Jul 3, 2012


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"Why Shamanism Now?" with Christina Pratt

Restoring Spirits of the Land with David Franklin Farkas

What do we do when things stop flourishing? What do we do when houses don’t sell, businesses fail, and illness keeps cycling through the family? Where do we go when we sense that the very matrix of the energy that supports life is somehow torn or set asunder? This week guest, David Franklin Farkas, joins host, Christina Pratt to explore practical ways to clear and restore the energies in our physical world so that we are able to maintain good communication and reciprocity with the spirits of the land, the elementals, and the Earth herself. Years ago a moment of prayerful asking how to repair a profound distortion in our energy world David was shown the energetic geometry of the etheric matrix and instructed in how to repair it. Over the past two and a half decades David has developed this proprietary method he calls Quantum Grid Restructuring, which normalizes distortion in the energetic geometry of a buildings and space by clearing the human dramas, the emotional history of human events, and other traumas we inflict on the world around us. These practices support the reconciliation with underground water, ley lines and vortexes as well as offering a context for rescuing ghosts and banishing meaner entities. Join us this week as we explore how to effectively clean up the mess we have made and restore right relationship with our world.

This Week's Guest:
David Franklin Farkas

David Franklin Farkas is a thought leader, independent (rogue) scholar and master practitioner in the area of remote clearing and healing of land, buildings, people, businesses and situations. He has over 35 years of experience as a professional house healer and ghost rescuer and prefers the term Technician of the Sacred. He also provides clearing and metaphysical coaching for individuals.

David apprenticed for three years with a psychic healer who had been trained by indigenous healers in the Philippines, and was mentored by a Cherokee medicine man. Now, most of his Spiritual and practical training comes directly from the Angelic realm during his work and meditations.

Over the past two and a half decades David has developed a proprietary method called Quantum Grid Restructuring which normalizes distortion in the energetic geometry of a buildings, clearing the human drama and trauma that caused these distortions. This is analogous to reformatting a hard drive on a computer. The old stuff is gone and new information can now be added to the cleared space. He can also see and mitigate issues in the land itself including underground water, ley lines and vortexes.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012 at 11:00 AM Pacific

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Just Energy Radio

Nancy Red Star & Lynn Andrews

Dr. Rita Louise is joined on Just Energy Radio by two guests. In the first hour she will be speaking with Nancy Red Star about the Wisdom of Our Star Ancestors. In the second hour she will be talking to legendary Lynn Andrews about Ancient Teachings for a Modern World.

About Nancy Red Star
Nancy Red Star descends from Redman-Vann-Shepard-Parker Cherokee bloodlines on her mother's side. She is the author of the Star Ancestors Trilogy and Life With a Cosmos Clearance and UFOs- No Threat, Official Eyewitness Testimony. Red Star directs Willow Spirit Productions, LLC and Willow Spirit Press, LLC which was created for the purpose of documenting and distributing the archives of the testimony of world Indigenous peoples and select members of the Industrial Military Complex.

About Lynn Andrews
Lynn Andrews is a 21st Century Shaman and mystic life coach. Author of the internationally acclaimed Medicine Woman Series, Lynn Andrews who has spent the last 25 years studying with shamanic women on three continents. This best selling author shares her ancient teachings of shamanic training. Lynn Andrews brings spiritual tools and compelling techniques for healing from the spiritual realm to the modern everyday physical world. Her techniques use the power of thought to take you beyond self limitation to other realities.

Fri, July 6, 2012 03:00PM ET


Awake: Now What?

LGBTQ: Empowered and Free: The Strengths of Being LGBTQ

Have you ever considered being LGBTQ a blessing? Have you ever wondered if there is something sacred about being lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender or queer? Do you think perhaps your soul chose your sexual orientation and gender identity for a reason? Regardless of your religious or spiritual beliefs, what are the strengths of being LGBTQ? Join us for a lively, insightful discussion that will bring you a sense of peace, comfort and confidence about being yourself.

Call or send email to us at lgbtwellness@gmail.com. We want to hear from you!

Join us! Listen on Blog Talk Radio at http://www.blogtalkradio.com/awake or in the Friends chat room http://theawakeningcenter.com/tan/m/chat/home/ on The Awake Net.

Dr. Lisa Bufton, D.D. is a Spiritual Counselor, Angel Therapy Practitioner®, and cofounder of LGBT Wellness Conference. www.purespirithealing.com and www.lgbt-wellness.org

Courtney Long, MSW, LC, CHt, ATP® is a Guide to the Authentic, Author and Speaker. www.authenticandfree.com

Sat, July 7, 2012 01:00PM ET


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