Nov 8, 2009

Time Monk Clif High on Pole Shift

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A little over a year ago, I wrote a series of entries on the Time Monks webbot project, and the accuracy of these forecasts. As I said then, what I was getting intuitively was pole shift, but there was little in the predictive linguistics of the Time Monks to validate that. Instead, I turned to the most recent information I could find from Drunvalo Melchizedek on the subject. What a difference a year makes. Recent material from Drunvalo, posted here and here, goes into more depth on pole shift and how it fits into the Mayan prophecies. Now comes a wealth of information from Time Monk Clif High on his near certainty that there will be a dramatic pole shift event tied to that 2012 date.

Clif has been making the rounds talking about his most recent report. There's lots of stuff to make us all very nervous on the collapsing economy, the potential "death of the dollar," and more, but what will probably be most chilling to people unfamiliar with this idea is the prospect of the magnetic poles reversing and solid land masses rolling around. His most in depth interview on the subject was the other evening on Rense Radio.

He has posted some supplemental material on Half Past Human to explain how he came to the conclusion that the data they've been collecting since 1997 points to pole shift, rather than some of the other interpretations they had posited. His analysis spans both the scientific theories and a range of prophetic material, from the Mayan Long Count Calendar to the ancient Vedic, Chinese, and Egyptian material.

Then there is the issue of the rapid, and oscillating climate changes here on earth, as well as the alterations of the climates on all the other planets in the solar system. And then there are the tremendous changes in the sun over this last decade. Which continue. Then there are the various huge levels of changes to the earth itself, such as the giant earthquakes, the resulting tsunami's, and other indications of major changes such as global glacial melt.

. . .

It is the sun spot cycle that concerns us humans, and other critters here on earth. The reason is that universe is composed of cycles within cycles within cycles at levels and complexity we may barely be able to perceive. These cycles include large cycles based on smaller cycles. One of these smaller cycles is our local sun spot cycle.

While our work at HPH has shown indications of a 'sun disease' since 1997, and this reference was to a 'disease of the sun' rather than a 'disease caused in earth life by the sun', within our data sets this language fell under the set of what we called "the big squeeze". This label was applied due to the many and repeated references to "magnetics gone wrong" in our data. It was our theory that the 'cause' for the 'big squeeze' was the alignment of the earth and the sun with the center of the Milky Way galaxy which is coincident with 2012. This necessitated the idea of new forms of energy from extra solar system sources in order to explain all the changes to the local planets and our sun. Such an understanding is wrong.

There is an understanding that provides for the current changes in the planets and the sun that does not require any external sources of energy. This understanding has to do with the totality of the sun spot cycles, and what causes them, and the larger cycles built upon them.

The upshot?

The impact of the magnetic discharge from the sun will overwhelm what is left of earth's protective magnetosphere and initiate both a pole and a crustal shift.

The page also has lots of pretty pictures and in depth info on the theoretical framework. Note that Clif is not a fan of the idea of a leap in consciousness accompanying this event, of the type Drunvalo predicts. For fairly obvious reasons, I prefer Drunvalo's take on the whole thing. I should add that while, again, I can't go into too much detail on this until I have more clarity and permission from my guides, what I have been shown is that we are going into a "time of magic." So, we shall see.

Additional Material:

I really enjoyed this video of Jay Weidner's take on the Time Monks webbot project.

This interview with Conscious Radio Network's Regina I found fascinating because Clif gets into more of the nuts and bolts of how his technology allows him to interpret the movement of the collective unconscious. As I discussed here, this is one of the most intriguing aspects of the webbot project for me. In his conversation with Regina, Clif validates my earlier perception that what he's able to observe by culling the archetypes in the linguistics is a very deep level of consciousness, far beyond the mental process. Here is Regina's written introduction to this fascinating podcast:

Sometimes, it's good to be aware of The Shape of Things to Come, even if it is from a report generated by a program that collates the language of our universal unconscious. Clif High (yes that is meamt to be with one 'f'), talks for over an hour with Regina about his background, his original purpose and current methodologies and what the data is revealing to him.

Still more recent interviews with the Time Monks are available on my YouTube Channel.

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