Nov 7, 2023


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A Little Bit Culty

Unveiled: Yasmine Mohammed on Extreme Fundamentalism

Yasmine Mohammed attended Islamic schools and wore a hijab starting at the age of nine, all while living in Vancouver, BC. In this episode, she invites us into her childhood to get a taste of what it was like to live in two different worlds – the West and extreme fundamentalist Islam – while fitting into neither. She pulls back the curtain on the culty dynamics, indoctrination, and dehumanization characteristic of both worlds. We learn a little about her forced marriage to a member of Al-Qaeda at the age of 19. And she illuminates a Bill Maher moment with Ben Affleck that she believes exemplifies the West’s deeply problematic approach to radical Islam.

Check it out.


Yasmine Mohammed is founder and President of Free Hearts Free Minds – an organization devoted to those free thinkers in Muslim-majority countries whose lives are at risk for who they love or the words they utter. She’s a courageous and eloquent writer, podcaster, and human rights advocate as unafraid to criticize conversation police as she is to speak up against radical Islam. Yasmine is the author of Unveiled: How Western Liberals Empower Radical Islam, a memoir/polemic that explores her own history and how Western liberalism gets in the way of actualizing liberation. She’s host of the podcast Forgotten Feminists that features inspirational women from restrictive religious backgrounds. And she speaks on Islamophobia and the Canadian motion against it to universities, organizations and major news agencies.

Episode available since November 06, 2023

Herbal Radio

Interviews on Herbal Radio with Thomas Dick | Featuring Mason Hutchison

Today’s Herbal Radio episode features Mason Hutchison, a true rising star in the herbalism community and the founder of HerbRally. Mason grew up in Eugene, OR and held the title of Event Coordinator on the Mountain Rose Herbs Marketing Team for over a decade. His contributions and dedication to the herbalism community has left an everlasting impact on Mountain Rose Herbs, and Mason is considered one of the best success stories in our company history. Listen in for a wholesome conversation between Mason and our EVP/host, Thomas Dick, as they dive into Mason’s beginnings as a budding plant-lover, and how that his passion for herbalism and entrepreneurial spirit blossomed into his successes in present day.

Mason Hutchison is the founder of HerbRally, an herbal community hub that promotes herbalism education and events. He is also the host of "The Herbalist Hour", a podcast and YouTube series where he interviews a diverse array of plant people. Mason is a husband, proud father, avid chess, basketball and ping pong player, spring water gatherer, and an enthusiast in the art of frugal nutrition.

Episode available since Nov 3, 2023

Circle Sanctuary Network Podcasts

Circle Sanctuary's Circle Talk - Christine Cunningham Ashworth

Scott Cunningham is an iconic figure who led the way in establishing Wicca in North America. His pioneering book Wicca: A Guide for the Solitary Practitioner radically altered the practice of Wicca. Join us on Circle Talk as we talk with his sister, Christine Cunningham Ashworth as she shares insights on Scott as a persona s well as his magickal path from her new book, Scott Cunningham-The Path Taken.

Tue, November 7, 2023 08:00 pm [Eastern]

Songs of the Pagan Tribe ~ Elementary

Elementary. Songs and chants about the four Elements to raise energy and awareness. Music from Spiral Rhythm, Libana, Crow Women, and more.

Fri, November 10, 2023 08:00 pm [Eastern]

Voices of the Sacred Feminine

Let's Talk About Sex and Sexuality w/Melody Rosecrans

Evidentiary spiritual medium, Akashic Records reader and spiritual life coach/teacher, Melody Rosecrans, gets important information from her spirit guides which she shares with her community on a regular basis. Today she's with me to chat about what they've taught her about sex and sexuality. We'll discuss topics such as: A we meant to be with just one sexual partner, does abstaining from sex bring you a higher state of spiritual consciousness, are virgins more spiritually connected, what is transcendent sex, can every couple experience transcendent sex and is it even possible in our western culture, the question of gender - and more if we have time!

Wed, November 8, 2023 02:00 pm [Eastern]

Desperate House Witches

The Evil Eye with Author Antonio Pagliarulo

Author Antonio Pagliarulo joins me to discuss his new book: "The Evil Eye: The History, Mystery, and Magic of the Quiet Curse"

“Finally, there is a book written by an actual practitioner, in plain language, with warmth and compassion, that takes the Evil Eye and the misery it causes seriously. If you have been wondering about the Eye; if you fear it or think you have been struck by it; if you feel drawn to Evil Eye jewelry, this book is for you. May it provide you with safety, relief, and happiness.” —from the foreword by Judika Illes, author of Encyclopedia of 5000 Spells and Pure Magic: A Complete Course in Spellcasting

Antonio Pagliarulo has been published by the Washington Post, NBC News, New York Daily News, The Wild Hunt, and Religion News Service. He is the son of southern Italian immigrants and was raised in a home where the magical arts were commonplace. Antonio lives in New York City. Visit his website at

Thu, November 9, 2023 04:30 pm [Eastern]

Wellness Witchery with Laurel Woodard


Hundreds of Herbal Formulas and Recipes for Health, Wealth, and Love

Learn how to eat, meditate, and spellcast your way to a higher quality of life with this book on integrating a magickal mindset into daily life. Laurel Woodward shares more than one hundred herbal formulas, over eighty essential oil blends, more than thirty exercises, and nearly thirty kitchen witchery recipes. Not only will you meet plant allies and nurture a relationship with them, but you'll also find mood-lifting activities and delicious foods for healing body, mind, and spirit.

Wellness Witchery shows you the potent power of plants through numerous magickal, herbal, and self-care applications. Laurel provides formulas for boosting immunity, empowering relationships, relieving stress, improving self-esteem, and more. She also offers a variety of magical baths, recipes for treats and beverages, and essential oils for confidence, protection, and inner peace. With them, you can become happier, healthier, and more magickal.

Laurel Woodward (Portland, OR) has been a witch for 20 years and is also a tarot reader. She has written for magazines and ezines on the subjects of healthy living, organic gardening, sustainable living, and the magick of tapping creative energy. Learn more at

Fri, November 10, 2023 04:30 pm [Eastern]

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