Feb 11, 2014


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"Why Shamanism Now?" with Christina Pratt

Shamanic Gathering in BC with John-Luke Edwards

Shamanic people believe that life emerges from a dream that the All-That-Is began dreaming in a time before time. Shamanic people speak of living in Oneness with all things and as contemporary people we are challenged to imagine that dream. But what if we were already living that dream? How would we act? How would we treat each other? How would we treat the earth? This week host and shaman, Christina Pratt, explores the topic of the upcoming Residential BC Shamanic Conference and Gathering this May with Rev. shaman John-Luke Edwards of the Wolven Path Tradition, a shamanic tradition rebirthed from nomadic shamanic traditions of northern Europe. Join us as we explore how we can return to our roots, live our everyday lives in a good way with all living things and allow the possibility of defining our dreams by the way that we live our lives.

This week's guest:
John-Luke Edwards

John-Luke Edwards Fire Ceremony Reverend Shaman John-Luke Edwards, MA, PhD is an ordained shaman of The Wolven Path, which is a rebirth of an ancient Celtic/Druidic form of shamanism. Developing his Shamanic practice and approach to life, John-Luke instigated a 3 year Shamanic Apprenticeship in BC Canada and founded the Sacred Circle of The Great Mystery Shamanic Society in the same province. The Shamanic Society is founded to create, maintain and encourage a Shamanic Community and Network of many Shamanic traditions and families, focusing the work of Shaman & Shamanic Practitioners to the support of the Earth.

John-Luke believes that the issues in our lives that betray our destiny fall out of our fear of Divine loneliness that manifests in a dysfunctional relationship with ourselves and our soul song. This relationship yearns for 'completion'. This yearning and dysfunction become reflected in all our external relationships. John-Luke's approach is to be a catalyst in the transformation and emergence of truth in his Lamenters relationships with themselves and their souls; by this to return to that first harmonic intention we are born to and for.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014 at 11:00 AM Pacific

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Awake in the DREAM with Laura Eisenhower and Dr. DREAM

Awake in the DREAM Radio with Brien Foerster

Awake in the DREAM Radio with Laura Magdalene Eisenhower and Dr. DREAM, this week's guest is Brien Foerster; Adventurer / Guide / Author. Our topic; "Ancient Lost Worlds & Hidden History"

Brien Foerster Biography

As of December 2013 he has written a total of 13 books; all available in e-format, and some in paperback form via his www.hiddenincatours.com website, as well as www.hiddenincavideos.com

He also writes articles for Graham Hancock: www.grahamhancock.com, and is associated with Lloyd Pye of the Starchild project, whose geneticist is analyzing the DNA of elongated human skulls of the Peruvian Paracas culture on his behalf. Other such tests are being conducted by Dr. Melba Ketchum.

He counts amongst his colleagues Stephen Mehler, author, archaeologist, ancient Egypt oral tradition specialist and expert on crystal skulls, Christopher Dunn, engineer and author of The Giza Power Plant, Dr. Robert Schoch, geologist and expert of ancient Egypt, Hugh Newman of Megalithomania, who he co-sponsors tours with, L.A. Marzulli, and many other well known “alternative” authors and researchers.

Brien has been on 9 episodes of Ancient Aliens, numerous radio shows, including Red Ice Creations, Coast To Coast Am, Jeff Rense, Project Camelot and a new US video series called Unsealed, as well as L.A. Marzulli’s The Watchers, episode 6.
He has become an authority on the megalithic works of South America and the perplexing ancient Elongated Headed people of the area, and divides his time between Paracas Peru, and Cusco.

His explorations are now expanding into Egypt, which he visits once a year with www.khemitology.com.

Tue, February 11, 2014 at 9:00 pm Eastern


Just Energy Radio

Are Mermaids Real? & Lost Chronicles of Ancient Japan

Varla Ventura
Are Mermaids Real?
Varla Ventura is the author of The Book of the Bizarre, Beyond Bizarre, Among the Mermaids, and Banshees, Werewolves, Vampires, and Other Creatures of the Night. She is also the curator of the Weiser Magical Creatures and Paranormal Parlor series of e-books. When not burning the midnight oil writing about bizarre trivia and supernatural creatures, she can be found roaming the beaches of San Francisco, cavorting with pirates, and hunting for shipwrecks. More ...

Carl Helvie
Lost Chronicles of Ancient Japan
Dr Carl O. Helvie is a registered nurse, with two masters and a doctorate in public health and wellness and 60 years experience as a nurse practitioner, educator, author, and researcher. Dr Helvie is also a 38-year lung cancer survivor who was given 6 months to live by conventional medicine. His story and what he has done since to prevent recurrence is included in You Can Beat Lung Cancer: Using Alternative/Integrative Interventions. More ...

Thursday From 7-9pm CST ~ 02/13/14


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