Oct 17, 2023

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A Little Bit Culty

Healing In Public: Sarma Melngailis on Life After Netflix

Just before Netflix premiered its sensational docuseries “Bad Vegan,” Sarma Melngailis spoke exclusively with ALBC about all the shit she endured with culty conman Mr. So-called Fox. Go back and check out that episode for the grisly details and now foreboding hope that Netflix would shed light – not shade – on the confounding circumstances that led to the demise of Sarma’s brand One Lucky Duck and her beloved restaurant Pure Food and Wine. If you didn’t already know it, Pure Food and Wine was hip, sexy, nutritious, and delicious. It was raw vegan food with style in Gramercy Park. Manhattan where, on any given night, you could run into Janet Jackson, Bill Clinton, Stevie Wonder, or Alec Baldwin. It was the shit. Until it wasn’t.

Netflix was ready.

Through all the pomp and circumstance, we at ALBC can’t help but look into the dark side of cult survivor narratives turned entertainment. Now that the trauma-coaster of “Bad Vegan” has slowed, we thought it important to let Sarma set the record straight.

Check it out.

NOTES:Sarma Melngailis is brilliant. She grew up in Newton, MA, graduated with two economics degrees including one from the Wharton School. She rocked the financial world at Bear Stearns and Bain Capital. And she dabbled in high-yield investment funds before realizing finance in late-stage capitalism fuckin sucks so she left to get a degree in feeding people from the French Culinary Institute. Thus began her life in the world of food. Upon discovering raw vegan food, she decided – with a partner – to open Pure Food and Wine; chronicled her transition from eating whatever/everything to eating only raw vegan food in Raw Food Real World; and then wrote Living Raw Food. Now, she lives in Harlem with her rescue dog, Leon. We love ‘em both dearly.

Episode available since October 16, 2023

Herbal Radio

Green Witchery, with Robin Rose Bennett | Tea Talks with Jiling

Robin Rose Bennett is a storyteller, writer, and herbalist, offering classes in Herbal Medicine and EarthSpirit Teachings since 1986 at herb conferences, festivals, medical schools, and most joyously, outside with the plants. She is the author of Healing Magic: A Green Witch Guidebook to Conscious Living, The Gift of Healing Herbs: Plant Medicines and Home Remedies for a Vibrantly Healthy Life, and A Green Witch's Pocket Book of Wisdom: Big Little Life Tips.

Jiling and Robin Rose discuss:

  • What is a “green witch,” and how Robin Rose got dubbed the “Green Witch of New York”
  • Rituals for autumn equinox, Samhain, and other seasonal celebrations for this autumnal time of year
  • Robin Rose’s newest book, A Green Witch's Pocket Book of Wisdom: Big Little Life Tips
  • Robin Rose’s favorite practices for connecting with the plant world on a consistent basis
  • Asking expansive questions

Episode available since Oct 13, 2023

Circle Sanctuary Network Podcasts

Circle Sanctuary's Circle Talk - Morpheus Ravenna

Shaped by ancient and mythological texts, the new book "The Magic of the Otherworld" introduces us to a wellspring of Celtic Magic. Join us on Circle Talk as we chat with the author, Morpheus Ravenna as we explore how to apply these deep traditions and methods to our own unique, magickal practices. Drawing upon polytheism, animism, and a connection to the Otherworld, author Morpheus helps us develop our magickal skills through ritual and deity work for healing,

Tue, October 17, 2023 08:00 pm [Eastern]

Circle of Nature with Selena Fox - Making Magic at Samhain & Halloween

Explore crafting rituals, charms, divinations, & inner journeys as part of personal & group celebrations of Samhain and Halloween

Wed, October 18, 2023 08:00 pm [Eastern]


Voices of the Sacred Feminine

Awaken & Ignite Your Intuitive Abilities with Cynthia Singleton

Are you hiding your intuitive potential? If you are, you'll need to tune in and hear my interview with Cynthia Singleton because she's a kindred spirit. Author of Amping Your Abilities: 77 Ways to Awaken, Explore and Ignite Your Intuition and maker of Kissing Cards, the game of the same name. Cynthia will share with listeners some of her own experiences with unknown phenomena, how she discovered her "hidden" intuitive potential - and you can too! I won't let her go before we try a few exercises on for size.

Wed, October 18, 2023 02:00 pm [Eastern]


Desperate House Witches

Llewellyn's Little Book of Witchcraft - Deborah Blake

Brimming with nearly seventy spells, tips, and activities, this illustrated book helps you take new steps on your personal journey into witchcraft. Award-winning author Deborah Blake teaches you how to build an altar, use divination tools, invoke deities, and much more. Covering a wide range of magical goals, this little book will help you improve your relationships, deepen your connection to nature, and live a successful, enchanted life.

Deborah Blake is the author of over a dozen books on modern Witchcraft, including The Little Book of Cat Magic and Everyday Witchcraft, as well as the acclaimed Everyday Witch Tarot and Everyday Witch Oracle. She has also written three paranormal romance and urban fantasy series for Berkley, and her new cozy mystery series launched with Furbidden Fatality in 2021. Deborah lives in a 130-year-old farmhouse in upstate New York with numerous cats who supervise all her activities, both magical and mundane. Visit her at DeborahBlakeAuthor.com.

Wed, October 18, 2023 04:30 pm [Eastern]


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