her as I can imagine. Maybe that is the point of the Blake's window picture and slight re-vision of emphasis on the "escape"?

      I wonder if Teal and Ale will marry on the first episode?

    4. I actually remember hearing the whole breaking into Blake's apartment thing. I don't remember which version of her narrative it was in and I'm not going to dig for it. But, I remember it. She's met him and when she made her "escape" she went to his apartment, can't remember how she found it, and no one was home, so she broke in.

      I'll just say this about Ale's enlistment in validating her narrative. It's a sleight of hand. It's akin to Colin Powell standing in front of Congress with a vial of salt and saying, IF this were anthrax... I'd also compare it to the prosecutor of Damien Echols and Jason Baldwin (WM3) waving around a knife in front of the jury that had never been established to be the murder weapon. In fact, no murder weapon had ever been found.

      What Ale is doing is using a visual aid that is, in and of itself, meaningless. That Blake's window exists, and I'm assuming that's the actual window, it doesn't prove that teal broke into the house through that window. But, using visuals like that over-rides the logical processes and, if you're not careful in your reasoning, provides "proof." The illogic goes, the window she broke into exists, therefore teal's story is true. Shouldn't work, but as a war in Iraq which turned up no WMD and the conviction of the WM3 demonstrate all too well, it does work.

    5. She knew Blake was going to fall for her looks from the start. She broken in because she was a loser with no friends or life. She was used to people taking care of her. Gave him sex for him doing everything else. Good call LaVaughn.

    6. "LaVaughnMarch 21, 2016 at 1:41 PM
      I actually remember hearing the whole breaking into Blake's apartment thing."

      do you also remember the club story? I am 100% sure, in one of her earliest radio fairy tale interviews that she mentioned it. Never heard of the window or maybe it was already an update to make it more dramatic. Being sewn into dead bodies was also a theatrical new element which she used later on. Cameron had proven that it is impossible to be sewn into them…but it sound scary enough to make the hearts bleed for her brand. I just can't believe it.

    7. Club, party, something... I know the story was that she met him in some social setting and somehow knew he'd be the one who could help her, so she ran to his apartment and broke the window to get in. I don't know. It was something like that. The narrative shrinks and expands and shrinks again, as needed.

  20. If a magician performs a trick on stage, growing back the missing limb of a woman by applying a magical tincture on her stump, which he then sells afterwards to the masses and if i find myself, standing there, and holding a speech in front of the theatre, explaining the visual illusion he used to make the limb appear and proofing that the tincture is just water which he sells for 99 dollars a bottle… am I full with hate or am I a spell-free person who saw through his method and am following my wish that people don't get screwed over by liars? According to Teal I am a hater cause i have a resistance against liars. mmmmhhhhh…. nice try Teal. I can genuine tell you that i am not jealous on you, your looks or your business venture. I have a big, benevolent heart and wish everybody well and if I see sb screwing over sb else, I will make sure to voice the facts, put them out there so that each person can find it and get rid of the liars in their lives. The problem I have with you: you put out a tone of lies, you were preying on the compassion of good hearted people, you steel content of real geniuses and sell them as your own material for a lot of money. you use a tone of psychological tricks to cover up your tracks but they are obvious to those who are not spell bound by you.

    I know you try to brand those people who recognize your games as haters, as jealous people and you even use them to sell yourself as if you "made it" (whatever that means). Any person with the skill of clear thinking can see that the majority of posts here are not based on hate but on uncovering that what you hide whilst you are claiming that you are THE leader of authenticity.

    the tragic thing is that some of the content you repeat from the books and websites, is in itself fantastic material and people get in touch with it through you and project their gratefulness towards you. What they don't realize is that you mix it with pepper, salt, your own nonsense and your constant cover up of your own fraudulent intentions… and it will lead to short term greatness and then comes the crash or a tortures cycle of never finding healing. Sarbdeep, which I consider as 3000% more authentic than you, stated clearly that you are not interested in healing people. This goes hand in hand with my observation over the last few years of your neurotic behavior.

    Believe it or not but i do with well for you, I do hope that you find healing of your endless hatred in yourself against the world, I do wish that your split personalities will unite one day and you will find the person who can bring peace to your mind. I will continue to say the most loving NO to you and your shitty tricks and hopefully a lot of people will find this here, free themselves from your spell and stop buying 99$ water bottles from you.

  21. But maybe it's special, high vibrational water that cannot be utilized until it is paid for. Like her paintings.

  22. I'm sorry, but how can you question someone's most worst memory when you know nothing about her. Being raped doesn't hurt as much as your own family hurting you, and that's the truth. Your family is supposed to nurture and love you....and when they take that away from you, you feel powerless, unloved, not needed, unimportant. Leave Teal alone until you know all the facts about life. Then I would love to hear what you have to say, and I am sure it wouldn't be negative. You guys have a lot to say about teal, but never mention anything about yourselves. Is this the perfection group I knew nothing about? apparently.

    1. Then why won't she prove these "facts"?

    2. Regardless of whatever she may have gone through or lies about, or even her motives behind her actions, the fact we've all seen remains; she's a wreck. She's a wreck and as qualified to teach about healing and spirituality as a perpetual junkie is about substance abuse recovery. People have already taken their own lives under her guidance, it's a serious matter, and people are rightly concerned about that.

      You clearly feel pity for her, like most of the people following her advice, and project your/their own wounds onto her. That's fine, people do that with friends a celebrities throwing victim parties in public like Teal. Nothing wrong with that, but she's direly unqualified for the job she's decided to take. It's highly irresponsible, and the author of this blog is showing proof of that to everyone.

      It would be great if her followers could summon a little objectivity and reason, then these words will make sense.

    3. Hello Kelsie, you probably didn't read all comments on each article about Teal because there is a lot of information about some of us.

      I listened to her story, believed her story, felt with her, wished her well and then…then came the day when her stories didn't add up, hole after hole appeared, bizarre behavior, not walking the talk herself, etc. too many things don't fit. I assume you also read the interview with Doc THE abuser of Teal? I am using logic, research, my long term memory of T. words etc… doesn't add up. Once you dive and search you find and it can't be ignored.

  23. I can't help but wonder how much plagarism lurks in these comments. I could easily highlight several, and create a blog indicating similarities of ideas indicating a lack of originality. I guess if I were to post this comment twice, I'd be self-plagiarizing.

    You know, my issue isn't even with what you've said about Teal Swan. I could really care less, because I don't put the whole sum of my faith in another individual. My issue is with the whole ignorant idea that originality even exists.

    What actually exists is copyright, which has little to do with originality. Copyright is about who thought to profit from an idea first. The concept of Self-plagiarizing is an admitted oxymoron within the academic community. I mean... how far should society take this absurdity?

    Will we have to start paying Websters a licensing fee for writing a single word? After all, has not every single word we've typed been plagiarism of Webster's dictionary? This is how absurd modern society has become.

    Before you know it, people will be too frightened to get inspired. Do you have idea how many times I've come-up with ideas through simple inspiration, but then in extreme paranoia to check online only to discover someone's already thought of it?

    There are nearly 7.5 BILLION people currently living on this planet. What are the odds that two or more will think of something similar.

    Aside from that, are we not to use the information we've learned in our creations? Should I source my elementary school teacher, the textbook's publisher, and the author for me having learned 2+2=4?

    I think this is why we're progressing toward a more creative commons, open licensing means of sharing information. Archaeologists are discovering every, single day that concepts and inventions we credited with certain people were actually in use centuries before. An example of that would be Archimedes Screw.

    I guess writers of the US Constitution and Bill of Rights should've sourced the Magna Carta. Should we pay licensing fees for democratic concepts as well? I'm sure Greece would approve given the country's recent economic struggles.

    I cannot imagine the level of work that went into this blog post. Carefully scrutinizing the twitter posts, blog posts, videos, artwork, and God knows what else of another person... to prove what? Her ideas aren't original? BIG DEAL!

    And prey tell, what in the heck does tearing down another human being have to do with "celestial healing"?

    I see nothing in this blog post that's either "celestial" or "healing". I see a vindictive rant. I see an obsessed stalker. I see many...MANY...things aside from "celestial healing".

    1. The following message has been retrieved from my email:

      Maggie has left a new comment on your post "Fullmetal Plagiarist – UPDATED":

      There was a button triggered IMO and I fee singing heat of vindictive reaction coming off this post.

      Plagiarism, and refusing to give readers the source material to read is wrong. The very LEAST that we must do when building or borrowing one another's insights is attribute. The fact that Teal does not means she is lying about her abilities. Any "wisdom" she actually generates cannot be separated fromwhat sh has regurgitated from others. She is a weak and mixed up source of secondary material. That needs to be criticized (as in peer reviewed)
      And YES!

      "I guess writers of the US Constitution and Bill of Rights should've sourced the Magna Carta."

      BUT more, the writers should have sourced the well established civilization met here in the US which gave much that is in the consititution. But the writers did not choose to share that there was a more superior social structure already in place when we invaded the territory.

      If there are groups and individuals that canniblaize bits and pieces and claim the source of these bits, then there need to be others who do set the record straight. It's not about licensing fees but the integrity of information.

      Unlike La Vaughn, I am not too concerned about "self plagiarism" except that cut and paste of one's old material is a sign the writer has no more to offer....

      And here is a recent blog post of a writer who has been plagiarizzed (not by Teal as it happens all the time in the inetrnet land of cut and paste)

      I recently had one of my articles published on a website that did not give me credit as the author. Not only did the owners of this site, the address of which I will reveal later, “forget” to give me credit (their words), but they also butchered the information that I was trying to explain. Instead of stealing the whole article, they took the time to pick and chose which paragraphs they would copy and paste onto their site. Fortunately, I have a good friend that messaged me and asked me if I wrote for their site. She recognized my information and wondered why my name was not associated with the article. It is nice to have friends who have your back.

      I have been blocked and unfriended by many people for bringing to their attention that the quote they take credit for on their very nice Facebook page post is not their writing. I watch as they accept the many compliments from their friends for writing such wise words. Then I reach a point where I can’t stand the dishonesty anymore and I bring out my handy dandy sword of truth. I will write something like…”I really like this quote by (insert name).” Then I am blocked. Oh well, such is life. I dislike dishonesty and falsely representing yourself as something you are not, by pretending to have wisdom that you haven’t obtained. I also believe in fairness, justice and morality. Pretending that you wrote something that you did not is not fair, justified or moral.

      True-FreedomI pray for a world where spiritual competition does not exist. A world where people don’t have the need to be the next spiritual celebrity and will pretend to be anything to achieve this goal. A world where humanity has self confidence and knows themselves as true beings of light that are capable of anything. A society that lives by the Universal Laws as taught in the ancient writings….Know Thyself. As I fervently pray for these things I keep my sword of truth by my side, and I am not afraid to use it."

    2. Lush,

      You write: "And prey tell, what in the heck does tearing down another human being have to do with 'celestial healing'?"

      I think the larger question is what does teal have to do with healing? Her ex-husband recently addressed this very question, so I'll quote his statement.

      "Very much like the pharmaceutical industry, an industry Black Swan is a part of, there is no interest in healing, and therefore freeing people. The healthy and the healed go off and live independent and fulfilled lives, only the sick, unwell and reliant will stay to 'meet her needs'."

      This and related issues have been my concern for some time, so I turned my own pen to it.

      As to the rest, consult intellectual property laws for your answer.

      Peace and a very Happy Easter to you.

    3. Lush are you saying that it is ok for a brand aka business which is based on the claim to be born with all spiritual knowledge, insights etc to copy full paragraphs of wikipedia and other literature to then sell it as their own words, acts of thinking etc, inventions, artistic creations etc?


      Pardon me if I misunderstood you.

  24. Maggie, I have two comments from you in my email that did not appear on this page. If you want me to try to repost them or something, let me know. I have no idea what is causing this problem. It doesn't happen often, but it's happened a couple of times lately that people's comments are getting eaten by blogger or something.

  25. Could you post the first of the messages? I reposted and both disappeared....

  26. My comment got eaten too I think thank goodness for love lush because she certainly didn't want to hear what I had to say to that ignorant posting of him/her

    1. Huh. That didn't drop into my email, either. What in the heck is wrong with blogger?

    2. I also wanted to reply straight away cs so disturbing, but then got distracted and was waiting maybe you'll say something...Guess, it's no use with these people.

  27. Good video, good points

    Warning! Teal Swan is NOT a real spiritual teacher!

  28. She is actually talking about Teal. :D

    The 6 Master Manipulations that Narcissists Use

    This was the best description of Teal.

  29. Teal tape II

    How To Outsmart A Narcissist The Right Way

  30. Replies
    1. I read it. Just marvelous.

      Here's a quick summary. Ale's parents divorced and he is forever traumatized because his father married a wicked stepmother who passive-aggressively sabotaged his relationship with his children. He effectively abandoned young Ale and his sister. And, now Ale will do exactly the same thing to his own children and this is somehow the right thing to do.

      Oh, and it's all his ex-wife's fault because SHE is the one with borderline and narcissistic tendencies, as opposed to his fiance who was actually diagnosed borderline.

      As we know from teal, the ex-wife hired a private investigator who gathered enough evidence to demonstrate to a court that teal is a dangerous cult leader and the children are not safe to be around her. So, what could Ale do? Leave teal, who can't stand to be alone because of her "complex PTSD" – and not in anyway because of that borderline thing – to spend court sanctioned time alone with his children? Heaven forfend. What part of teal's horrible "separation anxiety" don't you understand?!

      It's so sad the way teal has created, all by herself with no plagiarism of any kind, this Completion Process which can cure war veterans of their PTSD, but still can't cure herself. She even recently made that process bulletproof by discovering the magic switch in the back her head, we all have them apparently, which allows her to turn off that final layer of emotional negativity. She should be able to handle her PTSD well enough after all that to let her newest fella go spend some time with his kids... but she just can't.

      Besides his kids don't like him anymore because of that bitch ex-wife and her private investigator. By the way, I want that guy's job. Easiest PI case ever: never leave the house, read teal's blog, collect paycheck.

    2. No respect for Aline at all. The victim perspective of Teal seems to be infective. I do acknowledge that his childhood experience left a harsh imprint and therefore plays a major role in his current dilemma constellation, being in love with THE embodiment of a narcissist. This man must be so stressed trying to keep in touch with his kids and whilst triggering Teal's fear of being alone (which is not a fear but a tantrum fit when the major source of attention, adoration through the man who fell for her is removed from her field). Doesn't he see that the attention and love for his kids will ALWAYS trigger "something" in Teal. It is an impossible goal to unite both. But he is too focused on throw his ex wife under the bus and blame her for her logical decisions she is currently making.

      Alina go with your guts, I don't care if you are a narcissist yourself or if it is the phantasy of Ale. I would never let my kids close to sb who has such a long list of diagnosis as Teal who isn't allowed to see her own son without a supervisor. It just doesn't make sense and you are not in love with Teal as well. That he never once acknowledged the possiblity that sb who doesnt know or love Teal might be worried about her psycological state of mind, espcially if kids are involved. Strange.

  31. Could you please post the link to Ale's blog? Having trouble finding it. Thx.


  32. Just want you to know...Teal is only spiritual. JP Sears: Mr. Enlightenment is ULTRA Spiritual. This is a funny man who makes fun in the best way of the shadow side (hehe) of aiming to be spiritual.

  33. Its funny how Ale sounds just like Teal. Man what a loser. Calling her names while sleeping with other women, but hey he's spiritual right. Even people at teal tribe are calling her out. She falling and its so funny.

    1. I read Ale's blog and first thing that I thought was that it sounded as if Teal had written it? Teal has broken her community members down as seen by whqat happened to Fallon and channeled to others's "what is wrong with them" (As in this interview with Cameron Clark). Listen at 57:24 where she describes her observation of Teal's boyfriend Fallon under Teal's spell.

      Also no where has anyone commented on the Parenting Blog and the weird way that Teal defends the kind of 'neglect" she hated from her own parentys. The kind of parent Teal is supporting would ask a child to get her own juice. And now Ale will support passing on to his children what he felt was denied him.

      These people scare me for one reason.....I read this stuff about them and think of them. I MUST stop. I am an addict. Maggie

    2. I left a comment on that blog and it's still awaiting moderation. I'm assuming the reason there are no comments posted yet is because they're still vacationing in Florida (per her Instagram).

      Speaking of which, I find it hilarious that Teal hasn't posted ANY pictures of her and Ale together together since Sarbdeep came out with his blog. The last one was the wedding announcement posted over 6 weeks ago. Lol...kinda strange, huh?

    3. Lol blairgilbert, strange yes, but it makes teal-sense. She has a habit of luring her ex's into silence. For example, the messages she was sending to fallon while with sarbdeep complimenting his prowess. after sarbdeep's blog came out, Fallon joined a group on facebook and opened up a little about his experience, but he still sounded like he has a soft spot for her (in fact, he admitted it), and then he ended up leaving the group. My suspicion is that teal started messaging him again keep him from being another "in the know" speaking out. Now, with Sarb, he is coming out, so she has to stop rubbing her new relationship in his face because she perceives every ones motivation to be jealousy (as opposed to being concerned that she is legit nuts and harmful). If she wants to get him on her side, she will try to make it seem like there is a softness for him there, rather than the vindictive rage hole that has been on flagrant display recently. She will keep on playing at his (and our) sympathies and try to quiet the whole thing down. Even if she manages that (she wont), its only a matter of time until something else obviously insane happens or she blatantly goes against her own teachings for a list of greedy and transparent rationalizations.

      I wish sarb would release another black swan already, I sure am curious what he will say versus what teal has claimed.

    4. The "vindictive rage hole"... BWAHAHAHAHAHA!

      Oh, she's a mean woman. Anyone who doubts that should just watch her most recent "workshop." She's not even letting the peasants up on stage with her anymore. She's fixed the whole people treating her like an ordinary person and forgetting she's a "spiritual teacher" thing by making them stand at a mic in the peanut gallery. Meanwhile she's up there talking to an empty chair like Clint Eastwood. Surreal.

    5. Oh my...!! Speechless! And I thought nothing would surprise me anymore. Who would do such a thing, unless you are highly contagious or smth?

      Ps. What do you mean "like Clint Eastwood"?

    6. At the last Republican Convention, Eastwood came out on stage and lectured an empty chair about the state of things. Everyone was supposed to imagine he was talking to Obama. Horrible.

      Well, teal spent most of this workshop on a nicely dressed stage, with two big white comfy chairs and a vase of roses. But, the other chair was empty. She picked people out of the audience, told one woman to enjoy her moment of significance because teal had picked her out of everyone, but she's standing at a mic off-stage.

      Ostensibly it was to shave time off, because letting people walk up a few stairs, sit down, stand up, it just takes too bloody long.

      I only watched part of it. I think she needs to start paring down everything else on stage, just to make room for her ego.

  34. Sarbdeep did post an update to his blog, but it does not deal with Teal. He also said in his Facebook comments that he wanted to set the record straight regarding Teal and now has done that, so doesn't necessarily want to say more. Sounds like there will not be much more about Black Swan unless she provokes it somehow.

    1. Sarb will release new blogs - he knows that one blog will not do it. He just scratched the surface. And Sarbdeep knows how important his input is from now on. I am pretty confident that he is beyond that stage to be manipulated by Teal with her subtile games with ex partners. I hope he posts more info on Teal sooner than later. The one month breaks don't make sense. Get it out there so that people can deal with the real information and find a new perspective to the self obsessed Black Swan and her cringily hooked gecko man who goes for sex and mind fucks with and by Black Swan over his kids. It just shows that gecko changed his personality since riding Black Swan. Excuse my straight language but this is what I see - a man controlled by sex and mind games whilst taking on narcistic tendencies of his new partner. What kids? It's the fault of his ex wife that he can't see them… of course. I have no soft spot for him, his blog was painful to read. He should have said that Teal wrote it….kind of.

    2. Is this Sarb comment you're referring to?

      "I'm not about dirt, and would have preferred to not have gone down this path, but have to set the record straight now. A key aspect of the blog is 'housekeeping' - for myself and for the people out there that follow black swan. They deserve to not be lied to, manipulated or misled. I will present the facts, offer some analysis and opinion so the public can discern the truth for themselves. Once the house is clean, I'm leaving this in the dust behind me. Peace, Brother."

      He's not done yet. When he's done, he'll be done, which is as it should be.

  35. I often wonder why people seem to be attracted to the whole idea of "doomsday"and wantig a savior plus stick with "cults" (using the term very loosely here) that thrive on "us versus them"?

    I never actually considered the perspective that it might be written in the collective social "mind" to form splinter groups via a restless evolutionary signal to spread out the population?

    So the human collective is served in a way by the charismatic crazy who can charm the members and lead them "astray"(hehe). And the "crazy prophet"is succored by his flock.

    Therefore s/he and the "group"maight be in a weird symbiosis that is tolerated by the evolutionary drive of a species. Weird???

    I came across an interesting blog post by Gaby Petris that looks at this idea.

    The post addresses a book
    Prophets, Cults and Madness by Anthony Stevens

    Here is a bit of it:

    "The recurrence of a messiah leading the path to 'a new land' and a 'new age' occurs so often and across so many disparate cultures and myths that there appears little new in the behaviour of present day examples. The same patterns and narratives around a biblical leader like Moses are there around a 20th century leader like Hitler.

    The subjects of previous blog posts below, Teal Swan and Bentinho Massaro, at first glance appear to be doing nothing more than leading their followers on a journey to the next first world conference building. But a closer look finds they share similar messianic aims in an express drive for a promised land: Swan to buy countries wholesale and refashion them in her image; Massaro to obtain land to build a new future city and establish contact with aliens.

    So embedded is this evolutionary behaviour argue the authors of "Cults, Prophets and Madness" that there is little reasoning with committed followers of a prophet or cult leader, comparing it to reasoning with a person in love. The behaviour that used to drive our ancestors to travel hundreds of miles in search of the unknown, through enemy territory, through hazardous terrain and weather conditions, risking death, injury and starvation, to arrive at the promised land (and should it already be occupied, to kill or displace the occupants), is the same behaviour that drives and binds the disaffected in current societies to the splinter groups and cult movements of the moment. And drives and binds them when the prophet keeps moving the promised land further down the road when it fails to materialize as prophesied. Furthermore, the authors argue that such is the grip on the human psyche of the recycling narrative which motivated group migrations to other lands throughout history - the apocalyptic vision in which the "in group" would survive and ascend to the promised land whilst the "main" or "out group" would perish - that the human race appears unable to function as a collective in maintaining a sustainable ecosystem."

    1. Talk of 'the promised land' also often seems to sit alongside language about 'harvesting' or 'cleansing' of the human race. Teal says "What we're in for is unlike any other horror we've ever seen" just before the 32.30 mark in this video I see leakage in her expression after she says this.

  36. Replies
    1. What an inspiration... If it looks like a hot mess, walks like a hot mess and quacks like a hot mess, it's a hot mess.

  37. "my very long legs" - wait what now? what vibration is this? isn't this supposed to be a pity play not a fashion photo???

    1. Someone posted this article on Sarb Swan's page. Kinda, sorta, spot on.

  38. In which Ale begins to realize that there's not much to do in Utah, but ski. (Toto, I've a feeling we're not in San Francisco anymore.) But, on a day when teal doesn't feel much like skiing, she faints, overtaken she is by Ezekiel, who warns Ale about the dangers of skiing that day.


      Foot cramps or Ezekiel channeling. It aims at the same.

    2. She gets mad at his kids and then get this faints. Jesus Christ. Then she channels an angel. Complete sucker this guy. Everyone in that house is a loser. Living their life for her.

      Also Blake is back on Teal Tribe saying the say banter about people going against her. Loser.

    3. "I am a very flexible person, until I have a plan at which point I become unyielding."
      Add that to a perpetually inconsistent and unreliable pleasure-seeker, and you have a match made in heaven.

      "The problem with being in a relationship with an extrasensory is that it is nearly impossible to shield them."
      I think you're not trying hard enough at being the ultra strong blanket she needs to live, Ale. The woman is weak and helpless in the world, and that's exactly why she's a fountain of wisdom and helping others become better versions of themselves.

      "People do not realize how much she is affected by other people’s opinions about her. "
      Didn't she make a video or blog at some point in the past about how to overcome this issue? Hmmm

      Aaaand at this point, actually at "She opened her eyes and I realized that she was in the midst of another spontaneous channeling." I simply could not go any further. I feel like I'm reading the diary of a mentally disabled person for laughs and though there is a funny element to all this, because we're seeing through every game she's playing him with, I can't help but feel how deeply unfortunate the situation is for this guy, but alas, a fool is a fool. Cher Ale: Ouvre votre yeux avant votre rêve devient un cauchemar. Et non, je ne suis pas votre ex ou quelqu'un qui vous connais.

  39. Yes on Teal Tribe they are now not welcoming anyone who goes against What Teal says once again.
    Anyone with a good point is not allowed for years. Their defense against the lies they've told is that it's a universal synchronicity. Just like all the other copy and pastes, the fact that she had the Ancient Hindu Master's videos on her channel at one time. The Ancient Master who she stole The Completion Process from. Really. I wish some kind of legal action will come against her sooner rather than later. She is damaging so many minds. i wish there was something I could do to help bring justice. And overall, after people listen to her teachings and finding out she's a fake they could lose their desire to be connected with God, period. She should be stopped.

    1. Blake the snake doesn't post anything for over two years until its time to clean up the mess(truth).

    2. So, they're going to try to clean up Teal Tribe, huh? You mean the site, not the FB group, right? I see this thread here from Moderation. Is that Blake?

  40. Hang on. Ezekiel's coming through again. Yes. Yes. Got it. He says Ale you missed the other signs earlier and you're a match for driving to the store now and getting some Ben & Jerry's. Ezekiel says Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough. Or if they don't have it Chunky Monkey.

    1. That is so funny. Just like Gabriela is a match to be Teal's footstool. These people are insane. She is no spiritual teacher. She tried at everything else and failed. Hopefully before long, she fail at this too. Well, she already has. I hope she will have to use the footstool of her prison bunk bed instead of people.

  41. Ale's account of things is just going to get worse and worse. She fainted because she couldn't handle the fact she's jealous of his children and his time so she says he's a match to dying in a ski accident! Wow. What a bitch. The child in the video so perfectly portrays her. I can't believe with all the information out there, she still has followers. Well they are either uniformed, just like Teal or sick in the head. I am not in disbelief of New Age type things but she is like Hitler giving Germany a bad name. With all of her mental disorders she needs to get help, something is clearly beyond wrong.
    I will pray for those around her to wake the hell up!

  42. Oh yes and not to mention the fact that she so conveniently fainted instead of having a pseudo-seizure...because wait, she sang do that anymore now can she? She has a book to sell, the Completion Process, with the technique she claimed to invent that cured them! but was really stole from a Hindu master. She didn't invent it or heal herself completely of anything!

  43. Black Swan side effects

    by Erin Slay

    The Teal Swan to Black Swan disillusionment doesn't feel nice but needs to be lived through.


    Ale's strange blog purpose is to validate Teal in times of extreme expose of her fraudulent activities. It is a very surreal state that the ex-husband and soon-to-be husband started writing blogs about Mary. Ale's blog is rubbish and just another chest move coordinated by Teal. Ale doesn't know cause he thought it was his idea. I can't take him serious.

  44. Black Swan side effects

    by Erin Slay

    The Teal Swan to Black Swan disillusionment doesn't feel nice but needs to be lived through.


    Ale's strange blog purpose is to validate Teal in times of extreme expose of her fraudulent activities. It is a very surreal state that the ex-husband and soon-to-be husband started writing blogs about Mary. Ale's blog is rubbish and just another chest move coordinated by Teal. Ale doesn't know cause he thought it was his idea. I can't take him serious.

    1. Omg poor girl.. I found out about Teal's true nature over time and just got off her, but this is really sad, and makes one think about all the hardcore tealers out there and what they're in for as time progresses, or when Sarbdeep writes another blog about her.

      I really want to know what he has to say about her "completion process" which she snatched from Paramahansa Nithyananda.

    2. She says it's a universal coincidence or syncronicity. A universal coincidence my ass.

    3. I know exactly how she feels right now as I felt the same and couldn't sleep for a while and all I was so sure about collapsed and i found myself hanging there in a total chaos of ideas, believes etc. Not a nice feeling and the emotions need to be dealt with but later on it will find a new structure and order and rationality will hopefully coexist with ideas which are wayyyy out there. I hope she will find this page here cause it is full with similar experiences and suggestions how to deal with the Black Swan fall or Teal Detox Tour

    4. Yes I hope she will find this page too. Poor, poor girl. I feel very bad as well realizing awhile ago, but only lately as to exactly how sick Teal is. She SHOULD be stopped. She is making people feel horrible while putting herself on a pedestal as a ritual abuse survivor when in fact she is not. She is sailed manipulator using mind games to subdue her victims while maintains she is a hero. It's very, very sick. I've actually gone through very bad abuse, had atrocities committed against me and those I once loved. See how I said (once.) The only thing people can do is keep informing others before she hurts people that aren't mentally strong enough to come back from this.

  45. Gecko ale? Haha, I will look into that in a minute. In regards to the earlier posting of Black Swan having a fainting attack to where she channeled Gecko's guide, I will ask this? Why, when she stated unlike Abraham, she is the living embodiment of source energy, Acturian command central information, in the hell did she feel the need to CHANNEL anything? She told everyone was was better than that. Come on now Teal.
    Ahh..other than that, as far as vibrational matches and Ale having a skiing accident, Cameron a match to breast cancer and suicide, this is what I have to say SHE is a match to.
    Gecko gone crazy into a mad Reptilian Lizard when he finds out this all a sham. Think of how angry he will be when he realizes he gave up his children for THIS.
    She will paint herself as a spiritual Casey Anthony, where she cannot face the public, nor turn to her live in community to hide. A living hell she had painted herself into a corner, and a call for mass suicide.

    1. It is her strategy to pull the man or current husband closer in times of trouble. I remember very well Sarbdeep´s excited smile whilst telling us in one of the pointless teacasts that Teal channelled something for him about his father or so... cant remember cause it went straight into my bullshit bin but the effect on the people around her is obvious. They feel SPECIAL ones again in times when they might have a minute of doubt or so. It is plain and simple a successful strategy with some actress skills of hers to keep everybody around in check and focused on HER. I bet she wasn't in the mood of going up this damn mountain on this day but didn't want to be the reason of Gecko#s bordom. Sex has its limits. We all know :D

    2. Seriously! This guy will wake up and realize "oh, I completely abandoned my kids to chase this."
      I don't think he's a good guy. No decent man leaves their kids and family to chase tail.
      Spiritual Casey Anthony, for sure! lol!!
      Teal keeps saying in her blogs: "relationships aren't forever. Love isn't forever..." and talking like someone who doesn't give a shit about their partner. This is one of the many red flags that Ale is clearly missing. I give this relationship a year and a half before "Source decides Ale is no longer a vibrational match" and some other guy comes along two weeks later.

    3. Oh my god... the red flags are all over the field and he seems oblivious. Like her recent self-quotey thing. An "abusive marriage"??? That's a strange reference. And things like that are cropping up in her language all over the place.

      Or, perhaps, this was a red flag: announcing in that video that he needs to watch his back because so many people are ready to take his place. Oh, and many of them are multi-billionaires. She chose him, but...

      If I were him, I think I might be just a tad nervous.

    4. Really who the hell makes friends with the guy texting your girl trying to bang her? Did you notice during one part she says she writes all day then later says he is her priority? Those are complete opposites. She brings up the topic of sex just to brag on how good she is. I guess Ale is a LITTLE limp in that regard.

  46. Look at how she talks down to him.

    Guy looks like so lame. Boring and dumb.

    1. "The interview we filmed was absolutely rich with things that the ‘haters’ will turn against me."

      That's from her latest blog post, btw, and it's quite the understatement.

    2. Between the blog post and the video, there are so many undoubtedly unintentional reveals, her "haters" could have a fucking field day.

      The blog post alone is three, three, three blog posts in one! It just goes on and on. First she MANGLES the idea of totems, in one of the worst cases cultural misappropriation I've seen in a while. Then, she talks about the ghastly interview. And, suddenly, we're in Atlanta, but it's grumpier there than usual, for some reason. And, it ends with a doozy.

      "Part of my re-owning process of the divine feminine is about developing strong connections with other women. Admittedly, this is a foreign experience for me so far. It’s a bit like putting your bare feet in thick mud. You can feel your own squeamish resistance to doing it, but at the same time, it feels so good."

      Um, Graciela who?

      I guess, if there's any theme to this post, it's that brown people are fine to use for various purposes, but they're not like our equals or anything.

    3. I've endured 30 mins of the interview but don't think I can take any more of it though I'm sure I'm missing out on a lot more gasps and chuckles, but I think I've seen enough, truly. She's really built quite the labyrinth around the guy, and he doesn't only look dazed and oblivious, he is.

      I loved the part where it's revealed that one of her videos was directed at someone, which in fact they all are. Little passive aggressive retaliations to anyone who dares cross her.

      And even with all the evidence everyone has, mostly coming from her and Mr. Swan about the actual trail of events and nature in her relationship department, everyone got to see her lying about it. So everyone, take note, it's just like that when she talks about everything else. Lying through her teeth.

      It's easy to construct stories about your life when nobody's watching, but now, as per her own desire, a lot of people are watching and keeping track. We're seeing the real Teal more and more, and funny enough, Ale's belief in who she claims to be, and his new adherence to talking about everything (following his guru's words) will force her into accountability within her private life. As soon as Ale connects the dots, he'll have to have a serious conversation with his guides about how to proceed, unless he values his crotch more than his spirituality. I mean leaving your kids is bad enough.

      I don't read her blog but it figures she's had to weave desperate patches to all the unintentional holes of truth that interview revealed.

    4. Wow! I love how she just can't help herself! She is in love with the attention she gets to such a degree that she has to put herself out there at every opportunity... even when it continually exposes who she truly is.
      How everyone around her remains blinded is completely beyond me. You would think anyone with a brain who sees or reads the stuff SHE puts out would leave her immediately.
      Graciela isn't a friend, she's just there to take care of everything, including teal, in the house so teal can live her special life.
      Ale is just a place filler where she could have had many other men... because men flock to her, even multi-billionaires.
      Everyone who lives in her intentional Community is just there to take care of all the responsibilities, including taking care of her son, that she doesn't feel like doing.

      The most interesting part to me was in the beginning she says that Ale has more faith than she does and she has to explain to him that sometimes bad things just happen. What?? You mean there's only a universal purpose to everything that happens in your life, but not others??

      How enlightening.

    5. This interview by an original promoter of Teal's (who by the way was (maybe still is a tiny tiny bit?) madly in love with her - was something else. I had many laughs cause she just can't help it. My and I believe also her favorite part is when she encouraged Ale desperately to announce to the world how overly sexual she is (sex drive like a rabbit) and that all men except one considered her the best in bed. hahaha I was in tears. I was also rolling on the ground when both agreed that their previous lovers sucked in bed and they both are king and queen of the sex. The interviewer and his very lovely girlfriend seemed fascinated by the sales pitch of a whore to the www.

      I am sorry but this interview had nothing to do with being transparent or authentic but about two bragging egos who try to sell a love story to a more and more skeptical audience. What I don't understand: this lovely girlfriend of the guy who interviewed them seems very kind and skilled. Why did she not pick up on the awkwardness about a gecko and a black swan talking about fucking all day long, about a black swan who is really not into gecko but loves his attention and gecko who is explaining how he stalked black swan for a long period of time until she let him in.

      I am sorry but is it just me who blushed - not because they were talking about sex and skills but about the obvious presence of needy self glorification?

      I can tell you one thing - not that it is my business but this lovely couple who interviewed gecko and black swan have the real divine love relationship and divine sex going on, not the croaking french frog or the inflated black swan. How does it work anyway?….a gecko and a black swan… :D

      Teal obviously noticed that got a bit too excited in this interview and was also referring to healthy thinking people (haters) that they will have a feast with this interview. She hadn't planned to get so excited. It is nice to see that Teal is revealing more and more. Let's hope people pick up on it.

    6. And poor male Tealers - after this interview (sitting on a bed again, sex talk etc) their little hearts must be pounding like crazy and they will use Ale's long term stalker report to find a way into Black Swans feathers. I bet some are already writing love letters. We will hear about some of them in future interviews. Ale seems to not have a clue that he will end up as frog's legs on Black Swan's plate one day after they got married without prenup.

      btw: It is irresponsible that these two are trying to make babies after hearing how Winter is handled.

    7. Lueurviolette, I missed the part where she said one of her videos had a target. Holy crap! Only one?! I mean, does she think that's news? It's so obvious that she uses her Ask Teal vids to settle scores and set her peeps straight on how she deserves to treated.

    8. Oh she had to admit it, it was Ale who spilled the beans! I have a feeling he'll be doing a lot of that :p He said he thought her video was for him and it became his sign from the universe that it was time to resume his persuasion, but she later admitted it was for Sarbdeep.

    9. I didn't get to the sex thing but bragging about anything just means you feel insecure and are compensating. If they enjoy their sex life then at least they have something to look forward to together, since the rest of the relationship feels and looks so miserably false.

    10. Lueurviolette: what video was she talking about - one she uploaded on her channel which was for Sarbdeep???

      I didn't mean to judge if they have a good or bad sex life - go for it anyway. I was laughing about the bragging - insecure or not - it sounded like a sales pitch to follow up men. She doesn't need to do this. It is like a service pitch for what? I assume she is not a prostitute anymore but she acts like a service provider promising great services???!! :D Anyway: I know Tea is defining her self perception to 80% by her sexuality. There is clearly damage done to her mind and soul. But can please sb of the blissed out Teal zombies point this out to her. It is NOT a wonderful trade to talk about it like she does. It is an obvious sign of weakness and disorientation in regards to her self perception. I find this sad that her fans mistake an obvious wound of hers as desired openness.

    11. Okay, lueurviolette, I did catch some of that. Ale thought she was sending him messages through the videos. My husband and I were like, um, teal, you're about to MARRY YOUR STALKER. Seriously. This is the shit that happens with erotomaniacs, they think the object of their obsession is sending them signals. Oh my god...

      Not the only thing Gecko spilled the beans about either. I loved the look on her face when he revealed that she writes her blog posts in no time. So fast she works. Amazing. Yeah, it's incredible how quickly you can cut, paste, and change a few words from Wikipedia.

      As to the sex thing... oh... my... god... I've spent days trying to cleanse the images from my mind. Maybe I should try electroshock, except that I don't think I can enlist my family to plug in all my appliances for me afterward.

      They do the interview sitting together on their giant, ostentatious bed. And, teal just insists that he talk about how hot she is in bed. This is not subtle or hard to understand. As a spiritual teachers, she's a very good pin-up girl. She can't go long without drawing attention to her sexy sexiness, because if her followers aren't fantasizing about her, they might start to actually listen to what she's saying. They might start thinking with their big heads instead of their small ones, and realize she's not making any sense.

    12. I love how she says in her recent interview that she's never cheated on anyone then...

      Half way through she talks about cheating on a dude.

  47. I'm watching the YouTube video.... Clearly, he's interested and she's not. She's talking about her ex's and it's so obvious she's a needy person. She can't be on her own.
    Also, Ale is creepy. Yeah, he's classy but classy and creepy. Teal is so crass and unclassy in the way she talks and carries herself. Also, her hair is greasy and oily. She needs to wash her hair.
    You can take a girl out of the trailer park but you can't take the trailer park out of the girl.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  48. For years I had no idea about who the Kardashians are and still don't watch but they have infiltrated MSM "reality". Now I actually think that Teal is poised that way for sure. BUT, to me this interview both boring and painful.

    And sitting on the bed? Teal used to it on the ed alone...where is THAT heading?

    I guess I am not going to be her target audience. But who will be?

  49. Ale reminds me of a grey alien in this video. Very creepy.

    1. I think he's pretty harmless, until he's really pissed. I wouldn't want to royally piss him off, or anyone with a Sun/Saturn, Pluto, Mars t-square.

      He reminds me of this

      And this is how I see Teal at 50 and bleached blonde.

    2. OMG literally a french frog hahahahaha The pic is the best hahaha

    3. The "signing the dick" video is hilarious. I don't see Teal doing this though. I think Ale and all the men to follow might consider signing Teal.

      I just remembered my favorite movie of all.
      The Pillow Book.

  50. Lol. The dick video. I loved the look on the talk show hosts face.
    Yep better sign Teal, Ale. There's a way.

  51. Actually it was just funny that the woman was doing that but the minute I saw her she looked like an older blonde teal to me, literally. After so many men, and such a bad reputation I figure it will be hard for her to have anyone take her seriously or be loyal, so she may resort to these types of things since there won't be anyone lining up for her anymore.

  52. I just want to thank LaVaughn for being the voice of reason through all this insanity. ....'Teal-this is enough information for hatres to have a field day' Lavaughn--"Why that is certainly the understatement." Hehe. Lol. Lmao.

    Thank you La Vaughn for this website offering offering a place of sanity from the insanity. No, Teal as I once thought, is beyond reason.

    Also, Sarb: if you are reading this! Wtf! People need you! To help unsnarl themselves from the lies! Your first blog was was so poetic, and the second....we are waiting for the third. And you see, we are not haters here but reational thinkers who have been hurt or damaged by people like Teal.

    I see she is a phony. Actually the first time I had a vision about her she was the one who was "filled with trouble" I saw her face twisted, and eyes were strange. I wrote it off, but she truly looked not evil--but "full of evil" I think she thinks she is helping people. But she is not. After the first, original two plus years of videos it took a bad downturn, and as in above stated video her teachings became an ego construct, not "source perspective necessarily." She even admitted it in the interview with Ale. She's using them to send narcissistic messages. So. In a minute, I will include the picture I received in my vision. (I, like LaVaunghn, as I think she stated, is clairvoyant,) Well. My discrepancy with the message came from her being around Fall aka Jared Dobson at the time who she vilified as a sociopath. I'm not so sure I wasn't receiving 'Teal is a sociopath.'


  54. I love how she says in her recent interview that she's never cheated on anyone then...

    Half way through she talks about cheating on a dude.

    1. Oh my god... How many red flags do there need to be for Ale to get that she's just not that into him? She announces her engagement and promptly puts out a video on polyamory. She explains in an interview that they're polyamorous, but not sexually polyamorous, just in terms of having emotionally intimate friends. She learns in that interview that not one, but both of his close former exes were fiances, and warns him to WATCH HIS BACK because so many people want to replace him in her bed. And, now this. Yes, Ale, this one IS meant for you. Are you reading the coded messages NOW??? If you fail to meet her many, many, many, many, many needs, she will cheat on you.

      And here she goes again, projecting her own shit on everyone else. She's wrong. Cheating is not that simple, it's not just about getting emotional needs met. I read about this study a while ago, which found that it's rooted in personality type, and the reasons differ pretty greatly for men and women.

      Here's two more that show the differences between male and female cheating.

  55. I want also to say to LV...Thank You.

    This blog comment section format is the worst. If a person replies to a post it is easy to miss it because it does not go to the end of the string.

    I think that if a person were to read all the blogs and all the comments, it pretty much nails the trajectory of the feminine appearance of a sexually abusive teacher. I say abusive in a kind of meta way as it is sex she uses too seduce the sleeping ones.

    The whole thing about the BED and the way the energy speaks Ale's obscessed patheticness. Teal looks bored like a cat looks bored toying with her prey. It is so in the face.

    The definition of succubus is about an archetype of an energy IMO.....It is not literal but when Teal "gets in your head" and then insinuates as a female demon.

    The fact that she wants people to crave her like a drug is demonic.

  56. Emily, Maggie, you are very welcome. And, I apologize for the difficulty with comments. Facebook has also added a reply feature and there are pros and cons to the format. Replies do, indeed, get lost. The best solution I can recommend is to subscribe to the comments, so that you get them in your email, or some other feed. I get them, in my email. It's not a perfect system, and some get lost, but it really does help me to keep up with comments.

  57. Teal is very clearly a malignant / histrionic narcissist. Right down to the inappropriate giggles. She is a textbook Cluster B sociopath and this is (sadly) not unusual for a "spiritual leader"

  58. Well she's done this for a long time now.

    And then to the store to buy your grapefruit juice,
    so you can meet someone there, between the aisles and open up your wallet again to another "wrong sort of girl".
    And after a while, your pockets will be so full of tears,

    Being bought by guys her whole life.

  59. Holy insensitivity batman! Have you read her blog on Berlin? Germany doesnt have freedom of speech laws like the US does and if she's there (or a public z-list celebrity with intentions of returning to Germany for more workshops), she could get in trouble for making insensitive remarks about WW2.
    Also, I have a feeling she's stalking Sarb in London.

    1. You can make insensitive remarks about the war, unless your commentary is pro-Nazi. Her apologia for Hitler might not go over real well in Germany. But, what she wrote was less insensitive and more along the lines of completely obtuse. She has it ass-backward.

      I just recently saw Michael Moore's new doco and Germany was one the countries he invaded. His take was that Germans are committed to never forgetting the Holocaust, leaving memorials all over the place, including some of the horrible signs that were used to control the population. He compared it to an America that would be willing to leave up signs and monuments to slave blocks, all white drinking fountains, our genocide against Native Americans, and so on. His take is that Germany is the stronger for the fact that they are not allowing themselves to go into denial about what they were capable of. They're, dare I say it, facing their shadow in a very forthright manner. You'd think teal might appreciate that, but no. She seems to think that NOT sweeping it all under the carpet is, somehow, just getting on with life as if nothing happened. (<< irony) I strongly suspect that she was just uncomfortable facing someone ELSE's shadow... that she couldn't blame her parents for.

      What Germans are doing is about their collective moral responsibility. They're not going into denial. They're not projecting their shadows, because that's what got them in trouble in the first place. Deny your shadow, scapegoat, this is what allows evil to flourish. But, what teal never understands is the personal responsibility part. She'll admit that she has a shadow, because she sure as well can't hide it, but she's still the victim, in every scenario. She never takes responsibility, never apologizes.

  60. She can copy other people's hard work, charge hundreds of dollars for it, but can't sleep with two blankets. Ale and Blake sit there like fools trying to convince her to come out of the bath tub while she throws a childish fit.

    1. It occurs to me that sometimes Teal may actually be telling us what happened but not who was involved?

      She is despicable to me in her behavior but I am fairly sure she was twisted by childhood.
      It might not even be exactly as recalled or a fragment of being shamed or something very reprehensible form care givers.

      I still expect that Teal cannot follow this path of her fame based on
      extraordinary" that she presents. The ordinary that we as children suffer can be bad bad and bad even when caregivers mean well. When parents project their own narcissistic needs it is a hell. The unempathic terrorized human who has children can set up deforming being placed naked in a tub with no warm water?

      I am very grateful there are nurturing parents. I am grateful for the little bit of nurturing needed to survive. And I am very grateful we have resilence so we can overcome the past as adults. Happy day to mothers. No matter what we had, we can be the mothers who are tremendously kind (even to one's own self) .

    2. But, what could she possibly be reliving? I don't think her parents abused her. And, I think Doc's wife might have noticed if she was being kept overnight in their bathtub.

      Anything is possible, but I think it's more likely another example of teal inventing some emotionally charged detail to control Blake and Ale (who you know got an earful for taking the do not disturb tag off the door).

      She has to keep coming up with new unresolvable traumas for herself to explain why her "completion process" – that she came up with all by herself and patched the last remaining hole in when she discovered the magic light switch in we all have in our heads – isn't preventing her from having a meltdown over blankets.

      She's painted herself into a corner. She's an enlightened spiritual luminary, who's putting out product to cure all our emotional ills, but she, herself, can't function. But, if she functions like an adult, she can't control the people around her and keep them invested in meeting all her outrageous needs and wants. She's cured her own issues with this method, that she definitely did not plagiarize, and she wants you to buy the book, but this PTSD that she's cured in herself is so "complex" and her abandonment issues so severe that Ale can't possibly use the court-allowed time with his children because it will upset her. There's your role-model. She's so well healed, so "completed," that she can't let her fiance see his children. Funny how well that works out for her and how badly it does for everybody else.

    3. You've pretty much squeezed the juice out of teal right there. Pure concentrate.

      I was going to say that her blog is a perpetual anecdote of her victimhood and that's exactly what she seems to get off on. Enact outrageous scenarios where she's a victim and tell the world about it, making her victim supreme. All of course, to be the center of attention and control those around her, under the guise of "I'm telling you about my healing process". The thing is, it's not working in the least bit, and if I'm going to judge the effectiveness on the mere mortals who have not been sent to pluto in the butt of a crocodile and somehow made it back by building a rocket out of space rocks and will power, her fan base is just as perpetually needy and wounded as she is.

      How can so many people not see that already?

    4. This comment has been removed by the author.

    5. I am definitely in agreement that her plagirized set of tools has failed to complete her process. There is that wonderful "secondary gain" which makes being the perpetual petulant victim more attractive and important than sovereign adult responsibility for self.

      What I meant is that maybe the "abuse" she has blown up to mammoth proportionsis based in her reality (and I agree Doc did not seem to have either the motive OR opportunity to be the tormentor she claims....)

      The roots of borderline personality take two participants.....

      What I meant is that maybe she might have been naked in a bathtub and felt shame? Am I the only one who ever was treated unlovingly as a small child "for my own good"? This could have happened maybe for wetting the bed or getting dirty??? and even if left for even 5 Minutes could be recorded as some torture?

      That question I have of needing some compassion for some real something she might have suffered is not trying to exonerate her. The wild claims which belittle people having ordinary abusive relationships, her manipulative sordid miserable actions are revolting. I think she is a despicable role model on all fronts.

      Her enablers and those who make it a crime to call her out are somewhat despicable too.

    6. Also, need I mention that Germany is on the lead in vegetarian/vegan food in Europe and arguably the world? They have a large number of companies that create vegetarian/vegan products and have lots of restaurants that cater to the diet as well. In France, I can name at least 5 vegan restaurants in Paris alone. This website ranked Germany as #1:

      A quick browse through HappyCow will give you the list:

      Couldn't Blake or one of her other slaves do that before going out? Or is she just going wherever that looks good without any thought or consideration to her "diet" (cheese and butter aren't vegan last I checked, nor is milk chocolate, nor any pastry in France), and just wants to moan that they can't please her?

      That's like me going to Longhorn steakhouse and asking for a vegan dish - funny though, I have been there with family and eaten vegan from combining side dishes.- There's no excuse to not eat vegetarian/vegan anywhere in 2016, ESPECIALLY in Germany!

      She's just a needy drama queen. Any man chasing after that really has no idea what he's getting into. Only the weak remain, the rest flee.

    7. Ok, there are 268 100% vegetarian/vegan restaurants listed in HappyCow for Berlin alone!

      Which confirms teal bosworth/scott/swan/gicqueau is a 100% whiny little bitch.

    8. Maggie, I don't think we'll ever know what really happened in teal's past. And no one really knows what causes personality disorders. They're bio-psycho-social and it's incredibly unclear in what proportions. It does seem that predisposed people are more reactive to both common and uncommon childhood stresses. But, how much is simply inborn, no one really knows.

      The problem I have with teal's bathtub story is that it's so convenient to the circumstances. What props does one have on hand to create a dramatic scene about victimization in a hotel room? I think she's good at creating these things on the fly. Like how suddenly, after years of plugging in small appliances, with documentary cameras rolling, and Graciela on-hand to meet every need, electro-shocks have made it impossible to plug in her mixer.

  61. New blog is up. More BS. She provided a different perspective on Hitler dressed up in a dresdl? What the fuck did I just read?
    This was a pretty xenophobic blog where she went after Germans, Indians, and French. I've lost track of how many nationalities and ethnicities she's gone after and attacked in her blogs, so far.
    Also, a giant LOL at her inability to point out all 50 states on a map. That's... pathetic for an American, to say the least. Yeah, she definitely represents the dumb, uncooth American stereotype when she goes abroad. The white trash from Idaho for sure.

    1. Oh. My. God.

      I'm barely into this, but... oh my god...

      German is an ugly language. It offends my ears... I don't know why people get so offended when insult their homes. It causes me pain that it bothers me that people don't take my insults in stride.

      But, don't you dare ever criticize teal!

    2. Germans, the French, Europeans writ large, and lest we forget "Gypsies." They're very "esoteric" you know. Um, no, they're a disenfranchised, migrant population the exact orgins of which are unknown. Oh, and bonus, the other major targets of, um, HITLER. You know that guy that she apparently schooled up some Germans on. What sudden insight she just had into Hitler, she does not say. I get the sense it didn't go over real well, because she wants to hide under Ale's sweater now. I hope she doesn't get herself arrested.

    3. "I hope she doesn't get herself arrested." I do. She should.. it would shake some sense into her. I've never heard of a prejudiced and xenophobic "spiritual teacher" before. The only other z-list celebrity I heard defend Hitler is Tila Tequila. They are both crazy and deluded. I'm waiting for an anti-semitic blog to come out next offering an alternative version of the holocaust.
      It's disconcerting seeing how many followers she has who completely worship her and are devoted to her. Or, maybe the comments in the blog section are completely edited out to show only those that profess their undying devotion - like they do on facebook. Those people must be very broken like the ones on tealtribe. The worst part is that Teal is making them worse.
      If I was a christian, I'd say she's one of the false prophets that the bible warned about. It makes sense! People are following her blindly, eating up her racist, prejudiced, xenophobic messages that she loves to spew in the name of "vibrational diagnoses" and running with it.

  62. Thank you! Exactly what I was thinking, its amazing that she learns absolutely nothing in her travels, she just goes with stereotypes in mind (angry germans! Esoteric gypsies#) and then writes about why the people/places are a "match" to the stereotypes.
    How much would you like to bet they didn't live stream this session for a reason? Someone (blakey?) must have been thinking for once.

  63. I am offended by her complete disregard for the millenia old tradition of Indian gurus. Not all are perfect, infact some do exploit it.Yet it is a tradition that has survived the longest. I am sure it hurts her own self-image or the image she would like to represent for TealZombies. But the idea of omniscience is something she claims herself. She wants people to believe she speaks for source, yet finds it annoying that she is expected to know everything, but even so wants to be considered 'Divine'. Her sense of 'vibrations' is nothing but her own subconscious biases projected onto her experiences. I am having such a hard time believing I even gave her the benefit of doubt a couple years ago. She is a scam artist. She wants everyone to treat her as 'exalted' all the time, yet when they dont and tell her to 'go back where she came from ' (as mentioned on her previous blog) she ends up generalising her experience on all the people of a country.

    On the one hand she was Shirdi Baba, on the other all Indian Gurus hurt her image. She wrote a blog on 'paramhansa' justifying her destiny for the surname 'Swan'to exalt herself. The only good that has come out of all this is that I am more grateful than ever for my life the way it is. I am learning what I 'dont ever want' by observing Teal's life. And I am also realising how empty words mean nothing if I cannot exemplify my ideals. Teal is the very symbol of hollow words for me now. She is insecure about everything, she wants people to stop living their lives and see things the way she wants them to. Its a good lesson for me, and has made me understand the 'gravity' of spirituality even better. Actions not just empty word jumbles.

    I cannot wait for Sarbdeep's blog post on 'her' Completion process, as indicated. Hope he does expose it soon.

    1. You make an excellent point. She's against that whole guru thing, and doesn't want that level of expectation imposed on her. BUT that "paramahamsa' cred that she acquired by marriage? She'll take that, because it might be good for her "career."

    2. The thing to realize is these aren't random. She's constantly creating a mold or get out of jail free card slowly but surly. The paramahamsa, then "I'm only human". Different guys left and right, then "I have old triggers that cause me to expand. Higher prospective, but "don't ask to elaborate on it". List goes on and on.

  64. I love unnatural they always look together.

  65. Yeah, Cheese. Those are pretty creepy. The first one looks like her dad came up behind her and grabbed on all icky, and she was inching away, and the second one he is literally feeding her. Ale is sugar daddy/daddy.

  66. The questions for teal's quiz have been posted. She really is Gilderoy Lockhart.

    1. OR???

      Nasreddin was walking in the bazaar with a large group of followers.

      Whatever Nasreddin did, his followers immediately copied.

      Every few steps Nasreddin would stop and shake his hands in the air,
      touch his feet and jump up yelling "Hu Hu Hu!".

      So his followers would also stop and do exactly the same thing.

      One of the merchants, who knew Nasreddin, quietly asked him:

      "What are you doing my old friend? Why are these people imitating you?"

      "I have become a Sufi Sheikh," replied Nasreddin.

      "These are my Murids (spiritual seekers); I am helping them reach enlightenment!"

      "How do you know when they reach enlightenment?"

      "That's the easy part! Every morning I count them. The ones who have
      left - have reached enlightenment!"

  67. Damn she's talking down about a 100 year old person and they guy she's with. Wow.

  68. As petty as this may be, her "makeup artist" is really making her look like a clown these days. :/

    Heavy foundation, Sharpie eyebrows, black unblended eyeshadow, harsh eyeliner on top AND bottom lash lines, red lipstick, bright blush... just no. Waaaaay too much + poor execution due to zero skills/artistry = clown face.

    But, hey, I guess it works as her career has become quite a joke these days.

    1. Not petty at all. She's the one always talking about how good she looks. Take off that makeup then. Are you are a Teal(small duck) or a Swan? "I have billionaires after me" blah blah blah.

  69. WTF
    "And so, I am going to spend the next several appearances here trying to accompany people into what is real and helping them dive downward instead of upward. In this area of the globe, spiritual practice is used like a whip that people abuse themselves into shape with. The will is in control of the ship and it is not a benevolent leader. The inner child is screaming and continues to be told, “there’s no reason to feel bad, and it’s your choice to turn that frown upside down”.

    So if people arent sad and broken enough for her to level with, she is going to help them focus on 'negativity', to make it 'real'?????????????

    She is seriously twisted and is literally using people's minds as play dough. She is addicted to pain and suffering, that being the one thing she relates to, but in a masochistic sense. Ale's family found a way to cope, but that becomes 'bypassing'. Because they should have been as broken and dysfunctional as she is. Its like she envies all strategies people may use to rise above that level, the territory she relates to of being in pain. She definitely needs help.
    And yes she definitely is Gilderoy Lockhart in the flesh. I wonder if there is a meme for it, cause there is no better analogy to describe her.

  70. Yep, and interesting her use of the words "downward instead of upward". It seems to me, intuitively, that it ought to be "inward instead of outward", but teal is twisted and conflates self work and introspection as inherently "dark" (but also to be reveled in)because she is who she is, but mistakenly believes that her experiences of herself are universal, she actually insists on this literally in many places. "I am convinced that this is the collective human condition and I am simply a mirror for it. bla bla blah". She romanticizes downward spirals and insists that causing them or delving into one is radical expansion, something to fucking strive for. She is justifying her personal need for turmoil, drama, and attention. And I think that particular message, both the explicit and implied versions, is heard loud and clear by followers who crave that kind of thing too. She is most definitely emotionally stunted, her massive dysfunction is obvious, and it bothers me that so many people get behind her bullshit and grow her icky, parasitic influence.

    1. teal got the whole mirroring thing about herself totally wrong. She thinks that because she has reflecting tendencies that it means she's speaking on behalf of the collective, when it's the other way around. She's just subject to being projected onto. This is why people become utterly disappointed after a while when they get close enough, they find out that she's nothing like they thought.

      She's a mirror where everyone projects their fantasies, which is why all those guile followers over-identify with her, they are seeing something of themselves in her, not teal. Sooner or later they will have to realize they had imagined her in their own way, and the reason people react so badly to this revelation is because they feel deeply cheated.

      The fact that she jumps from person to person constantly shows she has spent her whole life riding on this. Rather than take responsibility for herself and becoming a better person, she just replaces people. The new people are enamoured with their fantasy, she feels good again, until they become disappointed, rinse and repeat.

      I remember how she said about her ex Mr. Scott (have to specify which!) after she left him for that other guy, that he had suddenly become so calm and happy. I can imagine...

      She likes to call the rotation "growth", which is basically an excuse to justify not wanting to face her true self and mature.

      The tricky thing about this mirroring effect is that just as you may become the projection of people's happy fantasies, you may also become the projection of their nightmares, and the scale is very easily tipped. Get a bad enough public reputation and the disposition will be on the down side.

    2. Lueurviolette, it's also another example of her twisting of mystical thought into narcissism. If you believe that all is one, and that each of us is the microcosm of the macrocosm, we are ALL mirrors for the collective. We're all mirroring each other. But, she reframes that into an example of her "specialness," her unique role "on the world stage."

      Openeyes, I thought that was weird, too. It's always about drilling down into personal pain, into the "dark." It's particularly interesting given her recent explanation of her Soul Retrieval painting at the Prague workshop. She explains her choice of backdrop and why it might be making people uncomfortable, about 3 minutes into the second video. That "Necromicon" symbol is there because the inner child we're retrieving may feel dead to us.

      How much can teal get wrong in less than a minute. It's the Necronomicon, not the "Necromicon." Soul retrieval isn't about resurrecting "dead" inner children. The Necronomicon is not about raising the dead. Dear. God.

      And, doesn't it seem a little strange that the woman who claims to have survived SRA would use a symbol popular in black magic in one of her paintings? It's up there with laughing with delight that the Satanic Temple wanted to erect statues of Baphomet playing with children. And, I'm not saying these symbols actually are Satanic, but they are associated with and co-opted by wannabe black magicians. Shouldn't that be a trigger for someone who was tortured by a Satanic cult?! She can't plug in a mixer in her own kitchen without having a seizure, but she can paint the Necronomicon sigil and use it as the background at her workshop?!

      If you haven't seen it, this is Frog's video on her Soul Retrieval painting. To this I would add, that as it was explained to me in comments somewhere, the other symbol is a Reiki symbol that is used to amplify energy. So, if we're taking the symbols at face value, she's amplifying a symbol she's mistaken for something representing necromancy, something she, herself, admits is "dark" and unsettling. Kind of seems like her "teachings" in a nutshell. Drudge up internal darkness. Blast the world with it.

  71. "She can't plug in a mixer in her own kitchen without having a seizure, but she can paint the Necronomicon sigil and use it as the background at her workshop?!"

    lol.. I understand that we're all mirrors, but I spoke from an astrological point of view after having seen her chart. I have seen the effects of the Neptune/Sun configuration on other people, which she has, and it does come out as a very elusive sense of self. Delusions of grandeur, personal myths, saviour complex and so on, and their belief in it is unquestionable so others believe it too. These people are often in the spotlight because everyone sees in them what they want to see, but they are best kept off limits lest the illusion gets broken, because that's the experience of Neptune, also described as "smoke and mirrors". These people have those qualities stronger than those without the configuration.

    Cafeastrology says it best:

    "(Sun opposing Neptune) ..They can be easily led astray by peculiar desires or self-destructive habits. In order to add a greater-than-ordinary dimension of experience to their lives that helps them to feel special and important, they might be attracted to Neptune-ruled behaviors, such as secret affairs, drugs, or other escapist behaviors. In some way, these people feel a strong urge to glamorize their role in the world. In extreme cases, the natives are completely deluded. However, in most cases, there is simply some confusion about the past (such as remembering childhood experiences in ways that are far removed from reality), and a tendency to daydream about being someone more “important” than they assume they are."


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