Sep 24, 2013


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"Why Shamanism Now?" with Christina Pratt

What is intimacy with Spirit?

True shamanic trance states, those that actually clear the control of the small self, require intimacy with spirit. "Intimacy grows with contact," explains host and shaman, Christina Pratt. "Intimacy is an embodied experience, not a virtual one. Your capacity for intimacy with anything-spirit, technology, a lover-begins in the cultivation of true intimacy with yourself, not the self you envision, but the self that you are in this moment." This week we explore intimacy, radical acceptance, and how to cultivate the intimacy with spirit required for deep shamanic currents to move through your life and bring miracles to even the most basic, beginning journeyer.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013 at 11:00 AM Pacific

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Encounters With Flying Humanoids & Zombie Nation

Ken Gerhard
Encounters With Flying Humanoids
Ken Gerhard is an accomplished cryptozoologist and field researcher for The Centre for Fortean Zoology and The Gulf Coast Bigfoot Research Organization , as well as a fellow of the Pangea Institute . He has investigated reports of monsters and mysterious beasts all over the world including Bigfoot, the Loch Ness Monster, the Chupacabra, winged creatures and even werewolves. Ken is author of the books Big Bird: Modern Sightings of Flying Monsters and Monsters of Texas and his new book Encounters with Flying Humanoids: Mothman, Manbirds, Gargoyles & Other Winged Beasts. More ...

E. R. Vernor - Corvis Nocturnu
Zombie Nation
Occult researcher and Gothic fantasy artist E. R. Vernor, best known to his fans under the pen name Corvis Nocturnum, has owned an occult shop for several years while he maintained office as the Vice President of the Fort Wayne Pagan Alliance, a faith tolerance organization and acted as Vendor Director/Coordinator for Pagan Pride Day in Fort Wayne, Indiana.  More ...

Thursday From 7-9pm CST ~ 09/26/13

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