Nov 18, 2011

James Ray Sentenced to Two Years

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I have considered all of the aggravating and mitigating circumstances in this case. And I've considered the purposes of the criminal law statutes: 13101. And there is an aspect of deterrence that is very prominent in this case. Mr. Ray, when a person has your incredible abilities to gain people's trust, there is a large, large responsibility that goes with that trust. And that responsibility was not honored. And I'm not considering lack of remorse in any way. I'm just simply saying, this was the nature, there were people in there, people who had spent their money, their time, and they placed their trust and that was violated… It is important that sentencing when appropriate conveys and insures that there is appropriate deterrence. So I see and I find that the aggravating circumstance of emotional harm is so strong and it's such that, uh, probation is simply not warranted in this case.

I find in, in mitigation, as I've mentioned, Mr. Ray did help people. It was his intent to help people. It was. And I recognize that. I recognize no prior criminal history of any kind. Nothing. No indication that you pose any kind of future threat. But it is the decision, a prison sentence is just mandated in this case. I do find, however, that looking at all the circumstances, considering my experience with precedent in cases -- and this certainly is a different kind of a case… It is certainly a case where the evidence of, uh, extreme negligence is strong. But I find looking at all the circumstances, at the mitigating circumstances, based on factors I've indicated are sufficiently substantial to call for mitigated terms and they will be concurrent.

It is the judgment and sentence of the court that Mr. Ray be imprisoned for the following mitigated terms: For negligent homicide of Kirby Brown, two years. For negligent homicide of Elizabeth Neuman, two years. For negligent homicide of James Shore, two years. All of these sentences date from today. They begin today. The defendant receives credit for 24 days time served. It is ordered imposing a consecutive term of community supervision as required by law. It's ordered that the defendant is committed the custody of the department of corrections to carry out these sentences.

~ Judge Warren Darrow on November 18, 2011


  1. I will most likely have more to say about this presently. Today has been a horrible day of computer glitches, ill health, and other nightmares, above and beyond that weasel getting only two years of jail time. I'll rant more later, when I have the wherewithal.

  2. My Name is Tawny Edwards and I live in Prescott, Az I myself was sitting just three and half hours ago in the back of Judge Darrows court at the Sentencing for Mr Ray, I want everyone to know that I do feel much sypmathy for the lives lost I'm a little upset at what I'm already reading in Media Headlines. The remorse and pleading of found forgiveness coming from James Ray in his 20 min final say was truly heartbreaking and his core care of concern for his own family and especially his mother was sincere at all cost. This was a tragic accident and i believe we should focus on all the GOOD Mr. Ray has done for thousands of people through out his life, this was NOT intentional, however the burden of responsability was placed on Mr. Ray when he chose this retreat for so many. Lets Not forget there is Heart Ache on both ends. I wish James Ray the best of luck and hope that he knows the support that he has and to his family, My Prayers and thoughts are with you.

  3. Tawny, James Arthur Ray is a narcissistic psychopath and if you really knew him, you would know that. Have you ever been to one of his events Tawny? No, I don't think so. And most of the people who comment about how sad it is that this tragedy happened, and that it was of course an accident, and place blame on the victims, don't know what the frak they are talking about. You think by following the trial, you are an expert on James Ray? Unfortunately, I have been to all events EXCEPT "Spiritual Warrior". And that's just because I had had enough of James Ray and his bullying. Thank God because I might have been a victim of his death lodge as well. Before you comment about how much GOOD he has done, know your facts. He killed 4 people, that's right 4 not 3. The first was Colleen Conaway in San Diego but the jury wasn't allowed to hear about that or about all the sickness that occurred during his prior sweat lodges. On July 25, 2009, she jumped to her death during "Creating Absolute Wealth" while on one of JAR's fabulous life changing activities. Why? Because JAR is a bully and he trained his staff to be bullys as well. They did a real good job on Colleen. Did you know he has lied to all of us about all of his so-call credentials? Not a shaman, not a member of 3 shamanic orders, not learned in the Huna, Native American or other spiritual traditions, not trained in holotropic breathing. His inflated resume is only the tip of the iceberg. In fact, he has been denounced by most of those who are truly qualified to teach all those traditions. He's a liar Tawny. And if you believed those crocodile tears when he was pleading for probation, then you would have probably believed he was sincere when, at the end of every "Harmonic Wealth" event, he cried at the same time each and every time at every event. One of his talents is crying on cue, he's a great actor, even for a psychopath. Open your eyes Tawny, you may see the light yet, I do hope so for your sake. Good riddance to JAR and may he rot in the jail he so deservedly belongs, albeit not long enough to make up for the loss of 3 lives. 2 years, that's less than a year for each person, what a travesty!


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