Feb 15, 2022


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Circle Sanctuary Network Podcasts

Circle Sanctuary's Circle Talk - Debra DeAngelo

Join us on Circle Talk as author Debra DeAngelo discusses the “ ABCs and 123s” of Paganism. She is the author of Pagan Curious: A Beginner’s Guide to Nature, Magic and Spirituality.

Tue, February 15, 2022 08:00 pm [Eastern]

Nature Spirituality with Selena Fox - Ceremonial Rattles

Selection and use of shakers, sistra, and other types of ritual rattles for cleansing, healing, energizing, and celebration rituals.

Wed, February 16, 2022 08:00 pm [Eastern]

Moon Magic with Jeanet and David Ewing - February Full Snow Moon Ritual

February is still cold but there are signs in nature that the snow is melting and spring is coming. In this ritual we will use the power of the melting snow as a tool for healing and cleansing mind, body, and spirit.

Thu, February 17, 2022 08:00 pm [Eastern]

The Blue Marble with Rev. Char Bear - Don't Look Up with Ben Bear

Ben Bear shares reflections from Gen-X, Gen-Uh, Gen-Y, and Gen-Z about climate crisis and what facing the future means to younger generations.

Fri, February 18, 2022 08:00 pm [Eastern]


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