Jun 3, 2010

Astrological Trends for June 4-10, 2010

Here is your energy lookout for the week ahead. Like checking the weather to know how to dress, it makes good sense to check the planetary energy patterns to know how to plan your days. This forecast looks at the current transits of the planets in relation to society as a whole. Your own natal, or birth, chart is also impacted by the current transits, and your own experiences this week will also be affected by your own unique chart pattern. I am available for general readings by phone or text chat at LivePsyche or you can make arrangements for in-depth chart readings here.

Friday, June 4th, is influenced by some discordant energy between the Moon in Pisces and the Sun in Gemini. Today, you may feel as though your thoughts are at odds with your feelings. There is no harm in taking some time to examine your thoughts and feelings before making any decisions. A contra-parallel between the Moon and Saturn increases your tendency to be critical of both yourself and others. Knowing this short-lived energy in advance should enable you to put it to constructive, rather than obstructive or destructive, use. Some sexual tension that Mars, Jupiter, and Uranus have been creating can be super charged right now and today the Sun/Moon energy may have you asking yourself, “Should I, or shouldn’t I?” when it comes to the question of a fling. Love is like Russian Roulette right now – it could be the real thing, or not, you won’t know unless you play.

The Moon and Saturn parallel on Saturday, June 5th, increases your feelings of duty and responsibility. Moon/Jupiter energy opens doors to forgiveness. An exchange of energy between compassionate Moon in Pisces and polite and kind Mercury in Taurus also figures prominently. Now is the time to acknowledge hurt feelings, forgive someone in your heart and follow through by talking about it. Perhaps it is your inner self with whom you need to forgive and communicate. Whether it’s your own inner child or someone else’s who has been hurting as of late, today is an opportune time to share feelings that can lead to a deeper level of understanding, love, and respect.

A Moon/Pluto square on Sunday, June 6th, may signal a locking of horns between you and someone else. The Moon is in hotheaded, single-minded Aries, the Ram. Pluto is in authority-minded, controlling Capricorn, the Goat. Independent opinions you may make or actions you may take may be opposed by anyone who considers him or herself to be a boss or an authority figure in your life. Now that you know what energy you are facing today, wouldn’t it be best to curb your enthusiasm a bit and approach things quietly and in a sideways manner, rather than rushing in headlong? Your day will go much more smoothly if you acknowledge other people’s power, whether by using their formal title when addressing them or complimenting them on a skill in which they take pride. Flattery will get you everywhere and undermine the opposition.

Too many pans in the fire or too many cooks in the kitchen are the expressions that come to mind when I look at the energy patterns for Monday, June 7th. The weather may be variable – both emotionally and for real! It’s just as possible to cycle through happy, sad, and angry as it may be to see fog, clouds, sun, and rain today! A positive aspect between Moon in energized Aries and Sun in restless Gemini will keep you actively engaged in both talk and action. Saturn is positively aspected by both Mercury and Neptune; however, Mercury and Neptune are square to each other. This can create many possibilities for you, but if I had to choose the most likely, I would have to say that something may become lost or forgotten. Don’t we have to be lost to be found? The planets indicate a task, journey, or communication embarked upon but beset by interruption or confused communication. Serendipity will be present, as well. Be prepared for any possibility today; be open to changing your plans in a heartbeat and your experiences may be the kind that make for some extraordinary stories that never fade in the re-telling.

There’s a good chance that yesterday’s mishaps – ahem – adventures will keep you engaged further on Tuesday, June 8th. The Moon in Taurus is energized by the Jupiter/Uranus conjunction: The planets of growth and change, Neptune: The planet of inspiration, and Mars: The planet of physical action. Your day is just percolating with ideas or activity that can break you out of the past and help you create a more pleasing life in the present tense. If you went with yesterday’s flow and let yourself be led to new places and people, today’s energy will be especially dynamic, but even if you stayed in all day and did nothing, I predict today will be the start of something new and better in your life.

Wednesday, June 9th, is dominated by the planet Mercury and the challenging aspects between Mercury and Mars and Neptune. This dynamic enhances the difficult nature of the current Mars/Neptune opposition. It could be that all the great stuff launched yesterday now requires an ironing-out of the kinks, a recalibration or adjustment of some kind to bring life back into balance. Appearances may be that you have taken on the impossible. The planet Mercury happens to be the key operative planet in all this challenge and it is in the sign of Taurus, one of the most fixed, stubborn, determined, and persevering signs. Taurus is also ruled by generous and happy Venus, allowing that perseverance to actually come with a smile! So, what does this mean for you? Don’t give up under any circumstance. You WILL overcome any challenges through sheer mental power and you will be amply rewarded for your efforts. Yes, it’s a cliché, but where there’s a will, there’s a way.

Are you in the mood for love? I honestly don’t see how anyone could not feel the love vibes present now. Thursday, June 10th, has a multitude of romance and sex aspects, making it the ideal day for relationships. Venus, the planet of affection and pleasure, is in a happy energy flow with Neptune, the planet of long-term romance and is also supported by the Moon and Saturn. This all enhances the positive expression of true love and commitment. Mars is trine Pluto, increasing physical desire, and Mars is also positively aspected by Jupiter and Uranus, which can remove inhibitions and increases the chance of sudden or unexpected liaisons. There is some cautionary energy to be aware of, which flows between Mercury/Moon and Mars. There may be some secrets yet unspoken or something bittersweet that accompanies a love encounter for you now. It is also possible that you realize there is no Dream Lover or Perfect Mate and you are willing to revise your expectations.

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