Aug 28, 2012


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"Why Shamanism Now?" with Christina Pratt

The Power of Dance: Trance Dance

The power of dance goes largely untapped in the contemporary world. When we dance we can access the power to reconcile inner conflict, to transform toxic stress into energy, and reshape the story that defines our path in the world. So why don't we dance? Or why don't we dance with the focus and intention required to enter sacred space and embody the Spirit of Dance? Join host and shaman, Christina Pratt, as she explores trance dance, ecstatic dance, and the ways we enter sacred space, the ways we try to, and why in some settings it just doesn't come together. The movement itself is prayer. You don't need to be a dancer or even enjoy dancing to access the power dance. You just need to get up in whatever way you can and move. Dance and rhythm are the means by which people across time and place have accessed shamanic alternate states and the healing relationship with spirit that awaits us there. The possibilities to create the personal healing needed for the global change ahead await us in movement. And together in movement, the possibilities to create the global change needed to thrive exist in the power of dance.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012 at 11:00 AM Pacific

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Just Energy Radio

Crystal Skulls & The Secrets Of The Pyramids

Dr. Rita Louise will be joined on Just Energy Radio this week by two guests. In the first hour she will be speaking with Joshua Shapiro about the mysteries of crystal skulls. In the second hour Carmen Boulter joines Dr. Rita to talk further about the mysteries of the pyramids.

About Joshua Shapiro
Joshua has been involved with the crystal skulls since 1983 when he saw one made out of amethyst in northern California ( “Ami”). He felt such a strong connection with this artifact that since that time he has devoted his life and resources to sharing the best information he can about these crystalline artifacts with other people all over the world and the future role they will play to help our planet see world peace. Joshua is the author of various books including the book about the crystal skulls entitled “Mysteries of the Crystal Skulls Revealed”.

About Carmen Boulter
Professor at the University of Calgary, Carmen Boulter presented accumulated evidence and research, which suggests to her that levitation and advanced knowledge were used to construct the numerous pyramids in ancient Egypt. Her past life recall as a child led her to seek physical evidence for her visions of temples, pyramids and ceremonies. This quest brought her to Egypt 23 times, where she conducted extensive academic research, and field work around the Great Pyramid.

Fri, August 31, 2012 03:00PM ET

Awake: Now What?

LBGT Empowered and Free: New series

Empowering the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer (LGBTQ) community to embrace their authentic selves and ignite the power within.

Empowered and Free will launch a series of programs entitled "the ten top obstacles of lgbt people, and how to deal with them." In addition to a preview of all 10 challenges lgbt people face, the first program will center on the spiritual aspect of coming out..coming out at work, coming out to parents, coming out to friends. If you are considering coming out to someone, please call in for some specific advice from our two experienced co-hosts: Dr. Lisa Butfon, and Rev Rick Shaffer.

Call or send email to us at We want to hear from you!

Join us! Listen on Blog Talk Radio at or in the Friends chat room on The Awake Net.

Call in 646-716-8988

Dr. Lisa Bufton, D.D. is a Spiritual Counselor, Angel Therapy Practitioner®, and cofounder of LGBT Wellness Conference. and

Sat, September 1, 2012 01:00PM ET

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