Mar 24, 2013

The Taybor and the Rainbow Body

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I've been rewatching Space 1999, mostly as an exercise in nostalgia and to amuse my inner child. My inner child loves her some Space 1999. It's not a terribly deep or esoteric show, particularly by the second season. But every so often it wanders into an intriguing archetype.

The other night I was watching "The Taybor." Taybor is "an inter-galactic merchant [who] arrives from hyperspace on his ship the 'Emporium.'" He is a silly character and the episode is largely quite silly but I was taken with their depiction of the hyperdrive that allowed him to move anywhere in space.

The drive itself is an oculus, aka., circumpunct, aka., stargate:

But where it really gets interesting is when the ship begins to shift into hyperspace:

What immediately came to mind for me was some of the Tibetan art showing the rainbow body as explained by William Henry here.

A few key images illustrate my thinking. First is the Tibetan image of the Rainbow Body. In the Tibetan Great Perfection tradition, the mortal coil  can be spun into a higher frequency, ultimately dissolving and manifesting as five colored rainbow light. The resulting ‘Rainbow Body’ is considered the highest form of human spiritual attainment. 


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