Aug 2, 2016


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"Why Shamanism Now?" with Christina Pratt

The Power of Joy

Joy touches us when we are accountable to our true selves, even our darkest most challenging selves. If we are willing to be accountable to our true self, no matter what we find there, we are choosing to live in a way that tends the essence of joy. To cultivate a long-term relationship with joy we must reforge that original relationship with sovereignty. We must shape our character, our appetites, and our longings with the wisdom of each of the four bodies: the physical, the heart, the mind, and the spirit. Join host and shaman, Christina Pratt, as she explores joy in these challenging times. When we choose to cultivate joy we accept the energetic reality of our world and become the people who can change the physical reality of it. No matter the circumstances of life, each individual is sovereign and can learn to cultivate joy, allowing it to travel through thoughts, words, and actions into the world.

This show originally aired June 21, 2011.

Tuesday, August 2, 2016 at 11:00 AM Pacific

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Awakenings with Michele Meiche

The Stress Solution with Arthur Ciaramicoli, EdD, PhD

Arthur P. Ciaramicoli, EdD, PhD, is the author of The Stress Solution: Using Empathy and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy to Reduce Anxiety and Develop Resilience. He is a licensed clinical psychologist and the chief medical officer of, a popular mental health platform. He has been on the faculty of Harvard Medical School and chief psychologist of Metrowest Medical Center. The author of several books, including The Power of Empathy and Performance Addiction.

Wed, August 3, 2016 at 12:00 pm Pacific

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