Jun 19, 2016

A Conversation with Jordan from Spirit Science

Appearing at The Truth About Cameron and Celestial Reflections.

Update: Jordan to Add Teal's Paintings to Spirit Science Store (See Below)

I was recently contacted, out of the blue, by Jordan Pearce, proprietor of Spirit Science. I have never personally met Jordan. I'm familiar with his work in the spiritual community, but the only personal information I've heard about him has been relayed to me by mutual acquaintances, like Teal Swan. I will refrain from repeating this third party gossip. Let's just say that I wasn't left with a very favorable impression of him. Jordan and I had no prior communication, so I was a little confused by his familiar tone in his initial contact. It seemed rather presumptuous, but I was intrigued enough to respond and see where this communication might lead.

His second message was more condescending than the first. I saw what I thought was a rather obvious agenda. In retrospect, his motives for contacting me are, at best, unclear. I assumed, based partly on things I'd heard, that he was getting back into a business collaboration with Teal, and thereby had a vested interest in clearing the decks. After seeing this blog post, in which he describes being "denied access" to her, I wonder if it wasn't more to curry favor with her. Either way, I felt it would be best to break contact with him. To my surprise, he became relentless. He sent me a number of messages and even tried to initiate a voice chat. I decided to re-engage, but only if he would consent to having his words published. He did.

I wrote him a somewhat detailed reply to what I thought were his major points. I had hoped for a fruitful exchange and realized after I'd sent that message off, that there were a number of things I needed more clarity about. I had begun to prepare a follow-up message, when Jordan abruptly terminated contact and blocked me on Facebook Messenger. Bear in mind that he pursued communication with me for days in messages dripping with affection and heart emoticons. I was blunt and dismissive and still he pursued me. But, when I finally wrote him back with an open and detailed message and invited him to continue with a meaningful exchange, he blocked me.

What follows is our entire exchange, copied verbatim from Facebook Messenger:

Jordan Pearce
6/12, 9:55am
Hello Cameron! I just saw some of your videos from about a year ago recapping your experience with Teal, which is why we find ourselves here today. I hope your well, and moving forward not getting stuck in spirals of the past.

Cameron Clark
6/12, 9:58am
Haha. Thank you! It's been an interesting journey. I'll say that. I'm not sure that being stuck in the past is the problem. It's feels to me that the world may be stuck in a spiral, and time is the illusion we are given.

But please, by all means, if you have cracked the code, I'd love to hear what you came up with :)

A lot has changed for me these past few years or so.

Teal had some rather damning things to say about you during my time spent down in Utah. She sent me unsolicited emails concerning you at some point. I think she was upset at me for defending Spirit Science once, as I recall. It appears you still stay involved with her work though, so maybe she has buried the hatchet.

I still have the emails for whatever reason.

Probably should delete them. No use activating an old energetic spiral, eh?

Thanks for reminding me!

Jordan Pearce
6/12, 10:36am
yes, I have no use for them. What you do with them is up to you ^_^

Jordan Pearce
6/12, 10:38am
Teal and I had a falling out towards probably the same time you entered the scene. We both agreed to cut the ties, and went several years without contact. It was only recently that I opened up communication again. I believe in Love, and I don't think anything good can come from animosity. I have had my own share of growth these past few years, and I felt deep down that, moving forward, it was in everyones best interest for us to be connected, and to become friends again.

I've had some communication with her since, not tons, but some, and it has been a healthy reconnection for the most part. I would like to be more connected, I feel that through connection we can blend through problems that arise between families and communities, and that, at the end of the day, is what this is all about.

Jordan Pearce
6/12, 10:49am
Oh, and i'm not sure about any "code cracking" but to me, forgiveness is probably the biggest thing that can allow for a moving of old energies that got stuck from bad experiences. Both for yourself for your own actions, and for what you felt the other party did, even if they don't necessarily agree.

Jordan Pearce
6/12, 10:58am
I listened to the first part of the "ugly truth" interview you did... I don't necessarily agree with Jessica's idea that its good and healthy to cast judgement, in the way that it was described.

Who knows what's good or bad?

Judgement, to me, should be reserved between God and the individual. Meaning you can judge yourself, but to point at another and say "They are a fraud. They are evil. They are doing it bad!" is not for us to cast upon each other. When we die, the forces that move the cosmos, call it what you will, personally I like "The Mind of God", make the perfect and appropriate movement of where your spirit moves to next. Frankly, that's enough for me. There's no reason to presume we know better than the Cosmic Mind, and in fact, when we let go of the need TO judge another for their actions, it releases a tremendous amount of suffering from our own physical being.

Wasn't it Buddha who said... We will not find happiness if we cast expectations upon others on how they should live, in accord with our own understanding?

From that perspective, everything that Teal did was perfectly right, and so was yours for that matter. God has learned much from the exchange, and now its time to move forward, forgive, reflect, grow, and understand more.

Could you imagine if you and Teal could both see each other as equals, and even be friends?

What would it take to make that happen? What would it look like? I speak of this hypothetically of course, because without doing the spiritual work, and genuinely forgiving and coming to a space of complete surrender to Love of every aspect of Teal (and everyone else you've had frustration with in your life), the vibe will not be complete, and attempts to reconnect will likely be met with more frustration until it is completely resolved to Christ (Unity) within your heart.
Hopefully that's not too wordy. I am still learning to communicate these ideas without sounding dogmatic or creating links to different religions. In truth, all religions are about Christ, and Christ is about All.

Even if it doesn't seem that way ;)

Anyways, all of my love to you! I'm going to get back to my Parables, I've got a lot of work to do before Launch on the 20th!
Talk to you later!

Cameron Clark
6/12, 4:52pm
I see. In other words, you're getting into business with teal again and you'd like her critics to shut up. Good luck with that. All best. <3

Jordan Pearce
6/12, 5:01pm
I am positively shocked!
How did we extrapolate that?

Jordan Pearce
6/12, 5:04pm
I ask this genuinely, because this wasn't my intention while I wrote that at all, and perhaps I was not clear in what I was attempting to express.. I understand you have been hurt, and I would never imply that you should "shut up" in regards to this topic...
My most humblest apologies. I didn't intend to insult you... Would you forgive me?

Jordan Pearce
6/12, 5:05pm
Do you really see me as a being of such a shallow nature?
A human with such a blatant ego?

Jordan Pearce
6/12, 5:24pm
You missed a call from Jordan.

Jordan Pearce
6/12, 5:28pm
I feel like... You're really angry at Teal, and because you feel as though I am defending her, that you therefore must be hard against me as well...

I am neither here to defend teal, or to tell you to shut up.

In fact, you can vent if you need to, I will listen to all of it openly and respectfully.

If you can see that, let us have an open communication together. Lets leave the drama at the doorstep.

Love you,

Jordan Pearce
6/15, 2:20pm
Do you have any interest in finishing this conversation?

Cameron Clark
6/15, 4:38pm
Hi Jordan,
Thank you, but no, I don't have any interest in continuing our conversation. I already have quite a bit of information posted online, where I have discussed my concerns about Teal with others, ad nauseum. If you care to truly understand or learn more, you can see what I have posted on my blog and youtube channel.

Aside from that, I have no desire to repeat myself. I wouldn't want to get "stuck in any spirals of the past" (as you put it).

I'm all done discussing anything with Teal's flying monkeys.



But thanks again, and best of luck to you with Teal. Take care <3

Jordan Pearce
6/15, 5:11pm
And so it is :)

Jordan Pearce
6/16, 9:13am
Good morning! Forgive me for messaging you one final time. I just felt something that I wanted to communicate and resolve, even if it is only for my own mind.

I may have used Teal as an example, but I was not talking to you ABOUT her. I was speaking of love, forgiveness, and compassion. To me, this is what the conversation was about.

My love to you,

Cameron Clark
6/16, 11:12am
I admire your persistence. I will consider going forward with a dialog, but only if I have your permission to publish our entire conversation.

Jordan Pearce
6/16, 11:58am
Hello Cameron. You may do what you will. It is not for me to give permission to you, but should you publish anything, all I ask is that you publish it in full, without edits. I will know.

I only wished to communicate about compassion, forgiveness, and love, and while they may seem flowery to some I assure you they are the keys to creating the heaven on earth we so desperately need.
Teals involvement is only in that, it is what brought us here to this point in the first place, and I believe we can honor her presence for that, for without her, we wouldn't be having this conversation. Is that something we can agree upon?

At a point in time when you would like to discuss openly the nature of compassion with me, please know that I would be more then happy to engage with you.

Have a beautiful day.

Cameron Clark
6/17, 3:43pm
Hello Jordan,

I will publish your words verbatim. Thank you for attempting to clarify some of your prior statements. I hope you can understand that from my perspective, your approach sounded a little condescending. In my opinion, lecturing a total stranger on how they should best be moving forward in life isn’t a great way to start a conversation, not if you truly believe them to be your equal. Just to remind you, your very first message to me was something along the lines of--- “Hello Cameron... saw some of your videos… hope your well, and moving forward not getting stuck in spirals of the past.“ :)

Perhaps your concern was genuine. Perhaps you actually meant well, and just lacked the self-awareness to see how preachy this sounds. Or maybe it was all part of your plan to pull me into a reactive conversation. In any case, I have no hard feelings towards you. I found it rather amusing, and I’m simply giving you some food for thought in my observations of your approach.

Perhaps I jumped the gun by assuming you were reconnecting with Teal in a business capacity. In all honesty, I’ve been hearing that through the grapevine, for a while, and I’ve seen that her material is popping up on your site again such as this. http://thespiritscience.net/2016/01/26/watch-the-trailer-for-the-new-documentary-about-teal-swan/ So, when you write, “I've had some communication with her since, not tons, but some, and it has been a healthy reconnection for the most part. I would like to be more connected, I feel that through connection we can blend through problems that arise between families and communities, and that, at the end of the day, is what this is all about,” that’s what it sounds like to me. But, perhaps it would be fairer if I just ask you. Is Spirit Science reforming a professional connection to Teal Swan?

It seems to me that you have made some assumptions where I am concerned. While I have no desire to get dragged through the weeds philosophically in a conversation with you, there are some notions that you (and others) have stated about me and my motivations that I feel compelled to correct, or at least attempt to clarify.

First of all, Jessica Schab does not speak for me and I do not speak for her. If you have opinions about her statements, you should take them up with her. There are many things that Jessica and I disagree on, and if you choose to look a little deeper into what I have posted online, you will see that my cautionary tale about Teal, extends far beyond the interview I did with Jessica.

I have my own opinions on the issue of judgment, so since you bring it up, I will attempt to clarify my own thinking on the matter. You are speaking of judgment in terms of “God’s” judgment, or condemnation. When I use the word judgment, I am using it in the sense of using good judgment or discernment. This kind of judgement was/is an important tool for human survival and evolution. It’s alarming that this important concept is vilified in the name of spirituality and religion. Often times we are being taught to ignore our own internal compass to avoid judging others. Judgment allows us to use our critical thinking, and can be the key to self-preservation, in some cases. Since we obviously haven’t yet created the “heaven on earth” you mentioned, using our observation and judgement attentively is still necessary to avoid dangerous situations and dangerous people.

I believe that love, forgiveness and compassion are different than allowing, condoning, and supporting toxic behavior. I have forgiven Teal, and myself (most importantly). I am aware of why I ended up in that situation in Utah, and I have taken responsibility for my choices every step of the way. Forgiving Teal doesn’t mean that I allow her pathological lies, and abhorrent behavior toward me and others (like her alleged abuser) to continue unchecked, without raising awareness about it. Forgiving myself doesn’t mean that I stop reflecting on my experiences and continue to bumble along repeating the same mistakes. Similarly, forgiving a pedophile or serial killer, as Teal has claimed to, doesn’t mean that we just stay silent and allow them to perpetuate the cycles of abuse and suffering. (Yet, this is exactly what Teal says she has done, because you can’t protect victims “from their own point of attraction.”) That’s like saying that source doesn’t judge rapists, so we should all just sit back and relax, as they continue to roam free raping and murdering people in our communities.

Believe it or not, I have quite a bit of compassion for Teal, but I refuse to be an enabler for her narcissistic and sociopathic behavior like everyone that she chooses to surround herself with. In my opinion, a huge component of compassion comes from being willing and able to understand why people behave in the ways that they do. I think I’ve taken the time to understand Teal pretty well, and I have come to the conclusion that any connection with a person suffering from the personality disorders (cluster b) that she appears to suffer from, is an unhealthy connection to have. It is still possible to have compassion/understanding for someone who lacks basic self awareness, while still maintaining healthy boundaries and suggesting others do the same.

Furthermore, over the course of my interview with Teal’s alleged abuser, “Doc,” he provided strong evidence that Teal’s entire backstory is a fabrication, that she is using to achieve her goals of fame, money, and power. I find Doc to be a good, decent man who is being unfairly maligned by Teal. Is Teal the only person in this equation worthy of compassion? Where is your compassion for Doc and his family? How can Teal, or anyone else for that matter, expect to see lasting changes for the better without being truly honest about where he/she is? I don’t think that hiding behind a selectively fake mask of “authenticity,” to fool others the way that Teal does, is the best way to change for the better either.

What value does Teal actually provide? What is she saying that can’t be found in a better, more coherent form, elsewhere? Teal is simply plagiarizing, cherry picking, and hybridizing from already existing information. LaVaughn has traced Teal’s plagiarized ideas back to their original sources in her blog post seen here. http://celestial-reflections.blogspot.com/2015/11/fullmetal-plagiarist.html . Teal is also relaying this information to people through the filter of what appears to be several serious personality disorders, which in turn, contributes to her hybridizations having some dangerous implications for many people who may unwittingly choose to take her advice.

At the end of the day, my reason for speaking out is not due to a lack of compassion. I am not speaking out due to “getting stuck in spirals of the past.” If anything, I’m trying to prevent the past from repeating over and over again. My motivation for speaking out is not “hate.” I am motivated to speak out of concern. I am concerned about Doc’s safety, I am concerned about the the state of our world, and I’m concerned about the way humans have been programmed to blindly follow authority. I am motivated by my desire to one day live in a world with fewer followers, and more rational, independent thinkers. If you can understand that, and check your assumptions about me at the door, then maybe we can have an honest and open dialog.

Jordan Pearce
6/18, 6:42pm
Thank you for your time


For all Jordan's talk about "Christ (Unity)," connection, love, and compassion, I can't help but notice those things seemed conspicuously absent in his departure from our conversation.

Here are some of the questions I am left with, that I would like to have pursued in further communication with Jordan. He says he saw only the beginning of my interview with Jessica Schab. Did he see or read any of my other commentary? Was he unaware of any of Teal's other critics? How did he reach the conclusions he did? What were his false assumptions about me based upon? Why did he contact me, in the first place? If it was not to discuss Teal, as he said in his later messages, why? Was it simply to lecture a total stranger on the meaning of compassion? Is it only the Teals of the world who deserve such compassion? What about her victims? What about the people she has harmed, maligned, targeted for collective verbal abuse? What about those she will victimize in the future? Do none of these people deserve the compassion of being warned, in advance? These are things I'd really like to know, so, Jordan, if you're reading this, I'd still like to discuss this with you.

Update: Jordan to Add Teal's Paintings to Spirit Science Store (6/22/16)

An observant commenter from LaVaughn's blog tipped me to something interesting on Jordan's site. Here are two screenshots taken from Jordan's website showing a link to Teal's frequency paintings, which are going to be sold in the new Spirit Science store. Jordan never gave me an answer as to whether or not he was renewing a business relationship with Teal, but according to this information on his site, the answer is yes.


  1. Hi Cameron, I admire your clarity and transparency. I watched you from day one in the circus community, I also recorded the shadow episode where Teal was cutting you professionally into pieces. At this time I was still a Teal fan, but this event was MY wake up call, a follow up of the first gentle wake up call when she posted her "Teal Eye" video.

    Jordan indeed started a new business relationship with Teal, Slave Blake is working hard on it to get the platform of Spirit Science to stream the worlds and product advertisement to the masses which Spirit Science has collected over the years by posting fantastic stories, interwoven with greatest phantasy, presented as a comic to a comic sensitive generation (long live Mangaaaaa).

    i noticed that Blake had posted few month ago about a meeting between the so important Teal Tribe and the SPirit Science Tribe. There were not many images as evidence online..maybe because only a handful turned up for the pick nick in the park. That was at the same time when Ralph Smart came running (which I actually like) to give Teal a platform to save her messed up image. So Blake was working hard to follow the orders of his queen, mmmmhhh, sister,mmmhhh F*ckbody at times..mmmm mother to save the public appearance of rising star who was unable to hide her the stink.

    I assume that Jordan has a vast interest in cleaning up Teal's image because of the potential business deal he and Blake discussed in regards to Teal tribe. He is also acting like everybody around Teal: he feels the pressure to present to the queen his loyalty in form of PR and getting rid of "haters" (teal term = TT). At the end of the day: if he is doing business with one of the greatest business woman of the spiritual world, his brand which he worked so hard for will be affected by the obvious presence of information about Teal being a fraud, a big, fat fraud :)

    I don't know about his relationship to god or his desire to spread love, never researched him, but he is a business person too and in a pretty powerful position cause he has access to all those phantasy lovers he collected on his way…and there are plenty of them.

    So dear Cameron, don't be surprised about the no answer. He just realized that he touched a hot iron and he is realistic enough (funny) to know that he will not be able to change your mind, therefore he will not get any favors for his knight services to the queen and all he can do is getting into deep waters. So a very logical decision on his side to cut connection to you. His plan failed but at least he can say to his queen that he tried and hopefully it will be proof enough of his loyalty and she will make even greater business with him in future.

    At the end of the day it was Jordan and Teal starting of her spiritual catalyst bla bla. I remember a video of both of them before 2012 talking about the shift and then the manga intro happened which hooked so many young people.

    Cameron, again, I admire your great clarity and fairness and that you stood, are standing and will stand your ground.

  2. How patronizing. you used the right word "discernment". I for myself reserve the right to say someone like teal, toxic, self serving, and feel free to tell anyone mentioning her what i think about her words and activities, not that she's "hurt" me, but i have every right to say that she os a phoney, egocentric hustler and possibly a danger to the naive, vulnerable or troubled person who might get sucked in by her crazy cult making behavior. I am not hampered by the need to believe and follow any religious doctrine or any collage of new agey BS. I'll call a self centered hustler nut job just that whether it's Trump or some cultress named after a color. Puce would seem more fitting. says miss fortune

  3. There was something about the dynamic of this conversation and the abrupt ending that felt really familiar to me, but I couldn't place it. Then, my husband absolutely nailed it. It's like one of those sales calls with a really relentless salesmen. You keep trying to politely end the call, but the salesman keeps pitching. Then you come back with some good, clarifying questions about what he's selling. There's a beat, as he recognizes that he's never going to make the sale.

    "Thank your for your time."


    1. lololol i'm wheezing this is so true

  4. This is the first time that I witness him having a conversation.
    Excuse my language but I just would like to point out the following:


    "I only wished to communicate about COMPASSION, FORGIVENESS AND LOVE … I assure you they are the keys to creating the heaven on earth we so desperately need.
    TEALS INVOLVEMENT IS ONLY IN THAT, it is what brought us here to this point in the first place, and I believe we CAN HONOR HER presence for that, for without her, we wouldn't be having this conversation. Is that something WE CAN AGREE upon?"

    "At a point in time when you would like to discuss openly the nature of compassion with me, please know that I would be more then happy to engage with you."


    So here is my theory: Either he said to Team Tealnuts "ah let me see if I can open her up and change her mind so that we can all be a happy family and make great business together", OR he knew that the conversation will be published and he wanted to make sure that it is all over the web (celestial healing - the main source of realistic Teal research) that he is a flower power guy, with great intentions and Cameron is just a bitter cow, for everybody to read online whenever he dives into deep waters with Teal future business ventures.

    Let's be clear: for him linking spirit science with Tealnutstribe is a risky step. So it must be of great interest to him to delete the conflict between the one who saw the real Teal and the online image of Teal's. Their fall out was pretty early on in her "career" (Teal term TT). Would love to know what was there to fall out about.

    "At a point in time when you would like to discuss openly the nature of compassion with me" WTF was he thinking. Why on earth would Cameron talk to him about the nature of compassion.

    And here is his pitch

    "Could you imagine if you and Teal could both see each other as equals, and even be friends?

    What would it take to make that happen? What would it look like? I speak of this hypothetically of course, because without doing the spiritual work, and genuinely forgiving and coming to a space of complete surrender to Love of every aspect of Teal…"

    Who in his or her right mind would be friends with a mentally ill person who hasn't any conscience ??? I am obviously speculating but he is in for a rough awakening. AFter a few collaborations…there will come the time when Teal wants to call all shots and that is when all hell will break loose once again. Pearce you might learnt something but what if the other person didn't or isn't even interested in learning something cause "they are always right" (TT). There will be soon a power struggle Pearce. Collaboration = this word doesn't exist in TT unless, UNLESS you are the key to making tons of money for Teal (like the Novazen guy).

    What i don't understand about Pearce: He might be truly a forgiveness, flower power, aloaheyyyyy guy and good for him but how, HOW is it possible that he can ignore the content of cameron's articles, Sarbdeep's articles? I think I know where he is right now in his mind: He is part of the group "A Course in Miracles". The words he is using, the try to distance himself from religion etc, christ, christ, and christ, and forgiveness and christ…. this is a course in miracles. I do get why he would attempt to contact Cameron from this perspective without seeing any problem. ( :

    I think I understand him… but I also know that he just tried to mindfuck Cameron :D Good luck with this one… :D

  5. So I just flew over to the thespiritscience.net website to see why P has such an interest to clean up Teal's image. I go to the STORE and see that Teal's "frequency paintings" are listed there. Not listed right now but it will come.


    (if the link doesn't work, just go the homepage and click on store.

    Mystery solved. Pearce is in business with T. wanted to love bomb Cameron. To list her crappy computer pre printed symmetric lines is a BIG DEAL if you have a following like Pearce has (11 mio). haha. Men, it seems like that you can break down anything to the intention to do business. Wait until her shitty tarot cards come out to allow people to mindfuck themselves all day long. *facepalm*

    1. Boom! Girl, you are right. Look at that! So, um yeah, Jordan, you really are that transparently shallow... and mechanistic... and hamfisted. OMG!

    2. Oh, and on those "tarot cards." Um, no. She wants to make some kind of oracle deck of her paintings? Okay, fine. Disturbing, but fine. But, don't call it tarot, because it is not. How do I know that? Because it says there are 77 cards. A tarot deck has 78. It's a complex system of symbols, broken into suits, major and minor arcana. You can't just print any old picture on a card and call it a tarot card. I've seen her awful paintings, her childish coloring book of nightmares. They're not tarot cards. 'Nuff said.

    3. i hate him so so much. thank you for publishing this Lavaughn.

  6. Well, this is kind of interesting, for a couple of reasons. Apparently, Spirit Science has been republishing teal's articles for a while now. And, apparently, Blake is also getting writing credit on these. Things that make you go hmmm....



  7. Uh! Ive met people who were so invested in "positive vibes" that they were unwilling to experience any type of criticism or anything less than peace, love and oneness. It's not a healthy outlook, and Jordans responses gave me the creeps! I love how he said that you could vent to him at anytime. That venting is valuable information for his queen!

  8. Wow, Cameron Clark is an extremely sick person. Not only has she spent so much effort and time in her life attempting to prove that Teal Swan is lying about child ritual torture - an occurrence that unfortunately happens far more than people are willing to admit - but she has actually gone to great lengths to stalk and harass people involved in the abuse or the investigation. She has called police and district attorneys requesting any documents, dug into the past history of Teal Swan through contacting old "family" and "friends", and even gone so far as to track down the person who perpetrated the child ritual torture to interview him, wherein she asks him long, leading questions that basically go like this, paraphrasing: "I know Teal Swan is lying, and she is telling everyone that you abused her, raped her, and prostituted her out throughout her childhood. It's obvious she is making all of this up - how do you feel about that?" This, she calls an "interview."

    I have never seen someone go to these great lengths not only to try to demonstrate that a former victim of ritual torture is lying, but to harass, interfere, and stalk people from the past of this woman's life.

    Suffice it to say, it is this kind of harassment and stalking which discourages former victims of child sex crimes from coming forward. Cameron Clark's harassment and stalking of Teal Swan and those from her history is precisely why so few victims come forward.

    Needless to say, I will be following Cameron Clark's posts frequently from here on out, and reporting them both to the police and district attorney's as she makes necessary. (Yes, this type of targeted harassment of former victims of child abuse who come forward, is indeed illegal, for the obvious reason that it is precisely this behavior that leads to child abuse being the most under-reported crime.)

    1. You do realize this post was about Jordan Pearce, right? Or are you just gonna spam the whole site with this post?


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