Nov 22, 2022


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A Little Bit Culty

Spot A Spider: Dr. Amy Saltzman on Identifying Webs of Abuse

Fact: Studies suggest that one in four females and one in six males are sexually abused before the age of eight. What the actual fuck? So there must be tons of material out there educating children on what abuse looks like, and what they should do if they are abused, right? Wrong—such resources have been virtually non-existent thus far. Today’s guest and actual angel on Earth (but not in a culty way), Dr. Amy Saltzman, is working on changing that with her Spot a Spider series, designed specifically for children and teenagers to help identify when abuse is actually taking place—something that’s far less obvious than one might think.

Dr. Amy Saltzman is a former competitive gymnast, a physician, a mindfulness coach, author, and victim/sur-thrivor of decades of covert emotional abuse.

Episode available since November 21, 2022

Navigating Narcissism with Dr. Ramani

Healing from Infidelity and Narcissistic Abuse w/ Kiersten Hathcock

Kiersten Hathcock was struggling to make ends meet with her husband when she decided to go into the design industry to help pay the bills. Her expanding business led Kiersten into taking trips away from her family, which led to meeting another man who wanted to work with her. This friendship turned into an affair, and ultimately, a narcissistically abusive relationship. Listen to this episode to hear how her marriage and career deteriorated, only to be brought back together in some shocking turn of events.

Episode available since November 17, 2022

Desperate House Witches

Author Patti Wigington - The Witch’s Complete Guide to Tarot

Patti Wigington joins me to discuss her upcoming book, The Witches Complete Guide to Tarot.

Harness the centuries-old power of tarot for self-evaluation, introspection, and personal growth with The Witch’s Complete Guide to Tarot.

This book goes beyond a conventional tarot guidebook as it teaches you how to incorporate tarot into your magic and witchcraft practice. No matter which deck you’re using, tarot can be adapted into spellwork, ritual, and magic in a way that allows you to embrace your authentic self, celebrate who you are and who you wish to become, and indulge in transformative self-empowerment.

This guide for modern witches shows how tarot cards and all of the included icons, archetypes, and hidden mysteries can be included in spellwork and ritual just as one would include any other ingredient, like crystals, herbs, or oils.

Learn to trust your intuition and bring insight and excitement to your magic with tarot!

For more about this great author, please visit:

Wed, November 23, 2022 11:00 am [Eastern]


Author Judika Illes and Researcher/Designer Kathryn Sky-Peck join me to discuss the reasons why the Rider-Waite-Smith deck needed a fresh look.

From the publisher's website:

The Weiser Tarot is a new edition of the most popular and influential Tarot art ever created, the Rider-Waite-Smith deck, first published in 1909. The cards have been newly repainted—while, of course, preserving Pamela Colman Smith’s original line art—creating a fresh, flowing aesthetic. Additionally, the cards provide Hebrew and astrological correspondences to the Major Arcana—not included in the original Rider-Waite-Smith deck—for those seekers who have interest in Qabalah and astrology.

The Weiser Tarot was created to speak to your own personal Tarot needs and desires. Whether you are new to the Tarot or a seasoned card reader, you can use The Weiser Tarot for divination, fortune-telling, self-transformation, spellcasting, or any other purpose.

Wed, November 23, 2022 04:30 pm [Eastern]

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