Feb 17, 2014

Breaking the TEAL SPELL -- UPDATE: The Noncasts

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Update: The Noncasts (See Below)

Further Update: Blake Addresses Jason Freedman Mystery (See Below)

Yet Another Update: Kicking "Tealers" Down the Memory Hole (See Below)

Some years ago, when I was doing the Flower of Life teacher training with Drunvalo Melchizedek, one of my fellow travelers shared with me that he was troubled by what he called the "Drunvalettes." The term was his own invention but there was no mistaking his meaning. He even pegged a few of our classmates with that term. He liked Drunvalo quite a bit but that there was this kind of adulation by some Flower of Life folks made him uncomfortable. He had some concern that Drunvalo might have been fostering this unquestioning sycophancy. So one day when we were enjoying a break, he asked Drunvalo very directly how he felt about his Drunvalettes.

Dru shook his head and sighed. "I just try to stay out of it," he said.

That's one approach. There's a conversation to be had, for sure, about whether ignoring the phenomenon and trying to distance oneself from it is enough. Is it necessary to more actively discourage such behavior? But I think the one thing we were all in agreement on -- Drunvalo, myself, and the gentleman who raised the concern -- was that such hero worship was not a good or healthy thing.

The term "tealer" has similarly been thrown around to describe those who've drunk the "teal-aid." Some of her more passionate and angry defenders who've posted on my blog have been quite pejoratively labeled "tealers" by other commenters. So imagine my horror when I read this in a recent TEAL post about her seminar in Atlanta.

I am struck by how much the imprint of the days of slavery still remains on some of the older buildings and railways here in town. It has soaked its way especially into the old wood that dots the brick walls. The venue for yesterday’s workshop was one such a building. It was a fitting energy, seeing as how the theme of the entire workshop was self-liberation.

This group which is being called the “Tealers” is the most open minded, eccentrically intellectual group I have ever beheld.  I think it is now my favorite part of holding these workshops.  Long-term friendships are formed.  People find their place to belong. And I get to witness the fact that this world is in good hands.  All across the globe, they form a supportive web of awakening.  They touch the lives of the people in the cities they live in.  It is like a little legion of enlightened spirits, whose practice is that of non-resistance and expansion.

You're Freeeee! Wait. Not so fast.

TEAL's posts are always a box of contradictions. The scenery is beautiful. The people are lovely. The town oozes its fetid history from every nook and cranny. Life is beautiful and filled with joy. I wander through a briar patch of PTSD triggers that hurl me into seizures and despair. My life is so rich and full that I've written a how-to book on self-love. Everything reminds me of my ritual abuse and being sewn into corpses.

And, bonus! This post comes with a healthy dose of bigotry... and, for good measure, a naked lady.

But I digress. She actually wants "tealers." It's positively Orwellian. You too can be liberated if only you will define yourself by your adoration of TEAL.

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As I said in my first post on the topic, I have never seen a spiritual teacher who has so blatantly courted adulation and fostered dependency. What I've learned two posts and volumes of feedback later is that it's so much worse than I thought.

Recently, yet another TEAL related Facebook group launched: Teal Tribe Dating. That might not be so bad right? A nice little meeting place for people of similar interests under her general auspices. But then I read the copy.

Teal Tribe Dating

"Teal Tribe Dating" is a group for human beings(Well... at least in the 3D) who are single and looking for a loving relationship with a like-minded partner. Teal Tribe turned out to be an easy awesome way for people who are familiar with Teal to find their true friends and soul family, and now you have a chance to meet your true love too. That idea works by the law of attraction: The vibration in this group is high because of the high vibrational message of Teal Scott; Which means meeting high quality and spiritual-minded people. To break the ice, here is a suggestion for introducing yourself:

. . .

Favorite Teal's Video/Art/Quotes:

*To search for profiles go into the 'Photos' tab and click the desired category... [All emphases mine]

Yes, you are part of an elite group of "high vibrational" people because you like TEAL. TEAL's followers are your true soul family. And you can all bond based on your shared devotion to TEAL. You can even find the love of your life as long as it's really all about ♥ TEAL ♥.

This all looks more and more cultish by the day. I can't help thinking of the Moonies and their arranged, mass weddings.

Obviously, Teal Tribe is not a cult like Unification, Hare Krishna, or other highly organized groups. It's not a totalitarian regime. But there are definitely cultish elements. It's enough, in my mind, to be concerning. I say this, in part, because of what I'm hearing from people, publicly and privately, about having difficulty extricating loved ones or even disengaging themselves from her strange pull.

Much of the feedback I've gotten has been from people who described themselves as having been "obsessed" with TEAL, or words very much to that effect. Some said their interest moved rapidly from interest in what she was saying to fascination with her and the soap opera that is her life.

That she turned her life into a kind of reality show called Shadow House, which opened a window into her "intentional family," fed the fascination. Her life is decidedly more interesting than her spiritual teachings. It's full of sex, fights, verbal abuse, and melodrama. Some of these programs made viewers privy to things like TEAL's humiliation of the aforementioned Fallon and also of a gal named Cameron, whose major crime appears to have been that Blake was attracted to her. The fourth wall was torn down completely as viewers made the whole thing interactive. The audience participation portion involved TEAL fans taking to chat, Facebook, and Teal Tribe to verbally assault these people for their grievous mistreatment of TEAL. Anyone who questioned TEAL's treatment of them was likewise set upon by the group.

Anyone who has ever witnessed the vitriol that TEAL inspires in her fans when they seek to defend her would have to wonder just what is meant by "high vibrational."

As I said in that first post, the Fallon episode suggested the confessional element of cult behavior referenced by Robert J. Lifton, as Fallon opened himself to group abasement for his "sociopathic" behavior. As I've learned more about these Shadow House livestreams from those who've viewed them, I've realized that it fits that criterion even more directly than I'd first thought. In Shadow House events, TEAL puts her "family" members in the hot seat and scrutinizes their shadows. Any viewer of these broadcasts would become privy to very personal, private information about her inner circle. According to many accounts, Cameron was compelled to participate over her objections. It ended badly and ultimately caused her to quit the area. This description of the confession element of cult indoctrination is adapted from Lifton.

Sins, as defined by the group, are to be confessed either to a personal monitor or publicly to the group. There is no confidentiality: members' sins, attitudes, and faults are discussed and exploited by the leaders.

Closely related to the demand for absolute purity is an obsession with personal confession. Confession is carried beyond its ordinary religious, legal, and therapeutic expressions to the point of becoming a cult in itself. (Page 425.)

Public confessional periods are used to get members to verbalize and discuss their innermost fears and anxieties as well as past imperfections.

The environment demands that personal boundaries are destroyed and that every thought, feeling, or action that does not conform with the group's rules be confessed.

Members have little or no privacy, physically or mentally.

In assessing the shadows of her housemates, TEAL relies heavily on Byron Katie's "The Work" for methodology. Katie is, herself, on the radar of cult watchers and accounts of her antics certainly do raise an eyebrow. For instance, she also does a homeless exercise very like, if not identical to, the one practiced by James Arthur Ray that resulted in the mysterious death of Colleen Conaway.

I would encourage those familiar with TEAL's organization to look over some of the cult literature linked herein. These two pages include characteristics identified by a number of cult researchers: Intro to Cults 101 and Cult Characteristics. I'm not as acquainted with the inner workings of TEAL world as many readers are but even I can see that these pages point to any number of red flags.

For instance  Rick Ross claims, "Anything the group/leader does can be justified no matter how harsh or harmful." TEAL's vicious attacks on Fallon and Cameron as well as other thoroughly embarrassing Shadow House outbursts are not only justified but extolled as a virtue. TEAL is courageously showing the world her shadow side instead of hiding it like typical gurus, it is claimed. 

Cults are typically formed around charismatic leadership. Lifton observed, "The guru is worshipped, rather than the principles or doctrines (on which the sect is supposed to be based)." As stated, for many of TEAL's followers, the days and nights of Teal Bosworth Scott Swan have upstaged her spiritual teachings. She has made her personal life a major focus of her work, with her Shadow House livestream events and her confessional style blogging.

The American Family Foundation says, "The group is focused on a living leader to whom members seem to display excessively zealous, unquestioning commitment." As discussed, her defenders are passionate, indeed, as I and other critics have learned the hard way.

Carol Giambavo puts it like this: "Charismatic or messianic leader who is self-appointed and has a special mission in life." To say that TEAL is self-appointed and has announced a "special mission" would be to understate her accounting. As discussed, she has described herself as a Eucharist projected here by an Arcturian panel and genetically engineered to be white and beautiful enough to be heard on "every single continent." 

This, again, is the interview in which she explains in painful detail why it was so critical that she have universally appealing features. But not only is she more attractive than those poor, ugly African women, she's not like the rest of us mere mortals at all. She's not even really human.

(9:30) So I am a soul fork. What that means is from nonphysical energy -- so most people in the planet, they're non-physical energy that is projected forth into a physical human body. I am non-physical energy that is perfect-projected forth into an Arcturian body -- an extraterrestrial body. Now that extraterrestrial being has chosen to then project forth as a human body twelve times. This is the twelfth incarnation. And it's quite, it's quite funny, ironically, because before I even came down, um, there was an entire panel of beings, Arcturian beings, sixth dimensional beings, who even chose the way I would look in this life....

(16:15) I'm now three points of perspective. Most people are two. Most people are the higher self and their human perspective, two points of perspective. I'm three, human, extraterrestrial, and nonphysical.

Special. She's very, very special. She also has no idea what irony means, because there is nothing in that story that is remotely ironic.

By virtue of her specialness, her followers are also special. As stated, they are "high vibrational."

As per the American Family Foundation, "The group is elitist, claiming a special, exalted status for itself, its leader(s), and members (for example: the leader is considered the Messiah or an avatar; the group and/or the leader has a special mission to save humanity)."

You mean like a "supportive web of awakening" or a "little legion of enlightened spirits" who are devoted to an Arcturian projecting into human flesh to act as a Eucharist?

"Tealers" and "Teal Tribe Dating" members are told they've found their "place to belong" and their "true friends and soul family." It sounds an awful lot like the "love bombing" described by the Cult Information Centre: "Creating a sense of family and belonging through hugging, kissing, touching and flattery."

According to  the American Family Foundation, "Questioning, doubt, and dissent are discouraged or even punished." Or as Steven Hassan puts it, "No critical questions about leader, doctrine, or policy seen as legitimate."

Many people report having had their comments deleted from TEAL's blog, when they raised uncomfortable questions or pointed out discrepancies. References to these deletions -- or having such comments held up in moderation -- are peppered throughout the comments on the two previous posts. Notably, a frequent commenter on TEAL's blog named Lena had her account deleted with her entire comment history. When this deletion was called out in the comments on my blog and then by regulars on TEAL's blog, Blake finally responded. He claimed that it was an error on the part of an overzealous admin who did so out of love for TEAL. I asked Blake to explain how it was that his claimed no-censorship policy was never adequately communicated to the admin and why it was that so many reported having been censored. That was weeks ago. He has never responded to my query. That exchange, such as it was, can be found here.

More to the point, consider how TEAL has responded to the questions I have raised in my two posts. She has called me a "hater" who "crawled out of the woodwork" to try to co-opt her growing fame. She has accused me of causing her great emotional pain. Her posts in response to my questions serve to polarize her most devoted followers against the very act of raising questions or having doubts. It solidifies an "us vs. them" attitude towards anyone who would dare question, which Hassan identifies as one of the methods of "thought control."

"Whenever the group/leader is criticized or questioned it is characterized as 'persecution'," says Rick Ross. In TEAL's case, it's morphing into paranoia. In a recent post, she cites her critics as justification for ramping up the already very noticeable security.

I’m sure some people are wondering why I bother having security personnel at my workshops if I teach (and believe) the concept of “I create my own reality”.  So I wanted to explain it to you.

. . .

Part of the contrast involved with fame is the contrast of having “haters” and “antagonists”.  We chose the potential of this contrast before even coming into this life.  We chose it for the sake of our own expansion.  The experience of these types of interactions and people, leads to the desire and therefore creation of staying true to ourself regardless of opposition, benevolence, unity, appreciative focus and love within our own lives and within the universe.  This is part of why we chose the “fame path” to begin with over other paths we could have chosen.

Another cult indicator is a lack of fiscal transparency. As Rick Ross puts it, there is "No meaningful financial disclosure regarding budget, expenses such as an independently audited financial statement." The billboard campaign is illustrative. After a number of people mentioned in comments on my blog that they wondered what had happened to all the donations to this project, the issue magically appeared in a new blog post. (That there is a call and response thing going on between my blog and her posts has been noted repeatedly.) But this explanation was at least a day late and a buck or two short.

As per usual, there is an enormous learning curve with any new endeavor.  The first crowd funding campaign we did accomplished almost nothing.  The perks we offered turned out to be almost as expensive to create and provide as the money people were donating.  On top of that, one of the people helping with the campaign, offered a perk that wasn’t his to offer due to a copyright someone else had on his work, so we ended up being forced to pay a bunch of money to a third party person for a perk that had already been delivered.  In the end, we made too little money in profits to accomplish many of our goals.  But having learned our lesson the hard way, we are planning in the near future to start another campaign with the very same aim.

So, it would appear that TEAL's idea of financial disclosure goes something like this: All that money you all donated? It's pretty much gone with nothing to show for it. Can we have some more?

Use of "deception" in recruiting and fundraising is cited by Hasssan, Giambalvo, and the U of C, but it also kind of goes without saying, doesn't it? Aside from the murkiness about people's donations, there's a lot about TEAL's claims that raises questions. Of course, whether or not she was specially designed by an Arcturian panel is a little hard to validate one way or the other. Such "revealed knowledge" is integral to many a religious experience but the difficulty in fact-checking means we accept it on faith or we don't.

But there is also a lack of empirical proof to things like her very central claim of Satanic ritual abuse. Many such claims were made in the 80s and 90s. But TEAL herself admits that there's no evidence other than the say-so of victims like herself and claims that most of those are too terrified to come forward.

As I wrote before, to TEAL's great consternation, the FBI investigated claims of Satanic ritual abuse and found there was no real evidence. Psychologists and other experts who testified in court cases against abusers have since been discredited and largely discounted as it's come to light that false memories can be implanted during therapy. That said, a great deal of TEAL's narrative comes apart if that doesn't happen to be true. In fairness, she may believe it whether or not it's true.

When I was looking into Byron Katie for this post, I came across another troubling bit of information. Her story of awakening and TEAL's are strikingly similar. Both involve insects which inspired radical shifts in perspective during very dark passages in their lives.

TEAL's story of the "little ant" that awakened her to the awareness of life teeming merrily all around her even as she was confined to a hole by her Mormon Satanist abuser starts at about the 17:00 minute mark. The inappropriate laughter as she begins to tell it is particularly jarring.

Byron Katie's story of awakening while staring at a cockroach can be found here.

Less than two weeks after I entered the halfway house, my life changed completely. What follows is a very approximate account.

One morning I woke up. I had been sleeping on the floor as usual. Nothing special had happened the night before; I just opened my eyes. But I was seeing without concepts, without thoughts or an internal story. There was no me. It was as if something else had woken up. It opened its eyes. It was looking through Katie's eyes. And it was crisp, it was clear, it was new, it had never been here before. Everything was unrecognizable. And it was so delighted! Laughter welled up from the depths and just poured out. It breathed and was ecstasy. It was intoxicated with joy: totally greedy for everything. There was nothing separate, nothing unacceptable to it. Everything was its very own self. For the first time I — it — experienced the love of its own life. I — it —was amazed

In trying to be as accurate as possible, I am using the word “it” for this delighted, loving awareness, in which there was no me or world, and in which everything was included. There just isn't another way to say how completely new and fresh the awareness was. There was no I observing the “it.” There was nothing but the “it.” And even the realization of an “it” came later.

Let me say this in a different way. A foot appeared; there was a cockroach crawling over it. It opened its eyes, and there was something on the foot; or there was something on the foot, and then it opened its eyes — I don't know the sequence, because there was no time in any of this. So, to put it in slow motion: it opened its eyes, looked down at the foot, a cockroach was crawling across the ankle, and … it was awake! It was born. And from then on, it's been observing. But there wasn't a subject or an object. It was — is — everything it saw. There's no separation in it, anywhere.

In the midst of this experience, the four questions that would go on to define "The Work" were born: Is it true or can I really know that it's true? How do I react when I think that thought? Can I find one peaceful reason to believe that thought? Who would I be without the thought?

So, here we have two women, in the depths of despair, after years of suffering, who both realized they could simply shift their perspective while staring at bugs. It's a little coincidental, doncha think? And Byron Katie is one of the only sources TEAL acknowledges drawing from.

I still have a hard time seeing how either of these teachings differ from telling people they can heal themselves through willful denial, but that's probably a discussion for another day.

"To us it's all about truth. And we have an addiction to it. We have this absolute addiction. Worldwide addiction to the idea that we have to know what is true, which is just ridiculous. Because most of us are killing ourselves with what we think is true. So the question is why do you want truth to begin with? I want truth 'cause I think I will be happier if I have truth. Okay, well what if the truth is this and that makes you feel like crap. Does that really make you feel better? Why are we going about it the long way? Why not just decide that what matters is that you feel good? It's the only reason you want truth anyway. And most of the time when people realize that, life becomes a bit more soft. You know? It becomes a bit more about does this benefit me, not is it true." ~ TEAL

It has been suggested by many people, myself included, that TEAL sounds an awful lot like Abraham-Hicks. But TEAL says no. At around minute 20:00 in the Nova Zem interview posted above, she says she'd only learned about Abraham channeler Esther Hicks about a year before because "someone" who was listening to her drew the comparison. She gives Abraham-Hicks a pat on the head for being the "most accurate" of channelers but this comes in the midst of her explaining why what she does is so much better than channeling. She really is a higher consciousness being. She's not just channeling one, which is all we ordinary humans can do.

That interview took place in March of 2013. But Blake Dyer, who is pretty much her right hand, knew about the Abraham teachings at least as far back as March of 2011, two years, not one year before. Now is it possible that there's some confusion about the dates? Sure. Is it possible that she and Blake didn't confer? Maybe. Is it possible that it's entirely coincidental that TEAL's teachings are "effectively identical" to those of Abraham-Hicks, as a commenter noted in response to Blake? I guess it's possible. What is stranger is just how it is that we know Blake was familiar with Abraham-Hicks in March of 2011. It's because we know to a near certainty that Blake was at that time doing a lot of his TEAL promotion under the name of Jason Freedman, who wrote this comment on an Abraham-Hicks discussion forum.

Hello all,
I am a free lance journalist who is a long time devotee of a teacher called Teal Scott (The spiritual catalyst)
When I was discussing Teal's teachings to a friend a while back, they said wow... That sounds just like what Abraham is saying. So, I decided to check it out.
I love the messages of both these Teachers (which are so very similar) I can't tell you the good it has brought to my life. I believe we are presented teachers just when we need them most.

How do we know that this Jason Freedman was actually Blake? Therein hangs a tale.

Soon after I did my first post on the woman then known as Teal Scott, a gentleman commenting under the moniker Mykeyta offered some background. He had once considered her ex-husband Mark Scott a good friend. Blake Dyer had also been a friend. The friendships were strained by his growing discomfort with TEAL's many claims and their absorption in her ambition. When an opinion piece was published in the local paper, discussing TEAL's claims of Satanic ritual abuse, he was troubled by the swarm attack on the editor who wrote it and any other commenter who didn't accept her story at face value. More than one of them were evocative of his friend Blake so he came to the conclusion that TEAL's "army" was largely made up of sock puppets. In particular there are several comments in that thread by Jason Freedman. Mykeyta found that Mr. Freedman had written the "puff piece" I mentioned in that post. He also noted that the picture of Mr. Freedman looked an awful lot like Blake Dyer. He called the number listed for Mr. Freedman and found that he also sounded a lot like Blake Dyer.

I don't know Mykeyta any better than I know TEAL or Blake Dyer or anyone else in their sphere, but to me his story had the ring of truth. More than TEAL's stories do at any rate. A photo taken from a distance in front of the Great Wall of China -- a place he knew Blake had been -- and his account of vocal recognition make for an intriguing story, but they're not evidence.

Flash forward to a couple of days ago when, on my second blog post on the subject, Mykeyta recounted the story to someone who very understandably hadn't read the 1000+ comments on these two posts. Another person called Ima Guest had been having trouble posting some comments due to computer issues but emailed me something more like documentary proof that Blake Dyer and Jason Freedman are one and the same. And it all comes down to that phone number.

Here's the number for Jason Freedman:

Jason Freedman Number

Jason Freedman Detail

Here's the number for TEAL's Frequency Jewelry:

Frequency Jewelry

Frequency Jewelry Detail

Here's the number for Blake Dyer:

Blake's Number

Here's what happens when you put the phone number in Google:

google 8019499651

I think it's pretty safe to say at this point that Jason Freedman is Blake Dyer.

This would mean that Blake Dyer, under a pseudonym, wrote up an interview with a former girlfriend to promote a business, Teal Eye LLC, of which he is the Director. He did not disclose his close association with TEAL or her business. Instead he posed as a fictional reporter "who writes for periodicals both nationally and internationally," but whose byline, strangely, only seems to bring up that one story in searches.

Worse, he used this fake persona, once again, to comment on the Herald Journal piece where he argued from authority as a reporter with a twenty year career. These comments appear alongside other comments from sundyer, Blake's official moniker, and who knows how many other socks.

Mr. Freedman wrote three comments in response to that column. They are the only comments he has  posted to date to the Herald Journal.

His first comment, posted at 10:25 am on Mon, Mar 28, 2011:

I'm totally appalled by the mocking and disbelieving tone of this article. "Just another reader" and "Bluto" and "DL in Den"... you are full of crap. I have worked for 20 years in investigative journalism,. I have seen reports like this one float across the desks of reporters only to be ignored because no one likes to touch these stories. Not because they are not true but because society is not ready to face the bitter reality that it does happen and did happen this time. Society's blind ignorance to this happening is why it continues to happen. I'm totally Ashamed that any of you would think this woman would have anything to gain from telling her story. Instead, she risks everything. She risks her own safety, credibility and connection by admitting these things. Women like her are the rare, brave, exception to the rule of silent victims. Anyone who does not stand beside her participates in silencing victims and therefore siding with perpetrators everywhere. Perpetrators BANK on victims being discredited as some of you have done.
the only reason the columnist mentioned her book (which aside from the foreword has nothing to do with abuse) is because he saw an interview with her in it talking about the book on Park City TV. The book is the reason he even heard this story.
He admitted this himself.
I thought this editor did an injustice to victims everywhere by releasing this column with a "tale tale" tone to it.
That was the only thing "LAME" about this article.
I'm embarrassed to be human today having read some of the un supportive comments that are being written about this.

His second comment, posted at 6:57 pm on Mon, Mar 28, 2011:

I got very upset about that. I did not mean to be insulting. The issue is this... I happen to have done a lot of journalism in jails where I talked to three separate prisoners who confessed to me directly about how they would go about mentally programming children. I have heard it from the horse's mouth. Not the victim's mouths.
Visit this link for a bit...
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sUfzWTem15E (first of eight videos)
and http://ritualabuse.us/ritualabuse/studies/satanic-ritual-abuse-evidence-with-information-on-the-mcmartin-preschool-case/

His third comment, posted at 9:02 am on Tue, Mar 29, 2011:

The only reason I can see for people to be so adamant to discredit claims of ritual abuse is if they themselves where practicing participants.

Mr. Freedman also wrote a letter to the editor, making basically the same case.

In response to the article titled “Claims of local torture cult got this editor’s attention,” featured March 27, I am appalled by the disbelieving tone of the article addressing the ritual abuse suffered by the subject of the aforementioned article, “Teal Scott.” I am a freelance journalist who has seen reports of ritual abuse in our state float across the desks of reporters and be ignored for 20 years. This ignorance to the validity of these stories is exactly why they continue to happen in our community. As a result of this article, I have researched Teal Scott myself only to find that she is not to be discredited. It is time that the citizens of Utah came out of ignorance about the ritual abuse (especially satanic ritual abuse) that continues to go on in the state and stood behind those who are brave enough to come out of hiding and say something about it.

If Blake and Freedman are one and the same, as they surely appear to be, that would mean that in order to attack and shame people for questioning the veracity of TEAL's story, he's adopted a fake persona and proffered as evidence prison interviews that never happened during a journalism career history he's made up. Blake Dyer has raised mendacity to an art form.

Pay attention, TEAL. That is irony.

Speaking for myself, a realization of that kind of fraud would cause me to become disillusioned. Disillusionment is painful, but I prefer it to the alternative -- believing in an illusion. I guess I'm one of those people who's addicted to truth.

I have experienced similar disillusionment. I have learned to my great dismay that teachers I have followed were not what they appeared to be and even that they were baldfaced liars. I have discovered that I was being manipulated and mislead. It was painful. It did not "feel good" to learn it. I'm still glad I learned it because it freed me up to seek elsewhere for spiritual education and guidance.

And I have felt very foolish. Like many people, I used to think that I was too smart to fall for con artists and cult leaders. I was wrong. It was humbling. But humility is a great place from which to start over.

"When I hear someone say that only stupid people fall for fraud, I feel like asking for that person’s phone number. But here’s the thing: I didn’t want to talk to stupid people, because stupid people don’t have $50,000 lying around to give me. You would be amazed at how many doctors, lawyers, engineers, and college professors I have ripped off. The bottom line is, fraud is a crime that can happen to anyone, given the right con artist and a victim with the right set of circumstances." ~ The Anonymous Confessions of a Con Artist

In the comments, following my last post on TEAL, a woman named Becky asked what I and other commenters recommended for spiritual guidance and inspiration to fill the gap left by TEAL. It was a good conversation that can be read in full starting on the first page of comments on that post. I'd like to address it here because my rather lengthy attempt to address it in the comments was eaten by blogger. But also because I think it's a good jumping off point to a larger conversation about healing after this kind of disillusionment.

I was thinking about how defensive people get on the whole Teal subject, and why that is... It occurs to me that maybe it's because in a way she gives a lot of people hope. People hear her story and feel empowered by it, if she can "beat those odds" maybe they can too.

I think they start to get angry because they might feel betrayed by Teal when the story starts to fall apart, and that hopeless feeling starts to return. That's probably a space a lot of people don't want to go back to, so they live in denial about the story crumbling, but they still have to direct that anger somewhere.

Somehow the phrase "Don't shoot the messenger" comes to mind. A lot of people are taking this stuff very personally and it might be a good idea to ask why that is?

I was just thinking about my thought process through all of this, how my emotions came into play when I was trying to figure out where I stand on all this Teal stuff.
I guess I'm asking, what else has helped you, what gives you hope? What inspires you? What's helped you grow as a person?

I'm curious about what resources you trust that you would direct people to if they wanted better themselves, but didn't necessarily know where to go?

What she is describing in the first part of that comment is cognitive dissonance and it's key to understanding manipulation and indoctrination. Leon Festinger did the seminal research in the 1950s. I touched on this briefly here, as well. Festinger theorized that people are most comfortable when their thoughts, feelings, and actions, are all congruent. Among other things, this means that we are strongly motivated to continue believing falsehoods if no longer believing them comes into conflict with life choices we've made, money we've laid out, and happiness we've attained by believing in them. So very often we will cleave to the falsehood with greater ferocity to protect our own sense of inner harmony.

I am always a little reticent to make general recommendations because there is no one size fits all when it comes to spiritual teaching. In particular, when a person is coming out of a situation where someone has been abusing spiritual authority, as I believe TEAL does, the last thing I want to do is run the risk of further over-running instincts that may be quite damaged.

I will tell readers what I tell my clients. My recommendations are my opinion. If what I say doesn't feel right for you, disregard it.

If you are coming out of any abusive situation, spiritual or otherwise, there is probably soul loss. For that I recommend soul retrieval. I had several soul retrievals with a skilled shaman. They helped me to restore parts lost to abusive teachers and healers. They also helped to restore missing parts that had left me vulnerable to such influences in the first place. They helped, period. My path takes me through shamanism and indigenous teachings so that work is a fit for me. The seminal book on the topic is Soul Retrieval by Sandra Ingerman. For more information, a good resource is Christina Pratt's internet radio show, Why Shamanism Now? The entire catalog can be heard for free on iTunes and other streaming sources. Finding information on some of the relevant broadcasts can be found by searching the word retrieval on my Celestial Reflections blog.

Another great resource for restoring the soul and repairing damaged instincts is Women Who Run With the Wolves by Clarissa Pinkola Estés. I call it, among other things, therapy in a book. It really walks you through a process. I've written more about that book and the power of story here and here.

Mostly, I recommend following your nose and seeing where it leads you. It's just a good idea to get in touch with your instincts and learn to trust your sense of smell first. Christina Pratt talks about bouncing everything off your "truth cord." It helps if you've located that line that runs right through your core.

In much of the developed world, we've been raised to think of God and the paths to God as outside of ourselves and dependent on spiritual authority. We've been acculturated to seek the teacher who speaks with certitude based on things only he or she could know and, as such, bestow upon us. But I think argument from authority is a logical fallacy and have learned to avoid such teachers like the plague. This, in part, is why the "cosmic answer lady" persona in the Ask Teal videos is something I find so off-putting. I don't trust ex cathedra teachings.

Spiritual guidance should take you inward. It should foster your personal relationship with spirit. It shouldn't be about the teacher. No teacher should be giving you answers. They should only be teaching you how to learn.

I don't recommend authors and teachers who tell you that spiritual development is simple, particularly if they give x number of steps. To quote Joseph Campbell, “If you can see your path laid out in front of you step by step, you know it's not your path. Your own path you make with every step you take. That's why it's your path.”

There are any number of authors and thinkers I could point to who delight, inform, and inspire me. Their names are peppered throughout my writings. But when I really think about what inspires me, it's not a person. It's spirit. It's my personal relationship with my guides and the pathway to the numinous that runs right up the center of my being. It's the amusing game of finding Easter eggs hidden in the most unexpected books and movies that my guides point me to. It's those moments of reverie that come simply because I am staring at a piece of art or listening to music. It's the constant reminders from the spirit world that even when I think I'm running my own life, I'm not. I'm being led by the hand by something so much wiser than I am and that it is that inner compass that has told me to pick up a certain book or watch a particular movie or go to a certain place at a certain time. I have incredible gratitude to teachers and healers I've worked with like Virginia Sandlin and Christina Pratt. But in the end what I am grateful for is that they consistently pointed me not towards themselves but towards my own connection with all that is.

Addendum: My two previous posts on TEAL are worth reading for additional background and for the phenomenal discussions that have taken place in the comments:

Who and What is Teal Scott
The Artist Formerly Known as Teal Scott

Update: "The Noncasts"

In March of this year, TEAL and her new husband Sarbdeep Swan introduced a new video series called "Tea Time with Teal" -- not Tea Time with The Swans, mind you. TEAL is still the staaahhh! Only her name can appear on the marquee. I think it's in her contract.

These weekly episodes are called "podcasts" but aren't anything of the kind. Whereas podcasts are hosted on a platform, such as iTunes, so that they can be easily downloaded, kept, and enjoyed on other devices, these are just more garden variety YouTube videos. Podcasts are designed to be accessible, easily disseminated, and portable.

Ironically (note the correct use of this word), these not-podcasts are announced only to an email list, are posted on a hidden, unlinked page on her website, and the YouTube videos are set to private. I won't call them podcasts. I have variously referred to them as: stealthcasts, not-podcasts, tea things, narrowcasts, and narrowcasts for tea-sipping pod people.

The icing on the irony cake? The second of these husband and wife discussions was about TEAL's insistence that their private life be open to the public.

These tea things have provided great fodder for discussion in the comment thread for this blog post. The conversations evolved into a regular feature I call the noncasts. These write-ups mirror the subject matter in that they report on discussions of the tea things I've had with my husband. The official title of this series is "How to Drive Your Double PhD Husband Crazy by Making Him Watch TEAL Videos."

As with the tea things, these are not indexed, freestanding posts. If you're interested, you'll have to dig for them. They can only be found in the comment thread for this post. Page searches for the words noncast or tea should get you there.

* Addendum to the Addendum: With the end of teal's marriage to Sarbdeep, comes the definitive end to "Tea Time with Teal," and, therefore, to the noncasts. I will conclude this exercise by adding to this already absurdly long post a complete list of the noncasts. I will include a link to the initial comment of each noncast, for those whose browsers can interpret that, and the page link for the relevant comments.

In those teacasts, we all got to know a third member of teal's menagerie: the frog. He emerged as a star in his own right. Calm and stoical as only a butler of such impeccable credentials can be, he kept his head when all about him were losing theirs. The frog recently launched a video channel and has begun producing videos in the odd hours, as his schedule permits. The first includes his thoughts as interpreted by his growing legion of fans. So, teal, Sarbdeep, and frog, thanks for the memories.

Further Update: Regarding Jason Freedman, et al.

This post raises a question about the odd correlation between Blake Dyer's and Jason Freedman's likeness and phone number. It took an incident in the Teal Tribe Facebook group to get Blake to address this question, but he has. It would have been nice if he'd done so directly with me, but I'll take what I can get.

What I could get was some screenshots given to me by Teal Tribe members of Blake's attempts to explain this odd coincidence, and another oddity involving a claimed psychiatrist, William Macey PHD [sic], who also bear's Blake's likeness. I have discussed this matter in the comments, but it occurs to me that it, in fairness to the reader and to Blake Dyer, it should also be placed in the body of this post.

The following screenshots are not in any particular order and vary in format, as they came from various sources in various forms. I don't actually know how the dialog unfolded. I only know that these questions were raised in the Teal Tribe group and Blake attempted to answer at least some of them.

Blake denied both knowing Jason Freedman and knowing how it is that he came to have the same phone number. He did so more than once as follows:

 photo BlakeDeniesNumber_1_zps472a6c4c.png
Click Image to Expand

Click Image to Expand

 photo BlakeDeniesNumber_2_zps2c04df26.png
Click Image to Expand

Blake acknowledged that the photos used by both Jason Freedman and William Macey were of him, but denied knowing how they came to be associated with either:

 photo WhoIsMacey_zps73ce03ab.png
Click Image to Expand

 photo BlakeDeniesMaceyPic_zpsbf71682f.png
Click Image to Expand

 photo BlakeDeniesBothPics_zps79386f60.png
Click Image to Expand

So, my question to Blake, which I posed down in the comments as well, is simply this. How is it that he does not know Jason Freedman? Freedman apparently did a face to face interview with TEAL. Couldn't he just ask her? And if he is in the dark about this interview with the mysterious Mr. Freedman, how is it that he promoted said article on Facebook?

 photo BlakePimpsJason_zps42fcda6d.png
Click Image to Expand

Yet Another Update: Kicking "Tealers" Down the Memory Hole

It brings me no joy that I must, once again, update this excruciatingly long post. But it's recently come to my attention that teal is trying to rewrite history. Above I quoted a passage from her Korean spa post about the world-changing potential of the "Tealers." At some point between the original publication of that post and its move to her new website, the passage I quoted above was changed and the word "Tealers" removed. But the original text is still visible on the cached version in the internet archive, or wayback machine.

Here is what that passage looked like when it was originally published in 2014.

 photo koreanspawayback_zpsi4rupkrz.jpg
Click Image to Expand

Here is what that passage looks like in the current version on her new website.

 photo koreansparevised_zps0unpvtq6.jpg
Click Image to Expand

Her clean-up was incomplete, however. The word "Tealers" appears further down in the post.

 photo missedone_zpshzgh5gqu.jpg
Click Image to Expand

Comment overflow: page 2, page 3, page 4, page 5, page 6, page 7,
page 8, page 9, page 10, page 11, page 12, page 13, page 14


  1. I'm throwing this link here, as well as posting it in the news feed, because we were discussing the DMT, ayahuasca question before. See, this author is having a bit of fun and causing mass confusion by pointing out that this Schedule 1 drug is found in simply everything. Of course, it's meaningless because the body deactivates the DMT so your oranges and lemons don't cause you to hallucinate. What would actually be necessary, if you wanted to journey using citrus fruits is the vine of souls, ayahuasca, to deactivate that buzz-killing enzyme.

    "It may surprise you to learn that common citrus trees like oranges and lemons are actually Schedule I substances, in the same legal category as heroin. I know it sounds absurd, but it is absolutely true."


  2. That's probably why the smell of citrus trees is so uplifting, hahaha!

  3. Noncast: Chasing and Burning pt 1

    In which Ward Cleaver and the Black Dahlia code-talk about their relationship problems.

    In all seriousness, what is she wearing? I mean it would be great as club-wear. I know when I was spending my evenings in Goth/Industrial clubs, we all used to wear slips as dresses. Throw on some fishnet stockings and Luichiny platforms, it's a good look. (I'm in a different place in my life now. The hard part is keeping my daughter from hurting herself, clumping around the house in those Luichiny platforms.)

    What's also funny about their attire is that teal is talking a lot about some generic little girl who couldn't get daddy's attention and did things like dance moves and somersaults to try to get it. Of course that little girl grows up longing for love from emotionally unavailable men and doing everything she can to keep their attention. And more than in any teacast I can think of, she is "dressed to arrest" in this one. (Look at me! Look at me! I'm practically naked!) Sarbdeep, meanwhile, is dressed like a 1950s sitcom dad. Subtle.

    "She looks like she pulled something out of the evidence room after the Black Dahlia murder." ~ J

    But considering that teal's also talking about all the death threats she receives in a recent blog post, maybe that's another veiled message. I certainly don't want teal to be murdered. That would be horrible. You know who else I don't want to be murdered? This woman who did some YouTube videos questioning teal's practices, and was subsequently was harassed, insulted, and had to block someone for making veiled, creepy death threats.

    Has teal ever ordered her "army" to back the fuck down? Or even asked them nicely to please stop harassing people in her name? If she has, I've never seen it. Instead, she dog-whistles to her followers about defending her honor by going after people who are mean to her. (read: critics) Like when she wrote a blog post about her high school knight in shining armor putting another kid in the hospital because he talked shit about her. 

    The thing I've noticed about teal is that, even when she's revealing her "shadow," she's always the victim. Her publicly stated shadow work always involves her unearthing things that were done to her.

    "And just like that, I encountered the reflection of a lingering shadow within me. Since people first discovered my 'abilities', I have found myself in the inquisition all over again in this
    life. [I thought our past lives didn't have anything to do with what we law of attract in this life and everything was about our childhood. Hasn't she said that repeatedly... and recently?] As a child, I was haunted by the perpetual perception that people wished to extinguish me. And it was not that it felt worse than it actually was. Many people did want me to die, as people often do when they feel powerless enough to something that they cannot conceive of peace with you alive."

  4. Noncast: Chasing and Burning pt 2

    Oh, poor teal. She's just too beautiful and special for this world. She's constantly persecuted for it. And her "shadow" reflections never have anything she's done to other people. Like, say, riling people up to attack whomever she's mad at: Fallon, Cameron, me, the Herald Journal editor who didn't offer full, uncritical support for her Satanic abuse story...

    Time and time again, she has sat on her hands while those she's deemed "anti-teal" were vilified, insulted, and threatened, by her devoted followers. So forgive me if I don't get all weepy about a little of that "hate" being turned back in her direction.

    The catalyst for this particular foray into self-pity was a video we discussed a while back, in which some people in the Czech Republic burn -- or at least attempt to burn -- a piece of her artwork. The joke's on them. Apparently teal's artwork is treated with a flame-retardant of some kind.

    "It was burnt because they think I am satanic and because they also think I am a disguised reptilian. The burning is a symbolic message that I am not welcome here."

    Welcome where? In the Czech Republic? On Earth? Is this because she's actually an alien? You can almost hear the chanting and shouting at the... border... or... exosphere... (???)

    "Arcturians go home!"

    "No dual citizenship for soul forks!"

    "Stupid Space Mexicans!"

    "Never mind the wall at the border, where's our space shield? Fucking Demotards!"

    But teal has her own take on why these people have deemed her a Satanic reptilian.

    "Upon reflection, I find that I may represent a great many powerless feelings that lie dormant within someone’s being. Perhaps the people who burnt this painting have felt powerless to money and feel that charging (what is by their standards) a large sum of money, means that like a mosquito, I intend to drain people of their resources or deny them the healing they need because they lack the money. Maybe they feel powerless to those who have power, but whom do not have their best interest at heart."

    A mosquito? Mosquito's don't drain people of anything. They take just enough blood to be mildly irritating. Do you think maybe she was going to say vampire and thought better of it, because it might just sound a little too on the nose?

  5. Noncast: Chasing and Burning pt 3

    What I don't get is why she's making this about the money. If it's the cost of the painting that bothers them, why not sell it? And why did they buy it in the first place? I don't actually know how they came by the painting. I'm betting they were one-time fans of hers who got turned off.

    Maybe they were just driven mad by the painting itself. Those terrible eyes! They follow me everywhere in the room! They haunt my dreams...

    I mean, I can see why someone might find that painting rather menacing. I find much of her artwork menacing. It's jagged, fragmentary, and sensorially overwhelming. And that one has something that looks very much like eyes, but they're all hard angles.

    Much has been made of the fact that serial killer John Wayne Gacy was a clown who entertained children in hospitals. It sounds lovely, maybe even slightly mitigating, until you consider that his clown make-up was kind of terrifying and that this just might have been a clue. Again, it was all hard angles. Most people who clown for kids use big curved lines. They try to look softer, not harder, than real life. Gacy's clown face showed just a bit of the mad torture killer behind it.

    Maybe that's how these people, who had presumably laid out at least part of the $400 for it, came to see that painting.

    The painting is called "Integrity," for some reason. It's not something that suggests itself to me when I look at it, but then the only name I can come up with for most of her paintings is something like, "A Child's Coloring Book of Nightmares."

    "As ironic as it is that integrity was the painting that they chose to burn, it is equally ironic, that the hater and the hated share this same sensation of powerlessness to each other."

    So how is that ironic? Is she saying that burning a painting you own, in order to make a statement, shows a lack of integrity? I don't see how. Integrity means adhering to your own value system, not someone else's. To have integrity is to be integral. They certainly seemed to be acting according to their own beliefs.

    Maybe these people bought the painting specifically to burn, something that requires a good bit of dedication. Perhaps they were reveling in the irony of a painting called "Integrity" by a woman they think has none.

    As for the latter part of her statement there on irony, I don't really see how that's ironic either. Is it that we should expect that there's no commonality between teal and her detractors? I wouldn't, so I don't see the irony, but maybe that's a matter of perspective.

  6. Noncast: Chasing and Burning pt 4

    I've questioned teal's idiosyncratic use of the word irony many times before, but she actually seems to be doubling down on her flagrant and perpetual misuse. In the teacast, after mocking Sarbdeep for sounding like some sort of automaton news anchor, she boldly states, "Irony!"

    We wait to hear what is ironic about her laughing at poor Sarbdeep for sounding like a professional. She turns and stares into the camera, as if to say, Fuck you, LaVaughn! I'll use the word however I damn well please.

    "Irony!" she says again. "You just got criticized."

    What is ironic about her endless nitpicking of Sarbdeep, I have no idea.

    We know she has access to a dictionary because she recently introduced a whole thing about using one to figure out your emotional... life purpose... map thing. Perhaps she thinks dictionary use should be entirely creative. You know, look up a word, and if you don't like the definition say, "fuck it" and call things emotions that aren't emotions at all. Completely disregard the definition of words like irony and use them however you want. Alanis Morisette, wrong as she was, was still closer to the correct meaning.

    As she launches into her explanation of the "please love me" pattern, she says.

    "This is the ironic part. We not only think we love this person instead of this person. We think they love us, too."

    That is not irony. That is emotional confusion and projection. Seriously. How on earth is that ironic?

    Oh, well. We should perhaps bear in mind that she's actually Arcturian and human is not her first language.

    What I find increasingly disturbing about these teacasts is the way teal is positioned as an expert on things she has no expertise in. She's not a marriage counselor. She's on her third marriage and has had some spectacular public breakups. This does not make her an expert on relationship dynamics. Quite the opposite. And of course, she cites not a single source. Yet the whole set-up here is that Sarbdeep, doing his anchorman impression, asks her questions as if she's an expert. He doesn't ask her for her opinion and they certainly aren't discussing these things as equals. He doesn't say, Why do you think that is? He says, Why is that?

    As if she fucking knows.

  7. Noncast: Chasing and Burning pt 5

    I guess it's fair to say that she knows something about the "please love me" chasing pattern she's describing because she's obviously talking about herself. Where she errs, as I said earlier, regarding her Ask Teal version of this topic, is in projecting it onto everybody else. To hear her tell it, very common -- the most common female to male dynamic in the world today. She might even be able to get away with that if she stuck to broad generalities, but she can get real specific about what the parents were like and the exact set of dynamics. That really narrows the aperture quite a bit, and again, makes it obvious she's talking about herself.

    She's the one who, by her own admission, "is never satisfied with the intimacy level in relationship" and wants her men to "gestate" her and carry her around in a giant Baby Bjorn.

    "She's a riddle, inside an enigma, wrapped in a Baby Bjorn, and sewn into a corpse." ~ J, with apologies to Churchill

    Sometimes, though, she acknowledges that it can be men who are chasing unavailable women.

    "It would happen in a situation where it's like, what I see this with is sons who were born to performers usually get that one. If you had a performer mother who was all about herself, who's like look at me and never had time for the son. And he was always wanting attention, couldn't get the attention. She was always lavishing her attention on men or goin' off to parties and leaving him with other people. Now, that sets up that dynamic. Now he's like going for unreachable women who are all about themselves. Super narcissistic. That's when you usually see it manifest in the other way."


    "Winter, are you taking notes?" ~ J

    This got more and more cringeworthy as it went along and became more and more obviously about teal and Sarbdeep. Despite his efforts to keep it on point and accessible to an audience, teal's transparent attempts to whip him into shape were painful to watch.

    "Subtext is this close to being text." ~ J

    As ever, teal is in complete control. For good measure, she starts off by criticizing Sarbdeep for his anchorman style, thereby setting a lovely tone, and securing her alpha dog status. There's a reason I keep harping on this. He takes these jabs with good humor but they're power plays. Picking at people's flaws, particularly in public, is painful and erodes self-esteem. What she's doing here is worse. She's attacking his strengths and trying turn them into weaknesses. Sarbdeep is a much more polished communicator than teal. He's more likable and accessible which is why he's being recast as her magic decoder ring. So she's undermining him for is ability speak clearly and smoothly.

    Of course there's also the rudeness, the interruptions, the turning his questions back on him. This is her show and he's the humble, if stiff, interviewer.

    "Shut up voice of reason, in your sensible sweater. I'm on a roll." ~ J

  8. Noncast: Chasing and Burning pt 6

    After a few minutes of explaining how women make bad choices and choose unavailable men, as opposed to men who meet their needs and speak their "love language" -- hers is gifts, btw, in case you didn't get enough copies of the memo about those TPS reports -- Sarbdeep becomes increasingly solicitous, more and more like a supplicant.

    There is an awkward moment, though, around the 9:00 minute mark, when teal explains the classic attachment to the lovable but alcoholic father. He breaks eye contact with her and gazes out, more towards the camera, a look of dawning realization on his face. "That's a very familiar archetype that I've seen in movies a lot actually."

    He throws her a slyly challenging look. Dare I say it? She's busted. This is, after all, the woman who tried to demonstrate her "core imprint" idea by talking about Maggie Gyllenhaal's character in Stranger than Fiction. (I caught that movie again the other day on Sundance. It is as I remembered. No dictionary or thesaurus involved in Ana's career change. Nothing to do with discovering core negative imprints or maps toward emotional signatures that aren't emotions at all. Just your typical story of someone who realized she was pursuing a career that wasn't the best use of her interests and talents.) For a moment, teal stiffens. She nods uncomfortably. But she quickly recovers and goes back to telling us how cliched child-parent dynamics result in cliched romantic relationship dynamics.

    And where, oh where, would teal be without straw men to take bizarre contradictory positions so she can argue against them with trite, obvious points? According to her, people "love to say" they're not "creatures of habit." Silly people. Obviously we tend to sleep on the same side of the bed, eat at the same restaurants, put our toothbrushes away in the same place. See? We're "super habitual."

    Well, no kidding. Human beings are creatures of habit. Is there anyone, anywhere who did not know this?

    "Who says they're not a creature of habit? Fucking nobody." ~ J

    So, here's the thing. Most of what she's saying is pretty Freudian: Oedipal and Electra complexes, repetition compulsion... And I think those ideas were some of his better ones. The thing is, hers is probably the worst, most facile presentation of these fairly well-known ideas, maybe, ever. She's not bringing anything new to the table except a rigid adherence to specific narratives that are nowhere near as universal as she's declaring them to be.

    Both women and men crave intimacy, says teal, but women, slightly more so, so women are more likely to chase their partners. Why? Strap in.

    As per teal, humans don't have canine teeth, which is false. But that goes back to her veganism argument which I dealt with in an earlier noncast. She further claims here that predators can function alone and that prey animals survive because of groups. This is also false. To name just a handful of predator species that are communal, lions, wolves, hyenas, and humans. Many prey species do not rely on groups for protection, except in some cases, to warn each other. Most prey animals are pretty much on their own when they're attacked. Even those that do live in groups, mostly just run when they're under attack. Prey animals rely on things like camouflage, noxious secretions, and speed. And of course many predators are also prey, depending on context, like, say, humans. Some predator/prey species defend their groups. Again, humans are about the best example.

  9. Noncast: Chasing and Burning pt 7

    Communal living among wildlife and humans is not simply about protection. It's about sharing resources. It's efficient. The group that hunts and gathers together, stays together. Many animals, both wild and domestic, also exhibit emotional attachments.

    According to teal, women are more inclined to stay in bad relationships for safety because of this evolutionary need for protection from predation in our childbearing years. For women, relationships are about the emotion of "safety." For men, it's all about the emotion of "being fed." Once again, teal has isolated emotions that are in no way way emotions.

    That said, I agree to an extent with her overall point. But at that primal level, it's not simply about fear of predation. It's also about sustenance. Communal living is an efficient use of resources. Pregnancy, breastfeeding, and child-rearing are communally supported activities for humans. Our babies are born extremely vulnerable, more than is the case in most if not all of the animal kingdom. We are more prone to death in childbirth than other animals, which means those infants that survive their mothers' deaths need other people to care for them. Reproduction does indeed make us very vulnerable and in need of someone else to gather food and see to other material needs. I agree with teal this far: A woman's somewhat more relational nature is probably due to the challenges of child-bearing. So her lengthy explanation of why women stay in bad relationships gets a rating of about "mostly false," as opposed to "pants on fire." That's a refreshing change.

    And, you know, if teal were just an average person being perpetually, factually wrong, that would be one thing. That she's rearranging history, torturing archaeology, and abusing the sciences -- no, healing past trauma is not time travel because "quantum universe" -- might not be a big deal if she weren't positioning herself as an authority. And she's being treated as an authority, not just by Sarbdeep, but by a rather large following. She claims to be a "spiritual intuitive," the "highest" form of intuition, and to have "the knowing." But a good bit of the time she just sounds like Cliff from Cheers.

    As per teal, both men and women, crave intimacy, even though for women there's a little more intensity because we bear children. Fair enough. What's interesting about that is that throughout this teacast, there is almost nothing about meeting a man's needs. It's excruciatingly apparent that this is all about teal wanting something from Sarbdeep that she's not getting. She even goes so far as to have him envision the perfect father for an imaginary little girl so that she'll grow up prepared to draw that kind of partner. But teal doesn't do this vision exercise for an imaginary little boy. What about her actual son and his "performer" mother? What about Sarbdeep who is practically bending himself into pretzels to try to please her. How are Sarbdeep's needs getting met? We know from this broadcast that shit is going on. He's experiencing rages, for instance, and truly wants to know where that's coming from.

  10. Noncast: Chasing and Burning pt 8

    It's alluded to that he's doing the emotional processing thing that she's "just discovered" (???) and appears to feel that it's helping. But while teal is forcing him to publicly examine all the ways that he's not meeting her needs, the woman who wants every aspect of her life to be public doesn't demonstrate any such thought experiment. Not here. It's strongly implied that she's controlling and hypercritical -- 'cause that's how all mothers are -- but we don't see anything about how she's trying to fix that little problem. This is a show about how teal felt like her father wasn't giving her enough attention, how now her husband isn't giving her enough attention, and how she's going to bloody well teach him how to do that in a very public way. This is not a show about how a child of an abusive alcoholic ended up in a relationship with a woman who nitpicks and belittles him.

    I don't know. Maybe in the future she'll cover the "stop criticizing me and show me love and respect" dynamic and demonstrate what that looks like.

    As Sarbdeep envisions raising his imaginary daughter, he talks a lot about her autonomy. He wants to respect her as an individual. He thinks it's pretty easy to raise kids -- obvious that he's not really a parent -- and that they only need a few things. They're "like flowers." They need water, air, nourishment, and nurturing. I think I see what he means. Not micromanaging your kids makes child-rearing a lot less complicated. It's kind of a nice metaphor. Let them blossom as nature intended instead of trying to remake them into what you want.

    This whole thing seems to make teal uncomfortable. She, once again, nitpicks his explanation to death, and the implication is that this imaginary little girl -- let's call her TEAL -- is just not getting enough. She wants that man to be remade. Hell, she wants him made from scratch. She'd like him to "literally design a man" for her. (Literally, Sarbs! Get thee to the lab!) Little girls need love. He thinks he covered that when he said they need to be nurtured. She thinks girls should be doted on, but Sarbdeep isn't so sure about that "doting thing." He has some concerns about his imaginary daughter becoming a "spoiled brat." That's "impossible" says teal. He likes the idea of an "equal, loving relationship." To this teal responds with a sort of pinched, condescending grin. It's just not good enough. Girls should be lavished with attention.

    Men in "our cultures" take the "stoic approach," says teal. They're stand-offish and cool. Let's add "stoic" to the list of words teal misuses. It's like they have their hands tied behind their backs, so we're back to that analogy. Remember when Sarbdeep was unable to sculpt his clay because he had no hands?  Before he got his "map" towards his life purpose of "exaltation?"

  11. Noncast: Chasing and Burning pt 9

    In closing teal explains that if a person is in the process of "becoming conscious" they need a partner who is equally committed to consciousness. Otherwise, you gotta let that relationship go. Let's not sugar coat it. At this point Sarbdeep completely loses control of his face. He grimaces. He fidgets. Being a conscious person with someone who isn't committing to becoming conscious is kind of like "a politician being involved with someone who doesn't want to be public."

    Pow. There it is. In case you doubted that these are veiled threats about her ending their marriage, we're back to the whole, public versus private thing, which is right about where these tea things started. Sarbdeep has this emotional problem -- he likes to keep his private life private and it drives his "performer" wife absolutely crazy.

    "Well, on that happy note," closes Sarbdeep, aaaaaand they both crack up. There's a lot of giggling through this one, from both of them. It's a little surreal and we thought, and probably about releasing the nakedly apparent tension. And each of them, at different points, nervously asked the other what they were laughing at. She, of course, was very definitely laughing at him for being a robotic anchorman. But he took it with aplomb and laughed along. They're just a happy couple, enjoying a good laugh, about these problems that so many couples have with this "please love me" neediness that so many women have. But see they're laughing so we know it's not teal who's desperately chasing an unavailable and "stoic" man.

    Hello! He's British! Stoical? Reserved? Stiff upper lip? Nah. Not him.

  12. Sorry for the delay on this one. The weekend was nuts and we spent most of the day yesterday with no internet. So that was fun.

  13. "Arcturians go home!" / "No dual citizenship for soul forks!" / "Stupid Space Mexicans!" / "Never mind the wall at the border, where's our space shield? Fucking Demotards!"
    you are killing me hhahahahah

    "…like a mosquito, I intend to drain people of their resources or deny them the healing they need because they lack the money."
    man…she is even saying it and the followers love her for her honesty. Gosh.
    "I'm betting they were one-time fans of hers who got turned off."
    100% - just like me. I would have burnt it as well - call me dramatic :D
    The disco dress is easily explained. 1. this was her second appearance on film without make up or turned down make up - so a dress like this ,which I would wear when I go dancing and shake my hips, was desperately needed to secure the self perception of "still sexy" in a mind of an insecure person like Teal. 2. Considering that her fan group of Facebook - and overall followers range from 18-24 years (click on her follower number on her fb fan page) and considering that she is tapping into the new fashion market, she better starts wearing the cloth she will attempt to sell. I am sure google search and keyboard will run hot once Teal starts to attempt same techniques which she uses for her spiritual material. sTeal.
    For everybody who loves this party dress: It is from Vienna Rose Boutique and not too expensive. In case you have some happy Tealers reading your blog regular to hate you even more…at least they can buy now the same dress her icon is wearing on film podcast. She doesn't like to be reduced to her voice….that's why a podcast wouldn't have satisfied her exhibitionism. Believe me, I recognize one when I see him or her as I have it in my blood as well hahaha.
    I doubt that they bought the painting on one of her sale exhibitions (still print stock from the money they originally got for the billboard campaign) before the workshop in Prague. They probably ordered a personal painting matching their frequency (to talk in Teal's magic term value creating language for a product) …and then they got pissed with her because of the incidence on stage, when she couldn't take this guy. It doesn't make sense ATALL to have 400$ expensive burning session or this guy is an idiot and has plenty of money by selling drugs on the street. Wouldn't be surprised if they are part of Team Teal Marketing campaign. Using cold fire stuff and giving Teal a reason to explain to the world why she isn't a illumibla and reptibla.
    Gosh was there really a need to get curious about John Wayne Gacy's clown make up? I am back on track with my clown phobia after seeing the image grrr…

    to be continued

  14. ...

    "She's the one who, by her own admission, "is never satisfied with the intimacy level in relationship" and wants her men to "gestate" her and carry her around in a giant Baby Bjorn."
    gosh this image in my mind is hilarious. But hey, fair enough, a true desire of hers, considering how much she enjoyed when Fallon was touching her non stop (which would drive me c r a z y) - not making fun of her desire, just the images in my mind go crazy right now :D


    the whole "love chaise thing" - she is not taking about archetypes, she is ourely talking about herself. Although I really like Sarbdeep on film, I am pretty sure that he goes into the male empty box many times…which must Teal freak out considering her enormous consume of attention. So the empty box of men is the death box of Teal's.Secret: you need to let them have it…for a happy marriage ppsssst. ( ;

    This is based on my observation that Sarbdeep glazes a lot and zooms out (also shadow house). I think his brain is slowly overloading. Probably because he married his therapist aka spiritual guide (sounds much better) who is constantly working on him. The whole episode was just strange to me because you can see that she was describing herself, constantly critizing Sarbdeep for taking "breaks". Well this is my interpretation. I agree with you, that the info she gave was all based on common psychological profiling. We all end up being a mix of mum and dad, her best and worst traits and we chaise the minus account of attention from our parents to the rest of our lives.

    Teal is right now in a phase of blame…the next phase will be anger, then she will realize that her parents/all our parents…are damaged by life as well…then she might see what her parents let go of and managed to give to her although they never received it themselves…then she will realize that her mum and dad have a name and are separate people with their own problems and then she will start a friendship with them or go back and hate them forever. Tealers will follow her realizations…which are pretty common in this kind of age she is in. You see, this whole actuarian stuff is so programmed in the brains of the followers (well done Teal - there was no other way that people would have listened to you - I understand) …they see the human Teal as a small side affect of being an arturian hanging around on earth instead of seeing Teal for what she is: a smart business oriented human who tries to figure out how to fucking get happy on this planet.
    The laughing at the end was pretty obvious (and at the beginning): Teal is probably throwing tantrums every day and now Sarbdeep is finding himself in front of her listening to her teaching about how to solve this problem. This is indeed ironic. The agressor becomes the teacher. Well I guess Sarb likes it this way. Can't figure him out. He seems smart and intelligence - how can he not see. The only thing I can understand is the new exciting life as being part of this business. Whatever … I just wonder.

    Teal, of course, forgot to give the REAL remedy for all this shit with relationships. Although you maybe grew up and never had enough attention

    "She's not a marriage counselor. She's on her third marriage"
    Her councealing is obvious. If you don't get what you want from the guy, fucking leave him and find a new one in 3 weeks. Well the marriage councilor title was given by Sarbdeep with a sarcastic vibe in all fairness. This time Teal didn't claim it herself :D wow.

  15. "What about Sarbdeep who is practically bending himself into pretzels to try to please her."
    I felt this one too. Touching and upsetting at the same time - can't make up my mind

    "He's experiencing rages, for instance, and truly wants to know where that's coming from."
    Well I know exactly which way this will go. So she drives the calm and patient Sarbdeep nuts, he is wondering, she will say:
    "it is part of the healing" or
    "I bring out the shadows in many people so that they can heal it" or
    "I observed that the human race is getting very angry around me - which is part of my arcturian healing powers - they activate painful patterns so that they can be healed"
    Sarbdeep would probably answer to all 3 versions: "wow that's amazing - I will try my best".
    Well let's be grateful that Sarbdeep is not made out of clay as we probably wouldn't recognize him after encountering the Teal Potter day by day.
    "At this point Sarbdeep completely loses control of his face. He grimaces. He fidgets."
    … I missed my popcorn. This was priceless. Teal stripped down was talking. I think she was fed up talking to us in this complicated spiritual terms. This was so Real Teal. Love it. Real Teal is really funny. I wish I would see more Real Teal and not sTeal.


    And LV you are a bit too much SArbdeep sided. Can't you see - HE IS THE FUCKING CAUSE OF ALL HER PROBLEMS.

  16. On a side note: I do see many positive effects on young people by following her - she certainly guides the attention to very important building sites in a human being. Although she is repeating other teachings and sometimes adjusts them with her own intelligent assumptions and ideas and although EVERYTHING is tinted and motivated by her own pain story... I do think that she plants some useful seeds. It will just take a while for the young followers do undo all the knots.

    I also like to see her without make up. This surely is a big step for her and it shows a bit of vunarablity on her side. I really think that she really really really wants to heal and work hard for and on it. It feels true to me.

    For every Teal-the-all-knowing-Arcturian Fan: in her latest workshop she was talking in excitment about the process of Soul retrieval, which she started to practice recently. Now ask yourself the question: How on earth can the all-knowing-arcturian miss out on this crucial healing process for 29 years? Fucking google didn't suggested it till now. Thanks god we have the Lavaughn records. No?

  17. "In which Ward Cleaver and the Black Dahlia code-talk about their relationship problems."

    Hahahaha! Yeah, it's pretty friggin' hard not to read stuff into their dialog... based on that 'sub-text' stuff I have concluded that Sarbdeep wants sex with Teal more often than Teal wants sex with Sarbdeep and that Teal had to resort to a 'time travel healing extravaganza' (god, I can't think how she expects to be taken seriously!) in an attempt to manipulate him into thinking he had a problem of only being able to experience love through his dick, but now he was cured - thus solving the problem of having to have so much sex with him. They might be better off just coming straight out with their relationship issues rather than leaving it to people's imaginations, hahahaha! In fact, that would have been a MUCH more interesting conversation than that constant fucking lecture mode of hers.

    On the other hand, I have learned something from teal... navel gazing is not all it's cracked up to be.

  18. "A mosquito? Mosquito's don't drain people of anything. They take just enough blood to be mildly irritating. Do you think maybe she was going to say vampire and thought better of it, because it might just sound a little too on the nose?"

    Hahahahahahaha! That's exactly what I think!

    A mosquito, hahahaha! On the other hand, she is pretty annoying. And at least with a mosquito you can have the satisfaction of swatting them while they're busy draining you. With a vampire you have to have all kinds of special equipment and a steely mindset. It could have definitely scared some people off. It was a smart move to compare herself to a mosquito rather than a vampire. It was also revealing.

  19. ZZB I think it is exactly the other way around. I would be able to find at least 7 quotes of Teal which state (not that we wanted to know) that she loves sex - and A LOT OF it. I am sure Sarpdeep needs a break now. How did i end up thinking about their sex life?

    I noticed that I didn't finish the "remedy" sentence. Did you guys ever heard of the Lilith complex? It is a german book written by Hans-Joachim Maaz


    ...an talks about the unbalance between both archetypes Lilith & Eva. Lilith was rejected by Adam and Eva was made out of his rips (sorry I am not a christian). To use more dramatic words: Lilith was the whore and Eva the holy mother. Women of today struggle to unit them inside themselves. As a result, the mother-child relationship suffers. The unexplainable deep guilt in many women and mothers...well explained and understood. fantastic book - but sadly only in german.

  20. Buying one of her paintings and making such a production out of burning it to make a point (whatever that point might have been) was so idiotic that they deserved to have it not burn.

  21. "Uuuhhh....

    "Winter, are you taking notes?" ~ J"

    I'm sure he is. Oh wait, maybe not... isn't taking notes Blakey's job?

    Hahaha, what a circus! Definitely not a cirque du soleil though, more like cirque du macabre.

  22. "So her lengthy explanation of why women stay in bad relationships gets a rating of about "mostly false," as opposed to "pants on fire." That's a refreshing change."


    "But a good bit of the time she just sounds like Cliff from Cheers."

    I beg to differ, teal is definitely not funny.

    I only made it a fraction of the way into the video before I lost interest, so I didn't see that gruesome ending you described. Which is good and necessary... I am very committed to my Shaolin monk training routine, and I only have a very limited amount of time to spend on things that don't contribute to my growth, and all it take's is a couple of minutes watching Queen Mistress Professoress lecturing her court on video, to give me all the opportunity for growth that I can handle.

  23. "I would be able to find at least 7 quotes of Teal which state (not that we wanted to know) that she loves sex - and A LOT OF it. I am sure Sarpdeep needs a break now."

    I'm not going to speculate about their sex life. I don't want that in my head. I'm just ever so grateful that she doesn't make THAT public. Dear God, keep at least a little of the mystery.

    But GA, seriously, you don't think teal talking about how sexual she is has anything to do with how sexual she is or isn't in reality do you? It's just teal drawing attention to her body and sexy sexiness as she finds excuses to do in all her blogs and broadcasts. She's got to keep people interested in her profound spiritual wisdom somehow.

    "How did i end up thinking about their sex life?"

    Precisely my point. You weren't given much of a choice now were you.

    I'm not familiar with that book, GA. Sounds interesting. I love Lilith. I've always thought of her more in terms of female power on every level and how it's been demonized. Adam needed a more submissive woman.

    That dichotomy is more frequently called the Madonna/Whore complex -- Mother Mary vs. Mary Magdalene. Never mind that there is ZERO scriptural evidence of Mary Magdalene having been a prostitute. That's already a cultural myth many steps removed from scripture. But we definitely do this: woman are either maternal and benificent or sexy. We're either smart or sexy, too. Can't be both. Can't be whole people or anything. That's just way too threatening.

  24. GA... that teal loves sex - and a lot of it, is just a cover story. Hahaha, but really, I don't think she loves the act of sex so much as she loves the power she is able to wield with sexual energy.

    As an outside observer it seems to me that in the past teal seems to have preferred moody and reserved, slightly effeminate cowboy types with a smoldering sexuality. What else can you do but fuck their brains out??

    Sarbdeep does not fit that pattern. Granted, he is reserved. And maybe he does have a smoldering sexuality. Still, I don't think teal's attraction to him is so much physical as it is psychological. Plus she got a bitchen last name out of the deal.

  25. Btw, GA, that "empty box" video is hilarious. And I think there just might be some truth in that. I thought at first you were referring to the "man cave." Men absolutely need their alone time. The thing is, so do I. I need a man cave. I'd say woman cave but I'm not given to cheap double entendre. I prefer to let my ideas stand or fall on their own.

  26. Well - my mother was hot and an ok mother. But she was never mother enough to me because when she went of, rising to fame in her profession, it did indeed compete with the breast feeding time and the overall presence to me. So she planted a seed of hotness in me, self confidence but at the same time I was always looking for "mothers"…even till now and traces of confidence loss. So i wonder: there are interesting constellations in the basketball world. Hot wive, pushes out 3 children in a row, he gets sex twice a day, every day!!! to overcome the straying thing in the celebrity world were women would do anything for a D&C handbag….she makes sure she looks hot every day, her body jumps back into a slender form after 3 month AND she is at home all the time with the nannies. As soon as she shows interest in her own business venture, the whole thing collapses. I honestly never met somebody who fulfilled both sides at the same time and being in a happy marriage - did you guys?

    ZZB & LV ok I really don't care about their sex life. I am only interested in understanding the concept of this interesting relationship between both of them. ZZB you could be right :D and LV I know about the power in bed. Some women really don't enjoy sex so much but the horniness and dependency of men about & to them. Once the men looses interest…these women really get pissed and lost at the same time. Not sure if Teal is one of them. It could fit but there are also many reasons why she wouldn't fit. Who cares. They know. Hope they have fun together ( :

    yes the empty box. My man was so excited about this video. Since watching it, he is actually declaring to me that he is going now into his empty box and I have to laugh. Before that, I got annoyed by seeing him doing nothing. Now I am fine with it. I guess you could call it an unintentionally meditation box hahahhaha

  27. GA, the women who enjoy the power of sex over men but don't enjoy sex thing is a button pusher for me on a lot of levels. I think it sets women back. I know I've mentioned this post many times that I did on The Giving Tree, mainly because there's a lot in it. And one of the things I address is raunch culture and this exact phenomenon of women exploiting their own bodies as commodities without ever really owning their sexuality. I mean Paris Hilton, who is now exploiting lesbian subtext to sell hamburgers, was chatting on the phone while having sex in her infamous "sex tape." Eeewww... It's just so much harder with her around. I really think that if women en masse really explored their authentic sexuality, instead of selling a false image of male-centric fantasy, it would thoroughly disrupt the social order.

  28. Did you see this?


    On the up side, teal actually names a source. On the down side, it's Barbara De Angelis, the multiply divorced relationship expert with the diploma mill "PhD." Kind of hard to take that seriously. She's been married more times than teal.


    The video is interesting, though, if only to watch teal and Sarbdeep take the piss out of each other. She took being called a "vampiric witch" surprisingly well, I thought.

  29. she is up their asses - gosh
    Hey Lavaughn - let me tell you - you are so awakened!!!
    i guess Teal took some notes from Miss Barbara's career.


  30. This comment has been removed by the author.

  31. ( :
    .... oh I remember
    I do think that Teal feels very confident to sexually please a man. It is a very dominant trade in her self perception & definition. And as she said herself: she is such a good tease ( ;

  32. "I do get your point but many of the women who got raped when they were children have a really hard time to reconnect with their own sexuality in a healthy way. Their are two extrems born out of it. One will shut down for the rest of their life and hate sex and the other will be overly sexy, trying to keep up with an image they created in their minds and they need to feed."

    You will get no argument from me on that. And even the women who weren't molested and are, all the same, exploiting their own flesh, are injured. We live in a culture that commodifies the female body and we're all injured by it. I do get that. I just think it's past time to start demanding our power back instead of selling ourselves into slavery. And I think Paris Hilton needs to go away.

    I saw this this morning and just felt sad.


    This song is being billed as all about body acceptance and it's so not. It defines female self-esteem as dependent on male approval. And it exalts female curves at the expense of female slenderness. It still pits women against each other. It's hideous. If it were about a woman extolling the virtues of her slender body and slagging fat chicks, it would be condemned by the same people who are praising it. That they do not see the irony. (Note the correct use of the term.)

    I'm trying hard to understand the De Angelis video. I wish it were that easy for the sleeper to awaken. But saying you're awake and being awake are not the same thing. I do like her necklace, though. It looks like Emma Swan's necklace in Once Upon a Time. I'd wear that.


  33. No wonder you like those necklaces, LaVaughn! I am reading this book here now called "Anam Cara" about Celtic spirituality by John O'Donohue and here is a passage I came across:

    "The Celtic mind was never drawn to the single line; it avoided ways of seeing and being which seek satisfaction in certainty. The Celtic mind had a wonderful respect for the mystery of the circle and the spiral. The circle is one of the oldest and most powerful symbols. The world is circle; the sun and moon are too. Even time itself has a circular nature; the days and the year build to a circle. At its most intimate level so is the life of each individual. The circle never gives itself completely to the eye or to the mind, but offers a trusting hospitality to that which is complex and mysterious; it imbraces depth and height together. The circle never reduces the mystery to a singe direction or preference. Patience with this reserve is one of the profound recognitions of the Celtic mind. The world of the soul is secret. The secret and sacred are sisters. [Teal would disagree on that I suppose]. When the secret is not respected, the sacred vanishes. Consequently, reflection should not shine too severe or aggressive a light in on the world of the soul. The light in Celtic consciousness is a penumbral light."

  34. Thanks for the posts, btw. Worth the wait. Hope everything is back on track.

  35. Me, too. Monday was whacky. I woke up to a house without power. It came back on after a couple hours, but we had no phone or internet all day. I don't know if it's the weather or what but tech is acting really weird right now.

  36. :-))

    "From the darkest mud comes the most beautiful lotus."
    You know, a few weeks ago while still in Canada, i wanted to write here after contemplating lovely water lilies which suddenly popped up on the surface of the pond I frequented..It is a great metaphor for our spiritual journey i think.

  37. It's acting very very weird here. But it's not so surprising considering...

  38. The lotus has deep mythical roots for a lot of reasons, I think. In part, the blue lotus figures heavily into Egyptian myth and it's believed that the reason is its hallucinogenic properties, although there's some debate as to whether the blue lotus in question is a lotus or a lily, because both forms are hallucinogenic and have slightly different properties.

    There is something just amazing to me about, particularly white lotuses and lilies emerging from the muck.

    I just recently added an intro video to my YouTube channel because they have to be your own videos now -- annoying. Anyway, one of the last images in the video actually came from cell phone camera. It was from the 4th of July some years ago, in the midst of an intolerable heat wave. We spent most of the day hovering near the pond in the park because it was slightly cooler by the water. And I snapped a bunch of pictures of the water lilies. They were so beautiful and it was the best part of day, really. God it was hot and the fireworks were meh. But those water lilies. Beautiful.

    "It's acting very very weird here. But it's not so surprising considering... "

    Considering what?

  39. This underdeveloped infrastructure here.

    What's up with the weather though?

  40. Oh, is it? I know very little about Cypress but I do know that being American can make you feel pretty spoiled in that regard, and I expect it's true of Canada, too. Probably more so. Our infrastructure is all collapsing and nobody wants to pay for it so we're turning into a banana republic. I remember when I was in Mexico realizing how much I took for granted. The power and water went out at least once a day so there were plumbing issues and I remember the guy who was holding this workshop was just all set up and ready for it. He always had buckets of water on standby and stuff. And this was an affluent guy with a big, beautiful house. The dichotomy was just so strange to me. He also closed his house off from the street with a metal grate like a New York bodega. Had to because of the crime. I had no idea then that I was seeing America's future.

    What is up with the weather and the wars and the planes falling out of the sky... I was just discussing this with a client last night. It's like the world is on fire. It's just getting surreal.

  41. Yeah...it is a little savage here in the Northern Cyprus (Turkish side). But there are pluses to this as well: it's not too touristy; it's more authentic than the other side; food is organic, simple and tasty (mmm, their oranges, peaches, watermelons, melons, grapes, veggies....we forget in North America what they REALLY should taste like).

    Don't even start me on the war situation...I'm originally from Kharkiv in Ukraine which is not too far from where the plane fell down (such tragedy...) and I still have relatives and friends there...The news you hear in U.S....it's not really what's happening...They just blame Russia for everything mostly...while Ukrainian government is bombing residential areas, schools, kindergardens without warning every day for at least three months now. Every day normal civilians, children die...it is beyond surreal, i cannot comprehend it's really happening there...it was peaceful just a year ago; and more or less, at least for those I know, things were getting better, people were earning good living, buying property, travelling finally...infrastructure was much improved too...only to be destroyed now completely...meanwhile marauding gangs take advantage of the chaos, criminal rate is escalating...it's like dark ages now there...even in Kiev the capital, there is no hot water since the beginning of summer for example...people are dreading the coming cold weather...it's gonna be awful...And those people get no help....So yeah...daily blackouts here and crappy Internet at all times are minor annoyances compared to what people go thru there...or in the Middle East...or...the list can still go on unfortunately...And I feel there is an even bigger war happening somewhere...maybe other realms...and what is manifesting visibly to us, here on Earth is just a skirmish in the greater battle for control of the worlds...But anyway, this, if true, is irrelevant to those who are fighting for their survival right now here. Such time of struggle, hardship and grief...and I see no end to this yet in the near future... The world is on fire, as you say. It is both dark and bright, this fire...Maybe as one world dies, another is born. It is also a time of miracles.

  42. ok mystery finally solved.
    I was always comparing vibes and saw visuals from Teal - kind of like:
    - scenes from the movie Species, where the woman is ripping out the spin of a female competitor

    - heard her making xena's Ayiyiiyiyiyiyi

    but now i found her
    Kristen Stewart!
    not that it is important but it was bothering my brain for long.

    --- nice to see you again Elena ( :

  43. LV I love this man so much
    Hope you came across some books of him


  44. Careful there, GA. After your warm welcome and that video you posted, I am sooo tempted to finally visit Ireland :-)

  45. LV, I am still trying to visualize you in a tube dress, wearing fishnets and those platforms, lol. Did you have a perm as well?

  46. "Yeah...it is a little savage here in the Northern Cyprus (Turkish side). But there are pluses to this as well: it's not too touristy; it's more authentic than the other side; food is organic, simple and tasty (mmm, their oranges, peaches, watermelons, melons, grapes, veggies....we forget in North America what they REALLY should taste like)."

    Cyprus, right. See I know very little about it... like how to spell it. Especially before my morning cuppa. I think I was thinking of the essential oil... and the tree it comes from.

    A friend of mine worked in Saudi for a little while right after college. He hated it for the most part but he said similar about the food. It was all just so much more flavorful than we're used to here. He was particularly surprised by the chickens because they were so skinny compared to what we raise but so much more delicious. I try to eat only free range chicken and there's a big difference in that but I don't think much of what we eat in this country is actually food. It's something else.

    "The news you hear in U.S....it's not really what's happening...They just blame Russia for everything mostly...while Ukrainian government is bombing residential areas, schools, kindergardens without warning every day for at least three months now."

    This is horrible and, no, what we get in the US is not real news. It's McNews. All reporting is biased -- reporters are human -- but it's not a free press anymore. Like everything else here it's corporate controlled.

    I used to follow these guys, the Time Monks pretty regularly. It got to be too much about Clif High staring into his own navel for me so I haven't kept up, but they marked a point at which the "predictive linguistics" showed us going into "release language" and just never coming out of it. The world is just hemorrhaging emotionally, nonstop, as far a the eye can see. As I said, I haven't kept up with their newer stuff because I don't feel like weeding through High's ideology, but they were always right about the broad strokes, and as near as I can tell, we're still in this sort of release cascade. Moving towards what, I do not know.

    "And I feel there is an even bigger war happening somewhere...maybe other realms...and what is manifesting visibly to us, here on Earth is just a skirmish in the greater battle for control of the worlds..."

    What a fascinating statement. Care to embellish?

    "Maybe as one world dies, another is born. It is also a time of miracles."

    See, this is what I see, too. I felt compelled recently to pull up this entry. If you haven't noticed, my blog is an external brain. It's one of the places I keep my thoughts so I can find them later. I pulled this up because I think I understand better now what I was seeing in this particular power spot I kept getting pulled to. And there was a kind of finality at a certain point to what was being created there. The world is on fire right now, but I'm overtaken by total bliss periodically and very clear feelings that something is reaching completion, at least at the lightworker level. Something very new has been created. I really feel that. How long the turmoil and resistance to it will continue I cannot say. But it is really painful to watch. All these children being killed are pieces of me, as are the soldiers who are bombing them, and the politicians who move them all around like chess pieces. It's horrible.

  47. No, I did not have perm!!! Horrible. I did dye my hair blue-black for a while, though not quite then. I keep the Liuchinys. When I'm feeling nostalgic, I just take them out and think about how much money I spent them and how totally worth it that was. Black, btw, like most of my wardrobe.

  48. GA, that video is beautiful. I was just talking about how much I really need to get to Ireland. I was genetically engineered to live in that climate. I'm too Celtic for the heat and humidity of the Eastern Seaboard. And I have some sort of pre-programmed response to Celtic music.

    For the great Gaels of Ireland
    Are the men that God made mad,
    For all their wars are merry,
    And all their songs are sad.

    ~ GK Chesterton

  49. One crucial, "super- important" thing to know about this island- Aphrodite was born here supposedly, LOL. A tiny spec of her energy is invading my system now and my logical mind is resisting the effect. Funny to observe this tag-of-war on my body and psyche.

    I got a perm once lol! I liked the look... tho it was deadly for my baby fine hair....

    Lucky you could keep these shoes...I had to let go of some historical heels cs of these moves...

    I am not surprised re your wardrobe...typical for the "Wise Ones";-)

    I will elaborate more on my statements...when the local beer's effect starts to wane...Gee, it's hot.

  50. So did we all see this?


    Am I the only one who thinks teal's priorities are fucked? She's a "spiritual catalyst" but a life of service is a bad thing?! Pursuing fame is what it's all about?!

    I have to tell you, I don't think fame is ever a worthy goal. Like money, it should be a product of something you do that is worthwhile, not a goal in and of itself. I think that's true in the arts, too. If someone becomes famous for being a great actor or musician, fine. When people become famous because they desire fame, they're generally fatuous wastes of bandwidth. See: Kim Kardashian

    To position yourself as a helping professional of any kind and then announce that it's all about how you're really a "performer" pursuing a dream of "fame"... the mind reels.

    Still, not like it's news. We all knew this about her.

  51. Elena, I went to beauty school. I used to get perms and give them. Very damaging, but when you're "in the biz" you become addicted to changing your hairstyle. I ended up with something like straw growing out of my head for a while. Combining perming and coloring, particularly reds, is an unbelievably bad idea, unless you have some kind of superhair. I don't. Mine's baby fine as well. I still love color, though. And Garnier Nutrisse rocks. So much less damaging than most colors.

    I can't wait to hear how black clothes = wise. Sober up and tell me. LOL

    And I can't wait to hear about all that Goddess energy you're percolating in. Did you ever see this episode of the Sopranos. A lot of people say it was one of the weaker ones but it's one of my faves. I love when she takes him to the oracular temple. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Commendatori

  52. LV & Elena you should call in. My celtic blood doesn't allow me to wrestle with heat as well. I always need a breeze around me and rough nature. I live in the heart of the most beautiful part in Ireland. I have a big move ahead by the end of the month. I am moving into a house up the road, 1km away. To bring the hundreds of crystals will be a big job in itself as nobody is allowed to touch them other than myself. 3 weeks ago a highly polished HUGE seraphinite made its way from siberia to my village. LV - I wish you could see. It is outstanding

    Teal's new blog is proofing her intelligence once again. She has all tools to be famous for "something". I agree that her personality is made for it. But I cant relate to the wish to be famous. Famous? what is behind this word. I don't get it. I agree that it is a by product and great service, thought or creativity will get the world wide attention if shared and if there is a need for it.

    What annoys me is that Teal is negating a certain reality approach - big time. End of course - whatever her mother was and is standing for...is a hickup which runs in the family. I wonder what Teal would say to a hermit in a cave...I am sure she will come up with a long list about all the shadows this man or woman is eaten by :D

  53. "I wonder what Teal would say to a hermit in a cave..."

    I don't know. Would it be as awesome as telling an untouchable in India that she's "a match to that energy" because of her early childhood?

  54. I dunno why I've made this connection/conclusion (still intoxicated). Neo and Co loved their black outfits, for one, while hanging out in the matrix

  55. I read a couple of pithy comments on Teal's Self-less Service blog:

    ....I’m convinced that Teal is completely self-absorbed, self-deluded with multiple personalities, borderline psychotic with visions of grandeur only an extreme narcissist could own....
    .....It’s all just a performance, and you have a captive audience who are spellbound by your outward appearance and heartbreaking storyline.
    ...... I would like to see a public statement by one or both your parents regarding these allegations of abuse for 13 years. At some point, this needs to come out one way or another, because it’s still only your story. .... Can we get just one person to corroborate this story?

    Pete you are clearly no good with Teal’s teaching about “uncertainty”. (-; I can follow your thoughts very well. Thanks for writing them down. I sometimes wonder if only I carry them. I doubt that Teal ever had an issue with her own desire for fame and I doubt the presence of resistance in her towards fame. I see this blog as a group therapy for all followers who are still unsure about her drive by using the profiling of her mother.......This “selfless service” cord session was never about Teal but all about her followers."

    That is to me full of poignancy...as Teal keeps writing, her irony grows (I know I know I know NOT what appropriate use of irony is...) desire to gain fame becomes infamy and she creates "haters" as people reach their BS meterometer setting.

  56. Many messengers here and over there :D

    Maggie you are invited as well. Let's all be high on celtic grounds instead of ayahuasca.

  57. GA, I'd go with you anywhere but to the celtic grounds of Awen by the three roads home...OH YES.

    I especially love John Donahue and cried when I heard he had died because? I guess it was like my friend had died and I missed him.


  58. Yes I understand - FULLY. Same with me.

    The invisible World. Love this man's thought so much.


  59. I can already smell the Celtic Wicca Teal coming out soon in blogs and videos


    Well when you guys come over here I will show you the most magical place on this planet. It lies 15 km away from our house.
    This is the reason why i am living here. LV you old celt, you would go nuts :DDD in a good way.

    John loved this place. I became aware of him in summer 2009. The first book was Anam Cara. I was in heaven. I read all the other books and tried to reach him to get him on board of my longterm project...Then I found out that I missed him by 365 days. Yeahh.... I cried a lot. Although I never met him he felt like a brother to me, same creature. And his celtic connection and understanding was, is and will be so needed here in ireland. The spirituality sucks here in the local communities. Just strange and sad what happened here....although the grounds, rivers and mountains scream their wisdom in your face. How can it be missed? everything is locked into tall ugly buildings. What happened to the in-nature-rituals.

  60. Good nite
    Enjoy Arvo Part ( :


  61. I just had a quick look at her online workshop and got flashed. hahahaha. TEAL: a model should know the consequences of this pose.

    skip to 49:00

  62. Of course she knows, GA. Let's not forget what type of modeling she did later in her career. She knows full well what any visual allusion to Sharon Stone has on the reptilian brain. But, see, she just wanted to be sure that no one was missing out on the sexual subtext of the meditation on rose buds opening their petals to become "a fully open and welcoming blossom" and a "beautiful and welcoming orange flower."

    Don't ever hand text like that to an English major. Not that I think she's so literate, but this kind of imagery is fairly universal.

    I sent a messenger to town last night.
    When will you come?
    Under my black dress a rose is blooming.
    A rose?—a heart?—it rustles for you with open petals.
    Come quickly, Dear

    ~ Amy Lowell, Appuldurcombe Park

    I mean, is she serious? She's sexually manipulating the entire room with that meditation. How else to smoke by lines like this one:

    "In the universe we see that as a grounds for major expansion."

    Who the fuck is we? What high, universal authority is she speaking for, making sweeping judgments about Bostonians and their "questioning" but "closed" culture.

    Christ she's arrogant.

  63. This workshop is fascinating. Instead of listening to her words and being fascinated by all the answers to my questions...I know being fascinated how she rides the sea, like the bride of a pirate...and battles each question thrown at her in very unique ways. Wow.

    But you know the most interesting comments are those which she throws out there in between. It is hard to keep up with her... just like with the kardashians. :D

    Of course I know that she was concious of flashing the whole audience. In the modeling word, this is called: the innocent Lolita. ...all these sexual teasers...by accident and men go nuts...ops. "I wasn't aware...." She is good in it. But what do you exspect of someone who took the path of feeling valued by throwing sexual poses to everybody. ... (she actually did describe herself in the workshop like this...without saying "I"). Anyway...we are already used to seeing her slip. Gosh how did I end up there...

  64. I looked in on the link to see the pose lasted through several minutes at least but I didn't stay watching. The pose was not pretty and her shoes are clunky..

    At the time I first started looking at Teal and saw many "I want you in my bed" sorts of comments from guys, I started thinking abut the conundrum of spiritually aspiring men who saw this teacher in a "masturbatory fantasy" guise.

    What does that do? Does it taint the whole enterprise of seeking spiritual truth or is just a small side track? Will it embed a confusion about the "divine" in feminine guise? Do guys then see their beloveds as comparing to Teal or maybe these guys have no beloveds because they can't face real women?

    From the POV of the perpetrator it seems "I stand before you speaking of what I call "spiritual" truth while projecting domination over you sexually by making you see me as a sex object "(could be a man too towards women but approaching women would be generally managed in a different way as females are less into the visual imagination)? Sometimes FAUX "spiritual"is a pursuit to avoid the messy human physical life.

    Is this an enjoyment of being able to arouse lust by her body in video subtle form of hate from Teal towards men? She is inciting feelings that cannot be "acted out", and so she is participating in "allure" and "tease" and it must be about "power over". It may not be dangerous but I feel it is mean and nasty.

    By the way, I enjoyed a movie that has porn versus relationship as the plot "Don Jon". It was written and directed and acted out by Joseph Gorden- Levitt. It is not the best movie I ever saw but is interesting and unique. It has a happy ending.


  65. Maggie it is all about control and power and having it "her way". Let's just go with the theory that she is an arcturian...with visual skill of seeing vibration etc.
    How could this Arcturian MISS the fact that the whole audience was getting awkward, mens root chakra exploding....even Blake tried to give a sign and she "didn't get it". An Arcturian would have seen thousand rose petals blooming and pumping hahaha (sorry)

    If Teal feels adored...she is at peace with herself and feels powerful. End of story. Therefore, getting read of bra strings on interviews with novazem, flashing in podcasts and workshops, talking about her sexdrive, projecting an image of a domina...are successful ways of making her feel powerful and in control of the audience...and it feeds her selfie love...she may not take selfies like Kim K and doesn't publish a book with it...she is getting away with bolder visual impressions.

    However I have to say, that the group of people who see her as an authority and wisdom speaker are really truthfully seekers and lovely people. They are sooo ready to work on themselves and they are sooo open. It is beautiful to see how they express their emotions and feelings and tell their stories. I find it very touching.

  66. oh I forgot...the audience had they eyes closed and were listening to a root chakra and third eye massage ...opps...meditation. :D So they probably didn't see it at all. That's why it is possible that she is indeed an Arcturian... and saw the exspected sexenergy flowing...hahahaha

  67. I think you're really on it, GA.

    You know I just read this about the new Kim Kardashian book and I... just...

    "Okay, I'm going to dedicate the rest of my day to sighing heavily."

    Ummm... ditto....

  68. I am with her on most of it - very interesting comment on FB to Teal's latest thank you post to her tribe family



    Here is the comment...before it disappears ( ;

    "Jessica Schab ---My Observations on a Teal Scott/Swan and Sasha Stone/Wolf Interview---
    Why are so many addicted to horror sex and all the gory details? even new age religious people they may not like or watch horror movies but they like murder mysteries. Most new agers seem to be addicted to the grisly details of conspiracy satanism illuminati blood rituals and such. I am really surprised with people who say this is terrible but keep researching and reading all the details as if they have a fixation and a secret that they like it.
    I can give an example just recently i was sent a video of a guy named sasha stone interviewing teal scott/swan on satanic rituals. You can look up the video for yourself on line if you like just type in their names and you will find it. For those who do not know sasha stone is known as wolf in my bali blogs. i know this guy personally and it was not pleasant on how much of a womanizer and hypocrite he is., or how often i was sexually harressed by him. i saw him check out young girls all the time and comment out loud what he would like to do with them then he would say child porn is wrong.. or he would defend his new age leader friends who were arrested for sexually harressing women. not to mention he is a big fan of kadaffee who is a blood thirsty dick-tator the way he speaks sounds like intellectual poetry confabulations of nothingness trying to sound intelligent and enlightened, he particularly does this when he wants to show off in this case he was trying to impress teal. and teal was flirting back and constantly looking at herself on her computer and fixing her hair as she talked about shock torture done to kids with a smile on her face as if its amusement to her now.
    People talk about these conspiracies and facts in a fake way, in a way where they are the superheros being the good guys wanting to seem so brave we are exposing this, as this kind of content seems to be the trend and all the rage. but what they are really doing is promoting and encouraging such things to go on. As if talking about it exposing it protesting about it by the many would make a difference when people do not care cause they see it as an entertainment and a way to become special to build ones identity and madness complex on. Like the many i know how follow and talk about this stuff their minds are totally lost in endless illusions the last thing a person needs is a person like teal saying look how special i am, im out of my body all the time, im sexy, im a master manifestor, im more advanced then all of you and often times she says im super smart. more like super insecure and shallow.. but people put her on a pedestal to which people give her more attention but are left always feeling not able to measure or up that they are not good enough or missing something oh i better watch more teal spiritual videos so i can ascend......

  69. and that is what i did i decided to look at another video of hers the next one was teals sex advice. I was really appalled by what she said something like i enjoy rough sex and men girls want you to be rough with them sexually otherwise they will think you are weak and no woman wants a weak man.. im sorry this is bullshit and creating a complex and contradictions in a mans mind and no not all woman want that how can she speak for all of woman? woman who have been raped do not want rough sex or a tough man, nor do they see a man who is gentle during sex as weak. im sorry this just shows how mentally ill, unstable and vain teal is.

    It really bothers me when people compare the EOF to teal the EOF is nothing like Teal's messages where she just talks about shallow superficial things to seem special and better then everyone to escape reality and her past if its really true which i doubt so she can get consensus she uses every trick in the book even claiming to heal cancer and making terrible art pictures saying they activate ones DNA and such but i guess it only works when you buy it not look at it online.. not to mention her partners are business marketing experts.
    then there is the fact that she constantly promotes illusions belief systems and mental complexes with duality and mind invented beings. or her ability to help others manufest uber stupidity in ones life. She has ask teal so you do not think, ask her for her answers cause she is so wise people do not see how they get enslaved by those answers so they never ever think to question teal rather then ask her.
    she either has no idea what she is talking about and believes her own tripe cause she does not want to think or be responsible or she is a master scam artist with lots of help. i would not be surprised if she was even funded and backed by the very people she claimed abused her.
    Where would she be with out her followers?
    how would she fare on a deserted island? i do not think she would last very long channeling her guides there.

    i wonder how many people have gone on medication thanks to this new age movement deluded and tricked waiting for a shift that will never come while they hear about illuminti plans and satanic blood rituals and wars going on all around them, waiting for the world to get better but it seems to be getting worse and its after 2012 and no golden age.. its not possible to have any sort of golden age or peace when one is confused and in prison of their belief systems and fake new age speakers whose solutions go nowhere but to a decay of our intelligence.
    think about these things if your tired of this madness bs and being scamed.


    (comment on https://www.facebook.com/teal.scott.16)

  70. I also enjoyed his thoughts on Teal


    Diego Kricek Fontanive posted on ‎END OF FEAR (GLOBAL COMMUNITY PROJECT)

    Considering that many people claimed that the EOF's activity and the position of the speaker/writer here .. are relatively similar to what the well known 'spiritual speaker' named Teal Scott (or Teal Swan) uses to share ..
    then here comes a disclaimer .. hopefully limpid enough to clarify the clear distinction between the EOF position and what T. Scott shares..
    Is an emotion which rises from the fact in which we cry because our favourite football team failed the game to be called as ''real'' ?
    Surely not:
    it is a reaction coming from the condition in which the mind is captured by values and social/collective conditioning's .. something like when people were crying when Obama got elected ..
    A conditioned-manufactured emotion doesn't bring about intelligence..
    While a sensation that can bring about intelligence.. sharp introspectiveness with no attitudes to cling to dogmas or rhetorical blah blah blah (such as ''follow your heart'' or ''soul-thinking'' and other verbalized miseries) is to be considered a realistic emotion.. but such sensation has no name..
    Never name a sensation.. let it work free of conditioning's ..
    The moment we name a sensation.. we created a dogma.. then the perception we felt gets caged in captivity .. and what comes next is merely belief..
    The video ''spirituality 2.0'' is merely ''sophisticatedly banal'':there is no such thing like ''spirituality-basic level'' and ''spirituality 2.0'' and so on..
    I think that Teas Scott is partially sincere when she speaks..
    but most likely she developed an idea to have ''psychic powers'' as a defence mechanism to face the dramatic memories of the abuses she faced in her past (since she claims those traumas were real)..
    Then she became a model .. which regardless of the professional aspect, it's clearly another form of psychological self defence mechanism..
    Then she decided to speak and share in public her ''spiritual vision'' of the world .. unfortunately clinging so often to the traps of the new age and its confabulations of absurd and unintelligent sophistry ..such as the law of attraction, the soul mates, the ''soul'' in general.. the guides, the ''how to attract money'' and the whole package of new age motivational meat balls ..

  71. part 2

    But this choice, plus a high intellectual quality to put all of these acts of sharing together.. has been and it is merely another form of psychological defence .. manifested so evidently by her easy psychological fragility ..
    All of these things aren't new.. not at all..
    Many other people, all over and along the past millenia, have developed the same attitudes and psychological stratagems to self-defending themselves .. so to escape their mentally unacceptable memories .. then they created an audience around them .. which is a unfortunate common phenomenon..
    All of these things.. ''spirituality 2.0'' and so on.. have been put together by conditioned thoughts..
    We shouldn't talk about different levels of spirituality .. the focus of which brings about no attentiveness..
    We should talk about intelligence.. and all thing that prevent its evolution..
    Spirituality is merely another conditioning.. another escapism..
    Look at the history..
    Look at the so many attempt to set up a spiritual mind and society..
    Where are we now after millennia of spiritual search ?
    Here : waiting for the shift in front of a computer screen..
    Or making noise with the bell at the temple..
    Or praying for jesus at the church..
    or practicing the pramayana or the vipassana or the fasting in the ashram in India..
    or meditating in a yoga position waiting for the kundalini whatsoever ..
    up to the most unbelievable nonsenses..
    Where are we now ?
    here talking about ''spirituality 2.0'' just to be motivated in hope and ''soul-consciousness'' for another day..
    Tomorrow we will see..
    ..how to get this whole second-hand millenary pie once again ..
    Isn't it so ?
    By the way: hello Teal Swan "

  72. ah ok here is the link between jessica Schab and Diego Kricek Fontanive. I was wondering why she posted an image of his fb when writing her latest comment on Teal Swan fb. I need to find some time to watch it later on. This guy sounds interesting but maybe he is just suggesting another solution to this one big problem :D


  73. hahahahaah I guess Cora Flora


  74. Oh my God! Thank-you for posting this GA, because it probably will disappear. I can already see that I need to read it in bits because it's a little overwhelming. And I'm sorry, WTF?

    "I was really appalled by what she said something like i enjoy rough sex and men girls want you to be rough with them sexually otherwise they will think you are weak and no woman wants a weak man"

    I must have missed this. Did teal really say this? Because, Oh my God!

  75. And the thing about reveling in the details of ritual abuse is dead on. It's weird. And, as I've said before, that teal does this does not speak to her veracity. People who were sexually abused don't like to talk about it. They talk about the details in court when they have to and in therapy as part of a healing process and as they heal they don't talk about the details anymore because they start resolving the trauma. No one willingly wallows in memories of trauma, on camera, over and over. It's bizarre. It's like some freakish torture porn, what she does in these interviews.

  76. Elena will know. It sounds very odd. I wouldn't take it for real until I hear it in one of her interviews or ask teal...must have been in an interview as I don't see this poping up in ask teal.

  77. I'll telll ya though, GA, I could see her saying something like this in one of her interviews. She flirts with her interviewers and starts telling them what she thinks she wants to hear. Like that one cute boy who she talked about polyamory with. Yes, that's right. The woman who by her own admission wants to be GESTATED by her lovers, would really be more comfortable with open relationships. That makes sense. Although there is some indication that if it were entirely on her terms and meant she had a harem of men... Okay. Cheerfully withdrawn.

    No, wait, thinking aloud, here, that's not the impression she gave in that interview. She didn't tell the cute, rugged, nature boy she wanted a harem. She suggested an interest in more open, uncommitted relationships, which was obviously his inclination. That's my memory anyway, and no, I'm not going to dig for it.

  78. This comment has been removed by the author.

  79. I am still facsinated that she got away with her naked should thing with the latest nova zem interview. Just look at the avatar of this video (( :...at the beginning she was dressed hahahahah.

    yes surely, this is something out of teal's mouth - very likely

  80. ok not trying to flood the page but I like this woma's thoughts. So I feel an urge to preserve them :D

    Relating to Teal's video
    "Why Do I Keep Dating Losers? (The Successful Dating the Unsuccessful) - Teal Swan"

    This message was posted on https://www.facebook.com/teal.scott.16

    Jessica Schab:
    Can someone help me elaborate on why I find this video adds to my confusion rather than actually helps me?? it seems very superficial and it seems to me this is exactly what EOF is trying to dismantle/stay away from ..... but at the same time I know why sometimes we subject ourselves to certain people is due to our conditioning and opinions of ourselves .. but everything teal swan says is in relation to lack of love from childhood. I don't think that is exactly why we suffer or necessarily why we date who we date. I think relationships are beneficial for many reasons... but a real partnership i think is so valueable for dismantling if you are with someone who wants to go deep with you..they will display what you deny about yourself and you will dislike them for it..and you can be aware and try to understand it/evolve or be superficial and dispose of people and run away from what they are showing you about yourself. I don't know. I couldn't really watch the whole thing. because I felt turned off by it but I wanted to know others perspectives. thanks guys!

    This video adds to confusion because its again a quick fix easy answer, and using the past as an excuse why we suffer or have these pattern non of it talks about the relationship with our thinking ... it just makes a person spin around in their past and justify their mess and consensus with out ever understanding why we are make ourselves slaves to our memories and past to begin with... its just a memory folder on our computer.. the memory folder does not make the whole computer suffer so why do it do that for our mind? its a glitch that needs to be dismantled

Jessica Schab To say it straight: the whole video is a clever attempt pseudo-journalistically made to express a perfect nothing (even if some elements are technically but superficially correct)..
    I seriously do not know where to start..

  81. ....

    maybe from the green screen editing of the luxury room on the background .. aimed to silently suggest ''hey boy: what are you doing ? Don't you want to get some ''spiritual-materialistic abundance'' by making my paypal happy ?
    The scripted laugh at the very beginning ?
    The timbre of the voice which I find dramatically close to the weather rapporteurs on TV ?
    The exhibition of sexiness so to rise up the audience ?
    The ---''you are just being envy''--- that the many hidden new agers present in this group are thinking by reading the first lines of my comment ? (looking forward about how many people will leave the group now )

    Observation 1):
    Teal Swan suggests that self-saboteurs are self-saboteurs because they were programmed this way..
    This actually means, just to mention an example, that a person who did everything to gain his or her degree at the university working night and day to pay the studies (system which is completely idiotic by the way) and got maximum evaluation even with honour (just like some friends of mine had) and that now works at the McDonald or the stone net door because of the financial crisis (just like it happened to some friends of mine) .. this means that such person has been programmed through self sabotage therefore it's merely self sabotage what this person executes .. right ? Perhaps they should watch the video Teal Scott did few months ago about ''how to open your third eye (through a particular breathing and a specific diet) {up to the ridiculous !}...

    Observation 2):
    I wonder if the watchers & users of these kind of videos are able to notice a particular surreptitious technique:
    the speaker / mentor speaks very fastly .. (kind of similar to the medical suggestions regarding the side effects of medication and antidepressants at the very end of their advertisements onTV..
    This is a precise technique to distract the psyche 'cause it gives no space to intelligent and profound thinking : it's merely distracting and separative and it works like that :
    --The speakers functions as a ''machine gun'' vomiting illustrious and bombastic words and concepts (with no REPETITION AND RE-ELABORATION at all).. so the (very often confused) mind of the follower has no time, nor psychological peace to completely understand the verbal definition (therefore avoiding the very act of inquiring and asking ''what do you mean by this and that exactly ?'') .. and basically clinging to a numb and dumb ''wow'', ''you made my day'', ''so inspiring'' and so on..
    --Sexiness is used as psycho-aesthetic opium to increase this strategy..
    --Then between concepts or just at the very end .. comes easy words like ''love'', ''dating'' and so on.. therefore the confused mind assumes that he or she got it .. clicking ''like'' , writing ''you made my day'' .. and tomorrow we sink in the same dirty game again with no understanding at all ..

  82. ...

    The video is cleverly done.. (bravo)
    but indeed it has some second hand-cleverness ..
    the same cleverness we can easily find in a 4 dollar magazine like ''psychology today'' .. (plus obviously: motivational new age spiritual nonsenses)..
    so : cleverly done... but cleverness is not intelligence ...

    Motivational stupidity is and it remains motivational stupidity ..
    but patinated cleverness is something more : it works as a glamour illusory snake within the psyche ..
    glamour .. but psychologically venomous..

    my compliments Meredith for your ability to penetrate the machinery of syncopated cleverness .. trying to reach the lucidity beyond the doubt

Jessica Schab I don't even think she takes this stuff seriously (that laugh at the beginning). Even the title just seems stupid. Actually it seems like she is just reading off of a script of pop psychology. She seems to be making generalized sweeping statements about all people who are "successful", didn't watch more than that.

    I don't think "love" really has anything to do with it. We do not care about "love" when we are kids, until this concept is conditioned into us and we are told that we should say it and that other people "love" us, and so on...
    (though I do think we can pick up a lot of patterns from our family, society, normality, and so on...) What we actually cared about was our psychological freedom, being able to just be 'ourselves' and live our life.

    But by the time we get to a point in life in which we start wanting a "relationship" we have all of these conditioned ideas and expectations and this idea of "love" lurking in our mind. Most relationships are not really a totally free co-sharing between two people, they are just a kind of imitation of ideas of what relationships should be, and co-dependency. People often seek a relationship so to escape from their loneliness and try to get some sort of "ticket" to happiness, even if they may not realize they have those motivations. And when we think to "love" someone its just our picture of them and we usually don't even really understand the person we claim to "love". It just becomes an exchange of psychological drug dealers as we seek to feed our identity and extract consensus from the other person and get upset if they do not give us what we want.

    Sometimes people do subject themselves to abusive relationships because they do not want to lose the consensus and psychological security that they get from being in a relationship, and/or they see partialities and refuse to acknowledge that they are being abused, even justifying it sometimes like "I deserve it... I can change him/her, etc..."

    People also constantly seek out the same kinds of relationships, whether consciously or not or both or whatever, because whether they think it's "good" or not, their relationships are based off of their conditionings and confusion, and they can even take comfort in their own familiar discomfort and dysfunctional patterns.

    Yeah, people do often close off and become superficial and even cut people out when they get challenged and do not want to see what's really behind their actions and all the stuff that they ignore and suppress.

  83. Here's the thing, GA. Pretty much anything can be turned into an opportunity for learning, because that's ultimately between ourselves and our higher power. I'm sure there are people having wonderful growth experiences in the teal context. People said the same thing of James Ray. Connie Joy talks a lot in her book about what she gained in the various workshops. James Ray stole from good people and bad and some of what he said had value. And people brought their own process into those workshops and many of them had brilliant epiphanies. And then a bunch of people died and he went to jail. Whatever good came out of those workshops had next to nothing to do with him. It had to do with the better thinkers he stole from and with the individual spiritual processes of seekers who found themselves there. The problem comes in when a spiritual teacher -- ANY SPIRITUAL TEACHER -- starts taking credit for the learning and growth of their followers. If your thirst is quenched, do you thank the water or the glass?

  84. This is hilarious! Just like Teal. Sounds promising hahha
    just refresh


  85. "ANY SPIRITUAL TEACHER -- starts taking credit for the learning and growth of their followers. If your thirst is quenched, do you thank the water or the glass?"

    Well they all take the credit cards ( :

    Except my grandma: she actually was a spiritual teacher AND gave me credit.

  86. Here are some quotes by using a very simple algorithm:

    "Making tea constructs the doorway to bliss."

    "Imagination is rooted in the expansion of balance"

    "The cosmos is the ground of intrinsic force fields" 

    Now reading them like this without having a person attached, doesn't make sense. These sentences start to glow in wisdom as soon as they get attached to a person with authority…in your books. Amazing mind twist.

    (It has been said by some that the thoughts and tweets of Deepak Chopra are indistinguishable from a set of profound sounding words put together in a random order, particularly the tweets tagged with "#cosmisconciousness". This site aims to test that claim! Each "quote" is generated from a list of words that can be found in Deepak Chopra's Twitter stream randomly stuck together in a sentence.
    http://www.wisdomofchopra.com/index.php )

  87. and the algorithm which is used on Tealswan.com "let the univers decide".... is a funky software that pleases all LAO addicts at its best. I always thought that this is the smartest tool on her website.

  88. I take credit cards, but I don't take credit for the growth or success of my clients. I'm paid for my time, energy, insight, and knowledge. I am very aware that I'm the glass, not the water. I provide a service and I hold a context but what people do when they hang up the phone is entirely up to them. And I never try to get between them and their god as they understand god.

  89. Wow, what a lot to digest GA and thanks for the links. Jessica is "Jessica Mystic" and I have been aware of her before. She may be a little younger than Teal but is definitely a great "generational" counterpoint. I recall she is a very lovely young woman with a soft way of speaking and a good emotional intelligence quotient.

    I agree with LV that the "good' that may come out from "foul treatment" like that of James Ray and not so extreme others is all due to the depth of the seeker. Yeah, the glass is only containing the holy water. I think just as we naturally thirst for the physical "water" (and water is definitely a magical TRIPPY substance), we thirst for the metaphoric water of life. We are our own glasses and Cracks in the glass make any water poured in just seep out.

    IMO lots of powerful dircetion of focus is "integrity" :becoming a grand strong container ourselves.

    Trauma IMO causes cracks and try as we might, pouring pouring water in, we can't hold it. Once the fissures are healed IMO (by loving ourselves, being safe for ourselves etc) we start filling up and THANK to the Universe, there is always water pouring in so we just will never miss the opportunity to start being whole if we HAVE cracks...

    I love these analogies.....

    In the mean time, I am so onto this idea that there is a major PORN industry which is about hard, ugly, artificial, bloody and violent and is WEIRDLY attractive when one is traumatized. The gore porn, fear porn, tragedy porn, horror porn "movement" is seen in forums I am on where people just dwell and dwell on spokespeople who detail the nasties and proclaim the evil "other" of the week. Lately I see the "white genocide" threat being promoted. It is priming people to continue to hate oneself really as I do not see how we can escape the "one finger pointing out with three pointing back" symbolic nature of the social mirror?

    The posts today were just really great GA and LV Thanks . MUCH love to Teal: a victim of the porn industry too.

  90. I am actually loosing interest in this whole thought theatre and this digging for xxx and all these problems i suddenly seem to have. The "Authority" card which seems to be played or given to...creates a lot of shit. I am pretty happy to become aware of it and its tricky games which follow it.

    I just remembered Benjamin smyth sentence:
    "Guys it's all made up, it is ALL fucking made up by somebody"

    Asking a question is torture in itself, i start to notice.... The question seems to be the painful craving of internal receptors for their messengers. A question is like smoking a cigarette which activates a nicotine cycle in you. You think you calm down the empty feelings with a cigarette but you didn't realize that the cigarette caused it in the first place.. tricky cycles.

    LV: the credit card thing was a play with words which I couldn't resist. Whenever you feel that you offer a service to somebody (which has a value to somebody), you surely own and take credit for it. It doesn't matter if you are aware of being a glass or if you are confused and think that you are the water.

    I do understand very cleary what you were pointing it and agree with it. But it still seems to be a dilemma in my mind where exactly is the point of "taking credit for whatever"...as soon as credit cards are involved we are taking credit for a service or a product and that is fine. Teal's emergency exit is her story about being a selected, pretty made alien to give the forgetful the truth. This is a propper claim of water and the glass with a big emergency exit "a la channel or whatever you want to call it" attached to it in case sb calls her out for it.

    I, as an artist, got many times attacked for charging a certain price for my art and photography. The argumentation was: without me as a model your image wouldn't exist or without nature which you don't own, your image wouldn't exist. Or I had people tell me that I take credit for the beauty of nature hahaah. In the painting world I had people tell me: how can you charge money for it...it is a talent, you didn't do anything for it, it was just given to you....crap.

    I had a tough time with it because it was in fact my own unawarness or try to grasp the perception of my own service. ... Then i had people coming up to me, buying my art and telling me that they value my viewpoint and what I create with my focus and time and thank me for expressing something in colour which they recognize and felt before but never saw it in reality....

    so there was the balance. I do take credit for the paintings although I am aware that something expresses itself through me as a tool. I take credit for giving it the time and space to arrive through me... and I need to pay rent, otherwise I would sit under a bridge...I doubt that I would paint there. :D

    i find it hard to determine when taking credit is balanced. At the end of the day we all need to take credit and credit cards to survive here. We all take credit for that our product, thought, art etc can and will effect others. But surely we can not take credit for that the dynamic it might evoke in somebody else's individual concious soup. And if you a glass or water depends of the perceiver and is none of your business (a la authority acceptance).

    The credit scam starts with claiming authority in a specific area but it is worthless without having a perceiver who agrees with it in the first place... so is it a scam?

    okmy comment is all over the place. I have to read it again but need to cut the lawn now

  91. Brilliant interview

    The Honey moon effect by Bruce Lipton

    I bet Teal causes a lot of seratonine shots in other people ( ;

    My last comment makes sense to me, but maybe only to me.

  92. This girl Jessica Schab is spot on:
    Preservation in action...in addition she posted:

    Jessica Schab: i have been a spiritual speaker for 7 years promoting love and light thinking it would help only to find it actually does more harm then good especially when it comes to our intelligence and ability to think rather then having ostrich mentality being afraid to question cause oh that is negative. is stating facts negative? is reporting abuse and exploitation negative? So now i speak out and want to expose this stuff and i would like teal to be responsible to her followers.. And i would like all of you to ask yourselves how many spiritual speakers do you intend to follow your whole life? Until your on your deathbed realizing you wasted your whole life in illusions that only makes one worse and more blind.. teal does not want to talk about this or admit nor be responsible cause she does not want to get off the gravy train world revolves around teal like the sun shines out of her ass. do you want your kids to wait for a shift that will never come? how many spiritual speakers do you want them to be exploited by? and if they kill someone for taking love drugs while in a car are you going to tell them its ok its their soul contract they wanted it? and if they end up in an abusive relationship are you going to tell them to keep sending them love to give them hope that their love can change the person when it just leads to more abuse and violence and if they tell you what happened will you accuse them of being negative? how much love and light do we need to send to see its not working their are still wars and violence going on.. how can you people not see how your encouraging this especially teal? but who cares right as long as she gets to be famous and plenty of gifts and waiting forever for your 3rd eye to open. im wondering who out there is tired of being scammed out their by these people? and what about all the young girls that follow teal? be a spiritual prostitute that's the way so you can be happy and successful and conscious as me? if teal really cared she would talk about this stuff and not cover it up with her confabulations of nothingness. if you want a world where no one thinks and everyone is positive in which you silence anyone who is considered negative then you can not see the kind of hell your setting up for your children.. but hey its conscious and the trend right its all perfect and meant to be right? same with the kids being bombed and maimed in the world? oh lets ask teal about it so knows so much about everything... she can talk to god we can't.... please how many times have we heard that one yet we fall for it every time hook line and empty pocketbooks every time. but thats what you want thats conscious... just be positive accept everyone's beliefs and truth if its about violence right cause thats love?

    oh no i do not care about attention at all i used to be very well known as project camelots crystal child but i gave all that up when i realized how dangerous this stuff is to ones mind, if teal was really intituive she would be able to see the damage she is doing as well but no she loves how people adore her and think she manifested it.. i was disturbed when people saw me that way crying out tears of joy and love seeing me how they wanted to see me, not caring about what i said unless it was not what they wanted then look out, but my gosh i wanted them to snap out of it. i care about people using their intelligence to see where this stuff leads people. How many years has this stuff been preached and where are we now? more confused and messed up then ever before. but ask teal how she feels when no one pays attention to her......

  93. ....

    look at me look at me.. i would like to see how long she survives with all so called gifts and connections to divine on a deserted island? you can not create you reality with stupid affirmations and diets to open your pineal gland and no one to give you any attention.. she would not last long at all.. nor would any spiritual speaker be able to survive in that situation cause they thrive on the attention you give them and if you do not give it to them they will take off their clothes and make up any story about their life they can.. she is the spiritual version of lady gaga trying to be shocking to do what ever she can to hold the spot light on her.. teal has maybe a few more years before another younger more attractive spiritual speaker comes around with even better marketing and a better schtick then you all will drop teal like hot cakes and flock to this new girl on the block out with the old in with the new delusion to tell us how to live and what to think cause apparently they are not able to do it on their own.. so liking teal makes you conscious and of a high vibration guaranteed to ascend hmm david willcock had the same spiel and sold ascension cds for 450 and people bought them but wondered by they did not ascend. i do not care what others think of me i care that they think in general and then think about what they think.. if they can or want to.

    Tracy Hayward: I do have to agree with Jessica about that Sacha Stone character, he gives me the heeby jeebies.... he looks so fake and full of it. I hate deception. Bullshit new age people. I don't feel Teal is one of them though.

    Jessica Schab: and tracy is teal is so in-tune and conscious then how come she did not expose this sleaze ball?

  94. This comment has been removed by the author.

  95. Okay what's the deal with all this Teal hating?

  96. HI Tracy I am curious - why do you see it as hating and what exactly?


  97. Teal's first videos which were posted on her youtube channel are interviews between "Astral Society" and her in feb 2011. so I did a little research and asked the longterm memory of the web ( ;

    It might be just a coincidence - you decide this for yourself….Teal's whole corporate design is based on showing a portrait of her in a silk pajama n front of a reddish Galaxy….which looks very similar to the background image of this forum of "inspiration". Furthermore , you can see the list of information in this forum, which is exactly the same kind of stuff, teal was debating about in each of her ask Teal series video, which she started to post in 2012.

    Here is the webarchive link


    Count one+one together…but you surely could also say, I am crazy :D
    Somehow spirit science plays a key in the whole Teal career thingy. I will have a look at it later as spirit science is featured on the dead fb page of astral society on fb, still sharing direct links...


    I am also 100% sure that Teal did some research on "the crystal child Jessica" as "inspiration". I am just tracing it back. I will come back on that one.

  98. ok sb just hacked my account. Something strange going on.

  99. GA, it doesn't look very similar that background image. It IS that background image, reversed and turned on its side.

    Hacked your acct? What acct?

  100. Okay, so I'm looking at this Project Camelot interview with Crystal Child Jessica, not particularly because I'm a fan of Project Camelot. I'm not. It just came up. She seems very sweet. But I'm relating to some of what she's describing, particularly about her childhood, way too much and it's kicking stuff up so I might need to stop.

    You know what I notice about this? Once again, there's a process and it's very human and accessible. Whereas, with teal, it's just a series of pronouncements punctuated by drama. There's no sense ever of how she got from here to there. She's explicit but she's never open. This gal is very open and appealing.

  101. Wow ... so it looks like that a machine or a human hacked my account and deleted it-even my fb account. Jessica if you read this, it wasn't me who deleted our conversation. Here is golden goodbye andara ( : Well. ok. I am fine with that. Seems like it is time to start a new account.

    So it is the same image LV. sTeal.
    I found this interview with Jessica yesterday which explains her point of view very well. Have a look

    I just read a quote on fb and needed to giggle...I include myself

    "Tell people there is an invisible man in the sky who created the universe, and the vast majority will believe you.
    Tell them the paint is wet, and they have to touch it to be sure."

  102. GA! What the heck?! So your accounts are gone? Your Facebook acct, too? Seriously? I thought they were better at security than that. I know someone tried to hack my FB once and the whole thing got shut down and I had to go through a process to reactivate it. I'm wondering if that isn't what's happening with yours. If someone accesses your acct with a device you haven't registered or from a totally implausible IP, they do that.

    You know, I gotta wonder. I never had anything like that from team teal but I still think they did spoofed my URL or something on Facebook, because with every new post I did on teal, Facebook started restricting the posting of any URL from this blog. In some cases, people found they couldn't post the URL at all. I could post it but it wouldn't post a preview. It was very weird and it was like clockwork. I'd write a teal post, it would start gathering steam and getting posted by others on Facebook and elsewhere and my URL would get restricted on Facebook. And maybe on sites I don't use. Who knows? The only thing I can figure is that someone spoofed it and made it look they were being spammed with pages from this blog, which kicked in some algorithm.

    So, yeah, it's the exact same background graphic. For all I know there was some relationship and she was using it by permission. Who knows, but it's exactly the same art. And the opening of Ask Teal vids is obviously Spirit Science. She doesn't really seem to be affiliated with them anymore. You'd think she'd update to something else, but whatever.

    I tried to watch her newest relationship video. It's horrible. She equates people with their financial net worth. She actually calls people "successfuls" and "unsuccessfuls." It's just so, so horrible. All this relentless focus on the pecuniary was hideous and wrong in the New Age flowering of the 80s and 90s. Now, when we're dealing with a shattered world economy, it's so much worse. Honestly, so much of teal's rhetoric is stuck in some weird 80s time warp. It's like she's cribbing from some really old New Age library and hasn't gotten the updates. Arcturian central command! Can you hear me?! Over.

  103. I posted once on Teal'sblog and was blocked i think afterwards as I can never pull up the catha thingie. Can people block other's accounts? Is that a crime?

    I read the last several comments form Jessica and all. Bravo to standing on one's principles. That is what I have considered valuable...be willing to engage what one believes because in my experience, the cracks then open up and i fall through (hehe) because I have been through phases of beliefs and they all are just that.... And any given day, if we are not just working to build a following and so being just fake to get something (even if it's a following of one OTHER person) ;Even if what we are working on seems to be that days "true path? and is not the next day's, In My Humility of feeling at a total loss about no0w...well that seems just the best I can do?

    So, I fault the Teals as being leading to false as the way to live. My inner child who was squeezed terribly by pursuit of "acceptance" and minor fame (fame in my niche: GOOD PERSON, SMART PERSON, CREATIVE PERSON) still hates this presentation she makes.

    OK so Jessica said:

    "I think if teal is sincere and legit like she and her army claims she should do a public live chat with you or the EOF and see if she can hold her own and answer some basic questions about her claims. otherwise what does she have to hide if she has no qualms putting everything out in the public eye?"

    The lack of necessary feedback and accountability of those putting things out but never being questioned is a huge gap.

    On another subject, my inner child is really upset about "people who are afraid the white race is in danger of being a victim of genocide". They seem to be the counterpart of the other meme that the Muslims cannot exist with aany other religion. I feel like we are seeing various groups all pointing at other groups of people as the hosts of the big bad Archons.

    I do not understand why sexual,racial, genetic, even cultural attributes must continue to define our relationships. I was really expecting that this was what the "Age of Aquarius" stuff would mean? That is part of what I believed as "new age" along with responsiblility for what we create. The reactionary tendency is not helping people move forward. Is it impossible to live beyond this terrible history we have developed?

    I also regret that the new age ideas that I love cannot be sorted for value. When stupid people take and trivialize an idea then others look at stupid people and reject the ideas being trivialized, I feel terribly much like the world will just keep being the same old haven of ignorance.

    I appreciate this blog as it allos people to vent. Love, Maggie

  104. Maggie, I know. I heard it. John Lamb Lash has just lost every last shred of credibility and so has Henrik Palmgren. I always liked both but I listened to the whole thing and I just feel ill. It just got more nakedly anti-Semitic as it went along. I mean they really just dropped any pretense. Holocaust denial for Christ's sake. They really went there. And we really must get Hollywood back from those Archon infected Jews! They did everything but openly justify the Protocols. Really, really sickening. Indefensible and sickening. John Lamb Lash: defender of the "white race." White is not a race. Not by any definition. I can't believe the stupid, ignorant bullshit that fell out of that man's mouth. I'm staggered. The woo-woo world has really taken a dark turn.

  105. I am a member of red Ice and saw some comments. Too many people seemed to think he had some good points??? I was just flummoxed.

    JLL has in the past talked about using "magic" to kill "psychopaths"....very justified according to him that this be done. He would of course be deciding who is the psychopath. Really insane and ugly and hateful stuff. At one time I liked his ideas until I actually investigated deeply.....

  106. Okay, Maggie, I'm convinced. Out of his freaking mind. Awful.

    And I've googled a bit. This is getting an awful lot of uncritical reception. Not the first anti-Semitic insanity I've heard bandied about the woo, but definitely the most naked. And the most extreme. Horrible. Unacceptable.

  107. Thinking out loud here. Is it me, or is teal just completely ignoring the spiritual dimensions of love? One of the more interesting things I've learned from years of doing readings. Even relationships that make no sense and look batshit at the mundane level, are a whole 'nother thing when you're viewing it at that soul level. It's given me a lot more appreciation for this process of relationship.

  108. the next interview from Red ice is of Jeanice Barcelo. I did not listen to it but it is about "The Dark Side of Reproductive Technologies & Quest for Aryan Genetics".

    I love reading comments and I found this post from JLL on the interview comments:

    "Thanks to Henrik and the redice team for this penetrating interview, a brilliant follow-up to my interview on the archontic infection posted a few days before. Perhaps I could add a couple of comments on the burning topic of Jews and the archontic agenda.

    One outstanding point: Sucking the penis is not non-sensical: it is not merely a ritual act, it is principally a way to transmit the archontic neurological infection and "keep it in the family."

    "These people are not Jews." Then she quotes Jews. Of course I would -- along with Jeanine and many others -- also attempt to distinguish between good and decent humans among the Jewish fold, distinguished from the spoilers, the fiends of envy. But the problem is, can Jews themselves make such a distinction and act on it? I detect a tendency among Jews to rely on Jewish identity for a special sense of separation from the Goyim, and resist identification with the Anthropos, humanity at large. Also, I detect a tendency among posajis (people of self-assigned jewish identity) to turn away from close scrutiny of the evil agenda of the Zaddikim. They refuse to look into the mirror of evil. They just don't want to know about the archontic agenda of Judaism or take responsibility for confronting and defeating it. Until now. Well, maybe now that their necks are in the noose some good Jews who intend no harm to the Goyim will finally react upon the evil in their midst.

    Unlike Jeanine, I consider that ALL Judaism is corrupted by the archontic lie. Same for Christiainity and Islam. Nothing is these belief-systems can be salvaged or legitimated. Nothing.

    I am of the understanding that the Ringing Cedars is a fiction, like the Castaneda books. I would contend that Anastasia is a fantasy rather than a literal, living person. No problem with that, if it is so. It does not invalidate the inspirational message of those books. (In my talk of August 4 on redice, I said "singing oaks" by mistake, when I meant ringing cedars. I was perhaps thinking of the oaks here in Andalucia.) I have serious reservations about the puritanical spin on sexual morality ("keys to preserving love") proposed in the Anastasia books. When Kalika sexual mores erupt this planet, it may bring sexual regeneration in ways that cannot be achieved through old-fashioned rules of sexual conduct. Beware of the teachings about love that destroy the genuince capacity for love -- Rajneesh warned. Pleasure first, procreation follows.

    At the risk of sounding divisive or intolerant, I must declare a strong objection to the stated notions of sexuality and parenting, a control system that condemns carnal gratification and pleasure, including the claim that humans are made in the image of the creator to serve some kind of divine plan. Listeners beware!!


  109. continued JLL comment

    In any case, I would point out something about the term "pristine human." In the first place, it comprises all ethnic colors and tendencies, the "rainbow body" (Nirmanakaya) of the Anthropos. The "pristine human" is not white in ethnic typology: whiteness is always a reference to access to the Organic Light, which is white. The "pristine human" reveals itself in a full spectrum of ethnicity.

    Consider the gnostic intel on this theme: those who access the OL can achieve the telos, the true aim and purpose of humanity. The adjective for telos is teleios, a word found hundreds of times in the Gnostic Coptic writings. Also, the Coptic word for humanity is rhome, pronounced row-MAY. The equivalent Greek word in those texts is anthropos. Hence, anthropos = rhome, but the latter may be considered the terrestrial expression of the "celestial archetype" of anthropos, if you will...

    In numerous passages you find the term peteleios rhome. "PE" is the Coptic definite article. PETELEIOS RHOME is usually translated "perfected humanity." Scholars favor "perfect" as the translation for teleios, but I suggest "ultimate." PETELEIOS RHOME could be translated as "the pristine human, ultimate humanity." Aryan is also a correlate for pristine human. Arya in Sanskrit means "noble, elevated, pristine."

    "Christianity is on the leading edge of trying to preserve morals." Is that so? But what about pagan, pre-christian morals? If the spiritual battle now underway requires a renaissance of indigenous identity and culture, recovering ways of life in harmony with nature that existed before Judaeo-Christian-Islamic mind control became dominant on this planet, what about finding our morals there in the natural world as well? Rather than in the framework Christian morality and the specious teachings of Jesus.

    Does anyone out there advocate Pagan morality and Gaian morality? Of course, to do so, you would have to know first what it is, and how it differs from Christian morality. I consider the definition of Gaian ethics and Pagan morality to be essential to the spiritual battle underway. Those who believe they can find the morality for a sustainable and humane social order in Christianity are, in my opinion, profoundly deluded. Listen to Rajneesh "Love and Hate Are One" (YT clip).
    #9 - John Lamb Lash - 11/08/2014 - 12:35

  110. Maggie, I don't know how you can weed through it. I got two grafs into your comment and had to stop for the waves of nausea.

    I listened to that whole Red Ice interview and went through the following progression: Where are they going with this?... What?... Okay, that's bad.... Wrong!... Wronger... Oh my fucking Christ...

    For pretty much the entire second half I just sat there doing the full face palm. I'm incredulous.

    And the reason I find the comments worse is that I find the lack of critical response, nay, the hallelujah chorus, worse than the interview itself. What the hell is wrong with these people?

    I looked at some of the comments on Red Ice's FB page and was about 10-1 in favor of this rabid insanity.

    And I did a little digging. There is not a lot of info out there. I think Lash's relative obscurity has protected him from public scrutiny. Not just the fact that he's an anti-Semite, but the womanizing, the pursuit of very young gals, the fraud, the plagiarism -- or so I'm learning. Oh, and apparently he threatened to kill Hillary Clinton using magic once, so that's nice.

    But he's found his mission in playing into the nativist backlash to immigration in Sweden. He apparently played these cards closer the vest before he found a bunch of racist, anti-Semitic Swedes to suck his dick and tell him he's a genius for figuring a new way to hate Jews.

    I'm done with Red Ice Radio and JLL -- now that they're darlings of the Stormfront set.

    Jesus H Christ.

    Not crazy about wandering so far off topic on this thread, but you're the only sane voice I've heard in the wilderness about this. I knew there was a lot of thinly veiled anti-Semitism in the woo, but this is ridiculous. I may or may not post a blog on this but I don't know that I want to deal with the responses. Tealers are tame by comparison. These people are fucking nuts.

  111. Is he quoting Bagwan Shree Rajneesh there? I've seen other references to "Osho" from him. He was another anti-Semitic whackjob. Very unsavory character. And I'm learning that Lash also really idealizes Castanada far more than I knew. Tells you something, the degree to which he idolizes cult leaders.

  112. A little bird tells me that all hell has broken loose on the Teal Tribe Facebook group. Any members who remain in good standing who have the deets? Apparently there were a number of bannings. Inquiring minds want to know.

    Meanwhile, I um, stumbled on a detail that I had totally missed on "free lance journalist" Jason Freedman's single, solitary article of his entire 20 year career. The comments are hilarious!


    Like this disturbing bit of sad nonsense from a Brad Lichens:

    "Many of us who are devout disciples of Teal believe that she is a Bodhisattva. Essentially that she is an enlightened being sent to lead us. I had never heard the full story about her past until now. It was mentioned years back that she had a past of difficulty and trial but not the details. this is way worse than I had ever imagined! I'm so happy to have found this article. She is so amazing. And this article is really well written BTW."

    Not too freaky-culty.

    But the comment from William Macey PHD [stet] is stellar:

    "This article above is fascinating. It spurred me into really looking into this case. So, there is no doubt about what happened to her as a child. It was horrific, it involved capture and torture of the most acute kind. I am sure everyone is well versed in the subject of Dissociative Identity Disorder. This is a disorder that Teal Scott has. When Teal escaped her abuse at age 19, she had 12 intact personalities. It is my professional opinion that Teal has not gotten better, that instead she is stuck in a permanent personality which has evolved to cope with the full story of her past. And that this personality is named 'Eucharist'. the following is from her web site... From a young age, Teal began professing to have not only chosen to be a part of this physical life, but to have been sent as a 'Eucharist' into this physical life by the non physical grouping of energy called 'Adonai'. 'Adonai' is a non physical group whose intention is the imparting of oneness. This is the personality Teal is stuck in in order to cope with the 'Why' of her past. It is most likely one of her first personalities to be built. I've worked with patients with complex PTSD and DID for over 20 years. It is not clear whether or not it is better for them to maintain a permanent personality which is benign or integrate the personality and face potential consequences. But Teal Scott is a very fragmented person. I am very impressed with her case and also very sad to see that she is stuck in a personality so strongly."

    Mr. Macey got a doctorate and somehow never learned that it's PhD, not PHD. So he's a ruddy genius. He's also obviously Blake. Look at the picture.

    I'm thinking it's Blake who has DID. He has all these alters who have exciting careers like "free lance" journalism and psychotherapy. Who knows how many of these socks are just Blake shifting between personalities.

    Wait... has anyone ever seen Blake and teal in the same room at the same time? No, on reflection, we have. So, phew. We can cross that off the list of concerns.

  113. Thanks to all the little birdies who sent me screenshots of what's left of the Teal Tribe melee. I'm just going over them now. I will probably have other thoughts. It's a lot of material. But right off the bat, I need to ask Blake a question and I don't want to forget. Not that Blake ever answers my questions, but it's worth a shot.

    Blake says repeatedly that he does not know this Jason Freedman and has no idea why he has his phone number. So here's my question. This Jason Freedman did an interview with teal -- a sit-down, in person interview. Doesn't she know him? Maybe he should just ask her. How did Mr. Freedman coordinate an interview with teal that Blake was so unaware of? Doesn't Blake handle a lot of the PR for teal? Is teal just running off willy-nilly and meeting with reporters -- who have no clips anywhere -- and keeping Blake out of the loop?

    So that's my question to Blake. I also find it a little odd that this "PHD" and psych profession William Macey got hold of a picture of an 11 year old Blakey to use. But as per Blake, that's what happened. There just happened to be a picture of Blake, age 11, floating about the web and it was coopted by "Doctor" Macey.

  114. The story so far: Apparently someone on Teal Tribe read this blog post and it raised some questions for him. So he posted something on Teal Tribe. All hell broke loose. He was banned. Other people were banned for speaking out in favor of the right to ask uncomfortable questions. The original poster was reinstated, he thinks, because of the pressure on the admins to do so. Others who were banned do not appear to have been reinstated.

    More to come. Still picking through screen shots. I may post some of these at some point, but it will be a while. I will need to block out names and so on.

    1. That person would me. I was deleted then the ban was removed after they were pressured by other members over their actions.

      I requested to rejoin the group, but I wasn't accepted at first. Though blake stated that he had invited me to comment on the post. Yet they won't accepting my request. Finally one admin member accepted my request.

      I posted in the group that I was back and shared a link to Jessica's page on meta-cognition. But my posts were removed.
      Now I have been banned again but this time I can't find the group even if I searched for it.

      What do know is that at least 20 members left and we're banned from the group between the time that I made the post and right before my ban was removed.

      The only difference between me and other banned member had to do with the time my post was made and the number of people that saw it. Other people they have banned, there posts weren't seen. Mine had over 120 comments before they saw it.

  115. Oh, one other thing before I forget. This is for you GA, but also just a general advisory. I received an email from someone who was posting comments to this blog for a while and had to stop because her computer was hacked. Can't prove that it was associated with team teal but it was all just a little too coincidental. And it was bad. Someone had loaded a whole bunch of spyware onto her computer, her camera was turning itself on and was snapping pictures and videos. She had to do a major system upgrade to get her privacy back. So she's a little spooked. Which may have been the point. Not the only person who's had some weird tech interference immediately after raising questions about teal but easily the creepiest.

  116. Okay, back to some of these TT screenshots. I'm posting this one as is because it's Sarbdeep, a public person -- even if not quite by choice -- and directly regards yours truly. It can now be found right here.

    So, a couple of things. Seriously, Sarbdeep, in what fucking universe is the discussion of whether cult techniques are being used NOT about a spiritual leader's teachings? The questions raised have to do directly with the things she and those close to her say as part of her messaging.

    I must digress for a moment. Some kind little birdie included some other rather disturbing content from Teal Tribe, such as this.

    Seriously, people. I asked you all to prove your "dedication" to teal and only got about 90% participation! We need 100% commitment from tealers. If you haven't watched at least half of her videos and testified to that fact, you clearly don't want to grow spiritually.

    Remind me again how this is not cult-like.

    Sorry. It's creepy and it's culty. As is calling teal's critics "anti-teal."

    I'm also seeing comments in here from Teal Tribe member who are really uncomfortable with the term "tealer." As am I. As am I.

    As far as raising questions about teal's abuse story, sorry it's germane. She makes it a cornerstone of her self-marketing. And she and her peeps leverage it to shut down debate over and over and over. Someone else on Teal Tribe raised the question more than once about why everybody's emotions are fair game but teal's. Everyone's walking on eggshells around her and that's why.

    Her timelines are screwy and I'm sorry, but there is no proof to date of the existence of Satanic Ritual Abuse. The FBI has never found a stitch of evidence of something that really should leave some.

    Some of this may seem ad hominem but it's a little hard to separate the person from the message when they're that inextricably linked. She's not marketing ideas as much as she marketing herself and her own story. She's also putting the private lives of everyone around her into play as part of her relentless marketing machine. Don't exploit your own private life as part of your marketing and then say, you can't talk about all that stuff I just made graphically public.

  117. Okay, next up we have a comment from Blake addressing this little upheaval. It's in two parts because it's long: part 1 and part 2

    Couple o' things: He says something about giving the numbers but I don't see them. Am I missing them? Does anyone have a screenshot that shows these numbers?

    And the protests in the 60s accomplished nothing? Really? Tell that to all the military hawks who keep saying "We lost that one at home." Okay, that's arguable, but the idea that social protest accomplishes nothing is so easily disprovable I can't even believe I'm going to waste the keystrokes.

    Here's a little round-up of things that have changed in society due to liberal action. But here are couple of my favorites:

    * The women's suffrage movement: Note that in most of the industrialized world, women now have the vote. Think that would have happened if a minority of women hadn't fought the male dominant status quo?

    * Stonewall Riots: In 1969, a group of gay people barricaded themselves in the Stonewall Inn to protest the fact that gay clubs were an illegal enterprise. They fought back against a police raid. It got ugly. Today we call June Gay Pride Month because of this. There are parades all over the country. It resulted in major changes, legal and social, regarding gay rights.

    Gay Marriage: We have it now at the Federal level and in a growing number of states because people protested laws that excluded gay people from having legally recognized relationships.

    Civil Rights Movement: There was this man named Martin Luther King. Maybe you've heard of him. He led a a passive RESISTANCE movement. You know the rest.

    Seriously. Do I really need to go on?

    "The arc of the Moral Universe Is long, but It bends toward Justice." ~ MLK

    But here's the part that really gives me pause.

    "At first we ignored levaughn's [stet] blog because there are tons of unfounded assumptions."

    Let's compare that to what teal said in her first post about my anti-teal self. It's here. She says Blake was fussing over it the night before she wrote that post. So when exactly did they ignore it? Next day. That seems like fairly prompt action to me. Could it be that they knew about my blog post and tried to ignore for some time but eventually had to address it because they were fielding so many questions?

    They still are and you can see for yourself how well they answer them. They ban people for asking them.

  118. http://s239.photobucket.com/user/LaHuesera/media/Public/SarbdeepStatementreMoi_zps2147e3d7.png.html

    So I was trying to understand Sarbdeep's perspective on the written articles here and all interactions between commentators which I am part of. His experience is this:

    Anti Teal
    Fellow Teal haters
    un-constructive debate
    questioning Teal
    attacking Teal
    Conversation about Cult leader status and fake abuse….does not benefit anyone's life.
    spiteful and malicious way
    hurling shadows at someone else
    questioning Teal's teachings only!
    personal, malicious and spiteful attacks that are aimed at destruction

    I am very surprised as I don't perceive it like this at all. We do agree in one point: yes I absolutely question Teal thanks to the healthy nature of my guts. Hater? Attack? Malicious, spiteful? He supports questioning Teal's teachings only? But what is with the character behind it and the big stories? No? Not allowed? That turns me into a hater?

    I don't belong to any religion but here and there enjoy thinking about some words of buddha or other people you thought they have something precious to teach. Funny enough I just read a part of the Kalama Sutta today before reading your blogpost.

    Kalama Sutta
    The people of Kalama asked the Buddha who to believe out of all the ascetics, sages, venerables, and holy ones who, like himself, passed through their town. They complained that they were confused by the many contradictions they discovered in what they heard. The Kalama Sutta is the Buddha's reply.

    Do not believe anything on mere hearsay.

    Do not believe in traditions merely because they are old and have been handed down for many generations and in many places.

    Do not believe anything on account of rumors or because people talk a a great deal about it.

    Do not believe anything because you are shown the written testimony of some ancient sage.

    Do not believe in what you have fancied, thinking that, because it is extraordinary, it must have been inspired by a god or other wonderful being.

    Do not believe anything merely because presumption is in its favor, or because the custom of many years inclines you to take it as true.

    Do not believe anything merely on the authority of your teachers and priests.

    But, whatever, after thorough investigation and reflection, you find to agree with reason and experience, as conducive to the good and benefit of one and all and of the world at large, accept only that as true, and shape your life in accordance with it.

    The same text, said the Buddha, must be applied to his own teachings.

    Do not accept any doctrine from reverence, but first try it as gold is tried by fire.



  119. I believe that Sarbdeep and Teal share the same perspective on the existence and activities and content of this site which clearly does question her teachings and character? If EVERYTHING is true, why worrying about others or why even feel hurt by people who doubt parts of the story and reject her teachings and business plans? If I tell sb something and this person doesn't like it or thinks of it as bullshit story or claims that I am a liar….ok. Great. And? What has this to do with me if I know my intentions, motivations etc? Jessica Schab a la Jessica Mystic suggested to do an interview with Teal to ask some questions which are also center questions here on this blog. Why not giving it go?

    Why does it make me a hater by wondering about her constantly flashing the viewer, by questioning the use of her sexual energy, by disagreeing with her told story about her origin, by seriously seriously wondering how such horrendous crime(s) can't be traced, by worrying about this abuser ass still running around and eating kids or sewing them into corpses …etc. Her story has effected me A LOT and here is open (un)digestion visible! I am not love drunk anymore on her… many puzzle pieces don't match. Questions, questions, questions, research, some ideas, some proofs, sometimes nothing, questions still. And I am so surprised that she didn't consider that there will be people who don't run with her information. IT is not in human nature….unless you want sheeple. The only questionable action I ever did her was calling Sarbdeep an idiot…or I actually think I choose a more lovely word still ( : yes sometimes some people write here hate and strange comments ratio 1:1000 and that's anyway none of my business. I think LV articles are fierce, clear, grounded, and respectful and are based on great manner and journalistic skills. And this woman is so funny!!!! And a bit of witty sarcasm is very entertaining and in fact… healing. YUP. ( :

    So Sarbdeep or Blake or who ever will read this: why don't you call in here and show me how I or LV article hate….where is it???? I really can't see it. Maybe i am blind….it could be both ways.

    LV I wouldn't be too suspicious. I downloaded some strange software few days ago….right now I am more suspicious towards this nasty exe bundle than anything else. Lesson learnt. I guess I opened some doors by installing it and it shut my email and all connections down for whatever pervert purpose… Annoying.

  120. I just saw the posts of Blake...is he saying "something" at all other than sounding open? A bit confusing and no numbers, what numbers anyway?

    1. The numbers that he was referring to had to do with me asking for financial statements in relations to money donated to certain projects. As a means of transparency

  121. Considering that his site is perceived as "negative and ill motivated" in their eyes and is upsetting to Teal.....What about Spirituality 2.0, facing the negative pain emotion...in this case "being doubted and attacked over her" (as far as I understand his message).

    The transparency which Teal uses to describe her interaction with the world...I experience it single sided. Yes she is very open about her emotional life, her pain, her successes - absolutely. .... she wrote and said a lot about her past, thousand details. BUT what i don't understand is this: If I go to you and say:" hey listen i will be totally open to you know", and then I tell him or her my life story - this is were the transparency ends. If the other person doubts your story or doesn't understand part of it and starts to question it..... you got a feedback. And you will get many other feedbacks.

    Since when becomes a story untouchable by loudly offering all details to another party.... I never understood people who scream and yell their believes and opinions and get pissed with you when you disagree because they were just "honest" with me!!!! It's a twisted concept of honesty or transparency or whatever you want to call it if you tell somebody all your believes and past experiences aka stories. I feel that this is a card which is played: "I am open I am honest, I tell you everything...and you hater don't believe me...and in fact you question my story and character....what's wrong with you. HATER!."

    Tell me if I am wrong but his is what I hear and feel. I am open to another view on this.

  122. Yeah, GA. He talks a lot about how open he'll be but it's pretty content free. I have screen shots of what looks to be at least most of that thread and I see no numbers. If I find them or someone wants to email them to me, I'll say so. But in the thread, not the post, he denies that he is Jason Freedman and William Macey. He doesn't know why they're using his pictures or why one has his phone number. It's a mystery. But I have posed the questions I have posed and inquiring minds still want to know how he knows nothing of this Jason Freedman character, despite teal's having been interviewed by him.


  123. "Tell people there is an invisible man in the sky who created the universe, and the vast majority will believe you.
    Tell them the paint is wet, and they have to touch it to be sure."

  124. Easy solution:


  125. Oh, speaking of teal's shadow, I thought this was interesting. It's a back and forth between Sarbdeep and a Tribe member who asks why teal has to deal with pesky reflections like us haters over here. Here's the image.

    Note that once again, teal's shadow stuff is always about the bad things that have happened TO her. She's just never done anything wrong. It's just endless victimization of poor teal which "make her a match" for more victimization.

    I'm not someone who believes that our karma is always about punishment for some wrong. I think it's simply about incompletion. So, yeah, some of what comes up in our reflective world is repeating patterns of wrong committed against us. But there is something very suspicious about a person who's ALWAYS the victim in these scenarios.

  126. There is of course a possibility that it wasn't him. Only Teal knows. And because both are on and off lovers, I doubt that Teal wouldn't tell him. Maybe it was Teal, using pics of Him :0

    It seems to be a common phenomena as I recall that Jarred always said, that nobody fully knows....everybody feels for Teal, loves her and is confused and wants to protect her of xxxxxxx

    So considering the option that Blake didn't write the article and man or woman x used his image (wtf) and write an article about Teal to make her public because he/she is a fan or because he/she has a deal with Teal or he/she is Teal who needs to take actions into her own hands to become famous....finally and just uses an image of blake which she has on her mobile from the trip to china together...or the sweet boy image which she had on her computer....

    what is it now.
    Teal can you say, who interviewed you and where he is?

  127. I don't mind being called or perceived a hater....I know i am not. ( : I know where I am coming from and I know where all people come from who try to protect Teal. I was there too. I was soooooo mad at Fallon when they published the "I did to teal" list....I was ranting against him because I felt that Teal was so unsafe and .... it was a very passionate state, let's put it this way. So I do get it....and Sarbdeep is doing the correct things....

    I mean - it is so strange...we all are interacting but we see each other in such different lights...everybody is attached to a personal value system and an overall analytic perception and we follow through with our actions and words .... fully authentic with our reality. And for all of us - although it looks so different - it is absolutely, true, explainable....

    each is on a mission. There is nobody not on a mission. We set the value and act accordingly, full with passion, intelligence and desire for 'something'.


    "I guess we all are working to clear individual vibrations from ourselves. And it may take some time due to the gravity of these emotional imprints within all of us."

  128. It doesn't sound at all like teal. It sounds like Blake. The voice is the same in the article and in the comment and in everything else he writes. And teal isn't a skilled enough writer to mimic someone else's writing voice. Her writing voice is also very distinct and grammatical errors and malapropisms are also quite distinctive -- as are Blake's.

  129. well, let's ask the akashic regoogle

    Jason Blake Freedman Dyer published THIS article on her fb page www.fb.com/thespiritualcatalyst on the 29th of March.
    Here is the (of course) now dead link

    Isn't it creepy to share an article of a man you don't know who uses YOUR picture as an avatar for an article about your closest friend???

    Wondering loud...

  130. Bwahahaha... I found an extant version. It took a little doing. It looks to be a slightly longer version of that same article. His writing is even more impenetrable without proper paragraph breaks.


  131. I've received more screenshots of the Teal Tribe melee. All screenshots can be found by clicking the links.

    Let's see... Blake has accused me of "slander" and insinuated that I'm being paid by... someone (???) to write blog posts about teal.

    Is it wrong of me that I'm heartened to see that he's used the word "literally" correctly? Not so "slandering." He apparently has no idea what that word means. For a start, if it's in print, it's not slander. That would be libel or the more generic defamation. And, of course, I've done neither. Criticism is protected speech. How hilarious that he thinks someone watching and stating opinions on a video is "slander." That's not defamation.

    This is defamation.

    Sarbdeep has straight up claimed that I, and I guess other commenters on this blog, are being paid to do this. Not speculating. Stating it as a fact. This is what he said to the person who linked to my page. And then he doubled down. To which the poor fellow replied, "Nope." Well, says Sarbdeep, now we're "moving somewhere."

    Moving where, one wonders. Into la la land?

    To hear Sarbdeep tell it, we're moving forward into the courts. Evidence against me is being "gathered, recorded, and stored."

    So, ya know!

    Says the poor fellow who opened this here can o' worms, um, isn't teal like a little opposed to, you know, the ENTIRE JUDICIAL SYSTEM?

    Hilarious. In Sarbdeep's defense, he's from England where it's a little easier to sue people for libel. It's nearly impossible in the US, especially for a public figure. Your public record is fair game. But I almost wish they'd sue. Because then I'd get to do discovery and they'd have to do little things like open their books to prove that there's nothing to the questions raised on these blogs. And besides, I've now been given grounds for a counter-suit, and unlike them, I'd actually have an actionable claim.

  132. Hello, CA LaB. It sounds like you've been blocked by the group admins. I know people can block other people on Facebook. I guess the same is true of groups. Blocking makes people go invisible. Having seen screenshots of some your direct questions, I'm not surprised you were permanently banned. They don't seem to like questions.

    "The numbers that he was referring to had to do with me asking for financial statements in relations to money donated to certain projects."

    I saw where he referred to numbers. I did not see the actual numbers. Did he in fact post any? I'm only going by the screenshots I've received and I have not received any actual numbers.

    1. No he did not, no numbers were posted, I actually don't expect it to be possible for them to do since I don't think they expected anyone to ask.

      I actually would love for them to sue because they would be bringing themselves under the microscope.

      It would also prove that teal doesn't believe her own teaching. Since they only apply to other people and not her and her family and friends.

      Won't I have been one of there "shadows", won't filing a lawsuit be going against her teachings on punishment? I mean when serious questions are asked they forget all spiritual teachings.

  133. I know. The hypocrisy is staggering. She has no interest in bringing down the hammer of justice on the Mormon Satanist who raped, prostituted, and murdered children. But that bitch LaVaughn. She says mean things. SUE 'ER!!!

  134. Speechless!! Wow... these people!
    Apparently, it's so hard for them to imagine people expressing their opinions and sharing views, writings, etc. just because they want, with no financial gain. I mean, why would you do it if not to get some attention or a paycheck?
    And to assume that Teal is so important, "someone" would care to pay a bunch of people for slandering her....hahahahaha

  135. It tells you something about how pecuniary their interest is doesn't it, Elena? Everything is supposed to translate into $$. Have a great idea, become a millionaire. It's such a distorted worldview.

    "And to assume that Teal is so important, "someone" would care to pay a bunch of people for slandering her..."

    But that's such a big part of her mythology. She's been victimized her whole life because of her incredible specialness. It's always about somebody or other being out to get her. Remember how they were all going to move to Europe because of some grand conspiracy of corporations and the government and... I don't remember. It was something like that. Whatever happened to that?

  136. I think that a big part of it is Paranoia which was present in many interviews (somebody is out to get me) and also the conversation with Jared pointed out that she always felt and feels chased by "somebody or a group". This is my only explanation why Teal & Co. think that the research and questions over here are the result of men in black suits getting payed by some higher authority.

    HI ELENA ( : (our hawai fun may triggered something - btw: did you already return from there or did you get a new case??) ( ; our humorous responds to her theories that secret service is following her might have been misunderstood.
    What i don't understand is this: Teal was saying in many old interviews that "they" try to stop her. When Tealtribe went down for few days and loads of data was lost (when her spiri2.0 was published and many people had a hard time with it in teal tribe and were 'probably' giving out ), Teal was saying that somebody hacked her platform.... I doubted this and that was the reason why I got in touch with Jarred. It is probably the result of not updating coding scripts. And if you don't do this, the content goes crazy. but it was portrait as a full on hack attack...which she probably was convinced of, not knowing that a invisible script just freaked out. My point is this: with her feeling constantly chased and attacked from invisible forces....she probably really thinks that we are parts of the government who want to take her down....fully ignoring the other possibility that here is a bunch of people who actually think about what she says and having a hard time to follow up the stories and teachings and EXPRESSING it.

    And knowing what I know now: everybody around Teal is somehow in an overly protective state of mind towards her which is of course the result of loving her and being very receptive in regards to the past she is telling.... Human nature responds very responsible AND gentle towards her description. Jared & the other girl (what was her name again) I am sure have their very own perceiption of the whole thing. I remember this shadow house episode very well when Teal was Yelling at her and there was a presence of fear in her that this young woman will now go into the world and take her down. … I don't know where this fear is coming from but I believe that this is the reason why people who question her in general and DISAGREE with her are seen as a threat - a threat only and very ill-motivated.

    You will always find 3 responses (minimum) to a big story which is told to the world. You will have people who believe it and go with it, you will have people who disagree and you will have people who just don't care. All 3 groups will express their perception by using their intelligence to express 1. love towards it, gifts, motivational support, being a fan, 2. questioning the stories, researching, expressing doubts and disagreement and 3. just get on with their lives without any impact from this story.

    Group no 1 gets celebrated, group no 2 will be labeled as haters and group no 3 is irrelevant but a little tease might win some of them over. All 3 groups have one thing in common: they are all following their guts.

    We obviously have a war of bacterias in action here…. let's sue them - trillions of them.

    My bacterias went crazy when I saw her "Teal eye" video which is now deleted….my lovely rainbow trip with Teal was ended that day…. everything sounded strange….and all suspicious Antennas went out when she starting to date the CEO of Teal Eye, which was Fallon at this time and then there was this famous blog post "I changed my mind" and I still had the words ringing in my mind from her Teal eye video…that there are many security options installed so that the company money can't be misused by her or CEO in case they change their approach or mind. Now this was a long time ago…. with longterm effects on my perception of her character and motivation.


  137. The Teal Eye video was deleted? Geez, what was in that that it needed to be flushed? I don't think I ever saw that one.

    They're definitely paranoid, but also sharing a kind of collective, narcissistic myopia. I can see why they think I'm overly focused on teal, but they clearly haven't looked at the rest of my blog. If they had they'd notice that I've written a great deal about people and organizations that I think are abusing spiritual authority. Funny how no one goes off on me when I'm writing about the sex abuse scandal in the Catholic Church, Warren Jeffs, the Bergholz Amish sect, or some of the craziness that's come up in the Zen Buddhist and Yoga communities. Not a peep. I took a little shit for my blogging on the James Ray trial, but it was mostly one guy with a lot of socks. Abuse of spiritual authority is an issue I'm very focused on. Sorry, but I think teal falls under that heading. People are free to disagree with me, but it's my opinion and I'm well within my rights to say so.

  138. LV, that is almots funny that the threat of suite for slander is up. I also read that you incite (me as a reader of your blog) to insinuate your material onto her posts or something like that??

    But unfortunately I cannot as I don't have permission to post on her blog. They are definitely showing paranoia.

    Move to woowoo... I cannot help but see how many are totally moving to absurd levels of fear (of exposure) of what is really at play. Many with the smarts to create fronyts for true feelings see them crack as they cannot maintain the facade well. I in my woowoo sense that this organic evolving organism that is the whole of our hosted reality is increasing the INTERNAL bio-resonant amperage of consciousness. It is US being lit up from inside and the debris of dark congestion releasing. Those with nothing to hide are at an advantage because we can just stand there and be seen without the terror of what WE HATE within us showing.

    The psycho-magic of projection is showing itsself in real time??? Some will go insane in their own disconnection form the truth of self.

    "Abuse of spiritual authority is an issue I'm very focused on. Sorry, but I think teal falls under that heading. People are free to disagree with me, but it's my opinion and I'm well within my rights to say so. "

    Yes, I completely get this about your efforts and THANKS for your thorough journalism and letting others speak.

    "I lost my account" is I take it formerly GA?

  139. Well I can't see this video with her in a business suite...

    I just noticed that my last bit was missing.

    --- http://blog.thespiritualcatalyst.com/island-in-a-sea-of-fear/

    It is also interesting that she directly refers to you but when other people do it, it is considered a spam hater.... I found your blog BECAUSE she posted it.

    Maggie - what is the question - don't understand it. I just set up quickle a livejournal acocunt which is explaining in itself what happened because GA is gone.

    First I was suspicious when all went down the drain. A day later I noticed the connection between software app I tried to install (without obvious success) which used my email login and/or fb - it was all over the place. I am pretty sure that I gave somebody the option to enter the system this way.

    I used one of these here but never got it running, got frustrated and gave up.
    that is the only way the whole thing makes sense.

    Something a la http://www.socialappshq.com/blog/2013/12/05/2-million-facebook-twitter-and-gmail-accounts-hacked/

    There is crazy stuff out there where people show how to hack fb or email accounts. Sick.

  140. Ohhhhh now I get the question Maggie.
    Answer is YES
    It's me, GA, still didn't set up propper new account.

  141. I went through some of the old date which was already published here... I was wondering: how can she do high fashion shows all over the world when she was actually hold captive. Also not a single picture and models usually make sure they have a proper portfolio. I remember another vita where she was mentioning paris highfashion as well. No image. I come from the fashion world. I was a model, I took images of models .... I know that every model will collect these precious images in their folder to get bigger jobs. The story doesn't match



    Teal Bosworth
    24 years old
    Park City, Utah
    Model, Poet, Athlete


    5' 8"

    120 lbs


    Hair color:

    Hair length:

    Eye color:


    Skin color:

    Very Experienced

    Paid Assignments Only


    Last activity:
    Jan 13, 2008

    Apr 18, 2005

    Mayhem #2043

    About me
    There's something about the black of a camera lens that digests you in a way..
    Therefore, understands you. It is? Without  judgment, so you can act as far as possible from yourself, or leak to it, so much of your pure, unfiltered emotion that if it could feel, it and would break.
    To a lonely soul, it is the company that always wants you.
    So I suppose, that is my addiction to this profession.

    There is also, a place inside a person that is untouchable. 
    Maybe a quality that can never be owned.

    No matter how much makeup you have on or how naked you are you're never really covered up or really exposed .
    You can see this uncharted place and quality in a person through the eyes.
    And THAT is what makes a model good!.
    What you can't have of her or him
    The bit you can never touch and never own but that you can never quite get enough of.


  142. ....

    I grew up in a 2 room forest service cabin with no electricity in the wilderness as both of my parents are rangers.
    Horses are my favorite thing on earth...
    also  Quantum physics, the puzzle that poetry is, speed skating and archery.
    I am currently training for the 2010 Olympic team for Telemark ski racing and hopefully speed skating.
    Something about the feral quality of a mountain covered in snow that has claimed me.. so I live in Park City Utah (winter athlete Mecca of the world)

    I started modeling when I was scouted by a New York agency at age 12.
    For the first 5 years, I did largely high fashion shows all over the world.
    And high fashion editorial, then puberty rolled in and I grew into a ?lusty? instead of my previous ?stick ? like? frame.  And I merged into a ton of lingerie, swimsuit, nude modeling.  Also commercial, live and even fine art and comic modeling  (that was cool)
    I liked it actually.  I could be more myself.. and express my sensuality that way.  And I was extremely happy that I didn?t have to live largely on bran flakes and water anymore.

    So, as you?ve noticed, I?m not a ?cover it up? kind of person.  So I?ll do nudes, any lingerie I can get, and especially runway, because, I have to admit I still love it.  As I have a winter sports career to support in the most expensive town I could?ve possibly been required to live in, and as I have been a professional model for so long, I?m not looking for un ? paid offers.
    But, as I have nothing of a social life,  I?d love to be contacted if anyone should have a reason to contact me.  Also, despite my odd sense of humor, in front of the camera I tend to be very focused (as my photographers would all tell you)  I do modeling for much more than fun and a reason to feel important and boost pride levels.  I?m a very professional model.
    If anyone would like to see more pictures than are up on this site,  I have my own web site, go to?
    you can contact me from there as well.

  143. I want to know what your motives are relating to Teal? If you didn't like her stuff, wouldn't just dismiss it. Why the witch hunt for? [pun intended]

  144. Hi Tracy, I'm assuming your question is aimed at me, so I'll go ahead and answer. Although, I have addressed it many times already, including just a few comments up this thread.

    I don't consider this a witch hunt. I consider this an examination of something that I've examined many times before on this blog. I have an abiding interest in what I consider to be abuses of spiritual authority. I've done a lot of writing on the topics of the Catholic Church, Warren Jeffs/FLDS, Berholz Amish, and of course James Arthur Ray.

    I myself have experienced psychological abuse at the hands of spiritual teachers. I guess you could say I'm still processing it. And the way I process things, primarily, is to write about them.

    When I became aware of teal, I very quickly became concerned over the way she uses her spiritual authority. The first thing that set me off was that she diagnosed her own boyfriend as a psychopath and made it public. It made me very uncomfortable, but at the time, I just closed the tab, and shook it off. Some weeks later, she was brought to my attention again on Facebook. It was a very involved discussion, there was some googling, I was unsettled enough by what I saw that I decided to write about it. And there we are.

    I hope that answers your questions. If not, let me know.

  145. Yes, GA, the timelines are bizarre. I know that in some of her explanations of her past she claims that she did not reside within this cult but that she was programmed to keep going back. She's claimed that the Mormon Satanist was a master of mind control techniques. She also says that he made threats against her family to keep her on the straight and narrow. But, honestly, what she describes -- that she could travel all over the world modeling, go to Beijing and study Qigong, and still be completely under the control of this cult really strains credulity. It's like she thinks the Manchurian Candiate is real. There's a reason the most extreme mind control cults don't let you leave and separate you from your family and friends. And it's because that kind of brainwashing isn't real. Once people get back to their normal lives, the cult can't control them anymore. That kind of programming and dependency has to be constantly reinforced.

    I'll just use myself as an example. I was a born again Christian when I was in high school. There's much that is cult-like in a lot of Evangelical Christianity. There definitely was in the group I was in. I was very indoctrinated, but I still had questions, because I'm me. But they had inculcated a lot of fear in me that kept me on the straight and narrow. Then I went to college. My born-again Christianity didn't make it past the first semester. Too much new information and mental stimulation.

    World travel? Beijing and a Qigong master? And she was still so brainwashed that she didn't question a Mormon Satanist who sewed her into corpses and murdered children?

    It strains credulity.

  146. Hi Tracy...

    I am glad that you asked this question and didn't just call us haters and left again…ok the witch hunt thing…I still try to figure out why this word is so popular to describe this harbor here.

    in my eyes it is not about 'not liking her stuff'. It is about being confronted with holes in the story, things that don't match, strange behavior from 'Teal -The spiritual Catalyst and all-knowing-arcturian'. In regards to the use of her sexual energy, wonderment about the authority she is convinced to have embodied, analysis of her great sounding monologs...questioning the content.... and also having created a platform for all confused ex fans who left the 'Teal -The spiritual Catalyst and all-knowing-arcturian' road because 'something felt strange but they cant put the finger on it'. And I find it very important to follow this kind of signal…you owe it to yourself.

    Questioning / researching and debating over the nature of things, stories, teachings and intentions of people it in my books not a witch hunt nor the actions of a hater. It is a crucial part of human nature how to interact with offered "thought packages" of people who put it out into the big real and virtual word. Many people who write here have their own agenda and certainly follow their own processes. Unfortunatly it isn't always expressed in hallelujah comments ... in regards to 'Teal -The spiritual Catalyst and all-knowing-arcurian' as many things just don't match.

    I wrote many times my personal reasons why I am writing here. Some of the stuff might be useful to sb out there now or later...but most important, it shows my own reflection on the 'Teal -The spiritual Catalyst and all-knowing-arcturian' experience...good and bad and it is my way of reversing a very successful mindfuck which happened to me by taking every word of her story for granted and true... until it was impossible because of strange evidences, saved and stored in the world wide web, which don't support many parts (not all) of her story. A very healthy and needed process from my perspective and far away from hate - but it might look to others as hate... go figure.

    I have very benevolent feelings regards naked Teal...without the whole story and marketing stuff....because I am aware of the many qualities she is carrying and probably a lot of suffering form the past. In which way, I don't know, but the consequences and struggles are clearly visible with her and can't be faked. I disagree with a lot of her magic stories and concepts which she mashed together, never credits the origin, and very often portraits a very dangerous approach to her very young audience. I don't feel the urge to influence them as they have their own chosen path... and do their own magic with the stuff they get offered their. GREAT. But the confused ones .... which don't remember where is north and west... I hope they find it here and get some sanity back. Reboot.

    anyway...got a bit long...I don't know if you will ever return but Teal & co will read it. I see this blog as "Teal's personal holes-in-her-story collection", a "reboot recovery platform", a "selection of inspiring conversations about life and its thoughts out there" and last but not least...it will make you laugh many times.


  147. ...

    At the end of the day...waaaaiiit for iiiiitttt...at the end of the day...it was all inspired by Teal. She is truly an inspiration machine for very different reasons....isn't it. Maybe we can agree in one thing.

    Let her have her process, let me have my process in the www. And if people think that her message is "positive, and positve only" and this platform's message is "negative, and negative only" - then think again - is that even possible?

    btw: I heard that this guy is an arcturian too! Amazing ((( : ! My girl friend was telling me that he created most of it with a programmmmmm called After Effects. She is just a feckin hater…. tzzzzzz


  148. ( ;


    Hi invisible and visitble people who think that his page is all about hating and witch hunts

    conversations are very welcome here
    nobody will delete anything
    peaceful disagreements possible
    reflection on your thoughts guaranteed
    where is "hate" and where is the "witch hunt" - please show .
    I don't see
    I am happy to agree if I could feckin see it.

  149. Off the subject of Teal but ON the subject of SPIRITUAL time passing: entertainment dealing with humans who are dealing with being humans dealing with humans.

    Laura Dern... HBO half hour dramedy about a very fallible woman who goes to very expensive new age Hawaiian treatment center and gets "Enlightened" (and maybe remedying her boohoos by woowoos). After the first two episodes it was more involving IMO. Only halfway through the season on Amazon Prime... I love Mike White as writer director and playing a dear man.

    "The Wise Kids": http://www.rottentomatoes.com/m/the_wise_kids_2011/

    Like witch, "queer" is a perfectly notorious word but is really about feeling alien to the status quo IMO. We who are not in the cult are "queer" to the rest. Being In versus being "out" and what is one willing to sacrifice either way?

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  151. You are very welcome Tracy. Interesting choice of word...hobby. ( ;


    a friend who was hooked on Teal for a while as well just sent me this. I don't know where he got if from but it was posted somewhere on fb. Apparently Teal profiled sb....

    "This is now starting to make a lot more sense I am glad Teal told me where my soul originated..

    Those with an Andromeda (galaxy) planetary
    origin seek freedom. There is a deep inner thirst
    and drive that leads them to search for this feeling
    of freedom. They may change jobs, homes or
    relationships in their search for freedom. At some
    point, they will realize that the freedom they seek
    and the feelings they often have of being trapped
    are not due to their actual circumstances.

    The true freedom they seek comes only from
    within. It is found only by developing self love, and
    the inner spiritual self. The mature Andromedan
    has realized this, and works with this knowledge to
    create a reality that allows these needs to be
    honored, while continuing to grow in other areas.

    Andromedans must work with issues of self-
    confidence and love. These areas may be obvious
    in their need for development, or they may be
    disguised. When self love and confidence are
    developed, the inner freedom and spiritual
    connectedness will be found within...where it has
    always been, if the trust and faith in self were
    present to allow it to be seen. As this develops, the
    connection between self and God becomes strong.
    This allows past life memories to flow, and many
    old talents begin to awaken to be used once again.

    Many Andromedan souls discover they have much
    to offer others on a spiritual pathway and become
    known as teachers and healers. Andromedans
    enjoy travel and thrive on experiencing many types
    of realities. They enjoy excitement, activity, and
    variety. They may also have early desires to visit
    past life homes, shown as desires to visit certain
    places or interest in certain areas or time periods
    without understanding why. Many souls from the
    Andromeda galaxy may enjoy driving fast, or flying
    in airplanes, as this stimulates subconscious
    memories of 'home'.

    Andromedans tend to create dramatic learning
    scenarios for themselves, due to their tendency to
    be self-critical and not take themselves seriously.
    Through learning to 'notice' smaller growth
    opportunities and lessons, they will begin to avoid
    creating larger dramas.

    The Andromedan tendency to be self-critical may
    lead them to expect others to be critical of them.
    They are often surprised at finding how well they
    are liked by others! Outwardly, many Andromedan
    are confident, capable, and outgoing with well
    developed abilities to communicate with others.
    They are very good at keeping the inner fears,
    doubts and insecurities inside and presenting a
    very different 'face' to the outside world.

    They may be well suited to teaching, health care or
    careers which involve traveling. Some learn to
    combine the attraction to drama with writing or
    acting, and express themselves in those ways.

    Andromedans have healing and communication
    abilities which are often felt early in childhood.
    These are often ignored or discouraged by family
    members, and must later be retrieved.
    Andromedans are sensitive, caring individuals who
    have much compassion and ability to put
    themselves in another's position and truly
    empathize. There is a desire to work with healing
    the physical, emotional, or psychic pains of


    This reminds me of this ( ;
    A LOT
    I guess only Andromedans will buy her book about self love as only they are into that kind of stuff :D … isn't it. I guess we are all Antromedans after reading this. But anyway - one soul feels recognized and happy. So be it.

  152. So the vast majority of sensitive New Age types fit the profile of Andromedan. Well, that narrows it down.

  153. Think about it!


    The Teal Scott Syndrome
    Posted on August 12, 2014 by Diego Fontanive

    Lets keep it simple:
    1) Teal Scott, just like may others, goes through traumas when she is little..
    2) Teal Scott, just like many others, develops the question “why did it happen to me and not just in a movie”?
    3) Teal Scott, just like many others, develops the idea “I must be special” and find such speciality out (that’s why it happened to me).. otherwise I’m not able to handle this condition happened to me, as well, without “speciality” I won’t be able to handle my mind in the future..
    4) Teal Scott, just like many others, develops the idea of having a “mission” .. so she calls herself “meant to be”, “chosen” and so on..
    5) Teal Scott, just like many others, develops the need to follow such mission so to justify the suffering she had..
    6) Teal Scott, just like many others, develops the idea to be a psychic.. someone special ..
    7) Teal Scott, just like many others, requires consensus to be on the path aimed to accomplish her mission.. ’cause she knows that “speciality” can only exist when in dependence of other people.. (wondering how exactly her self-proclaimed “psychics powers” can be helpful psychologically if she finds herself alone in a lost island with no people around and no youtube account)..
    8 ) Teal Scott, just like few others, realizes that she can use her body as a model.. for professional purposes of course.. but also to preserve the status of speciality she needs to not collapse mentally..
    9) Teal Scott, just like few others, realizes that she cannot be a model forever so she also realizes that in order to preserve a “never enough” level of consensus so to nourish her need of speciality .. she must become a so called “spiritual preacher” ..
    10 ) Teal Scott, just like many others, claims to be this and that and be able to “heal” so to get the consensus she requires to survive psychologically…

    That’s the game!

    Is there an intelligent possibility to realize that he who claims to be in a spiritual position of some kind (in her case “spirituality 2.0″ whatsoever) is actually telling him/herself and the followers: “look at me: I’m special: you are not here yet”?

    Is there an intelligent possibility to realize that this whole spiritual circus is in truth separative and delusional (then they say: we are all one)?

    Is there an intelligent possibility to realize what reality is?


  154. So here's what I learned today from watching selected portions of the Boston workshop, disappearing soon from a livestream near you:

    Asians are collectively repressed which is why they're "a match" to so many major earthquakes. I guess that their presence on the Pacific Rim has nothing to do with it. And people on our West Coast, also on the Pacific Rim are also repressed? Californians -- suuuuper repressed, I guess? Oh, and they're also probably really prone to seizure disorders, those Asians. Probably.

    That we don't remember things like our birthday party when we were 2, no different than repressed memory of abuse. Exactly the same thing. Never mind that we all forget most everything from preverbal years of 0-3/4 and that having zero memory of major events after that age is not so normal.

    Oh, and Stockholme Syndrome? Inevitable. Happens every time. Like clockwork. Every abuse victim traumatically bonds completely to their abuser and doesn't want to leave them. Doesn't really want to be rescued.

    And teal has activated ALL the DMT in her brain? Seriously. I know she says she saw DMT, the documentary. Could someone please hand her the book? They've only ever found trace amts in the brain, it's immediately deactivated in the body, and it's production in the brain is entirely theoretical. But teal has solved the mystery of DMT. She's done what no "crutch-using" Ayahuascaro or psychiatrist like Rick Strassman could. She's cracked the walnut wide open.

    How is she functioning if she's tripping on DMT all the time?

  155. Great Story telling. Here in ireland are many story tellers and they have one thing in common. They have a talent to blur the line between reality and fantastic ideas in front of an audience which is under the spell of the story teller. Teal would win all competitions here. There is a saying here: a great storyteller is someone who turns lies into reality in the minds of his or her audience.

    LV you don't get it huh?
    "Asians are collectively repressed which is why they're "a match" to so many major earthquakes. I guess that their presence on the Pacific Rim has nothing to do with it"

    no no...these repressed asians choose to live on top of the pacific rim because they are so supressed - double match....just like the plate under them. there are no suprressed germans whatsoever!

  156. Oh, I considered that reading of it. But it still doesn't explain why all those incredibly not repressed people in California, Oregon, and Washington, are getting such intense earthquakes. And, as you say, why Germans or the very stoical British aren't having a lot of quakes.

    This kind of thing gets dangerously close to this in my opinion:


  157. I did enjoy the interview with both doctors. I guess there will be no non cast as it wasn't a not-podcast anyway...

  158. There will be a noncast. We've just been having a ridiculously crazy week and haven't had the minimum three hours it will take to get through an hour long tea thing available.

  159. This comment has been removed by the author.

  160. Noncast: TEAL's Vision for the Future pt 1

    In the most recent tealess tea thing, teal and Sarbdeep discussed the "Future of Medicine" with Dr. Cagua-Koo and Dr. Lenore Saulsberry. These two doctors have a more holistic view of health. They are not big on pharmaceuticals. They're very supportive of food as medicine. Needless to say, I found much to agree with in what they were saying, with some exceptions to be discussed.

    For the most part it was a tame outing. There were some teal eruptions but she was fairly restrained, you know, for teal.

    What strikes me, though, is the wording. The "future of medicine." It sounds more visionary than it turned out to be. We'd all like to think that the trend towards a more holistic, client-centered medicine will continue and expand. I don't know. I guess I was expecting something really new and cutting edge. The closest to that was a very hard to follow explanation of DNA methylation. I'm still not sure how exactly Dr. Cagua-Koo is addressing this in practical terms, but it seems pretty central to his approach. He focuses on nutrition, toxicology, and genomics.

    I guess I'm wondering about the tea title because of something else I saw recently regarding teal's vision of the future. In this interview she explains her plans for the role of her non-profit and they're just a tad megalomaniacal. The rest of the interview can be found here and this part of the conversation begins around an hour and twenty minutes in.

    She believes, and I largely agree, that corporations are running world governments at  this point. This is something I frequently refer to as corporatocracy. But she concludes not that this corporate take-over should be fought and stopped, but that she should take a page from the corporatocrat's book. At no point does she talk about a return to democracy -- a government of, by, and for the people. She's taking a more if you can't beat 'em join 'em approach. Her non-profit will become wealthy enough by investing in new technologies that it can buy countries. I'm going to say that again. She intends to BUY COUNTRIES through her non-profit, then create new societies.

    She would like to see our existing government dissolved. She would like to implement a range of changes such as we've discussed previously on this blog, like recreating the prison system. She wants to implement changes in "how we raise children," as if it should be up to her how families raise their children. The language is interesting. She doesn't say "we." She says "I." As in, "I want to implement changes."

    Pharmaceutical companies, for instance, spend major coin to make more and more vaccinations mandatory. She will stop that kind of thing by throwing around enough ka-ching to persuade governments to say no instead of yes to vaccines. Says teal, "I'm playing the same game that they're playing, but I win."

    I, I, I...

    Leaving aside that she has a child's grasp of how both corporations and governments actually work -- and by child I mean one who lived in a secluded log cabin in Utah and had to rely on a Mormon Satanist abuser for much of her knowledge of the world -- let's imagine for a moment what such a tealtopia might look like. One hopes that in her newly acquired countries she might at least be a benevolent dictator. Considering what's been happening on Teal Tribe over the past week, I'm not optimistic.

  161. Noncast: TEAL's Vision for the Future pt 2

    As discussed upthread, they had their own little Night of the Long Knives when a member dared to ask some of the questions raised on this blog. A number of members were banned. One was even banned for a post he made in December of last year taking tealers to task for their harassment of this video-blogger. As I mentioned in the last noncast, this woman even had her life threatened. This Teal Tribe member thought tealers should show more decorum than that. When the knives came out last week, another Tribe member resurrected the thread and gave it to Sarbdeep, who banned the member with little explanation and no opportunity for redress. Would such McCarthyesque weirdness characterize a tealtopia?

    In a recent post, which someone was good enough to send me, teal did her best to tamp out the flame by putting a rosy face on censorship and banishing. The screenshot can be found in three parts here, here, and here. To be fair, all online communities censor. Many disallow things like: pornography, hate speech, spam, and the publication of private data. And many online communities have various methods of dealing with trollery. It's not about the fact of censorship as much as it is about what is being censored. I also, quite frankly, don't see a problem with designating a group as an emotional safe-space, in which certain reasonable limits are in place. But I think teal is being disingenuous when she says:

    "I am going to tell you personally that you will not be censored in this group unless you are being outright antagonistic or outright abusive. All else goes. Question everything... including me."

    Questioning teal and Blake is precisely why many were banned. They were banned and threads were deleted because people tried to get answers to questions I have raised on my blog. But I have been deemed "anti-teal" and nothing to do with me or my blog is allowed on Teal Tribe. Period. Sarbdeep has made that much abundantly clear.

    No doubt things got a little heated in some of these threads and members got into some conflict. No doubt some got their feelings hurt in the process. Some of the banned members, for instance. But this attempt to make it all about protecting the feelings of anyone but teal do not ring true.

    "As far as self-love is concerned, I would hope that if someone walked into your house and started telling you that you were a fraud and a liar and only cared about money and couldnʼt be trusted... that you would censor that activity in your own home. That person fails to recognize oneness and has taken up a stance AGAINST you (it is not a constructive debate) and so, the mental construct of separate selves and boundaries are now the reality you are operating in."

    For the record, I have never called teal a fraud or a liar. Never. Not once. I have simply noted a number of discrepancies in her narrative and CV that raise questions about her veracity. Similarly, I have noted where her language points to an excessively pecuniary interest, but I have never, ever said that she only cares about money.

  162. Noncast: TEAL's Vision for the Future pt 3

    More troubling is the way she labels anyone who questions or dislikes her as counter-spiritual. We don't fail to recognize oneness when we criticize other people anymore than we fail to recognize oneness when we eject people from our homes. I mean, you can see the double-standard there, right?

    A merry discussion ensued in which teal and her tealers tried to explain to themselves and each other how this censorship policy wasn't "resistance." One brave soul raised the question. Sarbdeep wandered way off script again by suggesting that resistance might not be such a bad thing and that maybe, just maybe, resisting the Nazis was a good idea. (Ya think?!) And teal explained that as long as you've addressed the inner issue, you can remove the offending party and not be in resistance. Of course this would also insulate you from any further lessons and insights they might provide. Mightn't you just be resisting that? It seems odd coming from the woman who's all about drudging up past trauma in the name of doing shadow work. Never mind that according to her own teaching -- and mine -- if you've really come complete with the issue that's bringing you face to face with that smoky mirror, the problem should resolve itself for both you and that antagonist.

    That said, I actually agree that if someone is really trolling and being abusive, there should be a process to evaluate the situation and possibly remove them. The thing is, that's not why people were banned. They were banned for participating in a conversation -- in some cases only peripherally -- about certain discrepancies, such as why on earth Blake Dyer and Jason Freedman have the same phone number.

    Questions about finances were also raised. As discussed upthread, Blake announced that he would post the figures but then never did. For her part, teal seems mystified that it would even come up. Why oh why would people want to know about anything other than the non-profit that will some day, in the indeterminate future, be up and running and available for scrutiny? Why would they want to know about her grocery bill? Gosh, I don't know. Maybe because they want to know what happened to the money they donated for things like the billboard campaign and other altruistic projects before she changed her mind and that it's not being used to buy groceries.

    It was suggested that perhaps some people might be feeling used if it seemed like teal was living in a lot of luxury. (Like a televangelist, maybe?) Another poster helpfully pointed out that teal's home furnishings and clothes are pretty shabby, actually. But teal felt that the whole idea was risible. People can't possibly be used if they are spending their money as they please. No one is forcing them to give their money to teal. Besides, she provides a lot of free content.

  163. Noncast: TEAL's Vision for the Future pt 4

    Fair enough, but let me suggest a counter-example. As discussed here, here, here, and here, at least two lawsuits have been brought against the Rhode Island chapter of the Legionaries of Christ. They have been brought by descendents of elderly people who donated their fortunes to the Legion in order to join Regnum Christi, a lay monastic order. There is no question that the people in question wanted to do this and may have deeply enjoyed spending their final years in the peace of a monastic life. Their descendents argue, however, that if they had known about the flagrant abuses of Rev. Marcial Maciel Degollado, they would not have donated their fortunes to his organization. Similar things can be said about many people who have donated money to Catholic churches and organizations only to regret it upon learning about priestly abuse and the cover-ups the Church has engaged in. I think the concern being expressed on Teal Tribe had less to do with how much money teal was making and more to do with their questions about the integrity and accountability of an organization that they have invested their belief as well as their money into.

    In general, from what I saw of the Teal Tribe melee, there's a lot of overstatement about the reasons they have deleted threads, comments, and members. Granted, I've only seen what's been sent to me, and of course nothing could be sent to me that was deleted before screenshots could be taken. But I've also had some communication with people on Facebook who were censored and banned, thanks to a new Facebook group called Teal Tribe Truthers, the admin of which was kind enough to let me join. I just don't think the reason is that they were abusive. I think the problem is that they asked uncomfortable questions. For instance, the person who was deleted for an 8 month old post, was that because he expressed his disgust for the way tealers were treating another human being or because he was talking about another of teal's critics?

    Let's face facts -- teal doesn't take criticism well. And I'm sorry, but you cannot pursue fame and not pick up a few critics along the way. Not everyone is going to love what you do. And the response from her and her camp is to argue a lot of straw men and even to accuse people of "slander." Criticism, questions, and scrutiny, are not defamation. Opinion is not defamation. Defamation is when someone bears false witness -- makes an assertion of fact that is not, in fact, true. As I said above, the only such assertion I've seen is when Sarbdeep claimed that I was taking payola to write about teal and/or paying still other people to "attack" her. That's a false assertion for which he did not and could not provide a stitch of evidence. That is defamation and it may be actionable.

  164. Noncast: TEAL's Vision for the Future pt 5

    If teal starts buying up countries and creating new societies, would Teal Tribe standards be the norm? On the one hand, I'd like to say that a web community is different from a real-world society and different rules would probably apply, but if history is any guide, without some kind of well-established protections and a democratic process, tyranny is the inevitable result. The next thing you know everyone's speaking Swedish and wearing their underwear on the outside. Having someone as thin-skinned as teal at the helm of any community does not exactly fill me with optimism for something I know I value dearly: free speech. I know I sure as hell wouldn't want to be part of any society where the leadership conflates criticism with defamation.

    A recent blog post was, if anything, more chilling because of statements like this.

    "Humans fear being cast out more than they fear anything. They fear it enough to not ask questions.

    "This is why cults manage to recruit the members that they do. Cults promise both significance and connection. They offer people a place to belong and people to belong with. For people who lack a sense of connection and belonging and significance, those things are worth anything."

    That she would write this days after casting a lot of people out of Teal Tribe for asking questions is... um... disturbing.

    The entire post is peculiar. Now, says the homeowner, all ownership of property is bad. Except for the entire countries she wants to buy? I don't understand. What's also funny about this is that she seems to think the necessary preventive to cults like Jonestown is creating intentional communities. Doesn't she know that Jonestown was an intentional community? Doesn't she know that this is exactly how these cults start?

    So, I have to say that teal's vision for the future makes me a little nervous.

    The doctors she and Sarbdeep had over for no tea were less frightening, if also a little pie in the sky. For instance, when asked about what constructive things people could do to address toxicity, Dr. Saulsberry recommended a lot of things that many people, by her own admission, can't afford or don't have access to: good air and water purification, organic produce, and pastured, free range protein sources. And of course, even with all that, there is so much environmental toxicity that it's impossible to insulate yourself from it.

    I did find it funny, though, that both of these doctors talked a lot about meat in the diet and did not appear to be major fans of vegetarian and vegan diets. They were both concerned about people getting adequate protein. Dr. Kagua-Coo was driving my vegetarian husband half 'round the twist with erroneous information. He talked about combining sources to get complete protein, something that has been debunked. But I addressed that in the noncast on veganism. He also recommended sardines because they're small and inoffensive. Never recommend fish to a die-hard vegetarian. I thought my husband was gonna have a stroke.

  165. Noncast: TEAL's Vision for the Future pt 6

    Dr. Saulsberry talked a lot about how to get good quality meats and explained that she does not tolerate chicken very well, but that pork was great for her body. It was worth it just for the look on teal's face. That said, she was overall doing a good job of listening and nodding and not staring off into space too much.

    She did, though, do that thing that she does with guests: rattle like an auctioneer on speed whenever she got the mic. There were a couple of really spectacular wordscapes. The first starts around the 7:00 minute mark when she asks for both of their opinions, but then launches into a multiply tangential diatribe for several minutes before actually letting them speak.

    For the most part, teal was on her best behavior even when she was visibly uncomfortable with things they were saying, like about meat.

    Needless to say, I was very much in agreement with these doctors about vegetarian diets working well for some people who are already in good health, but by no means as a universal solution. They both seemed committed to working with patients who are vegetarian for ideological reasons but they were very aware of the challenges of a vegetarian diet and of the important role of animal protein in maintaining health for many people.

    There were other things I did not agree with. Dr. Saulsberry seemed very LOA oriented, albeit from a very Christian perspective. Where it really got strange was when she talked about the weight of the soul. This is a canard and it was very odd to hear coming out of the mouth of a medical doctor.

    I also found it odd that teal would ask them to talk about how to get people off of psychiatric medications. They're not psychiatrists. As stated, I'm not a fan of psychiatric drugs, either, in most cases, and I do believe that addressing a number of physical issues can profoundly effect the psyche, but they're still not psychiatrists. And mental health is not always as simple as addressing environment and nutrition.

    That said, the most cringe inducing moment came when they were talking about vaccines. These doctors are not pro-vaccine, but they know that's controversial. Not so, this audience, says teal.

    "Well, chances are the people watching will be fine because I'm so supremely anti-vaccine that it's kind of insane."

    Okay, so it's a little presumptuous to speak for her audience. I don't know. Maybe she's just saying her many, many fans are used to hearing it because they've heard it all before from her. But it's a little creepy to hear just how militantly anti-vaccine she is, given that she plans to BUY COUNTRIES and determine things like vaccine policy.

    "I'm playing the same game that they're playing, but I win." ~ TEAL

  166. You poor, bored chicks should take a pottery class

  167. You know, I tried my hand at pottery many years ago. I don't have the knack. My sister's a potter. A very good one.

    Anyway, not bored. Wish I was bored. Crazy busy these days, actually. Not as much time on my hands to blog as I'd like. The ideas are piling up and I don't know where to put them all.

  168. The reason why people show and interest for Teal Eye bank statements is, because Teal put it in their minds in the first place.

    1.In her now deleted "Teal eye video" as she was saying that any kind of income made by Teal eye will be visible to the public. She also stated specifically that especially income from workshops will go straight into this account. Now: this was before she changed her mind. However - the idea was planted as part of being perceived as open and trustful.

    2. Teal is throwing out workshops now and people wonder, considering that the ticket prices are around the $100 mark….

    3. She stated many times during the 100s of radio and Skype interviews that Teal Eye will be run as transparent as possible. If I have the time, I will find them and put link here.

    Now people call her out on HER original idea and she portraits this request as "what's wrong with you people". I personally are not interested in her bank statements but to turn it around as she does…is wired. Not to forget that even SArbdeep challenged her during one of their non-podcasts to publish the bank statements as proof of her authenticity concept….

    4. Many people lost trust in Teall (including myself) after "changing her mind" and after the disappearing from the billboard campaign money because of a booboo by someone… I think it is very fragile if you put out such bold statements and visions and then don't keep up with them.

    Teal deserves any penny she makes as people are willingly giving her the bugs for "something" - I get this, yeah . But she pissed me off with the whole billboard thingy (of course it was Blakes fault…- whatever they say… I don't care) …they never showed any accounts in this regard as well.

    5. the plan is to beat corruption…. so corruption will be also a worry in regards to her. It is the essence of the problem she wants to take on but will also have to fight the worries of others that she is or will turn corrupt. It is a natural part of the whole thing ( : I am laughing why her team and herself is so surprised about it.

    YOu pointed out a lot of worries in regards to Teal's concept and vision for de future. I don't get her whole concept… not my cup of tea but i also don't have a better suggestion how to crack up the system. For some reason I see a beehive queen called Teal in the centre of the community village … I not like. Thanks. ( :


    On a side note: Independent of my relationship to Teal and my thoughts about her approach… I would love to have a photoshooting with her. I just saw the latest fb uploads…. and her career model images of de past…. which are not high quality. The photographer in me is talking right now. We would rock together ( :

    Hi Lowell Hein: what a boring boring idea.

  169. I forgot point no 5)

    the last time when teal was talking to the public about her finances, was the day she needed money for a water boiler or so...she had nothing and that was also the time frame when she added the "self loving" donation button. I bet a tone of people donated there. I think it was around the time mark when she changed her mind (can't fully remember). SO. People also wonder if she is doing fine now...This thing is playing tricks with your mind. Once you have the picture of sb that he she is helpless and needs support and then you experience an upgrade of income (based on counting the numbers of her mass workshops together) ....you just wonder.There was never a public "announcement" that she is doing just fine now and can buy 10 waterboilers if she likes to. Get my point????


    in regards to the TON OF FREE MATERIAL. Let me tell you. The youtube channell is not FREE ok?! Teal doesn't do a weekly video with high gloss finishing every week for free. She gets paid well from youtube which is rewarding her 4 year business plan now....


    obviously she is not charging YOU directly but she is also not doing it for free ok. She just has a good long term vision which is a crucial part of every entrepreneur of the spiritual realm market and any other market you can think of.

    The other reason for the free youtube series is this: it was a CRUCIAL marketing tool to collect people on the way for her future villages in the new born country and to get her name out there...very well with the support of some skin and common new age themes and dedication. If she would have taken a membership fee from the beginning...it wouldn't have worked. She probably could do it now ...to switch to the membership thingy...enough people are addicted and hooked on her to hear her answers to all their problems. But I doubt that she will do the switch as she reaches more people by free access and the business plan states clearly that the money will be earned with the workshops! and not with the marketing youtube series or the book(s). Everybody who ever published knows that it is hard to make a good income with the books...they real money comes with the workshops for people who read the books . i just would like to clarify that the free youtube material is a crucial part for her career and business model and not really a generous free favor to the public.

    hahhaha sorry I just remembered the perks for her indigo billboard campaign. This was sooo wired. How came up with this price???

    Personal Session at your house
    Teal or Andrew come to your house for a personal session. Vibrational Art Pendant.


  170. Last but not least I would like to wish Miss Swan all the best for her future visions and I wonder why she never used the approach which she originally suggest by circling and chanting for a confused member instead of blocking or deleting him or her. I wonder which version will be applied in the real world as there will be always people who will disagree and questioning her. No prisions in her new country- so how to you block or delete a real person who is voicing doubt and concern towards her vision. .... I wrote this example because I really really really don't get her vision. And I also don't get this thought: "I'm playing the same game that they're playing, but I win." ~ TEAL

    I always hated games where there is a winner and a loser and loved the games where a group is playing together just for fun and without rating systems. .... I hate football as well. I find it heart breaking to see such a contrast of emotions in the fans of the winning and losing team.....well although we won the world cup...:D

  171. Wait. Hold the phone....

    Those were the perks? Then can somebody explain to me how the cost of the perks ate up all the donations so that there was nothing left to spend on billboards? Wasn't that what she claimed? That the perks were too extravagant and took too big a bite? I don't have time to run the numbers right now, but back of the envelope, that makes no fucking sense. Never mind that those figures should be transparent. She should show what was received and what went out in perks, and what was left. To my knowledge, she never did. I mean a lot of those were services, not products and the products can't cost that much.

  172. all perks which were used ....were product perks...I did a calculation a while ago in the comment section of one of your articles but are too lazy to find it. This 10.000 crazy ass perk was never chosen... I just remember that by the end of my calculation....the prromised product cost were low and the rest was online files ... but this was not my point as we discussed this a while ago. I was just rememberring the crazy ass number of 10.000 for a personal session... which is a bit out there :D i found it amusing.

  173. What about all the service perks, like readings w/ her and Bartzis?

  174. Omg...
    How weird of the coincidence is this?? I just came back from a whole day tour in Crete....which included a visit to Psychro village famous for its pottery masters, and we went to one and after an amazing demo had a chance to try ourselves! Was lots of fun, definitely not boring! I got a souvenir with a minoan theme painted on. Add to this an excursion to Knossos and to the cave where Zeus was born and then a boat ride and a local style bbq on the beach...(need to figure out how to share some pix with just you, girls). Ok, I might be poorer after this trip...and a bit bored now sitting in my room covered in aloe gel (too much sun). But here comes a new non-cast to the rescue!

    I like Crete way more than Cyprus btw. Too bad I'm only here for a few days.

  175. haha, see my new profile pic- three pottery chix. LaVaughn, are you the one in the middle?? lol

  176. Ok, since LV mentioned the latest blog entry on OWNership, I went and started reading...and I'm not sure if my brain is over heated by now or smth...but I can't make it past the first paragraph without my mind having a serious problem making sense of something like this:

    "The clicking sound of my black high heels bounced against the walls of the buildings lining the main street of Park City this morning...The town was sleepy, as usual at that time of day...The sound of hammering and drilling on a construction site nearby softly floated in with the pale yellow sunlight."

    So was the town really still sleepy or was it busy with the delivery trucks revving up "releasing the angry hiss of their hydraulics", and with construction fully started already? And how the heck the sound of hammering and drilling can float "softly"??

  177. Elena, my husband the same problem. He read those sentences over and over and was just like the WTF? There just aren't enough hours in the day to deal with how a bad a writer she is.

    And Crete!!!! I'm so jealous. How marvelous.

    To share pics, you can just open up a photobucket and set a folder to public. That's how I do it. It's FREEEEEEE!

  178. Thanks as always LV for your efforts. i didn't care this week about the saga. But I do care about your commentary and the latest blog was one that after walking with teal's high heeled self for a paragraph was over-ruled forever by a momentary phone call.....

    I always considered myself the world's most avid reader of bad writing that lures me like a moth to tar to write equally as well....

    Teal's purple prose engorged my eyes like a soft reddening stye and my thickened lips were smeared with a chartreuse balm that was like the green of an aloe path. Was the sun that I had been too sleepy to awaken from or is it the haunting reverie of my computer's screen as I compulsively eat the words that like potato chips hit me.

  179. "What about all the service perks, like readings w/ her and Bartzis?"

    Well very creative service perks for sure but nobody cared enough I guess.

    After reading your comments on her latest blog I gave it a go. The headline OWN just reminded me of my traumata INOWN...but I overcame it with a quicky of some shadow work. After reading the first sentence ....

    "The clicking sound of my black high heels bounced against the walls of the buildings lining the main street of Park City this morning...The town was sleepy, as usual at that time of day...The sound of hammering and drilling....

    ...all that came into my mind was "The walk of shame" and "memories of last night". Gosh... I own my dirty mind.

    Maggie hahahahah

  180. baeutiful


  181. Really beautiful, GA. I'm just in awe of people who can throw. I just don't have it.

  182. I just got aware of this group www.tealtruth.com and saw the attached youtube channel.


    In this video, she is explaining why her abuser is "untouchable" and the points she is giving are correct. I just wonder - the parents were witnesses to many physical harm Teal had to endure..I remember she saying that she came back from a "camping trip" wit him with 2 broken arms.... ( I think fallon was saying this) so the parents must have been involved in the whole interview process to collect data and evidence. The truly visible scars on her body from chaining her , the proof that she can give full description of the house of her abuser, her knowledge about all the chemicals which were used on her, her kowledge how he "organized" dead bodies etc....there must be a way to proof that this local vet was harming her. Considering the profile of him which she was describing...he is doing it probably to this day to other girls who are too scared to speak out. Although I totally get the point how messed up the system is in regards to proof collection....and that her hands are tied in a way...what about the inner urge to stop people like him doing it to other people

    My abuser got caught because my parents took great action. It turned out that he had rapped at least 5 other girls under 7. I remember flooding my parents with questions about the result of his process as I wanted to make sure that he can never ever again trick another girl into the dark cellar. He ended up in the GDR Jugendwerkhof which was also a dark place and I am sure that no improvement was done to him there. However, use it against me if you like ... but I would have a choice I would rather stop somebody harming young children than letting him run around and projecting his confusion and pain on other people. THe whole LAO is fucked up in this way by stating that a young girl created this shit or attracted it. Truly FUCKED UP. And I am not talking from a place of anger but great clarity as this experience is not harming to me anymore after a lot of facing and work on it. But I am still very emotional about people who know and not do ANYTHING. I don't understand.

  183. on a side note:
    this lemmin- icebucketchallenge is scary for 3 reasons:

    1. idiotic social media flooding

    2. the "oh it's for charity-virus" without any further research what kind of approach this charity carries (aka the unknown Cancer "research" - do they use the money to create a more fierce chemotherapy or is it used to actually find the many ways which embrace the cancer as a communication signal and clever survival strategy of your body and to address the wrong choices of diet, beauty poisoning and co...

    3. did anybody EVER consider that it is not smart to shock your brain with ice water...??

    What's going on?

  184. I have thus far managed to remain all but completely ignorant about the ice bucket thing. I intend to keep it that way.

  185. LV: What ice bucket challenge?

  186. Ice.... whaaaahh? I'm sorry, GA. I have no idea what you're talking about.

  187. you seem very obsessed with this woman. i wonder if she has ever given you a moment's notice. how sad for you. why don't you just tune her out? we all have access to google... and can certainly make up our own minds.

  188. This is another good round-up of cult features, focusing on the leaders. Not that the writer includes Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh in his list of dangerous cult leaders. As we know, teal is a fan of "Osho."

    Some of this sounds a little familiar to me:

    "If you know of a cult leader who has many of these traits there is a high probability that they are hurting those around them emotionally, psychologically, physically, spiritually, or financially. And of course this does not take into account the hurt that their loved ones will also experience."

    * He has a grandiose idea of who he is and what he can achieve.
    * Is preoccupied with fantasies of unlimited success, power, or brilliance.
    * Requires excessive admiration from followers and outsiders.
    * Has a sense of entitlement - expecting to be treated special at all times.
    *Is arrogant and haughty in his behavior or attitude.
    * Is hypersensitive to how he is seen or perceived by others.
    * Publicly devalues others as being inferior, incapable, or not worthy.
    * Makes members confess their sins or faults publicly subjecting them to ridicule or humiliation while revealing exploitable weaknesses of the penitent.
    * Is frequently boastful of accomplishments.
    * Needs to be the center of attention and does things to distract others to insure that he or she is being noticed by arriving late, using exotic clothing, overdramatic speech, or by making theatrical entrances.
    * Doesn’t seem to listen well to needs of others, communication is usually one-way in the form of dictates.
    * Haughtiness, grandiosity, and the need to be controlling is part of his personality.
    * Anyone who criticizes or questions him is called an “enemy.”
    * Has “magical” answers or solutions to problems.
    * Is constantly assessing for those who are a threat or those who revere him.
    * The word “I” dominates his conversations. He is oblivious to how often he references himself.
    * Doesn’t seem to feel guilty for anything he has done wrong nor does he apologize for his actions.
    * Believes he possesses the answers and solutions to world problems.
    * Believes himself to be a deity or a chosen representative of a deity.
    * Has stated that he is “destined for greatness” or that he will be “martyred.”
    * Seems to be highly dependent of tribute and adoration and will often fish for compliments.
    * Uses enforcers or sycophants to insure compliance from members or believers.
    * Doesn’t think there is anything wrong with himself – in fact sees himself as perfection or “blessed.”

  189. I think someone shared one of this woman's videos on here a while ago: Leija Turunun. It sounds like she's in a really different place.


  190. Noncast: What Dreams May Come pt 1

    In the most recent teacast, teal and Sarbdeep set out to talk about the topic of dreams and, once again, the man who has been on a spiritual quest for years and done many Ayahuasca journeys has nothing valuable to offer. He's just there to interview the cosmic answer lady.

    Add dreaming to the list of things that teal understands in absolute terms that few if any psychologists, philosophers, and metaphysical people, would ever state so rigidly. The certitude with which this woman approaches every topic and idea is something I find increasingly disturbing. She just knows everything.

    This one also starts with something of a disclaimer. Sarbdeep would like to leave all that science-y stuff out of it. Use the google, people. We're here to learn about teal's ideas about dreaming. Period.

    Her thinking is like her art -- jagged, fractured, and overwhelming. Everything is always coming apart, rather than merging into unity. We "withdraw" from our bodies in sleep, we "split" our consciousness. And source is something we need to go up through many dimensional layers to touch. How many dimensional layers? Well, she seems to have picked up another one since her teacast on death. Then "source" was somewhere above the eleventh. Here, she's added a twelfth layer in her dimensional "layer cake." I don't know. Is that exactly where we find this elusive "source?"

    Oneness may be the ultimate reality for her, and she gives it some lip service, but everything she describes is not only dualistic abut aggressively separate. And, yes, I do understand the difficulty and paradoxical nature of describing oneness from within this illusion of duality. But continually talking about source as if it's way out there somewhere is not helpful.

    It is also not helpful to talk about dimensions as if they're in layers. We call this the third dimension because that's what we see -- three dimensions. When we look at an object in front of us, we see three angles. If we lived in second dimensional space, everything would appear flat. So when teal says the fourth dimension is pretty much like this one and is a kind of blueprint for this one, I don't know what to do with that. We can't actually represent fourth dimensional space in third dimensional space. We can only approximate it as we do with the hypercube, aka., tesseract. (For more on that, see my post on Doctor Who.) Higher dimensional levels are theoretical and unify time with space into spacetime. To talk about eleven is fairly common and probably comes from the mathematics of M-theory. I've simply never heard of a conceptual twelfth dimension before. I know. I know. No science-y stuff. We're just talking about teal's ideas today and if teal says there's a twelfth dimension then there's bloody well a twelfth dimension. She knows everything, I tells ya. EVERYTHING!

    -- to be cont'd --

  191. Noncast: What Dreams May Come pt 2

    According to teal, our dreams are in the fifth and sixth dimension. Most people put the dreamtime in the fourth, but whatever. What's really odd about this, though, is that later on in the teacast she says  that our waking thoughts are also in the fifth and sixth dimension. It's particularly weird because she says we have to "withdraw" from the body to get into these dimensions which we do in the "nonresistance" of sleep. To withdraw from 3D reality when we're walking down the street and thinking sounds downright dangerous.

    She also says we can't see our thoughts, which is completely untrue. Some people think more visually than others but to have pictures in our heads as we're thinking about things is a pretty normal state of affairs. But teal says no and that "we" call those waking thoughts the fifth and sixth dimension. Who the fuck is "we," we ask ourselves for the hundredth time or so.

    Her concept of lucid dreaming is also novel. She conflates lucid dreaming with astral travel repeatedly. Of course many people who do lucid dreaming don't even believe in astral travel and you don't really need to. Nor do you have to believe in oneness or "touching source" in the twelfth dimension. Lucid dreaming means being aware in the dream state, period. It sometimes involves being able to direct the dreams. Many people can do it. Anyone interested can learn to do it. Here, I will plug my old author Keith Harary because he's a great guy and organized a very workable process. He also did a great one on out of body travel, something with which he is very experienced. Russell Targ is another great source on OBEs and I've posted one of his talks here.

    I guess what I'm saying is that there are much better and far more knowledgeable sources of information on these phenomena. Some of it gets a little science-y, though, so I don't know how Sarbs would feel about that. Her descriptions of these things don't comport with much that I can think of either in the scientific study of consciousness -- including the contentious work around non-local consciousness -- or even with much of the new agey stuff with which I'm more familiar. And frankly, she looked nervous and fidgety to us when Sarbdeep pressed her to define some of these concepts. She'd like to write a book about these dimensions and everything because, you know, otherwise we'll be here all day. This just sounded like a dodge to us.

    She also did that thing she so typically does of getting more dogmatic than ever on the very things one should be least dogmatic about. What is sleep paralysis? Why do so many people who experience it see shadowy, terrifying figures when it happens? It's just that some people have trouble on the re-entry into the third dimension, says teal. Those shadowy figures are nothing. Pffft...

    And just as I was thinking to myself, she's giving a lot of blanket answers to things that have very individualized experiences and causes, she spits out one of her typical blanket assertions. People who have sleep paralysis are people who have felt imprisoned.

    "Without fail, every single time."

    -- to be cont'd --

  192. Noncast: What Dreams May Come pt 3

    Sleep paralysis is actually a fairly complicated issue and highly varied in its occurrence. There could be any number of reasons. Blanket statements about something that complex help no one. But blanket statements are teal's stock in trade. The more complicated and harder to explain an idea is, the more certitude she'll express.

    As is so typically the case with these things, it got crazier as it went along. This is something my husband has termed "teal's inversion."

    "As the amount of time remaining for teal to talk batshit craziness decreases, her relative level/amount of batshit craziness increases exponentially."

    Where it really started to go off the rails for us had to do with her conflation of the subconscious and unconscious mind with each other and with the shadow. 

    "All the subconscious is is the unacceptable parts of the self," explains teal. This is, like so many of her explanations, novel. Let's compare that to more commonly accepted psychological theory.

    "In psychology, the subconscious is the part of consciousness that is not currently in focal awareness. The word subconscious is an anglicized version of the French subconscient as coined by the psychologist Pierre Janet, who argued that underneath the layers of critical thought functions of the conscious mind lay a powerful awareness that he called the subconscious mind.[1] Because there is a limit to the information that can be held in conscious focal awareness, a storehouse of one's knowledge and prior experience is needed; this is the subconscious.[2] "

    I know, I know, there I go with the science-y stuff again, but there really is a larger concern here. This is of a piece with her ridiculous idea that normal infantile amnesia -- the fact that we don't remember much from our preverbal years -- is the same thing as suppressed memory. 

    What becomes more and more concerning about this trend is that she's pathologizing very normal behaviors and thought processes. It's more of her everyone is fractured and traumatized, even if their families were normal, thing. The implication is that they need her methods of shadow and inner child work -- which also don't comport with anyone else's definitions of these things. At one point Sarbdeep even says, "Everything goes back to shadow work. Everything goes back to inner child work."

    "It does. I really wish I could beat around the bush and say no, but it does... Because as long as we're split like that, we don't have full consciousness," says teal. (That she is, in the same teacast, telling people that astral travel is splitting the consciousness so it can go to different places just makes it even crazier.)

    If you have a subconscious and unconscious mind, it's because of all your repressed stuff that you don't want to deal with and you need to dig it all up so that you access source the way she does. That's the gist. And it's horrifying.

    -- to be cont'd --

  193. Noncast: What Dreams May Come pt 4

    If you couldn't roll over in your crib as an infant, and no infant can because the gross motor skills aren't there yet, or you had to get your own juice as a toddler, you have PTS. Then she directs people to unearth trauma, both real and the juice-getting variety, without offering the skill or credentials to assist people through that trauma. The potential for psychological and emotional damage are really very high.

    As I was discussing with someone recently, someone who actually is a psych professional, the implications of teal's rift creation between her followers and their families is deeply concerning. She is, once again, fostering dependency. I mean, look at this and remind me again how this is not becoming a cult.

    But again, according to the dictates of teal's inversion, it got even scarier. According to teal, she goes to people in their dreams. This, in and of itself, is not that unusual. I actually believe in the astral plane and know that I have interaction with friends, family, and yes, clients, on the astral. Some have told me I was helpful to them. Glad to hear it. But teal's explanation is... um... wow...

    According to teal, if you've seen her in a dream and she was helping you, it's because she was really there helping you. If you had a negative interaction with her, it wasn't her. It was really your projection of your parents onto your, get this, "new authority figure" or "maternal aspect" which is teal.

    How much is wrong with that explanation. If it's a positive interaction, it's really teal. If it's negative, it's your parents. She's your new "authority figure." Jesus H. Christ.

    "We've got cloth mommy, wire mommy, and fucking batshit crazy mommy. I'd rather hang out with wire mommy." ~ J (see: Harry Harlow)

    She also does more of her "work" out of body than in it, "by far." She's bloody Santa Claus all year 'round. She's off helping people do all kinds of things and most of it is completely unverifiable.

    Her "favorite" thing to do is go to the scene of accidents -- but only when she's out of body. In this dimension, I guess it's too yucky.

    You know when people have near death experiences and see the white light and they encounter a being who counsels them through the choice between life and death? Turns out that's teal. She's one of those so very illumed beings that she can do that.

    Yes. It's finally happened: teal's ego has broken the light barrier.

    She also makes the erroneous claim that everyone who goes through a near death experience comes out of it awakened. Not to get too science-y, but there's actually quite a range of experience that falls into the category of near death. Some people see nothing. Some see hell-scapes. Again the wiki provides a good overview to get you started on some of the data that's been collected on near-death experiences.

    I don't know. Maybe when angel teal goes to counsel the near-dead, she only gets assigned to the good cases.

    So, we've reached a whole new level of self-aggrandizement. My concerns about something very cult-like have also just taken a quantum leap. If you haven't looked yet at that Psychology Today article on toxic cult leaders, please do.

    On the plus side, I really liked her blouse.

  194. I am in the middle of the move and didn't even watch the podcast. I find myself inspired and participating by reading and reflecting on your non-cast a lot. Thanks for that LV!

    Teal is a funny creature and should follow S. advice to take some acting classes. It would be an excellent place for her and her "IDEAS". So true...what a great choice of word.

    Just had a quick look - nice blouse indeed. ( : What a strange statement of Sarbdepp to google the other stuff....really strange. Yes disclaimer alarm... i guess he talked to a solicitor. I also noticed that she says more often "my personal opinion is....dadada" in her askT. series, lately.

    You know...Teal sounds amazing to people who are too lazy to think and question her stuff because they totally accept and adore the concept that T is a superior all knowing savior. After watching an "askTEAL" video, everybody should watch an "askMYSELF" video in your head.... don't get too excited about dressed up sentences, make up concepts and some flash ideas.

    I just remembered this fairy tale
    The Wishing-Table, the Gold-Ass, and the Cudgel in the Sack :D

    the cult comment image....hhaaha Papa Sarbs and Mama Teal. I remembered my phase when I was studying UG Krishnamurti....he always said : feck off, don't fucking follow me, I have nothing to teach, now stop asking all these stupid questions and feck off... haahah what a contrast.


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