Jun 10, 2018

Teal Swan Down Under

Her ladyship Teal Swan recently voyaged to Australia as part of her international career as a spiritual leader on the world stage. She met with some challenges, courtesy of Australian customs agents, but such is the price of fame.

Ironically my trip here this time started on that note.  It turns out that we didn’t procure the correct type of visa for this trip.  I’ve become big enough that like any celebrity, I will be made an example of if anything is not exactly as it should be.  As a result, I had the worst experience of my international career upon arrival.  After a 15 hour flight, I was separated from the rest of the team and I was taken to a white jail like room with a window looking out at a collection of officers all debating what to do with me and making phone calls and reviewing security tapes.  For hours, I was interrogated, cross-examined, threatened and then shamed for not knowing better in my position as a ‘leader of something that is so much bigger than myself’.  I ended up in tears.  I came so close to not being let into the country, sent back to the US and being banned for years from re-entering, it is actually mind blowing that someone made the final call to let me in.  It is so strange to experience the contrast that comes with fame.  On the one hand some people and some places give you special treatment and special welcome.  On the other hand, some people and places oppose you as if you are a monster.  Being treated like a criminal for hours upon arrival was a bad way to start the trip.  It was a genuinely traumatizing experience, not just for me but for the members of the team who traveled with me.  It was one of those defining moments where you have no option but to move up to a different level.  I can no longer travel to any part of the world without involvement from immigrations agents and special invitations.  I so hate this aspect of the society we have created.  After that experience, I completely get the fear that the Mexican immigrants in the United States live with every day.  It is a fear that no one should ever have to live with.

I'm pleased to report that Mistress was able to turn that situation around and went on to have a lovely, successful trip. She was even able to "meet and greet" attendees of her workshop "The Mirror." It is always amazing to witness the way she absorbs energy from her adoring fans. Even on such an exhausting trip, she emerged as lovely and renewed as Lady Bathory. But it does not come without risk. Mistress has many enemies and such events must be scrupulously vetted by her security team. Mistress marshals on, through thick and thin, because, as she says, hers "is a mission worth dying for."


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