Feb 28, 2012


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"Why Shamanism Now?" with Christina Pratt

Have I Been Cursed?

Where there are blessings there can also be curses. The ability to send a blessing or a curse has been with humankind in almost every culture since the beginning. And cursing continues in almost every culture as a casual, uneducated act and as a skilled art form. Curses can be intentional or unintentional. They can be self inflicted or sent by another, usually as an ill-advised response to anger, resentment, jealousy, envy, or greed. Curses, like blessings, have a strong intention, an energy that fuels it, and a direction or intended target. The person who creates the curse is not always the one who wants the curse created and nonetheless, both will be harmed by it. Curses can harm the person they are sent to, but not necessarily. Join host and shaman, Christina Pratt, as she explores the many sources of curses in the contemporary world and the cures. Perhaps most important as we consider curses is to understand that they are balanced in the great reckoning of things by our blessings. We can be free of the ill effects of curses if we live impeccably, have courage of heart that allows us to move through our fears, and practice the spiritual arts that allow us to stay in the vibrant lifeforce of the Oneness of all things.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012 at 11:00 AM Pacific

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Awakenings with Michele Meiche

Mayan 2012 Predictions with Thunderbeat

12pm PST --- Host MICHELE MEICHE shares her weekly Soul Insights, Meditations, Healing, Activation and Acceleration work for Soul Alignment. What is your Soul's Purpose & how can you actualize this? What is your role, your path, and what are the signs in your life and in the world telling you? Call in for channeled guidance readings, and psychic mediumship readings. Michele is the author author of the DailyOM course to Learn how to align to your Soul's Purpose and create from your Soul Blueprint 2012: Navigate Through Your Greatest Soul Shift http://bit.ly/izvzS1 Call in and share your path of awakening and Soul Alignment. You may also email your questions to be covered on air at awakenings@selfinlight.com. The second portion of the show is Conversations with Awakened Guests. Michele dialogues with spiritual teachers, healers, conscious experts, visionaries, awakened leaders, authors, conscious beings and people of all walks of life that are focused on living consciously. This week’s conversation is with ThunderBeat is a Native American of Choctaw and Shawnee heritage. She will be speaking about the Mayan Prophesy, the Shifts, Time speeding up and the Spanish/Mayan holocaust and codex’s. ThunderBeat will share her magical experiences at the Mayan temples and her past life as a Mayan High Priestess. She has studied at the prestigious Eastman School of Music and with ritualistic/drummer Layne Redmond. ThunderBeat hs been performed with great late Mayan Shaman Jose Arguelles (The Mayan Factor) and she has been nominated for five Native American Music Awards. ThunderBeat is best known for her drumming but is also an award winning composer, a pioneer in sound healing, author and teacher. She has toured with international artists such as Robert Mirabal, Brooke Medicine Eagle, William Two Feathers, and Gregg Braden. She is a healer and psychic whose talents have been used to solve major criminal cases. www.thunderbeat.com

Wed, Feb 29, 2012 03:00PM ET


Suzanne Toro

BeSimply...LoveSelf {Giving+Receiving}

Join 'She' for 54 minutes to work on the inner self.

During this segment:

Explore and Align with 'Self', How to reconnect to Self?

We will explore Giving+Receiving ... A key that will assist to aligning with and loving self. Learn how to give and receive authentically. Aligning with the natural flow of the universe.

Parables shared...Walk through a guided giving + receiving experience/meditation. This will assist you in BEing...YOU!

Opening your heart center...the gateway to the universe.

Please send in your questions to s@suzannetoro.com or call in during the episode.

Fri, Mar 2, 2012 12:00AM ET


Just Energy Radio

The Hollow Earth Theory & From al -Qaida To UFO's

In the first hour, Dean Dominic De Lucia joins Dr. Rita Louise on Just Energy Radio where he will discuss the Hollow Earth Theory. Jerry Pippin joins Dr. Rita in the second hour where he will discuss a variety of topics that are crossing the newswires.

Dean Dominic De Lucia
The Hollow Earth Theory
Dean Dominic De Lucia studied Business Administration at the University of Baltimore, and later on completed a two-year course in translating at the Catholic University in São Paulo, Brazil, where he currently resides. He has maintained a life-long interest in Indian/Hindu philosophy and spiritual practices, which ultimately led him to take up Vedic astrology. Dean maintains a unique perspective, one of presenting pure Vedic astrology in its original form, without hodge-podging it with other systems.

Jerry Pippin
From al -Qaida To UFO's
Jerry Pippin has run one of the most successful and longest running paranormal Internet Radio programs on the planet. He is a leader in Internet Broadcasting with regular programs on varied subjects from Conspiracy topics such as 9/11 and JFK, to Paranormal and UFO tops including broadcasts from Roswell, Area 5l and other exotic locals. Jerry Pippin has been dedicated to covering the extra-terrestrial phenomena for many years now and has the most comprehensive websites on the topic.

Fri, Mar 2, 2012 03:00PM ET


Awake: Now What?

LGBTQ: Empowered and Free: Creating Your Ideal Life…

· Have your dreams been unfulfilled?
· Do you even have a dream for yourself or your life?
· Do you know where you’re heading?

This week we explore your personal vision for being empowered and free. Move forward in a purposeful, powerful way to receive the abundant, love-filled life you truly deserve. Join us!

Have you ever wondered…
· WHY am I here?
· HOW can I get accepted by my friends, family, let alone society?
· WHEN am I going to find true love?
· WHAT can I do not to be living in so much fear, anger, and sadness?
· WHERE can I turn?
· WHO understands what I am going through?

Through this one-of-a-kind, revolutionary show…

· Discover your strengths and worthiness
· Free yourself from self-doubts
· Learn to love yourself from deep within
· Ignite your internal light and power within!


Dr. Lisa Bufton, D.D. is a Spiritual Counselor, Angel Therapy Practitioner®, and cofounder of LGBT Wellness Conference. www.purespirithealing.com and www.lgbt-wellness.org

Courtney Long, MSW, LC, CHt, ATP® is a Guide to the Authentic, Author and Speaker. www.authenticandfree.com

Sat, Mar 3, 2012 01:00PM ET


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