Apr 9, 2013


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"Why Shamanism Now?" with Christina Pratt

Shamanic Journeying: Taking Action

Direct revelation from spirit is a human birthright, but what do we actually do with those messages from spirit? Whether our answers come to us through dreams, meditations, or shamanic journeys we must address how we systematically learn to take action based on this information? “First we must remember that the messages from Spirit are just information, not edicts or commands,” explains host and shaman, Christina Pratt. “We are at our best when our actions are informed by the wisdom of spirit and the wisdoms of the heart, body, and mind.” Second, we must remember that often the action needed is simply to get out of our own way. Ultimately, we must learn how to act where we have power and to trust that we need only act in ways that are ours to do. And we must learn to do all of this the while leaving room for the Unknown to enter, recognizing when the game has just been changed, and moving in new ways without fear to make life better than you ever imagined. Join us this week as we continue to explore the common mistakes, misconceptions, and false assumptions made by shamanic journeyers and the remedies to correct them. This show is the final episode of our series called Mastering the Art of Shamanic Journeying.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013 at 11:00 AM Pacific

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Awake in the DREAM with Laura Eisenhower and Dr. DREAM

The Divine Intelligence

Robert Perala is the internationally acclaimed author of: The Divine Blueprint: Roadmap for the New Millinnium and The Divine Architect: The Art of Living and Beyond.
He is a graduate of the Robbins Research Institute. In 2007 Washington DC presented Robert with the prestigious Certificate of Congressional Recognition Award given to him at Stanford University for his humanitarian relief efforts with UNICEF and Adopt-A-Minefield. His current effort is his new upcoming web site and video blog, The Divine Intelligence: Join The Conversation.

Web Site: www.robertperala.com Phone number: 831-440-0443

Tue, April 9, 2013 09:00 pm Eastern


Just Energy Radio

The Mysteries and Esoteric Teachings Of The Sistine Chapel & In Search Of Mr. Or Mrs. Right

William John Meegan
The Mysteries and Esoteric Teachings Of The Sistine Chapel
As a young man of 26 years, he began researching the Judeao-Christian Scriptures, symbolism, mythology, metaphysics, psychology and other related subjects in an effort to obtain an understanding of what the Holy Writ was saying. He is a Roman Catholic and has geared his studies in an effort to understand the Church’s explicit as well as its esoteric teachings. This interest led to his publishing a number of works on the subject. More ...

E. Grey Lorimer
In Search Of Mr. Or Mrs. Right
E. Grey Lorimer is a former entrepreneur, company founder and CEO with a life long passion for people and the wonderful effect that true love has had on him and persons in his life.   He has a bachelor's degree in the liberal arts from Penn State and an MBA with emphasis in marketing and finance.   He has received diverse training and numerous certifications in leadership, psychology, public affairs, organizational psychology, management, and sales and marketing from various institutions and organizations. More ...

Thursday From 7-9pm CST ~ 04/11/13


Awake: Now What?

Shelly Dressel, Channel, Teacher, Reiki Master

Shelly and her "friends" return to bring us information and wisdom about our evolution.

I first began my conscious opening to spirituality in the early ‘90's. During this time I was very drawn to the angels, through books, figurines and the essence of their protection and love. I was also drawn to and read stories about near death experiences or people with heavenly encounters.

From here, I began to explore the many avenues of spirituality. I'll begin by saying that spirituality to me is finding my truth about who I AM and what my connection is to the God/Goddess/All That Is. My life has been the journey of seeking what is truth for me.

By 1994 I was curious about channeling. I was always seeking a greater connection and I thought, wow, this is truly a direct link and communication. I began with automatic writing. Due to my evolution, I communicate only with those energies of the highest vibration. As the words and information comes into me, I am able see/ sense images and I hear the words. I then speak them aloud. I am always fully conscious and aware of what is coming through. Now, afterwards, I may not remember all the specifics!

Then in 2001, a friend introduced me to some information about the Goddess of Creation. I felt such a strong resonance!! Less than two months after that I began to channel the Goddess verbally and have been doing so ever since. The depth of information I bring through has evolved just as I have evolved.

For more information go to http://www.goddesslight.net

Sun, April 14, 2013 06:00 pm Eastern


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