Jun 25, 2020

Retrogrades and the Atrological "Perfect Storm"

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I don't think I'm exactly breaking news when I say that everything sucks right now. But, according to a number of astrological reports I've seen, our no good, very bad year is about to get worse. And this past weekend -- with the juxtaposition of the solstice and the solar eclipse, followed by more planets going retrograde for a total of six -- is not the greatest kick-off for summer... or the rest of the year.

I'm not an astrologer, so I can't speak with any authority on what this all means. So I'm posting the best such report I've seen thus far. Steve Judd has described this set of astronomical events as an astrological "perfect storm." On the retrogrades alone, he posits that "there's not going to be a lot of clarity and forward thinking." As the week has unfolded in my own little corner of the world, I would have to agree.

Judd says the problems do not stop there. He is describing 2020 as a real "stinker of a year." And, amazingly, it seems like the worst is yet to come. Highlights include major seismic activity around mid-July. In August Mars will be squaring Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto, which will likely bring significant conflict. October is also likely to bring global unrest. On the plus side, he doesn't foresee a global extinction event, but he does predict major economic fallout. He does not recommend playing the stock market or making home purchases over the next year and a half. The detailed report is below the fold.

Post Script: It brings me no joy to report the following. I have already shared this privately with a number of clients, as well as family and friends. I should begin by saying that when we first started hearing reports of the novel coronavirus, I did not get concerned immediately. I was, at the time, overwhelmed by what I thought were far graver concerns. I believed the CDC when they assured us that it would not be a major problem in the US. I believed them when they said all we needed to do was wash our hands more. I will freely admit that years of living in a flawed, but functional government has made me complacent. I hadn't grokked that the CDC had been gutted, just like our more high-profile governmental agencies. But as the reports grew more concerning, I sought the comfort of a conversation with the trees. What the trees told me, however, was not comforting or reassuring at all. The trees conveyed a sense of urgency and told me explicitly, "Be afraid." I have NEVER gotten a message like that from nature. I count on these communions to help me center and ground. So I was rattled. What I heard next was more alarming still. "The earth is cleansing herself." We haven't seen the worst of this yet.


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