Jul 14, 2015

The LHC and Another Mystery Particle

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Here's where I pretend to understand quantum physics well enough to relate some very important news. The Large Hadron Collider, which enabled the detection of the elusive Higgs boson, or "God particle," has also revealed the pentaquark. It is effectively a new state of matter.

In 1964, two physicists - Murray Gell Mann and George Zweig - independently proposed the existence of the subatomic particles known as quarks.

They theorised that key properties of the particles known as baryons and mesons were best explained if they were in turn made up of other constituent particles. Zweig coined the term "aces" for the three new hypothesised building blocks, but it was Gell-Mann's name "quark" that stuck.

This model also allowed for other quark states, such as the pentaquark. This purely theoretical particle was composed of four quarks and an antiquark (the anti-matter equivalent of an ordinary quark).

I was just the other evening listening to an older interview with William Henry, in which he touched once again on the LHC. Henry has noted the similarity between the LHC and the 8 spoked wheel of Mayan prophesy.

He lays it out graphically here.

I find it highly interesting that this ‘wormhole’ he is emerging from is an 8-rayed symbol (the galaxy) that precisely matches the 8 rayed or 8-spoked Large Hadron Collider at CERN, the behemoth designed to search for the unseen, unknown God Particle.

. . .

In The God Particle, Lederman says the search for the Higgs is actually a recreation of the Tower of Babel incident recorded in the Book of Genesis.

There’s your trouble.

In the 23rd century B.C. the Sumerian king Nimrod built a ladder (symbolized by an H) or Tower (actually a gate) that reached from Babylon into the stars. The jealous Israelite god Yahweh got nervous about humankind ‘making a Name or Renown’ for itself by building this Gate. If successful, says the Book of Genesis, “nothing we can imagine would be impossible for us.”

The LHC project is ambitious, indeed, and may have just brought us a step closer to reading the mind of God.

And now I will return to just being mystified by the whole thing.

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