Jul 4, 2012

Hunt Vampires Just Like Abe Lincoln

Crossposted from Reflections Journal.

You too can hunt real, dead vampires, just like our 16th President. Or at least you could have done if you'd been alive in the early 1900s when these snazzy vampire-slaying kits were available for purchase. Today you'd have to steal one from a museum.

The 19th Century box, containing a crucifix, pistols, wooden stakes and a mallet, was sold for £7,500 at an auction in North Yorkshire on Friday.

It had been left to a Yorkshire woman in her uncle's will.

The Royal Armouries said it expected the box would prove a major attraction when it went on display at the Clarence Dock museum later this year.

. . .

As well as the weaponry, the box contains a copy of the Book of Common Prayer from 1851 and a handwritten extract from the Bible which quotes Luke 19:27.

Admit it. You want one.

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