Nov 13, 2009

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2012 A New Age

Discussion and Wisdom concerning the times we live in in relation to 2012, the ascension process and what is happening in the world. We must keep in mind there is a parallel between :geographical :economical stress: war and astronomical events, and human emotion and discord. Our thinking, intent and emotion influence all around us. Including events that we would not think as being influenced (like earthquakes). We are the creators. It is said "as above so below" so remember its also "so inside of us so outside of us" Think balance and peace! Listen in and see what resonates. Thank You

Sunday, Nov. 15, at 10 PST, 12 CST, and 1 EST

New WINGS Update from Karen Bishop

Missing the Mark...the Haywire Energies

With all the new spaces present in a new dimensional reality, there is an epidemic occurring in relation to mis-matches, or rather energies that are not hitting their designated targets. From receiving “wrong number” phone calls, to continued misinformation being given out, to the usual malfunction of electronics, to the “wrong” this or that, energies are simply not reaching their intended targets, thus creating a continual feeling of no flow in certain situations. None-the-less, in other areas, there is a synchronicity present at the highest levels that can feel oh so magnificent when it occurs, even if it does not make sense at lower levels.

With so many vibrational variations and levels now present, as we are still settling in to new energetic homes, these glitches, mis-matches, and continued misses are to be expected. And add to this the massive collision that is felt when distinctly lower and distinctly higher vibrations meet, and friction may just be the word of the moment.

. . .

At the same time, some energies of the old reality are none too happy that we have pulled out and are no longer holding it up. In this way, we may have experiences of being charged outrageous amounts of money for things, being asked to pay ridiculous fees, feel as if we are being asked to “dish out” over and over again, when all we want to do is to naturally receive what is due to us for all of our service as holders of the light. We may feel that it needs to be “our turn,” finally, as we enter our heaven on earth, instead of feeling a struggle to simply make ends meet, or that the old reality is “taking” instead of giving. The old reality does not want us to cease the giving and supporting we have done for so very long. When we begin giving to each other, and supporting each other, these scenarios will cease to exist. We will hold each other up, as we create the new reality and the new grid.

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