Mar 3, 2014

Sexy Jesus, Pt. II: The Gallery

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Well, it took years, a Portuguese sex symbol, and a trending hashtag, but they finally got there. The major media has noticed the strange tendency to portray Jesus as the sexy white guy he almost definitely wasn't. Well, he might have been sexy. We don't really know. But white, not so much.

Son of God has been doing big box office as the striking Diogo Morgado reprises his role from The Bible. But strangely it seems the first time the press has seriously entertained the question: Why is Jesus so sexy?

It's something I've been asking for quite some time. Why is Jesus always hot? He was kind to prostitutes and adultresses, so the story goes, but never had sex with any of them. He never had sex at all. Any suggestion that he may have sends the Vatican into a full-blown tizz.

There is something deeply disturbing about these endless portrayals of Jesus as a very handsome -- and emotionally available -- but asexual man. Yet, Jesus has been dead sexy down through the ages.

Iconic Jesus with just the barest hint of seventies rock star:

Seventies rock star with just the barest hint of Jesus:

Ted Neeley as Jesus Christ Superstar

Mary Magdalene just totally gone on rock star Jesus:

Carl Anderson, Ted Neeley, and Yvonne Elliman in Jesus Christ Superstar

Handsome, sensitive Jesus definitely not flirting with Samaritan woman:

Why do birds suddenly appear, ev'ry time you are near... other seventies Jesus:

Brian Deacon as Jesus

Holy face, handsome face:

Also known as that totally hot detective from Law & Order:

Jeremy Sisto as Jesus

Whatever you do, don't think about Valentine's Day:

Sacred Heart Jesus

I said don't think about Valentine's Day. Not even if it's the inimitable Jeffrey Hunter playing the King of Kings:

Jeffrey Hunter as Bling Jesus

Yes, that Jeffrey Hunter, aka., Captain Pike of the USS Enterprise:

Jeffrey Hunter as Jesus in King of Kings

Handsome, blue-eyed, Swedish Jesus:

Handsome, blue-eyed, Robert Powell Jesus:

Robert Powell as Jesus of Nazareth

Sad but totally ripped Jesus:

The very handsome Jim Caviezel transformed into a somewhat more Semitic looking and devastatingly gorgeous Jesus in Mel Gibson's tour de force Passion of the Christ:

Jim Caviezel as Jesus in Passion of the Christ

Also known as BDSM Jesus:

Jim Caviezel as Jesus in Passion of the Christ

Sweet, sincere, if somewhat naive, Jesus making Bill Maher look like about a half a man:

Bill Maher and Jesus in Religulous

Ouch! Even atheist Jesus is, like, totally hot:

Sean Douglas as Jesse in Mr. Deity

Ya gotta admit, this is one #hotjesus:

Diogo Morgado as the Son of God

Part one of Sexy Jesus can be found here.


  1. Haha, kind of funny thread. What Yeshua looked like, probably isn't important, and i guess to the early, original Christians it wasn't important at all because none of them went into his looks. However, being modern humans we sometimes wonder what such a guy looked like.

    In my travels though, i have found some odd synchronicity between some different and unrelated psychic sources about the looks of Yeshua. A number of psychic sources describe him as having reddish hair of all things! Red hair is the rarest color on the earth, and particularly not common in that area of the Middle East--however odd that may seem, another infamous Jew--King David was rumored to have reddish hair and fair complexion. Even in Egypt, there was a blood line that was known for these traits. And certainly, those ancient Celts got around quite a bit back in the ancient days, as they have found red and blondish haired mummies even in China of all places!

    In any case, i will do a brief outline of the different unrelated psychic sources that mention this odd feature of Yeshua. Tbc...

  2. Well known NDE researcher/author and 3 time ND experiencer herself, P.M.H. Atwater, during one of her NDE's met Jesus and very much perceived him in a physical way*, and was surprised that he had reddish hair and was rather taller than she expected.

    A Jewish lady with no interest in Jesus, had an NDE and met a person she called the Messiah, and he also was a reddish haired fellow. (keep in mind that most Jewish people say that THE Messiah hasn't come yet, so odd of her to meet a human looking guy and perceive him so strongly physically in certain ways).

    Bob Monroe and Joe McMoneagle at one time were friends. Joe was one of the U.S. military's remote viewers. While a lot of his future stuff has been off, some of his physical targeting and past stuff has had a track record for decent accuracy. One time Bob Monroe went up to Joe and told him he had a target in an envelope in his pocket that he wanted Joe to check on. Joe agreed not knowing what the target was. Right away though, Joe got a strong sense that he was observing Jesus. The session is pretty interesting in general, but for brevity's sake--i will just say that Joe perceived him as having reddish hair (and apparently looking very similar in a number of times he has projected here).

    Anyways, what, or whom shall i say was the target in Bob Monroe's pocket? Jesus Christ. Course Bob showed Joe the envelope after the session was done, btw which Joe went so deep he couldn't consciously remember most of it, just that Jesus had a great sense of humor and strong vibe of joy.

    The piece de resistance? Perhaps the most verified psychic source in the world so far, and certainly the most vast and holistic--Edgar Cayce, gave two readings which touched on the physical looks of Jesus--both describe him as having rather reddish hair. More specifically, one reading likened his hair to that of King Davids, a combo of reddish, light brown and golden. (so no, he wasn't a carrot top red head...). Furthermore, Cayce was quoted as saying that his weight would have been about 174 (and his eyes a piercing heavy steel gray [essentially gray blue]). This is very interesting because in research on the Shroud, various experts who have studied same in their expertise on the pathology of the human body, in figuring out his physical stats, most have said that the Shroud dude would have weighed around 170 give or take a few pounds--this research was done and published many years after Cayce gave his readings. Ah, the plot thickens..

    Then, the Dead Sea Scrolls contain an odd account, which by all accounts seems to be a prophecy of the coming Messiah, wherein the "Chosen one" is talked about. Much of the outline of what this person will do, what his abilities will be, and how spiritually exalted this chosen one is really matches up to the figure of Yeshua. Anyways, guess what colored hair this prophesied chosen one is suppose to have--you guessed hair.

  3. So, while there is really no way to truly, without a doubt, know what Jesus looked or didn't look like, if i was a betting man, i would place odds on him having red hair at least ;) At least, this is also how i've seen him myself as well.

    * side note. It's interesting that some people who have had NDE's that talk about seeing Jesus in such a physically apparent way. Possibly related. One time Bob Monroe asked his guidance (what he then called his "I/there"), if he could meet the most spiritually developed person living in his space/time reference. His guidance said sure, but it probably wouldn't be what he expected. Needless to say, Bob was blown away by the meeting. He ends up being led (in his OBE state) to a normal looking physical room with a person sitting at a desk. The in physical person right away senses Bob is there nonphysically and they start having a telepathic conversation. Because Bob is focused more nonphysically himself, and because the radiation of this person is so powerful, at first, he can't tell if this person is male or female because they feel so blended, integrated between the two. So Bob labels this person "He/She".

    Later, Bob hints that the person is well known in some ways, is not Asian but rather more occidental in origin. He/She lets Bob know that they have been living one continuous human in-physical lifetime for some 1800 years (the first number that Bob blurted out in his surprise). This person doesn't eat, drink, sleep, age, etc anymore, but works many different jobs round the clock from bartender, to ambulance driver, to professor at a university, etc because in He/She's simple words, "I like people." He/She also apparently has a good sense of humor too. He/She also hints at some big and difficult changes to eventually happen to humanity and to the Earth, and after Bob says, "Necessity is severe stuff, the world would have to be in pretty rough shape.." He/She replies, "That's why the waiting, the time will come."

    In any case, Bob went from having very little interest in Jesus before his "He/She" experience to having his remote viewing friend Joe McMoneagle check up on him.

    Anyways, perhaps "He/She" the most evolved human living on Earth is none other than Yeshua who became a Christ? Perhaps he is just incognito and has been for a long time? Perhaps that is why some who have met him during NDE's and the like, perceived him in such a physical way, because he is still very much involved with the physical, interacting with humans in a human like form? Otherwise, if he was completely nonphsysical now, he would probably just appear always as pure Light, as most nonphysical Guide beings often do.

    If the New Testament is to be considered, then that's exactly what we could or should assume, since according to same, he over came physical death and has a body that can interact with us in a physical like way, and yet is not limited whatsoever by any laws of physicality.

    Well, one thing is for sure, there is much more to "Jesus" than most religious, atheist, and New Agers would give credit for. He truly is one mysterious and transcendent fellow.

  4. I'm not overly concerned with what the historical Jesus looked like. I think Yeshua and the archetype of the Christ are very different entities. One was a radical Palestinian Jew. The latter is a composite of other mythical figures, Osiris, Mithras, Apollo, etc.

    Messiah doesn't even mean to the Jews what it means in Christian myth. The word means anointed because the common practice was to smear olive oil on the head of any new king. Their promised Messiah was coming for the Jews, not the rest of us.

    I think what most of us see when we encounter Jesus is the archetypal Christ and see him in many different ways. I'd sure like to think that there was a person who mastered the ascension process like that, but in his case, it doesn't mesh with what there is of the historical record.

  5. A friend of mine posted this on Facebook this morning. It really underscores the issue. The accepted Christian narrative we live with now bears little resemblance to the many competing narratives in the hundreds of years following the life of Jesus. In this Syriac Bible, Jesus wasn't crucified and wasn't the son of God. He was simply a prophet. In some early Christian sects, he'd never even existed in human form. In others, he appears to have been married.

  6. LaVaughn wrote, "I'm not overly concerned with what the historical Jesus looked like."

    Neither am i at the end of the day, after all it's about the message and less about the messenger. I just think it's kind of odd and interesting that there are so many different unrelated psychic sources, some very credible, that link red hair to him. Then there are the Shroud correlations with Cayce's info.

    "I think Yeshua and the archetype of the Christ are very different entities. One was a radical Palestinian Jew. The latter is a composite of other mythical figures, Osiris, Mithras, Apollo, etc. "

    I use to think similarly. Not so much anymore. I was given a sort of an intuitive download one time, about the beginning of creation or first vibration/change of Source. What i was shown, matches up to what Cayce's guidance talked and gave hints about (which i didn't fully realize until after my internal download). Long story short, we're all sparks, aspects and children of Source and have the potential to become full companions and co-creators with same.

    But in the actual history, one individuated spark, re-merged with Source before any others (before there was any matter), and became both a pattern/model for creation of more self aware, individual sparks and also a Co-Creator of different consciousnesses and "worlds" Itself. This larger reality, both physical and nonphysical, that we exist in, is the co-creation of that particular spark or Spirit, which just happens to be the same one that projected out from itself, the consciousness or Soul that went into the body of and became Yeshua much later on. But this same Spark/larger Spirit/Light being has projected a number of other human (and non human) lifetimes, and often as a teacher and wayshower. Yeshua and Christ are synonymous on many levels. Some of these other lives though, especially the earlier ones, did not come about through the typical means of birth, etc. But rather these individual aspects of the Christ Spirit, manifested directly into the physical from consciousness. This explains some of the rather odd bible accounts of certain figures like Melchizedek (the real one, not the Dru wannabe one).

    However, this entity decided in order to best help humanity regain it's heritage, it would have to dive fully into the whole get stuck, reincarnation process, overcome same and so it did. The reason was to become a personal example who experienced all the trials, temptations that we go through but who fully overcame them and became free/liberated. According to Cayce's guidance, Yeshua's (or rather his larger Spirit self's) other lives included Joseph, Enoch, Melchizedek, Jeshua the scribe, Zend, Joshua, Adam, Aspah the scribe and musician, and most likely others not named. Apparently because some of the errors he made as Joshua, the warrior priest, is partly why he had to die the way he did, for as Joshua he hung up a leader from side he was fighting against, on a tree to die. His torture/death as Jesus was partly facing karma.

  7. There is also the Christ pattern or Consciousness which is something different--which is why it can get confusing. The latter is a universal pattern and potential for all Sparks, to become fully conscious of their Oneness with Source and the Whole--like the Christ Spark/Spirit did a long time ago and then later re did when being involved with the human process.

    What i learned from internal guidance about the beginning of creation and who and what Yeshua really is, is very much echoed in the Cayce readings which to be frank, there is nothing in this world psychically that even comes close to these in their degree of verification, their holistism, their at times amazing specificity, and the sheer vast amount of information contained and documented in them. Check out Sidney Kirkpatricks interview about his research into the Cayce readings as a skeptic of not only Cayce but all things spiritual in nature. This extremely intellectual, grounded and material oriented man was amazed time and time again by this material and Cayce's life.

    For the record, i don't think Cayce's work is 100% completely accurate in everything. I don't think that is possible, unless the channel is completely attuned to pure, unconditional, universal Love and the Source Consciousness within (and Cayce definitely wasn't in that category). As mentioned, my guidance has said that there is has only been one individual (Yeshua) who has achieved that so far as a human in our current epoch. Guidance did tell me that there is a probable potential that in the near future (after the coming collapse), a few other individuals will achieve similar to Yeshua did 2000 years ago, and confirmed for me what others stated, that in the farther future we will eventually collectively evolve into that state. (Bob Monroe saw this and that in over a thousand years, all humans alive would be at a Yeshua like level of attunement).

    In any case, i have a rather different view of Yeshua than most religious, atheistic, and New age type folks. Besides guidance about him, i've also had experiences with and guidance from him. I consider him my teacher besides my own "higher self" and life in general. Cayce's guidance use to call him the "Master of masters" and the "Teacher of teachers". Going by my experience and intuition so far, i would have to agree.

  8. I lost part of my earlier post, which was a lot longer and more holistic in nature. An attempt to recreate some of it.

    "I think Yeshua and the archetype of the Christ are very different entities. One was a radical Palestinian Jew. The latter is a composite of other mythical figures, Osiris, Mithras, Apollo, etc. "

    Getting more deeply into it, i've looked into those various figures that are connected to concepts of resurrection, etc. I can see the allure of comparing them to the figure of Yeshua and the claims of Christianity for him, but those other figures mentioned are so couched in symbolism, allegory, and in many cases related to astrological/astronomical periods like that of Winter Solstice to Christmas time, that it's a bit of a stretch to compare them to a much more historically documented Yeshua.

    For those other figures, we know almost nothing about the actual historicity of them as living individuals. They have become pure myth. This is rather different than Yeshua and his life. His life was written about in a more journalistic type way, from people who talked to people who knew him personally or people that had powerful nonphysical/spiritual experiences with him. (Cayce says that two Gospels were actually written by, or rather dictated by people who directly knew him and observed his life, to others. Luke, for example, came from Lucius, and Lucius has his nephew Luke (Lukas) write it down.

    Also, no other figure has left behind unique suggestive evidence of a human completing an ascension process---case in point, the Shroud of Turin. I've deeply looked into with a skeptics attitude, and the evidence for it not being fake is powerful and overwhelming, and the suggestive evidence for it being probably the burial cloth of Yeshua Ben Yosef is also strong and compelling. To date, no one can effectively reproduce or recreate a true Shroud like image even with modern technology--aka one that has 3D imaging properties, etc, etc.

    It is likely a snap shot into time/space of a person completing a unique energetic process related to that of "Ascension". If there was ever any kind of evidence for something like this, the Shroud is it.

    As mentioned earlier, there are also synchronistic correlations between the info that the Shroud contains and what Cayce's guidance said about the physical attributes of Yeshua. The weight that both outline are extremely close. Cayce gave this info before that weight was ascertained by researchers into the Shroud.

  9. Re: that link you shared, funny enough i read the book that the interviewee wrote. Re: the article, nothing about it makes a case for any particular "history", except that pointing out that people use Christianity and their concept of Yeshua from their own perspective, which is what most do with any religion or codified belief system. That's nothing unique to Christianity, it's a human trait. We humans tend to mold things in our image to some extent. I'm sure negroid Africans who are Islamic tend to see Mohammed as a negroid African man, when he was Middle Eastern and Middle Eastern is most definitely predominately "Caucasian".

    Meanwhile, for that author/interviewee to say, "Jesus was a Jew preaching Judaism." is so inaccurate/limited as to be laughable. Yeshua was born a Jew into Jewish land and culture. He was working within certain parameters as far as his spiritual teaching. He had to use Judaism to his advantage, and he did so well in debating with the Pharisee's, Sadducee's, Scribes, etc He used their teachings against them.

    But, he was teaching less "Judaism" and more Universal truths that transcend any one religion. Most of all, he was teaching the truth of Love and Oneness in action through positive, holistic service to others and through love. That he deliberately branched and reached out to Gentiles in his lifetime, both confirms this and confirms that he was not just preaching Judaism to Jews. Judaism is largely a nationalistic, separatist religion with a long, strong history of segregation and with the self view that Hebrews/Jews are God's, special, chosen people that need to keep themselves pure from over contact with anyone or anything not Jewish. Granted, human sex drive and human personal love and romance being what they are, they haven't had the best success rate in this all in all.

    But the point is, what Yeshua did in deliberately reaching out to Gentiles (some of those 70/72 disciples sent out into the gentile world were most likely gentile or part gentile themselves) WAS radical beyond belief for his culture and times, just as his treatment and view of women was radical beyond belief for his culture and times. Reza Aslan seems to quickly forget this radical side of Jesus despite writing an entire book about him as a "Zealot". Reza is a strongly intellectual and materialistic man. Mysticism and awareness of nonphysical Consciousness is lost on the man. He puts Yeshua into a very narrow, tiny box, reflected from his own image. Christianity to him is a historical curiosity, an interesting study in sociology and religious development.

    Furthermore, to claim that Yeshua had to look a certain way, e.g. be dark haired, eyed, complected, longer nose, shorter and hairy is one to overly generalize and to miss the point that even today some people born in the Middle East from Middle Eastern ancestry do not always conform to those averages. Whether it's mutation or some long ago mixing from some other peoples, variations do pop up, as to lighter eyes, lighter skin, taller, etc. The Middle East, especially in more ancient times was a dynamic place of mixing.

    Take the Shroud of Turin. Even if one doesn't accept that this comes from Palestine from around the time of Yeshua, but accepts the Medieval forgery theory, Shroud Dude is significantly taller than the average ancient Jew AND Medieval Euro (the Medieval times being a particularly bad time for Euros as to prevalence of disease and lack of nutrition both which tend to foster shorter average heights).

    How do we explain that? Shroud Dude is guesstimated to be in the range of about 5' 11" at the shortest and about 6' 2" at the tallest, which again is significantly taller than both the average ancient Palestinian and Medieval Euro.

    If Yeshua was exceptional and unusual in so many other areas of his life, why not also physically?


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