Sep 12, 2011

Pisces Full Moon September 12, 2011 - All About Me and You

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Aloha, my astrology-loving and spiritually-aware friends. All last week, as the moon has been moving through the higher, more society-connected signs of Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, and now Pisces, planets in my own natal chart have been deeply affected. Each of those signs represents the highest octave of the elements of fire, earth, air, and water. The first octave of Aries, Taurus, Gemini, and Cancer looks through the lens of self. The second octave of Leo, Virgo, Libra, and Scorpio sees the world through the lens of self and another. The third octave of Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, and Pisces sees itself in relation to the whole crowd, the group, the collective of society. Before you look at your own sun sign and judge yourself based on this astrological tidbit, keep in mind that you have the entire zodiac wheel represented in your natal, or birth, chart. You are a very unique symphony, a music of the spheres, composed through the interchange of planetary aspect patterns and planetary placements in the houses, or areas of life, expressed as your own beautiful soul. As the planets continue to move through time, they interact with the music of your birth chart, bringing choices, experiences, growth, change, and transcendence. Just like photographs of you as an infant and you now are different but the same person, so, too is your natal chart always with you, but you become new over and over again. You will experience what it is to be all the signs at some point in time or at some level of your consciousness.

All week, I stalled on writing my "traditional" horoscopes and trends for you. Today is Sunday, September 11th, and, as I opened my astrology software program to see where the planets are and how they may be affecting you, the full moon in the mutable water sign of Pisces gave me a nice wet fish-slap in the face. Yes, I've been looking at its ripening beauty grow in the velvet star-spangled evening sky on these sweet, cool September evenings and I know where it occurs in my own chart, but I've been ignoring the symbols and signs as I try to stay in the "normal" world and do what I think is the right thing to do in terms of money, production, business, etc. I have been ignoring my own internal GPS, although some of the messages I have been receiving about the global consciousness and the importance of the current time did get modified and mainstreamed for last week's astrological trends. All my life, I have felt like a non-conformist trying to conform. My chart holds the sun (self-awareness) in rebellious, oddball Aquarius, Jupiter (growth, abundance) and Saturn (authority, restriction, work, structure) in the 8th house of metaphysics and the occult in reserved and traditional Capricorn. All my knowledge and experiences in things metaphysical and spiritual have come to me through doubt and skepticism. When I first learned of planting a garden by moon signs years ago, I had to plant a garden by the moon and a control garden where I did everything opposite to astrological gardening wisdom. I have to see it to believe it and it took me years to understand that when we want to manifest something, we see it when we believe it. My Mercury is also in Aquarius in the 9th house, so I'm here to communicate and teach unusual things. My moon in Aries in the 11th house means I am to share it with a group and the trine between my moon and Uranus, ruler of my sun sign, in the 3rd house of communication reinforces my interest and emotional "knowing" of astrology and its potential for helping to create a life from a point of awareness. My Neptune in Scorpio in the 5th house has given a lifelong interest in metaphysics and spirituality and I especially have a fascination with the laws of abundance and manifestation. I have created things out of nowhere and thin air many times in my past, and my Mars in Cancer in my 1st house of self trine to my Neptune in Scorpio in the 5th leads me to persist, believing that someday, I can do it at will. I know that we are all moving to a point of consciousness where we will instantly manifest what we desire as we think it. I think the current full moon in Pisces, following the recent new moon in Virgo, is bringing a more widespread awareness of this process of imagining/seeing, believing/receiving to us all now. The challenges within my chart, in the form of squares between my moon and Jupiter/Saturn and my Mercury and sun square to Neptune, make it difficult for me to feel safe or believe I will be accepted if I am too "far out," New Age, or non-traditional. When I left New York, where I always felt like anything but the typical suburban Barbie I felt I was expected to be, and landed in Sedona, Arizona, a mecca for spirituality and unusual interests, I finally felt at home and surprisingly normal among the diverse population of New Agers living there. Now, I live in a place with mainstream, traditional consciousness and I feel I am holding a frequency in place for the benefit of others without them even being aware of what I am doing. Many of you who feel you are somewhere that you don't belong could be performing a similar energy elevation service where you are now. The Internet allows people to connect in ways that weren't possible years ago, and if we can't find our tribe in our own neighborhood, we can find our tribe online, which is what many of us are doing. Can you believe we are moving to a level of awareness where we can be somewhere in our consciousness and experience a person or place and they will also have the same ability? What do you think will replace the Internet? I think telepathy will one day be our main form of communication.

This full moon joins my Venus and my lunar South Node in my 10th house of career and standing in the outer world. It opposes my lunar North Node conjunct Pluto, planet of personal power and transformation, in discerning Virgo in my 4th house of home, family, and psychological foundations. The full moon also opposes transiting Mercury, planet of thought and communication, which is joining my North Node and Pluto. The recent Virgo new moon activated my North Node and Pluto, and I launched a new website offering a new service, Life Purpose Reports, which evolved out of seeing that my particular skill at synthesizing a chart and getting to the core of why someone is here at the soul level, what potential avenues they may follow, what skills they have, and what possible challenges or weaknesses they may have is what I am best at doing for people. Relationship analysis is my other forte. There are many wonderful horoscope writers in the world who follow the same rules and formulas that I do to write daily and weekly horoscopes, so I am now at a point in my work where I must weigh whether my time spent writing lengthy weekly horoscopes and trends is the best use of my time when I have people lining up for private readings and my family is involved in a major project that demands my energy input, as well. I do get wonderful feedback from people, but when I am providing these services, I do not always feel that I am giving the highest and best of my personal, individual purpose. When I look at the growth of traffic to my site over the course of a year (I really have to pat myself on the back for following through on something for a year - not an easy trick for an Aries moon/Aquarius sun/Gemini ascendant), I am in turns either disappointed with myself and my efforts or I find myself wondering, "What is it I am supposed to do now - and how can I best do it?" At this point, I have not come to a conclusion, because I have only just asked the question. My site at What is My Life About? is only a partial answer. This Pisces full moon and transiting Mercury poking at my Venus/South Node in the 10th and North Node/Pluto in the 4th is emphasizing that I communicate what I feel at my core, identifying what I love most that brings me joy and restructuring/prioritizing my time spent with family in balance with my career. As I write this, my partner is working on digging up and fixing a water line on the property that runs to a home he is rebuilding/transforming for my adult daughter to live in so she can join the family. The pressure of time is upon us to complete this project. A mundane "benefit" (not) of having Pluto in Virgo in the 4th house of home has shown up as plumbing stuff for me over the years, any time a transit touches off my Pluto. Astrology has a practical-joker side for sure. A 4th-house North Node like me is meant to focus on home and family, but to make the most of my North Node, I must also use the other parts of my chart and make use of my ability to analyze using astrology and my intuition and to help people transform. When I focus too much on career growth or my outer world reputation, as indicated by my South Node in the 10th house, the life purpose work of my 4th house North Node suffers. I am now at a point of getting back on track, whatever that means, for my own soul. At this point, I am planning on continuing daily short Tweetscopes on Twitter and Facebook and may simply post them daily for all signs on Aloha Astro in place of weekly horoscopes and trends so that I can serve people better through personal readings.

Although you may not have this Pisces full moon activating things as strongly in your own chart as they are mine, I know the potential for intense emotions is strong due to the depth and breadth of Pisces energy. You can enter your birth data at Aloha Astro for a free chart, where you can see where you have Pisces in your chart and what planets you may have in that sign, as well. You may also feel ripples of this full moon energy wherever you have the planet Neptune, ruler of Pisces, in your chart. If you have planets in your 12th house, which is the natural home of Pisces, you may experience stronger emotions this full moon than people who have empty 12th houses might.

Here is my chart, if you are interested in looking.

Pisces, ruler of the 12th house of dreams, the subconscious, and the collective, is ruled by the planet Neptune. Here are a whole bunch of words and phrases related to Pisces/Neptune/12th house: water, ocean, fog, mist, inspiration, illusion, imagination, deception, addictions, the subconscious, victim/savior/martyr, joy/sorrow, bittersweet, Heaven, Christ Consciousness, Divine intervention, saving grace, lost/found, faith/doubt, intuition, symbolic language, telepathy, forever/eternity/timeless, ether, no boundaries, diffuse, healing, sacrifice/making sacred, profound beauty, the bridge between impossible and possible, costumes/masks/camouflage, magic, fantasy, other dimensions, meditation, dreams, OBEs, astral travel, channeling, spirit/body connection, angels, guides, Unity consciousness/one with all that is, prisons, hospitals, nursing homes, rehabilitation centers, monasteries, ashrams, intentional communities, creating through intention, and accepting your Divinity. As I write this, I am hearing, "The river Jordan is chilly and wide, milk and honey on the other side," from the song "Michael, Row Your Boat Ashore," which seems appropriate for a moon culminating in the last sign of the zodiac wheel. I also see an image of a pearl in an oyster. Both symbolize that to arrive at a promised land or receive a rare treasure, you have to deal with earthly tedium.

My software program shows me not just the current placement of the traditional planets, but also a group of asteroids. I do not include them in my regular interpretations because I am still observing their energy and because I feel the basics are more than enough for most people who just want to know what is happening in their lives or are just learning about astrology. Today, when I looked at the pattern formed by both the traditional planets and the asteroids, I got a clear intuitive sense that we stand at a doorway at this full moon. Life seems to unfold in spirals around us at all levels. We are now at a turn of an energetic spiral where we can look ahead or behind. We are facing a mirror of sorts where we must choose the reflection or be the source making the image. I wish I had a better way to explain this, because it feels so vitally important to me. Take the plans you may have launched at the Virgo new moon, cast them up in the air, and watch to see what gets blown away as empty husks and what is a viable seed. Send them out on the ocean of your spirit and see what sinks and what floats. Don't let necessity lead you by the nose into past paradigms when following joy and your dreams can put you in a whole new dimension instead. Don't put off what seems like a silly dream for some other day. Here are two videos from two of my favorite female musicians that poignantly express the energy of a Pisces full moon: "Both Sides Now" by Judy Collins and "Circle Game" by Joni Mitchell.

A series of totally bizarre dreams over the last few mornings made me look deep inside today. Most of the time, I can easily interpret my dreams and the symbols in them in relation to my life and what is going on for me. This time, I am at a loss. Since one of the things that became clear to me this morning, after looking at the transits to my chart, is that I must break with tradition today, take off a mask or drop an illusion and share what is most important to me now, I will tell you the dreams. Perhaps they are meant for the collective and not just me personally.

First Dream: I am standing at the edge of a large hole in the ground. Fourteen people are in the bottom of the hole, willingly preparing to die. It seems they believe having dirt bulldozed on top of them is better than some other alternative, which is unknown to me in the dream. I cannot see who is filling the hole with dirt and I have no emotional charge around these fourteen people choosing to be buried alive - I am just neutrally observing them. The hole is filled entirely, they do not cry out, and when the hole is full, it is as if they never were there at all. Immediately following this dream, I read an e-mail forwarded to me by a friend. She sent me the article, The Separation of Worlds: Leaving People Behind, from Denise Le Fay. This part of the article seemed to coincide with my dream:

"I know how harsh and heartless this Separation of Worlds reality may sound to some people, but, until you've perceived from a higher level of awareness it is hard to understand that divine perfection exists in absolutely every choice every soul makes. Believe me when I tell you that some other soul or group of souls thought and felt the same way about you at some previous ascension/evolutionary point! And look where you are now." And also, "Freewill for all with zero judgment for whatever choice is made. It is perfect no matter what so be in Heart knowing joy for All."

Coincidentally, I had recently been strongly impressed by a webinar with Rikka Zimmerman, an Access Consciousness practitioner, hosted by Darius Barazandeh at You Wealth Revolution. Several times during the clearing process, Rikka talked about how the single most important thing you could do to radically change your life would be to let go of your own self-judgment. The Access Consciousness process of asking questions and stepping out of polarity, beyond right/wrong, point of creation/point of destruction, moves so much energy that even animals present in the room listening to the calls get excited and behave as if something wonderful is happening.

My second dream involved two wolves getting into a house I was in to get at food I had. They attacked me and I had to curl into a tight ball to protect my face, but was able to chase them out the door. Hmm…keeping wolves from the door is an expression we use to mean fending off the scary things in life that take away our sustenance and threaten us. In the dream, there was also a gray fox that nipped at my hand when I reached toward it, but I stood my ground and reached for the fox again and it became submissive and tame. About a month ago, I did read an article in a National Geographic magazine issue about scientists studying foxes to understand the process of domestication and the genetic evolution of species. The dream brought to mind Machaelle Small-Wright's Perelandra Gardening book and her MAP book, which I read years ago, both of which made me more aware of the forces of nature and the spiritual realms which are standing by, waiting to work with us if we ask.


I think the dream was telling me that the way to deal with fear (the wolves) is to be clever as a fox and work with the energy of nature. Also, about twelve years ago, a fox came to me in a meditation with the message to be alert. In the busy-ness of life and business, I have been looking at what I think I should be looking at and not at what Spirit has been guiding me to perceive lately. Have you done the same? This Pisces full moon arrives at a time when the quality of light in the mornings and early evenings casts a magical, otherworldly glow on the fields and mountains near my home. The drier, cooler air makes the blue of the sky deeper and the clouds more majestic, but as I drove down the road toward town today, exulting in the wonder of nature around me, I saw frowning faces drive past me, focused on the cell phone attached to their ear, oblivious to the rare moment time and nature offered to appreciate and connect through their senses to their very home, which nourishes and supports them.

The Pisces full moon lights up the deep sea of the soul for us all, which is very, very deep. This is the sign of great mysteries and looking for the answers to seemingly unanswerable questions. Where the new moon in Virgo brought us finite points to ponder, the full moon in Pisces brings us to infinity. Here are some quotes to ponder during the Pisces full moon:

"If you aren't in over your head, how do you know how tall you are?" - T. S. Eliot

"There is no absolute point of view from which real and ideal can be finally separated and labeled." - T. S. Eliot

"Where is the Life we have lost in living? Where is the wisdom we have lost in knowledge? Where is the knowledge we have lost in information?" - T. S. Eliot

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