Sep 9, 2014

Graham Hancock Graces Cover of Om Times

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Readers of this blog know that I have something of a love affair with the work of Graham Hancock. As I wrote here, it began rather magically as I was preparing for what would be a life-altering trip to Mexico. That trip was made possible by my friend Jill Mangino, who connected me with the organizers of the Flower of Life teacher training, and otherwise helped me get my ducks in a row.

My trip to Mexico, and particularly my visit to Teotihuacan, catalyzed a process in me and not an entirely comfortable one. Through it all, the works of Graham Hancock have served as guideposts. They provided me with a kind of map through a netherworld of myth and mystery.

I am filled with gratitude for Graham Hancock, for his wonderful books, but also for the incredible generosity with which he shares his ideas in interview after interview, seamlessly weaving together the strands of a massive and challenging body of work.

I noticed last night that Hancock had posted a new interview with Om Times on his Facebook page. Imagine my delight when I discovered that the interviewer was Jill Mangino. It's a great interview. Hancock again shows his tremendous knowledge, his analytical mind, and his willingness to ask hard questions rather than provide pat answers. He and Jill discuss many of the hot button issues that Hancock has been unafraid to press through the years: the possibility of very ancient, forgotten civilizations; Ayahuasca and shamanism; the hard problem of consciousness and the dogma of reductionist materialism; and, of course, the TED fiasco.

How wonderful that Om Magazine has brought together two of my favorite people, both so instrumental in my spiritual development.

And so the circle neatly closes.


  1. Wow, for some reason this gave me goose bumps like crazy! I can't believe this guy has been around all this time and I am only now hearing about him. I'm watching and reading everything of his I can get my hands on... not only is his a wonderfully refreshing perspective, expressed eloquently, with such intelligence and clarity, but ancient civilizations are particularly interesting to me due to a couple of personal experiences.

    Is it the same person interviewing him in the video as in the text below the video?

  2. No, I can't remember the name of the interviewer for RT. It's a good little interview.

    I'm in deep smit with Graham Hancock and if you hit the Graham Hancock tag, you'll see that I've posted tons of interviews and lectures and other material. I've read most of his books. I consider him astonishing. Have I gushed enough? Because I could do more.

  3. You couldn't gush too much to me, I am sooo excited to have discovered him, he will likely be the only thing I talk about for the next while, and it will probably be a long while. I have never come across anyone who has so completely captured my interest as he has!

    And yeah, I see all the material yu have posted, I will be checking more of it out. Too funny that we are both so taken with him!

  4. Although, I can't think who wouldn't be! No one I want to know, that's for sure! Hahahaha

  5. So, did you watch his most recent Joe Rogan interview??? I did :) :) :)!! Hahaha.

  6. You know I was just sitting down to do that. I finally finished the Sheldrake interview. It was awesome. I just have no time so I've been listening to it 10-15 minutes at a time for days.

  7. Don't you think Sheldrake looked good for an older man??I really love listening to him speak, I don't even care if he's talking about what he had for breakfast I would still think it was brilliant, hahaha! And if you haven't watched the Graham Hancock one yet then I will save my comments for later when you have.


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