May 12, 2015


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"Why Shamanism Now?" with Christina Pratt

How to Receive Shamanic Healing

What are the ethics for receiving shamanic healing? Much is written about ethics for practitioners, but is it really ethical to drop all the issues of your life in the lap of any healer and ask them to heal you in one session? Is it ethical to get angry about a session when the healing offered doesn't play into the story you carry about your woundedness? Is it ever ethical to ask for healing, which is always an effort of energy expended, without offering anything in exchange for the healing energy spent on you? Join host and shaman, Christina Pratt, as she explores the very prickly issue of the ethics for receiving shamanic healing. This week we slash expectations for magical cures and effortless life changes in the hopes of revealing how contemporary people can come to an ancient healing form prepared, informed, and ready to do what is needed to follow up responsibly.

Tuesday, May 12, 2015 at 11:00 AM Pacific

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The Real History of Moses

Scotty Roberts & John Ward will reexamine humanity’s most enduring account of bondage, emancipation, and freedom. The Great Exodus is the story of how one man, empowered by divine epiphany, brought the mighty ancient kingdom of Egypt to its knees. For thousands of years, this story has bolstered the faithful of three major religions, though little historical data confirms it. So the question must be asked: Did it ever really happen? Is there any historical evidence for the biblical account of Moses and the Great Exodus?

About Scotty Roberts & John Ward

Scotty Roberts

Scott Alan Roberts is an accomplished historian, theologian, writer, public speaker, illustrator, and designer. He attended Bible college and theological seminary, but left for a nearly 30-year career in advertising. He is the founder of the Paradigm Symposium and publisher of Intrepid magazine. Roberts is also the author of The Rise and Fall of the Nephilim and The Secret History of the Reptilians (both from New Page Books). He lives with his wife and children in New Richmond, Wisconsin.

John Ward

Throughout the years, John Richard Ward has conducted numerous investigations of ancient Egyptian architecture and symbolism, and has explored the trade routes of the Western Sarahan Desert. Ward was also recruited by the Knights Templar of Britannia, who have actively sponsored him to conduct several archaeological and historical surveys and expeditions. He and his partner, Dr. Maria Nilsson, are currently engaged in the epigraphic surveys at the quarries of Gebel el Silsila, south of Luxor on the Nile..

Thursday From 7-9pm CST ~ 05/14/15

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