Aug 8, 2023


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A Little Bit Culty

In Pursuit of Love: Rebecca Bender’s Journey from Trafficked to Triumphant

Rebecca Bender grew up in a small town, played varsity sports, made high school honor roll, and would have started college early except she got pregnant. She was a little ostracized. And a lot lonely. Then she fell in love — kind of. She followed her knight in shining armor to Las Vegas only to be sold among three human traffickers.

She was branded, thrown in jail, and hospitalized, her face broken in five different places. But she wasn’t kidnapped. And there was no duct tape involved.

Now, Rebecca Bender is a mentor/survivor/expert flipping the script on who leads the fight to eradicate human trafficking. She’s blazing trails with the largest online school in the world for survivors. And, as an internationally recognized subject matter expert, she’s equipped the FBI, Homeland Security, and the US Department of Justice to spot this stuff before it gets any worse.

Episode available since August 07, 2023

Herbal Radio

The Nurtured Herbalist | Tea Talks Roundtable

Join herbalists Jiling Lin, Erika Galentin, and Camille Freeman for a lively Tea Talks Roundtable discussion on Nurturing the Herbal Practitioner.

We explore:

• some of the challenges that come with running an herbal practice
• how to create a work cadence that’s realistic in the long run
• establishing clear boundaries between work and personal life
• how to run an herbal practice that feels ethically aligned, aud sustains you
• how we can feel supported and connected as herbal practitioners-- and continue growing and evolving as people and clinicians
• the role of the herbalist in modern life
• …and more!

Learn more about these herbalists below:

🌿CAMILLE FREEMAN is a licensed nutritionist and registered herbalist specializing in menstrual health. She runs the Monday Mentoring community, hosts the In the Clinic with Camille podcast, and offers continuing education for advanced practitioners. Camille is a professor at the Maryland University of Integrative Health, where she teaches physiology and pathophysiology. Sign up for her newsletter here.

🌿ERIKA GALENTIN is the Clinical Herbalist and Lead Creatrix at Sovereignty Herbs, and host of the Herbal Practice Connexion and Herbal Sensorium podcast. Erika is a professional member of the National Institute of Medical Herbalists (UK, MNIMH) and American Herbalists Guild (USA, RH). She offers herbs & wellness coaching, online and in-person classes and workshops, and clinical mentorship programs. Sign up for her newsletter here.

🌿JILING LIN is a Licensed Acupuncturist (L.Ac) and herbalist in Ventura, CA. A clinician and teacher, Jiling is also a passionate traveler, artist, and adventurer. Visit Jiling at, Instagram @LinJiling, and Facebook @JilingLAc. Get her free Nourishing Life (養生) template, Five Phases (五行) outline, or sign up for her newsletter here.

Episode available since AUG 4, 2023

Navigating Narcissism with Dr. Ramani

The Untold Story of the Cult at Sarah Lawrence College - Pt 2 with Felicia Rosario

Felicia Rosario was a brilliant graduate of Harvard and Columbia when she was introduced to Larry Ray. Little did she know, her life would soon be destroyed by the man who had started a sadistic cult in his daughter’s dorm at Sarah Lawrence College. Now, Felicia is revealing never-before-heard details of her decade-long relationship with Ray and how she helped put him behind bars for 60 years.

Guest Bio:

Felicia Rosario was born in New York to immigrants from the Dominican Republic. She attended Harvard College and then Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons. She matched in psychiatry at the University of Southern California.

She met Lawrence Ray in 2011 through her brother, a student at Sarah Lawrence College. Larry manipulated and enslaved Felicia for almost ten years. After his arrest in 2020, Felicia testified at his 2022 trial.

Felicia is now a management consultant. She teaches SAT to underprivileged students in her spare time. She hopes to return to medicine and one day specialize in forensic psychiatry.

Episode available since August 3, 2023

Voices of the Sacred Feminine

Power, Energy and You with Janus Blum

As an author, student of spiritual well-being and advocate for positive social change, Janus has spent her adult life as a seeker. The journey led through many areas of inquiry including the human potential movement, mythological studies and ancient sacred ways. In this time she's come to believe quite a lot about Power and Energy which she'll share with us today. We'll talk about the magickal things she's witnessed and how this fits into her spiritual belief system.

Wed, August 9, 2023 02:00 pm [Eastern]

Desperate House Witches


Nathan Hall joins me to discuss his book!


Rewild Your Soul and Deepen Your Relationship with Our Interconnected World

Discover an exciting approach to witchcraft that teaches you how to see and work with the life in all things, from animals and plants to rocks, rivers, and beyond. Nathan M. Hall provides an in-depth and thoughtful exploration of animism, guiding you down the path of the moonlit hedge with more than thirty exercises that support the needs of your wild soul.

This book builds your magickal foundation through journeying and trancework, helping you connect with natural energies and patterns of the earth. You’ll meet and partner with spirits of the land, perform meditations and spells that strengthen your commitment to the craft, and learn how to cross the hedge (enter the spirit world) to participate in the Witches' Sabbat. By adopting this magickal worldview, you can create balance within yourself and empower your work as a witch.

Nathan M. Hall is a witch, animist, initiate of the Anderson Feri Tradition, and member of the Temple of Witchcraft. He serves on the board of the annual Mystic South Conference and is a contributor and editorial advisor for The Wild Hunt, a daily news source for the Pagan community. Nathan has two decades of experience working as a journalist and editor, has lectured at media conferences, and has sat on a variety of panels.

Please visit

Thu, August 10, 2023 04:00 pm [Eastern]

The Norns: Weavers of Fate & Magick with Irisanya Moon

The Norns sit at the base of the World Tree, weaving strands of fate and calling on us to step into our role in destiny. In The Norns: Weavers of Fate and Magick, we meet the ones who weave, measure, and cut at the base of the World Tree. With Urd, Verdandi, and Skuld we travel across time and meet ourselves as part of fate. In this meeting, we join the Norns, weavers of destiny, and encounter the wyrd.

Pagan Portals - The Norns: Weavers of Fate and Magick (Paperback)

About author Irisanya Moon -

I'm an author, Witch, priestess, teacher, and initiate in the Reclaiming tradition. I have served the godds, my community, and the Earth for 20+ years. I am a devotee of Aphrodite, Hecate, the Norns, and Iris. My pronouns are she/they. I am passionate about the idea that life is and I am a love spell, a dance of desire and connection, a moving in and out of the heart, always returning to love. I hope to be in service to those who feel disconnected from their power and their intuition. I cultivate spaces of radical acceptance to foster trust and liberation. You are not alone.

Please visit her website -

Sat, August 12, 2023 07:00 am [Eastern]

Circle Sanctuary Network Podcasts

Drumming Nature’s Heartbeat

Drumming Nature’s Heartbeat. Tunes from Pagan artists raising energy with djembe, doumbek, bodhrán, and other hand drums. Featuring music by Ginger Doss, Abbi Spinner Mcbride, Primal Rhythm, etc.

Fri, August 11, 2023 08:00 pm [Eastern]

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