Apr 28, 2020


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"Why Shamanism Now?" with Christina Pratt

How do We Heal? Shamanism & Disease

Shamans believe that soul loss or energy intrusions or both are at the root of all illness. This is only partially true. In the diagnostic trance state the shaman is actually looking for the weakness or imbalance that caused the soul loss or allowed the energy intrusion to happen. Join host and shaman, Christina Pratt, as she explores why we get sick and how we heal from a shamanic perspective. Like a plant, illness can only take root where there is fertile ground. Chronic disharmony, for example, when one forgets the feeling of belonging and connection and life loses meaning, and chronic fear, which results in the loss of love, joy, and trust without which the force of life itself seems to withdraw from the body, are fertile ground for illness. These areas of weakness in our wellbeing occur as a result of the bad habits accumulated by holding false attitudes about life and ones place in the Universe. Healing is the continual experience of re-establishing and maintaining balance in all the human systems and between them, both physical and energetic. Healing, then, is the process of restoring and maintaining balance in the body, mind, heart, and soul of the individual and with the community, environment, Ancestors, and the invisible world of Spirit.

**This show last aired September 2011.**

Tuesday, April 28, 2020 at 11:00 AM Pacific

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Voices of the Sacred Feminine

Surviving Trump & Healing a Nation w/Patric Rutherford

Surviving Trump and Healing a Nation, today's topic, is on most people's minds. Patric Rutherford, with a bachelor's degree in theology, a masters in health administration and a PhD in educational admin has worked as a pastor, hospital admin and university lecturer. His doctural dissertation, "Post Traumatic Stress Disorder of 11th Grade Students..." runs parallel to our discussion today, as do his numerous presentations on emotional health, spiritual life and emotional intelligence. Just some of the questions we'll discuss include: The effects of the separation of children from parents at the border. Did God make Trump President? What hate does to your mental health. Handling anger and hate and overcoming victim mentality. 5 Steps to Overcome Fear. Separation of Church and State. Dominionist Christianity. Historical dangers of religious dominance in State affairs. Modern examples of States run by leaders with religious agendas and the dangers of a single-issue campaign, whether moral or political. Much to chat about. Tune in.

Fri, May 1, 2020 at 9:00 pm Eastern


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