Nov 13, 2013

Who and What is Teal Scott?

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Because Teal Scott speaks for God!

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Several weeks ago I followed a link to the blog of one Teal Scott, self-described Spiritual Catalyst. I was pulled in for a bit. At first blush it struck me as the very open, honest disclosures of a psychic sensitive in a lot of pain. I can certainly relate to the challenges of being a super-sensitive in a jagged world. Teal was writing about her latest man trouble, about repeating abusive patterns in relationships. Yea verily, sister!

But as I clicked through a few more pages and tried to trace the narrative, things became increasingly convoluted. And was she really disclosing this man's identity? Wait, was he disclosing his identity on her blog? This man she was describing as a psychopath? That seemed most peculiar. And what was she really saying about the workings of spirit? It was something of a jumble, which would be fine, if she weren't relaying it all with such authority and certainty.

My bullshit meter was blinking red. I closed the tab and forgot all about Teal Scott.

A Facebook friend put her back on my radar when he posted one of her video lectures the other day. This led to a very frank discussion about spirituality, sexuality, sexism, and whether or not Teal Scott is a total fraud.

I had never listened to her speak before. I'd only read some of her text. I immediately found the moving, talking Teal more off-putting than the written Teal and stopped the video after only a couple of minutes. But I felt I needed to ask myself some hard questions about why that might be. Could it be that I'm just reacting with the societally programmed threat response to an attractive woman who men just gush over? They do. And they did.

Teal Scott is Very Pretty

The reactions to her appearance were swift and strong. Much of it was along the lines of, I'm way too distracted by her sexiness to listen to what she's saying.

Why does her appearance matter, I asked? Why does it always come down to that with women? At what point are we neither too homely nor too pretty to be taken seriously for what we say? Where is that sweet spot in between beauty and ugliness that allows our words to matter more than what we look like?

The answers I got surprised me a little. It wasn't so much that she was pretty. It was the sense that she was using her sexual allure in a very deliberate, even calculated, way to get their attention. Some felt like they were being manipulated. One found himself thinking very lascivious thoughts about her that rose unbidden and uncharacteristically in his mind, even though he didn't consciously even find her attractive or appealing. Another suggested that it might be a kind of "magical working." 

I will be the first to say that women, throughout history, have been unfairly blamed and punished for daring to be attractive to men. And it would certainly not be new for men to resent female attractiveness for its power over them. Such accusations have resulted in little things like witch trials and the failure to convict rapists. But what I heard from these men was something quite different. These did not seem to me to be the kind of men who ordinarily go around blaming women for making their pants feel tight. They seemed genuinely confused and discomfited by their own reactions.

As our discussion progressed and googling ensued, still more difficult questions about Teal Scott developed. It's not so much that she has a somewhat obscured history as a lingerie model. It's that these and other documented facts don't jibe very well with the rest of her stated narrative. In short, the timelines don't mesh.

Finding a factual history of Teal Scott is muddied quite a bit by the sheer glut of information a search will bring up. As one of a tiny handful of Teal Scott critics observed, "190 thousand pages in two years, wow. If you put Teal Scott in quotation marks in you [sic] google search box, that is how many pages are by her and about her."

It gets a little more interesting when you put her maiden name Teal Bosworth in the search engine. This will bring up some of her surviving modeling pages, such as this one. Other pages seemed to disappear when questions were raised about them in comment threads such as this one. Some can be found with cache searches such as her Model Mayhem profile.

Scott makes passing references to her modeling career but if she's said anything about having marketed herself as a nude model, I've missed it. Granted, I haven't sat through her many, many, YouTube lectures, nor will I. She did, though -- market herself as a nude model. Her website has since been repurposed. If you've looked at in the past few years, you've found it to be very New Agey. The splash screen has all the sacred geometry staples: the flower of life, Metatron's cube, the vesica piscis. But if you put it in the wayback machine you find it looks more like this. I won't post the image here because it could cause my blog to be flagged as unsuitable for children under 18. Sacred geometry of a very different sort is what I'm saying.

None of this is a judgment on Scott's right, legal or otherwise, to market her body and sexuality in a manner of her choosing. But when you combine this with other elements of her life story, as she has presented it in various venues, not only do the psychological elements strain credulity, it's hard to understand how she found the time.

The Cult Years

Scott claims to have spent most of her childhood and teen years in the thrall of a cult leader, a family friend who unbeknownst to her parents was the head of a "blood atonement" Mormon offshoot.

She tells of being drugged and tortured by group members, and she says she has the scars to prove it. She also says her abductor worked tirelessly brainwashing her to do his bidding and remain quiet about it all.

But the macabre tale doesn’t stop there. Scott said the abductor, a man with multiple personality disorder, crossed over into Satanic groups — the rivals of the Blood Covenant in the regional cult underground. She claims he covered her with animal blood to prostitute her to fellow Satanists at a local motel and used her to lure illegal immigrant children to him in Southern Idaho.

Now hold on to your hats. Scott also claims to have witnessed those children being burned to death as human sacrifices.

In comment threads like the one following that column, many people have raised the bullshit flag. If you draw from her various bios, including the since deleted ones on modeling sites, you come up with a CV that looks something like this: From age 6 to 19 she was in a torture cult which her parents somehow never knew despite the fact that she was living with them and a brother in a two room cabin. At age 12 she was spotted in a horse supply store by a modeling scout from a New York agency and began traveling the world as a model. That would make her 16 in these photographs. She was also an accomplished equestrian, archer, Telemark skier, fly fisher, and speed skater, some of which is documented. At age 6 she started her apprenticeship with a shaman/accupuncturist which lasted roughly 13 years. One assumes that's not her crazy cult leader but the timelines do kind of, more or less, rather, exactly coincide. Meanwhile she was being mentored in quantum field theory, which she started apparently at birth, because it was "throughout" the first 19 years of her life. She graduated high school at 16. After that she was off to Beijing to study Qigong and energy healing. And she still found time to become a Wiccan High Priestess.

That's an impressive roster. And even more so when you consider that she was taking in this fine metaphysical education while being tortured by an LDS splinter group who thought her innate psychic abilities were of the Devil -- her being female and all -- and that they needed to be tortured out of her. But this is exactly what she explains in this interview.

And can someone explain to me why, if her family was so lovely and didn't know about the cult, she needed to be rescued by a friend and hide in his basement for five years?

I'd also be curious to know how telling people to focus on the positive and stop noticing the negative so that they can train their thoughts to properly create their reality is the "exact opposite" of being "Pollyanna." But honestly, her insanely convoluted rendition of The Secret is the least of my concerns... for once. But happiness is a very high priority for her and the last thing she wants to do is focus on the negative aspects of being tortured by a network of abusive and murderous cults. That's just not helpful.

This ruthlessly positive outlook may account for her rather lackadaisical attitude towards any criminal prosecution of her abusers. The authorities don't have enough evidence to prosecute but that doesn't really interest her.

“It was never my intention to go on record as desperate to ‘spill the beans’ or ‘expose’ horrendous activities going on in Utah,” she said. “My intention was to use the story of the truth of my life to show people that there is nothing that can be done to them that will render them unable to find health and happiness and success.”

In this transparent puff piece it says she has "no desire to see her abusers prosecuted or to have the iron hammer of justice brought down upon their heads." Her story was brought to the authorities only belatedly and only because of reporting laws her therapist had to comply with. Because, you know, crimes had occurred. Prosecutors ultimately did not have enough evidence to bring a case. But Teal thinks it's really for the best that abusers and murderers should escape the long arm of the law.

When I asked Teal about her views on the status of her case she said “Most women who escape from situations like I did do not ever tell about it. I did tell, but even the physical evidence I had was not enough given the years that had passed since the last incident that occurred. And I am glad for that in retrospect because you could say …I don’t want torture and abusers in this world… so we must punish all of those that torture, and torture the torturers so to speak. Contrastingly, instead of saying…I don’t want torture…one could say …I want compassion… and show those same actors of violence compassion that they perhaps have never been given before. Happy people who feel loved do not hurt other people”. It is Teal’s belief that the de-humanizing environment of jails and prisons do not rehabilitate criminals, they create even worse criminals. She says it is impossible to punish someone into wellness, that punishment for crime is like fighting fire with fire, and so it is time for the justice system and the environment of jails to change.

I have my own criticisms of the criminal justice system but let's consider this. Teal Scott says she was used to lure immigrant children who were then burnt to death before her eyes. She not only witnessed but participated in crimes in which children were murdered. But she's moved beyond that and so should everybody else. Not only should we have compassion for people who tortured, abused, and murdered children, but they should face no consequences at all. Nor, apparently, should society be protected from them.

Children. Murdered. Move along, folks. Nothin' to see here.

Teal Scott, survivor of abuse, torture, forced prostitution, and participant in infanticide, has moved onward and upward, and now she's ready to teach everybody else how to put their past behind them and live happy, fulfilling lives.

When I asked Teal why she wrote her book about happiness and the universe instead of her amazing story she said “While I acknowledge now that this story is out of the ordinary and has the potential to inspire people greatly, not much good comes out of me writing a book where the dominant message is…Look at how amazing I am that I overcame all of this… However, overwhelming good comes of me writing a book where the dominant message is…Look how amazing and powerful and free you are that you can overcome anything like I did, and find happiness no matter what you are experiencing as reality today”.

So a book about how she survived torture and abuse in a cult is too self-aggrandizing to write. But a book that only makes passing reference to the horrors she's overcome and positions her as a dispenser of life wisdom isn't? How about a merchandising machine that includes several websites, multiple Facebook pages, a YouTube lecture series, and live events around the world? Is it self-aggrandizing yet?

Meanwhile all those people who talk and write about their abuse histories -- share their experience, strength, and hope -- and inspire other abuse survivors to break their silence and undertake their own healing journeys, what a bunch of egomaniacs they must be.

This unwillingness to waste time and energy on the past, however, doesn't prevent her from swinging her victim status like a club whenever she faces questions or criticism. The very mixed reaction to her story as it was reported in that Herald Journal column was upsetting enough that she wrote a response in that paper. Skeptical of her story? You're causing her pain -- retraumatizing her even. Do you really want to do that? Do you?!

There is a conflict in victims like myself between the desire to deny trauma and the desire to proclaim it. This conflict is the central dialectic of trauma. Individuals who come out with the truth about the abusive atrocities they have suffered run the risk of being discredited by a waiting society, who does not want to admit such things go on. They also run the risk of inviting upon themselves the stigma that is associated with victims of abuse. The abuse itself devalues us and then, as if to add insult to injury, the abuse often serves as a vehicle of condemnation to a life in which we are exiled from society, because we can no longer fit into the socially validated reality. When a victim suffers from a traumatic event at the hands of another person, the only real way for the victim to truly heal is through connection with other people. Survivors should never be placed in a situation in which they must choose between expression and connection with others.

Unfortunately, this is often the position in which society places victims of abuse. Support from society for a victim of abuse alleviates much of the impact of the abuse whereas opposition in the form of discouragement, judgment, hostility or disbelief can compound the damage of the impact of the abuse catastrophically. It's up to you.

So writing at any length about her abuse would be an exercise in egotism, and yet she wants to "proclaim it" and get the full, unquestioning and unequivocal support of all of society so that she can heal properly. Otherwise she could be "catastrophically" harmed all over again because of the abuse we should all just forgive and move on from rather than prosecute. Confused yet?

Teal's Army

When it comes to criticism from the public, Teal Scott rarely resorts to such blatant displays of emotional blackmail. She has people for that.

They descend like locusts on those seemingly rare occasions that Scott and her story get any serious pushback. It doesn't happen often and it never happens on her own threads which appear to be very well cleaned. For instance, this comment appeared at one time in the comment thread for one of her YouTube videos.

Searches of key words bring up no remnant of that comment in the thread. A cursory reading of that and other comment threads on her own postings is uncharacteristically kind. Read any comment thread of a video that gets a lot of traffic and try to find one as positive and supportive as hers are. Only the mildest criticism survives and only if it's ably shot down by her followers.

Where comment administration is beyond her control her followers are out in force, writing devotionals and slamming any critics who might emerge.

The reviews for her book on are a prime example. It's an outpouring of unreserved praise from readers who mostly have 1 or 2 reviews to their credit. As of now there are 82 5-star reviews, 9 4-star reviews, 1 3-star review, and 1 1-star review. The single, solitary 1-star review is most notable for the fact that it is the only one that received comments and the poor guy was pummeled.

As one commenter on a thread that Teal Scott doesn't own pointed out, she herself refers to her followers as an "army." One such reference can be found on her blog.

My box was full of presents and letters sent by “fans”.  I feel so weird calling people who follow my material fans. It feels more like they are members of my army or like they are extended family members scattered all over the world.

Teal Scott loves having fans and she loves getting presents. I know this only because she's said so. Repeatedly. Here is Teal Scott on the many gifts she gets from her fans.

I can only hope that they (you) know that when I continue to create the things which I hope will add to the richness of their lives, gratitude for their support and love is contained within each creation.  I love presents.  Gifts is my love language.  I live in a terrible country to have that love language.  The influence of Christianity has made it so that gifts are seen as materialistic and therefore shameful.  Not many people in America speak that love language, and many are even repulsed by it.  In fact, I’ve never been in a relationship with a man who speaks my love language.  Gifts are the visual symbol of love.  They are reminders of the fact that people love you.  I admittedly have a hard time believing and remembering that I am loved.

Get it? She's talking to "you." She wants presents. It's not enough to say you love her. Prove it by sending her presents because gifts equal love. Christianity in America has ruined everything by destroying our natural instinct for materialism. (Apparently she's never heard of Christmas shopping.) And she's feeling so unloved. Men have treated her badly. They haven't given her enough presents. But you, gentle reader, fan of Teal Scott, can help her heal by sending her more stuff!

I don't think I've ever seen a "spiritual leader" who so unabashedly reveled in attention.

As my fame increases, I am being recognized more and more now on the street.  I’ll be shopping or exercising and someone off in the distance will stop and give me this look, like my skin has turned blue.  For a moment, it causes me to feel self-conscious, like something is seriously wrong with me.  But then, they come over to me and with caution, they say “Oh my god…you’re Teal Scott aren’t you?”  I have to tell you… To me, there is a kind of heaven inherent in those moments.  Every person that runs up to me on the street has some kind of wonderful story about the effect that my material had or has on their life.  And for a moment, I feel like my life has all been worth it.

. . .

Then, as if out of nowhere, I am asked to sign autographs or take pictures with people on the street.  I show up to my workshops and hundreds of people are there in front of me in one room.  They have flown there from all over the world.  Many of them cry as they greet me. Many of them seem to know more details about my life than I do.  To them, I am already a familiar fixture of their lives.  I’m that person, who made them feel as if it would all be ok.  I’m that person who helped them get through cancer, or survive a divorce, or end up in a wonderful career.  And In those moments, I feel like I could die and go to heaven.  I am dumbfounded in the best way.

Or who so gleefully fostered dependency.

Teal's Credentials

Why should we "Ask Teal?" Because she's an Indigo and because she was "sent as a 'Eucharist' into this physical life by the non physical grouping of energy called 'Adonai'." For all the references to a range of spiritual trainings in her various modeling bios and other random write-ups, none of it appears on her official bio. There is no reference to any training or certification. No teachers are referenced even obliquely, let alone by name. She doesn't even name any person or philosophical tradition that may have informed or inspired her work. She's an Indigo and a Eucharist. That's it, unless escaping that nasty cult has prepared her to teach the eternal truths. Other than that it's a lot of her likes and dislikes. Did I mention that she loves gifts? She really loves gifts.

Why should it matter that she has no teachers, training, wisdom tradition, lineage, or any other source for her ideas? Only because she's teaching a lot of material that clearly comes from somewhere and, to date, the only source I've heard her cite is "source," aka., God.

In the video lecture above, she not only presumes to answer the question, "What does God think about sex?" but she does so without citing a single theological, philosophical, or scriptural source, from or about any religious or spiritual tradition. She only makes very general references to many religions and cultures and how those traditions are "out of alignment" with "the objective truth or source/God perspective." This "objective truth" is something she somehow knows and can lecture on where all these other religious traditions and cultures have failed. The messaging here is that she needs no study, nor does she need to provide a single citation to explain how she arrived at this "objective knowledge." I get very nervous when anyone starts claiming they know "objective truths" because, well, it's impossible. Human experience and knowledge are always subjective. It always comes through the filter of our perceptions. Yet Scott would have us believe that we simply need to come into alignment with our own "positive" thoughts as if any of our ideas of what is positive or negative are free from religious or cultural bias. She also implies that this alignment would put us in such integrity that negative things like STDs just wouldn't happen. This is fairly dangerous advice.

It sounds to me like a lot of warmed over Secret, Abraham-Hicks, law of attraction type, material. I think I've made my opinions on all of that abundantly clear. But what is particularly pernicious here is that she isn't citing any of it. It all apparently comes from God. Did I mention that she's a "Eucharist?"

I can't help wondering why someone who has gone all the way to China to study energy healing and Quigong, was mentored for 19 years in quantum mechanics, apprenticed with a shaman/accupuncturist for 13 years, and became a Wiccan High Priestess, wouldn't cite any of that on the bio she's using to promote her metaphysical knowledge. She saw fit to put that information on modeling bios but not on sites where she's promoting herself as spiritual leader? And I have yet to see a single name, school, or coven associated with any of that.

It is not only in the area of metaphysics where Scott holds forth. She has some rather strong ideas about psychology. Obviously she's not a psychologist but she sees no need to cite any references for some rather forceful claims on the subject. Notably, she thinks many people are psychopaths. She has stated that the cult leader who dominated her life for 13 years was a psychopath but also had multiple personalities. A psychopath with DID? Really? These would appear to be very contradictory diagnoses with which she's labeling this nameless man without a shred of tangible evidence.

Scott has also labeled her ex-boyfriend as a psychopath.

She offers this exegesis on pscychopathy and explains Fallon's pathology.

Sociopaths and psychopaths are not born; they are made.  For some people, when the pain of their life is unbearable, they chose to numb out to the pain.  They teach themselves to feel nothing.  And so, years later, they can only feel the most extreme of emotional states.  They can only feel when they are fighting or having sadomasochistic sex or sky diving or in extreme cases, killing someone.  They shut off from other people because of the pain that other people have caused them until they cannot feel human connection.   The empathy that disables people from hurting other people is not something that belongs to them. [emphasis added]

. . .

For the psychopath, which is the most advanced kind of sociopath, they feel special, they feel worth something and they feel powerful when they know that they are capable of doing something that no one else is capable of doing.

. . .

A member of our communal family, Fallon, is a psychopath (paranoid type) who is trying to recover.

Where to begin... To say that none of this accords with the current theoretical models for  psychopathy would be an understatement. Robert Hare, who is the pre-eminent researcher on the disorder and the developer of the Psychopathy Checklist would disagree. In Without Conscience, which is an excellent and accessible book on the subject, he explains that the terms sociopathy and psychopathy are often used interchangeably, largely he posits, because using the term sociopathy avoids the common confusion between psychopathy and psychosis. (This is almost certainly what Scott has done here by inventing out of thin air the diagnosis of "paranoid" psychopath.) This merging and interchanging of the terms exists not only in popular culture but among psychology professionals.

In this fairly recent interview, Hare goes into a little more depth on the subtle distinctions between the terms, explaining that sociopathy is really a sociological distinction, whereas psychopathy is a psychiatric condition.

The terms psychopathy and sociopathy refer to related but not identical conditions. Psychopaths have a pattern of personality traits and behaviors not readily understood in terms of social or environmental factors. They are described as without conscience and incapable of empathy, guilt, or loyalty to anyone but themselves. Sociopathy is not a formal psychiatric condition. It refers to a pattern of attitudes, values, and behaviors that is considered antisocial and criminal by society at large, but seen as normal or necessary by the subculture or social environment in which it developed. Sociopaths may have a well-developed conscience and a normal capacity for empathy, guilt, and loyalty, but their sense of right and wrong is based on the norms and expectations of their subculture or group.

So, no, psychopathy is not an "advanced" form of sociopathy. Hare is also of the opinion that psychopaths are indeed "born" and that while the genetic propensity towards psychopathy can be offset through early social conditioning, a psychopath cannot be "made" through purely sociological factors.

All personality traits are the result of genetic-environmental interactions. Recent research in behavioral genetics indicates that callous-unemotional traits and antisocial tendencies, likely precursors to the dimensions of psychopathy described earlier, are highly heritable. There is no evidence that psychopathy can result solely from social or environmental influences. This doesn't mean that some people are destined to become psychopaths, only that the process of socialization is much more difficult for those with early indications of the precursors of the disorder.

None of this is to say that Hare or any other researcher into the phenomenon of psychopathy is not unimpeachable or that the definitions of these terms won't continue to evolve. But where Robert Hare has years of research, practice, and a foundation in the work of his predecessor and colleague Harvey Cleckley, Scott has what? That she's an Indigo? Or a "Eucharist?"

Also troubling is Scott's use of language in the statement I've bolded above. Empathy "disables" people from hurting each other. It makes it sound like hurting people is the normal state that is unfortunately short-circuited by that pesky empathy. Language and word choice matter. They reveal things about how we think. That statement just strikes me as bizarre.

So why does it matter that Teal Scott has authored an unsourced, slipshod definition of psychopathy? Only that she's positioned herself as an authority on the matter for her followers, her readers, and most importantly for Fallon Dobson.


There are public break-ups and there are public break-ups. This one is being thoroughly cataloged by Scott in her confessional style blogging, which, as I said above, is where she nearly hooked me. But then there was Fallon. Poor Fallon.

A pattern of sociopathic abuse seemed to me like a bold and possibly libelous allegation to make against a named party. But there was Fallon -- his life laid bare. There was Fallon in photographs. And there was Fallon in his own words, inviting commentary from Teal's followers. And there was Fallon discussing his sociopathy on Teal Tribe because, OH MY GOD, there's a Teal Tribe! You can tell it's Teal's tribe because the background color is, wait for it, teal.

I think it worth noting, at this point, the role of public confession in cult programming. In Thought Reform and the Psychology of Totalism, Lifton marks it as one of eight primary brainwashing techniques.

Here we have a man who was part of Scott's organization and her paramour. The relationship went south. What ensued was a very public excoriation of him and his very public attempts to confess, atone, and gain his spiritual leader's forgiveness. It started within the "communal" living situation he was then sharing with Scott's "family" -- another thing about which I have some real questions... concerns... um... yeah...

Eventually, as a group, we told him that until he is willing to look at the possibility that he does not want me to be happy, but instead wants me to suffer, he would be unwilling to stop deliberately hurting me.

At some point he confessed to Mark (her ex-husband?) that he was part of the Blood Covenant cult that tortured her and that he was there to destroy her. We know very little about how this unfolded but as he later retracted it, it sounds a little like a false confession, of the type people give police under duress. Then he had a total meltdown and determined to move out and get some psychological help.

While sitting in the living room after that, he realized that he did not feel any emotion about the impact that this information would have on me.  The sheer psychopathy inherent in that pathology effected him so badly that he crumpled into a ball on the floor and realized that he can not be around me or anyone in this community, and that he is a danger to me.

None of this sounds remotely like the behavior of a psychopath. It sounds more like he was in shock, really. But Scott seems very committed to that diagnosis with which she had already labeled him.

Fallon's public humiliation later moved to YouTube where he allowed himself to be interviewed by another Teal Scott supporter. I have to say, it's one of the more disturbing things I've seen in a while.

Listening to this is fairly excruciating but we learn a number of very interesting things. Fallon here says he was not part of the cult sent to sabotage her. He doesn't know why he said that. But because of his "spinelessness" and her attempts to cure him of it, he'd gotten into that habit of just agreeing with everything she suggested. He thought they were all doing a "memory exercise" and blood cult is just what came out. (She says no, it was not an exercise, and that he only thought that because he's disordered.) There seemed to be a lot of confusion about where their romantic relationship ended and her role as spiritual leader and diagnoser of his psychological maladies began. For his part, Fallon is quite clear that everything is his fault. The relationship with Teal ended entirely because of his failings. He really thought he was a sociopath but has since realized that actually he's very emotional so probably he isn't. But he's pretty sure that she's just like Jesus. Did I mention that she's a "Eucharist?"

Odds, ends, and WTF?!

Navigating Teal Scott's blog is challenging. To see a comprehensive list of her posts you have to just keep hitting plus until all the large graphical headings open and your browser crashes. It took me a while to discover that there even was a way to access sidebar data. It's tricky. It requires wanding over the area carefully until you hit it just right and a second scroll bar opens up. It just isn't very helpful. There's no tag cloud and her tagging and categories are not consistent or comprehensive anyway.  There's an archive that lists the months but clicking on them doesn't open up the entire month. Hitting plus after that just starts loading it from the most recent post again. I've tried this on three different browsers. It seems like site navigation is deliberately hidden. Under construction, maybe? We shall see. You know what isn't hidden? The donate button. Can't miss it.

Having found my way through a good bit of her blog at this point, though, there's much that gives me pause. Her phrasing is often peculiar and she periodically leaves little thought droppings that seem very telling.

My workshops will no longer be all about me.

Which would seem to imply that to date they are.

Teal Scott quotes herself. She actually puts her own quotes on  graphics and posts them as discreet entries on her blog under the category heading of "quotes." She doesn't quote anybody else, just herself. Many of the quotes are as incoherent as the one her modeling photo here. She quotes herself.

Apparently she's a genius of remarkably high caliber. 

They call me an idiot savant.  When I was younger, I was given the IQ test twice.  Both times the score came in at over 170 points.

Move over Stephen Hawking. Teal Scott has knocked you off the list.

Why is there a sexy, lingerie photo of an obviously young Teal Bosworth in the middle of her exegesis on why she and Fallon were so toxically matched? And why is it right above a reference to herself being forced into taking sado-masochistic photos when she was a small child by still another Satanist?

And why is it also here.

There seems to be a pattern of her using sexy, come hither images of herself when she talks about her dysfunctional love life and how it mingles with her history of abuse. She rips open these emotional wounds as she soul stares into a camera.

"There's something about the black of a camera lens that digests you in a way.. Therefore, understands you. It is? Without  judgment, so you can act as far as possible from yourself, or leak to it, so much of your pure, unfiltered emotion that if it could feel, it and would break." ~ Teal Bosworth on Model Mayhem

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  1. continued...

    "I just wanted to say that I don’t expect Teal, or any other spiritual teacher to be perfect. What bothers me is that she doesn’t appear to apply her own teachings to herself, or at least doesn’t appear to be doing so since she broke up with Mark. We do not know much detail of her life story before then.

    If I want to accomplish something in my life, I find it’s a good strategy to model from the behaviour of someone who is successful with that thing. I wouldn’t look to someone who is terrible at tennis to teach me about tennis. What attracted me to Teal in the first place is that she appeared that she had made a transformation and I could learn a thing or two from her. While I have no doubt that she has made significant progress with her mental health and has done very well to come this far, I wouldn’t go so far to agree with her assertion that she is some kind of leader, or even well-equipped to be a teacher.

    The turn off for me is the lack of humility she displays. She may be transparent about her life, but I find her perspective on her experiences to be not those of someone with a level of awareness one would expect from a spiritual teacher. Her public diagnosis of Fallon’s supposed mental state came across very strongly as blaming him for the failure of her relationship. Then she blamed what she learnt from Disney films for fostering unrealistic expectations of relationships within her. It appeared she gained some level of self-awareness about her motivations for ‘needing’ a relationship, but then proceeded to rush into another one. Her behaviour in relationships (both romantic and otherwise) and her discussion about them IMO makes it apparent that she has disordered thinking in this area. This is textbook stuff for trauma survivors. What I would like to see, for someone who proclaims themselves to be a teacher, is for her to be open about the fact that her judgement is lacking when it comes to relationships, and finding and demonstrating ways to overcome that issue. What we have seen is her make the same mistakes and then abdicate responsibility for her choices to her ‘guides’, dreams and memories of past lives. At what point does she claim personal responsibility for her choices?

    When it didn’t work out with Fallon, Teal put that down to a learning experience which aided her expansion. Which on one level I am sure it was. What was unaddressed was the impact that this experience and her reaction to it had on her entire household. She was frustrated with her friends, who she had just dragged through the fallout of her break up with Fallon, for not being supportive of her decision to rush into another relationship with another man she barely knows and for not being supportive of her ‘emotional guidance system’ which, from what she has shared, steers her in undesirable directions more often than not. It seems from her blog and her Shadow House episodes that it’s Teal’s way or the highway in her household, she ‘pulls rank’ because she apparently has ‘abilities’ that are beyond the normal person.

    I really would love it if Teal would get real. A spiritual leader and teacher needs to earn that title, needs to demonstrate that they have learned from their experiences and now have wisdom that would be of benefit to the rest of us. She shares some wisdom in her videos, but we don’t really know where that wisdom is drawn from – she could have easily read books and watched YouTube videos and drawn her own conclusions – just like the rest of us. IMHO, she hasn’t demonstrated any evidence to suggest that she is who she claims to be. In fact, she has suggested, since we ‘create our reality’ that it’s a good thing to declare yourself to be more than you are, so that one day you might actually be that. I think she was right on the money when she said we should all be our own guru."

  2. La Vaughn, I really appreciate your investigative blog. I wrote a post on a forum several months ago where I was asking myself if Teal is benign? She is a fascinating collective consciousness offering for some, just as Miley Cyrus and Kimye are there for others?

    I was struck by the combination of offering "spiritual" help with her blatant sexuality (including clothes and back ground beds with tangled sheets) that was titillating to several men on youtube who said from comments that she was seen almost as an internet porn object (from comments made like "I would "do her").

    Here is a recent posting that again makes it a big deal about graphic details of her history explained.
    .... From the Depths of Hell to Happiness with Teal Scott

    In the last couple of interviews I have noticed her association in people's minds with extreme sexual and physical trauma like sex with a corpse. When people imagine, it creates an inner experience and characteristic energetic vibration.
    Many young men are now searching for the Divine feminine. Lots of guys say they love her, want her etc...

    I think it is a real assault on their minds and their health to display her sultry come hither details that may have them thinking very dark thoughts as they imagine engaging her body?

    Maybe she is a mind control tool to short circuit certain people? Maybe that is a good reason to out her? Sarbs used to be Madonna's PA and is now hers. That is a bit interesting.

  3. >This wasn't an option for her because she can't even pay her own bills, as she's explained repeatedly

    Yet she keeps emphasizing that she has investments and owns a very expensive house...

    >much easier to do so in the UK as they tend to be slightly more relaxed about it (though it won't be easy, you're right).

    not nowadays anymore from what I read in newspapers .Easier for Aussie, Kiwi, Canadians, but Americans like everybody else outside of EU. (btw I live in UK and one of my citizenship happen to be British. ) They will ask him+ her about the length of their relationship + after 60 months and in a happy scenario the Border Agency approval she will be granted Indefinite Leave to Remain

  4. "Sarbdeep finds it extremely uncomfortable and vulnerable to expose his vows to the world, but I have informed him that the discomfort is a sign of expansion. So, I am going to include both of our vows for you now:"

    I'm starting to think she's doing it on purpose, to take the piss out of skeptics or something. There's NO WAY she can be so oblivious as to how she comes across. She's not stupid after all.

  5. So, wow. I see we've jumped to a third page of comments. I'm just trying to get caught up here.

    Maria, um, speechless. You know I skimmed that blog post yesterday and I missed that. That's just... wow... As I said somewhere upthread, if you know Teal Scott, you're not entitled to a private life, so don't expect one.

    She just does whatever she wants to do no matter who gets hurt and justifies it all with her superior understanding of how the universe works doesn't she.

    Dava the thing about how marrying someone named Swan makes her an exalted one is really special. But the other thing in that Facebook post that struck me is that Osho is not a name. it's a title bestowed on Zen Buddhist priests. She's just co-opting all kinds of spiritual cred. The only person I've ever heard of named Osho was Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh who was a cult leader and he just changed his name to Osho at a certain point. He also owned a fleet of about a hundred Rolls Royces so he's another one who did pretty much whatever he wanted.

    Now, I've got to update this again because Blogger does not handle these multiple pages of comments well. It's all very confusing and I think it works better in some browsers than others. It probably only really works in Chrome but I hate Chrome so there ya go.

  6. LaVaughn, that's perfect about Osho as I've heard her discuss her admiration for him during Shadow House after telling the story of his hundred Rolls Royces...

  7. Was Blake at the wedding? Never heard him getting a mention.

    I'm sure Mark will give Teal his best wishes even though Teal publicly outed his mother by claiming she despised Teal.

    I have a feeling Teal will marry more times than Za Za Gabor.

  8. >He also owned a fleet of about a hundred Rolls Royces so he's another one who did pretty much whatever he wanted.

    ...and was a big supporter of the concept of Eugenics where children with even minor disabilities should be killed to ensure healthy civilisation....

    another nutter

  9. Oh, please. And thought the Jews manifested Hitler for themselves because they felt so guilty for killing Jesus. Hated gay people. I mean the laundry list on this guy was extensive. Not nice. Not a nice guy. When I first moved to Montclair he was still there living in a mansion with his followers. Not well liked by the town. They were squeamish about having a growing cult in their midst.

  10. "MysteryOfPresence >

    Yet she keeps emphasizing that she has investments and owns a very expensive house...

    >much easier to do so in the UK as they tend to be slightly more relaxed about it (though it won't be easy, you're right).

    not nowadays anymore from what I read in newspapers .Easier for Aussie, Kiwi, Canadians, but Americans like everybody else outside of EU. (btw I live in UK and one of my citizenship happen to be British. ) They will ask him+ her about the length of their relationship + after 60 months and in a happy scenario the Border Agency approval she will be granted Indefinite Leave to Remain"

    That's the strange thing about it, as I'm 100% certain that Teal's ex-husband, Mark, bought their house in Utah. He's an estate agent, the only one with a stable 9-5 job. The only conclusion I have is that he gave it to her for Winter's sake in the divorce as settlement, which would make sense now that she claims having "investments" and yet needed her ex-boyfriend to pay her share of the mortgage.

    I guess things have changed a lot since I first went through immigration with family in the US and UK. The process in the US was crazy intimidating, and this was pre 9/11 days. Whereas UK immigration was much friendlier: you don't go through medical testing, finger printing, etc. You just present pertinent documents to the Home Office.

    At the very least, they will have to prove the legitimacy of their marriage... Maybe I'm being extremely jaded here, but it could very well be that Teal planned this all along, that she wanted to move to Europe even before coming to London and that her opportunistic nature helped her sniff out an option. By making their story public, posting their wedding photos, getting comments from followers saying how magical their union is, this could all be a ploy by Teal to help her get where she wants to be; when immigration clerks check their file, they will have all of the public declarations of their love - including wedding vows - at their disposal to prove they're the real deal. She has been explicit about receiving death threats within the US, and seems to think that Europe will be safer for her, so it's possible she's been looking for a way out for quite some time...

    Think about it. She comes to London and on the first day meets a man she latches on to and flirts with, a man who has a habit of wanting to protect famous (or in this case, a D-list celeb-wannabe) women. ON THE FIRST DAY. It's weeks later and they're married. Have any of you ever watched her in interviews with men where she becomes blatantly amorous? Or in her "divine feminine" video and others where she drones on about oozing sexual energy? You're bloody right she oozes it, it's a conscious effort on her part to get her what she wants. It's not some special gift that's specific to her, as she has portrayed it to be (her framing is that she's so healed sexually that she can express it freely and sexual energy pours out of her), this is a choice she's made. It's not indicative of sexual freedom, it's a manipulation tactic she uses. Obviously. Look at her history with men. She's 29 and on her third marriage.

  11. Infatuation can lead to a lot of things. Sarbdeep is an average looking guy who is blinded by Teal's tales of grandeur and physical appearance. I mean no disrespect to him, but I've seen her unfurl over time before and this time will be no different. When the romantic movie storyline she's playing in her head and buying into dissolves, what will be left? Reality.

    I once read a document from the Teal Eye team that was intended to help sell her book to a publisher. You would not believe the claims that were made. It made her appear to be extremely successful and famous, name dropping, talking about people wanting to invest in her, etc. It was all bogus. The book was not picked up by any publishers, despite having an agent, and it was another case of Blake making false claims in the hope that by saying she was super successful/famous that publishers would believe it and it would therefore lead to success/fame. Why he's so driven to give his life over to her for this purpose, I have no idea.

    LaVaughn, the Osho thing: so apropos. I remember her telling the story you mentioned, the fleet of cars, only she said that his disciples bought them for him and he was just "so in alignment" that he attracted that abundance, that it wasn't his fault and yet he was demonized for it. This was during an episode where she was having a freak out about being judged by the public for not being perfect, which is the argument she uses though it's not at all about perfection vs. imperfection. People take issue with her because she talks a lot of talk but doesn't walk the walk. She was basically likening herself to Osho then, just as she did in this post about being an enlightened Paramahamsa who only requires one name like Oprah... Except hers is all caps: TEAL, she yells it at us. "NOTICE ME! I'M FAMOUS, DAMN YOU!"

    I've also heard her refer to Osho here and there with admiration. I suspect anyone who wanted to really study Teal Scott/Swan's tactics and mind would find that she has pulled the philosophy and exact jargon of Osho in addition to Abraham Hicks and Byron Katie, amongst pop-psychologists and self-help leaders. I think this is why her body of work is so glaringly bullshit to intelligent people: she has pulled from so many original sources that her philosophy doesn't even make sense. In one moment, she says to use Law of Attraction and that this begins working in a matter of seconds. The next moment, do shadow work and focus on the things that cause you suffering... which, if you believe in Law of Attraction, you will create more of and perpetuate your own suffering indefinitely. There are many other snags in her work... because it's not her work. It's a mish mash of stuff she's used in her quest for self-therapy/self-healing. She's a very well-studied self-help, despite claiming she rarely reads books you can clearly hear her using the same jargon and exact philosophies as many authors/psychologists/teachers.


  12. Dava, The thing about her trying to sell her book, was this before or after she published it through that vanity press? Is that document still floating around anywhere? I'd be curious to see it.

    Her fondness for "Osho" makes so much sense. He was extremely materialistic. He just used and exploited people. Homophobe. Anti-Semite. Nice guy.

    But see, this is her "using" the "law of attraction." How many universal laws do you know of that have to be put into practice? I only know of that one. But that Facebook post was an affirmation. She was "aligning" her vibration with Oprah and Osho. It's aspirational.

    You're right. The LOA stuff is pretty well antithetical to doing any kind of shadow work. That's why I call Debbie Ford the anti-Secret. I loved Debbie Ford. Now that woman knew how to get real with people and with herself. TEAL (lolz) is not the first to combine shadow work with LOA and there may be a way to do it but it ain't like that. Most of the LOA stuff is entirely binary and keeps you mired in separation.

    The putting her name in all caps thing. I just don't know what to say.

  13. Hi everyone,

    Thanks for your blog LaVaughn and for this forum to discuss concerns about Teal. I have been reading the comments with interest and noticed that some of my comments from Teal's blog have been published here also.

    I have been interested in Teal since 2011, she seemed to be what I was looking for at the time. She was not my spiritual catalyst, I had been exploring my spirituality for many years before I encountered her. I found some of her teachings to be in agreement with conclusions I had already drawn as a result of my spiritual influences (books, teachers, and my own wisdom). What was most appealing to me about her as I am working towards overcoming PTSD, and early in the piece she appeared to have transformed herself. I thought in addition to therapy, my own reading and wisdom, I might be able to pick up some tips from her that would help. I have since concluded that I am probably not Teal's 'target audience'. I will come back and make some more detailed comments about my experiences with her and my observations and concerns, but I need to keep it brief for now.

    I thought I would cross post this post I made in the Teal Tribe forum today. So far, this does not seem to bother anyone on TT too much. It bothers me a great deal that she would misrepresent herself to such an extent, and it strikes me as dangerous to offer such techniques without the support through the process that trained psychologists offer.

    "How does Teal come up with her processes?

    It appears that at least in some instances, by taking them from established practices. For example, does this process look familiar to any of you?

    The author provides CREDIT for this technique in the article above.

    How about this?

    So this technique is called the 'downward arrow technique', and from my brief googling seems to be part of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy.

    Now watch, as Teal explains the technique making no reference to what it is called or where she learned it, thereby giving the impression that it's her process:

    I wonder how many of her other processes that work so well and help so many people are what she has learned from her own therapy? I have no problem with her sharing these processes, in fact it's great if it's credited to the source. Not everyone has access to therapy - but lying by omission and thereby giving the impression you're some kind of self-help genius (or Arcturian leader with special abilities above those of mere humans)? Not OK."

    IMHO Teal jumped the shark when she got divorced. I think it's great that a spiritual teacher would be transparent, lack of transparency was one (of many) of Osho's failings. However I really don't think Teal is qualified to call herself a spiritual teacher, definitely not an Arcturian leader of the new age. It's my belief that leaders are not necessary, especially in the so called new age.

  14. I just want to clarify, I thought she jumped the shark after she got divorced not because of the divorce itself, but that was when her behaviour became increasingly erratic.

  15. owlyowler, I completely agree with you that her outward behaviour flipped into unstable territory following her divorce from Mark last year (I think it was only a few months ago now, right?). But that what has come to the surface was always there. I've heard TEAL and her housemates describe Mark, the ex-husband, as a calm, grounded stable person who is the only one who isn't crazy (their description, though not verbatim). He was likely a stabilizing influence on her life, as well as the provider for her and her family so that she didn't have the same desperation she had when they split as far as making her own money. She has discussed the terror of being alone and providing for herself. She has seemed to be in a state of terror, desperation, delusion and grandiosity since the workshop where they decided to split. But I also suspect her stance on becoming totally transparent in the public eye is a major factor in why we now see her true colours.

    You're 100%, she's not fit to call herself a spiritual teacher, and certainly not The Spiritual Catalyst. She has bred a community in which her followers, who discuss openly that they don't have their shit together by any means, kids in their late teens and early twenties, are now advertising THEMSELVES as spiritual teachers, creating Facebook fan pages, posting self-help style quotes that they've picked up elsewhere and spun into their own wording, posting their channelling messages purportedly from Pleiadians and other ET civilizations, and so on. I've seen her encourage them, lines like "I love you, my fellow spiritual teacher." You can look up Idan Levy (who has posted videos in a state of crisis, crying and desperate for help) who has dubbed himself a spiritual teacher - he recently interviewed TEAL, I've heard it was bizarre. There's also Derek Wayne Hebert, who has declared himself a spiritual teacher as well. There are others too. The "Tealer" community rallies to some degree around them but it appears no one else does really. These two young guys regurgitate Teal's quotes, the teachings they hear, and then quote themselves on their pages just like Teal does. They also don't credit original sources. So you can see what she's spawning already...


  16. Dava, Idan Levy: That's the guy who administrates Teal Tribe dating on Facebook. I found the interview. It's on his new YouTube channel. He appears to have an older channel under his name but the interview is under HereComesTheSun1111.

    She really loves to use and abuse the word "ironically" doesn't she. Isn't it moronic. Doncha think.

    This is what kills me. And I was discussing this with my husband the other night as we were reading through one of the comment threads on her blog. These folks have the entire internet at their fingertips. Use the google. Why are they all asking each other for information when they can can find and trace information back to original sources and get real information they can evaluate? And this is something that I see constantly with young people growing up with all this tech. They'd rather misspell words in text messages and pass around banalities than use this giant library that's been made available. It just blows my mind. When I was a kid we had an excuse for passing around bad and poorly sourced information. Researching things properly meant going to the library and poring through a card catalog. Now it takes minutes to do enough preliminary research to get an idea of the source and relevance.

    Oh dear God, at about the 20 minute mark, comes her absolute misunderstanding of "method acting." Eek. Here she conflates method with character development. Method actors tend to have breakdowns, not because they so embody the characters they portray, but because "the method" involves drudging up their own past trauma in order to understand the pain of their characters. It was also disavowed by Stanislovsky on whose work it was supposedly based. Strasberg was dangerous, in my opinion.

    Ghastly. Just ghastly.

  17. Owlyowler, Thanks for you input. Just want to mention, on the subject of PTSD, that terminology is falling out of favor. My husband is military and they're dealing with a lot of it, for obvious reasons. The military is now calling it PTS. It's no longer considered a disorder. It's just Post Traumatic Stress. It's really a pretty normal response to extreme trauma.

    This isn't something that's really proliferated yet, but a lot of the text is being rewritten to eliminate the word disorder. Which is a fancy way of saying, there's nothing wrong with you. You've just been through trauma.

  18. Just wanted to say that this discussion is some of the most informative I have seen anywhere concerning the shakey underpinnings of "new age". though I do not doubt that Abraham, Byron katie and Osho too have valuable messages, they are only as "useful" as the caliber of users.

    I have been struck with just how shallow the youtube, facebook, twitter culture is in the presence of the vast potential of the internet "library".

    When I was in my late teens and twenties and seeking the means to deal with my "shadow", my complexes and all that necessary digging, I was in a seriously directed Gurdjieff group. I did move on but it was an intense focus and it was not a Guru led drama fest.

    Now, someone like Teal and so many others are appearing to give watered down and very trite and very ungrounded paraodies of truth. The people needing guidance insist that understanding takes longer than the characters of a twitter post, they will pass it by.

    And I still believe tha "porn" is not just sex but fear and also 'spiritual" types of substitution of fantasy for real experience. There is a movie called Don Jon that talks about this area of "internet culture" as dos the South park episode about Kimye. There is a disconnect from real to surreal. The image is all and the substance too Ordinary.

    This is very valuable here and I certainly am happy to be privy to this is conversation so thanks LaVaughn and commenters!!

  19. This comment has been removed by the author.

  20. Thanks for your comment about PTS/PTSD LaVaughn. I didn't know that the trend was to drop the 'd', but it makes sense as my research indicates it's a normal reaction to trauma, as you say.

    I copied and pasted the comment I posted above to Teal's blog yesterday and it's 'awaiting moderation'. All of my comments, whether they were critical of Teal or otherwise have been posted to the comments section of her blog up until this point. It's increasingly annoying to me that Teal is unwilling to rebut valid analysis of her work based on critical thinking - she had explicitly stated to her 'followers' that they should question everything, including her.

    Just saw the first 5 mins of the interview with Idan Levy and had to turn it off in disgust. America is 'in charge' of the rest of the world on a vibrational level? America is shaky and 'unsafe'? I think Teal needs to examine her own judgement, assumptions and inner life before she can go around making fear mongering proclamations. Her actions are so inconsistent with her teachings, she says that 'truth' does not matter and one should focus on what one wishes to create, right? If she believes that, then she wants the whole world to be an unsafe place, does she? Maybe so, maybe so we will be forced to run to her for her 'teachings'.

    She said in her blog post today that she is potentially going to be interviewed by a TV show and they are researching her background. I'm looking forward to seeing what a team of investigative journalists can bring to light about her.

  21. This comment has been removed by the author.

  22. Hmmmm.... no. You know he's a fraud right? And a creep.

  23. No, I didn't know some of the things I've just read, he sounds like a Nazi.

  24. I get very nervous around Social Darwinists, which Darwin never was. It's a bastardization of evolutionary biology to justify hate. The so-called "skeptics" are an angry bunch. Deeply sexist, racist, virulently anti-Muslim. It's some major ugliness.

  25. Can anyone tell me why there is a picture of an unidentified office building for TealEye LLC? If it's not owned by TealEye LLC then what is it doing there? Where is the building?

    Is it their headquarters? Have they purchased the building?

    If not then why is that particular building shown? What relevance to TealEye LLC does it have?

    Any answers would be greatly appreciated.

  26. @Glen
    Based on a Google search, it's a photo of the Bentall Center, located at 1525 N Tustin ave, Santa Ana CA
    I don't have the answers to your other (pertinent) questions.

  27. I'm quoting from Teal's latest blog post to highlight what all of us have been discussing about her: here she has essentially written it out herself clear as day. This is from Crime and Punishment (

    "Every time they recover a girl or a group of girls that were hidden and abused in a basement or a backyard somewhere and the retrieval makes headline news, you’d think I’d be happy for them. Instead, my heart sinks every single time... Just yesterday in the airport, I passed by Elizabeth Smart’s new book and I had this same reaction. First I feel like the unluckiest person on earth, then that emotion gives rise to rage and then I am consumed with jealousy. I watch them get re absorbed into society’s arms as heroes. No one questions or doubts their experiences. They don’t have to struggle for anything anymore. Their psychology is provided for them. So are book deals and movie deals, so they never have to struggle with the insecurity of money again. But my story is the more common one for those of us who have escaped. No book deals, no movie deals, no headline news articles... My shadow is that I never feel more sorry for myself than when I see some girl make front-page news for being rescued from abuse, because I didn’t get rescued."

    Notice her blatant focus and desire for attention in the form of fame, headlines, and money for sharing her story, which may or may not be true. She wishes she was resorbed by society as a hero, hence her quest to become a spiritual luminary. There isn't a single person out there who can argue what it is this woman is after, based on her previous actions, words, and what's quoted above. She's in this for fame and money and she has spelt it out for everyone to see. She is angry and jealous of abuse survivors, like Elizabeth Smart, who get book deals following their ordeal. Does this sound like an enlightened outlook to you? Umm, no. Just, NO.

    "I did not go through an entire enlightenment process, where the oneness of the victim and the abuser was made obvious to me, to then turn around and wish him unwell."

    See above for further evidence, in addition to the previous 426 comments, showing that she is most definitely not enlightened. More bullshit. NEXT!


  28. "But locking up the perpetrators does nothing to improve the powerless state of those who sit squarely in a vibration of victimhood. It changes nothing about them at all. And so they remain a match to what comes as a result of that vibration. They will be victimized by something no matter how hard you try on a physical level to prevent it for them. You could not physically do enough to save them from their own point of attraction. And yes, you should listen to this, because it’s coming from me… someone brave enough to own up to the reality that I held a vibration of powerlessness and attracted the experience I had as a child into my life. The only answer is to empower the victim so their point of attraction changes, and empower the perpetrator, so their desire to hurt others wanes. All pain on both sides (victim and perpetrator) is a result of the perception that they are powerlessness."

    So, we should all listen to this because she has this insight based on being a match to abuse during her childhood, and then bravely overcoming it all and becoming an enlightened, balanced, joyful spiritual teacher - right? Except that's false as well. It wasn't but a few weeks ago that she was droning on and on about being the victim, yet again, of abuse by a sociopath/psychopath that she took it upon herself to diagnose, Fallon/Jared. She explained that she had major issues, problems she needed to finally heal, that manifested as the worst year of her life. She claimed she knew that the cycle of needing a man in her life in order to feel whole, in order to provide for her financially, had to stop finally. She was seizuring daily, arguing with those around her daily, she lost her parents and brother and friends, and on and on with the soap opera. But suddenly her story has changed and we should listen to her because she embodies a supremely enlightened perspective. Suddenly. Now that she's in the honeymoon period of having snagged another man to provide for her emotionally and financially, before she turns on him as she's done with everyone else (save for Blake, who responds "yes, master" to everything she asks, thereby protecting himself from her wrath).

    TEAL (all caps), stop it. Just STOP it. Cut the charade. Go get some acting lessons, get involved with your local theatre, or whatever and reach for fame that way. But please, cut this bogus spiritual teacher role. It's so tired.

    LaVaughn, ghastly, you took the word right out of my mouth. Ugh, her overuse of ironically makes my skin crawl. Flashback to Alanis Morissette over and over again. If her cult really cared about her, someone would point it out for her, but alas maybe they aren't aware of it themselves.

    I dare not watch the Idan Levy interview. I made the mistake of watching some of his others and I couldn't even make it through a full minute, nevermind him and TEAL together talking flakey, bastardized philosophical bullcrap that they make up as they go along. I can't do it. If it's half as annoying as Derek Wayne Hebert's spewing out TEAL-isms all over the place and playing the role of spiritual teacher, I've had enough. I've heard it's pretty bad, so I'll trust all of your opinions and go in peace.

    I can email you that document, it's still here. Where do I reach you?


  29. LaVaughn, thank you for starting up this excellent and relevant discussion.
    The latest developments have prompted me to join in.

    Teal's latest blog "Crime and Punishment" seems to address some of the concerns that have been raised here.
    "The pain of our lives is the pain of not being able to remember exact dates and not being old enough to hoard evidence. ... This is the reason that the court case involving my childhood went cold. ... Scars are not enough evidence to win a case."
    However, that is hardly an explanation.

    Coincidentally, Slate published a lengthy article about Satanic Ritual Abuse, and the wild accusations that were brought forward throughout the 80's and 90's.

    Matching up that article and Teal's own descriptions, one possible theory is that she was affected by the widely televised discussions on the topics of ritual abuse during her childhood.

    One other thing that bothers me is that by sharing gruesome details over and over again (whether true or not -- that is not the point) she puts herself in the victim position. How can that possible inspire her "followers"? While some discussions on her blog point out her powerlessness, most commentators pity her.

    As someone who was sexually abused as a child, I have made a very conscious decision *not* to tell any of my friends about is -- precisely because I do not want them to ever see me as a victim.

    Who would want their spiritual leader to be a victimized individual who needs men to fulfill her needs? I certainly do not ... anymore.

  30. Raven Host, so well put. Thanks for this contribution. Yes, she continuously preaches that there are no victims, and that powerlessness is the heart of the problem in terms generating more of the same victimization experiences. However, she has made it clear that she is the exemption from her own teaching (though we know it isn't her teaching, of course, this is what she would lead her followers to believe). Time and time again, she paints herself to be a victim - not in the past tense, but currently. Look at her explanation of moving to Europe: it's dripping with victim mentality. Yet this same woman will sit with audience members during her workshops, or whilst filming her weekly videos, and preach that they must be empowered, that there are no victims, and on and on. A walking contradiction. No, a raging hypocrite.


  31. One more thing: I just want to clarify that it's not feeling empowered or being expressive that I find problematic in these young Teal followers who are quoting second hand self-help messages, creating pages, etc. It's the title spiritual teacher being thrown around haphazardly. It's a title loaded with connotations, something not to be taken lightly, and it's being treated like a joke by Teal and crew. Her willingness to call young adults who are new to the spiritual path, who are still very much students, spiritual teachers should tell everyone something about the logic she has used in giving herself that title, along with Spiritual Catalyst.

    It's inappropriate. Period.


  32. Dava, I like Alannis Morisette. I really do. And it's a cute little song but it has nothing to do with irony. Or, as one stand-up comic put it, "That is not ironic. It's unfortunate."

    But so much of TEAL's languaging grates on my ears it's almost not worth it to point it out. And her with an IQ of 170. How did that happen?

    That blog post is, um, unbelievable. I thought for a moment that she might backtrack on some of the things I quoted in my blog post about there being no value in prosecuting MURDERERS. But no. She doubled down. Nuts. And, yeah. It just oozes envy over the fame of people who verifiably were kidnapped, imprisoned, raped, and abused. This is the woman who said she didn't write a book about her years of ritual abuse because it would just be too self-aggrandizing. So now who needs to go to the Jelly School? She's such a hater.

    Raven Host, thank-you so much for that Slate article. That's just awesome. I've been following the case of the West Memphis Three for years, who were finally released on an Alford plea, but still haven't cleared their names. Convicted for killing children in a Satanic Ritual that somehow left not a single piece of physical evidence. No altar, no ritual tools, nada. Just the coerced confession of a boy with an IQ of 70 -- that the jury wasn't by law supposed to consider. Thank-you Geraldo. Here's Lanning on the total lack of evidence of Satanic Ritual abuse. The true believers out there will tell you that Kenneth Lanning says all that because he's really a Satanist. So there ya go.

    We went to see The Hobbit II this weekend. It was terrible. But at this point I see paying for a Peter Jackson movie as donating to the West Memphis Three defense fund, so I'm good with that.

  33. @Raven Host. Thanks for the information, I have no idea how you identified the building but thanks. I have yet to discover what relevance the building has to TealEye LLC if any. Presumably there's a reason you would stick a picture of a particular building on your company page, because it has relevance to you or your company? Any guesses?

  34. On the building, it struck me as aspirational. It's like tacking a pic of what you want on your refrigerator or making a vision board. But what weirds me out is that the question is raised, apparently by a shill, but it remains unanswered. TealEye explains the geometry of the logo at length but ignores the simple question as to why the picture of the building has been posted. No red flags there or anything.

  35. This comment has been removed by the author.

  36. Teal Scott, you're not here to help remove the shackles at all. Your attitude sucks big time. You use your website as a place to attack anyone outspoken, who questions your motives, you're a complete and utter control freak with a thirst for absolute power. The chart on your Facebook page for TealEye says nothing of what you hope to change and with the petulant attitude you have towards people I doubt if you could work productively with anyone to make the world abetter place. I think you're a fraud with your own sneaky agenda. Given the blatant desire you have for material gain, I doubt if you could think less about your own needs for long enough to think about the needs of people in shackles. Frankly I don't think you give a damn about anyone except yourself. You are a false prophet of our time and you'll do nothing for humanity or consciousness evolution. I think you're a very selfish entity but then you don't see anything wrong with being selfish, do you? You don't like anyone questioning your authority Teal do you? You try to thwart their right to voice their opinion like a spoiled child setting your army on them to sway opinion and evading pertinent questions. How dare you accuse people of being is resistance or not willing to have a meeting of minds. You're describing yourself there Teal and it shows badly.

  37. I was with a girl for 14years who had been abused as a child. Her desire in life was to stay well and out of hospital and have good mental health not to walk down the fucking red carpet or get book deals or movie deals. She was already believed by the nurses and doctors by friends and by me, she didn't feel an entitlement to fame and fortune, she wasn't conceited and she didn't play on her victim hood. I know what I am talking about, I visited her in psychiatric wards for years, I'll gladly speak with you Teal Scott about how selfish and manipulative your are being. You're not the only one in the world who has suffered and I have great compassion for people who have been abused but don't play on it lady. I can read you like a book Teal Scott, you're milking this story of abuse for all it's worth and it's sickening. Your focus is far from removing the shackles from the needy in our world and is instead on becoming a fame monster so that you can ingratiate yourself. Wasn't it you Teal that taught that we are already enough? Who the hell do you think you are Teal?

  38. In Teal's latest blog justifying her reasons for getting married she writes,
    "I wanted the nation states to recognize the union and recognize us as a family, which enables us to stay together and work in whichever country we decide to live in."

    Hmmm, Do you think by getting married and appearing like a 'family'... Teal could be trying to preemptively avoid losing a nasty custody fight with Mark when she tries to take their son to Europe? After all, how could Mark move to England and be able to legally work in order to support himself and pay child support for Winter?? Is Mark just going to live with/off of Sarbdeep and Teal's income like Blake is planning to do??? Doubtful... Are work visas really that much easier for American citizens to get in England than they are for foreigners to get in the states??? US Courts most often award primary custody of small children to the mothers under the assumption small children need the nurturing of a mother more than a father at such a young age. Even though Teal is clearly mentally unstable, and has admitted to NEVER being left alone with her four year old son for ANY amount of time (on account of him being a trigger and her having unpredictable seizures and all), being married to Sarbdeep with his and her combined income, could help Teal APPEAR to be the most stable parent in a court custody battle. Custody court also takes into account character witnesses, and with Blake and her other cult members on Teal's side... Well, let's just say Blake, Graciela, Flavia, Bonnie, and Justin seem more than ready and willing to say and do anything for Teal, no matter how unscrupulous Teal has been. Blake has already clearly lied for Teal by posing as Jason Freedman and writing fraudulent articles about her to gaslight her career when she released her book two years ago. Who knows what Blake is liable to say on Teal's behalf in a court document. This could not end well for Mark when it comes to maintaining a relationship with his son. Especially when I'm guessing Mark has become sort of isolated over the years he was married Teal. After all, Mark seems to have lost some good, credible friends like Myketa over Teal's bizarre behavior, and I'm sure the fact that Mark's mother 'despises' Teal probably caused some estrangement from Mark's own family over the years as well. I doubt Mark has anyone on the inside who knows him and Teal well enough who will be willing to go to bat for him in court by testifying against Teal's fitness as a mother. It's such a shame... It's obvious that Winter needs the stability, and sanity of his levelheaded dad in the picture. I get the feeling that in public, Teal's son serves like an accessory (handbag) or conversational piece she uses to SEEM relatable to people. Teal's son seems useful to her for a funny anecdote here and there, but the day to day drudgery and self sacrifice it takes to be a mother is admittedly just not Teal's forte. In fact Teal abhors the idea of self sacrifice, and openly has admitted to hating being a parent. BUT she clearly just can't wait to have a baby with each new love interest at the she tried to do with FALLON! It seems to me, that the only reason she would really want to take her son with her to Europe would due to her 'collector' mentality. In many ways Teal seems very child-like herself, and she will most likely try to use her son Winter for comfort like a small child drags their teddy bear when it is convenient, but then drops it on the floor when something more entertaining and less tedious to carry comes their way. Poor kid, I really do feel for Teal's son Winter, and her ex husband Mark in the wake of Teal's selfish destruction... aka in the wake of Teal 'following her joy.'

  39. I could be wrong but I feel Teal would leave her own son in pursuit of her own happiness. Of course, I may underestimate her love for him but even Blake publicly raised concerns about the levels of motherly attention the boy was getting as a baby. As for marrying Sardeep, I thought it was because they loved each other and not a marriage of convenience. Her marriage is therefore a business arrangement with mutual benefits.

    I'm off to watch Teals Swans message about love on YouTube to remind myself how the universe sees love, Teal often speaks for the universe.

  40. I'm gonna put this here, if anyone still cares. I am a recovering lifelong depersonalized person.
    Short explanation: My body doesn't feel like it's mine and I have no feelings. It happens because of childhood trauma, and stress associated with it because of lack of safety. Mind takes over the body.
    During my recovery I'm offcourse trying to find useful information everywhere, all the time, since the thing I've become a master at through my life of "never going for what I want because I don't really feel it" is observing society, norms, interactions, and creating a whole new persona that is drawn from all kinds of places with no real silver lining connecting it all, contructing a fountain of knowledge from all sorts of fields. Reading people and understanding manipulation is ofcourse the basis for all communication. I learned to use fake emotions and exude a sense of "availability", sexual for women, non threatning yet "dont mess with me" to men.
    I see her doing the same, all her accentuations and facial expressions are fake, learned, although they are very well done it's perfectly clear to me, because it's what I've stopped doing, and to do that, I've had to observe and catch myself.
    Also, her right shoulder is higher than her left, a clear sign energy imbalances, repressed emotion. I have a similar thing.
    She is depersonalized, and she's doing this because it's the only thing that can make her feel good - ego gratification. Since the body, along with it's feelings and true personality is not available, the only way to feel good is through the ego.
    She does have some good information from the little videos I've seen, but it's all learned and very little is understood through personal trials or actual application. A lot might also be delusions of grandeur since prolonged estrangement from your body can lead to very narcissistic simptoms. Believe me I know. She has deep, unresolved scars from early childhood, and I hope she stops this bullshit and starts down the path of TRUTH, COURAGE, and the inevitable long dark journey that awaits down that path.

  41. I think she ripped off her latest blog entry about money from the likes of Robert Kiyosaki.
    It goes against everything she's ever taught. I don't think she knows what she is talking about.

  42. WOW... props to you Nejc Manenica for sharing your TRUTH so honestly! I too hope that Teal will be able to stop trying to con herself and everybody else with the tired spiritual teacher act and finally start down the path of truth.

    ALSO, I agree with chsdolls that Teal's latest blog is a total rip off of RICH DAD POOR DAD theories from Robert Kiyosaki. Surprise, Surprise Huh??


    Self proclamation and diabolical hypocrisy. A wonderful video

  44. Glen, I think guru mentality is a problem but that problem isn't the sole provenance of Hindu, a lovely religion in many respects. It's a problem of human nature. And anyone who thinks Christians don't give their power away to charismatic leaders isn't paying attention. Nor is it entirely a problem of religion. People give their power over to secular authority, too. Bear in mind that the seminal work on brainwashing, referenced in my post, is about a secular, totalitarian state. People love to give their power away to anyone or anything they think will protect them, save them, or fix them. I wish it were as simple as verbally reminding people that they contain the entire universe. It's not. You have to live that belief and allow it to dictate how you conduct yourself. You have to consciously keep breaking people the habit of handing over their power. Many leaders have failed to do that despite the best of intentions. And some have willfully stolen power from their followers. And that problem crosses every religious and secular boundary.

  45. Our leader Teal is telling us how we can manifest money again. She does it herself via deception, selling dynamically inert artwork and getting donations for false campaigns and of course a donate button. She's already made a 'How to manifest money' video but still they flock pleading poverty and she gives them the tools, empowers them, she was inundated with emails she says, sure you were Teal, I believe you.

    Her tools are of course manipulating her followers into thinking she is needy using cleverly disguised manipulation of the written word. Love language or a lack of gifts under her tree or her need for a new water heater and tugging on the old heart strings, she cannot be under financial strain she once wrote, it was decided, by her and her business colleagues. So some idiots sent the guru money for her and the child (violin music). She can't even manifest money for herself, she has to lie about her artwork by claiming it has powers. If it had any powers then then the 'wealth' themed one would make us all come into money with a glance such is it's vibrational properties. Teal gets money by setting up false campaigns while speaking softly about her concern for our DESENSITIZATION, she wants to save us from the billboard monsters and put up her shit instead. That's how Teal gets her money, by lying her backside off. It's all manipulation people and if you cannot see it then I guess your a candidate for brainwashing. Teal gets her money by manipulation not visualization. I feel sorry for the poor saps going along with this crap, they are exactly like the people in the video above.

    Gee, makes you wonder why Jared called his now removed video "Is Teal Scott a scam?" No wonder Bartzis was trying so hard to control Jared, it would blow their elaborate scam. Why is a woman from Arcturus so caught up with earthly things such as money. I would ask her myself but I think Teal might be down at the hospital caring for the suffering unless she's out of body in which case she'll be hovering over them relieving them of pain. Oh, it's so reassuring, she gets about doesn't she? She's never out of restaurants, no shortage of cash there then Teal. I wonder who paid for the wedding, the billboard campaign money? No, I can't say that, can I ?

  46. I know, Glen. I saw her money post. It was like a little nostalgia trip through the 1980s. So incredibly hackneyed.

    But let's keep it simple. All you have to do is train your mind on abundance, et voila! Yet she has no gifts (love) under her tree this year. She and her little "family" don't have enough abundance to meet all their needs and desires. Why not? Is she just really shitty at practicing the principles of this law of attraction thing she's teaching? Or is the law of attraction as she's teaching it bullshit? Neither prospect is good.

  47. @La Vaughn: The video is just illustrative of the frenzy people get into over gurus and their loss of critical thinking. Sure, it's not just restricted to Hinduism. I see the same thing happening here on a smaller scale, worship of a self entitled guru, bodyguards, love of money and materialism and a desire for a mega corporation. I think someone said Rolls Royces were mentioned too on a blog of Teals? To hell with suffering, let's use our power to make ourselves Gods and make butt loads of money. It's as simple as that. Teal's helping us right? She's empowering us with knowledge she came in with. She didn't plagiarize it, she's a projection of a projection from Arcturus and she's galactic Green peace too, lol. Oh and she's Sai Baba? It's quite funny how much people accept without asking the guru WTF are you talking about.

  48. @La Vaughn: Yeah, "Poor people are poor because of the thoughts they have relative to money in their communities" cue picture of family with empty dinner plates.

    Now let's hear it for Donald Trump the billionaire, Teal loves him alright, she loves money and capitalism, but the poor people, well they're poor because they are crap at manifesting food or at producing frequency paintings which would do wonders on billboards in those poor communities. It would raise their consciousness and make them no longer poor and desensitized. She cares you know, it's just not caring as we know it.LOL I SUPPOSE VISUALIZATION IS QUITE HARD WHEN YOU ARE STARVING.

    Of course Teal was kept in a pit, hog tied and starved but she's not so concerned about the poor people with empty stomachs now, she must have transcended that pit and is now a hard headed business woman. She's come a long way since that pit with the little ant that inspired her so much. I'm not making this up either. She really was inspired by an ant, that's how she escaped, her captor made one mistake in 13 years (left the gate unlocked) then she ended up in Jason Freedmans/ Blakes basement. How he had time for his journalism career beats me.

    Cue her next book, how to love yourself while lying through your teeth

  49. I know in this country, there is real lack of critical thinking in our educational system. In fact, most of the educational system is so draconian it's at odds with any possibility of teaching kids to question authority. We're raising whole new generations of clueless sheep. And then we wonder why they fall in behind anyone who arrogates a certain amount of authority to himself.

    I think the Rolls Royce thing you're referring to had to do with TEAL's admiration for Osho, aka., Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh. I addressed that in a little more depth on my post.

  50. These days, there's no such thing as bad publicity. In a funny way, all of Teals critics are just doing her a "BIG FAVOUR"... So i figure, that the more Critics Teal gets, the more things will work in her favour. Look at Miley Cyrus's Wrecking ball video on Youtube, the majority of the comments are bad, but the video had over 5million hits.

  51. When i look at this thread, what stands out the most is not all the criticisms or the praises... It's the name TEAL, and all the videos and pictures of her that you posted. So, this has turned more into Teals page than your. Just sayin :)

  52. Remember: Energy flows, Where attention goes... thank you :)

  53. Nejc I have to say that what you said would be true for me as well. I find what teal does similar to some of the things I have pulled in my lifetime. The imbalance and unstable emotions and reactions to the people around her. I really think before she started this whole spiritual thing, that she should have taken time to become a more balanced person. Jared, I don't know if your the same guy who does the spirit science videos, you are pretty good looking to me also. I don't know teal and would never claim to know her life, but when I see someone who acts like I do in some cases then I can't help but not to take her seriously as a divine spiritual person. Just like I wouldn't go to a doctor unless he could talk the talk and be able to operate on people in the correct fashion.

  54. Just one question, why do you care about Teal so much?
    We (Europe + USA) live in a democratic word, where you can read, like, do whatever you want, listen to anyone you like… I don’t like concept of people being „sheep“who need to be protected. Everybody has a brain so we should use it. And if somebody for whatever reason doesn’t like Teal Scott, there is nothing easier than stop watching her videos or reading her blog :) She is not a politician or public person who is paid by our taxes. She doesn’t tell anybody to give her money. So it is everybody’s choice and responsibility to follow her or support her…

  55. @Helena. Don't even bother. Unfortunately there are many in this conversation that have no interest in doing anything other than obsessing about how much they don't like Teal Bosworth Scott Swan. And they have every right to do that. They say they can't stand her, they don't like her hypocrisy, her lack of using proper sources, etc. Yet, they are up to date on her latest blog posts, videos, facebook posts, hell they probably know the last time she took a shit. I don't know about you but that sounds as obsessive as some of them have said her "cult followers" are. Constructive objective conversation is not largely on the agenda for a good number of commenters here,(unless you have new pearls of peril against Teal). In earlier posts I tried to understand where they were coming from in a genuinely interested fashion, but, to no avail. Much like the claims made about Teal and her blog (who's comment deleting I do hold serious issue with, btw), if you question why they have a problem with her you will be met as if you are a "Tealer" or one of her housemates, staff, or obsessive followers. I threw in the towel a few weeks ago because there was no getting past the Teal Cult mentality. I came back after reading Teal's blog about LaVaughn's post. I've read both and, as I've tried to say before I don't disagree with some of LaVaughn's views; I just don't understand the vehement opposition to someone getting something out of what Teal teaches, whether it's her work, or not, whether she's after world domination via pay pal donations, etc. There's just a lot of negative focus going on here which isn't healthy for anyone. There's nothing wrong with questioning something but it seems this conversation on this blog has gone to another level, which, at the time I called bashing. After I posted that I sat with it for a while because I thought I might not be being quite fair. Now, after re-reading both articles and all comments to date my initial opinion stands. But read for yourself, engage for yourself. Just warning you, it's going to be tough.

  56. seeker80, aka., goddesshopsblog, Again with the straw men and the mischaractarizations. You know I invested a good amount of time addressing your arguments and trying to achieve some meeting of the minds. You weren't shouted down with accusations of being a Tealer. You just chose to ignore most of the civil responses to your arguments and seized instead on the occasional eruption or negative word. But I'll leave it to thinking people to read those conversations for themselves and come to their own conclusions.

    "I just don't understand the vehement opposition to someone getting something out of what Teal teaches, whether it's her work, or not, whether she's after world domination via pay pal donations, etc."

    Examples please? Who is saying that no one should gain whatever they want from teal's teachings. Not I, certainly. I think people should do what they will. And if they are merrily doing so, why all the upset over people with different opinions of her work?

    "There's just a lot of negative focus going on here which isn't healthy for anyone."

    I simply disagree. The disdain for negative focus in the new thought, LOA, canon too often results in people letting their critical thinking muscles atrophy and becoming incredibly suggestible.

    A lot of people who are posting comments on this blog are processing their own grief and anger at having been mislead by teal. Some of them are processing their grief and anger over watching people close to them spend all their money on her seminars and so on instead of constructively dealing with genuine problems. What appears on this blog in comments is just the tip of the iceberg. There are a lot of people who feel they or people they care about have been seriously harmed by teal, as I have learned through private discussions via email, and phone calls in some instances. Can you look at how she treated Fallon/Jared or Cameron or some of these other people and honestly tell me she doesn't hurt people. Or that such harm wouldn't result in some rather raw feelings and anger? Or is teal the only person who has license to vent her raw emotions and anger?

    Unlike teal, I don't delete comments that are a bit raw, even when they're directed at me. And some of those have been hateful. Meanwhile, over on teal's blog, still no answer on Lena's comments, despite promises that it would be rectified. Think it would have been addressed at all if the problem hadn't gotten a thorough airing in the comments here and filtered in through the comments of some the regulars on her blog? I have my doubts.

  57. I agree with LaVaughn... I too had several friends who Teal has taken for a ride... Granted, it was a learning experience that their souls apparently chose to go through, but I don't see the harm in letting their stories be a cautionary tale to others who may not want to willingly choose to allow Teal to manipulate their emotions to get what she wants and then chew them up and spit them out... Teal runs her game on nearly everyone she meets in person at her workshops... I think the ideal mark for her are single, lonely, individuals... Typically men... The occasional lesbian... The first thing Teal told my friend who was nearly 60 years old at the time and was new to spirituality was that she had been "waiting for him" when he met her in person at a workshop. My friend told me that at first, he didn't really believe he was sexually attracted to her in that way, but it felt like she was almost coming onto him with her full body hugs and manipulative whispers of "I love you" in his ear... She told him that they were lovers in several past lifetimes and that they were going to work together again in this one... She said meeting him was like reuniting a lost piece of her soul... The result.. this poor guy was soo hypnotized that he went home and cut Teal a check for a large sum of money (we're talking thousands) AS A DONATION to Teal Eye for a healing school that Teal apparently told him that he would be instrumental in helping her to start up... After one more breakfast in which Teal evaded all of his questions, and inquiring via email, and another workshop... My friend was effectively stonewalled by Teal and her crew BLAKE and FALLON... NO SCHOOL has been mentioned since... and they have ceased contact with my friend... It's your call people, but I at least think you deserve the right to make an informed decision when it comes to following and being taken in by con-artists like TEAL.

  58. Kelli... speechless... wow. I don't know you from adam. Can't speak for the truth of this story but it sure does fit with a lot of other things that have been observed and documented. Just, wow. I'm reposting your comment on the other thread. Hope you don't mind. I just don't that this thread is getting as much as traffic and I don't want this to get lost. Just... wow.

  59. I think LaVaughn comes across as incredibly transparent in her reasons for doing this blog. I don't understand all the hate and resistance that is being directed towards her... I don't understand the people like Helena or Linda who won't even take the time to critically read and look at what she and these other people in the comments are actually saying... LaVaughn seems like an intelligent light bearer who can see and cut through BS with penetrating insight. We need more people in the world like LaVaughn who can encourage people to use their critical thinking skills instead of blindly, unquestioningly following these LEADERS... It's a worldwide epidemic of sheeple, and if Tealers like Linda and Helena are any example of what is going on in the psyches of people in the majority of our general population... well... we as a collective in trouble!

  60. LaVaughn (and any other commenters who wish to engage):I never said that no one here tried to have a real conversation. I purposefully used words like "many" or "largely." These are qualifying terms. My opinion is based on my perspective and my experience. And I did in essence retract my initial statement by telling Helena to "read for yourself" and "engage for yourself". I'm sorry if you feel the me stating my opinion is a "mischaracterization" .

    Below are examples of why my opinion is what it is. These are mostly comments that came in response to my comments. I'll give you the benefit of the doubt and consider that you haven't seen them: said...
    Ummmm.... speaking of anonymous posters... Something about the comments from seeker80 and goddessshopsblog reeks of Teal, Blake, and the Shadow House Gang... Reminds me of Teal and Blake's ol' Jason Freedman trick of using fake AVATARS to defend Teal's name on anonymous blog... UNSUBTANTIATED claim of course... BUT Call me intuitive ;)

    ***Nope, I wasn't being "shouted out" for being a Tealer at all on that one right?***

    Glen Paterson said...
    I see some of the Teal devotees are coming in to salvage what they can of a movement whose foundations seem to have been built on a foundation of lies, contradictory information and manufactured popularity.

    I see also a commenter trying to draw La Vaughn into a situation that will make it look as if La Vaughn is attacking Teals sexuality.

    I feel it's too late for that nonsense, the shambles that is Teal Scott seems blatantly obvious and the Teal loyalists are now unprepared to face up to who and what their leader of the new age movement really is.

    ***This one was right after my post and from my reading of posts prior it seems it was directed at my post***

    Glen Paterson said...

    If all the 'Tealers' want to focus on the good stuff thinking it'll make the questionable somehow disappear then follow her. If you want a leader who got there by deception then you can become part of the deception and you will inherit the ways of deceivers. You can hate on me all you want, I'm only trying to wake you up and tell you all is not well.
    January 1, 2014 at 11:44 AM

    ***So, in essence, I can't look at the good stuff without condemning her at the same time for her faults.*** said...
    goddessshopblog aka seeker80

    ... Even if some people who happen to stumble onto Teal are able to help themselves using the information she regurgitates... should Teal be praised as anything other than a mouthpiece or a intellectual sounding gramaphone??? She never gives credit to any outside source for her Teachings... I for one am amazed that people still even think it's worth arguing that Teal isn't a CROCK...
    December 30, 2013 at 8:40 PM

    ***And again...*****

    goddessshopsblog said...
    holistichealer: That is your opinion and you are entitled to it. I respectfully disagree, but I am glad you are calling it what it is; bashing, not a rational discussion, not concern for those allegedly under her spell, but bashing plain and simple.
    December 30, 2013 at 8:54 PM said...
    SINCE when does BASHING one person mean I don't have concern for others under her spell??? Who's using irrational lines of logic now???
    December 30, 2013 at 9:03 PM said...
    December 30, 2013 at 9:04 PM

    ****Not a stitch of negativity there***

    Hopefully my sarcasm is noted.

  61. Again, with the username stuff...sorry. I think we all know who I am at this point.

    At the end of the day I don't begrudge anyone their opinion. All I've ever tried to convey is that some of the tone of some of the comments (again qualifying words) is really snarky. I get that people are upset and I don't challenge their right to be. Fair warning of what one has experienced that is troubling to them for the sake of informing those who may not know is fine. There is some of that going on here, but there is also quite a bit of people sucking up anything new that Teal does/says/writes, and pontificating about how it somehow fits into some kind of a master plan. To what exact end is unclear but the general tone of such comments has a negative leaning.

    Examples would be HolisticHealers theory about Bonnie being some kind of Canadian refugee whose quiet demeanor on Shadow House is a cover for being on the lamb for something or the theories (someone else's I believe, can't remember who) about how Teal has married Sarbdeep for easy access to citizenship abroad and child custody purposes. It's stuff like that that (for me) crosses the line from having a conversation about things that don't add up to starting conspiracy theories because we just don't like a person. There is a difference and it seems (again, to me) that no one wants to address that aspect of it.

    There is hypocrisy in conveying that it is unwise or wrong for Teal's die hard followers to want to believe or ignore her inconsistency no matter how glaring they are and put her up on a pedestal she doesn't deserve and then at the same time use any ounce of material that comes up about her and twist it into something nefarious on her part just because you don't like it or have issue with it (to clarify I'm not saying that is everyone's opinion but there are comments I've read that are like this and others have definitely chimed in). I don't think she deserves either extreme.

    I also find it a bit hypocritical to fault her for making unqualified diagnosis of Fallon/Jared's "condition" such as she sees it, and at the same time make what I imagine are unqualified suggestions about her mental stability of lack their of. Cover it up with noting that you are unqualified all you want, there are still people commenting about her mental state and what they think of it in a public fashion. If it isn't fair to Fallon/Jared why is it fair to Teal? Because she started it?

    That is and has always been the crux of my issue. There are people here condemning this woman for the same things they are doing and standing in the place of some kind of righteousness because they feel they have been wronged or watched someone they care about be wronged in some way. Wrong is just wrong period.

  62. Frankly, I just think people you mentioned here seeker 80 aka goddesshopsblog are tired of people like you making excuses for Teal's unexcusable behavior... There are plenty of forums for that already, but I appreciate a well rounded argument. You however don't strike me as well rounded. I think you are confused, and hypnotized. I hope you can work through your emotional blockages and gain some clarity just like the rest of us goddessshops blog.

  63. seeker80, Firstly, I thank you for your willingness to engage in discussion.

    Now, I have to say, your list of quotes: Selective quoting from two commenters doesn't really add up to "many" or "largely" now does it. And I don't think these statements are emblematic of the conversation overall. I think there has been an awful lot of very thoughtful analysis of teal, her work, and a number of people taking a good hard look at themselves. That's what I see when I read these comments every day. I think you're cherry-picking.

    I will also say, in fairness to everyone, that at the point at which you posted your original comments, I was also being deluged with some really shrill, hateful comments in support of teal and I think your comments were judged by some, perhaps unfairly, in that light. Context is everything, is what I'm saying. And if I came across as reactive to your statement here, I have to tell you that it's in part because I felt so repeatedly misinterpreted in your earlier comments. It's frustrating.

    "I also find it a bit hypocritical to fault her for making unqualified diagnosis of Fallon/Jared's 'condition' such as she sees it, and at the same time make what I imagine are unqualified suggestions about her mental stability of lack their of."

    Ummm... Actually a lot of this discussion has been in response to her own announcements of various diagnoses of her conditions. She has claimed that she has DID and BPD. Those are very serious mental health conditions. We didn't diagnose her. I stated earlier, without drawing any conclusions, that much of what she describes appears to be consistent with BPD. Apparently, I was correct. As I later learned she has announced on more than one occasion that she's a diagnosed and to some degree treated borderline. All of which is quite different than announcing to the world as if it's a proven fact that Fallon is a psychopath followed by a complete butchery of what that actually means.

    teal puts her psychological condition in play. She chose to make her private life public by turning it into a reality show and dragging everybody close to her into it whether they want that for themselves or not. She can't then say, you only get to comment on my private life or many psychological maladies if you approve of it all. She puts all this out there and it gets her a lot of pity and excuses a lot of egregious behavior. Some of us think maybe it's not so sensible for someone with such serious psychological maladies that are still causing her frequent meltdowns to position herself as a super-evolved being capable of teaching everyone else how to be happy. She doesn't seem happy enough for that.

  64. @ Kelli Thomas: What behavior of Teal's have I "excused"? I have mentioned before and will repeat myself when I say that I do agree with some (some) of LaVaughn's and some other commenters views. I have said before there are things about Teal that don't add up for me or that are "bat shit crazy." How is that excusing anything? Once again no mention of how the double standards I brought up might apply and, of course, now my mental stability is being questioned. Why? Because I don’t accept bad behavior on any side, even if one side is clearly questionable (i.e. Teal). How exactly am I “hypnotized”? What have I said here that would lead you to believe that I accept any and everything that Teal or her “brain trust” writes/says/vlogs? I’m seriously curious how questioning the questioners makes me inept in some way?

  65. It doesn't make you inept. If you like to argue for the sake of arguing... beautiful. I think some people here on this blog are actually more emotionally invested in what Teal is doing than yourself, and they are not WRONG either.

  66. @ Goddesshops blog If things about Teal seem like a personal attack on Teal in these comments, why is it unfair to say that it's well deserved. How does the Law of Attraction suddenly not apply to Teal when people criticize and place her under scrutiny for her private life after she does unexcusable things to people and purports herself to be a shining example of a Leader of the New Age? Is Teal the only one who gets a say in all this?? I fail to see how these blog comments are hypocritical when people are emotionally venting and working through their disillusionment and concern.

  67. Lol you seem bitter, jealous and this is obviously a personal trigger point for you in your somewhat sick obsession disguised as a concern. This article reeks of emanating vibrations that are of a weak and primal nature in comparison to your 'celestial reflections' facade.

  68. Hello Beautiful People,
    I had a comment that somehow disappeared a few days ago in response to the censorship on this blog. Haha Ironic. Teal nor I moderate the comments on this blog. It was someone who loves Teal very much and knows her true heart and intention. The comment attacked Teal’s character and had nothing to do with the content of the article. We are ones for no-censorship and trust in the discernment of the fellow readers. Teal and I were upset to hear of the removal, and have spoken with the person about such censorship. We tried to put the comments back up but they were unfortunately deleted, so I invite her to repost them if she wishes it in alignment. Having said that we will remove comments with profanity, attacking other members and abuse. I apologize for any harm this may have done

    with love

    P.S. if you do want to continue to comment without regard to topic and want to continue attacking unprovoked, I want to ask, why torture yourselves in fighting teachings that you do not believe in? Teal’s teachings are just that teachings. If they are not in alignment with your healing than simply find something else. We are not interested in cultivating a cult mentality. In fact Teal’s teachings are to the contrary. They teach self empowerment and deciding for yourself using your feelings as an emotional compass. I suggest you do what you love and love what you do. What you resist persists.
    I believe that we are all on the same team here. Seeking Love, friendship and to simply feel better. Can you argue with me on this point? The fight here baffles me. “Oh $*&%, this bitch is teaching Self Love!! Lynch her!!” There really has got to be a better use for this pent up anger. I don’t want to say direct it at someone else or some other large corporation that has ceased to be human, because like I mentioned, what you resist, persists. Let see some Art or awesome Death Metal with it.
    I think what is happening here is incredible. A Spiritual Teacher exposing ALL of her life, the good and the bad. I believe we all have abilities like Teal (psychic, empathic, etc…) we just have different levels of awareness to our own abilities. And here comes someone just like us, that deals with daily emotions, suffering, pain and is deeply connected with her higher self. How invigorating and empowering is that? We can do it. And you don’t have to join a damn club or pay 10% to ensure your exclusive spot for enlightenment. Are you concerned that we are out for money with all of this free content online? Or have wrapped you into a 2 year gym membership for your 5th chakra. Do you feel ripped off by the time you have spent watching youtube. “Oh damn, I spent 3 hours watching empowering youtube. That is 3 hours I could have been painting a self portrait which I would have sold for $132.50….SOB Teal ripped me off $132.50 with her scamming free youtubes!!!”
    If you’d like to continue to treat Teal’s life like people magazine, go ahead. We know the dangers of exposing our personal lives to a critical unforgiving audience. But we also know the dangers of not discussing or sharing true feelings. And it equals school shootings, high suicide rates, domestic abuse and a society that is falling into the hands of depression and pharmaceutical drugs. This Blog, Shadow House and Intentional Communities that focus on healthy expression are revolutionary. This is a step in the direction of an open expression that society is crying out for. And punishing the ones that express their true feelings is cruel and very old world. I’m quite tired of the old world and fighting invisible enemies. I am concerned with my passion and doing what I love. Personally that is bringing people together to have invigorated and inspired conversation. I know what is in my heart. I do sincerely hope that you are acting out of love from within your own heart. And whatever you think is happening here, I can assure you is not.

    with love

    1. Just got one thing to say. If everyone is really so wrong explain what Teal had to say in Vegas Insider years back that contradicts the cult story? Its very telling. You can come up with all the plausible sounding defenses you want, but would love to see how you can make any kind of reasonable logical argument defense against that one. My bets are you won't though, because there isn't one!

  69. Hello Blake,
    No comment from you has been processed previously. No alert of same has appeared in my email either. So either there was a blogger glitch and they certainly happen, or you're talkin' smack. Deleting comments is not my style as should be apparent by the sheer volume of nastiness I've left in place from your very high-vibration set.

    Btw, you would be well-advised to post your message to Lena on the other blog post as that is the more active thread and the one she has been posting on.

  70. Dear Blake,

    I do think you have the best intentions in your heart, for Teal, and for the world at large, and you are an honest, well-meaning loving individual. As for the issue at hand, it was not just one comment, ALL my comments have disappeared suddenly, and I was blocked to post anything new under that user name. I am unable to re post them since they were all deleted without prior warning or notification, I don’t have them saved. However, there are plenty of witnesses who’d testify that my comments ( the last ones i remember from marriage,money, obesity entries) did address directly the topics raised by Teal. I was expressing my views and opinions, without harassment, profanity or attacking/abusing anyone. Teal has encouraged us herself on numerous occasions to question everything, she also asks for our feedback/opinions in the end of some of her blog posts, and I was inspired by her to do so, using my own critical thinking. With respect. Nor did I ever attack any other members here. We ( guys, you know who you are:-)) did engage in some lovely debates and heartfelt discussions, sharing life stories, jokes and links…yes, losing track and getting off the topics at times…I certainly didn’t torture myself coming here, in fact- I was having a blast for a while! And speaking of “torturing”, are you stealing my line here, as it was exactly something I wrote to someone else under “Be Who You Are” quote, someone experiencing a bitter disillusionment at that time….Ironically, I was defending Teal there, ha ha ha. Also, there were plenty of times when I wrote stating that I’d enjoyed Teal’s videos and interviews. Whenever I’d come across a new interview, I’d recommend and post the link…

  71. Continued. I’ve already apologized to Teal in the previous post personally in case I did offend her in any way with my comment style. Upon reflection, I’ve realized that a very few of my spontaneous comments might’ve come off as antagonistic- I am Russian- we are generally very direct and say what we think without “bulls*** sandwich” or too many pleasantries at times… Again, I never said I disagree with everything Teal says or does, I’d just been filtering out what I’d retain or not…

    Anyways, thank you for replying and for your feedback. I guess, somewhere along my lines I’ve failed in some way with your very loving moderator (Hey you! ) . I was trying my best to write with integrity intact, however I’d also always welcomed criticism, and my friends Avalon, Elena, Michael and others had challenged my views often and I liked this. It is, I believe, a natural part of the learning process. It’s healthy- it provides an opportunity for improvement if you dare to reflect on its lessons and decide how to do/say things differently. The only real failure is not to try at all, or quit the first time you get knocked down. So…are you playing full on, or are you too quick to throw in the towel, or drain someone’s thoughts down the toilet just because you’ve encountered “an adversary” or so you thought? Is this your attitude how to deal with someone like myself? Telling you are not responsible for the removal of all the comments is just like you’ve stated yourself- it’s irresponsible. Especially if you are in a leadership role- it’s even more important to be responsible. The best leaders not only take responsiblility for their actions, they are also accountable for the behaviour and performance of their team!

    Dealing gracefully with opposing views is as important as learning how to deal with all the praise- they are two sides of the same coin. People react differently to Teal and you need to experience both and discover ways of dealing with the feelings each provoke. I am personally have A LOT to learn still. Kipling expresses this so eloquently as “if you can meet with triumph and disaster and treat those two imposters just the same.” For your own sanity you would be wise not to let success go to your head or failures go to your heart.

    TEAL, I sincerely hope that once you move to Europe, you’ll be able to heal your past even more. Wish you all the best!

    “Between stimulus and response there is a space. In that space is our power to choose our response. In our response lies our growth and our freedom”. – Viktor Frankl (an Austrian psychiatrist and Holocaust survivor. Author of ‘Man’s search for meaning,’ an incredibly powerful, moving and inspiring book about his personal experiences, losses and observations of life in a Nazi concentration camp.)

    The immortal lyrics of Chumbawamba’s Tubthumping…“I get knocked down, but I get up again, you’re never gonna keep me down.”

  72. Blake, Here's what I find a little hard to believe. If you and teal are all about no censorship, how is it one of your admins just suddenly went rogue and flushed a person's entire comment history down the drain over a single comment -- a person with a long and productive history on your site. How is it that you haven't conveyed your non-censorship attitude to your admin previously? Are you honestly telling us that this has never happened before? There a number of people who say otherwise. Many have had comments deleted. Others found themselves on moderation as soon as their comments began to raise questions or were even mildly critical. Many such comments, we've been told, never make it out of moderation. That seems odd on the blog of a person who believes in no censorship. Why would you have an admin who is so uninformed of your standard of free speech? This has really never come up before?

  73. "With every choice I now must make
    I see just who I am
    Is it my looks, security or spirit in command?"

    Tom Lescher

  74. Beautiful words, Golden Andara, thank you for posting. :-)

  75. This comment has been removed by the author.

  76. Teal earns good money with her free, self promotional Youtube Channel ( ;

  77. Hello Blake

    I was a 'scientologist' from the early days- when courses were offered in rented houses or office spaces, through till LRH dropped his body- leaving the Church of Scientology richer than the pope and owning some of the most valuable properties around the world.

    I have done some pretty in-depth research into the life of LRon Hubbard and his creation of the robot monster that is the Church of Scientology, and there are just too many similarities between he and Teal for me to be convinced that Teal is not interested in having a cult formed around her, or that she is not using mind control techniques and attraction spells, or that she is innocent of of having used any other deceitful tactics toward achieving those ends. But no matter what she is or is not doing I figure that's her business not mine. Still, I have a certain perspective I would like to share here.

    LRH used the same techniques apparently and look where it got him. Of course he is dead now, and his last years were spent hiding for fear of his life, totally insane, having been kicked out of every country he had tried to take over (he considered himself such a world leader).

    LRH also had a lot of controversy around him... was he a madman or was he a messiah? Did he lie about his history and the fact that 'official documents' did not match his account at all, and in fact sometimes 'proved' the reverse, are just to be ignored? Or questioned? Or rather some ludicrous attempt to justify the discrepancies invented?

    LRH also painted the world as 'a dangerous place' and targeted people's lowest fears and highest aspirations, all in one fell swoop I might add, to gain his following. He also preached self-empowerment. That did not change the fact that he was using weak-minded people to fund his "insatiable lust for wealth and power" and buy him yachts and mansions and provide him with an army of servants and slaves to carry his ashtrays and wash his balls, and do whatever dirty work for him that he concluded needed to be done... all under the guise of 'a brave new, brand new world'- out with the old and in with the new! And he was the infallible and unquestionable leader of this new age. Those who thought differently were quickly disabused of their 'wrong ideas' by being thrown overboard in the open sea, locked in chain rooms and engine rooms with only slop for an occasional meal, or assigned 'lower conditions' where they had to wear rags and perform slave labor for months, even years on end. It was his incredibly blown up vision of his great and grand, illustrious and commanding self (and other darker issues I'm sure), that brought him to that behavior, obviously.

    But I'm not saying that teal is going the same route as LRH using similar methods and with matching intentions, I'm just saying that, knowing what I know, I cannot buy into your claim of 'moral superiority' (my words, your implication), Blake.

    However, I do agree that ranting against Teal is not the solution to anyone's problems. Angry people are just angry and will find something to be angry about no matter what they are looking at, and ranting against teal here on this site is not so much about teal as it is about themselves (even my own self). Maybe it has helped them get some stuff out of their system, I know it has done that for me.

    Anyway, like I have said before, I look forward to the new episodes of this 'reality show' with, as it turns out, 'morbid curiosity' :). If it turns out I was wrong in my comparison of Teal to a dead cult leader with questionable motives and a tendency to make things up, then I'll just have to live with that. But of course I would post a public apology (where not too many people would have the opportunity to read it, hahahaha! Sorry, couldn't resist tossing that one in. :)

  78. Reposting this from the other thread, should Blake return to comment further. He wrote: "Teal’s teachings are just that teachings. If they are not in alignment with your healing than simply find something else. We are not interested in cultivating a cult mentality. In fact Teal’s teachings are to the contrary. They teach self empowerment and deciding for yourself using your feelings as an emotional compass. I suggest you do what you love and love what you do. What you resist persists."

    I'd ask him and everyone else to ask themselves whether "Ask Teal", and answering questions about the meaning of life and one's personal path on her Facebook page, during her workshops, and everywhere else as a representative of Source perspective is consistent with teaching SELF-empowerment? Do we fully understood the definition of empowerment here, kids? Is what she's teaching and practising not an exact recipe for guru worship, for asserting herself as above others in the "spiritual hierarchy"? She calls herself The Spiritual Catalyst, FFS. And then we're baffled by all of the teal worship, the fact that these people are disempowering themselves to her consistently, to the point where they send actual death threats to her critics (without a word from teal instructing them to stop doing so). Really? It's not rocket science, teal and co. have followed the guru recipe closely.

    LV: 'Yeeeaaahhh... You know I'm very uncomfortable with her answering questions and the whole Ask Teal thing. It's the opposite of guiding people in a process of finding their own answers. Feedback and giving a perspective is one thing but I've heard how she answers things and presumes to speak for "source perspective." Gives me the creeps. It's power theft.'

    Exactly. What they claim and what they actually practise are total contradictions, by definition. I fail to see how Blake can claim she's all about self-empowerment with a straight face. But the truth is it seems he's so entrenched in it that he isn't capable of seeing this objectively at the moment.

    She certainly was not attempting to empower Fallon or Cameron, Winter's grandmother, or even you, LaVaughn. If self-empowerment were truly her thing, she could take your criticism without going on the defense and sending the army after you; she'd just be like, If that's what she wants to do, it's all good. But no. Total freak out. So she's allowed to be empowered, people who agree with her can be empowered, but if you disagree with her you *cannot* possibly be acting from a place of empowerment... instead that's resistance. OKAY THEN.

  79. On another note, re: Blake's comment above, self-love, empowerment, etc.: It didn't seem very empowering to me when teal picked apart a woman Blake had feelings for (Cameron), advising him that she was just like his mother, that she had this and that issue, that she was dangerous for him, and she damn well warned him about her right from the beginning. It also didn't seem very self-loving to me to sit idly by while she went through this spiel, ultimately sacrificing a real chance at a romantic relationship to side with teal.

    It also didn't seem very congruent with empowerment when Blake left the table early to go to sleep during one episode of Shadow House and, after Bonnie aired her frustration with him for rejecting her romantic advances after they'd "messed around", teal proceeded to peel back the onion in great detail about all of Blake's shortcomings as a boyfriend, no holds barred. Full-on girly gossip session about how rubbish he is. He went to sleep early, teal said, because he was in such resistance to doing shadow work. NOT because he was shit tired from working a regular job + full-time teal servitude. No, of course not, because when you don't do what teal wants you to do, when she wants you to do it, it's always, always... (SAY IT WITH ME!) resistance.

  80. Wow...a lot has happened since I've been away. An actual comment from Blake (if he's done it before I must have missed it). I'll start by saying that that song and dance about removing comments may make him feel like he's addressed the issue but the conversation as been going on on Teal's blog for a while with not so much as a public apology or acknowledgement (I haven't been there in a few days, so someone correct me if I'm wrong about that). If that holds true then that really sucks. In my mind, when you have that kind of issue on a public forum you address it publicly, not just in private emails or comments buried under hundreds of others on someone else's blog.

    Anyway...@LaVaughn. I have to thank you very much for engaging in discussion. I'm sure it's a lot to read all these comments and try to respond especially when there some people here who have been rude (not constructive just rude to you). My hat's off to you for doing it.

    The examples I gave where in response to you asking for "examples" I only used the ones that pertained to posts I made which is why they may have seemed selective. You and I clearly see something different when looking at the comments as a whole, so I hope we can just agree to disagree on that point because I don't think either of us is going to convince the other.

    "Ummm... Actually a lot of this discussion has been in response to her own announcements of various diagnoses of her conditions. She has claimed that she has DID and BPD. Those are very serious mental health conditions. We didn't diagnose her. I stated earlier, without drawing any conclusions, that much of what she describes appears to be consistent with BPD. Apparently, I was correct. As I later learned she has announced on more than one occasion that she's a diagnosed and to some degree treated borderline. All of which is quite different than announcing to the world as if it's a proven fact that Fallon is a psychopath followed by a complete butchery of what that actually means."

    Actually I learned about Fallon/Jared's sociopathy/psychopathy in a Shadow House episode, one that I believe is now taken down unfortunately. I remember it well because my jaw dropped at how casually they were all talking about it; almost as if they were talking about how blond his hair was rather than how mentally disturbed they thought he might be. I want to say it was the one about racism or the one about finding the shadow self; can't remember exactly but I know it's gone now. At that time he seemed perfectly fine to discuss and examine it. That said I don't agree with her diagnosing anyone without proper credentials nor do I agree with the way she seemed to leave him for the wolves after said "diagnosis." and the break up from hell.

  81. @Kelli Thomas. I in fact do like “arguing for the sake of arguing” sometimes. Is this one of those times? Possibly, but I am sincerely trying to understand. I do not have anything emotionally invested in Teal (and damn sure not money for that matter). If I’ve offended anyone who does I do apologize. In truth it’s not THAT serious for me and I don’t mean to invalidate the feelings of anyone with a situation where it is THAT serious. I’m a person who tries to see things from as many angles as I can even in opposition to my own personal perspective. I’m an INTP, sorry, to live and not consider all sides is, to me, a life not worth living. I’ve been told it can be frustrating sometimes, but honestly don’t mean to be. For those with an emotional or even monetary investment I don’t think there is anything wrong with venting frustration or disappointment and no, Teal is not exempt from LOA in the least. Clearly she is in alignment in some way with everything happening or she wouldn't be privy to it. But honestly, other than venting initial frustration what good does it do on either side? Does it make anyone feel less victimized, tricked, hurt, etc? If so then okay, but if not then why continue it. That goes for the “Tealers” as well. I say it is hypocritical (with respect to the “diagnosis” of Fallon/Jared and his public ridicule thereafter) because to condemn her publicly for publicly condemning someone else is a double standard that doesn't make sense (to me). It works the same way with her devout followers who ripped him a new one and then have the nerve to be upset that we are all having this conversation right now. It’s not healthy in either instance.

    To be clear, I’m in an “on the fence” position here. I only stumbled upon Teal a few months ago (via Youtube). I take the things that she has to say that resonate with me and I leave the rest. I find her overshare somewhat refreshing, probably because I don’t hold her as some supreme authority on anything. Rather, someone who has a perspective I’d never considered before and someone who seems to know some of the talk but just hasn't learned how to live all of the walk. I don’t need the people I learn from to be perfect or anywhere near it. It would be nice if they cited sources of copy written material that is not theirs, but I don’t need that to use it. There are laws in place to deal with that stuff and I don’t feel a personal need to police it. The way I receive her “teachings” does lean towards more empowered thinking for me because none of it depends on her and her alone or something outside of myself to fix an issue or move toward self-improvement. Everything else I’ve studied previously does the opposite and Teal is not my last stop either. I’m not a part of the Teal Tribe nor will I ever be. I read the threads that interest me and that’s it. In essence I’m not all in with Teal or bust. I simply have an opinion that seems to differ from yours and others here.

  82. goddesshopsblog, Thanks for your response. And yes, we absolutely can agree to disagree on the nature of the dialog here. I'm rather big on such agreements as I told someone not 5 minutes ago.

    Blake reposted the comment he posted here on teal's pain of amber post. The discussion of both postings can be found here, there and on my newer teal blog. It's kind of all over the place is what I'm saying. Still no answer from Blake about the questions this post raised for me, nor other further commentary from him at all that I know of.

    On the diagnosing Fallon/Jared thing. I'm still gobsmacked. And he did make himself available to discuss it. I still feel the need to point out, though -- because he's removed the interview video I had posted in my blog -- that he no longer accepts that diagnosis. He's a fairly emotional guy, as it turns out. As I said, what was reported sounded more to me like shock than the shallow emotions of a psychopath. At any rate, he no longer accepts that. I, for one, was glad to learn that because it all felt horribly unfair to me.

  83. I don't know you seems really petty. It seems like bascially you are luring her platform to your page for traffic. Who cares if you think she wasn't abused? It doesn't make her message any different. It doesn't change the laws of the universe and it doesn't take away from the fact that Teal Scott helps a lot of people understand the world better.... I hope that you find a way to spread a message of love instead of focusing on one person.

  84. Question everything! Good argument.

  85. Im quite sensitive (Intuition/Psychic) and from the very get-go I kept sensing some kind of strong Sex Vibration that Teal was giving off. Hearing her words is a little unnerving too, it gets under your skin even though there isn't a reason for it.

    That means there is Psychic/Magick manipulation going on there whenever her voice or image is being observed (eg, on youtube videos).

    I guess it was no surprise that I found out about this Checkered Past of hers.

    In fact much of it sounds like a direct mirror of the so-called Monarch Mind Control programming that many other actors and actresses undergo. At the hands of secret elite, satanists, and freemasons who pony up these contenders to the Spotlight having groomed them from an early age.

    My guess is, and its just my opinion, I guess Teal struck a deal with someone for fame and fortune and they set her up with this New Age facade - - they've been putting alot of puppets there and Teal is just the newest.

  86. I say if Teal loves sex so much and wanted fame and glory, she should have made a sex tape like Kim Kardashian and got a boob job.

    Either that or laid down on her back, opened her legs, and got on Brazzers. I think we all would enjoy her much, much more there than where she is right now. I know I certainly would, she'd look amazing with black men.

    And yes the grand majority of the things she talks about are all Regurgitated spiritual information that she's just passing around, some of which is a little inaccurate. You can find this stuff in a variety of other new age, metaphysical, and easily accessible occult books.

    I am heavy into Metaphysics and Occult myself and ive got to say all she's doing is Parroting. She's not pushing the envelope at all.

  87. Sporkstar: Considering the suggestions in your comment, I doubt that your sensitive (Intuition/Psychic) side picked up Teal's strong Sex Vibration. I think you read your own energy. Your job suggestions for Teal are disturbing.

  88. I listen to Teal and hear knowledge that rings true delivered from a caring heart. Her wisdom is genuine. She is entitled to be human, please remember. That means she will swim in the same sea of passions and attractions with the rest of us. Her light is much brighter than most, and her beauty is hers to enjoy. Teal gives the best of herself with calm confidence born of authentic realizations. She is also still growing as we all are. Some will be ready for her vibration, others will not. Even those who judge and find fault in her benefit from her. Truth always finds a home in the human heart.

  89. Very interesting blog... even more interesting conversation! I've only read a portion of the responses, so please forgive me if I repeat anything that has already been covered.

    After reading this blog and a few of the comments, I finally figured out what it is about Teal Scott that was rubbing me the wrong way... well, actually there are a few things, but on a personal level it's because she VERY strongly reminds me of an old girlfriend. In the case of my ex, she was/is a psychic powerhouse who outwardly seemed to have it together. However once beneath the surface, it was endless drama. Both suffered some kind of horrible childhood trauma, and both seem to be concocting some pretty grandiose tales and claims to cover over what happened. Thing is that I've run across (quite) a few people like that over the years who have made some pretty extraordinary claims about themselves, and almost always it has to do with major self-esteem issues.

    Agreed with the others that Teal's teachings are not original and in many cases are overly simplified. In fact she comes across as someone who is very book-smart, but spiritually lacks a lot of "real world" experience I've seen out of other teachers. I suppose a good analogy would be some of the the 16 year olds over on the social networks who proclaim themselves to be "love and relationship experts". 'Nuff said!

    At any rate, I've had pretty good success with the Law of Attraction, so on a personal level I do know it can be made to work. Yes, I do believe that our thoughts and emotions ultimately do create our reality. However if people approach it the way Teal/Spirit Science describes it, they are going to be in for disappointment. No, just simply thinking about something will not make it manifest. I love the example that she used along with David Jordan Duchnycz Pierce... they actually claimed that the 9/11 attacks was the result of all the action movies of the 1980's. Really Teal? Considering how popular... oh say... superhero movies have been, how come there are aren't a lot more people "able to leap the tallest buildings in a single bound" using that kind of logic? So no, just because someone really pisses you off and you wish they would get run over by a bus or you keep having those dreams of running naked through the mall doesn't mean it's going to happen. LOL!

    Personally I ran into problems when she started talking about "mass" manifestations and saying how we are all *directly* (this is the key word) responsible for all the hurricanes and holocausts in the world. I challenged her on that, and asked her to explain further, and she rebuked me saying that I was being "arbitrary". Not good.

    In all fairness, and perhaps one of the aspects that drives me crazy about this whole affair is that Teal actually does throw out some valid information as well. However with any self-appointed expert or spiritual leader, a great deal of discernment and skepticism does need to be applied. I think this is especially true considering that since the details of Teal's life are beginning to surface, it would appear that she is having problems following her own teachings. One thing I have learned on my spiritual journey is that I NEVER simply accept the word of any individual without either confirmation from other sources, evidence to back up claims, or a solid philisophical argument explaining why that person thinks the way they do.


  90. (cont)

    Speaking of David Jordan Duchnycz Pierce, since Teal seems heavily tied in with the Spirit Science crowd, I'm wondering how
    deep that connection goes. Meaning I'm wondering if what Teal is doing and Spirit Science aren't both a part of the same group/organization, and if that is the case, what is it exactly that they are hoping to accomplish?

    As far as "Teal's Army", my observation on some of these comments here and elsewhere is that it wouldn't surprise me if it is just a handful of followers using sock puppet accounts to troll the people that are critical of Teal. Reason I say this is that many of the the comments I'm seeing actually look more-or-less the same, and in my years in IT work I know it's a commonly used tactic to both promote and detract people/products.

    Regardless, the one message I am pulling off of this blog is that there does seem that there is a considerable amount of cult of personality/character worship going on with her. I've seen more than enough evidence at this point to have a "reasonable doubt" that she is being entirely truthful with her followers. Without question there is indeed a mismatch in the various accounts of her childhood. Whatever her past is doesn't really matter, but *IF* she did indeed fabricate the story of torture and abuse for the sake of selling her book, it shows a serious lack of integrity.

    Incidentally and FWIW, in the videos I've watched of her Teal has a tan aura with spots of lavender surrounding he head. I'll leave it to others to determine what they will of that! ;-)

    Thank you LaVaughn for your efforts!

  91. This comment has been removed by the author.

  92. Email from Person who attended Atlanta Workshop

    Dear Teal and Blake,

    Thank you so much for coming to Atlanta! Teal, you are such a beautiful soul, I feel so blessed having the opportunity to meet you in person, you have changed my life forever , getting me out of an abusive marriage that kept me for 23 years in prison. I was in an absolutely powerless situation! As I told you, I am not completely back, I am still so isolated but I know I can change it!:)

    Thank you Blake, for organizing and helping the event. It was very beautiful!

  93. And STILL you won't address my questions, Blake. Nor anyone else's here. You take the time to post on my blog, but you can't be bothered to actually address any of the feedback you got. You'll lecture us but you can't respond to us as if our concerns matter?

  94. Your article seems to have born out of pure spite. And it would have been perfectly credible had it not come from a person who chooses to identify with her own version of spirituality. Its like the pot calling the kettle black. However Teal Scott is not exempt from objective scrutiny and criticisms bring about a balance to prevent occurences like Jim Jones' cult, so in that regard i am glad you did bring up this issue. I have seen a lot of Teal Scott's videos but resonated with a few. There is a clear change in her presentation and it seems a lot more tailored and projected than actual wisdom. A lot of it seemed to be a rip off abraham hicks material. Regardless, she provides a platform to a larger audience to dwell deeper into these issues, whatever the means employed. I am however concerned with what this new found fame is doing to her personally. Assuming her abuse story as true, she has clearly struggled with self-worth issues. And after that self worth struggle dealing with being put on the spot by 'fans' will be a challenge indeed. Its like getting all that self worth in one dose and more. Many times her self-descriptions do sound grandiose and narcissistic. It seems like her attempts to enhance self worth has now tipped into the other extreme of over compensation, and its not helped by her situation where 'fans' are fawning over her and expect miracles and ideal wisdom from her. Its a huge responsibility. At the same time trying to develop her brand involving others around her, is like being in a state of extreme expectations all the time. To compensate, the self-concept has to evolve to a higher and higher degree. Sheis part of a lerger equation now and to be coherent and maintain an image , which has to be a projected image based on how she thinks she is being percieved can be detrimental to herself as well as her fans. Every person has a responsibility to seek out their own truth or risk being taken for a ride. No matter what every experience has a lesson in it. So overall i am not for or against teal, but from the psychological perspective it does concern me about what such an experience brings out in a female with such history. There is a general lack of coherence in her narration of stories, and its glaringly evident to anyone listening to her for a while. She has new facts supplied in her spontaneous conversations and seems to have a spin of self -aggrandisement to it. Whether its deliberate or not. But that awareness might also trigger the need for balance in her, which is why she brings up her past negativity to justify her current position. The situation for Teal Scott as a public figure is definitely very complex on many different levels. And depending on the perspective applied it may be viewed as positive or negative. There is no universal objective standard that canbe applied as far as spirituality is concerned, in India we believe everyone has their own path to walk but all paths lead to the source. The only thing that concerns me is blind following and the effect it has on people who are sensitive to the need of self-approval and appreciation. Both , teal scott as well as tealers need a reality check to 'align' their intentions for their own highest good. Most people do have a good sense of judgement but lets face it, sometimes positive associattions especially with our social concept of beauty do cloud our judgements, whether we admit or not, we all have biases. We all have certain triggers that elicit the respective neurotransmitters. Females tend to get offended due to the biological programming of competitiveness , and males tend to biologically gravitate towards such 'image', one way or another a deliberate potrayal of teal scott seeks to elicit a response , and reaches a level of 'love her or hate her, you cant ignore her' quality that maintains a source of interest. A a hypnotist i see the subtle manipulation presented by this potrayal of her public image.

  95. Contd. However there is no denying that some people may find value in the material provided at a certain stage in their life experience. Dimnishing her value is not my goal personally, i think she deserves credit for representing herself boldly on such a platform and helping others. Her target audience are usually vulnerable , as she assists those who are in a very tender area in their life and hence the bond formed of extreme loyalty can be harmful for both, the followers as well as Teal. From a broader perspective Teal is a person like any other, we all want recognition, appreciation, we do wish to help others, we want help from others, we want approval , we seek happiness. And when we see someone else getting all of that, we cannot help but feel a little resentful. I support a healthy balance in everything, but in such a relationship, with so many variables and a lucrative career opportunity, with money and fame involved, it is difficult to be 'raw' and genuine, there is always an element of exaggeration and ideation of qualities when we are aware, however subtly, of being 'percieved'. It does trigger our core needs, and its unreasonable to expect ego to not capitalise on such opportunities. The conscious filters will definitely interfere with any information coming through. I think the main reason why Teall resonates with people in deep pain in their life is the relatibility. One can only hope that people have enough discernment to take responsibility for themselves without letting others govern their minds. Hypnosis is a very real phenomenon, and such personalities tend to have a hook, you suspend your judgements and trade off your attention, to allow the beliefs to take hold. 'teals army', tealers, teal tribe etc. are some terms that are representative of a hive like mind, much like people following pop artists. And this is also an impetus for teal to describe her with increasingly self-aggrandising ideas, to the point that she is closely reaching the rank of 'osho' and the cult status. She is unable to lead by example. Her blog posts have a tone different from the image projected in her videos. I just hope people develop a healthy discernment and use the tools as intended. Not something or someone to follow. She is notdirectly at fault for her representation but i can imagine that the change inlife experience and such contrast may be very difficult to handle. And being at this position also demands an accountability which may lead to self validating and self justifying self-talk subsequently being reflected as a narcissitic personality. Getting validation on such a huge scale has got to have some psychological effEcts. Its difficult to have one perspective on her, evevryone has their own lenses through which we percieve another person. But the dynamic that currently exists between teal and her 'followers' is concerning indeed. I am glad that some people have noticed the inconsistencies in her stories as well. We all grow through life experiences, and probably so will teal , in her own way. Thus ends my random musing on this subject, i have no one view, i see all points of view as valid. As it depends on which perspective we look from. We can make a case for all biases. Ultimately , to each their own, we are all here as different representaations of one source and have the right to explore the distinctiveness. Good discussion here. Ciao :)

  96. > Why does her appearance matter, I asked? Why does it always come down to that with women? At what point are we neither too homely nor too pretty to be taken seriously for what we say? Where is that sweet spot in between beauty and ugliness that allows our words to matter more than what we look like?

    It is you who are not taking her seriously because of her appearance.

    > None of this is a judgment on Scott's right, legal or otherwise, to market her body and sexuality in a manner of her choosing.

    Yes it is; you are shaming her for her modeling history. She does not need to go around "disclosing" that she has modeled as if it is something we need to be warned of.

    > In the video lecture above, she not only presumes to answer the question, "What does God think about sex?" but she does so without citing a single theological, philosophical, or scriptural source, from or about any religious or spiritual tradition.

    You are policing what people are allowed to say by requiring them to only use the words of other people. Teal's words are her own—even when they are drawn from other traditions—but plagiarism is an empty accusation when you (ultimately) don't believe in discrete identity.

    The amount of hate in your writing is incredible. You want everyone to speak literally all the time and cite every claim they make. I would rather go watch a "video gift" from Teal than read one more word of your hyperrational hatred of her.

  97. What a wonderfully concise summary Kiara! And what a refreshing read!! You have a very soothing 'cyber voice' and I would bet your physical voice matches it, you must be very good at your job!

    I recently had an epiphany regarding my perceptions of Teal and how this has served me, and, from my perspective, your post here adds even more depth and richness to my own experience. I'm so glad you left this comment here and that I was fortunate enough to see it!

    If you care to read about my epiphany, you can do it here(where I post as Avalon):

    Somebody said the quote had been removed but as you can see, it hasn't been. Anyway, my comment is a smidgeon snarky, and I'm a pretty 'controversial' sort so if you go there don't be expecting some kind of walk in the park, but I do hope you go there, hehehe... it took me almost 2 days to allow myself to post it, and I think it might help me convey how deeply I appreciate the perspective you have offered here.

  98. Hey ZigzagBuddha / Avalon :)
    Thankyou for your kind words, and the referral. I found your comment very interesting and insightful. It is said that reality is a mirror, and your story clearly demonstrates that. I can almost imagine that moment of epiphany you had, like watching an alternate timeline. Its amazing that you recognised the catalyst, as it appears in your perception, and used it as a tool that its meant to be, using the opportunity to realise what you would prefer instead. All events and influences in our lives do have a personal significance, and its upto us to learn from them. I am glad you found value in my comment. I wish you the very best on your journey :)

  99. Kiara M

    very fair, well seen, well put and for sure not a hater.

    You wrote :"As a hypnotist i see the subtle manipulation presented by this potrayal of her public image."

    Can you point out some examples in case you read this here?

  100. Hey back to you again Kiara... I was nodding a silent 'hail and farewell' to you, as our little boats finished their pass, but the sentence "I can almost imagine that moment of epiphany you had, like watching an alternate timeline." has compelled me to add something further (no surprise there). :)

    That was EXACTLY what it was like! Thank you for those words!! (I couldn't find the words to so succinctly describe the feeling for myself, and that kept sort of snagging me. When I first had that feeling of 'watching an alternate timeline' (thanks again!) I was outrageously jealous and angry... talk about getting the short end of the stick, as I sit here old and half crippled and she's out there young, vibrant, alive, succeeding where I had so miserably failed.

    I went to India when I was about 17 or 18. I saw myself wandering across the face of the earth, healing everyone I laid my eyes on, my very presence was healing. Instead I spent 3 months in the opium dens of Calcutta, when the US embassy shipped me back to America and stamped my passport 'void'. It seems my entire life has been composed of similar experiences... one humiliating fiasco of a failure after another... and it felt like Teal was the newly updated, thoroughly modern, young, beautiful, fortunate version of me and I was the ancient, withered, untalented loser, 'poor relations' version of me! I wasn't feeling too happy about that I'll tell you.

    My emotions during this 'relationship' with Teal, have been bouncing back and forth from one profound extreme to the other, love her, hate her, love her, hate her, love her... it's been like trying to watch the ball in a fast-paced tennis match!

    Anyway, once again I would like to say how much I love everything you have contributed to the 'documentary' that is this thread! Your voice stands out like the soft clear ring of a meditation bell!

  101. This comment has been removed by the author.

  102. Of course what I write is about me: my perceptions, my beliefs, my opinions, my observations, my concerns.

    Of course it's about my shadow. This world is a reflective experience. That makes teal what we call a "smoky mirror." So what about you, Fang He? You have decided that I have all kinds of character flaws you felt the need to stop by and point out. What does that say about you?

    For instance, I don't hate teal. In truth I feel great pity and concern for her. It's just that my concern for the people she harms outweighs that. That you would project such virulent emotion onto me, what does that say about you?

  103. This comment has been removed by the author.

  104. One thing I can acknowledge - Teal is one smart cookie. I leave it at that. Buy guys & have a good life and don't forget.
    "TEAL loves you"

  105. There appears to be either genuine jealousy and resentment or just a plain old "traffic drive" happening here. Either way, it's not a good energy to run your "spiritual" blog under. Good luck with that.

  106. Thank you so much for your blog on Teal Scott! I have felt like a voice crying out in the wilderness about her. However, her marketing has become much better and she has recently married again and is now Teal Swan. I have done the research as you have and have also questioned the holes and instances where time just doesn't mesh. I have noticed the removal of access to previous sites where she was showcased modeling nude and nearly nude...BTW...never noticed any scars on her body for all the "torture" she endured. Perhaps she will next claim they are all on the inside. For whatever reason, her audience is growing and very few want to hear the truth. So be it! They will hopefully come to it eventually. She regurgitates info that I heard back in the 1980's> I am a Life Coach/Facilitator to Consciousness Raising, born gifted and intelligent; however, I quote my sources, can name my mentors and am presently a Delegate and contributing member of the Resonance Project Foundation spearheaded by Physisict Nassim Harimein as it is my intent to lend substance to Consciousness Raising and simply rephrase the previous work of other, channel some vague un-provable being, or claim - as Teal does - to be an alien. It is her sexual and physical allure used to the max - manipulated through plastic surgeries evidenced by the difference in facial structure between earlier and later pictures - and the intrigue of convincing oyters that "she is Arcturian and was not created as humans but by the Arcturians to be this beautful so there is something for those of every culture to find attractive. " _ Zev Interview, Part 2...She is so good at labeling others! I sit here and wonder if she is the Sociopath or just another Narcissist!

  107. Hi CharAnne, Thanks for the feedback. Don't know if you saw the other posts on TEAL, as she calls herself these days. I was also very disturbed by her assertions in the Nova Zen interview. There's actually a pretty good discussion taking place on those threads amongst a number of voices "crying out in the wilderness." Newer posts and comment threads can be found here and here.

  108. I am, absolutely, horrified to see that her aesthetics and sexuality are brought into your argument (within the first few paragraphs, no less) in attempts to discredit this woman.

    I am horrified. I am saddened and I find it a pathetic shame.

    I hope you may find time to reflect and grow from this.

  109. Perhaps, Stephanie, if you'd read a little further, you might have seen that you'd missed the point completely.

  110. I did continue reading and I stand by my statement.

  111. You can stand by it if you wish, but you have rather lost the plot.

  112. Bringing her aesthetics, sexuality/modeling career (or lack of one) and using it to, underhandedly, discredit her and then justifying self by claiming you're the first to stand by wrongly accused women of history; does not achieve the desired objective. The second statement does not eliminate the damage that was done with the first.

    One cannot back-hand someone and then claim because they don't believe in violence but this, particular, situation is different (because the men polled are not witch hunters nor rapist); the act is some way condoned and justified.

    Thus the validity of any argument made passed your immediate decision to subject her 'female wiles' as some indication to debase her work has then been tainted and ultimately (in my case) dismissed.

    I found this experience to be interesting. I was, actually, looking for a critique that was not particularly, favorable.

    It's obvious that there was a lot of research and effort put into your article and I don't mean to undermine that nor am I attempting to undermine your character. I do not know you and I have never left a comment on anything before. I do believe that having your thoughts berated and attacked from strangers is not necessarily fair or kind.

    Though, seemingly, it was the only way to address the issue.

    Be well,

  113. Actually, Stephanie, what I was writing about there was a conversation I had with several men who had very strong reactions to her appearance and my reactions to that. And I think I've been pretty straightforward about the fact that it left me with some very conflicted feelings.

    The thing is no one makes a bigger deal of teal's appearance and sexuality than teal does herself. If you read my later posts on the topic, you will learn that she was designed pretty just so that people all over the world will pay attention to her. People like attractive things, says she, so if you really want the world to pay attention to your spiritual message you gotta be pretty. Just the way it is. The Arcturians know that so they made sure she was born white and pretty. I wish I were making that up but I'm not. That is quite literally what she claims.

    That said, the issue of her appearance and sex appeal constitute a very small part of any of my posts regarding the woman who until very recently was named Teal Scott. I wish it weren't up for discussion at all but it is teal who puts it in play.

  114. Well, We can agree that it's unfortunate it is a factor at all.

    all the best,

  115. At least La Vaughn responds to her critics time and again. Try doing that with Teal and crew and see how accommodating they are when asked to answer the original questions raised, you'll wait an eternity, the sign for me of a total charlatan, (just my opinion) of course, highly evasive people peddling with staff going from city to city as true human energy harvesters with BODYGUARDS? Are you kidding me? What is being guarded, guardedness is quite a feature here is it not?

    You can note their honesty by their tendency to bury their heads in the sand when asked a couple of pertinent questions. More respectable people simply wouldn't get away with it in their careers though most are more honest too until they are exposed quite rightly. Was it La Vaughn who spotted the inconsistencies first or do you suppose someone else had a day that made them go HMM?

    Have a think people. It's either ask Teal or don't ask Teal that, but don't blame La Vaughn, the fire was smoking before she covered the story.

  116. Thank you for writing your article La Vaughn. I initially enjoyed a couple of videos that Teal published on youtube but then started getting increasingly uncomfortable with her and her messages. I don't care much for people who told me that I should do some more soul searching and that if I was getting negative vibes from her and her videos it was a problem with me and not with her. I was attacked for having mentioned on one of her videos that she seemed to be reading from something - possibly a screen - to state what she was stating. I actually had a flash of her doing this while I watched one of her videos and when I trailed back to the moment on youtube found that she actually seemed to be reading something.
    I don't care much about the fact that she may be using sex as a tool to get money as much as I care about the fact that she is being used as a prop to slowly instill in people's minds (mainly her followers and they seem to be growing) falsehoods. Her videos on law of attraction and negative stance are a mix between truths and untruths. If they had any real substance they would be working for her. I also am a bit put-off by her army of followers who attack anybody questioning her and it is always about the rhetoric of looks and how women are jealous. If it is a male attacking then immediately reference is made to her abuse (which to date nothing substantial and proven has been written about other than her own claims) and to how much men have hurt her and continue to hurt her and victimise her because they are a horrible lot etc etc.
    I am sorry I posted one of her videos on my facebook and could have got her followers because I have the certainty that she is not who she claims to be and it is better for people not to be following her videos. Her teachings are somewhat distorted. You, LaVaughn have been immediately targeted because people are saying you want to discredit her because you want your own hour of fame. I doubt that. I find your article very factual. I have nothing to sell. I share some videos that I like on youtube, I compose poetry and like art in general. I am selling nothing and confirm that I feel very much like you do about this whole Teal matter. I know I shall not be sharing any of her videos any longer and I hope that people will begin to realise that their growth depends only upon themselves and not some individual who gives you mixed messages on how to grow.
    For all the haters who are going to start throwing stones, spare yourselves the trouble. I don't hate Teal. I just think she is being used to send out messages which will surely get more and more biased with time. Find your own strength and don't count on anybody else to give it to you.

  117. thank you la vaughn for posting this. i think that you are correct to be skeptical of her in general, but i must admit she is VERY convincing. And i do admit that she has changed my life for the better in my opinion. I just dont really know what to do for now. I guess i'll just do what feels right for me.

  118. What i can't figure out about her, is if she is just an imbalanced, wounded self centered con artist or self deluded type looking for an easy life off the backs of others, or is she a deliberate project of a group of people who have a vested interest in keeping humanity limited and stuck? I do get the sense that she has been abused, and very much sexually. If her chart is accurate, then a close Mars Saturn conjunction in Scorpio is likely a very strong indication of such kind of experience. Saturn brings difficulty, testing, challenge, and suffering in the areas it indicates, and both Mars and Scorpio carry a strong sexual connotation. Note her alleged abuse by negative groups. Half truths are more believable than whole lies. Repeated sexual abuse is unfortunately one of the best ways to break down a person's psyche to help deprogram and reprogram them as much as is possible for a complex being with freewill.

    I realize that the 2nd proposed view might seem extreme or conspiracy theory, but there are well documented data on such shadow government projects, and from going within and contacting expanded guidance, i've also learned that there is very much a negative E.T. group involved strongly with the Earth and humanity, and whom very much want to keep us as stuck and limited as possible. That they energetically connect to some people and groups is very apparent to me. That they are the "masters" of some humans (sometimes consciously, sometimes unconsciously) who thirst for ever more wealth, power, and control is also apparent.

    Regardless of the core causes, it's good (and necessary) that people are calling her out. Hopefully it will make some think and more critically examine her. Forces that are about misleading, know this old axiom very well, "half truths are worse than whole lies for they can deceive even the soul". I find this in connection with Teal's work from what i've observed. There is some definite truth to what she "teaches" intellectually by word, but that is only to initially "hook you". Then the negative and limiting subconscious programming begins. Then the dependency creating begins.

    I went through this with a popular book or course often referred to as ACIM. It's purported intention is to help us transform our ego (which according to this work is the worse thing in reality and has no positivity or worth whatsoever) to become love, Oneness, and all the good stuff. However, i was finding it was making my ego bigger and more non constructive. I had a dream message warn me about it, and at the same time a friend of mine was getting messages from his internal guidance to drop it, and oddly was even told specifically, "it makes the ego bigger". But most of all, he kept getting the message that it was most definitely not from Jesus the Christ (as it purported to be). Interestingly enough, it's very well documented and verified that one of the people instrumental in bringing ACIM to the world, one William Thetford (partner to the "channel" Helen), was one of the psychologists involved in MK Ultra--a CIA black ops program solely based around mind/perceptual control and manipulation. * (if anyone wants to know exactly how ACIM works to program limiting suggestions in the subconscious, i can explain in another post.)

    Continued later

  119. continued..

    Teal's work, like ACIM does have some relative truth in it. It has to, otherwise people starting to go through an awakening would not be interested in it from the get go. But what is actually getting programmed? That of what we don't want and what keeps us limited.

    Anyways, to any Teal fans or potential fans out there reading this, this is what i've learned the hard way about the spiritual path. It is far better to go deep within self and directly connect to Source and expanded guidance, than becoming over attached to a fellow human however exalted at first they may seem to be. The physical is the very level of consciousness of baggage and distortion, and working same out--it's hard to be connected to a body and keep only a pure, healing frequency or more pure, undistorted perception, and Like attracts, begets, and resonates with Like--meaning if a "teacher" is not very balanced and fast frequency themselves they will not have that innate effect on others--except by others using their freewill positively independent of the teacher or "resonator" they are aligning to. There is and has been a very long line of fake and abusive gurus, cult or new age leaders, religious preachers, and the like. Thank Source for people who have spoken up against them. Don't be another statistic and let others slow your spiritual growth by false beliefs and belief systems and becoming too dependent on that which is outside of you. Go the way that both the Buddha and the Christ advocated--living a life of positivity, service, and love, and finding the truth within.

    More specifically, a combo practice of prayer and meditation is very helpful. Most helpful is that anytime you meditate, very specifically and intentionally state your desire and intent to connect ONLY to the most spiritually expanded, helpful, Love attuned, and aware that there is. Ask these for help and guidance from deep within, and if you are sincere and if you live your life more or less to strengthen and reflect that, then much wisdom, help, and healing will come to you and to the others you touch in your daily lives. Also remembering a time wherein you felt a lot of love also helps a lot in meditation and strengthens conscious connection to the very expanded level(s) of Consciousness. Giving sincere and heart felt thanks for all help received before you go deeply within, also helps.

    And if you are the type that MUST have an outer example, a fellow human to pattern your life after in some way, please stick to the ones with either a primarily AND consistently Golden, Golden-White or pure radiant White aura--these are very, very, very rare in this world though, and are true teachers who are very pure and expanded and will likely not mislead or limit you on your path (and the few of these most likely aren't actually "public teachers" as such anyways). Interestingly, internal expanded guidance has told that there has only been one human in recorded human history that had a truly and completely and consistently pure White Light aura, and he went incognito many, many years ago after a relatively brief stint as a very public teacher/example.

  120. continued...

    (btw, a note on Arcturus. A source that i find more credible than not, Edgar Cayce, did speak about Arcturus and outlined that it was energetically the center or doorway through which evolved, Love attuned souls went to to further develop and attune to Love and to either pass into more expanded systems than this or to come back to this system as a helper. [the following is not from Cayce's work, but my own intuition] And no, there isn't really a primary Arcturian race so much as a conglomerate of consciousnesses from various systems who have become very aware, service types. These are sometimes more nonphysical than physical [if prior humans then definitely nonphysical], BUT can project themselves into physicality if it's helpful. If they were previously human and project into Earth, they will appear as human, if they were of some other race previously, they likely wouldn't directly project here or they still exist connected to a physical body of a sort and thus will appear as their race normally appears. That Teal describes them as little green beings, is only parroting the dogma of another source [not Edgar Cayce] that talked about "Arcturuians" in that way. It's unfortunate that she has used Arcturus to promote herself in a self serving way, and discredited the idea of Arcturus. Again, she or her handlers were using half truths).

  121. Please people, use your discrimination! Don't learn the hard way that there are a lot of false masters out there. Does Teal feel as if she is radiating a lot of love and wisom? I can't say I feel it. And no, I'm not jealous. Certainly your Soul is wise enough to find truth without being misled by the false masters of this World.

  122. On her April 24th post, Not Ready To Be Born! Shes says, "Because of the induced, vacuum delivery and subsequent separation from my mother right after birth, I developed the fear of being taken from my parents, and because of my focus on that fear, when I was six, I manifested being separated from my parents by a sociopath. I was absolutely blown away by this realization."

    Does this mean she's admitting to making it up?

  123. Hi Jess, I don't think she's admitting that. What she's saying is that she law of a attracted her Mormon Satanist abuser because of her birth trauma. So it's the hospital's fault. Nothing is ever her responsibility, which I think is odd for a law of attraction teacher, seeing as how the LOA is all about how none of us are victims. Holocaust victims, abused children, all created their own reality... except for teal. The hospital has been added to a long list culprits that fucked up teal's reality for her. That post is one of the most revealing things she's written. We've been discussing it here:

  124. This comment has been removed by the author.

  125. La voughn or whatever your name is, your comment about teal is the direct reflection of the level of your consciousness and boy o boy what a low level that is, judgement galore, what has she done to screw you up so bad? You are in no way a spiritual person, why the need to critisize her this much, even if she's fraud its not your duty to kill yourself over her, this shows how badly your ego is driving your life, lmao, I dont know but I can't stop laughing at you your so desperate. I feal bad for you, calm down and stop sending so much low vibration and trust the universe youl be fine everyone will be fine,

  126. How hard can it be to get my name right, when it's right there on the page? I know it's an unusual name, but it's right there. *sigh*

  127. I am so fed up with those in the "spiritual community" saying "trust the Universe, everything will be fine". Well, from some Higher perspective everything IS fine Now. But why should I trust this Universe anyway? Universe doesn't equal the Source or God or Divine necessarily. Seems like it's some sort of a programm designed by who knows what and possibly even flawed or invaded by some virus acting up badly, at least in our pocket of reality. Even if you live a "good life" here, this Universe is just an artificial "cage", even if it's a golden cage for some. It is a game for your ego to have some fun in this dimension of contrasts.. Once your ego weakens, this game becomes unfulfilling and meaningless. But the programm doesn't want to let go of you so easily, since its very existence and development depends on conscious beigns. So it is designed with lot's of traps to keep you here, it might even give you the illusion of getting whatever it is you want, and of abundance and law of attraction for some time....these are just tricks..It's was exciting at one point to "follow your desires" but there comes a time when one is left with only one real desire- to transcend this all. True divinity lies beyond. Teal said recently that it doesn't matter whether your desires are ego generated or come from the soul level. Maybe it depends at which stage of evolution one is. Ego was necessary for survival here in this physical world. But the soul feels very uncomfortable trapped in matter, in fact, I think soul is truly anti-matter and belongs to a totally different world, God's world.

  128. Elena..
    ".It's was exciting at one point to "follow your desires" but there comes a time when one is left with only one real desire- to transcend this all."

    I have been feeling much the same way...but to transcend "this" while I am in the body is like making myself fly...or levitate...or create an apple out of thin air...i.e. ideas I would love and that seem fulfilling but have not even glimpsed (so far) in the "real".

    I keep feeling that I must trust '"god" i.e. that spark of divinity within me or I will want to commit suicide. the world as is has nothing but cheap goods, cheap entertainment and cheap thrills.

    The deep thrill would be KNOWING life acting from larger consciousness, a larger level of understanding and LOVE as the real seen in concrete form.

    I have been realizing I choose to have faith, to decide there is meaning to the seeming madness and the desire to see a fulfilling life because other wise I cannot bear this life. I also choose to believe, in this game, we must have SOME say so. I tell myself that I choose to be happy. I tell myself that "I am choosing" and the happiness feeling wells up. This is over and over that I wrestle to staunch my disbelief. So, maybe I am just making it up.

    But since I am not interested in much of what people strive to do/have...I feel way out of place SO MUST MAKE A PLACE. I would really not mind disappearing and having no memory of anything.The thing that is hard is having consciousness of seeing what looks cruel and ugly and then feeling helpless in the face of pain.

  129. Wow, Elena, sounds like we are wrestling with a lot of the same questions. This is why I feel so drawn to the Gnostic material. More recently, I've been delving into the Orphic Mysteries. They're dualistic teachings in that they regard the material plain as separate and a trap for our divinity. But I think to call them dualistic is also inaccurate. It's not that the world is separate. It's that its lost to its own forgetfulness. The challenge is to awaken all to the memory of oneness.

    Anyway, it's interesting reading this. It's so reflective of where I am right now... well, core questions that I've been puzzling over for years, really. I just keep following the bread crumb trail left for me by spirit and seeing how deep the rabbit hole goes.

  130. "I keep feeling that I must trust '"god" i.e. that spark of divinity within me or I will want to commit suicide. the world as is has nothing but cheap goods, cheap entertainment and cheap thrills.

    The deep thrill would be KNOWING life acting from larger consciousness, a larger level of understanding and LOVE as the real seen in concrete form."

    Maggie, as I said in that post on the dark night, I really do believe suicidal ideation comes up in this process because we are feeling our ego die. And I'm so with you on that sense of done-ness about the "pleasures" of the world. The more the spirit awakens, the more hollow and dry so much of it seems.

  131. Maggie...LaVaughn

    You've said it for me.

    I also do try to believe in human potential to create a better world here, not some utopian society, but the world which is still full of challenges, but of a different kind. Once here we do need to engage our creativity, our mental and physical capabilities, and enjoy some quality leisure time, there are better ways than what the mainstream offers us today for entertainment. If only we finally learn how to utilize all of that beneficially for the Whole. But I'm scared to imagine what must take place on Earth for the majority of humankind to realize and start living differently instead of just robotically continue the present level of existence. So much ignorance and denial....The world I imagine is populated by very different people, almost like different species. I'm not sure we have time left to evolve at the same rate as before to reach that.

    PS. LV, Orphic Mysteries? Do you have an article on that?:-D
    Or maybe a good link for more info?

  132. Elena, I've just been googling around. Wikipedia is actually a good starting point on some of this stuff, especially when you take the time to look at their source material. Some of it's blatantly wrong, such as their description of Egyptian cosmology that somehow leaves out the Bennu bird. Very strange. But I like it for a starting point. Try googling world egg and Phanes for a start. I may blog some of this stuff at some point but I'm much more in a place of reading and taking in information right now, as opposed to writing anything cogent about it. Mostly I've been reading Ice and Fire (Game of Thrones) which is MYTHIC. It's another piece of literature that will take you right into the heart of the mysteries and there is definitely a world egg, Orphic kind of mythology in there.

    There is something really amazing happening in the arts right now. All of this deep esoterica is working its way into pop culture and even though it's gotten very blatant, if you don't know what you're looking at, you don't even see it. All these, sometimes really crappy TV shows don't just allude to these core myths. They reveal them. It's astounding to me.

  133. The bread crumb trail I have been following is leading me in a different direction and I no longer have a gnostic-tinted view of this world. If this world was created by an 'inferior' god, then I am an inferior being, because I love this world. I love how there is only one doorway into this dimension - which birth uses to enter and death uses to depart... what a mysterious place this is!

    I love making friends with spiders and snakes and rocks and plants and springs and trees. Especially trees. I really love trees. I love the way storm clouds roil and roll across the sky like ancient gods in their chariots on their way back home to Olympus or something.

    I love the low, slow, powerful vibration of the planets and how nature abides and transforms. I love the wind! I love the sound of the ocean and the strange and vibrantly colored mysterious life forms that inhabit the surface of this planet and it's depths (including our own species). I love technological advances. I love it all. I am one of the bunch who shares the intention to create a 'heaven' here on earth. I almost forgot how passionate I once felt about that... but now that I have remembered I will not forget again. From my perspective, the more spirit awakens the more mind blowingly beautiful the real magic that we call life becomes.

    Dark nights of the soul pass and leave fertile sediment in their passing like the Nile floods. I speak from experience as I am finally emerging from one very extended 'dark night of the soul' (VERY extended, it lasted almost 50 years, maybe longer hahaha). And I am here to tell you the view looks mighty fine from my perspective!

  134. Zigzag, you do realize that you're naming sacred creation archetypes don't you: spiders, snakes, trees... I've long said that if I have a religion, it's trees. I just think these things resonate so powerfully because of their archetypal resonance, because they are reminders of the greater reality of which this is small reflection.

    And I'm very glad to hear of your emergence. :-)

  135. I thank you LV again for your reminder about "the dark night". I also have a breadcrumb trail and when sometimes I really am asking, an affirming answer shows up as an email link from a friend.

    Matt Kahn showed up tonight and I really appreciated it so share in case anyone might be also interested.

  136. Um, no, I don't know anything about 'sacred creation archetypes', sorry. But I'm glad they are in that category! I just named them because of stand-out personal experience with them. And trees have always and forever been my best friends!

    And I like the Addams Family too :) Your confession over at the other place made me laugh out loud. I love those parallels and quotes you pulled out of it to make a point or two... how perfect they were! Too funny!

  137. We recently had a brand new faux thatch 8 ft patio umbrella totally destroyed in a sudden 'wind storm'. I was unwilling to take the loss so for a couple of weeks I looked for the mental place from which to approach the daunting task of putting all those flailing ribs back in their designated spots. The wire that held them in place, for both the 'upper ribs' and the 'lower ribs' was history and I needed to find a replacement.

    The only thing I could find was some weird kind of flexible plastic wire that was an incredibly gorgeous shade of red. I really WANTED to use it but I wasn't sure it would do the job, so I walked to the other side of the basement, on the hunt for the answer I was seeking and trusting in divine guidance I went straight to some old tool box of my brothers, I stuck my hand in and pulled out another roll of that gorgeous red stuff that I really wanted to use... I don't even know how the roll I found in my toolbox got there- I had never seen it before! And now, here was another roll of it in this dusty old tool box, certainly untouched in years, that I walked straight to! I took it as a sign.

    As it turns out I had been misled because I discovered that the way the umbrella works, those beautiful red wires would be cut through in no time flat. But now I know I have them I'll make it a point to find some perfect purpose for them. I wonder what it'll be? I bet it'll be something totally gorgeous, trippy and fun!

    Can't say I feel the same about the guy in that video though! If I found him in my toolbox I'd toss him out! Hahahaha! But then I'm old and sooo tired of all this guru shit, I do not think that means everybody else should be too. Still.... it brings this link that somebody posted on facebook today to mind:

  138. This is just a very difficult phase in my life where I am finding it hard to live with myself. And I don't think anyone caused this except me. I do agree that Matt Kahn and Every person talking about what we should do about ourselves seem highly gratified (is it all ego or some just deeply engrossed?) about telling us "the truth".

    I pursued Matt kahn a bit and he has a youtube outlining all about the meaning of life and how the Galactic Council told him everything. How come he and others have such a direct experience of being informed. he makes a great deal out of we are all the same being in different guises. Well, then why do I feel so stranded and know nothing?

    I am envious but not jelly (not personal about anyone) that people are so highly pleasured by giving satsangs and writing books. I am envious of the conviction people feel for their causes, their businesses and their pursuits.

    The difficulty is that I cannot find my feet. It is like dark night in the ocean. I feel at the moment that I cannot find land and am really tired.

    I have such mixed feelings...kind of like I keep "loving on myself" and get to feeling even less sure of everything moment by moment. I am still in PJs and have no interest even in going anywhere...there seems no where to "go" and so I am typing to the comments that I would not know how to pretend even at this point that I am anything but stupidly treading water. If people Like our friend Teal have the hutzpah and the energy to go out and project all this inner s*&^t on others, they have sooo much more energy than I. It is like quicksand and I have no one to blame so I can feel better. Prayer is drawing a blank as God says nothing and my mind is blank too.

  139. Maggie, start with having a shower and changing. Always helps me to feel better even if I am not motivated at first. And too much youtube is not good, it messes up with your mind after a few vids. To hell with all these "know it all" people. They only think they know, or pretend.
    It might seem that there is nowhere to go, but just go outside anyway, get out of your house, there are places you enjoy.

    Ok, maybe your retirement was a bit too've enjoyed some time to yourself...but too much free time can be a dangerous thing. After a while, an apathy sets in, we are wired this way. You've mentioned that you're in top physical condition, there could be not enough outlet for all the energy you've actually stored...and when one is not using it, one feels empty of energy. I know now you might feel like it's all crap anyway, and you don't want to do anything, but maybe you can start with some part time job, not necessarily nursing? Just try...I know you resist the idea, but... It motivates you to get out, it gives some structure, it distracts you, if anything, you might even discover new interests, and last but not least, I'm sure you'll enjoy getting paychecks again. I was in a similar situation and felt just the way you describe. I know you want to manifest magically things, but, speaking from experience, such things happen more easily somehow, when you have some base and feel more sure.
    Now, with all this "cosmic knowledge" you've gathered, there could be a feeling that normal things in life are so mundane and trivial and not worth your attention, but really, it's up to us to give a deeper meaning to whatever we are doing. Even to dishwashing.

    I've had periods like that. You've read too much, you've watched too much, you've been thinking too much.But.... There is only that much inspiration you can get from all those other people and sources. These are their experiences, not yours. It's good to find out about other people's experiences, but you need to balance it out...and create your own. You might feel inspired after a certain video, or maybe comforted...but the feeling is fleeting. It is basically just a substitute, like a drink for some or drugs...

    You said you want to live problem free, but overcoming some daily challenges is what keeps us going. At least here in this world. Of course, the majority of people are burdening themselves with too many problems, stresses, responsibilities....but it doesn't have to be that hectic...You feel so empty because there is nothing that holds you to this life at present....just a deep desire for learning some "truth". But it's better to balance it out with something else...or you might get soooo lost in all of this information and just left confused. Maybe you can use what "real life" has to offer, maybe a new relationship?;-)

    I might've annoyed you with all my suggestions, but since you shared and I could relate I just had to respond with whatever first came to my mind.

    Lose those PJs!

  140. I believe that everything is true and that it is up to me to decide what truth I want to resonate with. I have found that finding resonance with 'outside' truth is almost always a temporary thing. Personal truth is where it's at... it shimmers like an oasis in a burning desert... what life-saving relief!!

    I believe that life is a passionate endeavor and that without passion there is no life. I thought it was all over for me, that I had been knocked down for the count... everything was dead for me, I felt dead, hanging on by a wisp, I could find nothing that inspired me to life. Nothing.

    Except my (grown) kids. And the absolute intention to achieve my objectives before I make any kind of exit. There's a song called "I Ain't Goin' Down Like This", and it was that feeling that eventually saved me.

    Have a wonderful journey me2yesu and may the force be with you! :)

  141. How funny that our responses were so similar Elena... brilliant minds and all that jazz, hahaha!

    And you gave very good advice! Sometimes I have to say to myself "STEP AWAY FROM YOUR COMPUTER" like there was a gun pointed at my head!

  142. Thanks Elena and ZZB. It was very kind of you to respond and I feel it as warming and loving...may you too feel supported! Thanks ever so much.....

    I did get out. It is now apparent that to make some new choices will take detox. I want to graduate from attending Conspirituality University. The carrot will be WHOOPEE I graduated. the stick may be to get out my blue water gun (hehe) and threaten to use it on the computer if I step any closer to it.

    It really is for my own good. I will no doubt be back so see you LV and company later and Much love...maggie

  143. La vaughn , your comment about teal is the direct reflection of the level of your consciousness and boy o boy what a low level that is, judgement galore, what has she done to screw you up so bad? You are in no way a spiritual person, why the need to critisize her this much, even if she's fraud its not your duty to kill yourself over her, this shows how badly your ego is driving your life, lmao, I dont know but I can't stop laughing at you your so desperate. I feal bad for you, calm down and stop sending so much low vibration and trust the universe youl be fine everyone will be fine,

  144. I wonder how many times ory is going to post that idiotic comment before they figure out where to find it afterwards. Must be a tealer.

  145. I wonder too, zigzag.

    Ory, to which comment are you referring. I've made several, in addition to three thorough blog posts explaining in plain English why I'm concerned enough to write on the issue.

    You know it's funny, I've written a gazillion posts about the abuse scandal in the Catholic Church, Warren Jeffs and his FLDS, the Amish haircutting scandal... you know that no one has accused me of being somehow counter-spiritual for any of it. Some religious abusers are fair game, others aren't, I guess.

  146. At least there is some progress with your name with this second try, hehe, your previous remark, LV, was taken into consideration.

    Ory, and what has LaVaughn done to you personally, that you take your sweet time to come here to criticize her, assess her LoC, even if she's doing this to Teal, its not your duty to judge her and her motivations. Better concentrate on your own spirituality and take your own advice.

    So yeah, calm down...everything's cool.

  147. "How dull, how impossible life would be without dreams — waking dreams, I mean — the dreams that we call "castles in the air," built by the kindly hands of Hope! Were it not for the mirage of the oasis, drawing his footsteps ever onward, the weary traveler would lie down in the desert sand and die. It is the mirage of distant success, of happiness that, like the bunch of carrots fastened an inch beyond the donkey's nose, seems always just within our reach, if only we will gallop fast enough, that makes us run so eagerly along the road of Life."
    Jerome K. Jerome

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  150. Wow! I am in the middle of making a video on Teal critical of her and came here for research. I thought I knew a fair amount but now? All I can say is I posted a quick 30 sec. coming soon video on my channel and already am being attacked by the "Tealers" which only fuels my desire for more information. I cannot stand by and let people like Teal take advantage of people and just openly lie to sell books and grab some fame!

  151. Well, Gary, when you get the video up be sure and post a link so we can take a look. By the way, don't know if you saw but there's two more posts on teal and some very informative comments. Turns out this blog was just the tip of the iceberg, or so I learned after I posted it.

  152. This is a shit show! What's the point of your "spirituality" if you spend your time like this?For love's sake, get back into your bodies and live lest you become more and more retarded.

  153. This is a shit show! What good is your "spiritualality" if this is how you spend your time and energy; if this is the life you are creating? The amount of immaturity flying around here is comical. Get back into your bodies lest you become increasingly more retarded. Teal is obviously mentally ill. The people who follow her are fucked up too. The amount of energy I see going into analyzing her ridiculous life is bordering on the creepy, even grotesque voyeur side of things. Snap out if it people! The real world needs you!

  154. The true sad part of this, I's actually not that she is a fraud, wich she most surtently are as any other famous person, wich equally all are illuminati puppet giving sending out sublime sexual, untrue, destructing, devil worship etc messegers to hipnotise people with mainstream, so that they do not descover their true nature, our true nature and the false mindset we have been hypnotized to live by since childhood true everything that is popular and famous. ..

    but the fact that the stories about her life, is actually the real true story of her life.. the illuminati is behind this, and they really do worships the devil, sacrifice babys, make the childeren they want to control when older to hipnotise people through media, watch babys suffers painful deaths, rape them and so on and on and on... their teal is most surtently being very honest.. she is just a small abused child inside, who have been programmed to do and say all these FALLS IDEAS and seducing you in to making you worship the devil and pulling you away from your true self, believing in yourself, sending sublime messaget and the list goes on, and the same is for any other famous person. And even worse. It's not even their fault. They are controlled, and if they try to brake loose or likewise, then their handelers or the man she talks about, will do horrific things towards them or their loved ones. Or maybe trry sabotaging them through media with fake storys. Worst case scenario, they will kill them if they spill to much or resist to their wishes. They make them addicts by doping them and abusing them. And again. The list goes on. It is actually heartbreaking and sick in a way that it can't be described. Why do you think all famous people behave how they do, or false rumours are sutently made up about m to make people go against them. And famous people misterios dying out of "nowhere", out of "drug abbuse", alcohol abbuse, think it through, if you like :)

    I would also suggest to look up on Google or youtube on illuminati blood sacrifice and or illuminati mind control, and or illuminati sublime messegers, illuminati devil worship and the list goes on ..

    And you have awakened fully, i would recommend to close your Facebook, close your youtube, stop supporting, (actually not the actors, singers, talkshow hosts and the list goes on on famous people), but the ones that controle all of them to controlling all of us throughout mainstrem media and so on.

    For by listening to their music and waching their movies etc. You are not only being kept under hypnosis of sexual, destructive, abusive, addicted behaviour, but are also supporting them to continually torture these famous people, who either do as they are told, or are slightly killed of by startinh as being hypnotised to cut of their hair and made lunatics, overdose, suicide.. the list again goes on..

    may god be with us all <3 <3 much love <3 <3

  155. I am a very skeptical person. To my displeasure, I do not fully believe in anything Teal says, and, though only recently discovering your existence, anything you say. Though I find this article very one sided, though I believe it serves to help you deal with your own problems. I do feel that you might be thankful to know, as I am sure you do, that this article has fired up questions in the minds of dogmatic followers and even provided yourself with a fair amount of followers. Soon enough we can start complaining about your army.

  156. You don't have to believe everything Teal says. This is not a black and white thing. On the other hand, I find a lot of her advice and life lessons to be novel, positive and very helpful.

    Don't throw the baby out with the bathwater.

  157. Anyone who can't see that Teal Swan is a CON-WOMAN has got to be an idiot.

  158. hi i want to forward this conversation i had with one of your friends on facebook after i exposed teal on her wall-

    hi Jessica I found your comments on sTeal page and posted them at the
    latest article of Lavaughn (all articles about sTeal) (posted
    it here)
    hope this is fine with you. I was delighted about your comment(s)

    hi there golden, thank you for this website, im really impressed with
    the amount of work you have done on this. its very disturbing to read
    but it also helps one to clearly see how the pattern/trend works. i
    know this very well cause i used to be spiritual speaker known as
    (project camelots crystal child) as well thinking love and light would
    help as well but when i investigated more on this and how messed up it
    made my followers and everyone else who follows this stuff in which
    you articulated so well, i knew i could not go on promoting this stuff
    even though i was riding the gravy train of popularity and money i had
    to expose this and i wanted other spiritual speakers to see the mess
    they were making as well. but they refused to and instead bashed me
    for as you know being negative jealous a hater, working for the dark
    side and so on. there is lots to talk about. i posted more on teals
    wall i am used to her fans responses as well as i have done this on
    other new age speakers walls such as leija turunen, lucinda love, and
    Amanda Noell and many others but lately teal is making me sick with
    playing this game being so fake using sex and justifying abuse. the
    new age and abuse are very related to each other this is one of the
    reasons i started speaking up and exposing the new age and all blind
    beliefs that render a person unable to think for themselves.. teals
    response to you website was classic response and it really urked me
    this cop out to refuse to think and just make you into the sad
    pathetic hurting person.. but i have been there many times as well. of
    course its fine with me, you can use anything of mine you like, we
    have wrote other posts about teal as well that are further down that
    might be hard to find on our wall but i can find them if you like. i
    only recently felt this time i wanted them on her wall i wanted her
    and her followers to see it and see if they were willing to take off
    their rose colored glasses. i have not read everything you wrote but i
    read a good chunk. did you make any videos as well? i posted a video
    on teals wall called goddess workshop exposed. i will send you the
    link it will remind you of teals games very much im sure.. also i
    would love to do a chat/interview with you on skype if your interested
    and feel comfortable. one of the things we are doing with out EOF
    project aside from exposing these scam artists is trying to get
    universities to see how thinking and promoting this stuff leads to
    mental illness, as you can see with teal and her followers what this
    stuff does to ones psyche. please stay in touch and message me anytime
    warm regards jessica WWW.EOFPROJECT.ORG

    also i am a south park fan as well and i saw that episode the hobbit
    and it made me think of the same thing.. when i think about people
    like teal and the many new age scammers out there i think of the
    episode called the biggest douche in the universe

  159. here is the second half to that convo
    Hi Jessica, thanks for your reply. I didn't write these articles. It
    is LaVaughn who manages this page. She is the compassionate, very
    clear, fair brain behind it and collected all of us on the way. I
    found her after following teal for half a year...I went through the
    whole thing - total love for her, my savior blabla, you name it. I
    then got sceptical as soon as she did her video about Teal eye and the
    mission statement. This video changed everything. Long story short: I
    found LaVaughn's first article and since then, we have a daily
    conversation in the comment section (now in the last article). We all
    brought information together and LaVaughn used some of it to research
    the other 2 new articles. If you have some time - in the comment
    section of the last article...LaVaughn did a NONCAST about teal's
    podcast. It is hilarious and sad...she goes through all the smug Teal is
    talking about with sarbdeep. Get in touch with LAVaughn through the
    blog. I posted your comments there. With her help, I got my sanity
    back because I felt to lied at by Teal and it was kind of heart
    breaking.... she is such a marketing machine. It is actually impressive
    scary. I am so happy to see you between all these addicts. I just
    watched parts of her latest online workshop. The first thing she did
    was flashing the whole audience. I can't count how often I got
    flashed. She has no limits. Anyway if you have some time, go through
    the comments...loads of info there, all carried together by 4-5 people.
    I had nothing against Teal, i think she is very talented, beautiful
    and has a messed up life....but her arturian stuff and so on...Google is
    her best friend. I was actually talking to her ex boyfriend ... it just
    confirmed again the whole scam... You sound very clear - I am glad you
    are putting it out there. I wanted to preserve your comments in case
    TealDelete gets activated again. PS: i already had found your goddess
    video ! Well done!!!!! ex indigo to ex chrystal I am sure we talk
    again at some point.

    is LAVaughn have facebook as well?
    its late here i will get back to you tomorrow
    but feel free to forward our letter conversations here to her


    I am not aware of her fb account and i dont have an email. We
    literally communicate in the comment section. But her blog has
    7 hours ago
    hey Jessica, just contact her, somebody just hacked my account and i
    switch it off. Something not right

    its so strange how she got blocked right after talking to me...

    im blocked from teal swan/scott/bosworth page that was fast... well im pretty sure after doing more research on this girl that she and the people who back her business invented the whole story to get attention. like the many celebrities and new age speakers now a days they are all manufactured by corporations such as tolle, bashar, chopra, doreen virtue and many more.. if teal was in that cult she claims she is most likely still in and now being controlled as a spiritual lady gaga.
    who will do what ever they can to get your attention, the kardashians have moved to the spiritual circuit.. splash some sexyness and rebelness talk about soul mates and law of attraction aliens 3rd eye, god and goodness.. be more advanced then everyone and special then everyone and play that role until its raw. throw in a jesus complex and you got the next spiritual speaker. so i wonder how many spiritual speakers do we intend to follow in our life time till we are on death bed wondering what the hell did we do with our life and mind? and just like amma when its big money operation and people go to investigate in person they mysteriously fall off the roof and die. silence that person right away they are making the zombie followers think .. we can not have that happen .. we will lose our precious cash cow.. teal who just wants attention, to be the center of the universe and get lots presents. of course this is exactly what a person does with a 171 IQ and a high vibration right?

  160. i really do not think this woman has been abused it seems to be her ace card up her sleeve to get away with anything and excuse all behavior and manipulation she does, and best part is no one can prove that it happened so everyone seems to just believe it feel bad for her and want to protect her at all costs..
    that being said this woman is afraid for her life now yet she calls her self a sacrifice like in jesus's last supper..
    so this woman wants to be a marter for her cause .. what ever that is, seems her cause is to make people shallow and petty and clones of her.. so if everyone of her followers want to be like her to then they always will lead themselves to some sacrifice as well .. like the people who state who are in her spell i would kill for her?
    and we say she has done nothing wrong?
    im sorry this is totally irresponsible and creepy cultish and dangerous.. but she seems to be able to get away with anything and everything.. as she uses every trick in the book.. but it will not be long till she is replaced by an even younger more spiritual version.. its classic this pattern has been played out so many times out with the old in with the new..
    and people saying she has done nothing wrong? the way she promotes sexuality to the many young ones who watch that have gotten raped for trying to be like teal and all the perverts that she invites to her page to objectify woman .. to touch them saying no i am not sexually molesting you i am giving you spiritual healing why are you so negative? i just want to know if teal is willing to be responsible for the damage she is doing in others lives?

  161. here are some discussions on my wall about this----

    Can someone help me elaborate on why I find this video adds to my confusion rather than actually helps me?? it seems very superficial and it seems to me this is exactly what EOF is trying to dismantle/stay away from ..... but at the same time I know why sometimes we subject ourselves to certain people is due to our conditioning and opinions of ourselves .. but everything teal swan says is in relation to lack of love from childhood. I don't think that is exactly why we suffer or necessarily why we date who we date. I think relationships are beneficial for many reasons... but a real partnership i think is so valueable for dismantling if you are with someone who wants to go deep with you..they will display what you deny about yourself and you will dislike them for it..and you can be aware and try to understand it/evolve or be superficial and dispose of people and run away from what they are showing you about yourself. I don't know. I couldn't really watch the whole thing. because I felt turned off by it but I wanted to know others perspectives. thanks guys!

  162. To say it straight: the whole video is a clever attempt pseudo-journalistically made to express a perfect nothing (even if some elements are technically but superficially correct)..
    I seriously do not know where to start..
    maybe from the green screen editing of the luxury room on the background .. aimed to silently suggest ''hey boy: what are you doing ? Don't you want to get some ''spiritual-materialistic abundance'' by making my paypal happy ?
    The scripted laugh at the very beginning ?
    The timbre of the voice which I find dramatically close to the weather rapporteurs on TV ?
    The exhibition of sexiness so to rise up the audience ?
    The ---''you are just being envy''--- that the many hidden new agers present in this group are thinking by reading the first lines of my comment ? (looking forward about how many people will leave the group now )

    Observation 1):
    Teal Swan suggests that self-saboteurs are self-saboteurs because they were programmed this way..
    This actually means, just to mention an example, that a person who did everything to gain his or her degree at the university working night and day to pay the studies (system which is completely idiotic by the way) and got maximum evaluation even with honour (just like some friends of mine had) and that now works at the McDonald or the stone net door because of the financial crisis (just like it happened to some friends of mine) .. this means that such person has been programmed through self sabotage therefore it's merely self sabotage what this person executes .. right ? Perhaps they should watch the video Teal Scott did few months ago about ''how to open your third eye (through a particular breathing and a specific diet) {up to the ridiculous !}...

    Observation 2):
    I wonder if the watchers & users of these kind of videos are able to notice a particular surreptitious technique:
    the speaker / mentor speaks very fastly .. (kind of similar to the medical suggestions regarding the side effects of medication and antidepressants at the very end of their advertisements onTV..
    This is a precise technique to distract the psyche 'cause it gives no space to intelligent and profound thinking : it's merely distracting and separative and it works like that :
    --The speakers functions as a ''machine gun'' vomiting illustrious and bombastic words and concepts (with no REPETITION AND RE-ELABORATION at all).. so the (very often confused) mind of the follower has no time, nor psychological peace to completely understand the verbal definition (therefore avoiding the very act of inquiring and asking ''what do you mean by this and that exactly ?'') .. and basically clinging to a numb and dumb ''wow'', ''you made my day'', ''so inspiring'' and so on..
    --Sexiness is used as psycho-aesthetic opium to increase this strategy..
    --Then between concepts or just at the very end .. comes easy words like ''love'', ''dating'' and so on.. therefore the confused mind assumes that he or she got it .. clicking ''like'' , writing ''you made my day'' .. and tomorrow we sink in the same dirty game again with no understanding at all ..

    The video is cleverly done.. (bravo)
    but indeed it has some second hand-cleverness ..
    the same cleverness we can easily find in a 4 dollar magazine like ''psychology today'' .. (plus obviously: motivational new age spiritual nonsenses)..
    so : cleverly done... but cleverness is not intelligence ...

    Motivational stupidity is and it remains motivational stupidity ..
    but patinated cleverness is something more : it works as a glamour illusory snake within the psyche ..
    glamour .. but psychologically venomous..

    my compliments Meredith for your ability to penetrate the machinery of syncopated cleverness .. trying to reach the lucidity beyond the doubt

  163. I don't even think she takes this stuff seriously (that laugh at the beginning). Even the title just seems stupid. Actually it seems like she is just reading off of a script of pop psychology. She seems to be making generalized sweeping statements about all people who are "successful", didn't watch more than that.

    I don't think "love" really has anything to do with it. We do not care about "love" when we are kids, until this concept is conditioned into us and we are told that we should say it and that other people "love" us, and so on...
    (though I do think we can pick up a lot of patterns from our family, society, normality, and so on...) What we actually cared about was our psychological freedom, being able to just be 'ourselves' and live our life.

    But by the time we get to a point in life in which we start wanting a "relationship" we have all of these conditioned ideas and expectations and this idea of "love" lurking in our mind. Most relationships are not really a totally free co-sharing between two people, they are just a kind of imitation of ideas of what relationships should be, and co-dependency. People often seek a relationship so to escape from their loneliness and try to get some sort of "ticket" to happiness, even if they may not realize they have those motivations. And when we think to "love" someone its just our picture of them and we usually don't even really understand the person we claim to "love". It just becomes an exchange of psychological drug dealers as we seek to feed our identity and extract consensus from the other person and get upset if they do not give us what we want.

    Sometimes people do subject themselves to abusive relationships because they do not want to lose the consensus and psychological security that they get from being in a relationship, and/or they see partialities and refuse to acknowledge that they are being abused, even justifying it sometimes like "I deserve it... I can change him/her, etc..."

    People also constantly seek out the same kinds of relationships, whether consciously or not or both or whatever, because whether they think it's "good" or not, their relationships are based off of their conditionings and confusion, and they can even take comfort in their own familiar discomfort and dysfunctional patterns.

    Yeah, people do often close off and become superficial and even cut people out when they get challenged and do not want to see what's really behind their actions and all the stuff that they ignore and suppress.

  164. -----to the people who poo poo me for exposing their beloved new age scammers---------
    we live in a world where its more important to be seen as nice and a good person to accept every ones ways and beliefs no matter how insane violent or brain dead they are for fear of not being a good person... already the positive police are birthing in our psyche and coming to a reality near us soon and then it will be too late to think about these things and see the insanity in them cause it will be accepted and embraced as normality. well is it worth it? your a good nice person but the world is insane and you helped make it that way.. do you still think you will get a reward at the end of your life for that some paradise or rather a limbo creation of your confusion until you can see it for what it is and dismantle that shit.

  165. ---My Observations on a Teal Scott/Swan and Sasha Stone/Wolf Interview---
    Why are so many addicted to horror sex and all the gory details? even new age religious people they may not like or watch horror movies but they like murder mysteries. Most new agers seem to be addicted to the grisly details of conspiracy satanism illuminati blood rituals and such. I am really surprised with people who say this is terrible but keep researching and reading all the details as if they have a fixation and a secret that they like it.
    I can give an example just recently i was sent a video of a guy named sasha stone interviewing teal scott/swan on satanic rituals. You can look up the video for yourself on line if you like just type in their names and you will find it. For those who do not know sasha stone is known as wolf in my bali blogs. i know this guy personally and it was not pleasant on how much of a womanizer and hypocrite he is., or how often i was sexually harressed by him. i saw him check out young girls all the time and comment out loud what he would like to do with them then he would say child porn is wrong.. or he would defend his new age leader friends who were arrested for sexually harressing women. not to mention he is a big fan of kadaffee who is a blood thirsty dick-tator the way he speaks sounds like intellectual poetry confabulations of nothingness trying to sound intelligent and enlightened, he particularly does this when he wants to show off in this case he was trying to impress teal. and teal was flirting back and constantly looking at herself on her computer and fixing her hair as she talked about shock torture done to kids with a smile on her face as if its amusement to her now.
    People talk about these conspiracies and facts in a fake way, in a way where they are the superheros being the good guys wanting to seem so brave we are exposing this, as this kind of content seems to be the trend and all the rage. but what they are really doing is promoting and encouraging such things to go on. As if talking about it exposing it protesting about it by the many would make a difference when people do not care cause they see it as an entertainment and a way to become special to build ones identity and madness complex on. Like the many i know how follow and talk about this stuff their minds are totally lost in endless illusions the last thing a person needs is a person like teal saying look how special i am, im out of my body all the time, im sexy, im a master manifestor, im more advanced then all of you and often times she says im super smart. more like super insecure and shallow.. but people put her on a pedestal to which people give her more attention but are left always feeling not able to measure or up that they are not good enough or missing something oh i better watch more teal spiritual videos so i can ascend.
    and that is what i did i decided to look at another video of hers the next one was teals sex advice. I was really appalled by what she said something like i enjoy rough sex and men girls want you to be rough with them sexually otherwise they will think you are weak and no woman wants a weak man.. im sorry this is bullshit and creating a complex and contradictions in a mans mind and no not all woman want that how can she speak for all of woman? woman who have been raped do not want rough sex or a tough man, nor do they see a man who is gentle during sex as weak. im sorry this just shows how mentally ill, unstable and vain teal is.

  166. part 2
    It really bothers me when people compare the EOF to teal the EOF is nothing like Teal's messages where she just talks about shallow superficial things to seem special and better then everyone to escape reality and her past if its really true which i doubt so she can get consensus she uses every trick in the book even claiming to heal cancer and making terrible art pictures saying they activate ones DNA and such but i guess it only works when you buy it not look at it online.. not to mention her partners are business marketing experts.
    then there is the fact that she constantly promotes illusions belief systems and mental complexes with duality and mind invented beings. or her ability to help others manufest uber stupidity in ones life. She has ask teal so you do not think, ask her for her answers cause she is so wise people do not see how they get enslaved by those answers so they never ever think to question teal rather then ask her.
    she either has no idea what she is talking about and believes her own tripe cause she does not want to think or be responsible or she is a master scam artist with lots of help. i would not be surprised if she was even funded and backed by the very people she claimed abused her.
    Where would she be with out her followers?
    how would she fare on a deserted island? i do not think she would last very long channeling her guides there.
    i wonder how many people have gone on medication thanks to this new age movement deluded and tricked waiting for a shift that will never come while they hear about illuminti plans and satanic blood rituals and wars going on all around them, waiting for the world to get better but it seems to be getting worse and its after 2012 and no golden age.. its not possible to have any sort of golden age or peace when one is confused and in prison of their belief systems and fake new age speakers whose solutions go nowhere but to a decay of our intelligence.
    think about these things if your tired of this madness bs and being scamed.

  167. i think if teal is sincere and legit like she and her army claims she should do a public live chat with you or the EOF and see if she can hold her own and answer some basic questions about her claims. otherwise what does she have to hide if she has no qualms putting everything out in the public eye?

  168. Hello, Jessica. Nice to meet you. I feel like I've been getting to know you just a little through some of your interviews, old and new. And, of course, GA posted some of your commentary on Mistress Teal on the blog. And, yeah, precisely. I saw some of that Sacha Stone interview and like most things teal, I had to shut it off because I was getting ill. Torture porn. Awful.

    I had no idea she'd done a video on opening the third eye. I'm scared to even look at it because I'm quite sure it will set me off. The latest relationship vid was horrible. Equating people with their financial worth -- hideous at any time, but in the current economy just so vile I'm left nearly speechless. That she actually breaks people down into "successfuls" and "unsuccessfuls" I just... what?! The horror. The horror.

    Anyway, GA posted some of your comments over here on the most recent teal post and we've been discussing.

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  170. Hi LaVaughn, thanks for taking all this time to come up with this expose.

    I think Teal is seriously disturbed, as a few other commentors have also pointed out. She said so herself:
    "The panic hit my chest and my vision began to go dark. Even though Winter was playing a game, it was a PTSD trigger for me. When children undergo things they can’t cope with, they often invent a personality (or multiple personalities) of someone that can cope with the experience. When I escaped from my childhood abuse, the torture of it all had left me with 12 alter personalities. I had developed what they call dissociative identity disorder. I spent nearly six years with one of the leading psychologists in the country for ritual trauma, integrating those personalities. I associated Winter calling himself by a different name today, with my own childhood. I passed out on the kitchen floor and slipped into a dissociative seizure. Blake saw me fall and carried me upstairs to Sarbdeep, who was reading over a business contract in our bedroom."

    I feel sad for her but at the same time I feel she shouldn't defraud the susceptible members of the public. Some people may be genuinely helped by her and are really not bothered by her stories not correlating with reality, perhaps they really believe her alternate realities/dimensions and I have to respect that, but there also some who may feel totally defrauded and even devastated when they realize the truth.

    Anyway, I'm both sad and indignant/angry at the same time. It's hard to know for sure how much culpability to level at her without a professional, clinical assessment. There's a post here where she seems to second-guess herself, asking if she is indeed a 'fraud'. I'm too sad/angry to read it properly to find out what she said.

    All this is not doing favors for the field of spirituality in general. She's spewing a lot of hocus-pocus, or the delusions of an unstable mind. But she sure has charisma in front of the camera, and perhaps she really does possess an innately high IQ as well, to be able to pull off what she's managed so far.

  171. Though I appreciate your speaking up, I think you're too critical, going with too little information, on some topics. As a survivor of abuse myself, Teal's reflections on the effects of abuse ring too true to have been falsified. If she were making it up for attention and to boost her credibility, she would be much more simplistic when describing the effects.

    Let me be clear, I am not part of her army. I just found her the other day, and I do appreciate your exposing her behavior toward her ex - which is really a shame and I'm sorry to hear about it.

    Most importantly - your claim that she was minimizing the threat of her abuser being at large by not seeking justice - just isn't true. She states in an interview with Bob Salter, posted on her Youtube channel, that she did in fact go to the police. She tried, but the case went cold due to lack of evidence - and this is sadly not uncommon for rape cases. I have taken a similar stance with my abusers. There is 0 evidence and pushing for justice would not get anywhere.

    Whether she was actually forced to watch children burn - I do not know. I believe at the very least, SHE believes it as a result of trauma. The mind does roam into fantasy when one is being traumatised. She said she used to imagine she was tiny and crawling through the carpet. I used to say the abc's over and over and over in my head. The mind does things to cope. Call her story into question, but don't assume she's making it up for attention please.

  172. Erin, I've written two more posts on teal since I wrote this and they contain thousands of comments, many from former followers very familiar with body of work. What I wrote here has only been proven to be worse and truer than I knew.

    She did go to the police because she had no choice due to reporting laws. It would have been her therapist or her so she reported. She still says to this day that she's deeply ambivalent about turning criminals over to the justice system, even if they pose a further threat, because victims of abuse can't be protected from the law of attraction. (It's alright to protect criminals from the law of attraction, for some reason, but not victims.) These are opinions she has stated repeatedly.

    And for the record, I have never drawn any conclusions at all about her abuse. I have some problems with the credibility of her story for a number of reasons, but I have drawn no conclusions.

  173. She's smouldering and beautiful ... but as your article has eloquently elaborated (with admirable research), there is definitely something fishy about this woman. I'm sure she is simply trying to make a career and money for herself to live, but her messages verge on the ridiculous. How can you not shoot the messenger when the messenger is so obviously taking the piss out of people. She is a highly intelligent woman, and she knows how to work people's lust and feelings in her favor. A mastermind would be an appropriate word. Something about her makes me very uncomfortable (it's that feeling you get around high functioning sociopaths and cult leaders).

  174. Look, I have gotten through a good portion of your article. And while attemptedly, insightful and disclosing, there is no valid discrediting proof that I have read this far. I will continue to look into this, to see if there is something I am missing...but so far, reading your article, I find you to be the one "misunderstanding" and pushing blame without compassion.
    I, myself, reading through your quotes on her words, and watching the interview, understand DEEPLY, her responses. Nearly all of them I fact, including, her bio and life accounts and terminology used regarding her "credentials". So far, the only person I see out of alignment is you. Now...I'm not trying to be rude, believe me. It's just, I "deeply understand her statements", also being a victim of abuse and a powerful psychic gift (and curse) from an early age. And when I see your responses to her speech, I do not see compassion or understanding. That is the first sign, that indeed she may not be the one here who is out of the truth of alignment. Often those, who are misunderstood, or not understood, and have large stories like this, suffer at the hands of critics such as yourself, who likely, had not suffered the severe abuse she had. If you have not, it is simply not for you to so un compassionately seek to discredit what instead could be understood. Really, your writing makes you sound cynical. I could explain her statements, but one had to have the ears and heart to WANT TO KNOW. I will keep digging. But her message has only rang true to this fellow psychic as well. My gift is compassion. And understanding. For those who have suffered especially.
    The only reason I am even commenting back, is in hope that you may see, that you are coming across as cynical and almost mean, to somebody, Who is also just a "coping human being". She is obviously, and unlikely ever going to be fully healed- the world is so very harsh. This is why she focus's on appreciation, happiness, and beauty. She is not opposed to acknowledging the negative; she is just finely attempting and (possibly truly aware) that positive focus may be the healing agent that we need. As she stated about America, (or society for that matter)--we focus most often on the problems and not the solution. Your post reminds me of exactly that. You are seeing problem in her, rather than compassion, understanding, or truth. You seek to discredit what you don't believe BECAUSE you don't agree or fully understand. I truly believe, of you are not her, you can not justly say these things without "being mean" and possibly spreading slander and cruelty.
    If she is a fraud, or liar, then perhaps your intuition in developed indeed. Nevertheless, as a healer, (and completely hypocritical human being) you are striking me as the lesser intelligent and wise in this post. She is human. You are human. I am human. We do out best. We try to inspire for good. We educate. We make our choices. People don't always agree. She made hers. You made yours. I make mine. Sometimes they may not seem like the right choices, but who is to say??! Really?! Reality is not that clean and simple, and it never has been. Judge her not, for she seeks truly in her heart not to judge you. I know this not as a follow, but as a fellow empath and clairvoyant.
    Goodluck. Just trying to open the conversation for compassion.

  175. Compassion? Like the compassion she showed for Fallon? (Finish reading this post) Or the belated Leslie, or Cameron? (See this post)

    Ariel, seriously, try reading all four of the posts on teal and the numerous comments, including those from people who feel harmed by her. It might make you reconsider just who needs a lecture on compassion.

  176. Two words: sociopath/ psychopath. All this claim of her being a "spiritual teacher" is New Agey hoo ha. Her behavior and words about herself ( including what I am sure are her many lies) show her self-centeredness, manipulation of others and how dishonest and conniving she is. She uses people, including men, and throws them away when they no longer serve her purpose. She weaves an attention-getting story but her " posse" is full of sock accounts.

    I'm a Pagan and even I can see she's fake. Wiccan High Priestess? Who initiated her? As for her other claims she sure packs it in, much like William Schnoebelen does ( his latest claim is that he was a " real" vampire-- with retractable canines)..

    Fake fake fake using sex appeal. Sheesh.

  177. Thank you for writing this and the other blog posts as well. I first heard about Teal from a male friend of ours and the first words out of his mouth were "you have to hear this lady speak, she's brilliant and sexy at the same time." She rapidly became popular with some of the other men in our circle of friends and I didn't think much about it. It didn't really faze me because I have no issues with beautiful women being one myself. But what I was intrigued by was I got the sense that these men were more or less "lured" in by her. And when I tried to ask them about some of her teachings, they could not really comment on much more than her appearances and sexuality. And much of the teachings are things that seemed repeated. But I wanted to give her a chance.

    I've been following her loosely for about a year now and there's an icky feeling I can't quite shake or explain. Yes, she's beautiful and well spoken and I wanted to love her. I tried. But as someone who is deaf and has a photographic memory of emotions and body language and is able to read body language very well, something doesn't sit right for me when I watch her videos. In most of her videos, there is nothing more than "acting". It is not genuine or real. She reminds me of the people I know with asperger syndrome who have great abilities at memorizing everything but don't really apply it or feel but are great at repeating it. She even has some of the same body language and facial expressions as them. Teal shows no compassion or empathy for anyone else. She doesn't really show a connection with others, understanding pain or joy with others so instead she focus on herself and her own traits. She elevates herself constantly in her videos on why she's not the same as everyone else. I think one of the reasons she is so popular is because our American culture in general is very narcissistic and all about self ego stroking and we naturally follow ego-stroking leaders. I don't think she would do well in a culture that is all about community, family, etc. A community where everyone is elevated and equal. Compared to other spiritual leaders who I have seen in person and on video, there is no real love coming from her. It is hard for me to pin down exactly what I'm trying to say. But one of the things that nearly all spiritual leaders who have withstood the test of time from their birth to their death to long after their death, is that they made a lasting impact because they were real because they taught about love, oneness, EQUAL connectivity to one another. We are one and the same. We are spiritual beings as well as human beings. On the spiritual plane, we are all the same. Much of her teachings remind me a lot of the Book of Mormon and how the church teaches that when we die, we are elevated go different statuses from one another. This does not sit right with me at all to have a teacher who promotes herself as being on different plane as the rest of us. Somehow being better or special or having VIP access to spiritual knowledge. It is one of the traits of many false prophets. But other true and real spiritual leaders don't do this. They don't elevate themselves, they try to elevate everyone else around them. She never attempts this. I'm sad actually to say that because she has an opportunity to bring great change into the world. But spiritually, mentally and emotionally, she's still young.

    Again most of my observations are coming from years of watching and studying body language in others due to my hearing loss as a child. I've been blessed with a strong radar. I know when someone is real. And I can tell you I tried to ignore my initial gut feelings about her for over a year. I read her book, I read her blogs and followed her on facebook. But she's not. She's not real.....

  178. Has anyone heard about this yet?

    Jessica Schab: An individual known for promoting slanderous anti-teal material, has active charges filed against her.

    Gus Mouskos, someone who has also been subjected to the same treatment as Teal, has recently filed numerous charges against Jessica Schab and is asking others, who may have been abused by her as well to also take action.

    Here is a quote from the website linked below:

    "If you have experienced any sort of libelous abuse by Jessica Schab and her accomplices or anybody for these matters, I recommend you contact your local court house and file a complaint. Your silence is your acceptance to abuse. Speak up and be bold so that all may hear, other wise this will not stop!"

    In the link posted, the court documents and charges are listed for anyone who would like to look into it.

  179. This comment has been removed by the author.

  180. I am so thankful for Teal Scott. So many of her FREE videos have helped me make tremendous strides in healing from childhood abuse. I suppose if your aim is to pick apart somebody and bring them down, you could do that with anyone. No one is perfect. I like to appreciate the good that people contribute. That doesn't mean I have to believe and understand everything that person stands for, does or says. It just means that there are things about that person that are valuable to me, and I am thankful that I have crossed paths with them.

    1. Nobody is saying anyone doesn't have the right to watch Teals videos/enjoy them nor is discounting that she s shared stuff plenty have found useful. I think if you reread what was actually said you'd see you've kind of missed the point. As for Teals video s being free, that means nothing. We re not charged for watching TV adverts. Doesn't mean they're not still commercial marketing attempts to get people to buy things at a later stage. Teal charges for her books and i ve heard she also does for client sessions. Plus, if you do well enough with attracting enough video views on You Tube you get paid by them anyway. If she s not already being paid by them, how do you know that s not her aim? I certainly haven't seen anything that this article writer has said that shows any intent to bring somebody down. Just that she believes people should know the truth. If you want to ignore it in favour of what personally made you feel good/that you personally found useful re watching her stuff then that s your choice. Its not really relevant to the fact she s still almost certainly a scam artist who happens to be a whole lot more subtle and cleverer at what she does than some! You may see what s written here as picking someone apart. I simply see it as somebody bringing truth to light for all the right reasons!


  182. Well I'm not one of 'Teal's Army' as you have put in your logically flawed and over defensive argument. However I have seen Teal's videos and I must say there is NOTHING wrong with them. To be honest, as a woman who has had a lot of women be jealous of me I KNOW what jealousy looks like and your pathetic and emotionally manipulative obsessive rant here is a fine example. you see it does not take a genious to see how nasty and bitter you are. you have clearly never had real experience of abuse therefore you assume scenarios in your head about what abuse looks like, ergo your aimple mind fails to comprehend how someone can be both successful in some aspects of life and yet abused. you fail to see so much yet have such strong (more like judgemental and stubborn) opinions. Learn some humility and then judge others (if you must).

  183. I enjoy Teal's videos but that doesn't mean I worship her.

  184. excellent and thanks for showing this fraud for what she is....amazes me that people still fall for this kind of crap...a little sex, a little craziness, a little spirituality and it's off to the bank with the suckers oops I means then seekers cash.....

  185. Her "teachings" are not her own. Most of what she espouses is plagerized from sources for which she gives no credit.

    1. You got that right, Elizabeth. Mostly Abraham-Hicks, but we've able to isolate some others. She even seems to have plagiarized from me at one point, which is bizarre. It's like a fun, little game tracking down the sources of her often internally contradictory blatherings. When you recognize one, feel free to shout it out. We can add it to the growing list.

  186. Okay this might seem weird stuff im a bout to write but just trying to shed some light into the whole teal swan debate, im not here to support of diminish her, im here to try to bring her case to the light of understanding, i can relate a lot to her case since i was raised in a military family in brazil and people here tend to be ultra conservatives all the way, i am a boy, am extra sensory too ( or whatever u wanna call it i dont care i just know i can see more than most people) and i usually excell in everything i do, i have good looks etc, was emotionally abused and psychiatrically drugged for years and in this case i developed my intelelct and perception to the most due to the altered state of mind of the drugs, ive been introduced to esoteric cults at a very young age , started messing around with tantra at like 15 etc, all this baggage plus the fact i lived in several places and other countries made me a sort of adult child that is discovering its youh now at 24, and let me talk about people like us for a second, we are different, not better, not worse , different, the society we live in is not ment for nor is created by intellectual people but in a wierd way we are apreciated so its kind of difficult for the young to understand really whats going on, you can notice these patterns of people rediscovering their childhood in adulthood in people here on the internet such as jenna marbles or jaren straughan or guys like john green from crash course, what happens is our minds work in different ways, some could argue maybe more effitiently but thats just a matter for another time, and we cannot understand the average mind therefore we can get caught in very silly situations and at the same time find silly what everyone else finds amazing, such as learning calculus at a young age so just in case you guys havent noticed we are dealing with some sort of child genius here so you cannot use the same measure as a normal person ecause what she finds silly or serious works in different ways fo what you guys would find it, this was written to try to shed some light into your research, thx for the article and i hope i see more of it in but dig deeper and remember this is no average case.

  187. So articulate, so centered, so what my soul was seeking as I read through the blog post and the many preceding comments. Thank you!

  188. I guess its a long while later now since this was first shared, but wanted to say many thanks for putting this out there. I subscribed to Teals you tube channel myself for a time. I'm one who also found some of her videos helpful and even enjoyed listening to them and checked out one of her books on Amazon. This is why I'm pretty disappointed/shocked to learn of all this. Still, I'd rather be aware of these things than not. I don't get the impression that you're coming from a place of hate at all, just that you're trying to put people straight on who this woman really is. I'm one of those who understand that a public image, no matter how believable that public image looks and sounds, isn't necessarily much of a match with who the real person is behind that image. I also happen to know a bit about personality disorders and how some of them can tie in with con artistry tactics.

  189. You guys all need to look at yourselves. The fact that this woman gets you so wound up says a lot about you. I'm not saying this to attack you... I work with people in my community who pay me to coach them in this manner and am applying to do a doctorate in clinical psychology having done all the post grad clinical psych papers I can do with nothing left but the doctorate. So I'm not saying this just as some random throwing my opinion. I have done 10+ years of academic research and study in this area. I can say - for someone that has no clinical psych training - Teal nails it on the head! So big ups to her for doing so with no formal training. The reality is - regardless of who you are or where you are from... if you are happy - people like this (or anyone) don't bother you. The low frequency (negative emotion) can't penetrate the high frequency of love and happiness. The fact that you get so heated says there's something inside you (and I'm not sure what since I don't know you and certainly couldn't endure reading every comment, even paragraph in the blog cos it's so long)... but all I can offer is that if you get upset by anyone about anything... look within and see what is it about you thats making you so upset!? Good luck. xx

  190. She's not naive. She knows what she's doing.


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