Dec 20, 2011


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"Why Shamanism Now?" with Christina Pratt

Bringing Health and Well-being to Children

"Let yourself imagine and experience the certainty that ADD and ADHD, birth trauma, incomplete bonding, sensory overload, dyslexia, and autism, labeled strenuous and unalterable by the mainstream society, can be immediately and beautifully transformed forever." This is the reality accessed through the work of Jon Bredal, MA. Jon joins host and shaman, Christina Pratt to discuss his innovative, joyful, and effective healing process with children and families. His work integrates decades of art and teaching, deep exploration into kinesiology and BrainGym, and the influence of his experience with many North American indigenous peoples. Jon explains that, "These difficulties (for children) are primarily caused by incomplete infant developmental patterns. The methods and activities in this process work to eliminate the underlying causes through a combination of joyful, spontaneous play, integrative movement, repatternings, heart activities, as well as developmental/rocking movement." Jon is our next guest in the Society of Shamanic Practitioners sponsored interview series. In this show we explore how we could be more effective in our healing with children facing the challenges of ADD, dyslexia, anxiety, depression, sensory disorders, learning blocks, birth traumas, incomplete infant bonding, autism, and those other experiences children suffer for us that we can't diagnose or explain away.

This week's guest:
Jon Bredal, MA

Jon spent twenty years in the classroom teaching, coaching, and counseling middle and high school students in Minnesota, Colorado, Texas, and for the Navajo Nation in New Mexico. Midlife sparked a period of intense spiritual seeking for Jon, bringing him to discover kinesiology and Brain Gym, then the best known and most powerful integrative movement method of the time. He studied this craft and over the years has blended his experience, insight, and exposure to other modalities into his own unique method of healing which assists people of all ages in developing skills that lead to inner peace and personal power.

Jon Bredal's committed contributions to the field of child development, family systems healing, and natural play are unparalleled at this time. Through a combination of reflex activations, joyful play, and spontaneous movement, Jon makes healing for children and bonding for families deeply fun and deeply transformative-like no one else. Jon has helped children heal some of the most challenging difficulties facing them today: ADD, dyslexia, anxiety, depression, sensory disorders, and autism, among others. His love of North American indigenous culture continues to inform the work he does with the Six Nations, Toquat, and Okanagan Nations. He has led workshops, given courses and consulted in over forty schools, community centers and treatment facilities throughout Europe and the Americas, where he now regularly teaches. Father of three and grandfather to seven children, Jon lives in the mountains near Wolf Creek, Oregon.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011 at 11:00 AM Pacific

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Awakenings with Michele Meiche

Metaphysican, & Spiritual Astrologer Robert Wilkinson
12pm PT --- Host MICHELE MEICHE and her guest co-host Paolo Doro share thier weekly Soul Insights, Meditations, Healing, Activation and Acceleration work for Soul Alignment. What is your Soul's Purpose & how can you actualize this? What is your role, your path, and what are the signs in your life and in the world telling you? Call in for channeled guidance readings, and psychic mediumship readings. Call in and share your path of awakening and Soul Alignment. You may also email your questions to be covered on air at The second portion of the show is Conversations with Awakened Guests. Michele dialogues with spiritual teachers, healers, conscious experts, visionaries, awakened leaders, authors, conscious beings and people of all walks of life that are focused on living consciously. This week’s conversation is with Robert Wilkinson. He has been an internationally known futurist, metaphysican, and spiritual astrologer, spiritual counselor, and strategic analyst for over 35 years.Using Astrology, Spirit, and Archetypes to move and groove through the intersections of fate and free will. He has one of the largest astrological/metaphysical blogs in the world with visitors from over 130 countries and 6.5 million page views in 6 years.

Wed, Dec 21, 2011 03:00PM ET

Just Energy Radio

The Gospels: Fact or Speculation & Jesus: The Missing Years
Dr. Rita Louise is joined by Gary Greenberg and Frank Huguenard to discuss the life and times of Jesus.

Gary Greenberg
The Gospels: Fact, Fiction or Speculation
A New York City criminal defense attorney and President of the Biblical Archaeology Society of New York (BASNY), Greenberg has long been interested in the intersection between ancient myth and ancient history, especially as it applies to Egyptian influences on the writing of the bible. The problem, he says, is figuring out how to separate the myth from the history. Gary is the author of The Moses Mystery, The Bible Myth, 101 Myths of the Bible and Manetho: A Study in Egyptian Chronology.

Frank Huguenard
Jesus: The Missing Years
Frank wanted to create a documentary on the topic that filled what he felt was a void. He wanted to take a spiritual route and to focus on comparing the teaching of Jesus with Hinduism. Franks documentary Beyond Belief explores compelling new evidence that the eighteen 'missing' years of Jesus' life, unaccounted for in The Bible , were spent with Rishi's, Yogi's and Swami's of India, and also focuses on significant evidence that Jesus lived to be around 100 years old and is buried in Kashmir.

Fri, Dec 23, 2011 03:00PM ET

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