Mar 21, 2023


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A Little Bit Culty

Sinner or Saint: Will Retherford on Navigating Religious Waters

There’s certainly no shortage of groups that are A Little Bit Culty. That said, there are some major differences between cults and organized religions, and it’s worth remembering that not ALL religion is bad, per se.

Our very own producer and editor, Will Retherford of Citizens of Sound, grew up in the Evangelical Church, specifically the Word of Faith movement, and even ventured off to countless missionary campaigns across the globe to spread the good word. He became a worship leader, was on his way to become a priest, and was committed to all things Jesus Christ until he realized that, perhaps, his entire life was built around something he wasn’t sure he actually believed in.

In today’s episode, Will discusses his time in the church, navigating through toxic groups, leaders and doctrine, his deconstruction, and how he feels about religion today.

Episode available since March 20, 2023

Herbal Radio

Body into Balance, with Maria Noël Groves | Tea Talks with Jiling

Maria Noël Groves, clinical herbalist, runs Wintergreen Botanicals, nestled in the pine forests of New Hampshire. Mariais devoted to education and empowerment via online and in person classes, health consultations, and writing with the foundational belief that good health grows in nature. She is the author of “Body into Balance: An Herbal Guide to Holistic Self Care” and “Grow Your Own Herbal Remedies.” Her introductory and advanced herbalist training programs will begin this spring and summer— live streamed online and in person! Find a wealth of free information about herbs on Maria’s website at

Jiling and Maria discuss favorite easy-to-grow herbs for a medicinal herb garden, “remedy gardens,” favorite herbs for delicious teas, increasing access for herbal classes within a for-profit business model, and more. We hope this conversation inspires your spring planting, growing, learning, and harvesting projects!

Sign up for Maria Noël Groves’ newsletter at, and visit her at Instagram@marianoelgroves and Facebook@wintergreenbotanicals

Jiling Lin is a Licensed Acupuncturist (L.Ac), herbalist, and yoga teacher in Ventura, CA. Visit Jiling at, Instagram @LinJiling, and Facebook @JilingLAc. Get her free Nourishing Life (養生) template, Five Elements (五行) outline, or sign up for her newsletter here.

Episode available since Mar 17, 2023

Navigating Narcissism with Dr. Ramani

Relationship Red Flags with Matthew Hussey

Matthew Hussey, one of the world's leading dating experts, reveals important advice for recovering from toxic relationships and offers life-changing wisdom for finding healthy love.

. . .

Guest Bio:

Matthew Hussey has the #1 Youtube channel in the world for dating and relationship advice for women and has empowered millions through his New York Times bestselling book ‘Get The Guy,’ sold-out live tours, six-day immersion Retreats, and powerful training videos. His advice reaches over 8 million followers weekly, and his YouTube videos have amassed over 300 million views.

Episode available since March 16, 2023

Voices of the Sacred Feminine

Scars of the Body and Soul with Mary Gelfand & Why Women Need Goddess Pt 3 of 4

Ordained interfaith Minister and Wiccan High Priestess, Mary F. Gelfand is a Unitarian Universalist/CUUPs national leader with a doctorate in education from Teachers College, Columbia who enjoys creating and leading learning opportunities for adults. Today we'll discuss the Scars of Body and Soul left on women and men living with the impact of patriarchy, including our relationship with our body that stems from patriarchal oppression. Mary believes our body is a roadmap of our life experiences and she'll explain what she means by that, as well as how women can learn to love their bodies. After the interview stay tuned as Karen discusses Carol Christ's essay Why Women Need Goddess - Part 3 of 4. Final part discussed next week.

Wed, March 22, 2023 at 02:00 pm [Eastern]

Desperate House Witches

House of Black Cat Magic - a black cat lounge and spiritual supply shop

Set to open in early May 2023, House of Black Cat Magic will feature the Black Cat Lounge, designed by none other than renowned cat style expert and best-selling author, Kate Benjamin of Hauspanther. The cat lounge will provide a space for visitors to commune with the resident cats who are looking for their furever home. Whether visitors are looking to adopt or just want to bask in some furry fun and energy, the Black Cat Lounge is guaranteed to reduce your stress! It will also be home to a cat-themed retail store catering to those seeking spiritual and Magical tools like books, candles, incense, as well as a small, cat reference library.

House of Black Cat Magic is a woman-owned corporation that is a collaboration between Binx’s Home for Black Cats Executive Director, Hannah Soboleski, and Foster Coordinator Shari Comeau, and House of Black Cat Magic Senior Vice President, Star Bustamonte.

Binx’s Home for Black Cats is a North Carolina nonprofit and federal 501(c)3 foster-based rescue in Asheville that is devoted to finding furever homes for black cats and kittens.

Our Indiegogo campaign:

Hannah Soboleski is the President of House of Black Cat Magic, Co., and the Executive Director of Binx's Home for Black Cats and directs all day-to-day operations.

Star Bustamonte is the Senior Vice President of House of Black Cat Magic, Co., News Editor for The Wild Hunt, co-host of The 4:15, and co-founder of Mystic South Conference.

Wed, March 22, 2023 04:30 pm [Eastern]

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