Jan 15, 2013


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"Why Shamanism Now?" with Christina Pratt

Laying Souls to Rest in Vietnam with Dr. Edward Tick

Vietnamese shaman, Nguyen Ngoc Hoai, speaks to the souls of the dead in her country. In this way she and a Society of Shamans have located the remains of 10,000 soldiers, allowing the families of the dead to lay these wandering souls to rest. Join our guest Dr. Edward Tick, host, Christina Pratt, and her Vietnamese guests. Dr. Tick, the author of War and The Soul, rediscovered the archetypal path necessary to heal the unique wounding of war by working effectively and deeply with traditional shamanic practices in the indigenous cultures of Greece, Native North America and Vietnam. Through his non-profit organization, Soldier's Heart, Dr. Tick uses psycho-spiritual, cross-cultural, and international reconciliation practices to bring healing to veterans, communities and nations recovering from the traumas of war. He and his guests from Vietnam join us for the next Society of Shamanic Practitioners sponsored interview. In this series we explore how contemporary shamans are meeting the challenge of their world where the relations of things are profoundly out of balance. How are these shamans meeting this extraordinary need today?

This week's guest:
Dr. Edward Tick

Edward Tick, Ph.D., is Founding Director and Senior Clinician of Soldier's Heart: Veterans' Safe Return Programs. Honored for his groundbreaking work in the holistic and community-based healing of veterans and Post-traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), Dr. Tick has been a psychotherapist for 33 years, specializing in working with veterans since the 1970s. He is the author of Sacred Mountain, The Practice Of Dream Healing, The Golden Tortoise, and the award-winning book War And The Soul.

Nguyen Ngoc Hoai is a Vietnamese shaman and medium who uses ESP to communicate with the wandering souls of the dead. She had a life-threatening illness 15 years ago and came out of it with the ability to accurately see and hear the souls of the dead. She has located hundreds of MIA remains using her gifts. She has just published a book in Viet Nam, called "In Another World" about her more interesting or difficult cases. She has located remains of Laotians and Indonesians as well as Vietnamese and is willing to work with American MIA families.

Nguyen Thi Minh Thai is professor of communication and journalism at Univ. of Social Sciences and Humanities in Ha Noi, leading culture and art critic in Viet Nam, poet and author of many books.

Tran Dinh Song, this the translator and representative for Soldier's Heart and journey guide in Viet Nam for 12 years. He is a cultural liaison, former teacher, humanitarian and healer.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013 at 11:00 AM Pacific

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Just Energy Radio

Voodoo In My Blood

Carolle Jean-Murat, MD
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Dr. Carolle was born and raised in Haiti to a family of healers, herbalists, midwives and shamans, and was educated in Haiti and the best universities in Mexico, Jamaica, and the US. After completing her postgraduate training in obstetrics and gynecology in Wisconsin she settled in San Diego in 1982. She soon was regarded as one of the best ob-gyn around, but her success harbored a secret: when a patient entered her office, Dr. Carolle could quickly and intuitively see the root cause of her patient’s illness. More ...

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Awake: Now What?

Jason Lincoln Jeffers, Teacher, Coach, Author, Artist

Jason Lincoln Jeffers is a spiritual teacher, life and wellness coach, author, mystical expressionist fine artist, evolutionary astrologer, philosopher, entrepreneur, inspirational speaker, and self-taught authority on metaphysics, transpersonal psychology, and alternative medicine.

Jason began his spiritual training remarkably early. From the age of six, his 71-year-old father and guru began teaching him how to properly interpret his dreams, meditate, channel, and develop his innate psychic abilities.

Due to health issues after his father's passing in 1988, he created Sunlighten and Sunlight Day Spa as a wellness process. Sunlighten and Sunlight Day Spa (co-founded in 2004) are companies dedicated to empowering wellness through products and services that provide drug-free pain relief, drug-free detoxification, drug-free stress relief, massage therapy, and whole body rejuvenation using state-of-the-art wellness technologies such as far-infrared therapy and sound vibrational therapy.

In 2001 Jason's life was utterly transformed by an ancient mystical inner body experience known as a kundalini awakening.

In 2007 Jason founded Transformational Art, a company to promote his fine art of mystical expressionism. Since then, he has exhibited his artwork in many prestigious galleries around the country, including New York City, Philadelphia, and Chicago.

In September, 2012, Jason published his first book: The Next Human –– A Guide to Personal and Collective Evolution. He has been promoting the book every since via Internet radio shows which can be listened to on podcasts from his Events Page here. In 2013 Jason will begin his worldwide lecture tour promoting the book.

For more information go to http://www.jasonlincolnjeffers.com/bio.html

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