Feb 17, 2014

Breaking the TEAL SPELL -- UPDATE: The Noncasts

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Update: The Noncasts (See Below)

Further Update: Blake Addresses Jason Freedman Mystery (See Below)

Yet Another Update: Kicking "Tealers" Down the Memory Hole (See Below)

Some years ago, when I was doing the Flower of Life teacher training with Drunvalo Melchizedek, one of my fellow travelers shared with me that he was troubled by what he called the "Drunvalettes." The term was his own invention but there was no mistaking his meaning. He even pegged a few of our classmates with that term. He liked Drunvalo quite a bit but that there was this kind of adulation by some Flower of Life folks made him uncomfortable. He had some concern that Drunvalo might have been fostering this unquestioning sycophancy. So one day when we were enjoying a break, he asked Drunvalo very directly how he felt about his Drunvalettes.

Dru shook his head and sighed. "I just try to stay out of it," he said.

That's one approach. There's a conversation to be had, for sure, about whether ignoring the phenomenon and trying to distance oneself from it is enough. Is it necessary to more actively discourage such behavior? But I think the one thing we were all in agreement on -- Drunvalo, myself, and the gentleman who raised the concern -- was that such hero worship was not a good or healthy thing.

The term "tealer" has similarly been thrown around to describe those who've drunk the "teal-aid." Some of her more passionate and angry defenders who've posted on my blog have been quite pejoratively labeled "tealers" by other commenters. So imagine my horror when I read this in a recent TEAL post about her seminar in Atlanta.

I am struck by how much the imprint of the days of slavery still remains on some of the older buildings and railways here in town. It has soaked its way especially into the old wood that dots the brick walls. The venue for yesterday’s workshop was one such a building. It was a fitting energy, seeing as how the theme of the entire workshop was self-liberation.

This group which is being called the “Tealers” is the most open minded, eccentrically intellectual group I have ever beheld.  I think it is now my favorite part of holding these workshops.  Long-term friendships are formed.  People find their place to belong. And I get to witness the fact that this world is in good hands.  All across the globe, they form a supportive web of awakening.  They touch the lives of the people in the cities they live in.  It is like a little legion of enlightened spirits, whose practice is that of non-resistance and expansion.

You're Freeeee! Wait. Not so fast.

TEAL's posts are always a box of contradictions. The scenery is beautiful. The people are lovely. The town oozes its fetid history from every nook and cranny. Life is beautiful and filled with joy. I wander through a briar patch of PTSD triggers that hurl me into seizures and despair. My life is so rich and full that I've written a how-to book on self-love. Everything reminds me of my ritual abuse and being sewn into corpses.

And, bonus! This post comes with a healthy dose of bigotry... and, for good measure, a naked lady.

But I digress. She actually wants "tealers." It's positively Orwellian. You too can be liberated if only you will define yourself by your adoration of TEAL.

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As I said in my first post on the topic, I have never seen a spiritual teacher who has so blatantly courted adulation and fostered dependency. What I've learned two posts and volumes of feedback later is that it's so much worse than I thought.

Recently, yet another TEAL related Facebook group launched: Teal Tribe Dating. That might not be so bad right? A nice little meeting place for people of similar interests under her general auspices. But then I read the copy.

Teal Tribe Dating

"Teal Tribe Dating" is a group for human beings(Well... at least in the 3D) who are single and looking for a loving relationship with a like-minded partner. Teal Tribe turned out to be an easy awesome way for people who are familiar with Teal to find their true friends and soul family, and now you have a chance to meet your true love too. That idea works by the law of attraction: The vibration in this group is high because of the high vibrational message of Teal Scott; Which means meeting high quality and spiritual-minded people. To break the ice, here is a suggestion for introducing yourself:

. . .

Favorite Teal's Video/Art/Quotes:

*To search for profiles go into the 'Photos' tab and click the desired category... [All emphases mine]

Yes, you are part of an elite group of "high vibrational" people because you like TEAL. TEAL's followers are your true soul family. And you can all bond based on your shared devotion to TEAL. You can even find the love of your life as long as it's really all about ♥ TEAL ♥.

This all looks more and more cultish by the day. I can't help thinking of the Moonies and their arranged, mass weddings.

Obviously, Teal Tribe is not a cult like Unification, Hare Krishna, or other highly organized groups. It's not a totalitarian regime. But there are definitely cultish elements. It's enough, in my mind, to be concerning. I say this, in part, because of what I'm hearing from people, publicly and privately, about having difficulty extricating loved ones or even disengaging themselves from her strange pull.

Much of the feedback I've gotten has been from people who described themselves as having been "obsessed" with TEAL, or words very much to that effect. Some said their interest moved rapidly from interest in what she was saying to fascination with her and the soap opera that is her life.

That she turned her life into a kind of reality show called Shadow House, which opened a window into her "intentional family," fed the fascination. Her life is decidedly more interesting than her spiritual teachings. It's full of sex, fights, verbal abuse, and melodrama. Some of these programs made viewers privy to things like TEAL's humiliation of the aforementioned Fallon and also of a gal named Cameron, whose major crime appears to have been that Blake was attracted to her. The fourth wall was torn down completely as viewers made the whole thing interactive. The audience participation portion involved TEAL fans taking to chat, Facebook, and Teal Tribe to verbally assault these people for their grievous mistreatment of TEAL. Anyone who questioned TEAL's treatment of them was likewise set upon by the group.

Anyone who has ever witnessed the vitriol that TEAL inspires in her fans when they seek to defend her would have to wonder just what is meant by "high vibrational."

As I said in that first post, the Fallon episode suggested the confessional element of cult behavior referenced by Robert J. Lifton, as Fallon opened himself to group abasement for his "sociopathic" behavior. As I've learned more about these Shadow House livestreams from those who've viewed them, I've realized that it fits that criterion even more directly than I'd first thought. In Shadow House events, TEAL puts her "family" members in the hot seat and scrutinizes their shadows. Any viewer of these broadcasts would become privy to very personal, private information about her inner circle. According to many accounts, Cameron was compelled to participate over her objections. It ended badly and ultimately caused her to quit the area. This description of the confession element of cult indoctrination is adapted from Lifton.

Sins, as defined by the group, are to be confessed either to a personal monitor or publicly to the group. There is no confidentiality: members' sins, attitudes, and faults are discussed and exploited by the leaders.

Closely related to the demand for absolute purity is an obsession with personal confession. Confession is carried beyond its ordinary religious, legal, and therapeutic expressions to the point of becoming a cult in itself. (Page 425.)

Public confessional periods are used to get members to verbalize and discuss their innermost fears and anxieties as well as past imperfections.

The environment demands that personal boundaries are destroyed and that every thought, feeling, or action that does not conform with the group's rules be confessed.

Members have little or no privacy, physically or mentally.

In assessing the shadows of her housemates, TEAL relies heavily on Byron Katie's "The Work" for methodology. Katie is, herself, on the radar of cult watchers and accounts of her antics certainly do raise an eyebrow. For instance, she also does a homeless exercise very like, if not identical to, the one practiced by James Arthur Ray that resulted in the mysterious death of Colleen Conaway.

I would encourage those familiar with TEAL's organization to look over some of the cult literature linked herein. These two pages include characteristics identified by a number of cult researchers: Intro to Cults 101 and Cult Characteristics. I'm not as acquainted with the inner workings of TEAL world as many readers are but even I can see that these pages point to any number of red flags.

For instance  Rick Ross claims, "Anything the group/leader does can be justified no matter how harsh or harmful." TEAL's vicious attacks on Fallon and Cameron as well as other thoroughly embarrassing Shadow House outbursts are not only justified but extolled as a virtue. TEAL is courageously showing the world her shadow side instead of hiding it like typical gurus, it is claimed. 

Cults are typically formed around charismatic leadership. Lifton observed, "The guru is worshipped, rather than the principles or doctrines (on which the sect is supposed to be based)." As stated, for many of TEAL's followers, the days and nights of Teal Bosworth Scott Swan have upstaged her spiritual teachings. She has made her personal life a major focus of her work, with her Shadow House livestream events and her confessional style blogging.

The American Family Foundation says, "The group is focused on a living leader to whom members seem to display excessively zealous, unquestioning commitment." As discussed, her defenders are passionate, indeed, as I and other critics have learned the hard way.

Carol Giambavo puts it like this: "Charismatic or messianic leader who is self-appointed and has a special mission in life." To say that TEAL is self-appointed and has announced a "special mission" would be to understate her accounting. As discussed, she has described herself as a Eucharist projected here by an Arcturian panel and genetically engineered to be white and beautiful enough to be heard on "every single continent." 

This, again, is the interview in which she explains in painful detail why it was so critical that she have universally appealing features. But not only is she more attractive than those poor, ugly African women, she's not like the rest of us mere mortals at all. She's not even really human.

(9:30) So I am a soul fork. What that means is from nonphysical energy -- so most people in the planet, they're non-physical energy that is projected forth into a physical human body. I am non-physical energy that is perfect-projected forth into an Arcturian body -- an extraterrestrial body. Now that extraterrestrial being has chosen to then project forth as a human body twelve times. This is the twelfth incarnation. And it's quite, it's quite funny, ironically, because before I even came down, um, there was an entire panel of beings, Arcturian beings, sixth dimensional beings, who even chose the way I would look in this life....

(16:15) I'm now three points of perspective. Most people are two. Most people are the higher self and their human perspective, two points of perspective. I'm three, human, extraterrestrial, and nonphysical.

Special. She's very, very special. She also has no idea what irony means, because there is nothing in that story that is remotely ironic.

By virtue of her specialness, her followers are also special. As stated, they are "high vibrational."

As per the American Family Foundation, "The group is elitist, claiming a special, exalted status for itself, its leader(s), and members (for example: the leader is considered the Messiah or an avatar; the group and/or the leader has a special mission to save humanity)."

You mean like a "supportive web of awakening" or a "little legion of enlightened spirits" who are devoted to an Arcturian projecting into human flesh to act as a Eucharist?

"Tealers" and "Teal Tribe Dating" members are told they've found their "place to belong" and their "true friends and soul family." It sounds an awful lot like the "love bombing" described by the Cult Information Centre: "Creating a sense of family and belonging through hugging, kissing, touching and flattery."

According to  the American Family Foundation, "Questioning, doubt, and dissent are discouraged or even punished." Or as Steven Hassan puts it, "No critical questions about leader, doctrine, or policy seen as legitimate."

Many people report having had their comments deleted from TEAL's blog, when they raised uncomfortable questions or pointed out discrepancies. References to these deletions -- or having such comments held up in moderation -- are peppered throughout the comments on the two previous posts. Notably, a frequent commenter on TEAL's blog named Lena had her account deleted with her entire comment history. When this deletion was called out in the comments on my blog and then by regulars on TEAL's blog, Blake finally responded. He claimed that it was an error on the part of an overzealous admin who did so out of love for TEAL. I asked Blake to explain how it was that his claimed no-censorship policy was never adequately communicated to the admin and why it was that so many reported having been censored. That was weeks ago. He has never responded to my query. That exchange, such as it was, can be found here.

More to the point, consider how TEAL has responded to the questions I have raised in my two posts. She has called me a "hater" who "crawled out of the woodwork" to try to co-opt her growing fame. She has accused me of causing her great emotional pain. Her posts in response to my questions serve to polarize her most devoted followers against the very act of raising questions or having doubts. It solidifies an "us vs. them" attitude towards anyone who would dare question, which Hassan identifies as one of the methods of "thought control."

"Whenever the group/leader is criticized or questioned it is characterized as 'persecution'," says Rick Ross. In TEAL's case, it's morphing into paranoia. In a recent post, she cites her critics as justification for ramping up the already very noticeable security.

I’m sure some people are wondering why I bother having security personnel at my workshops if I teach (and believe) the concept of “I create my own reality”.  So I wanted to explain it to you.

. . .

Part of the contrast involved with fame is the contrast of having “haters” and “antagonists”.  We chose the potential of this contrast before even coming into this life.  We chose it for the sake of our own expansion.  The experience of these types of interactions and people, leads to the desire and therefore creation of staying true to ourself regardless of opposition, benevolence, unity, appreciative focus and love within our own lives and within the universe.  This is part of why we chose the “fame path” to begin with over other paths we could have chosen.

Another cult indicator is a lack of fiscal transparency. As Rick Ross puts it, there is "No meaningful financial disclosure regarding budget, expenses such as an independently audited financial statement." The billboard campaign is illustrative. After a number of people mentioned in comments on my blog that they wondered what had happened to all the donations to this project, the issue magically appeared in a new blog post. (That there is a call and response thing going on between my blog and her posts has been noted repeatedly.) But this explanation was at least a day late and a buck or two short.

As per usual, there is an enormous learning curve with any new endeavor.  The first crowd funding campaign we did accomplished almost nothing.  The perks we offered turned out to be almost as expensive to create and provide as the money people were donating.  On top of that, one of the people helping with the campaign, offered a perk that wasn’t his to offer due to a copyright someone else had on his work, so we ended up being forced to pay a bunch of money to a third party person for a perk that had already been delivered.  In the end, we made too little money in profits to accomplish many of our goals.  But having learned our lesson the hard way, we are planning in the near future to start another campaign with the very same aim.

So, it would appear that TEAL's idea of financial disclosure goes something like this: All that money you all donated? It's pretty much gone with nothing to show for it. Can we have some more?

Use of "deception" in recruiting and fundraising is cited by Hasssan, Giambalvo, and the U of C, but it also kind of goes without saying, doesn't it? Aside from the murkiness about people's donations, there's a lot about TEAL's claims that raises questions. Of course, whether or not she was specially designed by an Arcturian panel is a little hard to validate one way or the other. Such "revealed knowledge" is integral to many a religious experience but the difficulty in fact-checking means we accept it on faith or we don't.

But there is also a lack of empirical proof to things like her very central claim of Satanic ritual abuse. Many such claims were made in the 80s and 90s. But TEAL herself admits that there's no evidence other than the say-so of victims like herself and claims that most of those are too terrified to come forward.

As I wrote before, to TEAL's great consternation, the FBI investigated claims of Satanic ritual abuse and found there was no real evidence. Psychologists and other experts who testified in court cases against abusers have since been discredited and largely discounted as it's come to light that false memories can be implanted during therapy. That said, a great deal of TEAL's narrative comes apart if that doesn't happen to be true. In fairness, she may believe it whether or not it's true.

When I was looking into Byron Katie for this post, I came across another troubling bit of information. Her story of awakening and TEAL's are strikingly similar. Both involve insects which inspired radical shifts in perspective during very dark passages in their lives.

TEAL's story of the "little ant" that awakened her to the awareness of life teeming merrily all around her even as she was confined to a hole by her Mormon Satanist abuser starts at about the 17:00 minute mark. The inappropriate laughter as she begins to tell it is particularly jarring.

Byron Katie's story of awakening while staring at a cockroach can be found here.

Less than two weeks after I entered the halfway house, my life changed completely. What follows is a very approximate account.

One morning I woke up. I had been sleeping on the floor as usual. Nothing special had happened the night before; I just opened my eyes. But I was seeing without concepts, without thoughts or an internal story. There was no me. It was as if something else had woken up. It opened its eyes. It was looking through Katie's eyes. And it was crisp, it was clear, it was new, it had never been here before. Everything was unrecognizable. And it was so delighted! Laughter welled up from the depths and just poured out. It breathed and was ecstasy. It was intoxicated with joy: totally greedy for everything. There was nothing separate, nothing unacceptable to it. Everything was its very own self. For the first time I — it — experienced the love of its own life. I — it —was amazed

In trying to be as accurate as possible, I am using the word “it” for this delighted, loving awareness, in which there was no me or world, and in which everything was included. There just isn't another way to say how completely new and fresh the awareness was. There was no I observing the “it.” There was nothing but the “it.” And even the realization of an “it” came later.

Let me say this in a different way. A foot appeared; there was a cockroach crawling over it. It opened its eyes, and there was something on the foot; or there was something on the foot, and then it opened its eyes — I don't know the sequence, because there was no time in any of this. So, to put it in slow motion: it opened its eyes, looked down at the foot, a cockroach was crawling across the ankle, and … it was awake! It was born. And from then on, it's been observing. But there wasn't a subject or an object. It was — is — everything it saw. There's no separation in it, anywhere.

In the midst of this experience, the four questions that would go on to define "The Work" were born: Is it true or can I really know that it's true? How do I react when I think that thought? Can I find one peaceful reason to believe that thought? Who would I be without the thought?

So, here we have two women, in the depths of despair, after years of suffering, who both realized they could simply shift their perspective while staring at bugs. It's a little coincidental, doncha think? And Byron Katie is one of the only sources TEAL acknowledges drawing from.

I still have a hard time seeing how either of these teachings differ from telling people they can heal themselves through willful denial, but that's probably a discussion for another day.

"To us it's all about truth. And we have an addiction to it. We have this absolute addiction. Worldwide addiction to the idea that we have to know what is true, which is just ridiculous. Because most of us are killing ourselves with what we think is true. So the question is why do you want truth to begin with? I want truth 'cause I think I will be happier if I have truth. Okay, well what if the truth is this and that makes you feel like crap. Does that really make you feel better? Why are we going about it the long way? Why not just decide that what matters is that you feel good? It's the only reason you want truth anyway. And most of the time when people realize that, life becomes a bit more soft. You know? It becomes a bit more about does this benefit me, not is it true." ~ TEAL

It has been suggested by many people, myself included, that TEAL sounds an awful lot like Abraham-Hicks. But TEAL says no. At around minute 20:00 in the Nova Zem interview posted above, she says she'd only learned about Abraham channeler Esther Hicks about a year before because "someone" who was listening to her drew the comparison. She gives Abraham-Hicks a pat on the head for being the "most accurate" of channelers but this comes in the midst of her explaining why what she does is so much better than channeling. She really is a higher consciousness being. She's not just channeling one, which is all we ordinary humans can do.

That interview took place in March of 2013. But Blake Dyer, who is pretty much her right hand, knew about the Abraham teachings at least as far back as March of 2011, two years, not one year before. Now is it possible that there's some confusion about the dates? Sure. Is it possible that she and Blake didn't confer? Maybe. Is it possible that it's entirely coincidental that TEAL's teachings are "effectively identical" to those of Abraham-Hicks, as a commenter noted in response to Blake? I guess it's possible. What is stranger is just how it is that we know Blake was familiar with Abraham-Hicks in March of 2011. It's because we know to a near certainty that Blake was at that time doing a lot of his TEAL promotion under the name of Jason Freedman, who wrote this comment on an Abraham-Hicks discussion forum.

Hello all,
I am a free lance journalist who is a long time devotee of a teacher called Teal Scott (The spiritual catalyst)
When I was discussing Teal's teachings to a friend a while back, they said wow... That sounds just like what Abraham is saying. So, I decided to check it out.
I love the messages of both these Teachers (which are so very similar) I can't tell you the good it has brought to my life. I believe we are presented teachers just when we need them most.

How do we know that this Jason Freedman was actually Blake? Therein hangs a tale.

Soon after I did my first post on the woman then known as Teal Scott, a gentleman commenting under the moniker Mykeyta offered some background. He had once considered her ex-husband Mark Scott a good friend. Blake Dyer had also been a friend. The friendships were strained by his growing discomfort with TEAL's many claims and their absorption in her ambition. When an opinion piece was published in the local paper, discussing TEAL's claims of Satanic ritual abuse, he was troubled by the swarm attack on the editor who wrote it and any other commenter who didn't accept her story at face value. More than one of them were evocative of his friend Blake so he came to the conclusion that TEAL's "army" was largely made up of sock puppets. In particular there are several comments in that thread by Jason Freedman. Mykeyta found that Mr. Freedman had written the "puff piece" I mentioned in that post. He also noted that the picture of Mr. Freedman looked an awful lot like Blake Dyer. He called the number listed for Mr. Freedman and found that he also sounded a lot like Blake Dyer.

I don't know Mykeyta any better than I know TEAL or Blake Dyer or anyone else in their sphere, but to me his story had the ring of truth. More than TEAL's stories do at any rate. A photo taken from a distance in front of the Great Wall of China -- a place he knew Blake had been -- and his account of vocal recognition make for an intriguing story, but they're not evidence.

Flash forward to a couple of days ago when, on my second blog post on the subject, Mykeyta recounted the story to someone who very understandably hadn't read the 1000+ comments on these two posts. Another person called Ima Guest had been having trouble posting some comments due to computer issues but emailed me something more like documentary proof that Blake Dyer and Jason Freedman are one and the same. And it all comes down to that phone number.

Here's the number for Jason Freedman:

Jason Freedman Number

Jason Freedman Detail

Here's the number for TEAL's Frequency Jewelry:

Frequency Jewelry

Frequency Jewelry Detail

Here's the number for Blake Dyer:

Blake's Number

Here's what happens when you put the phone number in Google:

google 8019499651

I think it's pretty safe to say at this point that Jason Freedman is Blake Dyer.

This would mean that Blake Dyer, under a pseudonym, wrote up an interview with a former girlfriend to promote a business, Teal Eye LLC, of which he is the Director. He did not disclose his close association with TEAL or her business. Instead he posed as a fictional reporter "who writes for periodicals both nationally and internationally," but whose byline, strangely, only seems to bring up that one story in searches.

Worse, he used this fake persona, once again, to comment on the Herald Journal piece where he argued from authority as a reporter with a twenty year career. These comments appear alongside other comments from sundyer, Blake's official moniker, and who knows how many other socks.

Mr. Freedman wrote three comments in response to that column. They are the only comments he has  posted to date to the Herald Journal.

His first comment, posted at 10:25 am on Mon, Mar 28, 2011:

I'm totally appalled by the mocking and disbelieving tone of this article. "Just another reader" and "Bluto" and "DL in Den"... you are full of crap. I have worked for 20 years in investigative journalism,. I have seen reports like this one float across the desks of reporters only to be ignored because no one likes to touch these stories. Not because they are not true but because society is not ready to face the bitter reality that it does happen and did happen this time. Society's blind ignorance to this happening is why it continues to happen. I'm totally Ashamed that any of you would think this woman would have anything to gain from telling her story. Instead, she risks everything. She risks her own safety, credibility and connection by admitting these things. Women like her are the rare, brave, exception to the rule of silent victims. Anyone who does not stand beside her participates in silencing victims and therefore siding with perpetrators everywhere. Perpetrators BANK on victims being discredited as some of you have done.
the only reason the columnist mentioned her book (which aside from the foreword has nothing to do with abuse) is because he saw an interview with her in it talking about the book on Park City TV. The book is the reason he even heard this story.
He admitted this himself.
I thought this editor did an injustice to victims everywhere by releasing this column with a "tale tale" tone to it.
That was the only thing "LAME" about this article.
I'm embarrassed to be human today having read some of the un supportive comments that are being written about this.

His second comment, posted at 6:57 pm on Mon, Mar 28, 2011:

I got very upset about that. I did not mean to be insulting. The issue is this... I happen to have done a lot of journalism in jails where I talked to three separate prisoners who confessed to me directly about how they would go about mentally programming children. I have heard it from the horse's mouth. Not the victim's mouths.
Visit this link for a bit...
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sUfzWTem15E (first of eight videos)
and http://ritualabuse.us/ritualabuse/studies/satanic-ritual-abuse-evidence-with-information-on-the-mcmartin-preschool-case/

His third comment, posted at 9:02 am on Tue, Mar 29, 2011:

The only reason I can see for people to be so adamant to discredit claims of ritual abuse is if they themselves where practicing participants.

Mr. Freedman also wrote a letter to the editor, making basically the same case.

In response to the article titled “Claims of local torture cult got this editor’s attention,” featured March 27, I am appalled by the disbelieving tone of the article addressing the ritual abuse suffered by the subject of the aforementioned article, “Teal Scott.” I am a freelance journalist who has seen reports of ritual abuse in our state float across the desks of reporters and be ignored for 20 years. This ignorance to the validity of these stories is exactly why they continue to happen in our community. As a result of this article, I have researched Teal Scott myself only to find that she is not to be discredited. It is time that the citizens of Utah came out of ignorance about the ritual abuse (especially satanic ritual abuse) that continues to go on in the state and stood behind those who are brave enough to come out of hiding and say something about it.

If Blake and Freedman are one and the same, as they surely appear to be, that would mean that in order to attack and shame people for questioning the veracity of TEAL's story, he's adopted a fake persona and proffered as evidence prison interviews that never happened during a journalism career history he's made up. Blake Dyer has raised mendacity to an art form.

Pay attention, TEAL. That is irony.

Speaking for myself, a realization of that kind of fraud would cause me to become disillusioned. Disillusionment is painful, but I prefer it to the alternative -- believing in an illusion. I guess I'm one of those people who's addicted to truth.

I have experienced similar disillusionment. I have learned to my great dismay that teachers I have followed were not what they appeared to be and even that they were baldfaced liars. I have discovered that I was being manipulated and mislead. It was painful. It did not "feel good" to learn it. I'm still glad I learned it because it freed me up to seek elsewhere for spiritual education and guidance.

And I have felt very foolish. Like many people, I used to think that I was too smart to fall for con artists and cult leaders. I was wrong. It was humbling. But humility is a great place from which to start over.

"When I hear someone say that only stupid people fall for fraud, I feel like asking for that person’s phone number. But here’s the thing: I didn’t want to talk to stupid people, because stupid people don’t have $50,000 lying around to give me. You would be amazed at how many doctors, lawyers, engineers, and college professors I have ripped off. The bottom line is, fraud is a crime that can happen to anyone, given the right con artist and a victim with the right set of circumstances." ~ The Anonymous Confessions of a Con Artist

In the comments, following my last post on TEAL, a woman named Becky asked what I and other commenters recommended for spiritual guidance and inspiration to fill the gap left by TEAL. It was a good conversation that can be read in full starting on the first page of comments on that post. I'd like to address it here because my rather lengthy attempt to address it in the comments was eaten by blogger. But also because I think it's a good jumping off point to a larger conversation about healing after this kind of disillusionment.

I was thinking about how defensive people get on the whole Teal subject, and why that is... It occurs to me that maybe it's because in a way she gives a lot of people hope. People hear her story and feel empowered by it, if she can "beat those odds" maybe they can too.

I think they start to get angry because they might feel betrayed by Teal when the story starts to fall apart, and that hopeless feeling starts to return. That's probably a space a lot of people don't want to go back to, so they live in denial about the story crumbling, but they still have to direct that anger somewhere.

Somehow the phrase "Don't shoot the messenger" comes to mind. A lot of people are taking this stuff very personally and it might be a good idea to ask why that is?

I was just thinking about my thought process through all of this, how my emotions came into play when I was trying to figure out where I stand on all this Teal stuff.
I guess I'm asking, what else has helped you, what gives you hope? What inspires you? What's helped you grow as a person?

I'm curious about what resources you trust that you would direct people to if they wanted better themselves, but didn't necessarily know where to go?

What she is describing in the first part of that comment is cognitive dissonance and it's key to understanding manipulation and indoctrination. Leon Festinger did the seminal research in the 1950s. I touched on this briefly here, as well. Festinger theorized that people are most comfortable when their thoughts, feelings, and actions, are all congruent. Among other things, this means that we are strongly motivated to continue believing falsehoods if no longer believing them comes into conflict with life choices we've made, money we've laid out, and happiness we've attained by believing in them. So very often we will cleave to the falsehood with greater ferocity to protect our own sense of inner harmony.

I am always a little reticent to make general recommendations because there is no one size fits all when it comes to spiritual teaching. In particular, when a person is coming out of a situation where someone has been abusing spiritual authority, as I believe TEAL does, the last thing I want to do is run the risk of further over-running instincts that may be quite damaged.

I will tell readers what I tell my clients. My recommendations are my opinion. If what I say doesn't feel right for you, disregard it.

If you are coming out of any abusive situation, spiritual or otherwise, there is probably soul loss. For that I recommend soul retrieval. I had several soul retrievals with a skilled shaman. They helped me to restore parts lost to abusive teachers and healers. They also helped to restore missing parts that had left me vulnerable to such influences in the first place. They helped, period. My path takes me through shamanism and indigenous teachings so that work is a fit for me. The seminal book on the topic is Soul Retrieval by Sandra Ingerman. For more information, a good resource is Christina Pratt's internet radio show, Why Shamanism Now? The entire catalog can be heard for free on iTunes and other streaming sources. Finding information on some of the relevant broadcasts can be found by searching the word retrieval on my Celestial Reflections blog.

Another great resource for restoring the soul and repairing damaged instincts is Women Who Run With the Wolves by Clarissa Pinkola Estés. I call it, among other things, therapy in a book. It really walks you through a process. I've written more about that book and the power of story here and here.

Mostly, I recommend following your nose and seeing where it leads you. It's just a good idea to get in touch with your instincts and learn to trust your sense of smell first. Christina Pratt talks about bouncing everything off your "truth cord." It helps if you've located that line that runs right through your core.

In much of the developed world, we've been raised to think of God and the paths to God as outside of ourselves and dependent on spiritual authority. We've been acculturated to seek the teacher who speaks with certitude based on things only he or she could know and, as such, bestow upon us. But I think argument from authority is a logical fallacy and have learned to avoid such teachers like the plague. This, in part, is why the "cosmic answer lady" persona in the Ask Teal videos is something I find so off-putting. I don't trust ex cathedra teachings.

Spiritual guidance should take you inward. It should foster your personal relationship with spirit. It shouldn't be about the teacher. No teacher should be giving you answers. They should only be teaching you how to learn.

I don't recommend authors and teachers who tell you that spiritual development is simple, particularly if they give x number of steps. To quote Joseph Campbell, “If you can see your path laid out in front of you step by step, you know it's not your path. Your own path you make with every step you take. That's why it's your path.”

There are any number of authors and thinkers I could point to who delight, inform, and inspire me. Their names are peppered throughout my writings. But when I really think about what inspires me, it's not a person. It's spirit. It's my personal relationship with my guides and the pathway to the numinous that runs right up the center of my being. It's the amusing game of finding Easter eggs hidden in the most unexpected books and movies that my guides point me to. It's those moments of reverie that come simply because I am staring at a piece of art or listening to music. It's the constant reminders from the spirit world that even when I think I'm running my own life, I'm not. I'm being led by the hand by something so much wiser than I am and that it is that inner compass that has told me to pick up a certain book or watch a particular movie or go to a certain place at a certain time. I have incredible gratitude to teachers and healers I've worked with like Virginia Sandlin and Christina Pratt. But in the end what I am grateful for is that they consistently pointed me not towards themselves but towards my own connection with all that is.

Addendum: My two previous posts on TEAL are worth reading for additional background and for the phenomenal discussions that have taken place in the comments:

Who and What is Teal Scott
The Artist Formerly Known as Teal Scott

Update: "The Noncasts"

In March of this year, TEAL and her new husband Sarbdeep Swan introduced a new video series called "Tea Time with Teal" -- not Tea Time with The Swans, mind you. TEAL is still the staaahhh! Only her name can appear on the marquee. I think it's in her contract.

These weekly episodes are called "podcasts" but aren't anything of the kind. Whereas podcasts are hosted on a platform, such as iTunes, so that they can be easily downloaded, kept, and enjoyed on other devices, these are just more garden variety YouTube videos. Podcasts are designed to be accessible, easily disseminated, and portable.

Ironically (note the correct use of this word), these not-podcasts are announced only to an email list, are posted on a hidden, unlinked page on her website, and the YouTube videos are set to private. I won't call them podcasts. I have variously referred to them as: stealthcasts, not-podcasts, tea things, narrowcasts, and narrowcasts for tea-sipping pod people.

The icing on the irony cake? The second of these husband and wife discussions was about TEAL's insistence that their private life be open to the public.

These tea things have provided great fodder for discussion in the comment thread for this blog post. The conversations evolved into a regular feature I call the noncasts. These write-ups mirror the subject matter in that they report on discussions of the tea things I've had with my husband. The official title of this series is "How to Drive Your Double PhD Husband Crazy by Making Him Watch TEAL Videos."

As with the tea things, these are not indexed, freestanding posts. If you're interested, you'll have to dig for them. They can only be found in the comment thread for this post. Page searches for the words noncast or tea should get you there.

* Addendum to the Addendum: With the end of teal's marriage to Sarbdeep, comes the definitive end to "Tea Time with Teal," and, therefore, to the noncasts. I will conclude this exercise by adding to this already absurdly long post a complete list of the noncasts. I will include a link to the initial comment of each noncast, for those whose browsers can interpret that, and the page link for the relevant comments.

In those teacasts, we all got to know a third member of teal's menagerie: the frog. He emerged as a star in his own right. Calm and stoical as only a butler of such impeccable credentials can be, he kept his head when all about him were losing theirs. The frog recently launched a video channel and has begun producing videos in the odd hours, as his schedule permits. The first includes his thoughts as interpreted by his growing legion of fans. So, teal, Sarbdeep, and frog, thanks for the memories.

Further Update: Regarding Jason Freedman, et al.

This post raises a question about the odd correlation between Blake Dyer's and Jason Freedman's likeness and phone number. It took an incident in the Teal Tribe Facebook group to get Blake to address this question, but he has. It would have been nice if he'd done so directly with me, but I'll take what I can get.

What I could get was some screenshots given to me by Teal Tribe members of Blake's attempts to explain this odd coincidence, and another oddity involving a claimed psychiatrist, William Macey PHD [sic], who also bear's Blake's likeness. I have discussed this matter in the comments, but it occurs to me that it, in fairness to the reader and to Blake Dyer, it should also be placed in the body of this post.

The following screenshots are not in any particular order and vary in format, as they came from various sources in various forms. I don't actually know how the dialog unfolded. I only know that these questions were raised in the Teal Tribe group and Blake attempted to answer at least some of them.

Blake denied both knowing Jason Freedman and knowing how it is that he came to have the same phone number. He did so more than once as follows:

 photo BlakeDeniesNumber_1_zps472a6c4c.png
Click Image to Expand

Click Image to Expand

 photo BlakeDeniesNumber_2_zps2c04df26.png
Click Image to Expand

Blake acknowledged that the photos used by both Jason Freedman and William Macey were of him, but denied knowing how they came to be associated with either:

 photo WhoIsMacey_zps73ce03ab.png
Click Image to Expand

 photo BlakeDeniesMaceyPic_zpsbf71682f.png
Click Image to Expand

 photo BlakeDeniesBothPics_zps79386f60.png
Click Image to Expand

So, my question to Blake, which I posed down in the comments as well, is simply this. How is it that he does not know Jason Freedman? Freedman apparently did a face to face interview with TEAL. Couldn't he just ask her? And if he is in the dark about this interview with the mysterious Mr. Freedman, how is it that he promoted said article on Facebook?

 photo BlakePimpsJason_zps42fcda6d.png
Click Image to Expand

Yet Another Update: Kicking "Tealers" Down the Memory Hole

It brings me no joy that I must, once again, update this excruciatingly long post. But it's recently come to my attention that teal is trying to rewrite history. Above I quoted a passage from her Korean spa post about the world-changing potential of the "Tealers." At some point between the original publication of that post and its move to her new website, the passage I quoted above was changed and the word "Tealers" removed. But the original text is still visible on the cached version in the internet archive, or wayback machine.

Here is what that passage looked like when it was originally published in 2014.

 photo koreanspawayback_zpsi4rupkrz.jpg
Click Image to Expand

Here is what that passage looks like in the current version on her new website.

 photo koreansparevised_zps0unpvtq6.jpg
Click Image to Expand

Her clean-up was incomplete, however. The word "Tealers" appears further down in the post.

 photo missedone_zpshzgh5gqu.jpg
Click Image to Expand

Comment overflow: page 2, page 3, page 4, page 5, page 6, page 7,
page 8, page 9, page 10, page 11, page 12, page 13, page 14


  1. Me2yesu You did such a great job with your rewritten intro for "the spiritual catalyst" youtube channel. It took such a loud and bold and aggressive mirror to recognize a little teal in me.
    In fact: my teal touch is bigger than I can digest right now.
    Holy crap.
    At the end of the day not so Golden.
    Teal Andara

    What just happened

  2. Did y'all see her blog post about therapy? Pretty revealing, I think. This is a woman with some very serious emotional problems. And it's sad. It really is. But I'm sadder still for the people she's harming.

  3. GA thanks for responding to my thoughts. I feel warmth toward Teal as a person. What I see her doing is instructive to my shadow. That is why I keep looking at her performance.... so I may critique the play.

    I agree with you, LV that the saga is sad and YES, by speaking out about the ignorance in the way Teal speaks and behaves, maybe it will diminish any needless harm? Also Teal just must have controversy so appreciates our participation (hehe). She also, as I said helps me see contrast so maybe will be helpful in that.

    Off the subject: Neville Goddard was of the esoteric Christian lineage and has had his own mystical experience. He states that this is all a dream. It is one we sought: god being on earth as the "son" of god: man. The son of god: man awakens in the dream and is resurrected as god.

    The knowing one is in a dream means there is a law of creating and we may manifest whatever we assume. The painful earth is ours (asleep) as is the happy earth (awake).

    But wait! there is more and I feel this is becoming heaven now on earth. The Promise is of the eventual rebirth and resurrection into glorified embodiment where we are just naturally and effortlessly love.

    Seriously IMO this is something for me to listen in on several times...NOT Teal.

    Neville Goddard A Standing Order

  4. Thank you, Maggie, for posting that video. Golgotha means skull. I'm trying to remember if I knew that at one time. Pretty salient point, really.

    I do think there's a bit more to waking up in the dream than realizing it's a dream, though. It's a fairly painful process, really. It means dying to this world and all those ego wants that spur us in that direction in the first place.

    The thing about teal's therapy adventure that she has so graciously shared with the world, is that she's basically laying out in clear terms her borderline personality disorder. Isn't this the woman who claims that she cured herself or some such? But the suggestion that she should be an autonomous being throws her into a rage. And she wants to attach herself like a remora to a man.

    "I am never satisfied with the intimacy level in my relationships, can never get enough closeness and cannot be alone, is because no man on earth can gestate me, which is ultimately what I am wanting from them deep down.  This is the root of my separation anxiety and anxiety attacks, which are honestly the most debilitating part of my life overall."

    No wonder she thinks Sarbdeep's boundaries are "too harsh." He lacks a giant womb and I expect he doesn't want to put her into an oversized Baby Bjorn. What's a girl to do? Yet somehow he's the problem.

    Meanwhile, it's all the hospital's fault. I guess they induced labor and suctioned her out for no good reason. And then they made it all the worse by attending to her mother's birth injuries. Note the total lack of concern for what her mother endured and what medical care she needed. No. The hospital screwed her up for life, probably because they did exactly what was medically necessary. No argument that babies should be kept with mothers whenever possible, but note that we're not overrun with borderlines, so I really doubt that this was THE cause of her woes. The thing I always notice with teal is that there's always someone to blame for whatever's wrong with her on any given day. Her introspection always takes her just far enough to find a culprit.

    Oh, and what's with the binoculars? What a strange analogy. Doesn't the problem of not being able to look at yourself except by reflection begin with the eyes and the fact that they're stuck in your own head? What do we need to imagine binoculars for to understand that basic fact of life? So strange.


  5. I cannot comment on the "trust yourself" blog of teal's and that is because FOR ME the captcha thingie seems to be disconnected. I am so burning to comment.

    "I have been following "TEAL the new age leader" because I sense that this role she has assumed is out of date for all humans. When people pay a ticket to see a "show" or to hear a "teacher", YES, IMO the show person or teacher is obligated no matter what. That means separating out the "role" from the personal...THE SHOW MUST GO ON....

    If one is going to say "Hi I am your leader" and makes others followers, IMO both sides get locked into ROLES. The roles mean TEACHER better be READY to withstand a fellow teacher's style on stage. It is owed to the followers who make one the leader.

    The acknowledgement derived from one's lectures has to be backed by behavior or people will jeer. They have that right because without the fan, no star. It is payback to fans to be able to criticize poor performance. That whole system is outdated.

    What I see: the people like Teal who use a channeled TEAL and puffed up personae to claim fame and fortune are no longer valuable. Nowadays, we share ourselves with our friends (even if its on facebook) and there are no healers, guides or anyone OTHER than people mucking along learning new ropes in the NEW earth age.

    The milk from the guru worship system and churchified preachers is all sour. The dissonance that Teal expresses means she feels it too. The role of "healer" AND "healee" HURTS because NO one can save us and yet we need NO saving HAHA. Swinging on the pendulum Teal shows us of needing and dispensing "healing"interferes with her being an authentic his/herself.

    IMO Teal Swan could heal herself from the need to be a famous teacher and relax into being an intuitive owner of a happy life? But then she'd have to give up all perks...THAT is the catch and why the sick system continues.

  6. LV, I want to share another Neville Goddard talk about the dream (the play). IMO Neville is one of my best friends.

    The End of the Play (5/14/1971)

  7. Just on a day when I feel the urge to communicate with Teal's blog, there is never a capthcha to put in?? I did post once before and wonder why it never works now?

    The imprisonment of acting in/out and for/against the roles we assign ourselves is a Universal misery. Teal like all of us at the hoe down of the old age are finding that the pressure is on to jettison the burdens.

    Teal is a poster child for the misery not the release.

    Teal claims MANY roles that don't work well together like Teacher of principles like LOA while invoking victim. I look at her love life too as conflicting roles. Teal met Sarbs. Just like everyone, they had "role models" to describe the ideal in love.

    If Teal needs to resume therapy NOW, I surmise that the irritation of being Teal is slapping against too many roles to juggle: "wife", "divine feminine", "mother", "Eucharist", "Universal sex object", "New Age spiritual catalyst" etc......

    Teal writes that she feels the world for her looks failing but this is clear projection of an impossible challenge. IMO, It is a hopeless cause to try to be so many different "people" at once and looks like failure.

    I definitely think we should keep talking up integrity and call out one another when given the evidence of manipulation. Manipulation is my major collective concern. It has made it possible to lure people into role playing. I will "blame" the whole collective mind for role playing. In fact I think calling out Teal is actually partially necessary for her to see the stakes.

    Feeding the 4th dimensional reality construct where lying is esteemed and we are fuel sources is wrong. We have something that is burgeoning at a Universal level to dis-identify with roles and become real, neutral and sovereign.

    IMO we have imagination for the purpose of reconnecting to the realm beyond roles. Neville says God is our own wonderful human imagination. Christ is the being in action of God.

    So it is the living from imagination not roles we can have. That is addressed by Neville as the play we entered voluntarily and where we assume all kinds of roles but can wake up to the dream. This wake up can help us enjoy life.

    I believe we have to trust that we are worthy as Christ, the active imagination which creates any way of manifesting in FORM. He calls it "feeling in the end" events filling in backwards from the end intention. We deconstruct to the qualities of the desires we naturally feel and "place ourselves there"..

    If we did we stop using the conscious choice of intending of our imagination (Geometry of Goodness) does not mean we cannot resume using our Godness.

    We really want our personal signature. If the character is fragmented like with BPD (not enough coherence), one cannot LOA anything coherent in reflection. But there are ways to reconnect. EFT was suggested to Teal and it is a coherence builder.

    All of us who have taken the path of seeker know it is not finding. That is perfect. Any one can be a SEEKER and you don't have to pretend you ever find anything.

    The reason why I glom onto being a magical CHILD is that I feel little weight there. Of all archetypes of role, it has the fresh, the unruly but cute, the loving, unfettered emotions can be displayed but they don't become entrenched, the world feels open, any injury felt is not long lasting. Childness is soft and has deep feeling like really getting into cuddling.

    In Neville's model long before I know I AM, I may assume I AM. To take on the magical child feels so FREE. If I feel FREE, then it will harden into fact in Neville's system. I sincerely believe I may live in the state of a magical child after I imagine she is real.

    I wish Teal the best. The best is what we each may enjoy when we imagine what that feels and stops imagining the worst.

  8. "If Teal needs to resume therapy NOW, I surmise that the irritation of being Teal is slapping against too many roles to juggle..."

    Maggie, she never should have stopped. She never didn't need therapy. And I love the way she makes it sound like, hey we all need a little perspective sometimes. Because we're all running around with our imaginary binoculars, which are somehow less objective than our eyes. Then, what follows is a self-description of a very mentally ill person, someone who can't conceive of life as an autonomous being and wants to be "gestated" inside a lover. Interesting isn't it that her personal mythology involves being sewn into corpses?

    Some of these pressures may have forced her hand, but most likely it's the relationship where she's feeling vulnerable enough to return to therapy. That post on her therapy is all about how she functions in relationship. She's discovered that her new marriage isn't solving everything for her and needling Sarbdeep in teacasts isn't fixing him. Sometimes he still wants to leave the room.

    She should be in dialectical behavioral therapy, though, because it's one of the only systems that shows promise for borderlines. And she really, really needs help. Not a little perspective. Help.

  9. Golden Andara, speaking of Drunvalo, did you catch teal's video on the merkaba? It's like a giant FU to Drunvalo. And once again, everyone is "confused" on a topic but her. She alone understands and can speak on the issue of the merkaba and she's here to to tell you to stop all this silly talk about spinning your counter-rotating fields. All you really need to do is focus your thoughts on ascension -- in what way, we have no idea, except that it's not on consciously activating your merkaba.


  10. This comment has been removed by the author.

  11. I doubt that there's any connection between Dru and teal, except for her aping some of his work just like she does everybody else's.

    Drunvalo is a very mellow, humble guy. No argument. The one thing he is very picky about, though, is how that merkaba meditation is done. There's the flower of life curriculum and a new method. But when I was training in FOL, he was very clear that you can actually injure yourself by doing that meditation incorrectly. That's why he goes to great lengths to explain the geometry of it. And I know when I was doing the training he said that when the shift comes, these dormant bodies would activate themselves. But to hear teal tell it, there's no point in ever learning how to activate the merkaba. I'm pretty sure he'd disagree. In fact, according to him, we probably would have annihilated ourselves by now if it weren't for the number of people who have activated it already. We're doing the work of the entire planet. I'm not saying that's true. I don't know if it's true or not. I'm saying that's what he said in one of his telecasts some years ago.

    I don't accept everything Dru says at face value. I don't think he sources his stuff well enough. Although he sources it hella better than teal. I take much of what he says with a grain of salt, but what I don't take with a grain of salt is that meditation. It's life altering. It's deeply important and transformational. It took me years to understand what a profound thing I'd done by undergoing that training.

    And once again, she knows the real answer and everyone but her is confused. And once again, what she says is bullshit. Here, she seems incapable of considering that there might me different tools for different people and that activating the merkaba IS using "thought" to facilitate a shift in consciousness. But she just shits all over it basically tells everyone who works with some form of merkaba meditation is wasting their time and that she knows better, but then offers no other methodology.

    Needless to say, I thought that other video you posted was sad nonsense. That woman is entitled to her opinion. We all are. But I don't see anything terribly special about teal or what she offers. A bunch of regurgitated half-truths far better explained by their original sources -- some good, some not, but none original. And, here's the thing, that she spews out a lot of misinformation that she barely understands, I could accept, if she weren't always insisting that she's the one whose got it right, while everybody else is "confused" or that they "don't understand" all the nothing she knows so well.

  12. This comment has been removed by the author.

  13. This comment has been removed by the author.

  14. This comment has been removed by the author.

  15. easy right and ride... no difference I guess


  16. I adore this men and his wisdom. I recently found this live poem by Leonard Cohen. Goose bumps all over me and a wild spine. Just listen to these words:

    --The autumn moved across your skin, got something in my eye , a light that doesn't need to live and doesn't need to die
A riddle in the book of love, obscure and obsolete, till witnessed here, in time, in blood,
a thousand kisses deep---

    A Thousand Kisses Deep

(by Leonard Cohen)

  17. "Well you are right, surface scratch for all of her videos. I see it more as an introduction. the technology is not explained, taught or defined..."

    GA, I can't even see where it's an introduction. If it was merely simplistic and surface, I could accept that she's just shallow and simple, say meh, and move on. The problem is that her simplistic grasp of things often means she's wrong on fact and that she misappropriates and often misrepresents other people's work.

    "(except Teal's shadow work process®)"

    If you mean the way she exposes her own underbelly, I agree that it's a shadow work in that she's showing the world her shadow. But I don't think it's a very constructive process. It's really just more of teal talking about teal and being her exhibitionist self. Debbie Ford lays out a constructive process, teal just emotes for everyone.

    It's compelling and seems brutally honest until you notice that she always absolves herself of responsibility. Her shadow is always someone else's fault -- her "Satanic Mormon abuser," the hospital that delivered her, her parents -- and coming from an LOA person, that's just bizarre. And in the process, she frequently defames other people. That's not shadow work. It's what Jung called shadow projection. It's blame throwing.

    "Well you can take on some god knowledge complex. I do think that she is aware of a lot - more than the majority of her surrounding field."

    I can't even go that far. She's good at dazzling people with bullshit but nothing I've heard from her strikes me as either knowledgeable or self-aware -- self-absorbed but not self-aware. She's regurgitated some accomplished people in this field. Some of those sources I agree with and some I don't. I don't think any of them deserve to have their work misappropriated and misrepresented. I also don't think she's in a position to slag them, as she did anyone who teaches -- or does -- a merkaba meditation, which is what she did in that video. In part because she doesn't even lay out any real case. it's all still argument from authority. She never shows her work. Not only doesn't she cite sources, she doesn't even lay out a coherent argument -- just opinion stated as fact. And her repeated use of phrases like "what most people don't understand" is just offensive on every level. She keeps positioning herself as the person who understands what all these other teachers, including THE BUDDHA, don't. It's an astounding level of arrogance from someone who has no claim to the authority she asserts -- no training, no teachers, no tradition, and, most importantly, no coherent thought process or logical argument. She's an indigo, as if they're rare or something which they're not, and an Arcturian projected "Eucharist." And somehow this makes her right and everybody else "confused." It's audacious.

  18. "LV did you get finally a piece of elite shungite to test and play with it?"

    No. I haven't bought crystals in some time because it would mean I'd have to order them online which I won't do. I need to hold a crystal before I buy it. No two are the same and I've never bought a stone I couldn't have a clear dialogue with first. I don't intend to start now.

    On the merkaba stuff, you're smart not to play with it uninformed. What you can do, without the training is activate the star tetrahedron. You just can't spin it. I think that part of it is even in the books. Just doing that much of it is very stabilizing.

    I take Dru's warnings on this very seriously because I've learned over time that the meditation is very powerful and nothing that powerful should be taken lightly.

    Thanks for the Leonard Cohen. The man's a ruddy genius.

  19. I don't know if any one has looked at Mooji videos. he is pretty calming and my friends like him. In a way he has a similar 'gig" as Teal. He has free videos, paid sat sangs and a staff. he talks for a living. there is an attractiveness about him that is an entirely different kind than Teal. The MAIN difference is that he does not have a blog so people can see his personal difficulties.

    The reason I say this is that I think the "placebo/nocebo" effect...the way our own belief and faith hapes our experience is never fully appreciated.

    IMO we are each multidimensional conscious beings apart from the "body" experience. I think any any any encounter will be shaped by our own input.

    I do expect that a teacher as well as the "student" will experience what is expected. Actually the more I contemplate, the simpler the schematic looks. The complexities of results will vary (partially IMO dues to schisms within that fracture. The schisms are ours to heal IMO... a good "reason" for being on planet Earth). The conscious participation and feedback of "reality" evidence is a learning process I think. But SERIOUSLY I question how can you begin to be the co-creator when you still foist off all responseability (good or ill) to others?

    I saw this quote by a "follower" of Mooji...giving credit to him. Mooji is not the point to me...its's the tenedency to accept some are capable of transmitting. No it is the person who manufactures this as one's OWN placebo.

    "A living buddha is something pretty great, the energy they give off can make your own meditation very powerful
    I know since the day i met him i have not suffered even an inkling of depression, that speaks for itself imo
    What i found the day i met him was priceless."

  20. As indirectly mentioned on another blog thread, from the get go, Teal didn't strike me as true spiritual teacher type (for me that is someone that consistently is balanced and fast vibratory, and only has others best interests in mind) from the get go. But, thanks to the blog, i realized she was even more far gone than i realized from just watching a couple of videos.

    As a somewhat young male (34), i did find her attractive physically, but i got the sense that she was using her attractiveness and deliberately putting out the come hither vibe, as part of her spiritual shtick and that's a bit of a turn off. To me, real spirituality is about Love, which is more platonic and universal in nature and not about romantic love and definitely not about lust.

    However, reading this blog thread, i must say i'm a bit surprised of your support of Drunvalo, LaVaughn. He recently came up in my wife's and our life--somebody recommended him to my wife a little while back--more specifically his Ancient Secret of the Flower of Life book. I read part of the book and she read all of it. We both found it HIGHLY self aggrandizing, and in many cases really, really inaccurate.

    An example of the highly self aggrandizing aspect. He claims to have been in contact with Thoth (ok, that's fine), and claims that Thoth has been incarnated for some 30, 000 or something continuous years (from memory, but the gist is a really long time), but it was until Thoth met Drunvalo and when the latter shared his meditation technique and wisdom with Thoth, that Thoth was able to fully ascend with "Dru's" help.

    ....Really? In essence saying that he himself has knowledge and wisdom beyond such a supposedly intune and enlightened being (which ancient accounts do speak very highly of Thoth, and some think that Thoth was an earlier incarnation of the same Spirit that projected/experienced the lifetime/self of Jesus. Legends link him to both Hermes and Thoth. Of note is that Cayce's guidance said that Hermes is the one that designed the Great Pyramid and hinted that this Teacher was an earlier incarnation of Jesus's Spirit).

    As far as blatant inaccuracies, he "quotes" Cayce a bit in that book, and really puts words in Cayce's mouth. When i was younger, i spent some time deeply researching that work, and some of the stuff he was saying Cayce said, was really off base.

    Some of his teachings in general are really, really far off. At one point, he seems to equate physical height with spiritual development and maturity, and he talks about giants in the earth that were over 35 feet in height. Now, some more credible sources , like Cayce do state that at one point in history, there were some giant types, but that they were more on order of 12 feet or so, which is pretty tall and big, but not so ridiculous as over 35 feet and at the same time linking great height with great spirituality.

    I really don't know much about "Dru", but i recently watched part of a video of him--he definitely did not strike me has having a particularly expanded, balanced, aware or loving vibe. In fact, if i were to be completely honest, it struck me as kind of slower vibratory.

  21. Continued... I guess what i'm saying is that the more effective and efficient way for people to come to truth, is to 1. live it themselves (which gradually, but surely expands your own perceptual capacity) and 2. use a combo of meditation and prayer, always seeking to be attuned and get help from the most expanded and most helpful there is.

    There are very, very, very few people that have set themselves up as spiritual teachers that i really get that vibe strongly from, that they are more true spiritual teachers and exemplars. Most are either on some kind of ego or self delusion trip, see an easy way to make money, or a combo of both.

    I have met a few people here and there that did strike me as very intune, but they haven't set themselves up as spiritual teachers with the whole shabang. They do share their advice and their perceptions with others, but don't seek or want followers and don't make any money to speak of off others. One is a friend of mine.

    A good way to check outer teachers and teachings, besides intuition and discrimination, is to go into deep meditation with the stated, specific intent of getting help and guidance from only the most spiritually helpful, loving, aware, etc sources and ask these or this level (to me, it's more of a level because these individuals have become very, very collective oriented and are fully consciously aware of their Oneness with the Whole and with Source) about a particular teacher or teaching.

  22. Hi Justin, I think your criticism of Drunvalo is fair, to some degree. I think he makes some real leaps and he very much has his own filter. In terms of teaching Thoth the meditation, it's not like Dru takes personal credit for that meditation. He says it was taught to him by higher order beings.

    I've watched his entire FOL series on video, both versions, and I've met him and trained with him. I don't believe everything he believes. A good bit of it I put in the maybe pile. But I, personally, never picked up even a whiff of arrogance from him. If anything, I think he may be a little credulous about accepting a lot of other people's work at face value.

    His claims, in terms of life experience may seem somewhat outlandish but I've experienced too much outlandish shit myself to discount things simply because they seem outlandish. Life is a constant source of amazement to me and I believe a lot of things today that I didn't 20 years ago because I've personally experienced a lot of otherworldly things. So I won't write off even his most out there shit. I also definitely get the impression that Drunvalo believes Drunvalo. I've looked him in the eye and felt him to be very sincere. I've also met him on the interplanes and found him to be very sincere and very helpful.

    The proof is in the pudding and that's what it really comes down to for me. His sacred geometry work is solid and sacred geometry was my gateway drug. And that merkaba meditation, as he teaches it, is one of the single most important things I've ever done. I still do it every day because I've learned the hard way that it's necessary for me. And GA is right. His heart meditation is also very powerful. His central work is solid. So I stand by that work.

  23. Earlier, i wrote, "Legends link him to both Hermes and Thoth". The last one was a mistake, meant to write Enoch, not Thoth.

    Hi again LaVaughn,

    I only mentioned a couple of brief examples, another quick red flag is that he claims to be a walk in E.T. of the Melchizedek Consciousness which is apparently higher than that of Christ Consciousness... Let that sink in for a moment, this aging, non radiant, fairly materialistic man is at a higher frequency or consciousness state than that of Christ Consciousness and Christ himself.

    It doesn't get anymore self aggrandizing and self delusional than that imo (though Teal is quickly approaching that loftiness in her increasing claims), and that doesn't mean i lack for an open mind or have a lack of out there experiences or perceptions. There are other things in that book that raise red flags for me, but if i wanted to cite everyone, i would have to go back and read most of the book, and write a goodly amount of stuff down.

    I would say that i have a fairly open mind, but i realize you don't know me from Adam, so i will give a very brief background. I was always a pretty intuitive person from a young age, could see into people very well and deeply--said some pretty unusual things to my parents around the time i was 4 or so (about what i wanted to be and would be when i grew up, talked about the importance of compassion, the necessity to address suffering in the world, etc). But some awarenesses got covered over for awhile, until around the start of puberty when i started to have a spiritual-intuitive re-awakening. Started receiving insights about the Oneness of life, the supreme importance of love and positive service. Started meditating and then also studying various metaphysics like astrology, numerology, etc at that age. Other lives and karma just made sense--couple of years later started to become aware of some of my other lives via dreams about being in a library or the like. Eventually started having some E.T. contacts and experiences, among some other non mainstream things.
    Currently, make very little money, working in home with children who have disabilities, but i'm a pretty consistently happy and at peace sort (usually, not always, i have plenty of stuff to work on). All i really care about is growing in love, improving self so to have a positive influence on the Whole, and being of helpful service to others.

    Anyways, i'm touching on some very general, brief outlines just to point out that i'm both a very intuitive and pretty open minded person because of my intuitiveness and because of nonphysical/spiritual type experiences and insights i've had and the research i've done for 20+ years now, but i also practice spiritual discernment and skepticism. I have been briefly hoodwinked once myself--not by a charismatic teacher/leader type, but by a teaching, a course, a book (with strong connections to MK Ultra project).

  24. Since then, i have really looked more deeply with greater discernment into the New Age world and phenomena and have found it sorely lacking in real teachers and teachings in any more really deep, pure, spiritually transformative, and undistorted sense. It has become such a business, and that's not even addressing the manipulation from those some call the elite and the like or hindering spiritual influences (nonphysical, E.T., etc). Mostly when i look at outer sources (not much anymore, i prefer to go within), i most like reading about NDE's because they don't tend to be so laden with various belief system baggage or the strong desire of folks to become exalted spiritual leaders. Some folks connected to The Monroe Institute and Bob Monroe and Bob himself seem fairly good and ok--my wife and i spent our honeymoon there taking the Gateway Voyage program--was pretty cool. Actually was friends with his long time explorer Rosalind McKnight--she wrote one of the best and most holistic spiritual books i've yet to read, one that really rung the truth bells deeply and constantly--Cosmic Journeys (can be read for free online i think) --she made no exalted claims for herself---she was truly a humble and down to earth lady (she passed away a few years ago as a more elderly person).

    Anyways, all that being said, i understand you still have no real reason to trust me or my perceptions, and i don't expect you to. However, if you are ever so inclined or curious, i think it might be interesting for self and/or others if you would sometime during a regular meditation, state the specific intent/affirmation i outlined earlier, along with feeling love and gratitude and ask those most expanded sources with no preconceptions what the real deal is about this guy Dru and whether he is as high as he claims. I would be curious to see what you get.

    I've used this method myself a number of times have been told things contrary to what my personality/conscious mind had preconceived--perceptually, it's one of the ways to get out of the hamster wheel of limited beliefs and perceptions--especially if combined with living a life of positivity, love, service, gratitude and working on ones shadow aspects. All of which i do sense about you, and do appreciate you taking on the Teal issue.

    Anyways, i won't write anymore about D.M. here--said all there is to say. Back to the soap opera of Teal.

  25. Noncast: Veganism pt 1

    The most recent not-podcast on veganism was notable for a number of reasons: There was very little discord between teal and Sarbdeep. It contained a couple of citations, although said citations were  the Akashic record and lacked any other substantiation or explanation of process. It contained one valid argument from teal, valid but not necessarily sound. They both looked smashing -- the sari was really beautiful and a good color for her, so that makes for a nice change.

    The teacast is still marred, however, by the problems that characterize all things teal: opinion stated as fact, lack of sourcing for assertions of fact,  argument from entirely arrogated authority, overly idealized rationalizations not bolstered by fact or pragmatism, internal contradictions, and utterly fallacious statements.

    One of the things we noticed was that while the Swans were largely in agreement, the basis for their pro-vegan opinions were framed very differently. Sarbdeep spoke almost entirely from his own experience and process. As usual, teal made a lot of authoritative pronouncements and assumed a universality that is not well supported.

    As ever teal put herself in the position of speaker for the "universal perspective." Add this to the list of completely outrageous and arrogant tealisms. If teal believes, as she claims to, that all is one and one is all, she should know that this is a fallacious claim. If all of us are universe, and I certainly believe that we are, there is no one who is not speaking from a universal perspective ever. It would be impossible to not speak from a universal perspective. None of us could stop speaking from a universal perspective if we tried.

    The topic of vegetarianism is a very charged one. In my experience, health and nutrition, in general, are extremely divisive and contentious issues. Everyone who makes these arguments cites a lot of "facts" but the vast majority prove to be matters of dispute and contradictory research findings. This is why I take the view that health and nutritional needs are highly individualized and that each of us needs to eat in the way that works best for us. My husband is a vegetarian and eats a largely vegan diet. I was a vegetarian but am not any more because it turned out to be disastrous for my health.

    According to teal, I must have been eating a very poor vegetarian diet and/or I must have believed my health would suffer. But teal would be exactly wrong. I read all the books and ate a very solid vegetarian diet with lots of rice, beans, whole grains, and vegetables. And I bought the vegetarian narrative completely. I fully expected it to improve my health and energy level. It did not. I was a vegetarian for years, reading this, tweaking that, waiting for the promised great health to commence. I got worse and worse. I was a mess.

  26. Noncast: Veganism pt 2

    Part of the problem appears to have been that I had undiagnosed food allergies and gluten intolerance. These problems were greatly exacerbated by my vegetarian diet. When I began working with a chiropractor kinesiologist who diagnosed the food allergies, I removed said allergens from my diet but continued to eat a strict vegetarian diet. My health definitely improved, and although it's difficult to eat a healthy gluten free vegetarian diet, it's possible. I ate oodles of brown rice, vegetables, tofu... I made beautiful, delicious, and very creative meals. The only meat derivative I ate was traces in the vitamin C tablets he gave me. He explained that the research this was based on showed that vitamin C supplementation was not processed properly by the body without those extracts. I wasn't happy about it but when I took them, I felt better. In addition, he pressed me strongly to resume eating some forms of meat because his tests showed that my body needed it. I resisted because of moral qualms. This was a man who had absolutely established his credibility with me through drastic improvements to my health. I would have jumped off a bridge if he'd said it would help, but eating flesh was a bridge too far.

    During a vacation on the Cape, while I was sitting by the ocean, the sea creatures began to talk to me, insisting that it was not wrong to eat them, that it was part of the natural process of life on Earth. I was suddenly awash in memories of fishing with my family as a child, of being totally in touch with that life/death process. Having made my peace with the sea creatures, I resumed eating seafood. I felt much better. But my chiropractor pleaded with me to get in a room with a piece of chicken because my body simply needed more animal protein. When I finally resumed eating chicken and other poultry, the difference in my health was dramatic enough to convince me that he was right.

    I know that my experience is not unusual. I know a lot of former vegetarians who found their health suffered, despite following the guidelines, getting enough protein, and eating lots of vegetables. One friend had become so ill, her thyroid so out of whack, that her hair started falling out by the fistful, and her skin was pasty and broken out -- all despite reading all the books and following all the relevant nutritional advice. There were many visits to doctors and nutritionists insisting that she go back to eating meat. When she finally did, her health finally began correcting itself, her skin cleared up and took on a healthy glow, her hair grew back, she lost weight.

    This is all anecdotal, but there's enough data to support the need for meat for at least a portion of the population, that a) it merits consideration, and b) I really do wish that self-righteous vegetarians with all their insistence that anyone can live healthfully as a vegetarian would just shut the fuck up.

    Peter D'Adamo, naturopath and author of Eat Right 4 Your Type claims that only people with type A blood are natural vegetarians. It's very difficult for B types and nigh well impossible for type O people. His findings, like all research into health and nutrition, are disputed. Like most alternative health claims -- say, the merits of a vegan diet -- his work has not gained acceptance by mainstream science. Again, this is anecdotal, but everyone I know who's gone to D'Adamo -- and I've known a number of his patients through the years -- has seen major health improvement. Also purely anecdotal: my husband is type A, I'm type B, and my friend whose hair fell out on a vegetarian diet, is type O.

  27. Noncast: Veganism pt 3

    If this article in Psychology Today is to be believed, the vast majority of vegetarians -- roughly 75% -- go back to eating meat, nearly half of those for health reasons. Said one respondent to their survey, "I was very weak and sickly. I felt horrible even though I ate a good variety of foods like PETA said to."


    This is what bothers me about, not just teal, but preachy vegetarians in general. They make assumptions about other people's health based on their own idealized view of reality. They let the ideology drive the facts when it really should be the other way 'round.

    In the universe according to teal, vegetarianism and veganism are the natural result of spiritual evolution, which is offensive enough to those of us for whom meat is a health necessity. I guess we're just not very spiritually evolved. If Dr. D'Adamo is right, O types are doomed to be spiritual troglodytes.

    Funnily, my vegetarian husband doesn't feel that he attained any great spiritual milestone. He just found that, eliminating meat improved his health. It was a largely pragmatic decision. Health and fitness are fairly important to a martial artist and Marine Corps Officer. And, for him, for today, this is the diet that works.

    Also, he and I both believe in touching the world lightly, so if no animals die for him, he's good with that. Unlike so many vegetarians, however, he's never preachy or judgy about it all. He fully respects that what works for him doesn't work for everybody. He also says that in a survival situation, he'd eat whatever he needed to eat, even if that meant the "custom of the sea."

    Minutes in, teal starts contradicting herself within her spiritual means vegetarian argument. As per teal, as we become aware of oneness, we also begin to eschew meat. We stop fearing death and our survival instinct ceases. With this comes an awareness that everyone is you. So when we kill to eat we're effectively killing ourselves and horrified at the idea... Huh? So when our survival instinct fades into the bliss of conscious oneness, we're more disturbed by killing and death? Makes zero sense.

    There were multiple assertions of fact that seemed to make as little sense and were, as per usual, absent any kind of reference or citation. We can infer that teal read Diet for a Small Planet -- didn't we all -- but does not to appear to have looked at more recent work. The bulk of her arguments are woefully outdated and do not consider other research either in support of vegetarianism or omnivorism.

    For instance she talked a good bit about eating rice and beans to add up to "complete protein." This idea has been pretty well debunked. Not even the author of Diet for a Small Planet subscribes to this view any longer.

  28. Noncast: Veganism pt 4

    She also asserts that B12 doesn't require supplementation in vegans because it's produced in the human body by bacteria. It turns out this is a heavily debated issue as it's produced mostly in healthy, lower intestines with lots of intact beneficial flora -- a major problem for many in our antibiotic abusing, modern world -- and it's not clear at all that the body can absorb much of it from even healthy lower intestines. B12 primarily enters the bloodstream from the ileum, the end of the small intestine, not the large intestine where it's produced.

    Another puzzling assertion came up in regards to the digestive process. Meat remains largely undigested whereas vegetable matter is almost entirely digested, as per teal. She even offered statistics without citation, claiming that we only digest 10% of chicken but 80% of broccoli. This she claims is because humans, unlike cats, don't produce enough stomach acid to digest meats. The idea that we digest vegetables better than meat seemed absurd on its face. It's plant fiber that is nearly impossible to break down and can ferment in the lower intestines causing the obvious problem of intestinal gas. In fact, we eat plant fiber largely to provide water retaining "bulk" in the intestines.

    I tried to run down her source for this claim. It wasn't actually hard because it appears to be well-disseminated vegetarian propaganda. I couldn't find anything backing up her statistics, but the idea that meat is very difficult to digest and vegetables easy is everywhere. To say that it is disputed is an understatement as it flies in the face of everything we know about digestion. A healthy stomach produces a great deal of pepsin and hydrocloric acid and meat is broken down pretty readily.

    This provides an overview of the digestive process and explains why this particular vegetarian propaganda doesn't make any sense. This is a rather graphic description from someone who'd had a colostomy and saw what made it into the ostomy bag undigested. It wasn't the meat.

    Animal sources of protein are more digestible and assimilable than vegetable sources due to the lack of fiber. This article provides a breakdown of usable protein in various foods.

    * Whey protein concentrate: 100
    * Whole egg: 96
    * Cow milk: 87
    * Fish: 78
    * Beef: 76
    * Chicken: 75
    * Casein: 73
    * Soy: 70
    * Wheat gluten: 60

    During teal's exegesis on our lack of adequate stomach acid (???), Sarbdeep started to become noticeably uncomfortable. It would seem that these ideas didn't go down so easy for him either. He started doing that "yeah... yeah" thing again. He grimaced, fidgeted, and at one point looked like he desperately wanted to "frame."

  29. Noncast: Veganism pt 5

    From his body language, Sarbdeep's discomfiture seemed to start with her claims about predators disappearing as our consciousness evolves. As per teal, in the future, there will be no predators. So say goodbye to your beloved cats because, by her own admission, they're pure predators. The idea that they will completely disappear in future is purely speculative and assumably more of teal's mysterious revealed knowledge, so there's no way to say one way or another. Who knows? But she also claims that predators are already disappearing. Again, she cites no source for this information.

    It is true that populations of predators are dwindling, particularly large predators. I can see why she wouldn't want to cite the data that supports her argument, though. If she did she'd also have to admit that in every case, it's a human caused ecological nightmare. The advancement of developed civilizations have destroyed habitats and destabilized ecosystems. In case after case after case, the loss of predators is both the result of and the cause for further ecological destabilization.

    Another of teal's more outrageous claims came when she stated that a hunting license would be far more expensive than purchasing food in supermarkets. There does seem to be some problem with hunting licensure in Utah. It's not the cost per se. It has to do with some complicated conservation measure that involves vouchers and raffles. So, I can see where she got this seemingly absurd idea. This is not true in states like California or Texas -- most states really -- where state resident permitting would allow a good game hunter to feed a family on far less than supermarket prices.

    We agree, however, with both teal and Sarbdeep that hunting purely for sport is grotesque.

    Sarbdeep shared a great deal about his personal revulsion for meat. I can respect that until it becomes a greater assumption for everybody else. Again, we're not all revolted by meat and a good many of us actually need it. He also extolled the virtues of the macrobiotic diet. Again, this is something that works for some people and good on them. But it's well documented that it doesn't work for everybody and can cause nutritional deficits. It's not advisable for children because it can stunt their growth.

    The macrobiotic diet is believed to have originated in Japan, an island nation whose xenophobia and lack of nutritional resources may have resulted in island dwarfing even in the human population. The original name for Japan, bestowed by the much taller Chinese was Wo, which means dwarfs.

  30. Noncast: Veganism pt 6

    Throughout this not-podcast, teal claims that our ancient ancestors only ate meat for survival -- as if eating plants wasn't for survival -- and had no choice as we moved away from the equator. But while plants were more abundant in equatorial regions and were no doubt more heavily relied upon, this does not mean that meat wasn't consumed. Our hunter-gatherer ancestors probably ate what they could when they could and there is no evidence that they prioritized food sources based on anything other than availability. If plants were easier and more available, they ate those. If animal protein was easier and more available, they ate that.

    The same appears to be true of indigenous tribes. Of Native American tribes, only the Choctaw relied on a mostly vegetarian diet. This appears to have been because they had little choice as their very large population had denuded game populations. They had a fairly developed agricultural civilization, but there is also evidence that they suffered from serious nutritional deficiencies.

    When Weston Price set out to study the diets of pre-contact, indigenous tribes, he was surprised to learn that those that relied on animal protein and fats were substantially healthier than those that didn't. Even in South Seas islands, abundant in plant nutrition, wars broke out over access to seafood, because it was so necessary for health and survival. Price expected to find that vegan diets would be common among indigenous peoples and that their health would be better for it. He learned exactly the opposite.

    If there's anything I've learned in years of studying shamanic and native practices, it's that indigenous peoples share a belief in oneness. As I mentioned earlier in this thread, as per Lawlor, the idea of separation appears to begin with the concept of negation and conceptual zero. This transition occurred in developed societies, beginning in India. Vegetarianism appears to also be result of increasingly developed civilizations. It seems to occur as we become less connected to nature and the interrelatedness of all things.

    As per teal, it's spiritual evolution and our transition into oneness consciousness, that results in increasingly vegetable-based living. Everything I see tells me the opposite.

  31. Noncast: Veganism pt 7

    Her one cogent argument comes at the end of the teacast. She explains a kind of hierarchy. All eating involves killing conscious life because even carrots are conscious. I really appreciate that she finally acknowledged this because my biggest issue with vegetarians who claim they aren't killing anything is that plants are, by my estimation, quite conscious. Her claim, though, is that the more evolved we become, the less suffering we wish to cause, and plants, lacking a central nervous system, do not have a survival instinct. Therefore, they suffer less in dying. This is one of those very, very rare times that I've heard a clear, logical process in teal's thinking. It's a valid argument, meaning it's logical and internally congruent. Whether or not it's sound, or true, is debatable and really depends upon your belief system.

    It would make just as much sense to say that plants suffer less in death because they are less removed from the consciousness of unity than we are, because they are actually smarter and more evolved than we are. This would be more consistent with a shamanic point of view as many indigenous people ascribe great wisdom the plants. It struck me as ironic -- not in either a teal or Alannis Morisette sense -- that Sarbdeep was moved by his experiences with ayahuasca towards vegetarianism. Mother Ayahuasca is a plant teacher and described by many as incredibly conscious and wise.

    It seems to me that the more in touch we are with the life/death process of nature, the more comfortable we are with the simple fact that corporeal existence relies life turning itself over for life on a regular basis.

    The argument teal puts forward is very pro-civilization. Higher civilizations have access to more diversity and allows for vegetarian living. But such civilizations are also increasingly disconnected from the natural world and seem less, not more, inclined towards unity consciousness. They also wreak havoc on the environment. The history of deforestation begins with the neolithic revolution, which is to say agriculture. And for all the talk about how vegetarianism is kinder to earth's resources, most forms of agriculture are anything but. The popularity in the developed world of the vegan staple, quinoa, has proved devastating to the native populations of Peru and Bolivia.

    Most of teal's argument seems to reduce to the idea that the natural world is wrong. It's a little strange coming from the woman who a week before was waxing rhapsodic about the wonders of getting back to nature. But according to her the loss of animal predators is a sign of evolution, when, in fact, it's both the result and cause of ecosystem destruction. She extols the virtues of modern civilizations that allow for a healthy vegetarian diet, but such diets are rare in indigenous cultures. Civilizations are divorced from and damaging to nature in ways that hunting and gathering peoples were not. I don't see where this is such an ideal state. It seems like humans are destructive to their surroundings no matter what we do and what diets we eat. The most we can hope for is an ethic of touching the world lightly, taking no more than we need and taking our cues from the natural world and our bodies. In some cases that may mean a vegetarian diet. In many, possibly more cases, it does not.

  32. Wow, thank you, LaVaughn, very informative piece and I really appreciated you sharing your experiences and perspective on this topic.

  33. Noncast: Veganism addendum

    So that was a long noncast. She just threw out so many unsourced assertions I thought it merited a bit of digging to see if I could trace some of it back to something factual.

    In looking it over, I find that I left out one of the funniest bits. She kept referring to meat as a novelty, because it was once so challenging to obtain. I think the word she was going for was "luxury." That should tell you something about the importance our ancestors placed on it. But there was nothing novel about meat and there is certainly nothing novel about it now. Meat products are ubiquitous. Not as ubiquitous as processed carbohydrates, which promise much emptier calories than meat ever could, but ubiquitous all the same.

    Anyway, the third or fourth time she referred to meat as novel, my husband just lost his shit, "Meat is not a novelty! A chipwich! Now that's a novelty!"

  34. Hmmm, a big can of worms in these latest posts... I suppose i will keep it to my experience. At age 16, stopped eating pork and beef purely for health reasons, as my body was very toxic and imbalanced. Along with some other changes, eventually helped quite a bit.

    Then some years later, just lost the taste/interest for meat all together. Not sure what happened, but since i was learning about factory farming, etc, a little while AFTER those initial feelings/change, it was a very easy transition to go vegetarian. Felt pretty good body wise--better than ever.

    Tried to eat vegan, but didn't feel as good, so i stopped.

    So i ate pretty strictly vegetarian for about 10 years or so. For whatever reason, i felt nudged to occasionally eat some wild caught fish--primarily Alaskan Salmon and sardines. That's been the last few years or so. Don't eat fish particularly often, but i don't have any problems ethically nor energetically with eating it. Would say that i feel slightly better than when a strict vegetarian. But really what has changed my sense of health the most is cutting out a lot of sugar and carbs (not all by any means), and eating A LOT more non starchy vegetables.

    I've noticed for some reason that women as a trend don't tend to do as well on a strict vegetarian diet--i'm not fully sure why, just a fairly repeated observation.

    I have a lot of respect for people that hunt and fish their own food. What i don't agree with is big agribusiness factory farming and supporting that. From a purely health viewpoint, it's either better to hunt your own, or at least get it from a small family type farm wherein the animal lives a more happy and natural lifestyle.

  35. In any case, i think there are a lot of factors to consider in this topic--it's far from black and white on either side. Contributing to extreme animal suffering by supporting big agribusiness factory farming doesn't strike me as particularly in the spirit of Oneness or Love... but neither is denouncing all meat eaters or anyone who isn't eating strictly vegan. Like all things, there is a balance to consider.

    I know for myself, that i feel best when i eat mostly vegetarian and occasionally pescatarian despite that i'm O negative blood type. Actually, i'm not so sure i buy into the eat for your blood type thing because it's based on a very mainstream and limited understanding of human history and evolution, that doesn't account for things like Atlantis, Lemuria, and the like, nor crustal shifts, consciousness influencing matter, and other factors that throw some monkey wrenches into these theories.

    At the end of the day, i'm the biggest advocate for paying attention to one's own body and following ones own inner guidance and intuition. If more did this more consistently, there would be no need for diet fads, endless conflicting theories, and other distractions. Our internal guidance system knows what is best for us, and that can be different for different people.

    Some people are so barely connected to their bodies and to the earth, that eating some healthy and responsibly sourced flesh foods can have a positive grounding influence. Some are so innately grounded and not particularly in a positive way, that eating less flesh foods can help a lot. Pretty wide spectrum out there. I will say, when i look into the further future and a much different humanity, i do see vegetarianism and pescatarianism as much more common.

    I don't follow Teal Swan much at all except for these recent blogs, but i suspect it's another case of her using half or partial truths and twisting same to her advantage. Negative nonphysicals and E.T.'s know that there is a strong movement among younger generations towards that of the vegetarian, vegan, and/or more conscious type diets. It might be another hook, because i don't think Teal is on her own... she is a channel of a sorts alright, but not for the forces of Light--she is connected to some rather limited and limiting energies in the guise of the Light.

  36. Earlier i wrote, " But really what has changed my sense of health the most is cutting out a lot of sugar and carbs (not all by any means), and eating A LOT more non starchy vegetables. "

    I really should add in combination with the above, cutting out all the commonly "allergenic" foods like gluten, corn, soy, peanuts, cow dairy,etc and the more commonly G.M.'ed foods, in combo with the above has made the most difference. Technically, i do eat a little soy occasionally, but mostly the very fermented forms likes soy sauce, miso, and occasionally a little tempeh--and all of these always organic.

    Most forms of soy i have found as quite mucous forming and hard to digest for my body.

    Noticed my body can handle a wee bit of gluten in the right forms. Don't do it often because it's a pain in the butt, but occasionally i make both sprouted and then sourdoughed Kamut and/or Spelt bread. That and beer doesn't seem to bother my system but then again i'm don't have full on celiac.

    Diet and health is a HUGE subject--i'm still very much learning despite being actively interested in holistic/alternative and more diet based health concepts for almost a couple of decades.

    An odd trick i learned from the Cayce readings, to help with eating more vegetarian and to be healthy doing so, is to take just raw egg yolks and put it in beer (stir out carbonation). Helps with any tendency to vegetarian type anemia or the like. Never gotten sick once from it in the many years i've been doing it, though of course i don't use huge factory farm t ype eggs--we had chickens for a year or so, but they kept getting killed somehow, so stopped.

  37. I'm with ya, Justin, on factory farming. It's not good for anyone's health, not the livestock, the plants, the bees, us. It's horrible. I also totally agree that the most important thing is listening to your body, your instincts, your guides. There's no one size fits all diet.

    On the soy, there's some indication that unfermented soy can be really problematic because of the phytoestrogens. Again, I think some people digest it fine and have no problems but other people, not so much. And traditionally soy has always been fermented, which breaks the estrogen down somehow and makes it all more digestible.

  38. As for her claim that nutritional yeast is great for B12 vitamin..."yeast cannot produce B12, which is only naturally produced by bacteria. Some brands of nutritional yeast, though not all, are fortified with vitamin B12. When fortified, the vitamin B12 is produced separately (commonly cyanocobalamin) and then added to the yeast." Same as in fortified soy beverages, some brands of almond milk, etc...

  39. I got an impression that Teal was a bit tired (big yawn in the beginning) but 10 mins or so into the video she starts to perk up. Also, esp. in the beginning, I noticed, Sarbdeep was playing with his wedding band...instead of his usual mudra.

  40. Ecosystem requires such a delicate balance.
    Deers are cute and vegetarian, and have those big beautiful innocent eyes...and yet they might be quite harmful to their environmental niche if life gets too easy and safe for them and their popuation grows... without those "spiritually sentenced to die off" predators to take care of that.
    Beautiful short clip on the subject " Reintroducing wolves to Yellowstone National Park":


  41. Speaking of our ancestors and their hunting ways...


    LV: It seems like humans are destructive to their surroundings no matter what we do and what diets we eat. The most we can hope for is an ethic of touching the world lightly, taking no more than we need and taking our cues from the natural world and our bodies.

    I agree. So maybe in order to be less destructive there should be less of us, humans, running around?

  42. When teal says that predators will disappear, does it mean they go the way of dinosaurs or they will become vegetarians (the lion will lie down peacefully next to the lamb prophecy) ??? Cs these beautiful creatures will surely be missed :-((


  43. Elena, she looked exhausted. They both did. They picked an odd day to talk about the wonders of their vegetarian diet. They weren't exactly poster children for the benefits, but we know they don't always look like that.

    Good catch on the brewer's yeast. I missed that. The canards were coming 90 miles an hour weren't they. Wow but she believes a lot of stuff. And the thing is, I think she really does believe it. This is something my husband and I were discussing recently. She most likely believes in things every bit as emphatically as she states them. She needs to. Black and white thinking, splitting, is a feature of a number of personality disorders and it's very pronounced in BPD. Borderlines live in a world of extremes. There's no middle ground. She can't be wrong because wrong is on the black side of a black and white world. So all she speaks is truth. it has to be the truth or she falls afoul of herself. Can't go there. There be dragons. Me, I like dragons. I also really like shades of grey.

    Sarbdeep was playing with his wedding band. Missed that as well. Poor Sarbdeep. All that fidgeting and framing and "yeah... yeah... yeah..." We think it's indicative of him wrestling with his cognitive dissonance. He's all in. He's radically changed his entire life. He's moved to another country. His thoughts have to be congruent with those actions. They have to. And by his own admission, he was drawn to her because she seemed so clear and certain. So she can't be wrong. There be dragons.

  44. Thanks for that wolf video. Wolves rock. I have a wolf thing. I'm reading the Fire and Ice books, you know, Game of Thrones. Incredibly awesome. And I love the dire wolves. What a concept. Those books are sooooo good.

    Apparently the wolf reintroduction in Yellowstone is imperiled by poachers and ranchers who consider them a menace.


    It's honestly astounding how much damage human blundering can do. So much of conservation now is trying to undo a lot of the damage we've done, some of it very well intended. We think we're so bloody smart. How many times do we have to screw things up before we learn to shut up and listen? Nature is always smarter. It's not perfect but it works pretty well until we start mucking up the works. Like trying to cure famine through GMOs. That's how dumb we are. We rape and pillage ecosystems, destroy regions like Sub-Saharan Africa, and then say, no we can fix the abject poverty we've created through pharmaceuticals and GMO grains. Christ, we're like a virus.

  45. I like wolves too. Here's another clip featuring them, it's in Russian but the video is nice to watch. About friendship:


  46. Oh, so it's no wonder they appeared tired- being in the middle of moving would do this to you. In her new "begin anew" (got it right this time;) post, teal wrote they only have 5 days left in the house. I couldn't help but notice she used "anew" at least three times throughout her article, but in the last paragraph there is this sentence: "All guilt, all sorrow, all fear, and all resentment can be left behind as we begin a new this very instant." A new what? The very last sentence, however, explains: "Each moment is an opportunity for a new beginning."

    I hate moving. I usually like exploring new places, and novelty they bring, but I really don't enjoy the actual moving process, packing and all the other hassle involved. I'll be moving soon myself... again. Just thinking about getting rid of all the stuff makes me tired. Not that I've accumulated much in my last 1,5 yrs in Toronto, but still.

  47. I remembered about the yeast from another teal's interview with that french lady, Lisa Marie I think is her name. They were discussing nutrition and LM asked Teal about vitB12, and teal stated the same. Actually she repeated a lot of information she shared that time word for word in this teacast. So, I went to the health store and it wasn't indicated on the pack if the flakes fortified or not. But I got them and actually enjoy sprinkling on everything now, the taste is interesting. And in any case, this yeast naturally has other B vitamins and is a complete protein. I almost never eat meat these days. It's happened naturally, I never consciously made a decision to stop eating it, but overtime I craved less and less. Growing up, I had to eat what was put in front of me and back then in Russia, in our family, meat was a must daily, sometimes several times per day. Well, in those days over there, it would've been really, really hard to be a vegetarian anyway, because nothing fancy was imported from overseas, and we never knew what quinoa was, or avocado or soy or mango, or so many other things. Only local products and only seasonally were available. So as a vegetarian, you'd be eating only potatoes and pasta during wintertime....not very smart. On a plus side, we weren't exposed to so much processed foods, or chips, no fast food joints, no pizza, no chips...We also had our own garden.
    Anyway, once I was on my own and free to eat whatever I wanted whenever I wanted, my diet started to change. I always liked veggies and fruits and preferred wholesome meals. And I loved seafood, I was never a huge meat lover. Also, when I had started to live in much warmer climates, I noticed I crave meat less and less...pork started to seem smelly to me, beef -too heavy, lamb - too gamey, and chicken tasteless and booooring. I started to eat LOTS of fish. But then, overtime, especially in the last 1.5 years I don't crave seafood too all that much. I used to have sushi every week, for example, but now...maybe once every couple of months or so. I tried to cut the dairy out completely at some point (that was a conscious decision), but after some time I started to miss it terribly. Sometimes I just FEEL that I need to drink a cup of milk, or eat that cheese. And I love yogurt. I do go for organic or goat and sheep's these days.My grandma lived on milk throughout her childhood and youth and never stopped drinking it. She is now 90 and still lives on her own, very sharp and fairly healthy considering. I think, if generation after generation survived in the villages thanks to cows, these people have little problems with lactose intolerance. Just ask those Dutch (and how tall they are btw!!) or demand french and swiss to give up their dairy. Like you said, LV, the digestive problems are more often caused by some vegetables. Brocolli, cabbage also beans are the most likely offenders and fruits can cause gas, grapes, for example, don't agree with some people. But I wouldn't force diary on Asians...historically they never consumed it and now those who live in western countries might have some problems with lactose. But then there are no rules, like mentioned in other comments, this is so individual. For example, my brother always hated milk and isn't crazy about cheeses. He loves to drink kefir though.

  48. Another observation from the tea podcast. Sarbdeep mentioned that if only people saw the animals being killed, instead of just buying these clean, nicely packaged pieces, everyone would become vegetarian. That people don't realize that these cuts were once a part of a cute live animal...yeah, I can see this point- you don't think of that in the supermarket. But I would say this is mostly applies to the city dwellers, or those who might've never been exposed to where the food comes from and if they would see, say, a chicken being killed, they'd be in shock. Well, I spent a fair amount of my summers as a child living in the villages, and observed how farmers had no problems raising the animals, killing them, then making all those bloody sausages (stuffed into the cleaned intestines) and then devouring all those delicacies with lots of pleasure and little remorse. But yeah, agree, what is shocking, and to anyone sane, is how animals are treated (and how meat is treated too before it makes its way to the shelves) within the mass produced food industries. Movies like Earthlings, Forks over Knife, Food Inc. were disturbing to watch to say the least yet one has to be aware of what's happening.

  49. LaVaughn wrote, "Borderlines live in a world of extremes. There's no middle ground. "

    It's interesting that you say this. About a week and a half ago, a friend of mine into spirituality asked me to check out Teal Scott/Swan and see what kind of impressions i got from her (previously, i knew nothing about her). So i checked out a couple of videos. One of the things i told him was that i got the sense that she was an Uranian extremist and rarely experiences balance or integration.

    In the astrology that i use to study, i most associate the Planet Uranus with that of extremes. When i call someone a Uranian, a Neptunian, etc, etc, what i mean is that the nonphysical dimension that they were primarily focusing in before they entered into the Earth, connects to that particular planet energetically and symbolically. In the chart, it's the planet that is most highlighted and strong, which represents the nonphysical consciousness we were at before entering in here. What's odd about Uranians is that their Spirits or "Higher selves" are combining both very slow vibratory (limited) aspects and energies in with fast vibratory (expanded, spiritualized) within their personality and this lifetime, but little to no in between and true Uranians see saw between these extremes, which in turn makes them tend to the extremes in almost every aspect of their lives. They most need to cultivate moderation and balance (and often times a sense of humility with true spiritual ideals based on Love), but that's the hardest thing for them to develop.

    I don't know anything about borderline personality disorder or what not, but it's interesting that there is that connection. Not all strong Uranian types though, i would class as having a disorder, but the ones that do, are well more...extreme cases often.

    quick p.s. (in the astrology i've come to use, often the Planets are much, much more significant than the Zodiacal signs as far as core and strongest traits).

  50. Hi Elena,

    Goat and Sheeps milk and their various other cultured products are excellent. They are MUCH easier to digest than non cultured cow dairy, and of course the cultured versions take so little energy to digest and digest very fully. I would say that Goat milk Kefir is a borderline "super food".

    When hard core vegans say that there are no healthy animal or animal by product foods, i would point out goat and sheep dairy. I use to live in MA on the border of New Hampshire, which at the time allowed the sale of raw milk. So i would go up there to a small farm with goat's. That raw goat milk was amazing, my body simply craved the stuff. Raw Goat's or Sheep's milk, provided it's from healthy animals eating healthily, are the only foods that can be substituted for mother's milk for an infant that an infant will truly thrive on and become healthy from (though Mother's milk is even better). An infant can survive on infant formula, but thrive not so much.

    There are some people who can digest non cultured cow dairy, but thanks to my strongly Celtic ancestry (lot's o' Scottish), i'm definitely not one of them. If i drink even a small glass of cow milk, the next few days i'm extra mucous filled, sneezing, feeling the need to hock lugees (hmm, never tried to spell that before, no idea how it's spelled), etc (i know, wonderful imagery, sorry about that).

    Can do cow milk yogurt in moderation, but hard to find brands that source only from truly more kind and sustainable dairy farms. I can't say for certain, but my sense is that goats and sheep tend to be treated better than cows, simply because they are not so mass produced and more of a specialty kind of animal. Goats are also intelligent and aware as hell, and can be feisty to boot, and so will put up less with human shenanigans and abuse unlike more passive/docile cows. Go Goats! (my goat prejudice has nothing to do with being born under Capricorn Sun, i swear... ;)

  51. Hi Justin,

    I was just about to ask you: and how do you determine your Planet?

  52. Another thought has occurred as I was munching just now on an apple. Sarbdeep, when explaining his revulsion to meat, says "why would you eat death, something which is dead". Well, I'm pretty sure that this apple I just had (organic, but still sold in plastic bags, the stem completely dry) has been dead for longer than any meat in the nearest supermarket. I'm not picking on Sarbdeep, I actually used to think the same, but now, could someone pls say what is a live food?How much life there is in the carrots that are now lying cold in my fridge? I do remember eating tomatoes, berries as I was gathering them in my basket without even washing them, with the soil crunching on my teeth (btw, potentially another weird source of this B12vitamin, lol), eating apples, pears, cherries straight from the tree, while sitting on the branch, in our garden. But how often, realistically, can you do it? I guess, the only really alive food I ate most recently was a dozen of oysters...but this is actually so mean if you think about it.

  53. "Goats are also intelligent and aware as hell, and can be feisty to boot, and so will put up less with human shenanigans and abuse unlike more passive/docile cows. Go Goats! (my goat prejudice has nothing to do with being born under Capricorn Sun, i swear... ;) "


    And what does your spiritual friend, the one who forwarded the links with teal, think about her? just curious

  54. "I was just about to ask you: and how do you determine your Planet?"

    Here are some pointers, but it tends to take a lot of practice, and the ability to see the chart as both a whole and in details at the same time.

    The things i look at first are Angularity. Angular Planets tend to be very strong, active Planets. Planets in or near 1st, 4th, 7th, and 10th House cusps. Above all the Ascendant/Rising degree is the most singularly sensitive point in a chart. Planets conjunct (close to) same, tend to be very, very highlighted in the psyche of the person. But Planets in the 1st House, or even sometimes the Planet closest to the Ascendant degree become very highlighted.

    The next thing i look most at, is the traditional ruler of the Ascendant Sign and the strongest aspects to same. For example, say a person has Libra Rising, then Venus being the ruling Planet of the Ascendant sign becomes a very sensitive symbol. So, say Mars is closely conjunct Venus in this person's chart. Well, expect a very Fiery, individualistic, shorter tempered and less tolerant type person than Libra Ascendant would normally signify. In other words, Mars becomes very highlighted via the Conjunction to the ruler of the Ascendant/Rising.

    Where it gets tricky is the relativity and complexity. Say someone has Neptune in the First House (with Cancer Rising) but not near the Ascendant degree, but Mercury is in the 10th House, is closely square the Rising degree and closely conjunct the Moon, the ruler of the Ascendant. Chances are, Mercury will be even more highlighted than Neptune in that chart. Simplified, you could say Mercury and then Neptune are the strongest Planets, with a slight predominance to Mercury, but almost on par.

    Then throw freewill into the mix, and things can get really confusing! Charts cannot and do not show freewill and how that has or may influence the Chart. Charts are static, people aren't. A better and more up to date way to read people or self is via auras and aura colors. This too relates to astrology in some ways, but the aura is always up to date and accounts for/reflects current use of freewill.

    So with an astrology chart, someone may have been born with a very strong Jupiter, Neptune, Mercury, Venus, etc in that order of strength, BUT if they choose to use their freewill very positively in this life, dedicate self to growing in Love, being of helpful service to others, etc, etc then they may grow more to the Solar or even Arcturian type consciousness. (Vice versa, someone starting off with a strong Solar and/or Arcturian consciousness may grow to a more Galactic Center type consciousness)

    Or in aura terms, they go from tending to have a lot of purple and bluish violet type shades in their aura (signified by Jupiter and Neptune being predominant), to having a lot of golden in their aura (Sun and Arcturus).

    It's a very deep subject, with many interconnecting layers. I don't really use astrology anymore myself, as i prefer to connect more to inner guidance and intuition. But, a practice of same can help to really hone intuition initially.

  55. "but now, could someone pls say what is a live food?"

    I've usually seen it defined as food that has enzymes and active enzymatic processes still going on. Foods usually spoil because of one or more combo of 3 processes. Enzymes within the food breaking the food down (which also happens in your digestive system also), oxidation breaking the food down, and micro organisms breaking the food down (also happens in your digestive system).

    A long ago picked apple may still have some enzymes left if it hasn't actively spoiled at all yet, but probably not much. Some foods seem to last longer with this than others, like say lemons.

    A lot of raw foodists will not heat a food above 118 degrees as to preserve enzymes because heat above same start to break down or inactivate enzymes, which is why lot's of time food that will be frozen is often blanched at first (quick boiled) as to stop enzymatic reactions, which further prolongs the shelf life of said food.

    The theory behind it is that enzymes are catalysts that help to break down and digest foods, so when you eat foods that have a lot of enzymes left in them, it won't take away as much energy from your digestive system to break it down...

    However, what raw foodists miss is that not all enzymes are good (some are anti nutrients), and plenty of super healthy foods actually become easier to digest with some cooking--particularly Cruciferous veggies or things like asparagus, etc. And they also miss the point you pointed out, by the time that you get to that piece of fruit or vegetable, chances are in many cases a lot of enzymes have started to become depleted. Now fresh picked food is awesome.

    Personally, i feel better with a balance. I do like to eat a lot of raw food, especially mixed green salad, but i eat plenty of cooked foods, especially a lot of veggies in the form of steamed or soups. We had a garden going last year, but unfortunately we don't get enough sun and so it was only so so, and kind of disappointing. But gardens are where it's at, if you want truly life giving food. Next best thing are regular farmer markets. Lettuces and leafy greens imo, are the best things besides fruits to eat raw.

    But nothing wrong with some cooked food and again some otherwise very healthy foods really need cooking to become more digestible. Like a lot of movements, there is some relative truth to the raw foodist thing, but it's definitely not the whole pie. Llllghhllghlll pie... (getting hungry with all this talk of food).

  56. "And what does your spiritual friend, the one who forwarded the links with teal, think about her? just curious"

    Well, he wrote a comment, on the last page of the "Who and What is Teal Scott" blog article. My friend's name is Albert. This is what he wrote over there (i made him aware of this site, after he asked me to look into her).

    Albert wrote, "Please people, use your discrimination! Don't learn the hard way that there are a lot of false masters out there. Does Teal feel as if she is radiating a lot of love and wisom? I can't say I feel it. And no, I'm not jealous. Certainly your Soul is wise enough to find truth without being misled by the false masters of this World."

    I will give a quick little fill in for my friend. When he first started on a spiritual path many years ago, he got involved heavily with Eastern based beliefs and paths, and became involved with a guru based group. The guru of his group, like many gurus have, claimed enlightenment for himself. Eventually Albert realized that his guru was not completely honest and all that he claimed and like many gurus used cultish, psychological influencing type tactics. He wasn't super abusive/extreme like some gurus have been, but he definitely wasn't a pure channel of Source either.

    Albert got kind of turned off from the spiritual scene for awhile because of fake teachers, became semi atheist or agnostic for a little while, but he had some spontaneous spiritual/nonphysical type experiences which led him back to a spiritual path, but this time with a lot more emphasis on going within and contacting internal guidance. He eventually, after a period of time, built up a lot of trust in his guidance and that the process was real. Like me, his guidance has made him aware of a lot of things that deal with the bigger picture of what's going on with this earth. Like me, he has been shown some of the hidden hindering forces that are involved with humanity.

    We both think that some guru or spiritual wannabe teacher types end up building strong energetic connections to some very "unspiritual" beings. These are sometimes former not so nice/immature humans, and sometimes these are a particular E.T. group. The latter is more effective in their efforts at meddling and they've been doing it for a very long time. I don't know if he believes this applies to Teal Swan or not--we haven't talked too much about it. Nor am i sure what to think either, so far i'm leaning to it--she would be a great person to influence to mislead more people. As she constantly mentions, she's got the pretty packaging, and knows how to work it especially on men, and also on women tending to the vain themselves.

    Btw, my friend wrote a couple of books based on his experiences and guidance. One is called "Joining the Oneness: Beyond Nonduality" and the other is "A Night in Heaven". His full name is Albert A. Haust. I don't generally "plug" his books, but it felt right to mention them. He is one of the most sincere, spiritually dedicated, and more humble people i know or have so far met. While he makes no claims for himself, my sense is that he came into this Earth from a pretty expanded dimension/consciousness, and less for himself and more for service at this important time. But, he is not my teacher, we both look to those or that level which is much more expanded than ourselves, and contact them from deep within.

  57. I have absolutely, totally and without a shadow of doubt about it, had my fill of other people trying to tell me what I should or should not eat, what I should or should not think, what I should or should not do, what I should or should not wear, and what my purpose in live should be.

    I will eat what I want to eat, think whatever I want to think, do whatever I want to do, wear whatever I feel like wearing and passionately embrace whatever purpose I feel like embracing.

    That said, I do lean more toward a predominantly vegetarian diet, although I won't turn down meatloaf that my sister has made or a pepperoni pizza that my kids have ordered. Those animals gave their lives so that I can live and I don't like to think that their gift would go unappreciated, especially if they had an unpleasant life to boot. And I make the best yogurt I have ever tasted, even if it's just with store bought cow's milk.

    I don't believe that predators will ever no longer be a necessary part of a balanced ecology, but I do believe that we as humankind are headed toward more humane treatment of the animals we use for food. And wouldn't it be nice to go into the woods anywhere and be able to drink water right from the earth without worrying about the pesticides or feces that probably have found their way into it?

    I can't stomach anymore teal videos right now, so I won't be watching this one, not even to see what outfit teal is modeling, (ok, well, maybe I'll just take a peak, hehe), but I sure do have fun reading La Vaughn's breakdown of the videos, they are ALWAYS good for a few very satisfying laughs!

  58. PS: The idea that predators will someday be phased out reminds me of a Sylvia Browne book I once tried to read because a friend of mine at the time was pushing it on me. At one point she (Browne) was going on about how on the 'other side' there is no rain and no insects and I knew right there all I needed to know about her... she was a fuckin' idiot.

  59. PPS: Loved those wolf videos Elena! My dog Wolf looked exactly like a wolf (although he wasn't named for that, his full name was Wolfgang, because we love Mozart so much, hehehehehe)

  60. This comment has been removed by the author.

  61. I watched a documentary 9 years ago - we feed the world or so. Cant remember. The result was me hysterically crying for a day and a new openess to see if I can get my protein out of plants and let go of my old food habits.

    I was blessed because I grew up on a farm and learned the healthy kitchen. No packed or processed food. This seed created a healthy food behavoir in me without excluding sometimes dirty enjoyable food without guilt and all this mindfuck (like in soooo many women).

    Anyway I just didn't want to be part and supporter of the meat food industry anymore...what you are whenever you put a dollar on the table for mass farm meat.

    Since then I live mainly from plant food, seeds nut, sometimes goats milk. I consider myself to be on a healthy well educated vegetarian diet and not the idiot-vegetarian diet which describes people just cutting out meat and bath in processed food. Never understood this.

    I am a peaceful vegetarian. When you meet me I will not attack you, try to educate you or anything else. I will anwer all your questions and will do my best to deflect an aggressive meat eater who feels attacked by my plant food diet hahahha.

    I will tell you more about my ideas and knowledge and MY experience with MY body reacting to certain foods. If you ask me I will tell you about some interesting parasites (a la dr robert cassar), I will also tell you about the benefits of home enema (people are so scared of their own asses - it is RIDICULOUS), regular blood test, the horror of artificial supplements etc. I read and studied a lot, my body is my test object and I watch and observe it falling into bits or blooming like crazy.

    I do think that the diets of others are not my cup of tea and I am happy when you eat meat or don't eat meat. I am a happy, peaceful vegetarian and in summers I am on a 80% raw food diet.

    I like it and everybody who is telling me to eat meat can go and fuck themselves. At the same time I will also tell you full hearted and in peace: enjoy your meat. It is your way of living and good for you if it suits you.

  62. This comment has been removed by the author.

  63. "in summers I am on a 80% raw food diet."

    Hi Golden,

    Yep, during high heat periods of summer is when i tend to eat a lot more raw foods (and more vegan) too, and less protein--the combo seems to help keep the body cooler. In winter, it's the opposite, especially since i love to do a lot of backpacking out in the wilderness during these times. I simply loved the "Polar Vortexes" that made their way down to VA this winter, i was out on the AT hiking and camping for most of these (yep, some think i'm looney tunes).

    Anyways, i don't care too much what others do or don't say, or do or don't do themselves. If it seems to be a worthwhile debate or issue, i might throw my 2 cents in as a counter-balance, but i don't get riled up by what others express or don't anymore, cause that is really a waste of energy.

    Oh and btw, my ass is awesome, simply awesome, ass of a god i tell you--if i was a super hero--my name would be ass man, and if you really want to get into it, colonics are MUCH better than even home enemas, but probably a little less comfortable for the average guy (and maybe women as well, but they tend to be a bit more secure in certain areas wherein men aren't).

  64. "Sarbdeep mentioned that if only people saw the animals being killed, instead of just buying these clean, nicely packaged pieces, everyone would become vegetarian. That people don't realize that these cuts were once a part of a cute live animal...yeah, I can see this point- you don't think of that in the supermarket. But I would say this is mostly applies to the city dwellers, or those who might've never been exposed to where the food comes from and if they would see, say, a chicken being killed, they'd be in shock."

    Elena, this, I think, is one of the reasons higher civilizations give rise to by choice vegetarianism, whereas less developed cultures do not. I think the more detached from that process we become, the more it seems wrong. I agree that when we consider that something that is neatly wrapped in plastic was once something with a face, we can become totally horrified. But, you're right, farmers eat creatures they've named and even felt affection for, without qualm.

    I think when we become too civilized we lose the sense of our real place in the food chain. People who hunt and fish to survive and face what they kill have a very different ethos. I remember seeing The Gods Must be Crazy and hearing that whole thing about the tribesmen whispering into the ears of the creature they hunted that they themselves would one day feed the smaller creatures of the Earth and thinking, um, yeah. Life feeds on life. That's just how it works here.


    I also don't understand this idea that we're feeding on death when we eat animal protein but life when we eat plants. We kill everything when we eat it. Even assuming that it's somehow more "alive" when we eat it, it's gonna be killed in the digestive tract. And I don't see how eating something "alive" is any more kind. it brings up visions of the vivisectionist for me.

  65. "Goat and Sheeps milk and their various other cultured products are excellent. They are MUCH easier to digest than non cultured cow dairy, and of course the cultured versions take so little energy to digest and digest very fully."

    Justin, I think there's little doubt that one of the reasons we eat fermented foods is their digestibility. The other, more obviously, is preservation.

    I learned some years ago, though, that raw dairy is far more digestible. I think a lot of the problems people ascribe to dairy come from a lifetime of consuming only ultrapasteurized dairy. That stuff'll kill ya. When I discovered raw milk, I think I got for the first time why the Hindus worship cows. It's frigging awesome and it works WONDERS for the digestion. If I can get it, I rely on raw milk. If I can't, organic, pasteurized, but not ultrapasteurized dairy is my second choice. And I eat a lot of yogurt. I couldn't digest dairy for years until I got onto a steady diet of raw milk. It really fixed a lot of what was wrong with my digestion. Fuck big agra. There's a political, agribusiness war against raw dairy and it's only because they're so threatened by it. If people really knew the truth, that they only pasteurize milk because of its shelf life and so they can sell milk from diseased cattle, they'd switch to small farm, raw dairy in a heartbeat. It's frigging awesome.

  66. "Teal once stated "I will never give up on you Blake" , in one of her online workshops. What a twisted view."

    GA, one of the major realizations I had about the worst, most cultish, new age teachers I ever had was this: She builds 'em up with one hand, tears 'em down with the other. Builds 'em with one hand, tears 'em down with the other.

    She hobbled people. She tried one of her little, cutting swipes with me once she thought she "had" me. That was the end of that. I. Was. Gone.

    In that moment, I understood the entire formula -- a psychological abuse cycle of love bombing and enough criticism to keep the people closest to her weak and dependent -- certain that they were broken and needed her to fix them. Sick, sick, sick.

  67. This comment has been removed by the author.

  68. HAve fun guys. Just watched the new podcast and it scares me what I heard. Glad that Sarb brings some sense and great thoughts to the table. WIshing them a good marriage. Wishing Graciella that my dream mirrows her future and wish Blake a wonderful wife and child. Wishing Teal to find peace and great business. Wishing Teal followers to take in, question a lot, take some stuff on board and distinguish the smelly stuff. LaVaughn all the best to you - thank you for your grounded writing and connections to the invisible. I enjoyed the time here of reflecting a lot. Time to move on. Teal's videos and podcast turned more into entertainment than inspiration. I am leaving here by recognizing the little Teal in me and will take care of this part. Everything else is like a muddy pond with some jewels in it.
    Also all the best to the invisible 2.502 curious profile checkers.

    I lift my hat, all the best, much love to everybody.
    Hallelujah and good bye.
    And here are my best wishes for you ( :

  69. Hi LaVaughn,

    I lived at an intentional community for a little while, and while there partook in a "cow share", and tried doing raw cow milk from a very small local farm. It was a little bit better for me than pasteurized, but my body still had issues with digesting it (still made me mucous'y). Yet, i can drink ultra pasteurized goat milk with impunity, which says something about the digestibility of goat milk vs cow milk to me. It's less about lactose and more about the very large and gluey Casein proteins that are found in Cow milk that seem to be more the culprit than just lactose. For some reason, this is not mainstream information. Most think Cow dairy difficulties is only related to lactose sugar.

    But, i think yogurt or kefir made from raw cow milk is awesome stuff, and i can do that no problem. You're lucky you can do the raw cow milk straight up though.

  70. "Justin you sound a bit too excited about asses to me."

    Haha Golden, no not really, was just joking around. Odd sense of humor and all.

    "There is no difference between man & woman and their relationship to their inner pipe system."

    You're probably right...but when you're a straight guy, there is a bit of an extra societal/cultural/ gender stigma against putting things up ones sphincter. I know at least for myself, many years ago when i went to get my first colonic i was like, "you're gonna stick THAT thing WHERE?!" It was a wee bit intimidating at first. Thankfully, she was gentle and used a lot of lube. Every guy should be so lucky their first time. After the first time, wasn't so bad.

  71. Justin, thank you for taking time answering my questions. :-)

    Golden Andara <3<3<3

  72. My oh my...Such a serious topic and yet I had quite a few laughs, I almost choked on my tea at some point, and no, it wasn't because they were intentionally funny, it's when teal was laying out her wisdom and ideas with such an air of self-importance and self-righteousness (btw, no hint of tea in this "tea time" "podcast" video. It's a joke.) Ok, I won't say no more for now. LaVaughn, embrace yourself! Oh, you gonna have fun with your husband!!

  73. I know. My husband and I looked at the topic for this one and said, um yeah, we're gonna need to be a bit more rested.

  74. Good decision.

    Well, I can't resist a little spoiler. This part was simply...priceless

    Sarbdeep is trying to tell a story: ".....They did everything right.."

    Teal interrupts: Right by human perspective (Sarbdeep gives a little nervous laugh at this point) which is a lot of lies and not really in alignment.

    Sarbdeep: Ok...well...we are humans..ummm, I am human anyway and I am looking from that perspective..

    Teal is laughing

    Not The End.

  75. I've just done some grocery shopping and yeah, want to mention that raw milk, all kinds of milk and milk products, fermented or not, must be pasteurized in Ontario. It is illegal to sell raw milk. Even if I go to a farmer, most of them are too scared now, cs of the recent case of one of them being caught, dragged thru courts and fined...

    "Ontario’s top court has slapped down an Ontario farmer who has long championed the right to sell and drink unpasteurized milk.

    The court upheld a 2011 conviction against Michael Schmidt that saw him fined $9,150.

    Ontario does not ban the consumption of raw milk and farmers are allowed to drink the milk produced by their own cows. However, the sale of unprocessed milk is banned.
    In its ruling, the court said Schmidt’s “cow-share” scheme – in which consumers supposedly bought an ownership interest in a dairy cow – was little more than a way to circumvent public-health rules.

    Schmidt has been involved in a 20-year battle to make unpasteurized milk available to non-farmers.

    The province has always insisted the unprocessed milk poses a significant risk to public health.

    The Appeal Court said it saw no solid evidence to refute that view.

    Schmidt insisted there's no evidence anyone has ever fallen ill from his milk, and he and his supporters argue raw milk offers health benefits.

    Willing consumers must have the right to choose what they consume, he said, arguing the ban is a “clear violation of fundamental rights.”
    The Appeal Court disagreed, saying unpasteurized milk poses a high risk to public health, and the sales ban is constitutional absent definitive evidence of any health benefits.
    The impugned legislation prohibits the appellant from selling or distributing a product that certain individuals think beneficial to their health,” the court ruled.
    “Lifestyle choices as to food or substances to be consumed do not attract Charter protection.”

    (Globalnews.ca, March11, 2014)

    These "officials" care so much about public health they ban raw milk, yet cigarettes and alcohol you can get at every corner. And McDonalds, which not just potentially- it's proven, poses a significant risk for health. Ironic.

  76. Sickening. It's happening here all over the US, too. States where it used to be legal, it's banned now. They're cracking down on interstate sales. It's fucking insane. And it's all about factory farms and the power they have to shove their crap down our throats. We live in an oligarchy.

  77. It sure seems we are heading this way at present...and once it's set this way for sure, globally, the coffin lid is closed on humanity and nails hammered down, the way I see it. Teal help us.

  78. I'm sure she'll get to it... just as soon as she's done reforming the criminal justice system.

  79. Lol, oligarchs of the world, you better be scared, be VERY scared!

    TEAL vs Putin, I wanna see that!

    Back to milk, while living in UAE, I used to drink guess what kind of milk? Camel! It's delicious:-) And camel milk is three times higher in vitamin C than cow's milk and 10 times higher in iron, while cholesterol is lower than cow or goat milk.
    Moose milk is a new craze in Russia.

    Btw, Justin the goat admirer, coincidentally (?) Teal's yesterday's blog entry is about scapegoats (Are you a scapegoat?) and is filled with goat images and a brief history of where the term came from included. What is even weirder is that just a few hours before seeing that, I came across a song, sooo hilarious -too bad it's in Russian, called "A Song about a Scapegoat" (written by now dead system fighter artist).

  80. LaVaughn, have you watched that yet? See, Teal doesn't want to punish you for being such a hater- her intentional family just want to put you in a middle of their circle and chant lovingly at you. Imagine that! You'll be cured from your pain and will stop writing these wicked articles. It works 100% in some Irish alternative community (Teal doesn't remember the name, don't ask) - they are completely free from crime there (hmmmm, yet they have to perform this rituals with some offenders, so shit happens, no?)

  81. ...unfortunately it didn't work on Fallon, he went psycho in that house of shared love...oh well... speaking of scapegoats...

  82. I peaked. I gave myself a little preview. And WOW!

  83. Oh, here's a question. Does anyone know where she's moving to. First it was "Europe." Then she hated her husband's home country. And of course she's purchased an American vehicle so I assume she's staying stateside. So where is it? Cali?

  84. Yeah, people are wondering in the comments section over there, but, keeping up with the best tradition of soap opera's tried and tested formula, the episode stops at such mysterious moments, building up excitement and anticipation, so you have to keep on watching for the surprising turns and twists of this unfolding story.
    Cali is doomed ( a very big tsunami is coming, remember) unless of course by virtue of teal raising vibration it will be alright after all. In that interview with Laura Marie, teal actually said that vibrationally she felt south of France would suit her the best (her vibrations have a nice taste, what can I say) and she'd move there...Time will tell.

  85. Grrrr Elena, that shite makes me angry, why can't people choose for themselves?! The original laws passed in the U.S. about pasteurization did make some sense because at the time a certain percentage of Cow milk was infected with tuberculosis, but a lot of that was because Dairy farmers in certain regions went from more natural, smaller farms to first trying to cut corners to produce cow milk more abundantly and cheaply, and the cows in those certain areas (if i remember correctly, mostly in New York and New Jersey at the time) were getting pretty unhealthy and sickly. Nor were they particularly careful about storage and sterilization of containers, etc, at the time.

    It's kind of an obvious that if you force an animal to change it's natural lifestyle, start feeding it foods it shouldn't eat, not give it enough space to roam, nor get sunlight, clean water, exercise, etc, well yeah the animals are going to get sick and because of lower immune functions will start to carry more infectious pathogenic type organisms. But do healthy cows that live more natural lifestyles with more natural diets, often get TB in the milk? I doubt it.

    But, i don't think there has ever been a case of someone getting a TB infection from raw goats milk, and that too is nigh impossible to find raw in most US states due to ban's as well. But back in the day, TB was a BIG deal and there was a lot of fear about it. It was probably a good thing that some pasteurization laws were passed then to cut down on people getting sick (which it did help), but unfortunately it became a standardized, unthinking, and overly generalized (the combo of which might as well define the term bureaucratic) process/implementation.

    Interesting about the Camel milk. I wonder it's like Alpaca milk since they are related animals? There are a growing number of Alpacas in the U.S. for fiber production.

    Odd about the Teal Scapegoat blog, and the Russian song synchronicity. I've had my fair share of being outcasted or scapegoated, but i don't view myself in that way nor do i go around expecting it with some kind of paranoia self defense.

  86. This comment has been removed by the author.

  87. Justin, I've never tried Alpaca milk before, lol. To be honest, I've never even heard of them (South America is still unchecked on my list and I don't remember seeing them in any of the zoos I've visited so far, only Ilamas). I just looked them up- such funny looking and adorable creatures!
    I think here they are not concerned with TB as much as they are with salmonella, E.coli and Listeria monocytogenes.

    And yes, those enzymes in raw food are great. I guess it's also nice to fill up on light particles known as biophotons, which are understandably only present in fresh uncooked plant-based food. So glad that summer is around the corner! I eat tons of raw, although have to have some cooked stuff as well. But when I eat raw fruit and veggies, I just eat them as they are- I don't need to break them down and mix into smoothies or juices(not that I don't enjoy those occasionally), I like to chew I guess and feel the texture...

  88. Re: Alpacas "I just looked them up- such funny looking and adorable creatures!"

    Lol yep, and they produce awesome fiber too. I've been to the land of Alpacas--Peru. Depending on micron count (fineness of the fiber), it's a bit noticeably warmer than sheeps wool of similar micron count, has better moisture management, and is less innately irritating to human skin than sheeps wool (though the super fine wools don't bother too many people).

    There is some debate about it, but some camps (i'm in one of them), believe it's best not to mix most kinds of fruits with most kinds of veggies within the same meal because they tend to digest differently. I've been following Edgar Cayce's advice on acid-alkaline balance and advice about food combinations for years, and experience less colds/infections than most everyone i know. I once went 2.25 years without even a hint of a common cold and while working at a school nonetheless! (i credit Cayce's guidance's wisdom with that one, though my self discipline certainly helped)

    Anyways, there are some exceptions to the rule (aren't there almost always?), such as say tomatoes or avocados (both very low sugar fruits) with veggies--especially salads, are fine. But say melons with lot's of broccoli or the like, not so good. Melons digest super fast, and are best eaten a little while before any actual meal. Anyways, just figure i would throw that out there for consideration.

  89. Noncast: Criminal Justice pt 1

    Not only wasn't this a podcast, it wasn't even a teacast. Where's the tea? Is tea being phased out of Tea Time with Teal? Is this because of teal's dislike for tea... and British culture? And what about THE FROG?!!
    So, the woman who can't get a billboard up is going to completely restructure the criminal justice system, armed with nothing but a belief in the law of attraction, an unprovable life story involving Mormon Satanists, an even less provable origin story involving extraterrestrial creators, and a whole lotta pluck.

    In fairness, she's also packin' a wide array of erroneous assumptions. So, that should help.

    Like all things teal, her description of the criminal justice system and how to fix it is high on grand ideals and opinions, but low on information, facts, data, and citations. One hopes that as she moves forward with this nonprofit venture called Headway, she assembles something a bit more substantial. One also doubts it. One would like, really, to be a fly on the wall if and when she has these proposed meetings with people in the system just to see what might happen. One can't help imagining the looks on the faces of criminal justice professions when they hear what she has to say. One expects that it could be hilarious.

    The problem with criminals, as per teal, is that they just haven't been loved enough, or treated "softly." Even when they're treated with leniency, that's just not love or "softness." The problem according to teal is that we're punishing them and "you can't punish people into wellness."

    What remains unclear, after listening to a half hour of this, is how exactly she thinks we're punishing them. We're confused about that because she says she doesn't disagree with removing these poor, unfortunate criminals from society. Aside from capital cases (and we would agree that you can't kill people to wellness) removing them from society IS the way we're punishing them. That's what the criminal justice system does if you commit a serious crime. It removes you from society. They take away your freedom to come and go as you please. Any "punishment" beyond that comes as a result of illegal activity within the prisons, largely inmate on inmate "punishment." (Turns out bad things can happen when you put a bunch of criminals together.) Under the current law, at least here in the US and the rest of civilized world, abusing prisoners is "cruel and unusual punishment" and it's illegal. So what punishment is she talking about?

    We also have no idea after listening to half an hour of teal and Sarbdeep discussing, and at times arguing, about the topic at hand, how are we defining criminals? At no point do they give a breakdown of, say, any difference between petty criminals and violent offenders. Are they talking about people who commit victimless crimes like smoking marijuana in the privacy of their own homes? Would there be any difference in approach between such a minor offender and a serial rapist? We don't know. All we know is that criminals need love and empowerment, too.

    According to Sarbdeep, 99.9% of prisoners are capable of being rehabilitated. What this statistical analysis is based on, we have no idea. That would seem to include a range of violent felons, so my husband and I remain dubious.

  90. Noncast: Criminal Justice pt 2

    What teal seems to be proposing is some sort of healing process that would prepare convicts to return to society with an ability to get jobs and become productive members of society. What a concept! Does she not know that we already try to do that? That rehabilitation is a stated goal in the prison system? That prisons provide job training and education and that the government incentivizes hiring ex-cons?

    Billions of dollars have been spent, armies of psychologists have been employed, educational systems have allowed convicts to get degrees... The success rate has not been terribly high.

    "What I'm about to do here in the justice system has never been done before," says teal. What this revolutionary approach to correction this would be, that would resolve what a range of professionals have been unable to, was not elucidated in this not-teacast.

    The only thing I'm certain of after listening to a half hour of this is that she doesn't even understand the problems she says she wants to address.

    As per teal, crime is all about the law of attraction. Criminals and victims are a vibrational match because they both feel powerless. Answer: We need to empower these poor criminals.

    The people who wind up in prison wouldn't even be there if they didn't feel guilty and bad about themselves. Those few criminals who don't feel guilty, says teal, don't get caught.

    "When you're dealing with a genuine sociopath, those people don't end up in jail."

    Well that makes sense, doesn't it. If someone felt no guilt, they wouldn't law of attract a guilty verdict. They just wouldn't be a "vibrational match" to punishment if they were amoral and didn't think they'd done anything wrong. And psychopaths, sometimes referred to as sociopaths, are characterized by a lack of remorse.

    But here in the real world, a world of stubborn facts, prisons are full of psychopaths. Most of the research on psychopathy comes from studying members of the prison population. Why? For the very simple reason, says the preeminent expert in the field and creator of the psychopathy checklist Robert Hare, that it's a good place to find them.

    Psychopaths make up an estimated 1-2% of the general population, but they make up 20-30% of the prison population. So a whole lot of remorseless people have somehow "become a match" for prosecution. Does that disprove the law of attraction? I don't know. Maybe! I do know that teal's elucidation of the principle, in this context, fails miserably. But this is exactly the kind of specious reasoning she seems to think will change the face of the criminal justice system.

  91. Noncast: Criminal Justice pt 3

    We don't disagree that many criminals are injured people and that life has been unkind to them. Where we disagree is on where the focus needs to be to improve the situation. We think it should be more on "draining the swamp" so that fewer criminals are produced in the first place. That would mean addressing things like poverty and education. Unfortunately, by the time people get to prison a fair number of even non-psychopaths have become hardened criminals and don't respond well to therapy.

    Criminologist Lonnie Athens identified four stages in the creation of a violent felon, a process he calls violentization. People who've achieved that fourth stage are not treatable, according to Athens. And prisons are full of them. Athens did years of qualitative research, interviewing scores of violent felons. Athens, who grew up in a violent family and subculture, attributes his avoidance of that fate to eduction and specifically the early intervention of a teacher.

    Yes. We're all for draining the swamp.

    We're also certainly not arguing that the criminal justice system, and the prison system in particular, isn't deeply flawed and doesn't fail miserably at rehabilitating those offenders who can be rehabilitated. We just think that a lot people who understand the issues far better than teal does have not been able to turn it around. And for all her grandiosity, she seems to be woefully out of her depth.

    How ignorant is teal on this issue? Well aside from not knowing that many psychopaths do, in fact, get caught, she apparently thinks the prison system is profitable. According to teal this is why we're so attached to it. It puts money in our pockets, says teal. Of course the only people turning a profit from the prison system are the people in the private prison business. Private prisons are a fairly new phenomenon, part of the push to privatize many functions previously handled by state and federal governments. The argument has always been that privatizing will save money because for-profit businesses are smarter and more efficient than government bureaucracies. In terms of exploiting criminals for slave labor and even wrongful incarceration for profit, when it comes to private prisons, that is absolutely happening. There are people profiting off the pain of others. But it isn't "us." Private prisons are costing the taxpayer more than state run prison systems, which cost us billions as it is, and the only pockets being lined are the owners of private prisons. So, no, money is not why "we" are satisfied with the criminal justice system. I think it's safe to say that the cost to taxpayers is one reason that most people hate it.

    So what does teal bring to the table? Well, she's not saying she has "all the answers." So that makes for a nice change. But what she can bring to some collaborative process is "the idea of how the universe works on a vibrational level which is the fundamental blueprint of our reality." Oh is that all! And would this be the same blueprint that doesn't allow for psychopaths becoming convicts? Because, I gotta tell ya, I think that particular blueprint might need a tweak... or two.

  92. Noncast: Criminal Justice pt 4

    She's also got some ideas about prac app. Like there's that thing that tribe that lives on some island somewhere does with it's members who act out. It involves encircling them and chanting and... Anyway, they have no crime. If only she could remember the name... but sociologists are very interested in it...

    Let's assume that this nameless island tribe that nameless sociologists are interested in exists and has no crime. I, for one, don't find the idea terribly outrageous. Many indigenous peoples have very good systems for dealing with anomic personalities and they seem to have less intratribal anomie as well. They're small groups of interdependent people with a shared cosmology, shared ethics, shared mores. Members of many tribes are also strongly motivated not to act in ways that would cause them to be ostracized because they're dependent on these tribes for survival. Her example is of an island people. If you couldn't get along with your tribe, where would you go? The ocean? Leave say, the social structure in modern civilizations is quite different and such a system probably wouldn't work for us.

    I can think of an example closer to home, though, that beautifully illustrates what happens when communities embrace their criminal actors and lovingly take them through a process of forgiveness and redemption. It's a community that eschews the criminal justice system because they have their own method for reconciling criminal actors. The Amish, right here in the US have a very compassionate system for dealing with their criminals. They confess their crimes, they are forgiven, they are accepted without judgment no matter what horrible thing they've done. And their reoffending rate is astronomical... particularly when it comes to their sex offenders. They keep raping women and children. They keep confessing. They keep getting forgiveness and acceptance. The Amish are much more concerned with the healing process of their rapists than their victims, who are expected to forgive like all good Christians.

    In this regard, the Amish seem a lot like teal. She has very little to say about victims of crime. They were a vibrational match to the criminals who harmed them and if it weren't those perpetrators, it would have been others. At no point do you see teal brimming over with compassion for victims the way she does for criminals. Where's their non-profit? She seems to identify with criminals far more than she does with victims, which is particularly odd since she claims to be one.

    This seems to be the major disconnect between teal and Sarbdeep on this issue. He wants to know about the victims. How does it protect potential victims?

    Well, you can't protect victims -- not even if you removed all the criminals from the world -- because they'd still law of attract victimization because of their victim energy, says teal. Yet, you can apparently protect criminals from a criminal justice system that's "unfair" to them? I know I've mentioned this before, but why is it always the perpetrators who law of attraction types want to protect from consequences and never the victims? Victims being victimized? That's inevitable. They law of attract that shit. Perpetrators being punished? We need to create a non-profit to put an end to that.

    According to teal, the universe already has a perfect justice system called the law of attraction. Why does the criminal justice system want to circumvent it? Hands off! Let the great universal system work!

    Here's my question. If it's a universal law, how can it be circumvented by anyone? Does the criminal justice system live outside of the universal order somehow? Is it in some kind of pocket universe? Wouldn't prison just be what those criminals are law of attracting for themselves?

  93. Noncast: Criminal Justice pt 5

    Moreover, do we all live outside of the universe order?

    "See from a universal standpoint -- I'll just give you this -- humanity is not ready to align with with the true spiritual perspective on this. The true, objective, spiritual perspective is we've given you law of attraction."

    So she's saying... What's she saying? Am I the only one who notices that she spouts insane, grandiose nonsense whenever she's able to run her suck for even a few minutes at a time. She knows the objective, spiritual perspective and she's going to throw us a bone and tell us what it is. Once again, she speaks for universe. The rest of us, not so much... despite the fact that we're all universe because she supposedly believes in oneness. Wow. What. The. Fuck.

    How do victims get justice under her system? Sarbdeep wants to know.

    "To me, justice should be learning. Nothing else," claims teal. So one must assume that teal doesn't own a dictionary. In teal's world, justice apparently has nothing to do with fairness, equity, or balance, as it does to most people. It's all about the learning. Learning what, we have no idea.

    Sarbdeep was getting schooled, though. My husband described her tone and affect as "scolding the pupil." Once again, teal is facing outward, toward the camera being all lectury. Sarbdeep is turned in, facing her directly, open, and trying to engage her in dialogue. Try watching the video, particularly around the 18:00 minute mark. The body language is very telling. She's pouty. She keeps putting her hand on her hip and shaking her head. Sarbs just doesn't "get it."

    Well, we don't get it either. We get it far less than Sarbs gets it. We think it's nonsensical. My husband described her "plan" as: naive, simplistic, Quixotic, specious, fatuous, and feckless.

    Sums it up pretty well, I think.

    And what was going on with the video production on this one. It was blurry. The audio was poor. There were numerous weird edits that left us really wondering what ended up on the cutting room floor. The weirdest one is around 8:55. It looks like she said something about sex offenders and it was very deliberately edited out, because after the edit, out of nowhere, Sarbdeep says, "Yes, but, nobody wants a sex offender living next to them..." True that.

    And the end was dubbed! What was up with that? Watch their lips and listen to the audio. Dubbed. So weird.

    On the plus side, they were both well-dressed and we never felt like we were gonna see anyone's hoo-hah, so that was a relief.

  94. your nonpodcast reflections are so brilliant, I need to stick around just for that although I actually left the boat. :D

    Brilliant LV & husband: razor sharp, crystal clear, open.
    your nonpodcast should get its own URL links you know...because teal's empty domination phrases, smart sounding claims and fluffy dreams of an ex victim (aka self realized, enlightened non victim) who deeply cares about the healing of her own perpetrator is like opium to the teal tribe masses.

    There is no concept, there is no proof of concept, just great sounding claims, "the best", "never done before" "the only way.." "Let me explain to you". Now don't get me started on the headway foundation. I want to squeeze Sarb's cheeks because he is such a great student by asking all these wonderful questions…although he constantly earns slap on his cheeks for not getting it :D Awwww

    What about starting a healing school for victims first, righT? makes sense, empowered victim will hopefully stop to attract such a mess of a perpetrator in future…in this way they may die out as the carnivorous animals of planet earth according to teal. Although I admire people with dreams for a positive outcome on this little rock floating through space…I am not such a big fan of
    tealish, fat hot air ballons.

    LV is a juicy needle. I love it.

  95. "On the plus side, they were both well-dressed and we never felt like we were gonna see anyone's hoo-hah, so that was a relief."


  96. damn it. I just realize I am hooked on celestial reflections. antidot please. I a such an addict.

    Justin: Teal's original plans were provence but I guess they figured that they should conquer california first -they should make some use out of sarb's celebrity connections before the ajax's tsunami flushes everything away. As usual, Teal is a smart business woman and should try to get onto shark tank. I would love to see Kevin O'Leary aka Mr. Wonderful debating about proof of concept for her business .mhhh brand mmmhhh product.

  97. I am so glad to see you GA.
    I consider this blog and comments gallery a Positive addiction.

    This time I could not even read the pod review without feeling so TIRED, like a major suck even from a distance.

    I studied sociology along with nursing. I personally have never been around people who go to jail. No one in my family and the only "friend" was someone busted for growing pot and served 5 years. Also, my 70 year old friend has a sig other (now). He is 12 years younger and used to be her supervisor in community projects. He was a psychologist who's exwife and the local machinery (who suspiciously disliked his "outsiderness" before the troubles), convicted him for "molesting" the 3 year old step daughter. This was after he left his wife and made her VERY angry. The trial was clouded but I think we know that local custom over rides "faireness". This gentle man served 15 years, is on the pedo registrar and is not bitter as he is a very spiritually attuned person dealing with "how he invieted such an incident)?? This is a question i consider valid.

    He has been "out" for a year and he became an elder in the prison he served in...it is a whole culture.., more unique than portrayed with prison "arts" and craft and a hierarchy of "cons" who do have authority based on wisdom of how to survive prison.

    I think we have an embedded belief in "prisonment", much like we believe money is necessary. We have lots of social ideas we do not question. I personally can't understand victimless crime, entrapment and also doubt prisonment itself rehabilitates. I see what prison as profit maker is wrong. I am on the side of segregation explained just as that.

    Rehabillitation should be soft IMO. So once released, I would help people find a good place to live, school, a real job, integration into a noncriminal based social world. I would feed well (food is near starvation level in some place) and i would bring animals in for the people there to bond with and feel love from. Everyone deserves comfort IMO. I want to own my compassion for the jailed.

    When someone does awful behavior, they lost a reputation they must earn again. Yes, if a pedo, yes, keep segregating but also I recognize that pedophillia is not a simple "us versus them"

    Humans do not automatically stop acting out and carrying on a life based on their past. there is a need to learn new more effective behavior. I fee have NO sympathy for sociopathic behavior. Those who use their smarts to manipulate others must find it a strategy that works? I say educate and empower everyone to say NO to manipulation and to find other ways themselves to live...idealistic??? I can't help thinking this COULD be true!!

  98. Sai Baba turned Teal Bosworth Scott Swan


  99. Sai Baba turned Teal Bosworth Scott Swan


    maybe she is Satya Sai Baba? He was known to "catylyze" young men and boys. I read several stories and when one young man was interviewed, he described the energy exchange so the "sexual" connection gave the devotee some energy at least in his case.

    Does not teal give off energy of some kind? I don't think "charisma" is about holiness but a basic energy physiology that she does employ. It seems she is charismatic to the devotees who are "low in the vibe". She appeals to seekers who are suffering and I would say maybe de-energized enough so her energy exchange feels "better" to them than they were and they think this makes her "special" and holy.

    She cannot use people long IF they get any kind of power. Like LV said, "You can build up the intended energy source IF you also simultaneously tear down your source with the other hand to make (making sure they don't gain enough inner strength to leave.)

    Satya Sai baba was a sorcerer IMo and he still has devotees who see sacred ash falling from pictures. This then gets into who is "juicing" miracles. IMO the human by our nature is a creator. What we create is the issue. I see placebo in big bold letters as the evidence that we create the miracles.

    Field energy exchange is something that if it could be SEEN, would have a better chance of deconstruction. I feel for Teal's plight and Satya Sai Baba too IF he was using others to power his empire. I do not know, only heard gossip. I have seen the ash from a devotee's home which is also a temple in Georgia. The devotees give LOADs of attention to the shrines there.

    Notice how Teal cannot hold enough vital energy herself so gets sick and cranky. Not seeming "right" for a real avatar to be sick and cranky. That is a sign to me of delusional being pretending and IMO real avatars do not demonstrate like Teal demonstrates.

    It may well be that the LAST test of a human before reaching godness is what we do when we could take power from others. Notice how this video is from a fan.

  100. There was a discussion on one of these threads about how she claims to be the reincarnated Sai Baba but somehow different from the Sathya Sai Baba, who also claimed to be the reincarnated Sai Baba. She certainly does a have a guru thing going on. Too many of them abuse power and so much of it involves sexual exploitation. I was at Kripalu not long after the scandal with their guru went down. Hideous.

    There is also a correlation, I think, between charisma and crazy. Scratch the surface on any of these people, spiritual leaders, political leaders, movie stars -- the most charismatic people turn out to be really off.

  101. LV, you are so on that charisma is the gloss on a glamor having little to do with real. Keep poking and there is revealed the underpinnings of the truth. keep poking LV!!!


    "Disturbed Gurus
    Cult leaders are often charming, charismatic figures with above-average intelligence. The "charismatic charmer" is one their false faces — a pseudo-personality.

    Many cult leaders suffer from borderline, disassociate or multiple personality disorders. Members feel honored to be with, and be seen, around them. But their personality can change dramatically in a flash. Cult leaders are always very disturbed individuals. They are usually victims turned persecutor, having a history of involvement in other social, political or religious cults and/or suffering the effects of a traumatic childhood. Behind their strong and confident exterior (pseudo-personality) they need their leader position to compensate for a very fragile sense of self-worth, self-esteem and self-identity.

    This is also shown by the fact that they cannot "hack it" in the real world and need to live in a cult/sect environment to live out their problems. Their past histories show social marginality and a tendency to drift from one cause to another, one cult to another, one job to another, one marriage to another, etc. They spend their lives dedicated to their cause (also, increasing through the Internet, now). They are obsessive-compulsive, fanatical and manipulative.

    Nothing will stand in the way of their visions, schemes and self-glorification — not even the well-being of their partners or children. They manipulate the minds of vulnerable members, extorting money and sexual favors and/or abusing them psychologically, physically and/or sexually. "

  102. "Brilliant LV & husband: razor sharp, crystal clear, open.
    your nonpodcast should get its own URL links you know...because teal's empty domination phrases, smart sounding claims and fluffy dreams of an ex victim (aka self realized, enlightened non victim) who deeply cares about the healing of her own perpetrator is like opium to the teal tribe masses."

    Here's the thing: We're focused on the not-podcasts right now because they're fascinating on so many levels, but the simple truth is that if you analyze pretty much anything she says, it's a study in crazy nonsense. Particularly her video stuff. If you take away her pretty face, her certain, authoritative tone, and the fact that she blows through the craziest statements at light speed, and really look at what she's saying, it doesn't hold up. She contradicts herself all over the place. She says a lot that isn't consistent either with LOA material or a genuine belief in oneness. The only thing that's really consistent is her belief that's she very, very special and different from everybody else. That and the victimhood. She has a messiah complex -- she's suffered for all of us, but is blameless and is here according to some grand design to help us poor humans. That's the overarching theme. Not LOA. Not oneness. Those are popular ideas that she's repackaged. She doesn't understand them and isn't capable of articulating those ideas with any consistency.

    When it comes to her body of work, it's not where you look. It's how you look.

  103. A quick note on Sai Baba. There were some videos taken of him producing "miracles", which turned out to be nothing more than slight of hand tricks.

    "There is also a correlation, I think, between charisma and crazy. Scratch the surface on any of these people, spiritual leaders, political leaders, movie stars -- the most charismatic people turn out to be really off."

    Maybe sometimes or even a slight majority of the time, but perhaps it's limiting to over generalize on this? There are different kinds of charisma i've observed. There is the charisma of the warm, loving heart that tends to be a bit more quiet or steady than the Uranian or Plutonian type charisma often exuded by people that are imbalanced beyond the usual.

    My brother is a fairly charismatic person, and he isn't even close to being a negative cult leader type--he did go through a period wherein i think he felt a lack of attention and learned how to turn on the charm to somewhat compensate, but the same time a lot of it is more genuine and related to heart warmth too.

    What are people's thoughts on doing a collective prayer/intention with the thought of helping Teal? While it's good to try to make people aware of her issues, it's also important to realize as wounded and imbalanced as she probably is, she still is a fellow human and child/part of Source and us and obviously needs help. While we can't change her with prayer, and shouldn't try anyways since that's a violation of freewill, perhaps praying for shielding for her from negative energies, as well as feeling Love towards her, could possibly help in some way? Perhaps she will have a moment of clarity and realize that she is not on a good path?

    I don't know, but personally i think it's worth a try even if it's a long shot. I do know this, thinking and feeling non constructive thoughts/feelings to or about her, certainly won't help her at all.

  104. Hi Justin,
    I enjoy reading your comments and appreciate your perspective and information.

    You said:
    "While it's good to try to make people aware of her issues, it's also important to realize as wounded and imbalanced as she probably is, she still is a fellow human and child/part of Source and us and obviously needs help."

    IMO, there is like with every collective presentation many layers. There is the person Teal and certainly I feel warmth and softness for her. My prayer is for all that we connect to our inner source and find fulfilled and nurturing life.

    Then there is the TEAL who presents a personae that is just "wrong" because the implication is that others are unable to find inner connection and NEED what she offers because they have not got "what it takes". This is the excuse to get attention, energy of all kinds etc... She suffers under the same problems we all do. Maybe she has had extreme abuse. I think many have had various extreme abuses and just being in the Kali Yuga is hard for beings....

    However, something has made her manipulative strategy look good and she refuses to deal with that something. Instead, she is balancing her lack with TEAL.

    The wrongness is more than just seeking attention as SHE twists others around. This use of others is an aspect of the liearchy we have in many areas. Personally I wish to dismantle the beliefs in my own psyche. So, this TEAL business needs calling out!

    I include Teal the person in my prayers for health of all beings. She looks suspiciously like my own mother and I also send Teal appreciation for holding up a screen to deal with the issues of narcissism and growing up from "cultish" worship of others.

    If everyone has the knowledge of how this enticement to worship operates, people would not succumb to the petty power trip of TEALs. That in itself would help Ms Swan because the only way she can explain her "higher calling" is by saying she suffers FOR us. That means she must keep the the whole trip of being a scapegoat etc. According to all I am interested in studying, that "mission" keeps her in in prison.

  105. LV and others ...Sometimes I wish we could have a lengthy discussion of manifestation principles. It seems that people like Lester levenson broke through to understanding. LL realized he had always been "seeking" love (love is equated with happiness). He realized "giving love" was the way that it really works (happiness comes giving love). Then he seems to have teased out that "thoughts" manifest. He had been "seeking happiness" through affairs, business etc. and things started well but ended. He was always anxious, had chronic self doubt and insecurity through life. He had ulcers and was chronically "ill"and ultimately had two major heart attacks and cardiac failure in his early 40's.

    Near death he made his turn around. It is a here in his self analysis he makes a point:
    "Quote However, I began to see that I could regulate the amount of power and
    intelligence for my own use and that I could have control of it. I liked that so I
    began to dig at it.
    I began to examine thinking, and its relationship to what was happening. And I
    saw that whatever was happening had a thought behind it at some time prior.
    And that the reason I had never before related the two was because of the
    element of time between the thought and the happening.
    But I did discover that with everything that was happening to me I'd had a
    thought of it before it happened; and that, if I could grab hold of this concept and
    find a way to use it, I could consciously pre-determine everything that would
    happen to me!
    Above all, I saw that I was responsible for everything that had happened to me,
    formerly thinking that the world was abusing me! And I saw that my tremendous
    effort to make money and then losing it was due only to my thinking; that I had
    been always seeking happiness, and thought that making money would do it. So
    whenever the business started to make money, and the money did not bring me
    the happiness I wanted, I began to lose interest and the thing collapsed. I had
    always blamed it on other people and circumstances, not realizing that it was
    simply my subconscious knowledge that this is not happiness which caused me
    to lose interest and that, in turn, caused the business to collapse.
    This was a tremendous piece of freedom, to think that I am not a victim of this
    world, that it lies within my power to arrange the world the way I want it to be;
    that rather than be an effect of it, I can now be in control of it and arrange it the
    way I would like it to be. That was a tremendous realization, a tremendous
    feeling of freedom."

    The significant thing about all this is that OUR LOVE drives our experience. Giving this ultimate energy of creation" precedes created events. Love is not given to that which we feel indifferent towards. It is when we are constricted and staunching the flow in general in fear that we get very weak. We can hate something (flip side of coin) and still be extending the energy.

    The Universal principle is "loving technology" IMO.

  106. Glad he figured out that giving love is more important than receiving it. Opening the heart is EVERYTHING!

    However, it looks to me, from that excerpt, like he traded one transactional control drama for another. The idea that we can "control" -- that word always comes up in LOA material -- to "pre-determine everything that would happen" is just another way of saying egomania. It can't be done, nor should it be. As it is we're too much in our egos and trying to control everything.

    I also just don't put that much stock in thoughts. I'm not a material reductionist. I don't believe consciousness is produced by the brain. I believe the brain is more of a receiver and processor of consciousness. I believe that thoughts are more byproduct than producer. Did we think a thought and make it happen or was something happening as part of a much larger play of consciousness that trickled into our little brains as a thought? I'm more inclined to think it's the latter.

  107. "Did we think a thought and make it happen or was something happening as part of a much larger play of consciousness that trickled into our little brains as a thought?"

    Yes, I appreciate what you are saying LV. LL recognized "the world" is an artifact of mind so "some"one is creating the illusion. By learning one's creative agency, is it easier then to let go of the charade? I dunno? No attachment after total immersion? Exhaustion of the limits of the world offerings?? ILL did talk about letting go (releasing) the thinking......

    "There are two ways of growing: one is what I call the negative way, eliminating the negative, going into the
    mind, seeing the cause of the problem that originated in
    a thought some time in the past. When we see this
    thought, when we bring it up into consciousness, we
    naturally let go of it. We see how silly it is to hold onto it
    and therefore correct that thought and behavior.

    However, the other way is the better. It is the positive
    way. Quiet the mind and see who and what you really
    are, the infinite Self. In the over all, there's really only
    two ways: eliminating the negative and the better,
    putting in the positive, “I am that I am,” “I am He.” The
    latter is by far the faster.

    Let's now take a look at this so- called apparency,
    the world. The world is only an illusion that we created
    mentally. It is not external but in reality within us, within
    our mind. Someday you'll discover that you created
    this entire universe that you see. The method of creating is
    by first creating what we call a mind. We create our
    mind, which is nothing but a composite of all our
    thoughts, conscious and subconscious, and the
    thoughts create the material world. Every little thing that
    happens to each and everyone of us is created in our
    thinking. We mentally set up a thing called time which
    makes it even more difficult to see things because we
    think now and things happen years later. But the only
    creator there is, is the mind, your mind. Is God a
    creator? Yes, because you are. Thou are That! You set
    up a mind and through the mind create. It is necessary
    and good to discover that everything happening is
    caused by our thinking. Everything that happens to us is
    created in our thought. It's a stepping stone toward
    realizing and recognizing that we are the creators.
    First you discover that you created your trouble, then you
    discover that you can create anything you desire. After
    you discover that there is nothing that you cannot
    create, you're still unhappy. The reason is that you have
    separated yourself from the Infinity. Only on recognizing
    your Infinity are you perfectly satisfied." http://www.stillnessspeaks.com/sitehtml/llevenson/keystoultimate.pdf

  108. me2yesu:
    Indeed a positive or inspiring LV&co addiction.

    xxxx sending them all back. Just saw them ( :

    In regards to Sai Baba - wasn't Teal the first to warn us not to get too involved into the past lives and their own charismatic thought activity story :D . I am amused about the claim in this regard - I believe it is part of her business plan and probably her own believe and contradicts everything she said a long the line. Ah well, probably that is the reason why she wants to destroy the guru image, considering that she was a big guru and unfairly treated in her let life ( ;
    Mr. GabrielKundalini is a fan of teal. Climbed the mountains with her, interviewed her and adores her on some level. Fair enough for him to connect the dots on his journey. I just can't deal with this kind of life approach.

    me2yesu: "Many cult leaders suffer from borderline, disassociate or multiple personality disorders. Members feel honored to be with, and be seen, around them. But their personality can change dramatically in a flash. Cult leaders are always very disturbed individuals. They are usually victims turned persecutor, having a history of involvement in other social, political or religious cults and/or suffering the effects of a traumatic childhood. Behind their strong and confident exterior (pseudo-personality) they need their leader position to compensate for a very fragile sense of self-worth, self-esteem and self-identity."

    I fully agree and it makes sense because the very dark experiences are indeed a seed for spiritual inner and outer search. After the experience to have "found something or a solution" they tend to consider this as very valuable to human kind and if driven enough, end up in high chairs surrounded by audience. I once dated a potential cult leader… he always wanted to be this. He had one of the darkest childhoods I've ever heard and found safety in the arms of european, self taught budism…which he approached like a soldier, fighting for the final truth. he was charisma embodied, had a strong sexual drive to his partner AND co :D and was battled by all kinds of break outs, choleric to the core. When my girl friend got introduced to him, she backed off. I was sooo young…without realizing it, I was cut off my family, friends and he tried to make the perfect woman out of me according to his ideas. I was green behind my ears. Anyway, long story short: after 4 indescribable years I finally managed to bond with myself again and left the mad hatters house. I also reconnected with my old girl friend and she had the best description I've ever heard: She said that he reminded her of a fascinating, mythical creature which was deeply injured and unpredictable. She saw me running into the woods to follow this charismatic, unpredictable creature and got lost on the way. Awww she was wise and I was so dumb.

    So i guess you can say that most of the cult leaders are fascinating, mythical creature which was deeply injured and unpredictable.

    LV: "The only thing that's really consistent is her belief that's she very, very special and different from everybody else."

    Well that is the base for the whole business plan. Otherwise everybody could do it right. :D
    LV - to say it with Teal's words: you still add value to the universe by showing the crazy nonsense to those who follow the creature into the mystical fairy tale woods.


  109. Justin W: "I do know this, thinking and feeling non constructive thoughts/feelings to or about her, certainly won't help her at all. "

    I perceive the majority of our discussion and opinion sessions as very constructive and Clarifying and helpful to me! There is nothing I can do for this lovely lovely Teal and the business teal. I am and always was a lover of hers and one day the bullshit just overweighted the mezmorising presence of her in video and talk. I also think that Teal and Blake and Co who in fact read this blog, find clarity by doing so. I remember her saying that she finds it interesting reading other people's perspective on her because it helps her to clarify what she is and what she isn't. so there is enough chant on the sucking teal tribe page and the comment section of her blog. Many people sing for her already ( : …. This here is bitter medicine but probably more helpful (if you want to call it that way even it wasn't the intention) than the slobber from the praises. However I see the intention of your comment and thought that this was very very sweet.

    me2yesu" He realized "giving love" was the way that it really works.."

    I am a huge fan of dreaming bear. Please have a look at this short video where he describes his horrendous childhood (yes other people suffered as well, not only Teal) and I love his approach, which mirrors what you said.


    also see his last sentence - I find it very interesting but can't really grasp it right now. Any thoughts?

  110. GA...No please don't go... You have just framed something very important!! I know exactly what you mean!! But I feel as if I just SAW this "no fault" zone. Yes, I have met these creatures and I knew they were fascinating. But only with your words did it click that I don't need to keep making sense of WHY? and can just bless all of us again. I am so RELIEVED!! .

    "So i guess you can say that most of the cult leaders are fascinating, mythical creature which was deeply injured and unpredictable.

    LV - to say it with Teal's words: you still add value to the universe by showing the crazy nonsense to those who follow the creature into the mystical fairy tale woods."

  111. I saw the video of Dreaming Bear and I agree about the Tenderness being a Revolutionary act. Nice voice timbre and all good. I still discern the need for the BIG back story to have the "right" to say anything. In a way, could it be that by continuing to constantly invoke the need to be kicked around before one wises, that it makes others subconsciously believing being kicked around is what produces spiritual gifts???

    Still marinating in what GA said about the process in which a baby might be hurt through trauma but seek out of that pain and then have a cause. The thing is, deep abuse does change a "person" and survival of trauma might actually be the evolution to "another kind". I know that is NOT what you said exactly GA.

    We all have these various "set ups" between one another that seem quite "lawful" looked at in bigger frames. The Guru caught in power trips is the disciple in powerless trips...all bookended. one can't be without the other. FUNNY how "astrology" and other disciplines show these patterns that have their polarities and complements.

    But seriously, seeing that one "likes" to run off to the woods and then "likes" to get mad at the mythical creature and go home and then likes to find the mythical in oneself, is just so without blame.

    There is that phrase..."they lived Happily ever afterward." It is what cannot be written as NO one yet has been able to actually live the afterwards and TRULY I believe we are getting to that part now. Calling out the system is one really important step so people will question being made a bookend.
    I appreciate that we need to make peace with all aspects to make that afterwards.

  112. me2yesu: "BIG back story to have the "right" to say anything "

    the big back story is the point of relation. without it, no harbor and no dock, people will not take you serious. that's why teal is picking up so many on a very low stream energy level (including me when i found her)… the story seems to make her authentic and real, your pain relates to hers, becomes smaller or balances itself out by the amount of her pain. … strange experience but very human. You feel understood.

    "baby might be hurt through trauma but seek out of that pain and then have a cause."
    beautifully said.

    "he thing is, deep abuse does change a "person" and survival of trauma might actually be the evolution to "another kind"
    I think it is even simpler. black will always thrive to white. white maybe stays white or gets bored and turns black to thrive for white again. no stillness, movement in 3D and mind translator. no static pain free or pain full experience.

    "But seriously, seeing that one "likes" to run off to the woods and then "likes" to get mad at the mythical creature and go home and then likes to find the mythical in oneself, is just so without blame. "
    Nicely put, I see myself. I guess it is ONLY about the mythical, hidden, enigma-like vibe in a person or a circumstance which draws the attention of a person who wants to figure it out ( like me, a sweet sweet mind). The trails of these creatures and circumstances are like a drug for a longing soul aahhhmmm ego (which is known to love exciting story lines where it can participate in). they point towards a possibility to find. that is enough to be a drug.

    Me2yesu: I just SAW this "no fault" zone"
    I so get it now too! thanks Me2yesu for having the flash :D I was just mumbling in my unawareness hahaha

  113. In regards to the point of teal's specialness..I had some thoughts on that one too

    the thought tree which defines an ego would put the desire this way:

    "I want to be special."

    It is something that haunts me for a while now, SINCE I had my first experience where I was seen or reflected back to me as special. The emotions which arise following this thought (considering that it is accepted and taken on in the ego structure) is the opposite of all the pain and dark vibes which I encountered in my life.

    Now: I am thinking about it for a while and the teal side in me obviously thrives on this kind of self definition. It motivates certain actions, decisions, exclusions, choice of people I surround myself etc. In fact it is the base of which I try and love to relate myself in life to other life which encounters me. I am also a seeker of the invisible technology. 80% of my energy goes into. If i look closely, the currency behind the wish of being special is "attention" - not money but attention. Considering that Teal is my sister ( : we share common thought structures and spin them over and over again through our consciousness. We defocus on the rest and this becomes the main branch of the ego tree. Why does attention (positive) feel so great and the abscense of it so painful?

    wanting to be special --- attention ---- self worth what a fierce connection between all of them. I just watched by accident a video of Leija Turunen about comparing yourself to others. She was saying that it is like a tomato getting depressed because it compares itself to the potassium rich banana. So tomato is depressed and upset for not being able to have so much amazing potassium but doesn't notice that it tops the banana with its vitamin c (such a cute example) . On a side note: I am not a big fan of her, just neutral but have to say that this video is really cute and good

    Can somebody solve the mystery of wanting to be special --- attention ---- self worth. How can self worth be connected to being special, judged by the amount of attention you get? Also it goes like the direct opposite to all spiritual teachings I am studying hahahaha that we are all amazing and special and nobody is more special than the other.

    Acknowledgement, self doubt, being special, getting attention, feeling great, feeling worth, not getting attention, feeling bad, feeling unworthy.

    WTF - who built the ground structure of this annoying thought? there is no sense in it but still…it is very real and logical in its experience of the emotion roller coaster.

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  116. and me2yesu:...a follow up thought. It seems like that there are 3 models for being accepted as a approved leader of thought-creating and thought-deleting mind sets by:

    1. was in the dark and turned the light on - created manual for human light switch! 

    2. brain inactivity by accepting master linage - they just know the stuff and come back over and over again to bring you into the light

    3. the person who spent time in both states and constantly balances itself into the zero zone...usually doesn't talk about it but you just feel great by "knowing" that they are close to you or by spending time with them, never called him or herself teacher, leader or master and just express their embracement by amazing human actions.


I know 2 people like this, they live close to me, we dont see each other often but just "knowing" that they are there and exist, give me great comfort and love. I had a dilemma recently. the grass was turning into bushes and trees and my loan moar had no chance of cutting them ( I am a killer). SO I called them and asked them if I can borrow their hand held long arm grass cutter. On the phone she said, that she will check if they have it. 15min later her husband was standing in front of my door (very busy, always working, no time) with a monster lawn moar and said, that he will cut my lawn now with a big smile. I was soooo shocked. AMAZING. No 3

    PS: sorry , needed to delete, the formating of text was all over the place for some reasons.

  117. Even God wants to feel special and get recognition and admiration for this grand creation and the gift of life, and wants some attention, lol, otherwise why bother manifesting this mirror Universe and an illusion of separation...so that "we" can participate in this game....

    Also, because there are so many of us here, on this planet, these days, there is this pathological (imo) fear of being just one of billion, having a common fate, all those billions want to be one in a million. Hence comes obsession with fame, trying so hard to feel unique in the crowd. It takes courage to be a" nobody" in this world. People come up with the most hilarious ways to fulfill this need for attention: some dye their hair pink, wear clownish colors and styles and call it self-expressing their artistic "rare" "taste" and "unique" individuality, get outrageous tattoos, participate in some silly contests, and dedicate all their time and effort in order to break some records...the list goes on and on. Only a handful achieve true immortality with their genius. Let's face it- the meritocracy rules right now. Mostly we get noise instead of music, fun instead of true joy, comfortable habits and rituals instead of full life and happiness, conventional safe relationships instead of romance, pseudo culture instead of true culture, useless fluff instead of philosophy... and science- they have their own issues there...

    “I’m just sick of ego, ego, ego. My own and everybody else’s. I’m sick of everybody that wants to get somewhere, do something distinguished and all, be somebody interesting. It’s disgusting.”
    ― J.D. Salinger, Franny and Zooey

    Off the topic, is anyone here sensitive to solar flares?

  118. http://teal-blog.s3.amazonaws.com/2014/05/1654664_10100724457678611_1841613660_n.jpg

    So Teal writes next about being called selfish because (she?) WILL NOT give what (she?) CAN NOT give because (she?) DON"T HAVE IT to give.


    I was reminded that I am contemplating love as the creative force that drives the Universe and I THINK she is mistaking LOVE for a "commodity". I am reminded that I have been reading LL who was dying because he was basically just refusing to be a conduit for this flow. It showed in his physicality,relationships and business.

    This LOVE is all around like air and IMO, feeling you can't give it is like saying..."I won't breathe on you". I KNOW that my ego "self detractor" has been all that ever constricts the flow and it feels like suffocating to be so "unloving" which is how I know I am in danger of killing myself.

    Ego says Gimme first ....then I will share. But it just don't work that way. Empty the lungs OUT and get the fresh air in.

    Poor little rich girl is doing herself no favors by upping the ego ante of "guilt" and "shame" that having called on others to see her as a "spiritual leader", cannot lead herself to the water of LIFE. I love cliches unfortunately. The earth will be bread and she is skinny. The ether is inspiration of some new way, not copying the old tired collective meme. Then there is fire. Fire she may have as she inflames. Fire can warm but it can't feed. it consumes....

    Two songs for Teal (and Moi).....



  119. In case you have trouble with the new Swan with the Tea episode- here is the propper link


  120. I think Neil deGrasse Tyson expressed it the best. The need of significance which I named "feeling special". Very beautiful, watch it and it will make your spine spin ( :


    What is the most astounding fact you can share with us about the Universe?

    [Neil deGrasse Tyson, Ph.D. (October 5, 1958)] Source: LYBIO.net
    The most astounding fact is the knowledge that the atoms that comprise life on Earth the atoms that make up the human body are traceable to the crucibles that cooked light elements into heavy elements in their core under extreme temperatures and pressures. These stars, the high mass ones among them went unstable in their later years they collapsed and then exploded scattering their enriched guts across the galaxy guts made of carbon, nitrogen, oxygen and all the fundamental ingredients of life itself. These ingredients become part of gas cloud that condense, collapse, form the next generation of solar systems stars with orbiting planets, and those planets now have the ingredients for life itself. So that when I look up at the night sky and I know that yes, we are part of this universe, we are in this universe, but perhaps more important than both of those facts is that the Universe is in us. When I reflect on that fact, I look up – many people feel small because they’re small and the Universe is big – but I feel big, because my atoms came from those stars. There’s a level of connectivity. That’s really what you want in life, you want to feel connected, you want to feel relevant you want to feel like a participant in the goings on of activities and events around you That’s precisely what we are, just by being alive…

  121. I wanna smile too! But the page was no longer available when I tried to open...

  122. It's working for me. If you're not on Facebook, you may not be able to see it. It's just a graphic that says:

    "You're a ghost driving a meat coated skeleton made from stardust, what do you have to be scared of?"

  123. hehe, this vehicle is driving the ghost mad. Such a nuisance.

  124. I heard that. It is one seriously whack piece of machinery isn't it.

  125. I don't know if our DNA was tampered with and far from what it was supposed to be in the original plan....but the current human condition, the present state of our psychophysiological processes...how can it not be offensive to whatever is divine within us on many levels? Poor spark-it's so hard to shine thru all this grime and slime...My conscious mind finds it all almost appalling lately...For example, this subway ride I experienced today during rush hour: I felt tired, hungry and needed to pee (sorry for tmi) - all that discomfort cs of my physicality. And then all those other people around me(Sartre comes to mind) bumping into me- it was sooo crowded, and the day was warm and humid, and in the train someone was sneezing next to me, another one was talking way too loud, and it was smelly..... all of a sudden I wanted to be Teal's salmon (her latest blog). Or better yet, a flying bird, without one thought in the tiny head.

  126. But then I really enjoyed the beautiful sunset walk in the big park nearby later. With lots of cherry trees blossoming there and stunning pinkish skies over the lake it almost felt as if I was transported from hell to heaven.

  127. Elena, what a great confirmation that hell and heaven are a thought away.

    This BBS Radio Talk Show with Timothy J. Glenn May 10, 2014, insights about destiny....


    Lance White (Zany Mystic) says he had an excellent reading from Timothy Glenn. He suggested EVERYONE get one (high praise). The readings apparently use sign posts like numerology and astrology and then information that can go "pretty far afield" to show people their "destiny" (which I think means "Why did I come into form here like this and now?").

    What is drawing us forward to fill out the "picture" of what kind of artlife we planned. The planning I accept as a co-creative effort of all aspects pointed in this little bit of matter.
    Now is our reality.

    I think what is very in the way of 'reality" IS the common ideas of the collective that actually keep being re-imprinted every day. But if we have our "destiny" to focus on, that is a pole star for us. We can say "Is this info supportive to my destiny?" and the inner being will tell us.

    We each HAVE knowledge in our innards that leads straight home to our frequency that sang the destiny originally.

    I keep being distracted by fears, doubt and second guesses so that I am NOT focusing on my "destiny" and how that feels and what details I see there but the past and the "matrix ideas" .

    What I observe is something very personal and present for me. OVER and OVER, I sit still and feel just so close to my inner being and hear the truth. That TRUTH says clearly how all is well and moreover nothing is impossible. I hear that because I am the creator of a "life". No matter what others choose, my every desire is " worthy". I am worthy just because I am the source of "this life" and IF I am asking for anything with my heart in it, it is Good.

    I have talked to many wayshowers in my own life and they each at least recall a time when they had to trust themselves. They had to choose "Will I live MY life? Or will I try to live life for others?" (some even trying to live ONLY for HUMANITY and getting slammed by the fact that they cannot DO for others).

    What we live as our real desires ARE what we can do for humanity. It does not help others to pretend EVER. Even if we are trying to pretend away what the matrix says are flaws...this is NOT helping anyone. So, I will afford that Teal is just living her own response-bility.

    My favorite Bashar and Abraham notice we don't "hurt" others if we make errors. Experience is temporary but yet for a grand purpose. The biggest error is "not living" from hesitation to be disappointed or a disappointment and other matrix consideration.

    We are here to be the portal of a living creator expressing life as only we may.

    I KNOW that listening "to others" seeks confirmation for me of what I already know to do...stay in the present moment and feeling in love, feel how wonderful life IS NOW (because there IS something right in my face wonderful), pray and meditate NOW and now and now as I am doing other things (i.e. ask and receive communication from my inner being....like walking around with the cosmic blue tooth in my ear).

    We are not helpless AT ALL to experience the epitome of what "I AM" desiring now in this experience. The best thing way showers an do is live such a fulfilled experience that we make other so happy to see our EVIDENCE that each dreamer is cosmically in-carnated FOR the very dream that we think "is just too good to be true".

    Quote from the first 3 minutes from Timothy Glenn:
    "A lot of what I do there is confirmation. And it's not just confirmation like”Oh Gee I'm on my path. It's confirmation of “our wildest dreams really can become true."

    Then Lance says "Ummmm......"

  128. Elena, I know. In so many ways, we don't seem to make any sense. Humans don't seem to be well adapted to our environment. We destroy ecosystems. Our bodies are not built for survival. Our birthing process doesn't make any sense. Unlike other live bearing creatures, we can't actually carry our young to full term. They're born without a fully formed digestive system or cranium, and an inability to support their own heads. We have birth complications at exponential rates, unlike the animal kingdom where birth complications are far more rare. We're very strange, out-of-place seeming creatures.

    I know some interpretations of the Gnostic writings say that we're soul sparks trapped in matter. It feels like that doesn't it?

  129. LaVaughn, maybe our physical disadvantages are accountable for what we are today. We had to use our brains in order to survive in such an unfriendly environment to which we weren't adapted well -no fur, no claws; we had to become inventive and creative in order to keep warm and feed ourselves. It seems because life was so full of challenges for our species, we've been evolving so. I guess, from another angle, human organism is quite a fascinating and complex structure. It's just Mother Nature doesn't give without taking something too. There are lot's of contradictions in this material dualistic physical nature and we are constantly trying to balance it out somehow. We've developed our big brain and so the babies come into this life with their huge heads they are unable to support. This requires some wide hips from females. But because of our vertical stance, hip bones can't be positioned too wide. Solution: the fontanelles which allowed the infant's head to pass through birth canal and like you mentioned, human babies are not really full term, for example, elephant female carries a baby for 22 months. A fully formed human baby would kill its mother. But then, maybe because of the fact that kids come so helpless and they grow and become independent so slowly compared to other animals, that we just had to develop intelligence, compassion, motherly devotion and love. Back then, it was extremely hard to raise a human just by a mother, a couple even, and so the communities were formed, and people learned about cooperation, support, looking out for each other (there were still so few of them and each member's life was considered precious). Spirit might be trapped here or maybe matter was meant as "clay" to play and experiment with. But when I look around and look back at our history, this experiment seems rather cruel to me, as the conscious matter experiences and feels intense suffering, physical, emotional pain overweighs happiness.

    Me2yesu: "what a great confirmation that hell and heaven are a thought away."

    Well, in my case they were literally steps away from each other. But also, beside a thought, some action was required on my part. And a nice meal, and an access to my bathroom, lol. All rather prosaic :-))

  130. Noncast: Messiah Complex pt 1

    The topic of tea this week was how to find an "authentic" spiritual teacher. I suspect teal needed to handle this very carefully so as not to disqualify herself. She mouthed some platitudes, contradicted herself a bit, and, just when we thought this was going to be the dullest tea ever, she praised Hitler. I gotta hand it to teal on shock value. She really knows how to bring it.

    This teacast actually had tea, the frog (YAY!) and, it would appear, Utah. I was rather expecting to be served my pod from teal's new location, or some point between the two. It would appear that her move did not go as planned and that this has turned her into a fish. Ah well. These things happen.

    We had hoped to keep this as brief as the content of this teacast, but with teal there are always new rabbit holes to tumble into. In this case, she spat out the word "humility" like some angry, verbal tic, but never came back to the idea to explain her outrage. So we subjected ourselves to another 10+ minutes of her blather. This would be the video wherein she tealsplains everything that's wrong with the concept of humility. God help me.

    As I've said before, my husband thinks the most scathing indictment of teal is her own words and that transcribing her videos word for word should settle once and for all what a worthless teacher she is. I'm less convinced of this, not because I think her material is cogent, but because I don't believe clarity is worth as much as you'd think in the marketplace of ideas.

    Case in point: Thomas Friedman. He's a very highly paid columnist for the paper of record. He's published numerous books, some of which are required reading in college classrooms. But he's a terrible writer and a worse thinker. I used to think I was the only person who'd noticed this. It was a lonely feeling. My friends, very intelligent people, used to rave about him and email me his columns. I just didn't get it. Then one day I stumbled on this column by Matt Taibbi and I felt such relief. I was not the only person who had seen past Thomas Friedman's facade and noticed that he sucked. Taibbi has a certain skill for eviscerating Friedman and has done so many times. This column is also a must read.

  131. Noncast: Messiah Complex pt 2

    What I initially found mystifying about the Friedman columns people sent me was that so many otherwise intelligent people were completely misreading them. For instance, in the build-up to the war in Iraq, many of my friends sent me his columns because they argued so effectively against the looming war. But when I read them, that didn't seem clear at all. In fact, it seemed like he was arguing for war in Iraq. Then I heard him on a Sunday chat show and any ambiguity about his position melted away. He was most definitely in the let's bomb the crap out of Iraq camp. He stated it quite plainly. So why were his columns so confusing that college educated people had no idea what he was actually saying? I think that this is Friedman's true gift and the secret of his success. That he's such a bad writer saves him. No one knows what he's saying or what a pedestrian thinker he really is.

    A Friedman column is like a Rorschach blot, a think tangle of mixed metaphors and physically impossible imagery that overwhelms the reader and actually shuts down the intellectual process. Every reader sees something different. They see a reflection of their own preconceptions. The person who doesn't want war in Iraq sees something that seems to support that position in paragraph three. The reader who does sees something else entirely in paragraph six. Both walk away thinking Friedman is a genius for so brilliantly articulating their own position. Or they annoy me by emailing me the column.

    I think teal is the Tom Friedman of the New Age fembot circuit. She is, to borrow a descriptor from Taibbi, "the perfect symbol of our culture of emboldened stupidity." Of course where Friedman is merely porn-stached, teal has never really strayed far from her porn model roots and isn't afraid to trade on sex appeal that Friedman lacks. This gives her an even greater advantage when it comes to bypassing her viewers' higher reasoning. But like Friedman, she uses words like rubble masonry, building thick, impenetrable walls of mismatched ideas, mortared together with inexplicable confidence. She closes strong and the more nonsensical and convoluted her explanations are, the more emphatically she pronounces them. In this teacast, for instance, after a particularly incomprehensible bit, she exclaims "a hundred percent!" There are always those phrases like "this is super-important, guys," after some meandering bit of nonsense.

    In the teacasts, she also has Sarbdeep to enable her most outrageous convolutions. In this one he began fidgeting with his wedding band again and looking a bit like a deer in the headlights at one point. When this happens, like the professionally trained codependent he is, he waits for the one thing he can agree with and refocuses the conversation onto that. Then they both look relieved. Sarbdeep, like her viewers, is strongly motivated to find agreement with teal, rather than to critique her ideas. To his credit he's challenged her more than most of her devotees, but she seems to be wearing him down. We've also noticed he's picking up her linguist patterns and dropping words like "super-important." She is not emulating his dignified speech and demeanor at all.

    In all her presentations, teal makes sure to include enough buzzwords to appeal to a range of views: blah, blah, blah, oneness, blah, blah, blah, law of attraction, blah, blah, blah, shadow work, blah, blah, blah... And, just as Friedman readers do, tealers latch onto the odd bits of stone that support their own beliefs and pronounce her brilliant.

  132. Noncast: Messiah Complex pt 3

    I am frequently astounded at how many words teal will misuse to explain otherwise simple ideas. In this teacast, for instance, it takes her several minutes to say: message not the messenger.

    Judge the individual teachings, not the totality, and not the teacher as an individual, she says for five minutes. This is odd, though, considering the extent to which she makes herself the message and has laid her personal life bare. This she has claimed repeatedly is her demonstrating her teachings about shadow work (Shadow House) and she publicly shamed Sarbdeep in the second teacast for wanting a private life.

    And then, for some reason, apparently unrelated to the message, not the messenger idea, she referenced Stuart Wilde. As we know, Sarbdeep studied with Mr. Wilde and was quite fond. Of course, Stuart Wilde could be the poster child for: let's look at the individual ideas, rather than the totality, and let's leave his personal peccadilloes out of it. Mostly he's a cautionary tale.

    She advocates picking and choosing from a smorgasbord of ideas and building your own religion. Again, very strange coming from a woman who delights in having people call themselves "tealers."

    There is a larger problem to her build your own religion idea, something I like to call the dangers of dabbling. When we cherry-pick the teachings we like from complex systems and traditions, we run the risk of only choosing the bits that flatter our egos and avoiding the things that challenge us. We also may miss very important safeguards that are built into spiritual practices. Spiritual growth isn't all love and light. It kicks up our stuff and we need some kind of support around that process. If we're delving into the mysteries, reality itself may start to come apart for us, and when that happens, we need a proper framework or we may end up in the loony bin. (See: Spiritual Emergency) And, of course, if you're anything like James Ray, your dilettantism may kill people.

    To her credit, teal gives several nods toward the idea that a spiritual teacher should lead the student inward, not to dependence on the teacher. I would be more impressed with that if so much of what she says didn't belie that intent. She never offers up her ideas in a spirit of: submitted for your consideration. It's always phrases like this one around minute 16:00, "This is what I want people to understand."

    Said my husband, "I haven't felt this condescended to since boot camp."

    She also keeps presuming to speak for source. Here she claims that source is playful and funny, not serious. (???) She also claims that some people are better able to channel source energy clearly than others.

    "All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others." ~ Animal Farm, George Orwell

    Here I must digress, once again, and point out that this a dualistic teaching and not a oneness teaching. We are not channels for source energy. If we are channeling something, that implies that it is separate from us and must be brought in from somewhere else. We ARE source energy. Among other things this means that if any of us are serious, source is serious.

  133. Noncast: Messiah Complex pt 4

    She also dispenses with any pretense of being nonjudgmental about other people's paths to spiritual growth when she discounts the value of all but a few religious systems. At the same time she demonstrates total ignorance about those religions. Zen Buddhism, Taoism, and "some" of the earth religions, are the closest to "universal truth," despite being very different. Somehow Tibetan Buddhism isn't as good as Zen because Zen tells people not to be attached to Buddhism either, according to teal. Never mind that the Dalai Lama is an extremely ecumenical thinker and is on record as stating that we need to move beyond religion. I guess she missed that. (???) Personally, I like Karen Armstrong's description of religion as a means to "tip" us into transcendence. One of the things you notice about accomplished spiritual teachers like the Dalai Lama and Karen Armstrong is that they don't bash individual religions, or religion entirely, even as they address the problems and limitations. They respect that there are many paths to the divine.

    And what is this "universal truth" of which teal speaks? She contradicts herself repeatedly on this one. She starts out talking about "objective truth" and periodically references this "universal truth" but about ten minutes in, she claims that "truth doesn't exist." Not according to source "perspective" which, again, is somehow different from our perspective, despite the "oneness" she claims to believe in. Such is the ideological house of cards this woman builds in even a few minutes of running her suck. She can't keep her story straight for even minutes at a time.

    As per teal, she is enlightened. She's had two, count 'em, two enlightenments. She goes on to describe them but what she's describing doesn't match the accepted definitions of enlightenment. Spiritual enlightenment is an Eastern concept and refers to an awakening that takes us beyond the cycles of death and rebirth. In the West, enlightenment refers to the Age of Enlightenment which is something quite different. She can use whatever words she wants to describe her process, but enlightenment is a very charged term. It has a agreed upon meanings when it comes to spiritual work. The Buddha was enlightened. What she's describing reads more like an initiation, as in the beginning of a process of spiritual awakening, not the end state of an enlightenment. I say this despite her convoluted explanation of enlightenment being an ongoing process of keeping pace with the universe's expansion. Her definition is idiosyncratic indeed, which would be fine if she weren't stating it as if it's a fact. More to the point, by describing herself as enlightened, she arrogates to herself the authority of an enlightened master.

    But, back to teal's "enlightenment(s)" that sound more like a mystical, or peak, experience and possibly a spiritual initiation. She begins by describing a choice to go into a dark "cave" and then she describes seeing everyone in the restaurant wearing her face. So, I'm not sure if that was a mystical experience or a half-remembered sequence from Being John Malkovich?

    Malkovich. Malkovich. Malkovich. Malkovich. Malkovich...


    Aside from the apparent solipsism of seeing, not so much that she is one with everything but that everyone is her, this reads like an initiatory experience -- the shattering intensity of it, I mean. It could have been, for instance, a sweep of kundalini energy.

  134. Noncast: Messiah Complex pt 5

    On a recent episode of Why Shamanism Now?, Christina Pratt describes the challenge of the modern westerner confronted with an initiatory experience in a society that has no real language or context for it. (One might, for instance, grab a word like enlightenment from another tradition, redefine it, and arrogate to oneself the spiritual mastery it implies.) Whereas, in shamanic cultures, these experiences are seen as the beginning of a shamanic ordeal and a call to start working with our teachers in the spirit world, westerners can become stuck in the spiritual cul-de-sac of the messiah complex. Pratt posits that this can happen whether someone is Christian or not because Christian thought permeates our thinking. It is the prevailing cultural context whether we accept, ignore, or reject, that paradigm. So does teal, actively contemptuous of all things Christian as she is, have a messiah complex? Well, she does call herself a Eucharist.

    Easily the strangest moment in this teacast came when teal described Hitler as a great teacher of freedom. I initially wanted to allow that what she was really saying was that he was teaching by bad example. Sarbdeep seemed to take it that way. She would not be the first person to say that Hitler's crimes against humanity led to positive change, such as the acceptance into international law of Raphael Lemkin's definition of genocide. My husband was not so generous and insisted that I was giving her too much credit. So I listened to it again and found that he was right. She points to Hitler as an example of a bad leader whose good teachings need to be separated from the man and appreciated for their own value. Apparently rejecting Hitler's teaching is foolish ad hominem and his teachings about freedom (???) had value. Here's my rush transcript:


    TEAL: So, just because you don't like somebody doesn't mean they don't have some like really super-awesome teaching.

    Sarbdeep: Yeah

    TEAL: Maybe that one, that person who's absolutely terrible has one teaching. Hitler had a teaching. I'll tell you that!

    Sarbdeep: (nodding) Yeah, yeah, true... yeah... I mean what did he teach?

    TEAL: Oh my God, from a universal perspective, he taught freedom better than anyone else.

    Sarbdeep: How so?

    TEAL: He caused people to know what they wanted and what they didn't want.

    Sarbdeep: (nodding) yeah... yeah... yeah... I suppose people now, you know, seventy years later are sort of  so, uh, careful and aware of what happened to our grandparents' generation...

    TEAL: I mean there's a reason that someone would be followed around by, what, millions of people at that point. Like you don't amass a world following of millions of people unless you have something important that people want to hear. So. It's just when that tips into the other, other side, you can sort of let that go and continue with the positive stuff. That's sort of what bugs me about people saying I am Catholic or I am Christian. That's like saying you have to buy into the totality of the message....


    So, according to teal, Hitler had a great message about freedom that's been unfairly discounted because of... all the... bad... things...

  135. Noncast: Messiah Complex pt 6

    What he taught that was so good she does not say. She doesn't even reference the two things that most historians will give him: the Volkswagen and the Autobahn. But this elusive teaching on freedom must have been good because he had a following of millions around the world, according to herself. This ignores the fact that he did not have a world following and never even had much of a following in Germany. He couldn't even get himself elected to the presidency, and actually united a majority against him into voting for the ancient Paul von Hindenburg. He had to wait for Hindenburg to die, suspend the constitution, revise the rules of governance, and elevate the chancellorship. This was not a popular leader. This was a leader who seized power through force, exploitation of the Reichstag Fire, and a series of parliamentary tricks. The kindest reading I could give of teal's position on this is that it's ignorant and ahistorical.

    To sum up: Hitler good. Mormons bad.

    Apparently Mormons are all hypocrites, so... Thanks, Hitler...


    By comparison her warped ideas on the concept of humility seem tame, but we watched the video anyway. Once again teal has grabbed the wrong end of the stick and started beating around the bush with it.

    In the same way that teal fights mighty battles against straw men of her own creation, here she's warring against a single, narrow dictionary definition of the word humility. Not only doesn't she delve into any meaningful treatment on the concept of humility, she never even takes into account any other dictionary definitions. The sum total of her knowledge of the concept of humility seems to be this definition from an unnamed online dictionary:

    "a modest or low view of one's own importance; humbleness"

    I could see how that one definition, read in isolation, might not appeal. But, if someone is going to weigh in on a concept that they concede is deeply rooted in "social groups from cultures to religions" -- which she talks about as if they're separate as opposed to interrelated things -- one would hope that they might do more than read a single dictionary definition. Such a person might even want to extend the energy to glance at a second dictionary definition, like say the Merriam Webster definition:

    "the quality or state of not thinking you are better than other people : the quality or state of being humble"

    This is the thing about words. They are subject to a great deal of semantic variation and layers of meaning.

    More telling still are some of the antonyms offered by Webster: arrogance, assumption, bumptiousness, conceit, egoism, egotism, haughtiness, hauteur, huffiness, imperiousness, loftiness, lordliness, peremptoriness, pomposity, pompousness, presumptuousness, pretense (or pretence), pretension, pretentiousness, pride, pridefulness, superciliousness, superiority, toploftiness

    Worse still, the other dictionary definition teal bothered to look up, she misrepresents. This is the definition of modesty she provides:

    "the quality of not being too proud or confident about yourself or your abilities"

    She ignores the all important qualifier "too."

    Her entire exegesis is based on the idea that humility and modesty are all about having a low and degraded opinion of your self worth, rather than not displaying excessive pride and arrogance, which, at least in this day and age, is how most people use these terms.

  136. Noncast: Messiah Complex pt 7

    Some of what she says would be a good argument against authoritarian structures and how that mindset permeates certain aspects of our culture, but that isn't the argument she's making. Of course, that might require actual research, as opposed to skimming an online dictionary. Mostly, this seems to be a fight she's still having with her mother over things she didn't like when she was two. She just comes across like an angry, petulant child.

    "This is where humility begins. In the first few years of life, the child's needs are met entirely by their parents. This arrangement is one which the child becomes acclimatized to. He's used to it. But once the child turns two, and is now able to get their own juice bottle, or do things for themselves more, they're still acclimated to that particular arrangement where mom does everything for me. So at a certain point, the child does what it's always done. It asks for the parent to meet its needs. Now this time because the parent knows the kid can do it for themselves, the parent has an emotional reaction to that request. The parent feels suddenly as if the child has become entitled or self-important. The parent believes that the child thinks that what the child wants is more important than what the parent wants. How does a parent respond when they feel as if their child feels like their importance is higher than the parent's importance. They react by shaming. This is the first point in a child's life that they are shamed for feeling important. This is the point at which the parent switches their behavior toward the child from the aspect of I'm going to provide for you, by why are you requiring so much from me. Suddenly the child doesn't understand why it's level of importance is being so downgraded. It's confused as to why it is being approached with this kind of attitude. The child starts to think, maybe there really is something wrong with me. This is what it takes to create an attitude of 'humility' within a person." [emphases added]

    I have no idea what went on in teal's little cabin when she was a child, but even if it went something like this, that doesn't mean that we were all "shamed" for wanting something from mommy when we were toddlers. Not all mothers handle it that way or feel put upon by their developing children's needs and wants. She seems to be inductively reasoning this one scenario into a kind of universal rite of passage into shame-based low self-esteem. Kind of a leap, doncha think? Of course, some children are treated far worse, and teal's scenario here would seem like a very minor issue by comparison. And what exactly is the alternative? That mothers should keep treating their children like infants in need of constant care into childhood, adolescence, adulthood, what? Somehow I think the result of that would be exponentially worse. At some point every child has to be moved towards self-reliance, lest they grow up hopelessly stunted and dependent. Doesn't it make sense that as children begin to develop the ability to care for themselves, that they be encouraged to do so?

    As for the bolded statements, do you see what she did there? She went from describing first the child, then the mother, as third parties she was describing objectively, to sudden eruptions of personal rage. She seems very angry over this whole topic. I can't help thinking she's someone who's taken a good deal of reminding that she isn't the center of the universe and she just refuses to be disabused of the notion.

  137. Noncast: Messiah Complex pt 8

    Maybe it was just the overload effect of sitting through two teal videos in one week, but this one was hard to take. She just came across as really angry and manipulative, more than usual even.

    "Universal truth time!" she blurts out around the 7:00 minute mark. No mention here of the "fact" that there's no such thing as truth.

    Moments later as she stares coquettishly at the camera: "Ready for us to go deeper?"


    Said my husband, "I'm in touch with my inner 14 year old as much as the next guy. I don't get it."

    All in all, this was a very nauseating trip around teal's psyche.

  138. Glad you enjoyed, Elena.

    "Spirit might be trapped here or maybe matter was meant as 'clay' to play and experiment with. But when I look around and look back at our history, this experiment seems rather cruel to me, as the conscious matter experiences and feels intense suffering, physical, emotional pain overweighs happiness."

    Precisely. Human history -- at least the recorded kind -- is fairly hideous. I don't think there's any question that humans have evolved and adapted -- such as the accommodation of underdone baby to allow for bipedal human. Our hips spread enough for us to stand upright, but not quite enough to allow for fully baked skull to pass through the birth canal. We've adapted but still poorly. We seem, to me, to be creatures out of place and time -- strangers in a strange land. I think we're overdue for some kind of evolutionary leap.

  139. "I suspect teal needed to handle this very carefully so as not to disqualify herself"


    "she praised Hitler"
    oh did I miss this?

    "This teacast actually had tea, the frog (YAY!)"
    bad, bad, ugly frog …urghh

    That he's such a bad writer saves him. No one knows what he's saying or what a pedestrian thinker he really is.

    "a think tangle of mixed metaphors and physically impossible imagery that overwhelms the reader and actually shuts down the intellectual process."
    YOU ARE BLOODy BRILLIANT. This is the best summery of Teal's green screen series. WOW
    "Every reader sees something different. They see a reflection of their own preconceptions. The person who doesn't want war in Iraq sees something that seems to support that position in paragraph three."
    YOU NAILED IT. Teal is feeding all of us and with her very smart use of language (certainly very skilled) she can satisfy and reflect the belief system of a christian and an atheist in the same sentence. Talking genius. I think I could copy your whole article and confirm every sentence. LV you now how to put words in the right order. AMAZING. Heavy nod of assent on my side. I wish you all could see :D

    "Sarbdeep, like her viewers, is strongly motivated to find agreement with teal, rather than to critique her ideas. To his credit he's challenged her more than most of her devotees, but she seems to be wearing him down."
    hahha masterpiece of observation LV

  140. "We've also noticed he's picking up her linguist patterns and dropping words like "super-important."
    Well I guess that happens

    "blah, blah, blah, oneness, blah, blah, blah, law of attraction, blah, blah, blah, shadow work, blah, blah, blah."
    :D so right. My brain always switch itself off in between and oneness, attraction and shadow work act like alarm clocks until I switch off again. I do not understand a single word of her new video series for at least a half year. I am a bit worried if there is something wrong :/ I just can't connect the dots. they seem to be all over the place and in between i am anyway like hypnotized by her eyes (hey blake did you set up the 3 light sources to make the eyes popping :D)?

    "Judge the individual teachings, not the totality, and not the teacher as an individual, she says for five minutes"
    This was her best business pitch to the public client ever. This is twisted in sooo many ways
    1. just because we disagree about the genius side of Hitler…it doesn't mean that some other bits of my teachings will have a good impact on you….mmmmhhhh. I call this…dumb the other one down. In other words: "You don't need to hear to your inner voice who is jumping up and down with big red flags by hearing such horrendous statement - just ignore it, there may be some more helpful bits coming out of my mouth on the long road ahead of us."
    2. "don't judge the teacher as an individual" - mhhhh are you sure? I once knew a lady who defined her whole being by having met the Dalai Lama and studying buddhism for 10 years. she offered healing sessions to others and didn't understand why I was refusing to use her "skills". Maybe it was BECAUSE I was judging the t(h)ealer as an individual because her whole personal life was a mess, showing trades of ugly social behavior, god complex etc. To be fair: some stuff sounded great coming out of her mouth but this is what I call a dirty vibration. constantly changing like a chameleon. To judge the teacher as an individual is very important - look at their lives like if they are strangers on the street you just met and follow your guts. We judge all the time. the boo boo is not the judgement process!
    But I understand why Teal would say that. Some of her followers will suck it in like ice cream and will give them another half year to ignore the red flags :D

    ""This is what I want people to understand." "
    Well, she is a bit bossy, isn't she? :D she probably would call it "certainty". Ah the game of words.

    "Somehow Tibetan Buddhism isn't as good as Zen because Zen tells people not to be attached to Buddhism either"
    mhhhh Teal. gently head shaking from the left to the right. mhhhh
    there are people who define themselves by their religion and there are people who don't

  141. "More to the point, by describing herself as enlightened, she arrogates to herself the authority of an enlightened master."
    no wonder she does all these crazy ass videos, articles and podcast about the nonsense of humility hahahah. her latest blogpost about it" ..sugar coating" …. is a great alibi for somebody so fierce like Teal approaches reality.

    "She points to Hitler as an example of a bad leader whose good teachings need to be separated from the man and appreciated for their own value."..."TEAL: I mean there's a reason that someone would be followed around by, what, millions of people at that point. Like you don't amass a world following of millions of people unless you have something important that people want to hear. "…"So, according to teal, Hitler had a great message about freedom that's been unfairly discounted because of... all the... bad... things…"
    I would love to write a bit more about this. It is twisted. She has some valuable points but surprisingly (considering Teal's record) has chosen really bad words to express it. Will be back on Hitler in a while. It is pretty complex and nobody should shout out statements like her without putting the effort in to distinguish them better. I think Teal should do a video on Hitler and express her theories, downloads from the AR and messages of her guides…. I would be very interested in seeing the full picture from HER perspective. But of course she will not do this because it either "doesn't add to the expansion" or "it could be career suicide" or "she doesn't really now herself and just took on her abusers brainwash". i just noticed that she uses the word Hitler ALWAYS to replace the words "driven, fanatic, forceful, nothing can change my mind on this one….like her very strange example of pointing out that "I am like a nazi when it comes to breastfeeding."
    I will write a bit more of my own view later on.

    Best so far
    I agree Elena ( :

  142. "she praised Hitler"
    oh did I miss this?

    I actally realized that I never finished the Tea with the Swans .
    It just slipped out of my consciousness....or maybe I was just soo bored. :D

  143. "I will write a bit more of my own view later on."

    After the 1st world war, Germany got all the blame on all levels. They need to pay huge reparations. btw: 4 years ago germany finally fulfilled the last payment to Britain!!!

    in 1929 the whole word was battled by the great depression. Germany as a group dynamic was in bits, bad people, their fault, bad country… Suddenly Hitler comes along as says: "Enough is enough, it is time to raise the standards for us people., we will be a force, we will make it happen, I am your future". The german people felt so depressed and worthless, powerless to this stage so that when Hiltler came along, he offered the a vision, a positive vision by following him. we will upgrade the economy, our quality of life will improve, Germany is great, I will make your life better, patriotism….just follow me.

    And people did. In this way he offered a vibration raising concept and there was a deep desire in the german people and he came to power.

    But then he got power mad and it is hard to say, if it happened in the process or if this was always his original plan. He just couldn't stop himself. After his idea that the polish corridor should be part of germany again???…I think he never expected Britain to get involved and everything went down.

    Everything changed, he created a climate of fear - reports, spy, killings etc. People became terrified and many of them followed him based on fear now. His twisted idea - his quest for perfection of the human race started hell. He blamed the usually very abundant jews for germany not being in abundance and started a heart breaking hunt, heart breaking. He took over countries here and there and some germans might have realized that this is a sick dynamic. But at the same time their economy - war economy is abundance - when a country is mobilizing, machinery, supplies for the front…. they had the conflict of and upgrading life and their real human judgments. …..

  144. Now I am aware that this is a very loose summery of history but my goal was - according to my knowledge - to show the dynamic wave and projected intentions of a man and a country and what he and they lost on the way.
    So Hitler offered a very beautiful concept to a country which was beyond depression. Is that a positive act - maybe?! Depends of his intentions. Had he already planned to take over the word in the moment of introducing his concept? Pure act of evil in my eyes. Did he loose his originally positively focused path on the way? Ended in evil as well but the starting point was pure empowerment on a positive note in this case. You also need to consider that his drive and vision was born when he was powerless in prison.
    By this understanding when Teal is referring to "he is a bad leader whose good teachings need to be separated from the man and appreciated for their own value"…I am scratching my head. I am trying to find the good teachings other than motivating a deeply depressed country and offering him a glorified vision to allow each individual to lign up with a new form of life. These words at the right time had a great impact. However the same guy had the idea to take over the polish corridor which was the start of war war war. Did he keep his promise to the german people to be force, to be a country that will not be suppressed and ignored anymore, to have a blooming economy etc….? YES by introducing the concept of war to economy, people and the world. Could you see him as a bad teacher to become aware which way it should have been? Yes! Not by war- every idiot will get this.

    To put "bad leader" and "good teachings" in one sentence to describe one person is strange
    he was a good leader with a good teaching at the beginning (maybe also intentionally to the benefit of all beings…who knows) and then he turned into a good leader of bad teachings. The sentence she wrote it mirrored, twisted. Teal, the twist and twirl queen….tssss

    Teals words and question "I mean there's a reason that someone would be followed around by, what, millions of people at that point.", is answered very simply - he was the opium to the masses. If you give millions of depressed germans a believable story, with great sureness and passionate use of smart wording….yes Teal you are right, millions followed him and maybe will follow you as well, considering that i found you during my depression.

    Mhhh some similarities here isn't it.

  145. A following of masses only prooves a dominating thought structure at a certain time with equal desires. If you access this with the right wording structure, vision offering and self belief (aka (s)he seemed so sure) you will have an ocean following this current and not just a tiny vini stream. It doesn't say anything about the improvement of real or fake happiness. It doesn't say anything about a good or a bad teaching. It just expresses that sb knows how to lead the masses in a certain direction - which is actually the big question here WHAT DIRECTION DID HE LEAD THIS DEEPLY DEPRESSED COUNTRY?

    you can argue: ah well you go into the darkness for some years and you will recognize the light much better afterwards. Is this Teal's argument which defines a great Teaching? ?In this way we do not need to talk any more about evil or angelic. Everything is a great teaching then and we can all embrace hitlers, stalins, mass murderer etc. eyyyy great teachings for the world.

    dont get it. Human life means judging constantly. How on earth would you ever be able to make a decision without this weighting- and clarifying process.

  146. I would like to say that this is just a rough frame work of my personal belief. I am german myself, never met Hitler but heard a miollion stories of my grandparents about their personal pain of war, their guilt, their innocence. I always was angry that I am labeled as one of these Hitlerers opppps. considering they my german mother squeezed me out into this country which labled me as german. Now I know that there was some kind of thought and intention behind it on my side :D anyway... it feels sometimes very annoying, yes annoying to constantly being not freshly perceived but puked out predigested by history stories and mass energy fields. No idea what I was thinking when I chose this. But I am fine with it. Never felt patriotism, never felt that I belong to any country (how strange is this anyway???), always a stranger and I am enjoying being a stranger ( :

  147. I don't know that it pays to speculate as to what good ideas teal thinks Hitler had. I think she needs to lay it out since she's the one who brought it up. She didn't explain herself at all. I think it's entirely possible that she has no idea what she means. The implication is that a popular idea must have some value which is fallacious enough. But the error is compounded by the fact that Hitler wasn't a popular leader. He had a following and his gang of militants leveraged what power they had against a weak, fledgling democracy and overturned it.

    There were only two ideas on which Hitler was consistent and neither was good in my opinion: 1) women should return their traditional role of kinder, kucher, kirche and 2) Jews suck. Sure, you can eek out the stray good ideas: urban planning and socialist policies that would ensure the well-being of German citizens -- although that citizenship was pretty narrowly defined. He really didn't bring much else of value to the table. And mostly his message was one of hate, blame, and scapegoating. Where on earth she teases out the idea of freedom, I have no idea. But again, it would be guesswork. Maybe someone should "Ask TEAL" what she means and she can do an episode on it.

    I think it's a dangerous topic for her, though, and not just because she doesn't seem to have any idea what she's talking about. She has a documented history of racist statements and outbursts. I mean watch her body language. She's very emphatic, nodding, and saying "Hitler had a teaching, I'll tell you that!" For a split second, I thought she was going launch into some Neo-Nazi diatribe and it's made worse by the fact that she really looks the part.

  148. The non-cast was excellent.
    I have done some study of the post WW1 German social environment and from the little I know, there was a collective demoralization/rage undercurrent and wounding of "pride" and then "shame". It seems as though "personae" of people is very aligned in some ways with "social" conception. Orderly, rational, clean, intelligent, reasonable, productive ideals.

    It has always been "blamed" on the collective that the third reich was not protested. however, from what I have seen, there were deliberate steps implemented in carrot and stick form that by the time the wholesale sweep up of "undesirables" occurred, people were unable to mount a collective protest.

    when I was a kid, the civil rights uproar was happening in MY life and when people from the University of Alabama were supportive, the University made it clear that dissent from members of the faculty wa taboo...even with tenure. My grandparents were in a fight with my mother who wrote letters to the editor. Then death threats (mentioning the names of me and my brother and where we went to school and even a picture of all of us in front of Mom's parents house) terrified the protest out of Mom. My mother was a narcissist but an activist kind (up to that "limit").

    Looing back now in the US, it is hard to0 recall that just 50 years or so ago, the view on who has the status of full "humanity" in the US was very different.

    There was mention of the odd physiology of humans and the seeming 'half baked" nature of the newborn. I say humanity as a "WHOLE" is half baked. Look at how the same themes get replayed in every generation? US is compared with Third Reich by some critics now?

    It may be a part of the larger Soulness to come here half-baked and leave fully cooked through the fires of having to make "personal" choices "one way or another" that may be painful when set against the common hoard herd hardwired automatic reactivity of crowd mind?????

    LV, You didn't touch on Teal Soothsayer Swan's jesus even briefly. Maybe best to leave that sacred myth alone? But Jesus was possibly NOT a man but the overwhelming MYTHOLOGY of the "man" who may have the makings of acting in form as God? IMO, true teachings show us the "way" to place oneself in a sacred oven and be bread fit for real life. But we have to knead to be that so much that we jump into the oven.

  149. Yeah, I didn't get into the Jesus thing, mainly because it was already overlong and that wasn't the interesting bit for me. But it was stupid. Jesus's teachings weren't that great because they caused so many wars... Yawn! It's tired. And it's a canard. Wars aren't fought over religion. They're fought over wealth and territory. Religion just makes a useful pretext, as do bullshit claims of Iraqi soldiers pitching babies out of incubators. Same thing. Rile people up over moral issues and they're more likely to support a war. But religion is almost never the real issue. Here:

    "According to the Encyclopedia of Wars (Phillips and Axelrod, Facts on File, December 2004) of the 1,763 major conflicts in recorded history, only 123 of them were classified as having been fought over religious differences. That’s just under 7 percent. The encyclopedia also explains that the number of people killed in these conflicts amounts to only 2 percent."

    I think we're in relative agreement on the value of the Jesus myth. And it's a retelling of far more ancient myths. The Bible is a vector for some very profound mythos. There's much to criticize, too, but I'm loathe to throw out the baby Jesus with the bathwater.

  150. I just read Teal's blog about desensitization. I feel angry personally about the same conditions that she is stating exist in "society". It is as if the ideal of the world I see is being a "great cog" in a "machine", one that maes the construction "wor". There is not much room to be vulnerable in this machine.

    I go bac again and again to 'health care" as being the opposite of health or crae in principle. It hurts to see people believe in the system. I became depressed when I realized my "constriction" like when I was an RN where desensitization was making me sick. With "patients" I was feeling with others, my feeling made me want to weep at work. When I was "distant", I felt wrong and had terrible migraines too.

    I could not see how to "change" my sickness.

    I have mostly a meadow instead of a yard because I want the bugs and fairies to have a place. I cannot understand the beliefs of hierarchies that create competition, "lack" and scarcity of resources, economy based on perpetual debt and "prestige" based on how well one can play the system.

    I personally would like to see individual destiny...even those of the bugs accomodated. I have been a new ager wanting a "new earth".


    The only "good" for me is I have been recovering my own ability to 'feel" deeply as it seemed it was pummeled out by living. I feel heart ache but realize that is heart opening. So, I do feel an alignment with her angst here.

    It seems to me that in some of her writings, there is a realness and I feel kindred with some of what she says.

    However, I also feel that when I am able to see things from a larger perspective, there is peace about accepting what iI just cannot understand. Love is IMO what I came here to learn and Universal principles that make the senseless more in perspective from a larger context.

    Personally, I do agree with her that we cannot behave except from what we KNOW. So again, I am flummoxed by Teal. She has her personal journey and she has every right to be wherever she is.

    Her example of confusing initiation into the mystery (and LV said it well.... initiation is the FIRST step) with enlightenment and her claim to lead others is just abhorrent. IMO IF she were enlightened, she would be living peace. This would communicate and help others to feel the peace. Peace is the inner reunion and reconciliation that IMO does lead to the "way" to be in life while feeling whole.

    It has NOTHING to do with the management of the social personae. It has nothing to do with books, theories and prescriptions. It is a big "I don't know" because my perception is so limited. When the ineffable and the person are in concert, there is IMO a willingness to give up "teaching" and be taught by the inner being. I aim there but she pretends she IS there.

  151. I missed your comment LV before I posted again and here I am AGAIN. Just wanted to say YES, let's not throw out the baby jesus because he stands to some for the door to everything.

    It always makes me laugh that people get hung on describing one's INITIATION: the way that was prepared for all of us to "grow in and out". Something huge happens and then attached to the only words we have for the experience.

    IMO Initiation is Metascience where personal consciousness meets the BIG ONE and "I am not alone but all one and it is personal too" is known to be true!! Then the rest of the time we grow into the 100% behavior of that.....

    I have such gratitude that we may one day have something so WEIRD happen to us that we cannot go back to "normal" and that no matter how hard it is at first to be alone in the strange "unknown", there is a personal presence who has sentience and knows us and says "I am with you always", no matter who we are or whatever we have "done". We are the children of life itself in a "meat suit". When we the sink into the presence, though we call it "whatever", the still small voice will never lie to us.

    I just read a book of Black Elk's experiences. I also just read Joe Dispenza's "You are the Placebo". They are not exactly on the same subject but I am making them be so.....

    One time Joe Dispenza said: http://www.drjoedispenza.com/index.php?page_id=the_four_pillars
    "This intelligence knows how to maintain order among all of the cells, tissues, organs, and systems of the body because it created the body from two individual cells. Again, the power that made the body is the power that maintains and heals the body.

    My subjects" illnesses signified that, to some extent, they had gotten out of touch or distanced themselves from part of their connection with this higher order. Maybe their own thinking had somehow directed this intelligence toward illness and away from health. But they came to understand that if they tapped into this intelligence and used their thoughts to direct it, it would know how to heal their bodies for them. Their greater mind already knew how to take care of business, if they could only make contact with it.

    The abilities of this innate intelligence, subconscious mind, or spiritual nature are far greater than any pill, therapy, or treatment, and it is only waiting for our permission to willfully act. We are riding on the back of a giant, and we're getting a free ride."

    and once Black elk said:

    "I cured with the power that came through me. Of course, it was not I who cured, it was the power from the Outer World, the visions and the ceremonies had only made me like a hole through which the power could come to the two-leggeds."

    "If I thought that I was doing it myself, the hole would close up and no power could come through. Then everything I could do would be foolish." http://www.indians.org/welker/blackelk.htm

    I am making it about the Ineffable who works through us and wants us to be wholey.

  152. Oh. this is funny, though. I hadn't caught it before. So, Jesus, not a great teacher. Popular doesn't mean good, says teal. But Hitler clearly had something of worth to say because you don't have millions of followers around the world for no reason. How many ways does this woman contradict herself? It's impossible to keep up with it all. So, Jesus, pretty pedestrian thinker who started wars. Hitler, though, really doesn't get enough appreciation because of, you know...

  153. How IRONIC it is! hehe
    Our beloved Soviet dictator Stalin is still highly revered among many Russians, he is #3 most popular and the greatest person according to the latest nation-wide poll after all, despite being responsible for the deaths of millions of Soviets in labour camps and purges. He also thought people about freedom, I guess. This is how: according to teal's teachings, when we want to learn about something, for example, what love is, we come into the scenario where there is no love. Apparently, we can only know something when we are deprived of this very thing. So, by taking their freedom away completely, he actually managed to teach those lucky Gulag residents what this freedom is all about. Genius!

  154. * correction: he taught

    PS. At least he kicked Hitler's a**

  155. Jesus most definitely wouldn't score much in Russia with his meek attitude. Russians adore their tyrants, the ones they love and respect and obey. Tsar Ivan the Terrible known for his brutality also made it on this "Most Popular" list. And the guy's been dead for more than 400 yrs...Yep, we are masochists. "50 Shades of Gray" is very very popular over there (despite complaining about the lousy translation. They think over there that it was some translator's fault that the writing appears to be terrible, lol...)
    LV, when you said you liked the shades of gray, you didn't mean...?

  156. LOL! No, definitely not what I meant. Damn, but that is some bad writing.

    "They think over there that it was some translator's fault that the writing appears to be terrible, lol..."

    rotflmao... I can't decide what's worse. Loving Stalin or loving 50 Shades.

    If you haven't seen this, you really should:


  157. The book was so bad so very bad (in a different way than intended) and sold so many copies. It makes me wonder ....If Teal wrote mommy porn, wouldn't she become MORE famous than ever possible in the new age genre?

    Seriously, she should consider switching. She Might even be interesting to read?

    I would be happy to recommend her mommy porn to my 70 year old friend who loved the 50 Shades books and loaned them to me though I did not get her same thrill and only read half of the first book and skipped to the end to see what happened. Even Ellen parodied 50 Shades.


  158. Oh, I don't even want that in my head. Bad as EL James is, she's fucking Flaubert next to teal. I don't think I can imagine anything less erotic than teal's clumsy, hundred words to any ten a normal person would write style, describing any sexual act. I don't know, though. Maybe if they got Tom Friedman to do read the book on tape... Nah, it's too much to hope for.

    Speaking of Madonna.... were we.... sure, why not...


  159. " Even Ellen parodied 50 Shades.


    OMG hahahhahahaha

  160. "Speaking of Madonna.... were we.... sure, why not...


    hahahhaa you are killing me hahhaha

  161. Why, LaVaughn, here's a promising start from Teal! I probably have some seriously perverted mind cs as I was reading that for the first time...

    "...I was turned head first into a current. [?? hmmm] There was a calming lull about the pressure of it against my body.[oh...i see] My sense of smell was so acute that I could smell the feeling of the current. [smell is sooo important!] It felt familiar, it felt like home. That scent, gave rise to an instinctual pull in my body that I could not deny, it was so strong that to go against it would have been like trying to prevent an orgasm at the peak of it’s wave. I remembered the smell of this current, but I didn’t know why...[didn't you just say it felt like home? anyway...]
    A deep and thick current [deep...thick..], with a different smell and look and feel that made my body turn a darker color [yep...that happens]. Here, in this current, the light touched every part of me. It had even turned my body a lighter color.[this happens too...] There were so many of us in this current that we brushed up against one another [ quite an orgy, huh]. And all around me are flashes and sparks of silver as they turn and the light catches the curve of their bodies. It is ecstasy [I'm sure it is]. The belonging and the sense of purpose and the way my body melts into the current like there is no difference between what I am, and what it is. [I want me some "current" too!]

    ‘Dance’ is the only similar human word there is to the feeling of my life there. Back and forth, I sway as animated muscle. Back and forth, I let the pockets of ‘above reality’ roll past my body and caress me (these are what people call bubbles).[bubbles. oh, so she's in Jacuzzi?] The above reality is another world. No one knows about it because it does not belong to us. It only crosses over. It comes down into our world and we leap into it from time to time. But there is nothing there for me. The current keeps us hidden from it. Back and forth is the dance that keeps my body alive...
    I am going to ‘heaven’...[Hallelujah!] I recognize on some level that I have never felt this allowing in all my life. Allowing of myself, allowing of the current, allowing of my life. I do not conceptualize of death and so there is nothing to resist. [the life affirming power of "the back and forth dance"! Salut!!] I only heed my instinct, which is as strong in me as soundless cannon fire. I am reluctant to withdraw my focus there. [no, no, do...not...withdraw...just...yet...] But I return to my human body.[Booooooo]

    Upon waking, I asked one of my guides “Desmond” what the experience was last night. His response was, “the one you asked for”. I asked for details....."[Mmmm, Desmond...I wonder what he looks like]

    "Then he shows me an image of myself watching a documentary movie about bears recently in the movie theatre. He reminds me that as I watched that movie, I mentally thought, “I wonder what it would feel like to be one of those salmon”.

    Whaaaaat???? those were the fantasies of being ....a fish??? Oh boy... At this point I'm thrown out of body and go thru (I spare you the details) a feeling of what it's like being one frustrated bear unable to catch that slippery, thick, silvery salmon... dammit.

    What would uncle Freud say about this dream??

  162. Sarah Silverman shouldn't have any problems recording those book tapes, i think. That girl will read thru anything without flinching :-D


  163. I don't know if you saw them, but on one of these threads we posted a bunch of those Sarah Silverman videos. Eerie how much she sounds like teal -- the weird juxtaposition of peaceful new age tone with dark, morbid fixation and creepy sexual comments. She's nailed it. The hypnowheel eyes are a crack-up, too... and not far off. Maybe teal is more of a type than I ever knew.

    I read the fish thing. She can't go long on her videos, her interviews, her blog, or anything really, without dog-whistling about sex and/or drawing attention to her body. And let me very clear. I have no issue with people writing sexual material. I have friends who've written professional erotica. I have no negative charge around people expressing themselves as sexual beings. I don't like when sex and women's bodies are reduced to currency and used to manipulate people, whether it's in advertising or, as in this strange case, to promote a spiritual teachings. It's just so cheap.

    But I don't know if any of that is worse than phrasing like this: "I mentally thought..." As opposed to... some other kind of thought? What this woman does to the English language is abuse. It tortures my ears.

  164. Regarding Teal's claim of her IQ being 170 - Einstein had, and Stephen Hawkings has, an IQ of 160. I sincerely doubt that hers is even close to theirs.

  165. Oh sure that makes sense, Teal with an IQ of 170! I used to think she seemed fairly intelligent now I am convinced she just has a talent for spouting BS with a condescending tone of authority (if you can call that a talent?).

    "But I don't know if any of that is worse than phrasing like this: "I mentally thought..." As opposed to... some other kind of thought? What this woman does to the English language is abuse. It tortures my ears."


  166. “The worse the haircut, the better the man.”
    ― John Green

    right Sarbdeep ( ;

  167. I grew my beard out a little bit just to show that, indeed, I am a man."
    --Johnny Weir

    Good solution S when being married to sb who has a history with emasculating men :D

  168. Who was it who, with such sublime sarcasm, already pointed out that teal had just bumped Stephen Hawking off the top ten highest IQ's of all time list? I thought it was LaVaughn?

    I once had a friend who told me that he liked his weight to be the same as his IQ. I asked him "how much do you weigh" and he said "170". I never asked him if he had succeeded in matching up the numbers, but he was definitely a genius in some areas, although that did not prevent him from being totally fucked up in other areas. In fact I think his fucked-upness helped create his genius, so it all worked out for the best. Everything is always exactly as it should be - as it is, on it's way to what it will become. I don't know what that last bit has to do with the subject of Teal's IQ, I just felt like saying it.

    But boy, Teal sure looked like one UNhappy camper in this video, especially when the camera first focused on her. If I had been standing there in front of her I would have taken a step or two back. I even tried to sitting here in my computer chair. In fact, I think I would have just got the hell out of that house without any further ado. I noticed they both did some fiddling with their wedding rings in this episode. Teal reminds me of a predator, and Sarbdeep reminds me of her prey, except he doesn't seem to be going down too easily.

    I wonder if his beard is his own idea, to display his manliness or whatever, or if it was teal's idea, like how she had Jared change his name to Fallon? She does like to mold others to her own specifications.

    I LOVE Johnny Weir!!!

  169. She has for the past two not-podcasts, zigzagbuddha. She looks tired and angry and her hair looks dirty. But I've been avoiding comment about their appearances and mood because, in fairness, they're in the midst of a move and it's apparently all gone awry. I expect I'd be grumpy if I'd packed up my life, driven to another state and found that I had nowhere to go and had to turn around and drive all the way back to a place I'd said goodbye to. I hate moving. I still haven't recovered from our last move, I'm still not completely unpacked or settled in, and that was nearly a year ago. I hate moving. It makes me cranky even when it goes relatively smoothly -- which it did not this time.

    Good observation on the beard, GA. Again, it might just be that they're in flux and shaving isn't possible... for some reason. I don't know, though. He had it two weeks ago, last week he didn't, and now he does again. Well good for him. The power of beard may be just what he needs.

    And, yeah, her IQ... please stop. I just can't... But, of course, she was tested twice, so you know...

  170. I haven't stopped by for a long time now but I'm happy to see the discussion is still going! Hi again LaVaughn.

    A quick update: I was just told by an acquaintance who is friends with a Teal follower that someone, let's call him Bob, sent Teal information about a healing technique he had learned. For some reason, I don't know. But anyway, he sent her all the info about this technique and didn't hear anything back from her.

    Cut to a week later and she made a video about a new healing technique. Any guesses of what the technique was? Yeah, the same one he just emailed her about with a slight tweak. She did not give any credit for the original technique and did not disclose that it was not gifted to her from her BFFs, the ascended masters, but from a fan who emailed her about it. People have lauded her genius for it, worshipped at her feet for more gifts she pulls from the clouds, as per usual.

    Anyway, thought it would be of interest to share it here. We all knew she does this all the time anyway, but now there's definitive proof.

  171. And for the minions out there who will try grasping at straws: I have the emails to prove it, from the guy who emailed Teal as well. So shuddup.

  172. which video is it data-sparrow. Can you email youtube link?

  173. But dava-sparrow ....tsssss...did nobody ever tell you about cosmic coincidence. Teal had already planned to do this video and the human desire was so big at this time that it was reflected by your friend bob, sending her the exact information as well ( : you know about the idea net which spans around the world and few people tap into it at the same time ;;;;)

  174. Healing the emotional body - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c3V_Gtfr_YA&list=UU1KIUp4PNCyIwCPTq1hYzWQ&feature=share

  175. (((((((((DAVA))))))))))

    So nice to see you! See, what's funny about that is that I'm in the process of writing up the noncast on the last teacast, in which teal appears to have plagiarized from me. My, aren't synchronicities fun!

  176. This moving situation Teal is in seems very strange to me. I have moved many, many, many times in my life but never had to turn around and go back because my housing fell through or whatever. There seems to be something very strange going on.

  177. Yeah, back when a few of us had our little 'salon' going on over in the comment section of Teal's blog, Elena and I had talked about how fun it would be to get together over some spicy tea and tell stories. Then lo and behold, the next thing we know there is 'tea time with teal'.

    I tried not to jump to conclusions because Sarbdeep is English and they do like their tea, so who knows? We had noticed a few other 'coincidences' like that too. Oh well, I think I'm just going to pretend she jumped in the various conversations and said something like "Hey you guys, what a good idea! Do you mind if I use it?" and we said "Sure, go ahead!" Hahahaha!

  178. Well I think Teal is being smart by getting some inspiration over here or there instead of just complaining how her low selfestime attracted LV with the same problem and all the headache we are giving her by being so unappreciative here ;D

    bu the way: Teal, Sarb, Blake take note - whoever is in charge of your worlddominating series Tealinxxx doesn't do a good job with the new aweful banners at https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.1431538940432456.1073741828.1428043210782029&type=3 for chicago.

    shaking head - no no, not good. Think again, there are better ways for promotion of the business than gold, plastic and vegetable hearts. Branding 2.0 please.
    not hating, just helping with the market research ( ;

  179. And on moving... yeah, it can sure be a harrowing experience. I have done it so much I have it down to an art by now, but once we have had to live in a campground with all our stuff in storage until we found a place, but I have NEVER turned around and gone back where I came from with a fully loaded rental truck!! Especially not two states back!! Very weird!

  180. Don't believe everything you read at Teal's blog ZZB & LD ( ;

    On a site note: Teal finally gave me the pleasure of having my intuitive gut feeling being visualised by her in one of her recent humble bumble videos.If you scroll to 1 min and 06 seconds (be exact) - the whole process of "smiling" and "switching" (although I acknowledge that it was probably a creative tool to bring over the message...ah well) is the vibe I constantly get from her. Enough vibe to being totally put off by it. Thanks Teal for giving my guts and image sequence! Feel very clear now.


  181. (((((((LaVaughn)))))))) :)

    I was reminded I hadn't checked in when I got a message from someone on LiveJournal wanting to talk more about this after reading your articles and my comments. Then I got this news about Teal stealing a friend's technique. Tis kismet.

    It might have been good if I'd included the name of the technique she'd stolen so everyone can see for themselves, right? Oops. It's this one: http://www.emotionalhealingtipi.com/#!sensory-regulation/c1ger

    It's so ironic, if we're using Teal's dictionary, how these techniques are pretty much identical, dontcha think?

  182. Well, she does still own the house, so it makes some sense to go back there. Thank goodness it wasn't sold. And she appears now to have taken it off the market. What I don't understand is that they moved lock, stock, and barrel, without something really firm on the other end. They really didn't know that they had no house to go to? How did that happen? I mean, I know it does from time to time, but I know I would have wanted something really firm -- signed lease, and key pick-up location -- before I went through all that. What the hell happened there? Really crappy realtor? What?

  183. Hi Dava...Thanks for stopping by again and for the update. Interesting...

    These synchronicities are fun. I think I know what you mean, LaVaughn (your material on DN?;-). I'll wait for the noncast to find out:-)

    Yeah, Zigzag, we actually used "tea time stories" expression a few times right before the introduction of those "podcasts"....but who knows...Here's the shop I spotted recently:


    In any case, it is clear that Teal doesn't think referencing is super important (now I'm stealing her dictionary ), especially giving credit to her own followers and those with below 170 IQ...It is important, however, to hammer into everybody's mind that Teal knows "what most people don't understand".

    Lily and zzb, I wanted to remark on that bizarre moving situation too. Same here, wondering, how can it fall through on the very day of the supposed moving date??? Never happened to me too with all my moves, and I'm far from being organized. And how can they just go back to that house, I thought it would be sold and sealed by now too... Strange...Teal is not so transparent anymore. What is "ironic", is that the teal team can't even move successfully yet they plan on implementing all these major global changes:


  184. Oh, and that Malkovich scene and her description of one of the elightenments she's had....Bwa..hahahahahaha

  185. Malkovich scene?

  186. Noncast#11:

    "But, back to teal's "enlightenment(s)" that sound more like a mystical, or peak, experience and possibly a spiritual initiation. She begins by describing a choice to go into a dark "cave" and then she describes seeing everyone in the restaurant wearing her face.[podcast #11] So, I'm not sure if that was a mystical experience or a half-remembered sequence from Being John Malkovich?

    Malkovich. Malkovich. Malkovich. Malkovich. Malkovich... "


  187. @Elena
    ok need to do my homework now and watch de movie :D

  188. I have decided you must have a photographic memory Elena... and an uncanny ability to 'connect the dots'!

    I vaguely remember somewhere where Teal was talking about her enlightened state and I saw the movie 'Being John Malkovich' but I didn't make that connection! Granted, I didn't much care for that movie and I have a hard time giving my full attention to anything teal says anymore - I find her style of communication very jarring, irritating and she can be so painfully trite. She does not communicate her thoughts in a very cohesive fashion, but instead delivers them all convoluted and crammed with a mind-boggling slew of excess words besides, rife with hidden significances, innuendo, misleading information and, of course, a shit-load of self-aggrandizement that I'm embarrassed for her, and I hate feeling embarrassed. Much better to just come here and get the streamlined, consolidated, cohesive version, hahahaha!

  189. ZZBu I sometimes wonder too if Miss Elena can top Teal's IQ

  190. Oh, that was LaVaughn who made this connection in the last noncast! Amazing. I haven't even seen this movie myself, GA :-) I don't care much for John Malkovich, I did go to see him live though in "Kazanova" play last year, but that was because of Russian actress I kinda like playing his love interest there.

  191. Oh no, I wouldn't go that far, GA, lol. C'mon! :-)

    There are people here I admire (you included) with so much wit, intelligence, education...I'm left speechless quite often

  192. Hey Elena, you obviously didn't study Teal's humility video and quote hahahahah . Damn it, stop being so humbled. Noooot good. I just see a russian suga rcoating for Servility! I learnt that from Teal. Proud!

    "Humility is not a virtue.
    humility is a beautiful but thin,
    sparkling sugar coat for Servility"

    Teal Swan

    On a side note: no capital Letters anymore?? - what happened ? Humility quote AND empathy quote. Is her boldness finally capitulating - which could be an indirect proof of humility in action in Teal Swan without even contradicting her own quote. Or does she ( :

  193. Oh, btw, here I was, thinking that despite Stalin's and "shades of grey" popularity, at least Teal hasn't conquered Mother Russia yet, the way such phenomenas like pedestrian writer Dan Brown ( also known for his notorious plagiarizing), Paolo Coelho, Twilight have....For once I was grateful for our national laziness and reluctance to learn English. No one bothered to translate her videos too, the way they did in Chech. That could be one of the reasons...But, oi oi oi, there appears to be another MAJOR reason (and not one to be proud of unfortunately). I so wish I could brag that we have our own Russian versions of high-minded LaVaughns, who can see through the crap... but instead there is this "parody" stealing the spot light. And despite catering only to Russian speakers, look at the numbers of views and subscribers! Teal, you've got some catching up to do!

    Here she teaches us how to read thoughts. Wow, this got me thinking...anal-lytically, as opposed to mentally.


    And this one is on self-esteem. I am studying this hard, GA ;-) I'm making some serius progres, cs of how freakin clevah I am. Andara, I'll give you some Russian servility, you, you German ....you!! hahaha


  194. I can totally see Teal doing an Intro like Психология. КАК ЧИТАТЬ МЫСЛИ.

    This woman looks gooooorgeous. I haven't a clue what she is talking about but she is half backed as Teal and I feel kind of home now seeing half backed woman talking on my screen.mmmhhh

    …. so i am at 4:24 and I am missing a fancy entertaining background and some images. But honestly, it truly reflects my understanding of Teals latest videos. hahahhaa NOTE Teal: outfit change makes it even more easy for the spiritual seeker to get your message.

    After clicking the second link, I come to the conclusion that you are probably overtired because you posted two hardcore russian videos without any translation. hahhahahaa but I truly enjoy that she is not much different than Teal who talks clearly an unknown language as well. So well done E :D


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