Apr 14, 2014

Into the Darkness

Crossposted from Reflections Journal.

Late tonight we will be treated to a total lunar eclipse. Slate has a detailed writeup on where and how to view it.

Do you live in North America, South America, Australia, or eastern Asia? Then you get to see a lunar eclipse on the night of April 14/15! And while North America is the best place to watch—we’ll get to see the whole event—the real action doesn’t begin until 05:58 UTC on the 15th, which is just before 02:00 EDT, so it’s a bit late. You might just want to stay up for it, though.

It will also be broadcast live by the Griffith Observatory.

But this is just the attention getter for a series of celestial alignments that astrologers are claiming is one for the books. This Easter will bring with it a collective crucifixion as a Grand Cross in the Cardinal signs.

I'm not an astrologer, but I wasn't surprised to read any of that. My fear is that it lines up all too perfectly with a sense of nameless dread that I've had for months. As I was discussing with some lovely people on this thread (search page for: earthquake), what I keep getting from my guides is "major global realignment."

Something massive is about to shake loose and I've frankly been too scared to look, but the energy of it has become overwhelming. After recovering from the dizziness associated with that Chile quake and its aftershocks, I have found myself over the past week experiencing the worst ascension symptoms I've felt in years. I can't think straight half the time. The fatigue is bone crushing. I've just been inhaling benzoin resin (psychic, emotional exhaustion), reading, watching movies (because stories are medicine), and sleeping whenever possible.

When it finally occurred to me to check in with the latest Karen Bishop update, I learned that I am not alone in this.

Well, okay. Ascension has cranked up, that is for sure. Because not only are we experiencing the ususal increase in vibrational frequency as we move along, but we are also beginning to feel the effects of the Grand Cross alignment due to arrive on April 20.

I can remember the Grand Cross of May 5, 2000. We were all so excited for it to come, as we believed it would usher in the new world. Instead, we felt totally squished and squeezed. It reminded me of a spine with a perfect line and anything that did not fit within it was pushed out. An emptiness. A blankness. A speechlessness.

I recommend reading this one if only for the awesome roundup of symptoms many of you may be experiencing as we run the gauntlet of this crazy set of energy dynamics.


  1. LaVaughn, I was about to write about my weird yesterday under another blog but as I opened this website I saw this spot on article. I felt very anxious two days prior the eclipse...very uneasy feeling, couldn't sleep well. Yesterday we had a snow storm all of a sudden for a few hours, and freezing temperatures (it was very warm just last Sun, almost felt like summer). Then at around 9pm a good chunk of the city really plunged into darkness- a massive blackout for an hour or so...felt kind of scary-everything is black except that giant moon in the sky. Today found out there was a mass murder for no apparent reason in Calgary among the university students ....

  2. Oh my! You know I haven't been to Calgary since I was a child but it's not a place I expect mass murders, for some reason. Maybe that's just the American in me, idealizing the relative peacefulness of Canadians.

    The energy is CRAZY right now, though.

  3. Perhaps related: For some years, i've been following off and on a maverick scientist and researcher by the name of Dr. Paul LaViolette. Paul has written a handful of books on various topics from Galactic Core outburst/active cycles, to a new unified physics called subquantum kinetics, to anti gravitational devices, to pulsars possibly being beacon communication systems from E.T. civilizations.

    Anyways, i hadn't checked in his site in awhile. Meanwhile, both my wife and i who have been aware of the potential for major Earth changes and the possibility of a coming collapse for years-- just recently in the last few months or so, the messages we received have both picked up in frequency, but also for the first time ever we have been given a sort of timeline and we've been told soon, get prepared.

    I was intuitively led to check out Paul's site one night, and found his warnings about the G2 cloud approach to the Galactic Core, and how the G2 cloud most likely contained a Star and quite possibly a large companion body of some kind which since it was passing so close to the Core, the Core might strip off the companion body and pull it into the Core potentially exciting the Core into an active, outbursting cycle.

    Paul has spent many years researching the phenomena of Galactic Core outbursts, and his hard core research has shown pretty clearly that there is two major rough cycles wherein the Earth every about 26,000 and every 13, 000 years is strongly impacted by a major Galactic Core active, outbursting phase, wherein the Galactic Core produces intense energy waves that Paul has labeled Galactic Superwaves.

    Pauls most recent calculations indicate that if something is going to happen, it most likely will happen by mid August or so. Paul recently had a very interesting and synchronistic run in with a clairvoyant Bishop of all people, who has been given visions of something catastrophic coming from space to the Earth, and which oddly matches up strongly with Paul's knowledge and research into Galactic Core outbursts and Superwaves. He saw it first happening sometime in July or August, and then later a more intense event linked to the same cause, culminating sometime from late November to late December. This latter event, he sees as a conflagration of the Earth, wherein the Sun is so affected by this Cosmic event as to flare Solar fire/energy intensely into the Earth.

    Pauls site is www.etheric.com.

    I should re-stress, i was first 12 years old when i started to first receive information about "Earth changes" and out of nowhere, and so have known about the potentiality and development of same for over 20 years, but i've never previously been given any more concrete kind of timing before. When i was told soon during a meditation a couple of months ago, i asked "how soon" and was told "within months" (so presumably less than a year).

    I really think there may be something to Paul's warnings about the G2 Cloud Galactic Core interaction, and the visions of the Padre he met pretty recently.

    I have no fear of such possible events, and ultimately i see them in the long term as being very positive. We will have the opportunity, to rebuild a new civilization, one built on respect and care taking of the Earth, of working harmoniously together beyond any false separations, of non materialism, of Love and Unity and all without the weight of the "elite" on our backs not weighing us down anymore.

    There is so much suffering in the world right now, so much. I think a brief intense period of a lot of challenge and difficulty will be worth it with the probable potential in such a world we can work together to co-create out of the ashes of the old and non working civilization. A fresh start.

  4. Well, Justin, I sincerely hope it's not a solar ejection and a Carrington Event. But it's a major concern for our highly technological society and it would certainly qualify as a "major global realignment." I'm also getting the urgency. Whatever is coming feels really soon to me, too.


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